Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 526

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“It’s rather good.”

After a long thought, Yujin nodded.

Destined to fight Gavid someday. The battlefield was unconditionally Babel’s, I thought it was the palace of confinement.

‘If I had fought there, there would have been too many things to worry about.’

The situation ahead of the decisive battle with the demon king of confinement. That means you can never use ignition. At that point, I can’t predict how many times I’ll be able to swing the new sword… … .

‘If there is a limit to new swords even in Babel, then you shouldn’t use new swords in the battle with Gavid.’

You have to pour all the talent you can use to the demon king of confinement. Otherwise, there is no chance of winning in the battle against the demon king of confinement. No, if you care about the ‘number of times’ to wield the new sword at the point of climbing the barbell in the first place-

“There is no way I can win.”

Yujin laughed and murmured. Even Agaroth, who could wield a new sword at will, must have been weaker than the demon king in confinement. There is even a possibility that the demon king of confinement may have become ‘more’ stronger than the age of mythology.

‘Because demons usually get stronger as they get older… … .’

As long as he is a demon lord, he will not be restricted by the total amount of magic power.

Eugene couldn’t possibly fathom how long the demon king had been in captivity since the age of mythology. And it seemed that the incredibly long time would never work in vain for the demon king of confinement.

So, the conclusion is simple. In order to kill the demon king of confinement, Eugene must be stronger than Agaroth. Unless you are stronger than Agaroth, you will not be able to fight against the demon king of confinement.

The process of climbing the barbell will never be smooth. You have to maintain your strength as much as possible until you reach the throne. In the process, the sword of confinement, Gavid Lindman, is frankly burdened. If possible, I want to avoid battles with strong enemies in Babel as much as possible.


Eugene crossed his arms and murmured.

“Gavid Lindman. and… … Noir Jebela.”

No way now, no one in the world knows, only the demon king of confinement knows and hides it tightly… … The Great Demon King’s personal guard stronger than Gavid Lindman, the Four Heavenly Kings in confinement, unless something like this pops out.

Excluding the demon king of confinement in Helmud right now, there are only those two that can be called ‘strong enemies’ to Eugene. Among them, Noir Jebela will not face at Babel. She will definitely meet Eugene in Jebela City.

Then, Gavid is the final challenge.

“It’s not something to think about positively.”

Anise on the other side spat out with a straight face.

Gavid declares a duel and only half a day. The saints who returned to Yuras due to the battle with the holy statue hurriedly returned to Lionheart. Gavid’s sudden declaration of a duel had a ripple effect enough to make the construction of the castle and the reorganization of engagements ‘something like that’.

“If it’s a duel, Hamel, isn’t it a fight between you and Gavid?”

“It’s a duel.”

Eugene answered with a face that he asked for something obvious. At that answer, Anis felt his chest tight and stuffy. Her long sigh was about to come out, but Anise swallowed her breath and glared at Eugene.

“Please decline.”

At those words, Yujin rolled her eyes. Eugene stared at Anise’s face for a moment, then she proudly raised her little finger and dug into her ear. Anis didn’t understand what Eugene was thinking of doing that, and she looked at Eugene with the same winking eyes.

After digging her ears several times, Eugene blew her little finger and said.

“what? I couldn’t hear you.”

Speaking so openly, even Anis could not help but realize. It means that Eugene was openly giving him shit.

Anise jumped up from her seat and approached Eugene. Normally, if Anise approached with that kind of expression, Eugene would either shrug his shoulders or avert his gaze, but now he didn’t, and instead, he strained his eyes and looked at Anis the same way.

The reason was very simple. To that extent, Eugene did not want to refuse a duel with Gavid.


Anise glared at Eugene. He felt the stubbornness in his eyes. Even the ‘Hamel’ and ‘Eugene’ that Anise knew would never be able to escape from a duel.

“If it’s a duel that someone can’t interfere with, I think it should be rejected.”

As for why Gavid had declared a duel, Anis didn’t know.

“Hamel. I know you are strong. But ‘dueling’ is dangerous.”

Anis came right in front of Eugene, grabbed Eugene’s shoulder and whispered.

“I guess so.”

Of course, Eugene knew what that meant.

It has been through many battles so far. ‘How’ do you fight? The way to do that has already been decided 300 years ago.

The opponents are demons and demon kings who have lived for hundreds of years. They are superior to humans from the point of view of their race. Eugene, Hamel, and humans had no choice but to think that way.

Whereas ordinary humans cannot live even 100 years, demons only live for hundreds of years. Humans can transcend the limit of lifespan only by training their bodies and mana to the limit, but there is no such thing as a limit of lifespan for demons.

No matter how hard people train, even if they reach immortality, they cannot attain immortality.

But demons are different. High-ranking demons can be revived even if their heads are blown off and their bodies are burnt to ashes.

That’s why I need the help of priests and saints. The existence of the saintess makes it possible to focus entirely on the battle. Even the saintess could not help with ‘instant death’, such as having her head cut off – but if it was a fatal wound, it could be overcome with the saintess’s miracle.

“I cannot assist you in a duel.”

Anise spat. From 300 years ago, the role of Anise and the saintess had been the same. The same is true in this era. After the saintess joined, Eugene was able to fight boldly. Prior to that, he fought by choosing the direction to avoid getting injured as much as possible.

“It’s not just me. Even Senya, who hasn’t returned yet, cannot assist you.”

There was a war 300 years ago. He didn’t do anything crazy to fight single-handedly against high-ranking demons and demon lords. He thoroughly fought in harmony with his comrades.

Morron received the attack as the front line, and Hamel and Vermouth penetrated the gap made by Moron as the offensive line. Anis created a miracle from behind, healing the wounded and boosting her strength, while Senya gathered her strength and struck down powerful magic.

“Even when I fought the ghost, I actually fought alone.”

In the battle against Iris, not only Senya and the saints, but others also helped. However, the battle with the specter was different. The Liberation Army joined forces to open the way, and Eugene battled the specter alone.

“The opponents are different… … !”

Anise’s voice grew stronger. The hand holding Yujin’s shoulder was strong. Anise leaned a little further and glared at Eugene from a close distance.

“The ghosts who fought in Hauria… … Hamel, you are not pushed back in battle with him. I honestly think you overpowered the wraith all along in that battle.”

“Not necessarily. he was strong He’s on par with me.”

“I don’t think so, but yes, Hamel, if you say so, let me say it differently.”

Anise’s eyebrows twitched.

“You’ve had a very good fight against the Wraith. That’s because you knew ‘how’ the wraith would fight. It has to be. The specter has written your skills, Hamel. And I wrote Vermouth’s technique. Both of them, Hamel, you know well.”

Didn’t deny it. Anis is right. Eugene predicted what kind of technology the specter would use moment by moment. Prediction by experience became a certain foreknowledge by divinity and intuition, so a response was possible.

“It’s not just technology. In my opinion, you are stronger than the specter even with simple firepower.”

“Because he was dying.”

“Yes, because the magic of destruction is too destructive. Even the specter, who became an incarnation, couldn’t handle the magic of destruction in the end. But you mastered the moonlight sword in that battle and broke the shape that was like the seal on the holy sword.”

Anis paused for a moment.

“It is different from the specter.”

A short silence was followed by a long sigh.



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“The opponent is the sword of confinement. This is Gavid Lindman. Hamel, you must have seen it then. When Gavid Lindman uses the Mystic Eye of Prestige and draws out the Demonic Sword Glory to attack you. No one in the room stopped Gavid Lindman. Are we tired? Careless? no. In that moment, Gavid Lindman’s sword was so overwhelming that none of us could stand in his way.”

Even Eugene remembers that sword. A sword pierced from the edge of the sky.

“The reason none of us died is because Gavid Lindman was only targeting you. Yes, that must have been the kind of consideration Gavid Lindman put on ‘Surprise’. Hamel, the fact that you didn’t die then… … .”

“Because the baby has a sword.”

Yujin twisted the corner of her mouth and smiled.

“I know what you’re worried about, Anise. And Christina must have the same concerns. Wounds cannot be healed with miracles in a duel. With Senya’s assistance, Gavid’s response cannot be forced. I have to fight him alone.”

“It’s not fair.”

Anise spat.

“It is a duel in which one of the two must die. But, Hamel, you have to kill Gavid Lindman over and over again. But you… … .”

“What is new?”

Eugene raised his hand and grabbed Anise’s wrist.

“Until now, I, we, have fought against such opponents many times. Even if you kill them, they don’t die well. Even if their limbs are cut off, they regenerate them as if it were natural.”

“… … .”

“You are right, Anis. It is very unfair and unreasonable for humans to fight demons. But I am not an ordinary human being.”

This doesn’t work.

Anis finally came up with that idea. It is impossible to convince Hamel. He had already made up his mind to accept the duel.

“… … Let’s think about the benefits of accepting a duel.”

So Anis also changed her attitude. She sighed and went back to her chair.

“Getting Gavid Lindman out of the barbell and fighting. Yes, this is a fascinating thing. If you had fought at Babel, you would have had to preserve your strength.”

“That’s right.”

“Hamel, to be honest, I don’t think the battle at Babel is a huge disadvantage for us. Even if you don’t do your best, isn’t Senya there?”

“It is unknown how strong Senya will become after returning from the World Tree.”

“I wouldn’t be weak.”

“what… … That’s right.”

Yujin pursed her lips and grumbled. Anisui’s eyebrows twitched once more at the sight of that blatant contempt.

“… … Gavid Lindman has already declared a duel. If you refuse a duel, not everyone in the world will… … Many might accuse you of being a coward.”

“I don’t know what, I’ll make fun of you unconditionally. I mean, you’re a coward.”

“Uhm… … Yes, probably. Having defeated two demon lords and writing legends and myths in the midst of writing, you are despised as a coward… … I don’t think it’s very good.”

“It’s not that bad. Faith is made out of reverence and awe. Who in the world would serve a coward who ran away because he was afraid of a duel?”

It wasn’t just a story about stubbornness. It’s not like Gavid did it knowingly, but since the duel has already been declared, Eugene can’t refuse. he must not refuse

“I definitely felt it after meeting the wise man. No matter how strong you become as a human, you are still a human in the end. If it was another demon king, it would be possible to be a human opponent, but the opponent was the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction. They… … You can’t fight with a human being.”

You have to reach the level of god with more certainty. You should be able to wield the new sword, which is limited to five draws, normally and lightly. In addition to the divine sword, you must know how to handle divine power.

“Accept the duel, and if you win… … Hamel, the reverence and reverence you speak of will be fully earned.”

So far, Eugene Lionheart has killed two demon kings. However, defeating the ‘Sword of Confinement’ will bring a greater repercussion than the two combined.

Especially for the Demons of Helmud, the name ‘Sword of Confinement’ is very big.

“… … Why don’t you pretend it’s a duel and join forces? I don’t know about Senya, but I’m secretly assisting you. Healing wounds and adding light.”

“That is too cowardly.”

“Winning is important. What does it matter, besides being cowardly?”

“I can’t believe anything the saintess says… … .”

Yujin shook her head and grumbled. Anis continued his words without pretending to hear that.

“Even if it’s a duel, fighting in front of everyone is virtually impossible. If you duel in the Colosseum like Simuin’s fighters, all onlookers will be caught in a storm of attack and die.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

No matter how much magic and divine magic create a barrier, if Eugene and Gavid collide, the barrier will immediately disappear.

“It is rather easy if there are no onlookers. Senya will ambush Gavid and I will assist you.”

“No, is that too cowardly?”

“What do you mean cowardly? No one would know if I killed Gavid anyway.”


Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and spat out. Anis closed her eyes for a moment as she felt his insides boil.

“Hamel. After all, you want to duel Gavid, right?”

“of course. If you don’t like it, say no in advance… … .”

“Why are you talking to me like this when you decided the answer yourself from the beginning?”

“Are you talking because I want to talk? You’re the first to start talking like this… … .”

Anise didn’t listen anymore. She took out the flail she had placed inside her robe. cooong! The iron ball on the table between Eugene and Anis knocked him down.


Eugene first apologized.

“What are you sorry about?”

“You’re only worried about me, because I’m stubborn.”

I hope you can tell me the answer right away. Anise was moved in her heart, but she did not express it with her expression.

“Why do you want to duel Gavid so much? Don’t make any excuses about your faith.”

“I want to fight with all my might… … .”

“I have already heard that. Wouldn’t there be another reason?”

“In Hauria, that bastard could kill me, but he didn’t.”

Eugene licked his lips and said.

“Why did he withdraw his sword at that moment? Why did you go against the will of the demon king of confinement and ambush me? Why, he declared me a duel.”

How do I explain this feeling?

“It’s like X.”

First of all, I said so.

“Gavid Lindman. The bastard had mercy on me… … I don’t think so. That bastard has his own honor, a desire to compete, something like that… … I must have thought about it and picked up the sword. So is this duel. Gavid Lindman disobeyed the will of the demon king of confinement.”

“… … I thought that was strange too.”

“He wanted to duel with me to the extent that he was against the will of the demon king of confinement he served his whole life. Not in Babel, but somewhere else. Where each other can do their best without thinking about the future. Gavid Lindman wants a one-on-one duel without anyone interfering.”

“… … .”

“So I don’t want to refuse.”

I realized myself while speaking.

duel. In accepting that, it’s just an excuse for understanding this or that calculation or cause. In fact, Eugene doesn’t have to make excuses like that, he’s wishing for himself.

I just want to duel. I just want to fight Gavid Lindman.

“I will say so right away.”

Anise clicked her tongue and put the flail back into her robe.

“When are you going to do it?”

Fortunately, Gavid gave Eugene quite a bit of respite.

“I said until the end of next year. Surely you won’t pretend to do it right away?”

“Of course not.”

If Gavid had set the deadline for this year, Eugene would have had many headaches.

Will you fight by force, or will you bend your pride and postpone the duel a little longer? Or, will you ignore the duel altogether? The reason why Eugene decided to accept the duel was because Gavid gave him enough grace.

‘If it had been 300 years ago, I think I would have just run into it.’

But now I can’t. Eugene knows that he is very special in this era, and that if he dies, the world could end. A body that had already died 300 years ago because it behaved uncontrollably. Eugene had no intention of repeating the same mistake.

“I’m going to use it until the deadline runs out.”

“… … Do you have any ideas for a duel?”

“I decided the time, so I’d like to decide the place together.”

Anise’s eyes widened. She stared at her Eugene for a moment, then tilted her head.



Eugene got up from his chair.

“Why don’t you ask me to meet you?”

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