Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 493

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eyes are dark

It is different from the usual Noir Jebella. I don’t want to think I know her well enough to say ‘usually’, but it’s so blatant that I can’t help but feel that her noir ‘now’ is something different.

I can’t see the face very well.

The surroundings are not particularly dark. Even in the dark without a single light, Eugene’s eyes can see the opponent clearly. Even so, Noir’s face could not be seen now.

what kind of expression she is making. She did not show what emotion the expression was due to.

But the eyes are clearly visible.

It felt like there was no color. The purple eyes that used to emit brilliant light now feel dull and dark, as if looking into the abyss. It was to the point where I couldn’t figure out what the hell existed at that deep bottom.


I didn’t immediately understand this feeling. Is it because there is no room in the mind? Eugene is not in a good state right now.

The battle with the specter had just ended. Her whole body hurts and her mind is dizzy due to the recoil of the ignition.

I was attacked before I could recover even a little. This situation is hard to accept.


A very confusing situation. I want to do it first, but even that wasn’t easy.

Before I could celebrate the victory and enjoy the afterglow, I was attacked. Even the attack was very effective. If the beast hadn’t picked up the sword himself, that sword would—

“이 개새끼야!”

I didn’t know that kid would do something like this.

The Sword of Confinement, by Gavid Lindman. A guy who was unlucky 300 years ago. Still, he thought he had the honor of being a ‘knight’. To think that he would let go of his carelessness and attack while aiming for a situation where the opponent could not resist.

That fact made Senya feel furious enough to make her hair stand on end.


Senya led the galaxy. Frost stretched forward, wrapped in frost. Dozens of lights flashed in the back galaxy. The magic that unfolded in an instant captured Gavid.

This street, the simple wind. The absolute ratio responded to Senya’s will.

Gavid jumped back in surprise. Despite moving in an instant, dozens of lights wrapped around Gavid before he knew it.


I was honestly amazed. Before. The Mystic Eye of Prestige and Glory cut off Senya’s magic. But now ‘cutting’ wasn’t as easy as before.

‘This… … Is it magic?’

I opened my eyes of prestige. A power different from the magic I’ve seen so far. can’t ring No, it can cut, but it doesn’t. A power so simple and powerful that it is ignorant.

So Gavid responded in the same way. It strikes with simple and ignorant force. The majestic eye of prestige emitted a red light. Glory’s blade was wrapped in new power.

Iron gruck.

The chain of confinement wrapped around the sword body. As he swung his sword at the enveloping magic, the chain spread out and wrapped around the magic.

It’s over. That chain is the power of confinement, and the demonic eye of prestige perfectly realizes even the power of the demon king. ‘Magic’ can never escape its chains.


It’s not Gavid that determines that. Senya was the one who unleashed that magic, and only Senya can decide the end. 300 years ago, Senya’s magic couldn’t break free from those chains. So I had no choice but to be helpless.

Not now. Even the demon king himself in captivity cannot end Senya’s magic on his own.

Kirik, Kirik. The chain holding the magic was pulled tight. Gavid’s eyes widened as he thought it was the end.

Kwajijik! The chain is completely broken. The magic rushed over Gavid like an unbridled wild horse. Kwaaaang! Gavid’s body twisted in the explosion.

“her… … .”

Gavid fell to the ground in tattered rags. He coughed up blood, but laughed.

The chain of confinement was broken. Senya’s magic was held in chains and did not end. How should I take it? In other words, Senya’s magic transcended the realm of magic.


Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam! The chain of magic did not end even when Gavid was slammed into the ground. Gavid’s body sank deep into the ground as his ground cracked open. A bright light fell on it.

Cristina, who had jumped from Lymilia, came downstairs, spreading her wings of light. She glared at Gavid with her wide-eyed eyes and stretched out her hand.

Anise’s curse, enraged, also met Christina’s will. Light penetrated the earth. Brilliant light inhibited regeneration. Gavid squinted at her as he dug deep into the ground.

‘It’s not just Hamel.’

calamity of calamity Her magic was great 300 years ago, but now it transcends even her realm of magic.

It wasn’t that he resisted magic with all his might. However, Senya must have been the same for not doing her best.

Christina Rogeris. The holy power of the saintess of the time definitely surpassed that of the anise of hell. A light that cuts off the flow of magical power and denies even immortality. And look at those brightly shining wings.

‘Everyone is… … It can threaten the demon lord.’

Helmud’s, Pandemonium’s enemy. Gavid felt it and bit his lip.

Senya and Cristina are not alone. The main force of the resistance forces who had recovered their bodies moved again. They showed their hostility by besieging Gavid, who was thrown into a deep pit and covered in light.


Preoccupied with Gavid’s seal, Cristina drew closer to Eugene. But before she did that, Eugene raised her hand to stop her from approaching Christina.

“are you okay.”

“but… … !”

“You know. Right now, my condition is ineffective with divine magic or treatment.”

The cost of overrunning the core is different from injuries to the body or internal organs. This is because the core is not a real institution in the first place.

No matter how specialized Cristina and Anise are in healing magic, Ignition’s recoil cannot be cured. The only treatment is to just rest for a few days.

“… … .”

Cristina was speechless and her shoulders trembled. The reason she wanted to get closer to Eugene wasn’t just to heal him. He didn’t even want to help.

It’s just because I’m ‘concerned’. The dream horse queen is now near Eugene. Noir Jebela… … there is. I know that she showed excessive kindness and obsession with Eugene.

Something is strange. different from usual The atmosphere was so blatant that even Christina could feel it.

if it used to be

Noir Jebella, ‘now’, ‘suddenly’, did not even think that he would try to kill Eugene. Noir would never want an ending like that.

That crazy dreamer wants to give great meaning and emotion to Eugene and killing each other. Therefore, the end of the two will come true after thorough exchanges and preparations.

But now it doesn’t seem like that. Now, all of a sudden, it seems that Noir will kill Eugene right away. I feel like I’m going to grab that neck with both hands and force it to choke and break it… … . If Noir acted like that, the present Eugene would be unable to resist.

“are you okay.”

This time, the words were not only directed to Cristina, but also to Senya. She put on an expression that even Senya, who was trying to approach Eugene, couldn’t understand.

Eugene knows what they are worried about. But she shook her head resolutely. Noir believes she won’t do that?

I can’t say that I don’t have that belief at all. He doesn’t want to admit it, but Eugene is conscious of his strange and twisted trust with Noir. But even with that out of the way, with Noir now… … I thought we needed a conversation.



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Because her attitude was so resolute, Senya and the saints did not try to approach Eugene any more. Instead, he poured his consciousness into Gavid, who was buried in the ground.

If possible… … I had a desire to kill or seal Gavid here today.

‘It must be impossible.’

It is impossible to kill or seal it. It’s not difficult, it’s completely impossible. The name of the sword of confinement is not an illusion. What I’m stuck on right now… … .

‘I’m checking.’

How strong is Senya’s magic? How strong are the holy women’s divine powers? How much enmity to besiege.

Senya clicked her tongue. She didn’t want to expose her power early on, so she moderated the power of her magic.

“… … .”

Eugene slowly turned his head.

Noir is staring at Eugene with an unchanging face. I was concerned about that. In this situation, Noir is hardly saying his word. At any other time, he would have said anything.


It reminded me of what happened at the simuin. At that time, Noir broke into the banquet hall wearing an extreme swimsuit, sang a song for Eugene and handed over a cake.

– to win.


-Eugene Ryanhart.

A voice that was cut off. The face was still not visible. The lips are twisted. is that a smile? There is no contrast with emotions.

I saw her hand. That, her left hand that was wearing her f*cking ring. Grabbing the ring of her necklace.

“… … you… … .”

Eugene suppressed his rising emotions. She swallowed a sigh that seemed to come out without her knowledge.

“Why is your expression like that?”

Noir tilted his head slightly and asked. She let go of her necklace, which she was holding tight to her.

I wanted to break it. Both the ring on the finger and the ring around the neck. but couldn’t break it I could have turned it into powder with just a little bit of force. It didn’t really give me that power.

“I congratulated you, my… … .”

Oh God.

He swallowed words that seemed to come out without even realizing it. Noir adjusted his expression once more.


I organized my emotions along with my facial expressions. I buried the memories and emotions that were not ‘mine’ that were messing with my head deep inside.

I hate this. All memories and emotions that Noir recalls must belong to her entirely. The reason why she loves Hamel and Eugene must be completely Noir’s.

But the first memory that came to mind. A memory that is not even in the present life. Memories and emotions that are not mine and not my choice.

“Are not you tired?”

You’re messing with your emotions. It makes my Hamel and the man I love see a completely different side of me.


In particular, what makes Noir feel ‘disgusted’.

It was because the end made light what Noir had longed for all his life. In the arms of his beloved, he died speaking his last wish.

Noir never imagined his death. So he fell in love with Hamel’s murderous intent. I wanted to draw death while accepting that man’s pure intent to kill. We wanted to be special to each other.

But already the two of us were special. I already died a long time ago. Beloved, in his arms, kissed and died.

“I mean now. You are very difficult.”

Noir approached Eugene lightly.

smiling face. It’s just the face. Eugene couldn’t feel the emotion that matched that expression.

“It’s okay to sit down.”

Didn’t answer. It was difficult for her to stand still, as she said, but Eugene stood up straight and glared at Noir’s face.

“Ahaha, why are you looking at me like that? my Eugene. Maybe it’s because you’re embarrassed to show weakness in front of me?”

Noir asked with a smile. She leaned slightly towards Eugene.

“But I like to see your weak side. you always… … You always look strong, right? That’s why it’s hard to see him now, so I want to see him more.”

“… … .”

“I can help you myself if you want. If you want more, I’ll even give you a knee. Or do you want to rest on my chest?”

A smile mixed with mischief. Her outstretched hand slipped closer to Eugene.

“Huh, I want to whisper about the next thing as well. Maybe that kind of act will be difficult for you now. Aha, isn’t that so? Even if it’s hard to move your body, in a dream… … .”

“Noir Jebela.”

Eugene’s lips opened. At the sudden name called, Noir blinked his eyes. She stared at Eugene for a moment, then put a smile on her face.

“What is it all of a sudden? calling my name Noir… … Jebella. Yes, that is me.”

“you also.”

Finally, a sigh that I couldn’t swallow came out.

“Did you remember it?”

“… … .”

“Then what should I call you?”

Yujin tilted her head forward and asked. That’s how the distance with Noir narrowed.

beautiful face. mischievous smile. Eyes without light. Dull emotions flowing from the abyss.

“A saint?”

She was called the saint of the god of war.


Before becoming a saint, she was called the Twilight Witch.

“… … aria?”

when you say that name.

Eugene’s body fell backwards. He couldn’t resist. Just as he was about to be stamped into the ground, a soft hand supported his back.

It was noir. She carefully supported the subject that pushed Eugene, and leaned down together.

A necklace that came down jingling. The ring swayed in front of Yujin’s eyes.

heavy breathing. A sweet breath came. A new light was born in Noir’s dull, dead eyes.

“… … .”

Noir looked down at Eugene with eyes that looked like they would cry at any moment.

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