Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 540



Unlike Moron, who blinked his eyes at Eugene’s words, Christina immediately understood the meaning of Eugene’s words. She clapped in her place with a look of admiration.

“indeed! There is such a way! After all, it’s Eugene!”

[I can’t believe that idiot came up with a method like that… … !]

Anis was equally impressed. As saints, they know very well what a ‘Paladin’ is. If Moron becomes a paladin, she will be able to use divine power in addition to the power she has now.

no. You can use more power than that. Holy power is the only power shared by the gods among the paladins of other religions, including light. However, if Eugene appoints Moron as a paladin ‘directly’, Moron will have powers beyond miracles and divine power, just like the saints.


Cristina looked at Eugene with her eyes shining.

“If you make Moron-nim a paladin, is that a ‘light’ paladin? Or are you the paladin of the ‘God of War’?”

“It’s both.”

Eugene replied.

“The divinity I originally had belonged to Agaroth, the god of war, but somehow I also had the divinity of light. No, rather than having it, I should say that the light gave it to me… … .”

After saying that, Eugene licked his lips.

“Anyway, now I have two divinities like that. So, the Moron I appointed myself… … .”

“Oh oh.”

Moron’s admiration cut off Eugene’s words. He shouted as he raised his thick arms high into the sky.

“To become a paladin of war and light!”

I’m glad Carmen isn’t here. Eugene sincerely thought so. If Carmen had been with her, she would have shed tears in awe of the grandiose name ‘Paladin of War and Light’.

“… … .”

But Eugene knew well. Even if Carmen isn’t there right now, eventually, one day you will encounter that situation. Eugene quietly made up his mind for the future.

For now, only one Moron will be the paladin, but… … When attacking Babel, other people were also planning to appoint themselves as paladins. First of all, all the Lionhearts who will participate in the war, and… … .

‘Could there be an atheist who would insist on not wanting to become a paladin?’

There are already people who have thought of it. Alchester, Orthus, Ivik, and Ivatar are among the strongest. Rather than recklessly increasing the number of Paladins, it would be better to spread great power to a few. In the first place, assortment as the ‘Order of Holy Knights’ would be enough to appoint all Lionhearts.

“The god of war and light.”

Senya murmured. Feeling puzzled, she stared at her Eugene.

“It belongs to Agaroth after all, and it was handed over to Light.”


“Isn’t your divinity separate?”

It was a sharp question. As Senya said, the divinity named ‘War God’ belongs to Agaroth, and it is from the Age of Mythology engraved in Eugene’s soul itself. And, as for the light, Eugene directly transferred his divinity to him.

“I am making it.”

Eugene licked his lips and answered.

“It’s not finished yet, so it’s a little premature to say, but… … I have a rough sense of it.”

Voices heard during the duel with Gavid. And what Eugene must do in the future. Things that need to be built up in the ultimate goal that Eugene wants to achieve.

“Then, you end up having as many as three gods.”

Senya nodded and murmured.

Through fables, he gained magical deity. If the former goddess of magic was the sage of the Ivory Tower, Vishur Raviola – then the current goddess of magic is the wise Senya Merdein.

“I think it is necessary to make Moron a paladin. Moron may reach divinity on his own someday, but time is running out to wait until then.”

Now is different from the mythical age. At that time, races such as humans accumulated karma and virtue, and faith was born from following and worshiping and was able to reach divinity.

However, in this era, it has become structurally impossible to achieve a myth. I couldn’t understand it before, but now Senya–I could vaguely understand ‘why’ that happened.

Someone closed the door to Shinhwa. It monopolized most of the cults and beliefs that existed in the world. If even Senya had monopolized the path called ‘magic’ and had not been guided by a sage, it would have been difficult to reach the divinity of magic even after 100 years of training.

Senya guessed about that ‘someone’.

“I can hear you now.”

Senya looked straight at Eugene.

“About the light.”

The one with the most followers in this era is the god of light. There are other faiths on the continent besides light, but even if all of their gods are combined, they are far less than the faith of light. It is proved by Yuras, which reigns as the only ‘Holy Empire’ on the continent.


Christina and Anis also made up their minds.

The origin of being a saint. From the moment they were born, what exactly is the ‘light’ that has been destined to serve them? The answer to that has been inferred before. Light has no personality. It is just an existence that bestows the power of divine power to those who serve and desire it.

“Is light really a real God?”

Light is not a being worthy of being called a god. It has no holy will to regard it as a god.

In the past, Christina and Anis thought so. However, Eugene denied the saints’ thoughts.

-Light is not the ‘god’ that ‘most’ people think of.

Eugene thought that the light was not a simple mass of power with no ego. At least Light had the ‘will’ to lower the holy sword, choose Eugene as the hero, and encourage him to dig up Vermouth’s grave.

Such a revelation was only for Eugene. Light regards Eugene as special. are fond of

Now Eugene knows who ‘Light’ is.

“Light has many names.”

Eugene’s lips opened. He sat down in his seat with a bitter smile. Then he looked into the distance.

Crossing the arena, beyond the gray Raguryaran, I saw the sea that had now calmly sunk, and the far-off sea hidden by thick fog.

“God of abundance and prosperity. God of the sea and navigation. God of the earth and forest. God of knights and honor. God of Time and Fate… … .”

Other than that, all the names of gods that exist on the continent. From a god unknown to the world to a cult despised by the heretic inquisitors in Jurass.

“They are all different names for light.”

The world tree of the great forest is the only faith in the world today, excluding ‘light’.

“… … .”

Cristina’s mouth dropped wide as she had never imagined such an answer. Anis couldn’t help but be shocked. The two had seen priests and paladins of other religions. But I’ve never felt a sense of kinship with them.

“It’s just like the Primal Spirit.”

said Eugene.

“Just as they get out of the primordial and have names of wind, water, and earth. There is no such thing as a quality called pure divine power. It’s similar to Mana.”

“that… … The words, we, the holy power used by the priests of light… … The divine power of other religions, which they dismissed as heretical or inferior. Are you saying it’s the same in the end?”

“It’s not the same. Well, it came out of the same place.”

Yujin grumbled and rested her chin. Anise took the flesh in place of Cristina, who was so startled that she couldn’t speak and only her lips pursed. She hurriedly approached Eugene and inquired.

“Why did the light create so many religions?”

“Because his essence is a mixture of dozens and hundreds.”

Anis couldn’t help but feel embarrassed at those words. A mass of dozens or hundreds?

“ah… … !”

Soon, Anis realized what that word meant and what light was. Senya, who was looking at Eugene with a serious face, also trembled slightly.

The two thought about how Eugene would feel. In the one year leading up to today, I don’t know at what point I came to know the truth, but when I found out about that, I couldn’t possibly have been calm.

“The gods who saw the end of the mythological age.”

Eugene saw the sea. She saw a haze of haze that she could hardly see beyond. He saw the distant sea beyond.

A place where existence is strictly forbidden. A place that no one in this era can enter. Where despair and hope are buried together. It is the tomb of the gods who saw the end of the age of mythology, except for the wise men, and the holy place of all the gods of the present age.

“He said.”

I don’t know exactly when it was. Then one day, when I woke up in a ruined city in the abyss where nothing had changed.

There was a light in front of Eugene’s eyes.

“Agaroth is holding on to the demon lord of destruction, so we are here now.”

The words were the same as those of the sage. If Agaroth and the new army had escaped, the Demon King of Destruction would have immediately attacked the world without anyone interfering. However, because Agaroth blocked and held the demon king of destruction, the gods were able to arrange the next one.

“The wise man gathered all the followers of the Ivory Tower and became the World Tree. The sage was concerned that the cycle of reincarnation would be broken and destruction would begin in the next age.”

However, the bond of reincarnation was not broken. However, the final magic of the sages and ivory tower wizards has borne fruit in this era. ‘Magic’ continued uninterrupted, the World Tree would be the last protection in times of destruction, and the priesthood of magic was passed on to Senya.

“Other gods are the same. They- literally, became one. In a very ignorant way.”

“… … Is that an ignorant way?”

“Hamel, I told you the story… … What kind of god is it in the Age of Mythology?”

Senya and Anis asked in a trembling voice. Eugene answered while staring at the distant sea.


After saying that name, Eugene let out a long sigh.

“It is a giant.”

the first time i saw him

Eugene could immediately recall what kind of god he was and what name he had. A huge man made of light. He was not made of ‘light’ like he is now, but he was still the same size that even mountain peaks would laugh at.

“The ignorant way, well… … I was just ignorant. Gordeon is huge. He was the biggest of all the gods who lived in the Age of Mythology.”

“… … .”

“The gods voluntarily went into Gordeon’s mouth.”

How the light that met in the abyss, the giants, and the gods of the mythical age met their end. He told me why he had to do that.

Anyway, now the end of the world has been decided. The old gods met with the demon king in captivity and asked how to prevent destruction, but the only answer they heard was to promise ‘next time’.

So the gods promised the following. Even if this era perishes, they believed that the next era would begin anew. And, he devised a way so that the era would not face the same destruction as this time.


said Eugene.

“The ancient gods prepared two methods. One is to unite divinity and divine power by having all the gods eaten by the giants.”

“… … How come?”

“It has been proven by the end of the Age of Mythology that no matter how many gods there are, the demon lord of destruction cannot be stopped.”

It’s not like they made that choice in the first place. When Agaroth’s grip on destruction was released. He said that the gods, who were overflowing with confidence about their power, would block the demon king of destruction, no, they would kill him.

But none of them survived. Not even a god could stand in the way of destruction even for a moment.

“So the old gods chose a world without other ‘gods’. The giant devoured all the gods and became one gigantic and complete god, becoming the main god of the next era. In the ‘next’ world, only such a God must exist.”

Senya chewed her lower lip.

“also. What blocked the way to ascend to the throne of God in the present world… … It was light.”

The old gods monopolized the divinity of the present world. No matter how they are worshiped, they will be consumed by the faith of higher ranks.

It was in line with the warning the sage gave to Eugene. Just as Eugene will be eaten if he stays in the World Tree for too long, all the beliefs that existed in the past of this era have been eaten up by the light and other beliefs.

“But people believe what they want to believe, and don’t believe what they don’t want to believe.”

“… … .”

“That’s why I gave them multiple names and didn’t have a clear ego. Because they possessed the divinity of selflessness, the ancient gods could become any god in this era. Among them, the most important faith was ‘light’. That was also my intention.”

While saying that, Eugene rummaged through his cloak. Because she was in the mood for a drink. The first thing caught was Gavid’s leftover liquor.

“This doesn’t work.”

Eugene laughed and murmured. I will drink this drink someday after killing the demon king of confinement. But there was no other alcohol inside the cloak.

There was no need to look for it under the cloak. She said it was because Cristina had a drink.

When Eugene reached out, Anise handed Eugene a bottle of wine from her waist. Normally, Anise does not give out alcohol from her personal bottle to other people.

But now was not the time to question that. When I opened the bottle, a strong scent wafted out.

“Isn’t that your type of drink? Isn’t this distilled liquor?”

If distilled wine is given to you, you should eat it, but originally, Anise enjoys strong fruit wine.

“That’s because it’s not my drink. That’s Cristina’s drink.”

“oh my god… … .”

Eugene made a face of disbelief and brought the bottle to his lips. A year ago, he didn’t drink much, and when he did, he only drank sweet wine… … .

“So Hamel. As you say… … If all the gods were eaten by the giants and became the current gods… … What is the ‘myth’ of light?”

“The story has been exaggerated to some extent, but it is true. As I said, choosing ‘light’ as the main faith in selfless divinity was in accordance with my intention.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you think it’s a blatant name? light illuminates the darkness It’s nice to add metaphors somehow.”

light that illuminates the darkness. The dawn that comes after the night.

“It is perfect for idolization. Like the myth of Euras, the incarnation of light gives brightness to the world… … It didn’t happen, but it’s true that the light sent the holy sword Altair to the world. And thanks to Altair, the holy empire, Euras, was created.”

Eugene swallowed the strong spirit and put the bottle down.

“The Gosins’ intentions succeeded. Thanks to this, the Protestant Church of Light is flourishing in this era, and most of the faiths do not even have a proper assortment.”

“Then, after all… … It means that everyone in this world serves only one God.”

“yes. So it was done as intended. Thanks to this, ‘they’ have a huge divinity that cannot be compared to that of the age of mythology. Actually, that divinity cannot be used directly.”

“Why do you say you can’t write directly?”

“Because they are dead.”

Anise’s eyes trembled.

“The giant devoured all the gods and burned their bodies. That’s how they killed their bodies and left only their souls and passed on to the present age. That is why they cannot descend or intervene directly in the world. All it does is bestow divine power on those who serve the gods.”

“… … .”

“But most people cannot handle the immense power of selfless divinity.”

Eugene took another sip and put it down.

“That’s why we brought Altair to the world. To draw out the divine power comfortably.”

“but… … Altair is… … Only a warrior can hold… … .”


Eugene smiled bitterly.

“The old gods said there were two things they prepared for the next one.”

One is that all the gods are eaten by a giant god and become the sole god of the next era.

“I am the only one left.”

“… … yes?”

“The only one who blocked the demon lord of destruction and left scars in his deepest part.”

Eugene let out a long sigh.

“It was the last arrangement of the old gods to unconditionally reincarnate Agaroth in the next era.”

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