Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 490

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“What was missing?”

In the end, I spit it out like that in the middle of the day.

“Actually, I know. There was too much of a gap in the perfection of technology. The techniques I had improved on my own, in the end, couldn’t compare to the ‘real’ one.”

Don’t expect an answer to come back.

“However, that alone was not enough. I am… … I think ‘strong’. You are much stronger than the demon lords who died 300 years ago.”

Even the ghost knows.

“I know that this strength is not completely mine. But, that… … i don’t think it’s important It’s not because I want to be proud of my strength. I needed strength, and you gave me as much strength as I needed.”

This is a bummer after all.

“To be honest, I still don’t know what you wanted from me. But since you continued to give me strength… … It’s not like my choice itself was very wrong.”

speaking up there

The specter closed his mouth for a moment and was silent. Dark, complex, soggy… … Those feelings came rushing in. The wraith let out a long sigh, consumed by the waves of her emotions.

“In the end, I failed.”

The sigh turned into a bitter laugh.

“I think I did my best. I thought we could reach it with just a little bit more. It failed in the end.”

what was lacking? the power of destruction. Vermouth’s White Salt Ceremony and Magic. Hamel’s technique. Intuition and intuition like incarnation. Was it clumsy to coordinate and release everything you had?

“… … but.”

The specter thought for a moment and shook his head slowly.

“I can’t say that my failure was wrong.”

But this is what I think. Even if Eugene succeeds in proving ‘today’, isn’t it possible that he might be defeated by challenging the demon king of confinement?

If so—- this era, this world, there will be no ‘next’ to everything. Repetition of the previous life, and arrangements added to make it special, the possibility itself disappears. As long as there is no one to promise, the demon king of confinement will never show mercy.

Imagination becomes anxiety and thickens. At the same time fear was born.

“Was I right?”

What if I did better? If only I was stronger What if the fact that the demon king of confinement told the truth was the last mercy of the demon king? The fact that Vermouth made me an incarnation. If it was the will to promise the following.


The ghost took a deep breath and shook his head vigorously. I didn’t want to have such weak thoughts.

I did my best. did my best. He tried to kill Eugene with everything he had.

I just couldn’t reach it. Eugene was strong. That ignorant bastard slashed the ghost without the aid of the saintess and without Senya’s help.

“In the end, can’t fakes beat the real thing?”

small murmur.

“It has nothing to do with real or fake.”

I heard the answer.

The ghost raised his head in surprise. empty world. I saw Vermouth sitting in a chained chair. He didn’t hang his head like before.

Vermouth’s face, which raised his head straight, still looked haggard and worn out. However, those eyes, far from blurry, had a clear light.

“Because you are only you.”

Vermouth’s voice was hoarse and hoarse, so it wasn’t very pleasant to hear. It was also very different from Vermouth’s voice in the ghost’s memory.

but. Even if he has changed, he is unmistakably Vermouth Lionheart.

“It was me who behaved unrestrainedly.”

The ghost looked at Vermouth without being able to answer. He had so many things he wanted to say. But he couldn’t decide what to say first.

“To Hamel, to Senya, to Anise, to Moron, and… … to you too I forced myself to understand. I didn’t explain anything, and I just acted according to my will.”

The voice gradually fades away. At that, the ghost forcibly closed its parted lips. Vermouth is not in a state where you can talk. He’s doing too much just talking right now.

“I don’t think it’s wrong to give you strength. make a choice… … I entrusted it to you. whatever you did I am not qualified to say that it is ‘wrong’.”

The ghost’s body shook and trembled. He gave up his desire to talk to Vermouth. Because he didn’t want to give Vermouth a bigger bunch.

However, those words were the answer to the specter’s thought-provoking words.

“For you… … I am feeling guilty.”

Vermouth said.

“It feels like my wind got you caught up in it for no reason. It felt like I was forcing you into a position and a choice you never wanted.”

Vermouth’s gaze when he first saw it was mostly hostile. At that time, Vermouth would not have been able to affirm the existence of the specter.

A Death Knight born from the corpse of an important colleague. She is a fake who misunderstands herself as Hamel.

However, halfway through, Vermouth’s gaze changed. Animosity disappeared, and compassion filled the void. Why did Vermouth have such feelings? The ghost understood why.

“I acknowledge your existence.”

Vermouth laughed bitterly. His blood trickled from his chapped lips. The ghost stood and looked at Vermouth.

In my heart, I want to get closer right away. I want to talk to him. What the hell is going on and why are you doing it now? What should I do to save you?

But I couldn’t. I could feel it. It is impossible to approach Vermouth now. Even if you talk to them, you won’t get all the answers you want. Right now, facing Vermouth like this is itself a great miracle.

“And, sorry. too much for you… … .”

“It’s okay, kid.”

His voice was so thin and cracked that it wouldn’t be strange if it was cut off at any time. The ghost smiled and shook her head.

“It’s not something you should feel guilty about. just me… … I did it because I wanted to. That I chose.”

His voice trembled a little.

“still… … Thank you for saying that.”

sorted out the emotions.

“Thank you for giving me strength.”

I looked straight into Vermouth’s face.

“Thank you for giving me a chance.”

Vermouth’s presence was faintly felt. The sound of iron chains was heard. Farther away, a sound like crashing waves could be heard.

“Hold on a little longer.”

There is not much time for each other.

“Your colleagues.”

I wondered if I could dare to say such a thing.



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‘What did you come all the way here?’

The specter thought so and smiled.

“Your friends will come to your rescue.”

Vermouth’s lips parted slightly. He tried to say something, but no voice came out. At that fact, Vermouth smiled sadly. Kirik, Kirik. A rustling sound echoed from the chains that were being pulled harder and harder.

Gradually, the appearance of vermouth fades. At the same time, the world collapses. The ghost felt gratitude for this momentary miracle. He slowly raised his hand and placed it on his chest.



But it’s not a failure. The specter decided to think so. He gave everything he could. He tested the hero and Eugene with all his might. Then he was defeated.

This defeat is by no means a failure. Even though the specter was defeated, Eugene was victorious. Even if you complain like a loser, you shouldn’t curse the future while feeling anxiety and fear.

What the ghost has to do.

I believe in Eugene.

to trust his colleagues.

It is to believe in the world that follows him.


The ghost gave a short laugh and turned around.

A miraculous reunion. We couldn’t talk as much as we wanted. Does not matter. I heard what I wanted to hear the most.

So now.

“let’s go.”

It’s time to meet the end.


Even though the third new sword was the last, it emitted a stronger light than before. This is because the wishes and prayers of the battlefield were added. It was because everyone chanted Eugene’s name and cherished it in their hearts, so their spiritual power grew.

I thought I had reached it. The specter’s flame did not reach Eugene. The light emitted by the broken holy sword did not permit the invasion of the flames.

A new sword pulled from his chest.

cut everything Flames, magical powers, even the presence of ghosts.


The ghost opened his closed eyes. The first thing she saw was the sky. A sky that has been disenchanted. The specter looked up at the sky for a moment, then she chuckled.


muttered once again.

When did the miracle begin? When the new sword was drawn? When the new sword cuts the flame? Or, when my very existence is cut? I don’t know. It was such an instant.

But the miracle was sweet and long. The ghost looked down at her chest, breathing slowly. The hand—- was still on her chest. Surprisingly, her body was fine. Either she was severely cut from the waist down, or something like that was not seen.

It’s just what you see with your eyes. The ghost’s existence has been cut, and it can no longer be revived. The core also almost collapsed. Even if it wasn’t because of the new sword, the specter would soon disappear.

“This is my proof.”

The specter laughed and murmured.

Eugene was right next to the ghost.

exhausted It is difficult to stand up. I want to sit down right now. No, to be honest, I don’t want to sit down, I want to pass out. But I still couldn’t.


Eugene spat out.

The battlefield—- is being organized. The moment the new sword slashed the specter, miraculously, the movements of the Nur people stopped. After the specter landed on the ruins, the bodies of the Nur people began to disintegrate. It is because the magical power that constituted the existence of those monsters has disappeared.

So you don’t have to worry about the battlefield anymore. At this moment, what Eugene had to do—- was to put an end to it. will watch till the end.

“Proof for you.”

The ghost smiled at Eugene.

“I tried with all my might to kill you. but i couldn’t kill it I was defeated, and you won.”

The defeat itself proves the strength of Eugene Lionheart. Eugene is stronger than the specter. It is a perfect victory that cannot be called cowardly.


The ghost continued.

“you… … be strong He is strong beyond compare to the likes of me. Besides, it will continue to grow stronger in the future.”

“… … Of course.”

“Just before.”

My body didn’t move. It was felt that extinction was approaching.

“I met Vermouth.”

“I see.”

Eugene was not surprised. Because she felt it vaguely.

The moment the new sword cuts the ghost’s existence. His remnants went somewhere. It was impossible to interfere with Eugene’s ability, but considering what the ghost’s existence was connected to, it was not difficult to guess where it had flowed.

“What did that bastard say?”

“They acknowledged me.”


Eugene smiled and sat down next to the ghost.

“Are you saying anything else?”

“They said they were sorry for me.”

“Of course you should be sorry, bastard. But didn’t you tell me you were sorry?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“It’s a real dog.”

Yujin shook her head and grumbled.

“I said you were going to get me.”


“Other than that… … You haven’t had a conversation that interests you or that you feel you need. Neither do I, but Vermouth didn’t have much time either.”

Eugene didn’t answer and glanced at the ghost’s face.

“I can’t call Morone, but… … If you wish, I can call Senya and Anise.”

“young. What do you want me to meet with you two to talk about?”

The ghost laughed and said. The feelings he had for Senya, Anis, and Moron were ultimately caused by Hamel’s memories.

There is a mixture of longing.

“There is no need for such care. I am… … I like it now.”

It was sincere. Eugene licked his lips.

“Do you have any regrets?”

“I decided not to leave.”

The ghost replied with a wry smile.

“Leaving regrets. having regrets. What I think has failed.”

resentment of defeat. regret for failure.

“Because the ones left behind are meaningless. so… … .”

“Don’t be mean.”

Eugene snorted and tapped the ghost on the shoulder.

“How can a dying guy not leave any regrets? Even if you force yourself to think about it, it really doesn’t mean that you won’t have any regrets.”

“… … .”

“If you feel regret, just leave it.”

The hand that had hit the shoulder moved. Eugene’s hand was placed on the back of the ghost’s hand that was resting on his chest.

“I will take it.”

The ghost barely turned his head to look at Eugene. She had bright golden eyes. There was not a single sneer in those eyes. confidence in myself. belief. resolution. It was full of just that.

“… … haha!”

I thought I would leave no regrets. He didn’t even try to be conscious. But in the end, Eugene is right. Even if it is a satisfactory death, everyone has no choice but to have a little regret at the end.


back. said the ghost, squeezing her breasts with her fingers.

“You take it.”

defeated. I wanted to win, but I lost. I thought I could reach it, but I couldn’t.

What will the world be like in the future? Will the hero, Eugene Lionheart, be able to defeat the demon king in captivity? Will he be able to defeat the demon lord of destruction? Will he be able to save Vermouth? What is the anise like? What is Senya? What about Moron?

He left all his regrets to Eugene. I hoped so.

Eugene nodded slowly. The specter who saw it smiled lightly.


The specter’s body turned to ashes and began to crumble. The specter watched my body disintegrate with a smile. Rather than thinking that he would not leave any regrets behind, it was rather more comfortable to leave them behind and entrust them to him.

“You can do it.”

“Of course you can.”

Eugene replied with a smile, and the specter laughed as well.


The back of the hand that was placed on it turned to ashes along with the upper body. The ghost finally turned her head and looked up at Eugene.

“Because you are Eugene Ryanhart.”

Because it is the reincarnation of the god of war.

Because he is the reincarnation of Hamel.

Because you are a warrior.

I didn’t say anything like that.

Just as the specter was just him, Eugene is also just him.

“I am not sleepy.”

Was the last thing in Hamel’s memory sleepy? I do not know. In the first place, the end in my memory was fabricated.

I don’t feel sleepy now.

But slowly, quietly, I could feel my consciousness fading away.


the ghost murmured.


Eugene grabbed the remaining ashes in his hand.

“let’s go.”

the warrior replied.

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