Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 469

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The black dragon with its wings wide open was in the lead, followed by hundreds of wyverns, griffins, pegasus, and summons. Below, mounts such as war horses, summoned beasts, earth spirits, and chariots are advancing.

The leader of the White Dragon Knights. Alchester rode on the back of the barded horse and raised his gaze upward.

The daughter of Rizakia, a demonic dragon that has been infamous since the war era. Alchester doesn’t know what kind of story there is between Lymira and Eugene. However, in the eyes of Alchester, who knew nothing about the situation, that figure felt very impressive and symbolic. She is the child of that demon dragon, Lizakia. Inspired by the hero, she spread her wings for the world.

Legendary dragons are proud and arrogant. That dragon… … He carried dozens of humans on his back as well as heroes. The army following such a dragon. The mysterious and even majestic sight thrilled the entire Hauria Liberation Army.

Regardless of whether this war is won or lost, all of this will become a legend. And after a long time, it will become a myth. We are now with legends and myths.

The one who writes it all. The protagonist of a story that will become legend and myth. All members of the Liberation Army recalled the hero’s name.

“Brilliant Eugene Lionheart.”

Carmen murmured again.

It was the name he muttered involuntarily when he saw Eugene holding a flag on top of the castle wall. That name still remained in the muttering of Carmen alone—- but if this war ended. If Eugene defeats the nameless demon king who occupied Hauria Castle.

Everyone will call Eugene by that name. Carmen will make it so.

The one who carries on the legend of 300 years ago. A descendant of the great Vermouth.

“Brilliant, Eugene Lionheart.”

Carmen murmured with a hearty smile. I muttered it in a low voice, but the voice reached the ears of the black lions flying around.

“I guess you liked it quite a bit.”

Unlike before, Desiira rode on the back of the wyvern with a familiar appearance. Ciel, who had been staring at Lymilia’s back, pouted at the whispered words as she leaned over slightly.

“It was brilliant.”

Standing tall with his back to the light of dawn. The waving flag of Lionheart… … Ciel involuntarily gasped and held his breath. His reddened face was hot.

‘It’s serious.’

Desiira clicked his tongue and thought.

Seeing Ciel stir his red-hot face, I felt complicated in many ways. It was because he remembered Ciel crying profusely in the office and her eyes swollen.

“How about getting closer?”

A deep voice came suddenly. It was the Gargis of rugged muscles. Because it was so big, the riding wyvern looked relatively small.

“it’s okay.”

“But Miss Ciel… … .”

“It’s okay, don’t say anything unnecessary.”

I still like this one Thinking so, Ciel raised both of his hands and patted his cheek. A tingling pain was transmitted to the cheek that had been heated with heat, and the wind that hit the flight quickly cooled it.

‘Not yet.’

If you go there in the yard where you are not confident and are not ready, you will have a bigger greed. Ciel wanted to be proud of himself, and she didn’t want to be ashamed of Eugene.


Apollo, a giant Pegasus with two pairs of wings, flew near Eugene.

“If you allow me, I will fly first and reconnoiter.”

Raphael was wearing heavy armor that didn’t suit the boy’s appearance. However, his unique pessimistic atmosphere rather made his outfit feel natural.

“There is no need for that.”

The two pairs of wings and huge body of Raphael’s favorite horse, Apollo, are not innate. Apollo is a divine hybrid created by mixing crossbreeding, magic biology, and divine magic. All the Pegasus of Euras’ Holy Horse Cavalry flying behind them are also holy hybrids.

Therefore, the Pegasus of the Holy Horse Cavalry are much stronger and faster than the Pegasus possessed by Simuin’s Heavenly Horse Cavalry. Among the squadrons following from the sky right now, there is no flying creature faster than the Pegasus of the Holy Horse Cavalry.

However, it is not faster than Senya’s magic.

“I am grateful that Sir Raphael took the initiative, but Senya-sama’s magic is already in the way.”

“All right.”

Raphael nodded and pulled Apollo’s reins. He didn’t have to be stubborn before being motivated, and Raphael was not greedy when it came to public affairs.

He only wants one thing. He is just giving himself to the light.

‘I’m sure you are too.’

Raphael saw dozens of priests kneeling behind Eugene.

Sacred weapon, transplanted with sacred relics and miracles, carefully selected by the saintess from the priests of light. After being carefully selected, he newly passed on divine magic and received combat training from Raphael. Among them, dozens of the most outstanding elite are now guarding Eugene’s back.

‘If danger comes to Eugene.’

You must protect it even if you sacrifice your life for the light. What Raphael taught during his one year as coach was the spirit of association. In the first place, Eun-gwang is a society organized for the purpose of martyrdom in the battle with the demon king.

“I hate this.”

After Raphael retreated. Eugene said with a sour expression.

“The special forces that assist the saintess. Combat priests trained for that purpose… … I heard that at first.”

“It is no different.”

Anis answered instead of Christina. Since the fountain of light, the disposable holy relics and holy weapons have been disposed of. However, living biological weapons that could not be disposed of could not be disposed of.

Eugene thought it was not necessary to go that far. However, he never thought that he would organize a death squad.

“Eunkwang’s reason for being is to support me as a saint. And the reason for my existence is to serve and protect you, the hero.”

There are many ears to hear. So I didn’t try to convince Eugene with a long story.

I thought there was no need for that. 300 years ago, it was a new name called ‘death squad’. It was because everyone in the Demonic Realm was prepared for death.

Eugene knows too. The determination to die while fighting the demon king is natural. But isn’t the meaning completely different to only aiming to die?

“I think there’s a difference between being prepared for death and having the purpose of dying.”

“Either way you don’t run away from death. Warrior, you should know it well. How terrible is the enemy, the demon king.”

Anise calmly stared at Eugene with sunken eyes.

However, Eugene could feel how many complicated emotions swirled in those eyes. No, she doesn’t even have to feel it. She knows Eugene well, a woman she named Anise Slywood.


The most painful thing would be the anise they carefully selected. So Eugene couldn’t rebuke Anis.

“But I mean. I wish I could die less.”

“The hero is greedy. On the subject of saying that, I am concerned that you are treating your own life lightly.”

Anise whispered with a mischievous smile. No matter what you say, you will be scolded. So, Eugene coughed for no reason and averted his gaze.

“I got it.”

Above Lymira’s head. Senya, who had been concentrating with her eyes closed, opened her mouth. Although the high-density magical power was severely hindered, Senya’s absolute rate pierced through the enemy lines.

“There is almost no life response in the city. But moving… … That’s a lot. Do you know what that means?”




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Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and replied.

“Amelia Merwin is the most savvy and powerful necromancer of all warlocks that have ever existed.”

The archmages stood behind Senya. Among them, Balzac opened his mouth.

“Although most of Hauria’s citizens have been banished, the number of corpses caught in the course of the occupation is laughable at the hundreds. If you mobilize even the corpses of the capital’s cemeteries… … You can literally build a large army of undead.”

“The old corpse is weak, so there is nothing to be wary of.”

Senya snorted and said. No matter how many ghouls or skeletons that are moving, they can be swept away with a single magic spell. The truly tricky and troublesome to deal with were the high-ranking Undead.

“I can hardly feel the warlock’s biological response.”

“You made a radical choice.”

Balzac put on his glasses, his eyes shining.

“I don’t think there’s any chance that the warlocks will abandon their favored faction and go outside the city to make a diversion. Even so, the black magician’s biological reaction is barely felt… … That means most of them are dead.”

There would be no benefit to Amelia if she purged the warlocks now.


Eugene frowned and sighed. Because I don’t have good memories of Richie.

The dead warlock’s undead. When it becomes a lich, it gains great power, and it does not disappear unless the life vessel is destroyed.

Of course, this is not the only advantage. Even if you become a lich, most of your human needs remain, so you suffer from unfulfilled hunger and thirst. In addition, if the life vessel is destroyed, it is said that they will not be able to reincarnate and will be imprisoned in hell for the rest of their lives.

“The demons?”

“It seems to be on the royal side. The demons… … be outside… … hmm?”

There was a hole between Senya’s forehead. She was silent for a moment, then let out a blank laugh.

I have never met Amelia in person.

“What’s with all these crazy bitches?”

However, Senya said that with sincerity.

Outside the Centipede Mountains. Something is raising itself in the desert. Senya immediately recognized who the giant was.

“You really are a crazy bitch.”

The scene Senya saw was first conveyed to Eugene. One of the children of madness. The leader of the giants, Kamash. Eugene also smiled and nodded his head.

As Kamash stood up in the desert, the desert began to turn dark, centered around his feet. In the desert that turned black like that, demons rose up.

Although they cannot be compared to Centipede Mountains or Kamash, they are large monsters that look down on humans. In addition, even the large army of undead roaming the city was lined up in the desert.

Yujin opened her eyes. Then she walked slowly and stood beside Senya. She didn’t need to be passed on by magic. Hauria is getting closer.

far away

I could see the figure of Kamash standing in the middle of nowhere.

The squadron following Lymirah also captured Kamash’s image and relayed it to the ground forces. Everyone had no choice but to be shaken by the sudden appearance of a giant.

Giants are as rare as elves. The giants who did not stick to the devil’s side went into hiding out of fear of going on a rampage due to a sense of guilt or public criticism. Other than that, they live in groups in the forest given by Helmud.

“That’s the giant that Vermouth and Hamel killed 300 years ago.”

Senya’s voice reached everyone who was agitated. The story alone made everyone think of the giant’s name.

Kamash. The largest and strongest giant in history.


Melchis screamed at the sight of the gigantic Kamash. The Spirituals of the White Magic Tower who followed her were frightened and tried to dissuade her, but Melchis shook off all his hands and flew up into the sky.

“sister! I’ll take him down!”

Excluding the wise Senya, who is the strongest among the mages of this era?

He thought that the giant undead was the best opponent to prove and publicize it. If he proves that, he will be able to monopolize the research funding while leading the other mages under the white mage tower… … . In fact, rather than the greed for the White Magic Tower, the personal greed of wanting to show off the power contracted with the three spirit kings was greater.

“It’s not possible.”

It was Eugene who answered. He twisted his neck from side to side and continued his words while shaking his wrists.

“It must be me who has to kill that thing.”

“What? why!”

“hmm… … Isn’t that how the ancestor of our family came back to life because he couldn’t finish it properly? So I have to finish it.”

Killed Kamash 300 years ago. He only kills, and does not deal with it. He never thought that the corpse would disappear from the battlefield, and that it would appear as an undead 300 years later.

He has no sympathy for Kamash, who has been resurrected as an undead. In the first place, Eugene had never had a conversation like a conversation with Kamash.

It’s just that he came in with his subordinate giant—- blocked the way with Vermouth. He fought and killed. The conversation I had with Kamash along the way… … spirit and… … scream and… … It was just an insult.

He was a bastard who deserved to die.

It was like that 300 years ago, and it is like that now. Regardless of his will, he promised to sympathize with the resurrected undead and give him rest… … I don’t even mind thinking like that.

Killed him 300 years ago.

Killed with vermouth.

There is no vermouth here.

“Then I must kill you.”

Yujin murmured softly and lowered her arms.

“I will go first.”

“Why? Why don’t we just fly together?”


Eugene firmly shook his head.

I looked back. Anis looked displeased. The eyes of the silver light priests sitting behind her were shining brightly. ㅡWoe! Black wings of flame soared from behind Eugene’s back.

“I don’t need your help anymore.”


“Why are you already saying you’re helping to catch a giant?”

Yujin grumbled and turned around.

It’s not just Kamash in that desert right now. There are dozens of large monsters and a large army of undead. Maybe other demons are also in ambush.

‘You may not recognize me.’

Of course it will.

However, vermouth’s white salt ceremony will be recognized. I wouldn’t know if he didn’t have reason because his brain was completely rotten. If your mind is still intact, there’s no way you won’t be able to remember the flames of vermouth.

flame that killed itself.

If you remember it and recognize it.

Will I be able to stand still and wait?

“It will be over when you arrive.”

Yujin said so and flew up into the sky.

Roaring! Prominence moved. Black flames wrapped around Eugene’s body. Eventually, Eugene became a black comet and penetrated the sky.

My head is foggy.

Now, there is an awareness of what state you are in. I don’t know how much time has passed… … .

‘I am… … dead… … .’

What happened to the men he took to break down the wall? what happened to the brothers father, how was it?

There is such a question. But I wasn’t obsessed. It is made impossible. What remains of Kamash is the memory of the moment of death. It is a memory of what, who, killed me.

Amelia thought she didn’t need anything else. There is no need for sophisticated memories and personalities like Hamel’s Death Knight. All she wanted to bestow upon Amelia by making Kamash her undead was simple, overwhelming violence. Therefore, emotions that were not necessary for violence were restrained.

My head is cloudy because there is a vacuum in my emotions. Emotions are unable to respond to memories.

Memories of my brother and father. longing. worry. sadness. Kamash now does not have that kind of feeling. The moment he died—-the slashing rampage, the unstoppable barrage of attacks, the various weapons, and so on.


“… … .”

Memories intensify. Responded to memories. A light came on in his foggy head. The light became lightning, illuminating the mind and reacting to the body.


Kamash walked forward. slowly, slowly. The face responding to the memory made an expression.

Kamash contorted his face and glared at the sky.


The fire is approaching.


The giant king spoke the name of his enemy with hatred.

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