Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 532

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The spacious circular arena seemed to be several times the size of the Colosseum seen in Simuin. At the end of the wide arena, Eugene and Gavid faced each other.

Without asking, even without sharing the attack, we felt each other intuition. 1 years that would have been short for someone How long and long it was for each other. In particular, Gavid couldn’t help but feel a surprise at Eugene’s growth.


Gavid nodded with a satisfied smile.

“Hamel. I’m glad I got to duel with you today.”

There was not an inch of lies in those words. A year ago, when he held talks at the Alcarte Cathedral. If he had fought a duel then, Gavid was absolutely certain that he could have killed Hamel.

But it didn’t. It was because what Gavid wanted was a fierce duel in which each other’s power was generously clashed. So we had a meeting, and Hamel opened the door to the chain as he wanted. He gave me a year too.

But in my heart, I couldn’t help but think this way.

No matter what kind of training Hamel does, he thought that he would not be able to do more valuable training than the one year Gavid himself will spend. Gavid had a chain bestowed by confinement, and the ‘wilderness’ he was guided through was a place far from the time of reality. If you are immersed in a year honestly, you can spend well over a hundred years.

It’s not just a simple, ignorant use of time. A wasteland full of corpses. Time is not what has the greatest value there.

The ancient god of war, Agaroth. The true value of a chain is that it can fight endlessly against an existence whose name has not been left in history and mythology.

“I am a fierce duel where each other puts all their strength. I hoped for a duel where it would not be strange who would win and who would lose.”

I spent a very long time in the wilderness, well beyond a year. There have been so many deaths that it is impossible to count. He was shaved off by dying over and over again, filling those worn out parts with longing. He went as far as he craved without holding back or backing down.

“But at some point, I had a thought. This duel is too easy… … Maybe it will end in vain.”

That was the first thing that came to my mind.

When the demon sword Glory broke Agaroth’s sword. When the body of the god of war was made to bleed.

“I was worried for nothing.”

Gavid grinned and murmured. He took off the cloak that was draped over his shoulders. He didn’t wear any armor. This is because Eugene’s attacks can’t be blocked by any armor or shield in the world anyway.

So instead of armor, he wore Helmud’s uniform. Gavid lightly brushed off the epaulettes on his shoulders and unbuttoned his shirt, which was full of medals proving his military service as a sword in confinement.

“I wear it a lot. Aren’t they heavy?”

Eugene, clad in a cloak of darkness, smirked.

“The medal is a symbol of honor, so it is natural that it is heavy.”

Gavid opened the door of the chain and tucked in the top of the uniform he had taken off.

“These medals are the sword of confinement, and what I received as a grand duke. Now the weight is in the way.”

He unbuttoned a few top buttons on his shirt, which was straight and wrinkle-free, and he unbuttoned the sleeves and rolled them up to his forearms.

Seeing that, Yujin smiled. Trousers with an angle like a veil. Shoes that are not stained with dust and give off a soft glow. neatly combed hair.

On the other hand, Eugene’s hair was untidy and shaggy, and the clothes under the cloak were frayed and tattered, as if to prove the year’s asceticism, although there was no odor. The continent was paying attention, and it wasn’t a look that would go into a duel that was being watched.

However, Gavid did not convey sarcasm to Eugene. He gazed at Eugene calmly and gravely, curious and delighted at the same time.

‘It’s amazing.’

The arena is wide. The distance between Eugene and Gavid, who are standing at the end of the day, is quite far. Gavid was the first to step out. He took one step, one step, conscious of the glory in his hand.

‘This is not a wilderness.’

Beyond Rehein Yar, Lagur Yaran.

‘What is in front of me is not Agaroth.’

But why?

Gavid felt as if he were walking in the wilderness. In the wilderness, he felt the same daunting feeling he had had when he first saw Agar Lot. There he felt the metallic smell of the weapons and the bloody smell of the corpses he had carried over and over again.

A feeling of intimidation that makes the skin tingle. Every time the distance got closer, Gavid could feel it.

How strong is Hamel now, how strong Eugene Lionheart is. Where did he reach when he was a human? That realization gave Gavid an intuition.

“is it.”

Gavid’s smile widened.

“You must have been Agaroth.”

whispering voice. Eugene didn’t answer. Duduk. Eugene’s fingers made a bone sound. His right hand, moving slowly, entered the cloak of darkness.

The spectacle was seen by everyone in the audience. I didn’t know much about the black mist, but everyone who had been on the same battlefield as Eugene once knew what it meant.

The original owner of that shaggy cloak was Melchis Elhair, but now it has become a symbol of Eugene. Inside that cloak are resting weapons that would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the history of Lionheart, the holy sword Altair, which was directly forged by the god of light, the ominous moonlight of unknown origin, and the spoils obtained from killing the demon king.

‘What’s the first one?’

Gavid, who was approaching slowly and without haste, narrowed his eyes. There is no referee in this duel. The duel had already begun the moment they came down from the stands and faced each other. The pretense of greetings and conversations is over.

Gavid was strongly conscious of glory. Without hesitation, he shone his majestic eyes.

In an instant, hundreds of possibilities appeared in Gavid’s head. Every weapon Eugene can use, every kind of attack he launches depending on the type, and a response to those possibilities. Of course, among the possibilities that Gavid came up with and concluded, there were things about the Holy Sword and the Moonlight Sword, as well as Agaroth’s sword.

The moment Gavid took another step.

Eugene’s hand came out of the cloak. before his hand was completely pulled out. The Mystic Eye of Prestige captured Eugene’s chosen weapon.

“… … ?”

It was the first sword I had ever seen. A blade as clear as glass. It was the same as the Holy Sword I saw a year ago, but the ‘light’ that shimmered inside the blade was completely different from the Holy Sword.


Gavid exclaimed involuntarily. He saw the ‘power’ felt in the mysterious sword of prestige. The light of the holy sword Altair, the ominous moonlight of the moonlight sword. That glass-like sword body contained all the light that Eugene dominated.

And that’s not all. Weapons of the dead demon king. It even contains the power of the crushing weight phalanx and the magic spear Luintos. It was as if the crushing weight and the demonic spear were melted and newly smelted. How could the forces of both poles, which could never be mixed, be melted into one sword?

“What is that sword?”

hard to understand. In the end, Gavid asked that question. Eugene answered as he raised the blade, which seemed as transparent and fragile as glass, to her side.

“Sacred Moonlight Sword.”

Whoaaaaagh! Yujin’s body was swallowed up by the flames of the white flame ceremony. At the same time, the blade of the glass shone with moonlight. The moment when the mixed light is covered with white flames – fall out! With a violent sound, the glass blade was wrapped in dark red flames.


I broke the moonlight sword.

I broke the holy sword.

broke the magic spear

I broke the crushing weight.

After destroying it like that, all the remaining debris melted into the light. Light personally raised a hammer for Eugene and turned the melted debris into a sword.

Holy Moonlight Sword, Levantine.

This sword is a gift Eugene received from an old friend and is a miracle crystal. Eugene breathed lightly and adjusted Levantein’s flame.


My hands, soul, and existence trembled. The transparent and beautiful blade is now wrapped in savage flames.



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This sword is definitely out of standard. It has to be. Even using the Holy Sword, Moonlight Sword, Demonic Spear, and Crushing Weight at the same time would be daunting, but in harmony with the ‘power’ that can be said to be the center of the Levantine, the power that is already difficult to handle is amplified far away.

Kirik, Kirik, Kiriririk… … .

The flames continued to intensify. Every time that happened, the entire arena shook. The demon king of confinement, sitting on the throne of chains and looking down at the arena, exclaimed involuntarily. He felt what an absurd sword the Levantine was, and he saw clearly what that sword’s true nature was.

“is it.”

The demon king of confinement chuckled and raised his finger.

It was invisible to the eyes of others, but it was clearly visible to the eyes of the demon king of confinement. The chain that separated the arena from the spectators stretched to its limit. If force continues to be applied, the chain will break altogether.

“If it is that sword, it will reach both me and destruction.”

Cheer up! Chains were shot again from under the feet of the demon king of confinement. Then the shaking of the arena stopped. After reinforcing the chains like that, the demon king of confinement rested his chin on the back of his hand and thought.

about light.

For all the gods oxidized to illuminate the post-apocalypse.

About the greatest god who supported everyone at the center.

“This time.”

The demon king of confinement muttered that and closed his eyes once.

Gavid opened his eyes. He was instantly overwhelmed and awed by that dazzling, savage flame. He was confident at the same time. Agaroth’s sword was also melted into that sword.


Gavid laughed involuntarily. At the same time, his body staggered forward. The magic eye of prestige shone.

The wide arena, the distance between the two disappeared in an instant. Glory, wrapped in black magic, moved toward Eugene first. A movement that cannot be tracked with the naked eye. Eugene didn’t even bother to look at it with his own eyes. Before Gavid and Glory could even move, Levantein was already moving.

So, swords collided with each other. It was as if Glory had been sucked into the Levantine’s flame.

ㅡQuaaaaaang! The light that hit it was shattered. Despite the tremendous force colliding with each other, neither Eugene nor Gavid stumbled. Eugene then tried to wield the Levantine, but the sword did not move as expected.

Kirik… … .

Chains protruding from space held the Levantine’s blade. majesty’s eyes. The Mystic Eye, which made it possible to freely use the power of confinement, restrained the Levantine.

That short break was as long and long as an eternity for Gavid. The magic sword attacked Eugene. He can’t react even if he wants to react. Let go of the sword for a moment, or… … .

“… … ?”

The moment he tried to penetrate Eugene’s body, Gavid felt a strange sense of incongruity. It was because the sword he stabbed right away still hadn’t touched Eugene. It’s clearly pushing it away, as if it’s blocked by something— no, no. This is not blocked.

the world has slowed down

“You should take a good look at the place and come in.”

Eugene whispered. As soon as he heard those words, Gavid’s gaze went down.

If you look at it normally, you don’t see anything. All that lies beneath is a gray earth. But- now Gavid saw something else in his eyes. Eugene’s feet, entwined in black flames, and the ground were connected to the entire space.

“This is my sanctuary.”

You cannot harm the gods in the sanctuary.

That’s why Gavid’s sword can’t reach Eugene.

Roaring! The strong flame broke the chain. The chain containing the power of confinement as it was melted away in Levantine’s flame and disappeared. Eugene grabbed Levantein with both hands. Gavid immediately pulled Glory towards him.

Kwaaaaang! Gavid’s body flew the other way. He felt both his hands tingle. He twitched his lips and made a smile.

it’s a sanctuary It was an unfamiliar concept to Gavid, but he instinctively understood the transcendental power and divinity felt in Eugene.

‘It wasn’t cut.’

Eugene glared at Gavid, who was adjusting his posture from a distance. The current Eugene is not limited by the number of new swords like before. This is because Levantein itself became Eugene’s divine sword.

‘Rather stronger than Agaroth’s Divine Sword.’

Agaroth’s divine sword itself was melted in Levantine. Still, he couldn’t cut Glory and Gavid in two at once… … . That would mean only one thing.

‘Isn’t that Gavid too strong?’

Recognizing that, Eugene lowered Levantein’s firepower. This damn sword is completely uncontrollable in its current state. In the first place, Levantein is something that is far out of the current standard, so you have to be prepared to use it properly.


Standing tall at the center of the sanctuary, Eugene opened her mouth.

“Let’s ask one thing.”

Gavid, who squeezed and opened his stiff hand, raised his eyebrows slightly.



Eugene glared at Gavid in the eyes and spat out.

“Did you get one eye and throw it away?”

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