Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 529

A year passed quickly.

The Grand Duke of Helmud, the sword of confinement. Gavid Lindman sent a personal letter to Lionheart’s family after the meeting.

In the personal letter, it was written exactly on what date, where, and how the duel would take place one year later. And Eugene Ryanhart’s ‘submerged enemy’ is to immerse himself in training personally, and he even added an oath that he never harmed the warrior, the opponent of the duel.

Gavid had no choice but to write so little.

Eugene finally disappeared from the world at Alcart Cathedral. Although Yu-jin wrote and left behind his letters, it is difficult to infer Yu-jin’s intentions from the content of the one-sided letter. Then, in the end, the arrow of doubt has no choice but to go to Gavid.

“1 year.”

Ciel furrowed his eyebrows and sighed.

“It’s the day we promised a duel soon, but what the hell happened… … .”

Every time he spoke, his breath froze and became misty steam. severe cold. This cold is not Kiel’s winter. Right now, Ciel was at the training base of Rehein Yar, where he held the Night March a few years ago.

“You didn’t run away.”

Xian, who was standing across from him, responded as well, but he couldn’t help but get a crumpled expression.

In this wide world, there were far more idiots than what Xian and Ciel had imagined, who were out of their minds and didn’t know what kind of person Hamel and Eugene were.

“Who said what? There’s no way that kid could have escaped.”

Ciel strained his eyes and glared at Cian.

“When did I say I ran away? You said you didn’t run away.”

Cian did not back down either and glared at Ciel in the same way. A glance full of emotion sparked the twins’ white flames.

The white salt ceremony each of them reached was the same 6-star. However, the flames that were never the same flickered and calmed the blizzard.


After staring at it for a while, Xian let out a deep sigh and removed the flame.

“What are you and me doing right now? I am ashamed to see others.”


Ciel also gathered the flames and drooped his shoulders.

The twins couldn’t help but become irritated over small things. This is because the current situation itself is inevitably sensitive.

The duel with Gavid Lindman was only three days away. Even so, Eugene, who has disappeared, has not been heard from, let alone returned. Even though the twins rose to the 6th grade of Baek Yeom-sik and came out of the dark room, even a brief letter did not arrive at Lionheart’s home.

At that point, Lionheart, no, the entire continent had no choice but to search for Eugene’s whereabouts. But there was no income from either side. Even though the Empire and the Kingdom took the lead, mobilized information guilds, and even collected information from citizens, Eugene’s whereabouts could not be found anywhere on the continent.

Eugene Ryanhart fled before the duel.

Honestly, it was a situation where rumors like this had no choice but to spread. It’s just that rumors don’t intensify because Eugene has something she’s done and her personality is so famous.

He disappeared from the time the duel was decided, and his whereabouts were unknown for a year, let alone news, and he didn’t show up until three days before the duel… … .

“The sea.”

Xian frowned and murmured. Ryanhart and Eugene’s acquaintances know where Eugene is headed. It’s fortunate that I can do it, but… … Time was running out, so I couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“That, the end of the South Sea. I have never been there, what is there to practice?”

“Yes… … will you?”

The sea that battled the mad king, Iris, and killed her. Ciel knows that there is something at the bottom. But she doesn’t even know what else ‘what’ is in the deep sea and the abyss even deeper than that.

However, I knew that something was very important to Eugene and had a great meaning.

“I don’t know what exactly is there. What I know exactly is Senya-sama and… … Only the older sister of St. Christina.”

“Whether to call you saintess or unnie, do you have to choose one of the two?”

“No, it’s embarrassing and embarrassing to just call her an older sister.”

Ciel pouted his lips and kicked his eyes out for no reason.

One year without Eugene. Cristina, who had returned from the Holy Land, shut herself up in her room, and she drank her liquor without coming out for a long time. She is a foodie who is suddenly approached by a thread. It was up to Ciel to deal with her saintess, who did not go out and only looked for her alcohol.

“Haven’t you heard anything from the saintess? You can’t keep it a secret anymore. She only has three, three days left.”

“Not really. I also tried to pry her sister-in-law a few times when she was drunk, but every time I saw her determined face.”

That must be why Eugene’s secret is so important. In the past, Ciel would have felt depressed that he was the only one left out, but that wasn’t the case now.

It was announced that Eugene was the reincarnation of Hamel, and in the case of Ciel, he was immediately kicked by Eugene once.

However, I did not intend to give up just because I was kicked once. In the end, the last thing to be accepted at the end. Ciel recalled the hot slapping he received several years ago… … .

“I hope you didn’t confuse the time… … ?”

Xian turned his head away, ignoring his younger brother who was making up his mind alone. The mountain peak right next to it. If you go beyond that place, you will find Laguryalyan.

“Well, it’s hard to know the date in the middle of the sea. You might have confused the date while splitting up the time until it was close… … .”

“Is Eugene an idiot?”

“I’m not stupid, but I do have a silly corner sometimes. And to get here from the end of the South Sea, you literally have to cross the continent. Even if you use a warp gate, three days is not enough time.”

Agents from each country have already been deployed on the shortest route from the officials to this place. If Eugene showed up at the warp gate, the news would have spread right away.

However, Eugene’s appearance was not confirmed in any warp gate.

“You know what? … .”

That’s what he answered, but even Ciel couldn’t be sure. There is no way Eugene will run away from the duel. He will arrive within three days by any means necessary.

But how? Ciel and Xian couldn’t figure out the ‘method’. Rather, if Eugene had taken Raimir Ara as well, he would not have had this concern. It would be enough to come flying with a dragon.

However, Eugene did not take Laimira. She didn’t take Mer either, so I don’t know what’s going on.

What can be hoped for is that Senya and Carmen haven’t returned yet. I heard that the world tree is allegorizing… … Could it be that the two of them will come back together with Eugene? If so, it might be possible to return in the tight time frame of four days.


I’m honestly skeptical even if I put my expectations on it. This is the northernmost point of the continent. And the place where Eugene is locked up is the end of the South Sea. If you cross the ‘distant sea’, you can reach Laguryaran directly, but… … In the history of the continent, there is no precedent for crossing a distant sea. There is nothing at the northern end. And at the southern end there is nothing… … There may be something, but no one has ever confirmed it.

“I will come anyway.”

A voice was heard. Ciel and Cyan were startled and turned to the direction the sound came from.

A snowstorm that grows stronger. I could see Christina walking staggeringly beyond her fluttering snow.

“Far… … ocean… … heh… … Coming across the sea, keuk, even Eugene-sama couldn’t do it, but keuk, it will come somehow.”

To her surprise, Christina was holding a different bottle in each hand, both of which were equally empty. Cristina, not caring about her face, lifted both bottles at the same time and poured them into her mouth.

“however… … So, hiccup, don’t worry either. Bar, it’s very cold outside. So, hib, get inside, get inside.”

It is Cristina who worries about Eugene more than anyone else. The reason why he drinks alcohol, which he normally doesn’t drink at all, is to forget his worries and anxieties about Eugene. Surprisingly, even though she drank like that every day, Cristina did not live her life like a crippled person.

One year without Eugene. In her early days, she shut herself up in her room, forced Ciel to sit down and drank from her, but after she stayed like that for about a month, Cristina came out with her bottle.

After returning to Yuras, he set up statues of Eugene throughout the Holy Land. He added a passage about Eugene to the Bible. Then he went to the World Tree alone, and in recent months he came over to Le Hein Yar to bless the dwarves who were building the arena. He also had an encounter with Moron, who was retiring in the Great Hammer Gorge.

“west… … Holy lady, you’ve been drinking too much… … .”

“Oh, Mr. Xian, I am, I am fine. The day, the day is so cold, I’m just drinking to warm up. My mind is perfectly fine.”

Cristina smiled, waving two neatly emptied bottles. Seeing a smile that spread from drunkenness, Xian calmly shut her mouth.

“How about the arena?”

“Ahaha… … Ciel, didn’t you see it yourself? There, that place is very nice. I especially asked the Dwarves for a favor, heck, a request. Beautiful and majestic, tea… … splendor! It is a very suitable place to write the legend of the brilliant Eugene.”

Kwajak! While talking, Christina’s bottle was smashed.

“Now, all you have to do is come, Eugene. come… … It’s time to come, why aren’t you coming? I, I believe in Eugene-sama very much, kep, but Eugene-nim didn’t deliver a proper letter to me, heck, even thinking about it now, I feel very sad.”

Is it a start again? Ciel’s expression darkened. She reflexively dragged her foot back.

“Ciel! Where are you going, come here, come here. It’s cold outside, so let’s go to my room together. draft… … How about Xian?”

“I am… … Because I have to work as the next head of household… … I will decline.”

“yes! If it’s the job of the next head of household, huh, it can’t be helped, I understand… … write. But Ciel, are you okay?”

Ciel’s eyes trembled.

I want to run away, but I can’t run away. Someone has to catch Christina’s runaway… … . Anything else could have been left to Anis, but I couldn’t leave it to the three of them when it came to alcohol.

“yes… … .”

“yes! Then, let’s go.”

Cristina, smiling brightly, stepped closer and grabbed Ciel’s collar.

Cristina’s room where she was brought in. This place was already in ruins.

Ciel looked around the corner with fearful eyes. There, exhausted Mer and Lymilia were asleep hugging each other like crumpled rags.


Cristina, who took out a new drink by herself and started drinking it, burst into tears.

“Why didn’t Eugene send me a single letter for a year?”

“number… … You must have been busy practicing.”

“Yes, yes, I think so too. For Eugene-sama, this duel must be won. If Eugene is defeated, everything is over. So I have no choice but to concentrate on my practice.”

“Yes… … .”

“But I am very, very sad. You didn’t take into account my feelings at all. It’s not just me. Ciel, how are you? What about Xian? Jehard!”

“… … .”

“understanding… … I understand.”

Cristina, who was vomiting sadness, caught her emotions. She probably heard her words from Anise in her head.

no… … Is it really so? To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference. Is it Cristina or Anise who is now drunk and telling the truth?

“Probably, Eugene-nim entered the bottom of the deep sea… … It is… … It must be a place that no one but Eugene can enter. No matter how much I wish, I can’t follow… … .”


heard about it It’s just that I haven’t heard what the hell is down there. Because of this, he had no choice but to mobilize all of his own imagination for Ciel.

Are there even underwater caves at the bottom of the deep sea? Like the bottom of Lionheart Lake. Maybe there is something like a dragon’s rare.

“but! Even so, you could have given me a word. If so, we would have set up a boat nearby and waited for Eugene.”

“Is there a ship there now? I thought Mais-nim was on her way to meet Eugene-nim.”

“That, that’s just for the sake of meeting. But I can’t go there. My heart is like a chimney, but I can’t go… … .”

Cristina let out a long sigh and poured the drink into her mouth.

“Huh… … I am… … I have to be prepared just in case. If Eugene can’t come within three days. Senya… … Senja isn’t here either, so I have to deal with Gavid Lindman… … .”


First time hearing this story. Ciel was startled and jumped up from his seat.

Dealing with Gavid Lindman instead of Eugene and Senya! Do you really intend to wield a flail against that sword of confinement? Or are you going to give a sharp slap that will wake up your mind and make you stop crying?

“ah… … Wouldn’t it be too reckless for even the saints and sisters? I’d rather call Morron.”

Raguryaran’s arena is close to the Great Hammer Gorge where Moron is located. If you use the power of Darkness Mystic Eye, you can summon Morron in one step. In fact, even if you don’t have to use Dark War’s Mystic Eye, you can arrive at the arena in a matter of seconds with Moron’s Leap Power.

Ciel’s skills improved dramatically as he reached the 6th star of Baek Yeom-shik and overcame the darkroom. Ciel, in particular, was immersed in increasing mana, and the total amount of simple mana surpassed even Gilreid and Gion, which reached 8 stars, regardless of the level of the white flame ceremony.

“and… … And, there are many other people here right now, right? Sir Alchester and Sir Orthus, Sir Ivik and King Aman are also present, and all the archmages are here… … .”

“I have no intention of fighting Gavid Lindman.”

Cristina put down her drink and shook her head.

“Actually, for me… … I want to work together with everyone. If you do, Eugene-nim, who came back later, will be angry. And Gavid Lindman has no reason to fight when we all work together. If he gets out safely, everyone in the world will laugh at and insult Eugene.”

It’s just in case Eugene is late for the duel due to unavoidable circumstances. Cristina had no doubt that Eugene would definitely return.

“What I am trying to do is to convince Gavid Lindman, no, to ask… … Hiccup, will. He must be the same eagerly wishing for a duel with Eugene-sama, so maybe Eugene-sama would understand if he was a little late… … .”

“Is it really so… … ?”

“No, I honestly don’t think so… … . You won’t understand. Maybe you’ll have to pay your own price. For now, I am willing to get down on my knees and bow my head.”

For a moment, Ciel imagined Christina on her knees, bowing her head and begging Gavid. It’s not just Christina taking her knee. She would kneel before him, the faithful Anisdo-sword of imprisonment.

That is a terrible humiliation. Ciel’s eyes darkened coldly. She chewed her lips a few times and jumped up from her seat.

“Then I will kneel with you. For Eugene, everyone in Lionheart will kneel.”

“There is no need for Lionheart to humiliate himself.”

Cristina smiled bitterly and shook her head.

“Actually, what we think about is whether or not to kneel… … I believe in Eugene. I also believe in Eugene. Just in case.”

Cristina let out a long sigh as she poured the drink back into her glass.

“No matter how late it is, I would like you to come by tomorrow or the day after tomorrow… … .”

To the dismay of the wind, Eugene did not appear even after two days.

three days have passed,

sword of confinement. Gavid Lindman has arrived.

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