Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 499

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“I didn’t manage to die.”

Yujin laughed and murmured.

Eugene and the specter clashed in the sky, and thousands of Noor and the army clashed on the ground.

As a result, Hauria was completely ruined. There is not a single building left without exaggeration. Still, Amelia, who had been left on the roof of the building, was alive and well.

no. I couldn’t say I was fine. Although her body and no injuries exist, Amelia’s mind is trapped in the nightmares seen by Senya.

It wasn’t because Amelia was particularly lucky that she survived while all the buildings around her were collapsing. The barrier Senya left behind protected Amelia.

“I thought I was going to kill you.”

Senya pursed her lips and asked. She continued, kicking Amelia’s body spread across her floor.

“I thought I should follow your opinion.”

“I didn’t have to care so much.”

Eugene said that and approached Amelia.

In fact, other than Amelia’s death, Eugene didn’t know anything about it. It was because Eugene had become too strong to care about Amelia. Seeing her do ugly things there, like getting on her knees and begging for her life, it honestly didn’t matter if Amelia was dead or not.

“Blood Mary.”

There’s nothing more to see on Amelia itself, but that’s a different story. Eugene smiled and looked at the Blood Mary in Amelia’s hand. A magic wand that has been passed down from successive wands of confinement.

She is on par with Akasha in that she used the whole dragon heart generously. Just as Akasha has the power to understand other magic, Blood Mary also has the power.

“You can inherit the magic of previous owners.”

Senya, who was standing next to Eugene, opened her mouth.

“It is not a power that you covet. is not it?”

“I wonder if it’s a black magician.”

Eugene also smiled and nodded.

All past owners of Blood Mary are staffs of confinement. For a black magician, being able to inherit the magic of their predecessors without any effort would be very attractive, but Eugene and Senya had little interest in black magic.

‘But giving it to Balzac is ridiculous.’

Eugene thought, thinking of Balzac who was not nearby. Even if Balzac did not immediately show hostility, it is certain that he will fight with him someday.

this war. Balzac has gained a lot. A new signature he created, Gluttony, gains strength and memories from what he ate with his hands. Balzac ate ​​quite a few demons, monsters, and even Nur on the battlefield.

left it alone Even if Balzac increased his strength through predation, he could never surpass Senya with ‘magic’. The same goes for ignorantly increasing mana.

To be honest, Eugene did not think that Balzac was an ‘enemy’. Not only does Balzac have no apparent hostility to him, but his longing to become a legendary wizard is pure and sincere.

But one day we will fight. Even if Balzac himself doesn’t want it, the ideal that aims for the demon king of confinement will surely fight Balzac someday.

if one day we fight

I wanted to at least give Balzac a fight that would satisfy him. The power gained from predation would not make him an enemy of Eugene, but even so.

“But Blood Mary crossed the line.”

It’s not even to the extent of giving presents for Balzac.

“What do you do?”

“Once I have it.”

Senya said. Yujin opened her eyes wide as she was surprised by the answer.

“You’re not trying to learn black magic, are you?”

“I have no intention of learning it, but I have a desire to know it.”

Senya smiled and replied.

“Because black magic is magic after all. If it’s the wands of confinement of the past, they are the most outstanding black magicians of that era. Even so, it won’t be as good as this wise Senya-sama.”

“But why do you want to have it?”

“To become a magic goddess, shouldn’t you be proficient in everything called ‘magic’?”

Her face was smiling and her voice was light, but Senya’s eyes were very serious. Eugene also sensed that those words were absolutely not a joke.

“It’s getting closer.”

are you getting closer? Senya, who was picking up Bloody Mary, had her eyes wide open at that outrageous statement.

“What is it all of a sudden?”

“It’s hard to explain, but it feels like it.”

“Hmm, is it? If you are, then so be it.”

I remembered the image of Eugene surrounded by light. No, at that moment, Eugene didn’t just put on the light, it seemed to become one with the light. It was the same with Senya who ‘felt’ something in that moment.

‘It really felt like I wasn’t human.’

It seemed that it was definitely over the top. Senya pursed her lips and looked down at Blood Mary.

Her magic, ‘absolute rate’, is also beyond magic… … There were still many shortcomings. It seems that in order to reach the target of the Magical Goddess, it is necessary to achieve a new level rather than surpassing the level.

“Will you even have a dragon heart?”

“no. What I have is too luxurious. There is no need for anything.”

If there was no absolute rate, he would have been greedy for Dragon Heart to compensate for the injury of Eternal Hall. The current Senya did not need the Dragon Heart.

“After my errands are over, I will purify my worn-out mana… … Hmm, if you can still write. A gift to another mage or something. Or should I hand it over to Lionheart?”

“I think it could be added to the family head or Carmen-sama’s exceed… … Or should I give it to Genos? I think it would be nice to give it to Loberian.”

Eugene said it without thinking, but Senya’s eyes widened as soon as he heard those words.

“You openly said that you are the reincarnation of Hamel, but are you still calling Loberian ‘sir’?”

“Isn’t it strange to call you Loberian now?”

“What’s strange?”

“I am… … i think it’s weird I’ll take care of it, so don’t point it out.”

Yujin murmured, averting her eyes for no reason.

Eugene had her own standards for dealing with people. His personality is great, and he treats me well… … In that respect, Loberian or Gilreid were people enough to be called ‘sir’.

‘Then what about Melchis-nim?’

Until now, Eugene had always called Melchis “sama”.

But what should I do from now on? Melchis Elheyer. Is she someone to be treated?

It is admitted that among the wizards of his time, Melchis is the most powerful. In an all-out war against Helmud, Melchis can never be excluded… … . But apart from that phenomenal power, what about Melchis Elhere’s personality?

-The hero you said you respect more than Vermouth! Stupid Hamel! Were you actually yourself?!




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The more you think about it, the more your neck tightens. When Eugene gnashed his teeth in anger alone, Anise, who was supporting her, struck Eugene on the butt.



Contrary to the cheerful sound, the pain pierced his bones. Eugene’s body staggered forward at the unexpected blow.

Of course, Anis didn’t let Eugene collapse. His arm wrapped like a snake grabbed Yujin’s chest.

“… … .”

It was too tight. Eugene gritted his teeth, trying not to be conscious of the gentle pressure on her arm.

“Being angry slows recovery.”

Anise whispered in my ear. Eugene found that statement very unfair.

Does getting angry delay recovery? Regardless of whether or not it has been verified, the number of times I’ve been angry after using Ignition must be over 10, no matter how few times I catch it?

“… … .”

It must be just an excuse to spank you. Eugene quietly shut her mouth without asking why.

Actually, that wasn’t the only reason. Anise glanced at Eugene and whispered in her ear.

“What were you talking about with that galvo?”

“… … .”

“Hamel. If you don’t want to talk, I won’t ask in depth. Because I respect your choice. Even if the smell of that galvo lingers on your lips. Even if the body odor is all over your body, not just your lips, yes, I won’t ask why.”

back. The feeling of pressure on his arm intensified. As Anis whispered, Senya’s eyes grew sharper and sharper.

“but. I respect you, but you can’t help but feel sad. Yes, I will continue to miss you.”

“that… … I have no intention of keeping it a secret. It’s just that I don’t think it’s time to talk about it yet… … .”

“What kind of situation are you looking for? Did you intend to speak only after sitting in a chair somewhere in a quiet room and having a drink or tea on the table?”

How did know? Eugene swallowed a gulp and looked at Anise and Senya.

“Now it’s too… … .”

The three stand in the ruins of Hauria. Although not nearby, the Liberation Army is also searching every corner of the city.

I don’t think that’s possible, but in order to search for survivors and remnants of the enemy. And it was to capture the spoils buried in the rubble.

“That one is still alive… … .”

Eyes that slowly descended looked at Amelia. Amelia, who was strewn about like a doll with her thread cut, occasionally twitched her body and pursed her lips. But her voice did not come out.

“What are you talking about? It’s in a state that can’t even be called alive.”

“Just kill me?”

“No, Hamel, I will not allow that. Won’t you be freed from all pain when you die?”

“Will I go to hell… … .”

“It will be more painful to live and feel the pain than hell, so you must not kill. That has to be continued in the future.”

Anis insisted. The reason why he had a strong grudge against Amelia was because Anis did the same. Although the chance of her punishment was missed, he did not dare to give Amelia a quick death by slaying Hamel’s corpse.


There was nowhere else to retreat. Eugene organized his thoughts with a sigh.

The first thing to explain is that Noir is the reincarnation of the Twilight Witch. The saints already knew that, but Senya didn’t even know Noir’s past.

‘I didn’t want to say it like this.’

A situation where I can’t even stand without support due to the recoil of the ignition. Eugene thought that I was really pitiful, and she started talking.

Noir Jebella is the reincarnation of the Twilight Witch, and today Noir realized her previous life.

Emotions surged. I couldn’t stand it and rushed in, and we had a conversation in the dark. They confirmed each other’s identities, feelings, and wishes.

That’s it.

Senya never intervened once from the beginning to the end of the story. Senya’s face was so calm that even Eugene felt surprised. Rather, Anise suppressed his emotions by chewing his lips a few times.


The silence is over. Senya opened her mouth. Deep green eyes stared at Eugene.

“Are you okay with that?”

why didn’t you tell me? I imagined the question. But Senya didn’t ask such a thing. Why, Eugene didn’t tell me. It was because Senya himself was convinced.

That son of a bitch was always like that. He tried to embrace the painful things for himself entirely by himself. That habit doesn’t seem to change even if you die once.

“Eugene. If you’re okay with that, I’m okay too. Noir Jebela. I want to kill that Galvo Queen as well.”

What is Eugene worried about? what emotions you feel Senya had no confidence to sympathize with all of that. The feelings Eugene and Noir have for each other are their own, and Senya can never intervene.

“But, if you are not okay. I’m not okay either. I want to kill her, but… … So if you are suffering… … .”

The conversation stopped. Senya closed her lips and stared at her Eugene.

Eugene, unable to stand properly by herself, is being supported by Anis. To the subject who showed an ugly appearance by making excuses here and there until just a while ago.


The current Eugene.


It’s not detached. Eugene’s feelings are complicated and soggy.

Foolishness, regret, things like that – in the end, it’s natural. No matter what choice you make, you will feel regret for not choosing.

But from those feelings, will is born. Stupid and ugly, that man. In the end, he will choose what he thinks is right, and even though he will regret and be frustrated with his choice, he will eventually stand up.


If you find it difficult to stand up.

‘like now.’

You can support it by your side. Stand up, until you can walk on your own.

So, Senya shook her head. I didn’t ask any more. I didn’t want to shake the choice Eugene had made.

“Let’s get one hit though.”

Senya rolled up her sleeves. At those words, Yujin’s expression changed. He swallowed a gulp and shrugged his shoulders.

“Isn’t that the mood?”

“I make the decision.”

“Tell me why you are hitting me all of a sudden.”

“You kept it a secret from me.”

“that… … .”

“Thank you for taking care of me.”

Senya swung her right arm and approached Yujin. Eugene instinctively tried to run away, but it was impossible to escape from Anise, who was entangled like a snake. Rather, Anis turned around with Eugene and even adjusted the angle to make it easier for Senya to hit.

‘It’s fortunate that no one is around… … .’


The pain in his buttocks interrupted Eugene’s thoughts.

* * *

The chain door closed.

Pandaemonium, the 90th floor of Babel, the demonic castle. An office that has been used for hundreds of years. Gavid stood in the middle of it, lost in his thoughts.


There is no way that the demon king of confinement did not know that fact. The moment I met Eugene Ryanhart in person. No, before that… … .

‘I don’t get it.’

Ever since I served the demon king of confinement, I never doubted the demon king’s will.

If it was difficult to understand, I did not bother to understand it. I didn’t force myself to know what else existed in the heart of the demon king of confinement. For him, the sword of confinement, the devil’s will was always absolute and should not be doubted.

But now I couldn’t. Gavid took a slow breath and put his hand on his waist.

Demon Sword Glory. Gavid put the unleashed demon sword on the wall. Then I stood in front of the mirror and checked my outfit. He flipped his disheveled hair back.

Then I took a few deep breaths.

“Is this the first time?”

Gavid smiled bitterly and turned around.

For hundreds of years, Gavid’s will has never led him to a royal palace.

Gavid always waited for the demon king to come down from his office.

But now I couldn’t.

Gavid opened the door to get an answer to his question.

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