Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 496

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As in Jebela Park, Noir did not disappear as a fog while walking. She spread her once-folded wings as if to show off to everyone, and then she leaped from her seat and soared high into the sky.

“… … .”

Noir lowered his head and looked down. I could see Eugene scrubbing his blood and saliva-covered lips roughly. It’s just that it’s fun, cute, and lovely. Noir laughed involuntarily.

“It is as you say.”

They touched lightly, and after that, the touch of Eugene and Hamel still lingered on the lips that had been crushed many times. The tangled saliva and the taste of blood also remained clear.

Noir savored the touch of ‘love’ that went beyond her lips and reached deep into her heart, and slowly raised her arms and hugged her shoulders.

“What we have to do. What we want to do, doesn’t change. Because you and I are looking forward to it.”

However, the end of that act would be more vague and tragic. So I’m going to dig deeper.

Noir thought so and licked his lips.

“It is Noir Jebela who loves you. What I love is you, Hamel Diners and Eugene Lionheart.”

It is different from the love of Aria, the witch of twilight and the saint of the war god. Noir was certain of this. Her ‘her love’, felt by her being, was entirely her own.

Even if it isn’t. Even if I was drawn to a relationship from a previous life. now… … You won’t get lost in the confusion. That fateful love can be enjoyed sweetly.

“Even if you couldn’t hate me purely.”

The ground is getting farther and farther away. However, Noir’s eyes looked directly at Eugene. I could see Yujin raising her head and swearing at her. Even that figure was so lovely—- Noir, raised both of his hands forward and made a heart with his fingers.

“You just have to enjoy that feeling.”

My body trembles at the boiling love. I want to go down and attack Hamel right now.

If Noir acts according to his desires, then who the hell can stop Noir? Even now, Hamel is in a state where resistance is impossible. In other words, if you put your mind to it, you can do whatever you want.

So, shall we go down and kidnap Hamel? Shall I carry it on her shoulders and go in with my Bella Face? Shall we spend a wonderful night as if we will fly up to the universe? The imagination that continued biting tail after tail made Noir’s body shudder.


Not today. I didn’t want to have or destroy Hamel already. Noir turned away, suppressing the desire that welled up in him.

I rubbed my lips several times, but the sticky feeling didn’t go away. The tongue that trampled the mouth like a beast. The taste of saliva and blood intertwined and mixed.

“A rotten year.”

Pudeuk. Eugene swears and chews his lips hard. The figure of Noir, who had gone high in the sky, was no longer visible. Yujin let go of his anger and quickly turned around.

I tried to walk, but I couldn’t. It is because the strength in the legs has been lost. Yujin, sitting in her seat, swears once again.

“Are you okay?”

It was Ivatar who approached Eugene, who was sitting down. Earlier, Ivatar’s arm was covered in blood because he was swept away by Gavid’s sword wind. However, he reached out his hand to Eugene without showing a hint of pain.

“uh. you?”

“I just lost my favorite axe.”

Ivatar replied with a grin as if it didn’t matter. Most humans would have lost their lives rather than their axe.

That’s how much Gavid’s sword wind was fatal. However, Melchis threw his body to become a shield, and Ivatar’s body was strong, so it only suffered minor injuries.

Other people’s injuries weren’t too different from Ivata’s. In the case of Melkis, who was hit directly by the sword wind, the Omega Force was destroyed, but his body was barely damaged.

Eugene let out a sigh of relief at that fact and received Ivatar’s support.

“… … what are you… … hmm… … Didn’t you remember something?”

Noir, who was a saint, recalled her memories. There is a good chance that Ivata, who was a great warrior, also recalled her memories, so Eugene asked with a doubtful expression.

“memory? What do you mean?”

Ivata tilted her head and asked. When she asked her question like that, Eugene couldn’t answer right away and narrowed her eyes. Soon, Eugene let out a clearing of his throat and continued.

“Just, on the battlefield… … When you see me, do you have anything that comes to mind?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about… … Nothing like memory came to mind.”

Is the relationship shallow? Eugene didn’t think so. It is true that Agaroth loved ‘Arya’ as a special being. However, she spent a long time as a colleague and friend of Agaroth, the Great Warrior.

‘… … Is it lingering?’

Eugene thought with a wry smile. Arya left strong lingering feelings and emotions at the last moment. Daejeonsa- I didn’t have that kind of time. On that battlefield, when the Demon King of Destruction rampaged. Most deaths occurred without even being aware of it.

Rather, a ‘such’ death would have been what the Great Warrior wished for. To die fighting on the battlefield. to die for the lord. The Great Warrior in Agaroth’s memory was such a person.

“But there were feelings.”


“I don’t think I’m special. On the battlefield today, everyone who saw you must have felt the same way I did.”

Eugene Lionheart is the reincarnation of stupid Hamel. Some of the leaders of the battlefield, including Ivatar, knew that fact.

However, today’s Eugene- left a new and strong impression on everyone, to the extent that they cannot recall that special ‘previous life’. With him, there seems to be no defeat. If he swings his sword in front of him, nothing seems to be able to stand in his way.

That’s why I want to go with him. I want to follow him He wants to march in every war he starts.

Absolute inaction that cannot imagine defeat. A deity that makes you feel like you are not human. It’s like seeing a god who decides the outcome of a war… … .


I don’t think it’s something the warchief of Zoran, who rules the Great Forest, would say. Because the forest has its own faith.

However, Ivata could not express this feeling in words other than faith. At least, I thought that this feeling was far beyond ‘admiration’. Especially at the end, in the dark red slash pulled out while wrapped in light… … I felt a mystery that humans cannot follow.


Eugene muttered in a low voice. It is Eugene’s wish that he wanted to raise his faith through this war. He did as he wished, but… … I didn’t feel very good. Because the specter isn’t pure evil. Because I’m not a demon king. After all, in war, people have no choice but to die. Because Noir awakens his memories. My own feelings grew stronger. and.

because of that kid

“Are you going to keep doing that?”

Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and sighed. I wanted to stand alone without support, but I couldn’t. Eugene glared down the deep pit.

Gavid Lindman.

An enormous force was holding him down in space, but Gavid’s expression was calm. He raised his head and looked up at Eugene.

“Noir Jebela. Is your conversation with her over?”

“What? Were you saying you would take care of that?”

“Then did you think there must be another reason?”

Gavid asked with a cold smile.

“I want to admit that I have to be honest. Senya Merdane. Your magic has definitely transcended humans. I can’t believe I can’t cut ‘magic’.”

Gavid’s gaze moved. He stared at Senya floating in the sky and continued.

“Christina Rogeris. I will also acknowledge your divine power. Having lived through the war years, I guarantee it. Your miracles have already surpassed Annis Slewood.”

His gaze went beyond the saints and scanned everyone surrounding the pit.



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“The people of today are much stronger than they were 300 years ago. don’t tell me If you were there 300 years ago, the demon lords of that era would have been able to defeat them with your own power, not Vermouth and his companions.”

Gavid drew a line in a calm voice.

The demon king of slaughter, the demon king of misery, and the demon king of madness could have been defeated by the power of the people of this age. If all of them had been born 300 years ago, they could have claimed to be ‘heroes’.

“But it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Like Vermouth and his colleagues, you too must have been frustrated at Babel. He must have begged for peace and made a promise, grateful for the mercy of the demon lord in captivity.”

Everyone’s eyes shone fiercely at that low yet arrogant declaration. But no one has been able to refute it head-on. because everyone knows

The demon king of confinement is of a different class.


Gavid’s gaze turned to Eugene.

“Are you having the arrogant thought that I’m different?”

“I don’t think that’s what you want to ask.”

Yujin twisted the corner of her mouth and smiled. Gavid didn’t answer right away, but narrowed her eyes and glared at Eugene. I tried to figure out what the ulterior motive was behind that cheeky smile, but I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on.

“… … I mean, I was trying to be considerate of you. Wasn’t it something you desperately hid?”

“It was like that until now.”

I didn’t deny it. Eugene, until now, tried to hide the fact that he was Hamel’s reincarnation as much as possible.

It had to be. The name ‘Hamel’ has many bad connections. Starting with today’s Gavid, didn’t he try to kill Eugene as soon as he knew that he was the reincarnation of Hamel? If the fact of reincarnation had been known right away, the enemies would have come on their own before Eugene was ready.

‘That idiot Iris must have come to kill me too.’

There was much more to lose than gain by revealing reincarnation. so it was hidden But now? What the enemy might come to kill? Now, there are not many left who can be called enemies. By now, all of Eugene’s ‘enemies’ knew about reincarnation.

Demon King of Confinement, Noir Jebela, Gavid Lindman. Aside from those three, are there any enemies of Eugene in the Demon World?

does not exist. I can say for sure. Those three are over. The rest are small things that cannot be considered ‘enemies’.


Gavid felt that arrogance too. But he couldn’t feel any discomfort. Are there any enemies of Eugene among the young demons that can be called the new generation? does not exist. Yagon, who was at least a possibility, died a few years ago. It would take at least 100 years for the young demons except for Yagon to become enemies of Eugene.

Then, among the demons of the old generation who went through the war era? High-ranking demons within the 50th rank. Among them, the highest ranking demons with a single-digit rank. Can those who have been endowed with magical powers become enemies of Eugene?


Among the demons belonging to the Black Mist who were excluded from the ranks, there is no demon that can fight Eugene alone. no. Even if all the black demons attacked Eugene, they would be defeated.

“so. You don’t have to hide now?”


A red glow rose from Gavid’s eyes. Black magic began to flow from the Glory in her hand.

shit, shit. Senya also furrowed her eyebrows at the growing magic power. The majestic eye of prestige and the demonic sword Glory. After all, is it impossible to simply suppress it no matter how absolute it is? Senya and Cristina briefly exchanged glances.

“it’s okay. Don’t try too hard on someone you can’t catch, everyone back off.”

But Eugene spoke first. Senya’s expression crumpled at those words. She pouted her lips and glanced at her Eugene, then let out a deep sigh and reaped her spell. At the same time, the saints also gained divine power, and everyone around the pit took a few steps back.

Everyone who can be said to be the best elite on the continent is following Eugene’s words. Doubt, but do not refuse, act first. It all made Gavid feel the tension he couldn’t help.

Hamel 300 years ago… … Although he was strong as a warrior, he was not popular. That aspect was concentrated in Vermouth. Even Moron was popular enough to establish a kingdom alone.

Hamel did not. Colleagues who have seen him for a long time may think otherwise, but most people who have passed Hamel remember him as a rough, senseless, and violent man.

But what about now? The current Hamel can mobilize all forces that can easily destroy a country with a single word… … .

“It has changed.”

“I bet you don’t know me well enough to say that.”

“I thought I knew as much as everyone else.”

Gavid snorted and murmured.

There are several reasons why Eugene did not reveal his reincarnation. Even after gaining enough strength to not have to worry about ‘enemies’, why did he bother to hide his reincarnation–


There are reasons for that, but that’s not all. because of faith Eugene wanted to distinguish between ‘the hero Hamel Diners from 300 years ago’ and ‘the hero Eugene Lionheart’.

I tried to make the people of this era purely worship and believe in the ‘Hero’. If Hamel’s reincarnation were to be revealed, he thought that the faith focused on ‘heroes’ would become impure.

But not now. Through this war, Eugene was even more convinced. Breaking his existence, he moved further forward. It blended with the light, and accepted its worship on the battlefield as faith.


The existence of Hamel Diners cannot surpass that of Eugene Lionheart. Even the worship of Hamel will add strength to Eugene Lionheart.

It is a matter of cognition. The name of Eugene Lionheart, the hero who defeated the two demon lords in this era. 300 years ago, as a colleague of Vermouth, he became bigger than Hamel Dynas, the hero who defeated the three demon lords.

“I am the reincarnation of Hamel.”

So Eugene declared without hesitation. He did not restrict his listening ears as before. Eugene’s words were clear enough that thousands of people in this place could hear them clearly.


A calm and clear voice. Declarations that do not follow complex formulas. Gavid laughed involuntarily.

Pooh! Magic power surged. Gavid leaped from the deep pit and fell in front of Eugene. Ivata, who was supporting me, flinched and tried to react, but Eugene’s hand grabbed him.

that… … It was a mysterious feeling. Right now, Eugene is so weak that it is difficult to pull out a single blade of grass. The horse is the support, and Eugene’s limp body is no different from being draped over by Ivata. Even so, in Eugene’s hand holding his wrist. I felt a force as if I was holding on to Ivatar’s entire existence.

I followed it as if it were natural. I want to distance myself from that intense magic even a little bit, but since Eugene holds me as if it’s ‘It’s okay’, it seems like nothing will really happen. So Ivatar did not move from the spot.

“Hamel of annihilation.”

Gavid, who came down in front of Eugene, smiled coldly.

“It’s been a while.”

It was late to say it, but Gavid spat it out with intent to kill.

“It’s been a long time, the baby.”

Eugene put hatred instead of murder.

“Why are you pretending to be a gentleman all of a sudden when you knew I was weak and tried to kill you by surprise? Mr. X guy.”

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