Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 520

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Eugene knows this wilderness.

a long time ago. Agaroth and the Shin Army’s garrison. Agaroth encountered the Demon King of Destruction here. The Twilight Witch shouted that the saintess should run away. The Great Warrior also shouted the same. Everyone wanted to run away.

It was the same with Agaroth. I wanted to run away. With that, I thought that I should never fight the demon lord of destruction.

Didn’t run away. He couldn’t escape. I thought I shouldn’t run away from here. He thought he had to hold on to destruction even a little bit.


everyone is dead The new army was annihilated. The great warrior also died. The saintess died in the arms of God. Agaroth, who became alone, was swallowed by the Demon King of Destruction. Agaroth himself walked into the demon lord of destruction.

this is the next thing


whispered the sage.

“During a long war with monsters you don’t know what, I’ve been very busy with my own problems. do you remember Agaroth. When you finish the war with the monsters, we decided to fight the demon king of confinement together.”

“It did.”

Eugene nodded.

A chaotic era where the devil and God coexisted. The war god, the sage, and the giant. These three were young gods who had not been enthroned for long. There were several young gods besides them, but those three were special and strong.

“The old people didn’t like the war you led. However, we did not listen to the old people’s gossip. They laughed at the demon king of confinement, saying that they were only afraid of the great demon king.”

The wise man smiled and tilted his head.

“I was immersed in preparing for war on my own. So when you asked to come as reinforcements, I was in no hurry to prepare. I wanted to tease you, but I was also very busy preparing for war.”

The sage paused for a moment. The turquoise eyes turned to Eugene. Eugene felt deep sorrow in her eyes.

“If I hadn’t, would it have changed? If I left right away the moment I heard your request… … .”

“It wouldn’t have changed.”

Eugene replied with a wry smile.

“Even if you and the giant had come beforehand, I wouldn’t have been able to stop that.”

“I guess so. but… … .”

The sage let out a long sigh.

“You could have seen your death right next to you.”

The stopped world has begun. In the wilderness filled with the corpses of God and Noor, bizarrely mixed ‘colors’ appeared.

“Demon King of Destruction… … .”

Senna muttered in surprise. Beside her, Cristina unknowingly grabbed Rosario, and Anise swallowed her moans.

It’s not a ‘direct’ look. But the memory of that color brought out the fear of the past.

“I cried in front of that one.”

said the sage.

“I hated myself for being too late. Agaroth, I hated the Demon Lord of Destruction who swallowed you. I couldn’t rationally decide what I should do at this moment.”

The sage of the ivory tower. The pinnacle of mythical magicians. The goddess of magic who assimilated magic into a human body and ascended to the divine throne.

“I could use all the magic that existed in that world. I am the magic, and the magic is me. But even I couldn’t decide what kind of magic to use on the demon lord of destruction or how to save you.”

I felt Agaroth’s divine power inside the demon lord of destruction. Fortunately, Agaroth was still alive.

If so, then you must save it. how? with what magic? no method. The sage’s reason reached such a cold conclusion. It is impossible to interfere with Agaroth, who has been swallowed by the Demon Lord of Destruction.

But the sage, however, rejected reason. He wanted to save Agaroth as much as he did. somehow, by any means. It is impossible to interfere outside. What if you go inside? In the center of destruction, where Agaroth is… … .

“It was a stupid idea.”

The sage laughed bitterly.

“If I had gone in there, I would have collapsed without lasting even a moment. if… … If the giant came a little late. I would have died without even reaching you.”

Suddenly, the giant’s hand blocked the sage’s path. Perhaps thinking that blocking it like that wasn’t enough, the giant grabbed the sage’s body with his fingers and lifted it high.

“The giant snared at me when I used evil to let go.”

Don’t make Agaroth’s death meaningless.

“I cried too. Agaroth is still alive. If so, shouldn’t he be saved? But the giant pulled me back resolutely. The giant didn’t bother to tell me more. didn’t have to say I just didn’t want to admit it. Because I knew it in my heart.”

The sage raised his head for a moment and looked at the sky. During the brief silence, she managed her old feelings.

“I can’t save you. The same goes for giants. We can’t get in there like you. It was impossible to go in there and be alive.”

Memories of it were faint even for Eugene. The God Army is annihilated, and the Twilight Witch dies. Agaroth felt great anger and hatred towards the demon lord of destruction.

I took my new sword and walked to the Demon King of Destruction. I blocked the Demon King of Destruction, who was advancing to destroy the whole world, alone. The Demon King of Destruction swallowed Agaroth.

Didn’t die right away. he couldn’t die he didn’t want to die I wanted to kill this f*cking, f*cked-up bastard. It roamed the abyss where the end seemed non-existent and cut through overflowing magic power and color.

The wise man is right. It was a place where no one could survive. In the face of destruction, humans and gods are equally insignificant.


The sage lowered his head. She stared at Eugene with tear-filled turquoise eyes.

“As long as you are alive, the demon lord of destruction does not move.”


It is impossible to save Agaroth. Then, is it possible to attack and kill the demon king of destruction that has stopped? impossible. All the gods gathered and gave the same answer. that can’t be killed

“We have been given reprieve before destruction.”

If that suddenly appeared. If you keep moving forward without stopping, put an endless stream of monsters in front of you, and start killing all beings in the world.

“Agaroth. Back then, we didn’t know how long you would last. However, having ‘respite’ made us prepare for destruction.”

The first to move were the old gods who were despised because they were old. They came out of the temple and the holy ground and asked for negotiations with the demon king in captivity.

“It must have come as a surprise to the demon king of confinement that the march of destruction has stopped. Norma, who had never responded to negotiations before, responded to the call of the elders.”

The sage and the colossus were also there. In the Temple of Promise where numerous gods gathered, the demon king in captivity appeared alone. No, it descended. All the gods in that place felt the same way about the demon king in captivity.

That is different from other demon lords. That’s what truly deserves the name ‘Great Demon King’. The demon king among demon kings. A demon king who leads the demon king and is worshiped by the demon king.

“But the negotiations were not so smooth. Many gods asked the demon king of confinement. What the hell is the Demon King of Destruction?”

“Did you answer me correctly?”

“Ahaha. Do you think that nasty Norma would? The guy didn’t answer exactly what the demon lord of destruction was. just, just… … They say it’s the same thing we saw and felt. What, in the end, it means destruction itself.”

The wise man laughed and shook his head.

“Then is there no way to resist destruction? Is there no way to slow down or pull back the destruction? Ahaha, we finally gave up on killing perdition. I didn’t think it was humiliating. I knew that it was unavoidable.”

“… … What did the demon king of confinement say?”




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The sage’s cheeks twitched. She looked at her Eugene with a twisted, twisted smile.

“… … next… … He told me to prepare. Now that it has appeared, it will end soon, so prepare for the next one. Norma said that and disappeared.”

The gods understood the words of the demon king of confinement. I didn’t want to understand, but I forced myself to accept it. Sooner or later, the present world will come to an end. When Agaroth dies, the demon lord of destruction will start moving again.

Could another god take over Agaroth’s role? There is no guarantee that he will be able to do like Agaroth. Rather than becoming a meaningless sacrifice and facing a dog’s death, they agreed that it was right to prepare for the ‘next’ in a different way.

“I shut myself in alone.”

What to do. How should I prepare for what is next, not now? What should I leave next?

“I gathered all the wizards and followers of the Ivory Tower. I sat in the same seat as them and said.”

we will die soon

“The knowledge and magic we have achieved. The truth that he pursued in an all-encompassing way ended up not being reached. We will die with this world.”

Then will our existence come to an end completely with this world?


The sage shook his head.

“Our existence, the magic we have reached, and everything we have pursued and obtained will never end. never let it end We will not disappear into nothingness.”

The sage raised his finger.

“It sublimated existence. I made myself a huge vessel. All wizards who serve me. I had in my being all the followers who make me exist as a god.”

Eugene looked in the direction the sage pointed. Suddenly, the landscape had changed.

It is not a wilderness full of corpses. stretched out endlessly… … saw the sea I saw the waves going far, far away. The sea fog followed the waves like dark clouds. before him.

The demon king of destruction was advancing.

“After five days, the demon king of destruction moved.”

whispered the sage.

“Beasts of destruction appeared all over the world. They killed all living beings. Killed humans, killed demons, killed beasts, and killed everything else.”

Waves hit the world where only corpses remained. The boundary between land and sea has disappeared. Waves of unknown origin covered the world equally.

“I have seen all of them.”

Eugene didn’t say anything and looked in the direction the sage pointed.

the endless sea. huge waves. endless haze.

before him.

There was a huge tree. The tall tree in the middle of the sea was as tall as holding up the sky. It seemed to connect the sky, the sea and the land.

“Does the soul perish with destruction?”

said the sage.

“No, it can’t be. Even when the world ends and the body dies, the soul remains. If this world faces a new next, the souls of the dead also move on to the next.”

The world tree has the belief of reincarnation.

“Even so, I had a soul. With the end imminent, it has become a being that will embrace the present soul and the next soul. Ahaha. No matter how great I am, the vessel is not infinite, so I cannot embrace all souls. But there was no need to hold them all.”

In the World Tree and Great Forest, there are infinite mana and spirits. Eugene understood why the wise man became the World Tree.

“Are you trying to become a god even after death?”

Yujin laughed and murmured. The sage smiled and replied.

“I didn’t mean to become a god. Me and everyone tried to become gods. Now that I’ve come and looked at the results, ahaha, it went really well. The beings of the forest believe in the world tree and us from the moment they are born until the moment they die. The beings outside the forest are in awe of the ‘legend’ about the World Tree.”

The power of the World Tree is different from the divine power. However, Eugene also experienced the ‘miracle’ several times. The blessing that the warriors of Ibatana Forest are born with is another aspect of Segesu’s miracle.

“As the years pass, the power of the World Tree grows. One day, when the demon king of destruction tries to end the world again. I am… … I, no, wanted the World Tree to be the breakwater of the waves.”

The sage said that and laughed lightly.

“In the end, the future is different from what you thought and prepared for. Could it be that Agaroth, you reincarnated as a human… … I never imagined that I would face the Demon King again.”

“What happened to the giant?”

Eugene asked in a quiet voice.

“I do not know. Like me, you should have prepared for the next time… … I don’t know what the guy did. Because I died as the World Tree.”

“… … .”

“You have a difficult face to accept, Agaroth. But what can I do? It is true that I am dead. No matter how much I am, it is impossible to maintain the soul and ego and accept the enormous soul. So I have to die.”

“echo… … .”

Eugene mumbled what he had heard earlier.

“Then what am I?”

Senya blurted out.

“I am, I have been… … I thought it was the reincarnation of a sage. But if not, what is it?”

“Should I call it a product of a miracle?”

The sage replied. The landscape changed again. The sea disappeared, and it returned to the same meadow as before. The wise man with his back to the world tree looked straight at Senya and smiled.

“Junior, you are loved by mana from the very beginning of your existence.”

The sage extended a finger and pointed at Senya.

“You are not the reincarnation of me, Vishur Raviola. I had no involvement in your existence. However, you came to the forest where I am. Abandoned in the forest… … . Ahaha. Really? What stupid human parents come all the way to this forest and abandon their children? If you really wanted to throw it away, you could have thrown it away anywhere.”

“… … .”

“Brother. I don’t know how you were abandoned However, it can hardly be said that you came to this forest, were taken in by the elves, and entered into magic by accident. junior The reason you became the person you are today must have been guided by Mana.”

Senja had never missed her biological parents in her life. Why would she miss her parents who abandoned her in the forest when she was a child and disappeared?

However, listening to the wise man’s words, I had many questions about the beings of ‘real parents’ that I had never thought deeply about in my life.

“Come here.”

The sage whispered to Senya.

“Let’s discuss the deification of magic together.”

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