Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 511

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300 years after the war.

Ever since the Demonic Lord Helmud became an ’empire’, had he ever been as engrossed in his sword?

‘does not exist.’

As for the inevitable excuse, there was no time to concentrate. That’s how crowded the dawn of the Empire was.

While Gavid is preoccupied with the affairs of the Archduke.

The other two dukes were engrossed in increasing their strength in their own way.

Black Dragon Princess Raizakia tried to mass-produce dragons by repeating childbirth, starting with her own hatchling. A plan full of madness to give birth, eat, and repeat giving birth. If successful, Raizakia would have become a terrible monster rather than a demonic dragon, but that much power would have been put into his hands.

The Queen of Dream Demons, Noir Jebella, thoroughly developed her own territory while taking the spirit from all over the continent through numerous dream demons. As a result, she became a monster that far surpassed the level of her demon lord.

Gavid was not very immersed in his training other than the work of the Archduke.

Still, Gavid is stronger than he was 300 years ago. Although less engrossed than his other dukes, Gavid’s power grew stronger as the empire grew stronger.

Because the magical power of the demon king of confinement is getting stronger? no. The demon king of confinement was strong 300 years ago.

I’m not sure, but Gavid… … He thought that his growing strength had something to do with his status as the ‘Grand Duke of Helmud’. Just as Noir Jebela gained great power by using two territories, Gavid gained power as the Grand Duke of the Empire.


Not satisfied. Because the power Gavid was seeking was not this kind of power.

Endless Magic? The Mystic Eye of Prestige that allows you to use the power of the Demon King? Rather than that kind of power-

“The sword.”

Prince Lindeman.

Gavid is now alone in this spacious mansion. A mansion that was rarely visited in the first place. At least, they had a lot of attendants for management, but now even they have been sent out. It’s not just the seed. All the furniture that was filling the mansion was also removed.

What was newly filled in this vast and empty mansion was a demon named Gavid Lindman–not Glory, but several swords. and.

A chain that was handed over by the demon king of confinement.

Gavid lifted the chain forward with a smile on his pale face.

A bundle of chains received directly from the demon king of confinement.

The chain represents the authority of the demon lord of confinement. Realizing the “power” of Yufe’s demon lord.

I have served the demon king of confinement for a long time. As long as he uses the Mystic Eye of Prestige, even if he doesn’t know about it, he has no choice but to know about the Authority of Confinement.

The chain binds. to control. locking up. Such is the power of confinement.

The same goes for this chain. This is confining something.

When you first receive the chain.

Naturally, Gavid had no idea what the chain was for.

Gavid had received many things from the demon king of confinement.

The name of the sword of confinement.

majesty’s eyes.

Demon Sword Glory.

Grand Duke of Helmud.

All of them were given by the demon king of confinement. But all of those things were intuitive. Upon receiving it, I could understand what it was for.

However, the chain he received this time was different.

After returning to the mansion, I pondered over the purpose of the chain for a full day. I tried to infuse her magical power, and I tried to understand it with the Mystic Eye of Prestige. However, despite trying this and that method, it was difficult to understand the purpose of the chain.

– You’ll need coordination.

I remembered those words again.

long duel. The sword of confinement and the position of grand duke of Helmud were laid down. I want to become a single demon and duel.

– Let me help you.

After hearing all of Gavid’s desires, the demon king of confinement laughed and said that. What Gavid longed for so much was-

It was because he was afraid of Hamel from 300 years ago. Because he couldn’t fight to the end and backed off. It didn’t end once.

Gavid thought he had missed his death. That thought itself restrains Gavid. Aspiration was born from regret for past failures, and now I decided to put everything down and face it head-on.

That is why it must be cut off. If what led Gavid was the lingering attachment to Hamel from 300 years ago, it should be cut off and replaced with something else. What we have in this era is Eugene Ryanhart, not ‘Hamel the Massacre’.

I want to fight Eugene Ryanhart. I want a duel, not a war.

Gavid silently raised his sword. A bundle of chains of unknown use. I wonder if I can finish the tuning as much as I want if I immerse myself in practice right now, but I wasted a whole day trying to understand this chain.

so it was cut

I don’t know the use. Perhaps this is the right thing to do. Even so, he swung his sword without hesitation. Because he didn’t want to waste any more time. If he couldn’t figure out what it was for, he thought it better to cut it down and get rid of it.

The demon king of confinement did not explain the bundle of chains.

Gavid didn’t ask about the bundle of chains either. It was given directly by the Demon King, so he only accepted it while expressing his gratitude. If it’s Gavid in the past, even if you don’t know how to use it, even if you don’t have enough time to understand it.

He would never have swung his sword at the gift of the demon king of confinement.

“You are really mean.”

Gavid muttered as he raised his sword and aimed it at the bundle of chains. How can you bestow items that you use in this way without explanation? Gavid chuckled and slowly raised his sword upward.

This act itself must have been what the demon king of confinement wished for. Gavid severing the obsession from the past. Not the sword of confinement or the grand duke of Helmud, but being immersed in a single demon. To prove that it’s not just words.

Gavid thought that his lord was mischievous, and at the same time, feeling great gratitude, swung down his sword.

ㅡ Aww!

Sparks flew between the blade and the chain. Sparks scattered inside the empty mansion. At some point, the golden embers turned black, and in an instant, the interior of the mansion was covered in the color of flame.

Gavid once closed his eyes.

when you open your eyes again Gavid was standing somewhere other than the Lindman Mansion. A desolate plain. Bodies strewn everywhere like props in the background.

Gavid walked through the wilderness unfazed. When he first slammed his sword into a chain, he was led into this unknown world. At that time, he couldn’t help but panic, not understanding the situation.

I tried various ways to get out of this space somehow. He wielded Glory and used the Mystic Eye of Prestige. However, it was impossible to escape from the wilderness even if the two were used together.

After unsuccessful escape attempts, attempts were made to make sense of this space. I inspected the bodies around me.

Bodies that have just died. Everyone felt ‘real’. The smell, the taste, everything was exactly the same as the real corpse.

After examining the corpse sufficiently, we moved for a full-scale search. For now, I started walking towards the end of this wilderness.

it came suddenly I was thrown into an unknown space. There was no shortage of tension and vigilance. So, I noticed it first before encountering it. There is someone in front of me. It is certainly alive, unlike the corpses around it.

the moment you realize that. it moved The moment I felt that it was gone. It was already right in front of Gavid.

I was attacked. A large, rugged sword flew towards Gavid’s throat. It was a sudden attack, but the response was not delayed. Right after sharing the sum several times and admiring the opponent’s skill.




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As if it was a joke to share the sum until just before, the ‘sword’ at that moment was different. The ferocious swordsmanship hacked through Gavid’s defenses and eventually bit off his neck.

To die so suddenly? I couldn’t even feel that doubt and futility. That’s how great his sword was, to the point where I felt a sense of awe that ‘at this level, he has no choice but to die’.

after death.

When I opened my eyes, I was in the mansion. The memories and sensations of the moment her whole body was hacked and her throat cut were so clear, but Gavid was alive and well.

I saw a bundle of chains. I didn’t know how this could happen, but I did know that the phenomenon just now was caused by chains. There was no need to understand ‘how’.

What Gavid needs now is coordination prior to the confrontation. For 300 years, I have been on the water in battle, and I have not had time to devote myself purely to practice.

They thought that to duel with Eugene in this state was an insult to each other. Eugene’s skills are at their peak right now, and they will grow stronger in the future without ever falling.

He has already surpassed the level of Hamel 300 years ago. Even that despairing Vermouth would be defeated if he had a duel with the current Eugene Lionheart.

Gavid Lindman is strong. No matter how strong Eugene was now, Gavid did not think of losing himself.

Even if I win, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied. no. You will definitely not be satisfied. So coordination is needed. So that the 300 years I spent laying down my sword would not be in vain. So as not to insult your opponent in a duel. To win and be satisfied.

“thank you.”

muttered as he walked through the wilderness. Nine days have passed since I used the chain ‘for the first time’. However, the time Gavid felt was much longer than nine days.

The time flow of this ‘wilderness’ is out of touch with reality. No matter how long I stayed here, only a few minutes had passed in reality.

It is difficult for humans to accept such a gap. If you are absorbed, your mind will be broken. Even if it’s a demon, if you overdo it, you’ll break down in the same way. But Gavid had no problems. Rather, he hoped to be immersed enough to break.

There are a few things I understand.

This wilderness is a memory of the distant past that Gavid does not know about. The demon king of confinement confined the entire memory of the distant past with his power. In other words, this memory is a projection of someone who existed in the distant past.

The man who appeared in the wilderness… … .

It seemed that he was not human. I couldn’t help but feel that way. I couldn’t believe that humans were this strong. The man was strong and violent, as if he were born to fight. Those thoughts intensified as he faced and charged into battle.

A sword for thoroughly killing opponents. A sword perfected through thousands of battles. A sword that cannot be forged except in a battlefield where countless lives are lost.

I thought that such a person could not exist. In the history Gavid remembers, no human being as strong as this has ever existed. So, who is ‘he’? Are you really human? What is its name, and when did it exist?

At first, I had such a question, but after dying a few times, the question disappeared. The identity of the opponent is not important. What is important here.

‘Things that don’t die.’

I hope you will think like this Gavid smiled bitterly and stopped.

I saw the figure of a man standing in the distance. He drew the greatsword from the floor and slung it over his shoulder, and walked towards Gavid with a wobbly gait.

When we first met, we swung our swords without hesitation, but it didn’t always start the same way. Sometimes they suddenly appear from behind and attempt an ambush, and at other times they wait for Gavid to attack first.

But even though the beginning is different every time, the end is the same. Gavid had never done a proper injury to the man before.

I was fed up with one-sided defeats, so there was a time when I used the Mystic Eye of Prestige and Glory with all my might.

Rather, it was the most terrifying time. The moment Gavid used the Mystic Eye of Prestige, the man’s ‘strength’ changed. When he wielded Glory. The man’s power itself became a sword, pushing Glory from the front. I tried to suppress the man’s power with the power of prestige, but even that was impossible.

I was unilaterally trampled. He felt that the power output itself was different. In the end, Gavid was defeated, feeling terribly helpless.

“I don’t know who you are.”

Talking to men doesn’t work. That man doesn’t even breathe, let alone shout. The only thing going on between that man and Gavid is a battle.

“It must be certain that Hamel has something to do with it.”

Gavid muttered quietly and took out the Glory.

An unknown power used by men. Although there is a difference in size, that power is similar to the ‘sword’ that Eugene used against the specter.

“Are you Hamel’s ancestor? or not… … .”

He raised his Glory and aimed it at the man. The man is still moving towards Gavid.

“Is it Hamel’s previous life?”

Originally, I wouldn’t have this suspicion. This is because Gavid had never even thought that there would be such things as past lives and reincarnations in the world.

But now I couldn’t think of it that way. If Eugene Ryanhart is reincarnated 300 years ago, maybe… … Even that Hamel might be someone’s reincarnation.

The greatsword slung over the man’s shoulder moved. His swaying steps changed slightly. His eyes flashed from his sullen expression. Gavid’s majestic eye also gave off an ominous light.

Agaroth’s sword struck Gavid.

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