Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 497

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“… … .”

The smile disappeared from Gavid’s face.

I felt a surge of anger, but honestly, I couldn’t stand my pride for that remark. It is true that Eugene, realizing that resistance was impossible, tried to kill him by surprise.

“I feel ashamed of my actions, but I don’t think it’s wrong.”

It’s just an excuse after all, but that’s what Gavid said. He sincerely thought so. He didn’t want to wield a knife. He swung nonetheless. In the end, he finally drew his sword. All of that is because of the spirit of struggle worthy of a ‘fiend’ and honor worthy of a ‘sword of confinement’.

Deciding on a surprise attack was something worthy of Helmud’s grand duke.

“Oh, yes, okay.”

Eugene replied with a snort.

I’m not saying this to listen to Gavid’s excuses. Scratching Gavid’s inner feelings in front of everyone was quite appetizing, but… … .

‘Let’s wait for now.’

I would have tried it even if I was fine.

Eugene licked his lips in regret. In the current situation where I can’t even take care of myself, it’s obvious that if I provoke Gavid, only the people around me will suffer.

“by the way. You and I are not meant to share the words of a reunion. huh?”

“You speak harsh words. Oh, you can’t help it because your circumstances are different from mine. You deceived me by hiding your true identity from the start.”

“why. So are you angry?”

“no. I don’t get angry. But it feels creepy. I never thought you would use such a tactic.”

Knowing that Eugene was the reincarnation of Hamel, everything was understood smoothly.

Night March, the first meeting. After being invited by the demon king of confinement, Eugene suddenly pulled out a holy sword and attacked Gavid. At that time, Gavid did not attack Eugene at all because he was concerned about the words of the demon king of confinement, and Eugene tried to kill Gavid by mentioning the revelation of light.

Looking back now, it was all a blatant assassination attempt.

“What? I was just treating you like an idiot while trying to say something. Is this great enough to be called a ruse?”

I wanted to ache after spitting it out. She tried not to provoke her, but her mouth moved on its own and she did it… … . Besides, this provocation worked quite well, and Gavid’s expression went cold.

“Did the demon king of confinement make it?”

It seemed as though he would unwittingly provoke Gavid over and over again by speaking on this subject. So Eugene immediately changed the topic. In fact, this topic is exactly what Eugene wanted to hear from Gavid.

“What do you mean?”

“They tried to kill me.”


Gavid shook his head in genuine displeasure.

“There is no way that the demon king of confinement would give such a cowardly order.”

“Hehe, I know what Ji did is cowardly.”

again… … . Again, unlike Eugene’s intention, the provocation came out. Eugene wanted to be sorry, but he also felt resentment deep inside. No matter how much I thought about it, I thought that Gavid, who showed a gap in his arm, was an idiot.


Gavid answered with a calm face without being greatly shaken.

“The reason I acted like this doesn’t require your understanding. I just chose what I thought was right from the beginning to the end.”


“Don’t you like it?”

“I’m asking something obvious.”


The corners of Gavid’s mouth twitched and went up.

“No, Eugene Ryanhart. It is because of My Mercy that you are alive now. Because I, stopped the sword.”

“The reason you swung the sword in the first place was because I was afraid.”

Eugene said the same with a smile.

“so. What are you going to do? Are you going to kill me by swinging the stopped sword again?”

“You should have already answered that.”

If I kill Eugene now, I think I will regret it for the rest of my life.

“I will not kill you today. It’s also the will of the demon lord of confinement… … I myself have also decided not to cut you today.”

Having said that, Gavid himself felt a bit suspicious of his current self.

The will of the demon king of confinement is absolute. Gavid never goes against that meaning. However, the surprise attack with the sword drawn earlier was not the will of the demon king of confinement.

Grand Duke of Helmud. A title bestowed by the demon king of confinement. For 300 years, the Demonic Realm… … I have seen the empire develop. An empire in the true sense of the word, incomparable to any country on the continent. The reason Gavid swung his sword at Eugene today was because he thought it was right as the ‘grand duke’ of the empire.

“next time.”

In the end, he finally took up his sword.

Demon’s fighting spirit. The knife-down honor of confinement. Because I don’t want to regret it someday. To get past her feelings for Hamel neatly imprinted in her memory. 300 years ago, such complexities did not exist. A knife could only follow the master’s orders like a knife.

I had no choice but to admit it.

“Without cowardice, I will cut your throat from the front.”

300 years also changed Gavid. Should I be happy to accept this? Or should I help myself with unwanted changes?

Gavid felt bitter and took a step back.

“Say my regards.”

Eugene said to Gavid, who stepped back.

“If you have something to say, stop messing around and come to me directly.”

These are the words to convey to the demon king of confinement. Gavid paused and glared at Eugene.

That’s an outrageous word. I wanted to draw the sword right away, but… … You can’t change your mind that you just made up in less than a minute.

In the end, Gavid didn’t answer and turned away.

question is.

Gavid also had it. The war in Nahama this time is so strange. The demon king of confinement did not condone the specter’s actions, but fully supported them. Thanks to this, Helmud lost all the super-large monsters sealed in La Vista for use in case of emergency.

The damage is not only that. Amelia Merwin, the staff of confinement, was overpowered and taken prisoner. Many of the high-ranking demons and the black magician planted in Nahama all died.

In addition, most of the demons living in La Vista, the domain of the demon king of destruction, are dead. It is unlikely that the demon king of destruction will be angry at the deaths of his people, but what if the demon king of destruction goes on a rampage? Gavid held back a sigh as his head felt pounding already.

‘It would be nice if you would give me a word.’

I don’t know what the confined demon king is thinking. Gavid thought so, opened the door to the space, and walked inside.

“Bastard, I was nervous that he might suddenly draw a knife again.”



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After Gavid disappears. Yujin let out a deep sigh and grumbled. At that shameless statement, Senya, who had come down beside her, rolled her eyes.

“If you were worried about that bastard attacking, shouldn’t you just not provoke him in the first place?”

slap! Senya’s hand pricked Eugene’s shoulder. Normally, she wouldn’t have felt the sting as much as the sound, but now the case was far different than usual.

A body that weakens as it weakens. Eugene gnawed his teeth to hold back the screams that were about to come out without realizing it, but he couldn’t help but feel his body tremble as if he had convulsions.

Did Senya hit him without knowing? Of course not. There was no way that she, who had been Eugene’s colleague since Hamel’s days, would not know what her price was after her ignition was over. Senya’s slap at Eugene was quite intentional and emotional.


What did you two talk about with the goddamn Queen of Gal X? What were the two of you doing? With both sound and perspective blocked off, what could be a story worth sharing?

Before the wings cover the two of them. The Queen of Gall X attacked Eugene. To her dismay, she laid Eugene down and climbed on top of him.

‘What else is an aria?’

Compared to Yujin, Senya also has sharp ears to the point of being formidable. She heard the name ‘Arya’. The moment she heard that name, the Queen of Gall X – Noir Jebela, was greatly agitated. She wondered if she was as passionate and emotional as I was.

And that’s not all. when the wings are lifted. Eugene and Noir’s lips were dyed the same color. Blood, glistening… … .

“… … .”

Senya managed to hold down her fist, which was about to stretch out without her knowledge.

When you think rationally, if, if… … If there had been an unsavory, shameless, and shameless kiss between Eugene and Noir. That would absolutely not be due to Eugene’s will. In fact, after the wings were removed, the first thing Eugene did was to rub his lips until they were worn out.

can be seen through him. The kiss must have been forced. The queen of Gal X, who knows nothing of shame, she is as messy as her name and her behavior is lighthearted.

Attacking Eugene who can’t resist at the cost of ignition, sitting on it, overpowering Eugene who resists saying he doesn’t like it, like a predator that hunts and eats weak herbivores, slowly, with desire… … .


An endless stream of thoughts. Senya swallowed a gulp.

I’m not even hungry, so why is my mouth watering? Senya was afraid to dig into the reason. However, this much was certain.

Eugene is a son of a bitch.

And Senya didn’t really hate that bastard’s canine side… … .

“But sometimes you have to discipline.”

Senya murmured in a low voice. If you do something bad, you should firmly say ‘no’ and give the necessary punishment. That’s why Senya felt no guilt or remorse for slapping Eugene.

“What are you talking about?”

There was no way Eugene knew the complex and muddy thoughts that were swirling in Senya’s head. Now that the pain in his arm, which seemed like it was about to be ripped off, had subsided, Yu-jin asked with a puzzled expression.

“You don’t have to know.”

“If you have something you want to say to me, don’t hide it and say it straight up.”

“There is something I want to ask you now, but I will ask you later. It’s probably a question that shouldn’t be asked here.”

His narrow gaze turned to Eugene. Senya wasn’t the only one giving that kind of gaze. She was looking at Cristina as she folded her wings one by one, as well as Anise in her eyes, the same as Senya’s.


Anise roughly understands the situation. The fact that Noir Jebela is the reincarnation of the saintess of the god of war is because she heard from Jebela Park. At that time, Eugene was also very shaken.

I nailed it, saying that it was okay, nothing would change—but Anis wasn’t stupid enough to not notice that it was an obvious bluff.

But even if everything is a bluff. Eugene and Hamel will eventually kill Noir. Even if he feels long hesitation and suffering in the process, in the end, Eugene’s choice will not change.

To be honest, Anis didn’t like that. Hamel, she thinks, she tends to make too harsh choices for herself.

It is the same this time. I don’t want Noir to repent of his sins. But if she steps out she will cooperate according to her needs. If only she could have complete control over Noir.

I don’t think you need to kill it. If Hamel, deep down, wants that. Anise wanted to do her best to support Hamel’s choice. It would be if Hamel suffered less by not killing Noir.

[But Eugene’s choice wouldn’t have changed.]

Cristina sighed and murmured. Anis thought the same, so she couldn’t help but laugh.

‘That Aria must have been her real name in her previous life.’

Noir Jebela awakened to the past.

‘I don’t know what exactly the two of you were talking about. However, I think this is for sure. They will still try to kill each other.’

It is not known how Noir will feel.

However, Hamel will feel more pain because of that… … It broke the hearts of Anise and Cristina. Rather, if it had been before Noir broke her memory, Hamel would not have seen her differently.

-anise. There is only one answer to this question, and I have no intention of looking for anything else.

-Noir, because that bitch is the reincarnation of the Twilight Witch? Whether Agaroth found her special or not is none of my business.

– Not even that you know. Because you are not Agaroth.

-In other words, ‘how’ I think of Noir is completely my own problem.

Words full of lies.

-I can’t think of any other answer other than that.

It was Hamel-like and Eugene-like words. All of those answers were in line with the ‘him’ that Anis knew.

So if you kill Noir, Hamel will regret it.

The ‘him’ that Anis knew was that kind of guy.

“First, take a break… … .”

I calmed down and opened my mouth instead of sighing. The war ended in victory for the allies. Too much had happened before I could even enjoy the joy of victory. Anis took the lead and tried to rectify the situation.


But I couldn’t. It was because, before Anis could finish his words, he heard the sudden cry of a crow.

Of course, the owner of the screaming was Melchis. In the aftermath of the Omega Force’s destruction, Melkis, who was lying around with the wizards of the White Mage Tower, immediately screamed and rushed at Eugene as soon as his body recovered a little.


Melchis jumped across the sand and ran towards Eugene. In his current state, if he gets hit by Melkis’s physical bullets, he might really die. When Eugene made a terrifying sound, Ivata took care of it and raised his hand to block Eugene’s way. In addition, Senya also used magic to catch Melchis in the air.

“Let go! Let go!”

Melchis struggled and shouted.

“I am! I have something I want to ask you! you just said it! If you have something you want to say, don’t hide it, say it straight!”

At that cry, cold sweat broke out on Yujin’s forehead.

“You, are you really stupid Hamel’s reincarnation?!”

It was an expected question, but Eugene’s eyes were tightly closed.

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