Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 4

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“So we have to work together. The twins from the original family will also try to join forces, so we have to join forces too.”

“Let’s gather in the center and catch the boss monster together?”


“I think I can catch it by myself.”

Eugene replied with a smirk. 

“I’m unlucky.”

Desiira pursed her lips. Gargis nodded his head in agreement.

“Then let’s do this. If you try and you think you can’t catch it, join us.”

“Without you?”

“Run away and wait for us.”

“Is it necessary to do that? you are already two Except for me, you guys do it.”

“I will do that depending on the situation.”

Desiira replied.

“But there are more three than two. You’re unlucky… but you’re stronger than me. With your help, we will surely be able to catch the captain monster.”

“Why do you want to hold on to it so much?”

“Don’t you want to beat the original family?”

Desiira asked, squinting. 

“Even though you have already beaten Xian in a duel. You said that if you win at the Blood Ceremony, the head of the family will give you a gift too.”

“There has never been a time when a collateral branch has won in a blood-related ceremony in which the main family and collateral line participated together.”

Gargis answered.

“But this time, I think there is a possibility. There is also a designer with me. Because you also beat Xian.”

“Even if I catch it alone, the collateral will win. right?”

“If you fight alone and win, I will be very happy. It’s better to have one person catch it rather than three collaterals.”

Gargis nodded in response. It reminded me of a two-headed moron. Listening to what he said, he knew how to think and had a bold corner.

“Okay, so go. I will sleep.”

Yujin lay down and waved her hands. Desiira looked very dissatisfied, but Gargis nodded her head and pulled Desiira by the wrist. 

“I will sleep for five hours today.”

“I will sleep six hours.”

I know how to think and I have a bold corner. The back and torso seemed to fit.

“You bastard. What’s the point of sleeping less than him?”

“They say the early bird catches the worm.”

“So are you going to catch bugs tomorrow morning?”

“You are two years younger than me, so you don’t know what a metaphor is.”

“Get out!”

Eugene threw a pillow and shouted.


Anicilla pondered all night. 

It was because of the bloodline. I expected it to be a common sparring between children, but it was an unexpected labyrinth. 

‘Is that by directly inviting the red mage lord of Arot?’

The wise Senya is a person who made a mark in Arot’s magic world. The home of Lionheart, a descendant of the great Vermouth, maintains close ties with the great wizards of Arot. 

In particular, Roberian, the owner of the Red Mage Tower of the time, claimed to be a disciple of the wise Senya, and was a person who attended the events of the main family several times. 

‘Although he never came to my children’s birthday.’

Anicilla chewed her lips. Of course, the blood ceremony is a traditional Lion Heart event… but no matter how much I think about it, it didn’t seem like it came just because of that. 

Mrs. Jeongsil. She saw Theonis laughing.

‘…Perhaps he came to take Iod as his disciple.’

It seemed like a good idea. From a young age, Iod liked reading books rather than exercising his body. He especially had a lot of interest in magic, so he practiced this kind of magic from the very beginning. 

but never had a mentor. A nickname given to the great Vermouth. ‘All Masters.’ This nickname was given to Vermouth because he was good at magic as well as martial arts. 

However, since Vermouth, not many people in Lionheart’s family decided to dig into magic. It was for a simple reason. Magic is difficult to reach. 

The competition for the succession of the parent family begins at a young age. Even if you learned magic from then on, it is not very likely that you will become the family head with magic in a full-scale succession competition. 

‘Iod was 15… I learned magic from a young age… but I learned it by self-taught.’

Will Iod’s skills improve even if he becomes a disciple of the Master of the Magic Tower now? Anicilla pressed her cheeks, which were twitching with laughter. 

‘Actually, he gave up on succeeding the family head. If Iod becomes a disciple of the Red Mage Master, he has no choice but to leave his home. In the meantime, Xian and Ciel will grow up quickly…’

When the body is far away, the mind is also far away. If Iod goes to Arot, Anicilla will decide to take over the main house. Objectively, Xian and Ciel’s qualities are not bad. Rather, it is very good.

Enough to fit the name of Lionheart.

‘…The problem is the blood system…’

Anicilla didn’t know whether to feel dissatisfaction or joy at the content of this blood ceremony. Enter through different entrances and break through the labyrinth? That means Cyan and Ciel can’t help each other…

‘If it were a simple match… Of course, either Cian or Ciel would have won…’

can’t be sure of him The collateral Eugene won the duel with Xi’an. That fact complicated Anicilla. A labyrinth with many variables… The outcome of the duel will not be unconditionally reflected. 

Should I be happy for him? Or should I be dissatisfied with the unique bloodline ceremony that castrates the family’s advantage and pursues equity first?

‘…You must never intervene in the blood ceremony.’

Anicilla, who had been thinking all night, let out a long sigh. She thought about giving her husband her own words, but the husband she knew was strict even to her children. If she was lucky enough, it was certain that she would be met with the disgusting stare of her husband. 

“…you should be nice to me…”

Anicilla muttered, tilting her head toward the window. Until her blood ceremony, it will be a few days at most. In the meantime, you need to learn information that will be helpful in the labyrinth. Thanks to this, instead of training in Hezar, Xian and Ciel are buried in the labyrinth-related books they got from the capital. 

Although she was angry and slapped Xian’s cheek, Anicilla loved her child. 

Children who have to live with the label of bastard for the rest of their lives. I barely got here… 

‘Insults and shame only narrow the position.’

Xian and Ciel are still young. The reason why the two of them were able to break through the main house with their ignorance is because Anishilla stood tall without showing her shame. 

So my son’s defeat hurts. To be defeated by a collateral while inheriting the blood of the original family… 



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Anicilla sighed with a complicated expression.

‘If that Eugene is the first to break through the labyrinth.’

A handshake you shouldn’t dare think of. If that happens, the whole family will be humiliated. However, the disgrace was not borne by Anicilla alone. The head of the household, Guilade, was also to be shared with his wife, Theonis.

if you think in reverse. Xian’s defeat could be overshadowed by Eugene breaking through the labyrinth. It’s not that Xi’an is lacking, but that Eugene from that side is strangely excellent.

‘…The best thing is for Xian and Ciel to break through the labyrinth.’

Anicilla sighed again and rose from her chair.

‘If I can’t do that… it’s better for Eugene to break through than Iod or any other kid.’

Of course, that’s what I thought, but Anicilla didn’t even want to cheer for Eugene.

I was just thinking of what ifs.


three days later

The children of the annex were called by the head family. The preparations for the labyrinth summoned to the forest were over, so it was a call that the blood ceremony would begin today.

comfortable attire. Personal preparations are not permitted. So what about weapons? Most of the children had such doubts, but once they were told, they followed the knights into the forest. 

“I will prepare the weapon for you.”

In the depths of the forest, there were Loberian and Gilade. Behind them stood the entrance of a cave that looked suspiciously artificial at first glance.

“Tell me what weapon you need. I won’t stand it until the day, but anyway, the opponent of the children is an illusion that is not tangible. You can fight with a weapon that is just shaped, right?”

Loberian said with a kind smile. More than anything else, Eugene hated the word ‘children’. Isn’t that like being treated like a kid? However, since the body is actually a child, I couldn’t openly express my dissatisfaction.

“Is there only one type of weapon?”

“Not really. We will prepare as much as you need.”


Ciel smiled and asked. Loberian looked at Ciel’s large eyes in a cute way and raised both of her hands.

“Like this.”

ㅡHwaaaak! The soil rises from the ground and clumps between Loberian’s palms. A long sword was created. 


Ciel grabbed the sword flying at him with both hands. The weight is right, and the grip feeling is not bad. Ciel swung the sword a few times as if wondering.

“What if it breaks?”

“Haha, little girl. It’s okay if you don’t have to worry about that. This man is a great wizard. That labyrinth was also summoned by the uncle with magic, so the black labyrinth that the little girl is holding will never break.”

“Can you make animals besides swords?”

“I can make dolls. Golems are possible… but living beings cannot be made.”

“Then can I take the golem you made for me?”

“That’s such a cunning idea.”

Loberian laughed and looked back at Gilade. Gill Reid, who was smiling at her daughter’s trick, shook her head slowly.

“That didn’t work. Wouldn’t the golem fight for you?”

“Then please make a doll next time.”

Ciel responded with a smile. Iod saw the light wrapped around Loberian’s hand, her eyes twinkling.

“Why can’t we create living things?”

Iod suddenly asked. At that question, Loberian looked back at Iod with an amused look on his face. 

“Because magic is taboo.”


“It’s hard to make, and there’s nothing good about making it. Because it is the beautiful power of beings that gives birth to living beings.”


Iod nodded as if he understood. 

“Daddy, I’m not doing this. Please make it a little longer and thinner.”

“now. Wait. It is possible for me to make them one by one, but it is difficult for me to make the same sword in the little girl’s head.”

Loberian stretched out his hand towards Ciel. Then, the light wrapped around his hand passed to Ciel. 

“So, lady, make it yourself. other children too. It’s not difficult. I’m using the magic anyway, so you can just rub the light while clearly imagining what’s in your head.”

The light came across the nine children. Iod watched the light with ecstatic eyes, and her fingertips trembled. Gilreid silently watched the eldest son. 


Gargis exclaimed. When he was in his family, he made a favorite greatsword. Mysteriously, even the familiar weight was implemented as imagined. He sighed in admiration as he slung his greatsword over his shoulder. 

Even the designer made a window as usual. She savored the feel of the spears wrapped around her hands, stabbing them in the air several times. Then, with a satisfied sweet face, she slung her spear across her back.

Ciel and Xian made a sword. Ciel’s sword seemed to be long and nimble, and Cyan’s sword was about the same length but a bit heavier. 

Iod made an ordinary sword. He rubbed the light with his ecstatic lower eyes, but the moment he gripped the sword, Iod’s eyes darkened as usual. 

The other thugs also made weapons, but Eugene didn’t pay attention to them. These guys didn’t have any motivation before coming here. Perhaps some will give up their quest as soon as they enter the labyrinth.

Eugene made a sword that fit the length of his arm and a small shield worn on his forearm. 

“Why don’t you make windows? You use the window well.”

“I am good at swordsmanship.” 

“What is a shield?”

“I’m good at using shields.”

“They wrote everything well.”

Didira grumbled. Ciel stared at the two as they were having a conversation before approaching Eugene.

“What will you do if you meet me in the labyrinth?”

“What do you do?”

“Are you going to fight me?”

“Can we fight?”

Eugene looked back at Gilade and asked. 

“There is nothing impossible. The bloodline formula is based on competition.”

Gilreid replied with a smile. At those words, Ciel puffed out his cheeks.

“But you don’t have to fight.”

“yes. Rather than unconditional competition, this blood-related ceremony is intended to consider situational judgment and cooperative spirit. After all, aren’t we a family with the last name Lionheart?”

“It’s family.”

Ciel looked back at Eugene and smiled bashfully.

“When is your birthday?”


“I am April. So, I am your sister.”

“Very old…”

you’re doing ral

As I was about to say that, I realized that Ciel’s father, Gilade, was there.

“You’re saying something as cunning as…”



Eugene cleared his throat and turned his head.

blood type

“Take one of these and kick it in.”

After all the kids make weapons. Loberian handed over a necklace with a blue jewel attached to it. 

“The necklace connects to your psyche. If the Labyrinth is under too much stress, I will intervene through the reaction of the necklace.”

It is a safety device in case of an emergency.

“and. If you can’t seem to break through the labyrinth, tap the jewel on the necklace and say ‘Help me’. Then you should be able to escape the labyrinth without incident.”

The ones who nodded at those words were Hansen and the rest of the poor. I just participated because I couldn’t go against the tradition. They didn’t have any ambitions for the bloodline ceremony.

“Okay then. Let’s all go in together.”

After finishing the story to be told. Loberian smiled broadly and moved away from the entrance of the cave.

“We all go in together, but from the moment you enter the cave you will be led down different paths. Don’t panic, there’s only one road at the start, so try to go straight ahead. If you think you can’t do it from there, knock on the jewel.”

children walk out Eugene strode forward, conscious of the shield on his left forearm. 

“cheer up.”

before entering the cave entrance. Ciel, who was walking alongside her, smiled broadly at Eugene. Gargis and Desiira silently glanced at Eugene. Eugene laughed at their gaze and said.

“You do your best too.”


Ciel nodded vigorously at the casually thrown encouragement.

Nine children enter the cave. The moment I passed the only entrance. The surroundings became clear and dark. Someone might make a sound of surprise, but I can’t even hear it.

Eugene looked around without panic at all. A maze summoned by summoning magic. But when she got inside, she didn’t feel anything out of place. It may be because Loberian is an excellent wizard enough to be proud of being a great wizard, but his still immature body is unable to sense the unique sense of incongruity in magic. 

‘Because I haven’t trained mana.’

If so, you must completely rely only on your bodily sensations. Fortunately, that was one of the fields Eugene was good at.

Yujin took a deep breath and exhaled. She wasn’t excited at first, but she calmed her mind and body more than that. She and she were conscious of the five senses one by one. Sight, hearing, smell, touch… what about the senses of taste? It is a useless organ for exploring the labyrinth. However, Eugene lightly chewed the tip of her tongue and made her taste the taste of blood in her mouth.

like that.

Conscious sensations are focused. Repeated exhalation awakens the mind. The intuition that opened up in that way could be called a sixth sense. 

It is the experience of stupid Hamel that is called upon by the awakened mind.

Labyrinth exploration? I tried enough to get tired of it in my previous life. Most of the monsters that burrow into the ground make their nest like a maze. Even a small ant builds a nest like that, and even a goblin builds a nest like that.

Not to mention the monsters. Magician Helmud. In modern times, it is said that it is a place where you pay expensive money and go on a tourist trip. Helmud, where Hamel wandered, was a terrible hell that shouldn’t exist in this world.

How many times did you almost die there? Most of his confident skills did not work in Hell Mood. He was afraid to step forward, even with such an asshole. Senya, who had set himself up as an archmage, was not sure about his own magic. Even Anis, who said that God would always take care of her, called out her comrades’ names more than God’s in Hell Mood. 

Vermouth was the only one who was unmoved.


Eugene smiled bitterly. The brave Vermouth and his companions… That’s right. The center of the party was vermouth. He wouldn’t have been able to break through the hell mood without him. Hamel, Moron, Senya, and Anis. When I first entered Helmud, I was young and immature.


People grow through experience. If not as much as Vermouth, all of his colleagues were people who at least once had the illusion that they were the best guy in the world. So, I was able to grow explosively. 

From a certain point on, my colleagues regarded every day in Helmud as normal. Moron moved forward again, Senya was confident in her magic, and Anis regained her faith in God.

Hamel is.

He hated himself for being weaker than Vermouth. He did not like to tremble with fear. He couldn’t do anything like Vermouth. 

So I pushed myself even more. Since I was not as good as Vermouth, I wanted to grow in my own way. 

Vermouth does not feel fear.

Hamel feels fear. 

So get used to the fear and overcome it.

Vermouth makes anything easy.

Hamel can’t do it easily. Even if you do well at first, one day you will hit a wall. 

So break the wall and get out. 


Same here. 

Vermouth did not panic even in the first labyrinth and always tried to find the way. He was a man and a man, so he couldn’t always choose the right path.  

every time he fails. Every time I choose the right path again. Hamel looked at what basis Vermouth found the right path and what went wrong and chose the wrong path. Hamel did not have an innate intuition like Vermouth, so he made up for his lack in that way. 

That experience remains intact in Eugene’s head. 

‘It’s a labyrinth made for kids to break through. It’s not even a labyrinth made with the intent to kill. Then… It’s blatant and obvious.’

Eugene did not stop walking. As Loberian said, a single road begins. It’s still dark around…but. As you walk a certain distance, the darkness slowly dissipates. 

left and right walls. The distance is wide enough that it is not difficult to wield the weapon. However, if you want to wield the spear freely, you will have to think about where you are. 

That’s why Eugene didn’t choose the spear. sword and shield. This basic combination is an all-purpose combination that can respond to almost any situation.

‘The ceiling is blocked.’

You can’t use the trick to climb over the wall. Eugene was conscious of his sense of smell among the keenly awakened senses. The taste of blood still lingers in your mouth. smell of blood. Search for a foreign smell by prioritizing and excluding it. 

It smells faintly of oil. If you can handle mana, you will be able to feel it more clearly. Eugene felt a little regret and moved forward.

After walking for a while, the road fork came to a fork. The shape of the road leading to it is the same. The one on the left that smells like oil. Even though it was a trap made with magic, it smelled of oil. It was really blatant and obvious. 

But Eugene took the left path. It was to ensure that my judgment was correct. Pretending to walk casually, he puts the weight on the soles of his feet, concentrating on one step at a time.

one two three four…


The footrest it touches goes down a little. there one or two… 


grasp! Arrows shoot from holes in the bricks. Eugene raised his shield without panic. Fighting! The arrow ricocheted without penetrating the shield. Eugene turned around without going further.

‘It’s easy.’

It also means that the children’s level is adjusted. Eugene smiled. Every time she dared to go the wrong way, Senya would have her seizures. Reminiscences of the past evoke not only experiences, but also memories of this or that.


Yujin felt sick to her stomach and went back to the right path. 


“Go back and rest.”

Guillaid withdrew his cold gaze. 

Hansen was the first to announce that he had given up by knocking on the necklace. He thought he wouldn’t be able to compete anyway, and he didn’t want to suffer for nothing. His parents didn’t expect their son to do anything wrong. 

“yes yes.”

Hansen, who was standing there hesitantly, lowered his head. Shortly after he returned, another call for help came. 10-year-old Juice had made her way through her labyrinth, but she was better than Hansen. But in the first trap, she was shot with an arrow, and she cried and begged to be saved.

after a while The rescue request comes back again. Deacon was 11 years old. He endured being hit by an arrow on his body, but was stricken by the slime he encountered behind him. Slime is a monster that is difficult to deal with with sharp weapons. Deacon was swallowed up by the slime’s slime body, screaming for help.

In less than an hour, the nine became six. I thought it was pathetic, but it was what I expected. No one expected those three to show anything. 

‘Gargis… It’s clumsy, but it doesn’t stop.’ 

Loberian floated the image of the labyrinth in the air. Six children are projected on a divided screen. Gargis chose to break through the trap rather than avoid it. Even if an arrow hits his body, even if he runs into a monster. I swing a greatsword as big as my body and crush it.

‘Dijira is nimble. I have intuition…’

If you fall into a trap, immediately change your way. I even managed to avoid traps a few times. I don’t even bother fighting monsters. Go back if there is another way. It was only when she couldn’t back down that she wielded her spear. 

‘Sian is too cautious. But it’s not bad.’

Anicilla obtained the memoirs of famous adventurers and the blueprints of various labyrinths and educated the twins. In this way, the twins learned basic information and strategy for the labyrinth. It helped me break through this blatant, obvious, and easy labyrinth.

chamberlain. That labyrinth is blocked on all sides. But the wind blows because of the magic. If you go in the windward direction, it will help you find your way. If you look carefully, you can find artificial traces on the road, and if there is no such thing, it is possible to evade according to the judgment at the moment the trap is triggered. 

Xian was doing just that. However, there was a clumsy corner compared to the prudent. Thinking is not flexible. As I try to rely on only the memories I recall, my vision narrows. So there were cases where I fell into an easy trap.

‘Ciel is sensuous. Thinking is also flexible. But… he has a childish side to him.’

Ciel triggered the trap by throwing a shoe or something. After doing that a few times, I dare to go down the path with the trap. If the road is blocked, come back, if there is no blockage, keep going. When he encounters a monster, he doesn’t fight right away, but harasses it like playing with a toy.


“…How are you?”

“You seem to have a lot of interest in magic.”

Iod wasn’t just focused on breaking through the labyrinth. He inspected the traps one by one and burst into admiration when he saw the monsters. It’s a monster made of illusion, but it’s as lively as this. Somehow, even after defeating the monster, he didn’t leave right away, and looked at the monster’s corpse for quite some time, shining his eyes. 

His eyes were dark and dead when he was fighting monsters by swinging his sword. He laughs when he comes into contact with magic.

“…since I was young. He preferred reading books rather than exercising his body and skills. I especially enjoyed it whenever he told me fairy tales about magic. do you know that Iod, that child respects the wise Senya more than his great ancestor, the great Vermouth.”

“Senya-sama deserves the respect of all mages.”

Loberian smiled proudly. 

“I was like that too. I liked Senya’s story better than Vermut’s in ‘The Adventure of Vermut the Hero’. Whenever the party was in need, Senya-sama’s magic used to come up with surprising answers.”

“I have read that fairy tale since I was a child. I… I liked Hamel.”

“You mean stupid Hamel?”

“If he hadn’t been causing trouble, children’s books would have been very boring. He was a mean person, but he was righteous… and he tried to overcome his feelings of inferiority toward his ancestor Vermut by working hard. Even when everyone followed Vermouth-sama’s opinion, only Hamel came up with a different opinion.”

“I’ve hated Hamel since I was little.” 

“What could it be? Thanks to Hamel, the party went through several crises… But every time Hamel tried to take responsibility himself. I couldn’t possibly hate Hamel…”

Gilreid smiled and watched the video.

“…Iodine. That child wanted to learn magic from a young age. He actually learned too. He even invited a magic teacher from the capital… But he didn’t want to learn more magic from the middle.”

“Do you know why?”

“I gave up on reality. For the sake of her mother… she decided that she should become the head of the household. Magic doesn’t have an advantage in the succession race.”

The competition for succession begins in earnest when children become adults. 

“…I do understand. As much as magic has infinite possibilities, the road to go is arduous and far.” 

“Honestly, I want Iod to walk the path of magic.”

Guillaid smiled bitterly and looked back at Loberian.

“Among the collateral, there is only one family that specializes in magic. So I tried to send Iod there several times, but Iod refused. But… If you are a disciple of the Red Mage Tower Master, he will not be able to refuse. Iod still has a passion for magic in his heart.”

“I can’t give you a definitive answer.”

Loberian shook his head.

“Because I can’t accept just anyone as a disciple. I have a relationship with Gilade-sama, so I’ll take him… but I won’t accept him as a disciple if his qualities don’t stand out.”

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t mean to force myself either. However, I want to let him focus on his dreams.”

It wasn’t for the succession rights of Xian and Ciel. It’s just painful that the eldest son is engrossed in things he doesn’t want to do and rots away. 

In order to convince Theonis, the royal family. And in order to push Iod’s back, he even brought the Red Mage Tower Master himself.

“…Well, let’s take a closer look at Mr. Iod’s qualities. Iod-sama doesn’t seem to have any intention of using magic in this labyrinth.”

Loberian muttered that while looking at the screen.

“…By the way… Eugene. What is that child like?”

Admiration has already exploded several times. Embarrassment precedes admiration now.

“…I don’t know.”

Gilreid muttered heartily. 

On the screen, Eugene was tearing apart the illusion of the troll.

blood type

it’s a troll Isn’t that too much for 10-year-olds?

That’s what I thought when we met. But it’s not a real troll, it’s an illusion created by magic. You’re not actually being attacked. They say they feel pain, but even that is an illusion caused by magic.

As long as you can overcome your fear, your opponent is not impossible. By enduring the pain, digging in, you can catch it once you hit it with an attack.

‘It looks like the real thing.’

Eugene looked the troll up and down in admiration. I know it’s an illusion, but I feel like it’s real. Not only movement, but also the troll’s unique disgusting body odor. 

‘I guess he still has a conscience.’

Considering its size, it is not a grown-up troll. A young age who is not good at hunting and fighting, and is not yet able to stand on her own. He doesn’t even hold that common club. 

Even so, she is much taller than 13-year-old Eugene. Eugene quietly raised his shield and approached the troll. 

‘I’ve beaten orcs and goblins to death. It’s the first time I’ve faced a medium or large monster with this body.’

Just because it was an insubstantial illusion, he had no intention of fighting casually. Even if it wasn’t, it was a car that made my body itch. Quite a bit of time has passed since I entered the labyrinth, and I think I’ve progressed quite a bit… I didn’t feel any crisis while coming this far. 

So, I need to loosen up a bit. Eugene slowly and bluntly closed the distance with the troll. The troll on the other side only blinked its big eyes, but didn’t attack Eugene right away. 

It wasn’t something to be embarrassed about. It’s something that has already happened several times. The monsters in this labyrinth do not attack first unless they come within a certain distance. It must be a consideration considering the age of the children who participated.


When Eugene pushed his foot further. 

The troll’s movement changes. He turned around and twisted his face toward Eugene. Saliva drips from between his oversized teeth. Enough to scare children, no, too much of a grim face. 

But instead of fear, Eugene felt joy. 

‘Because he resembles Moron.’

In fact, there were not one or two monsters that resembled Moron. Trolls, ogres, cyclops, so… Ugly two-legged humanoid monsters. Eugene thought that all of those monsters resembled Moron. 

Moron never completely denied that fact. He was aware that he was ugly.

Eugene kicked the ground, remembering the ugly face of his old colleague. The distance closed in an instant, and the troll reacted. clumsy and dull.

So easy.

Kagagak! Eugene’s sword slices through the troll’s calf. Eugene burrowed between the troll’s legs and quickly turned his body to take over his back. Then, without hesitation, he swung his sword into the groin of the bastard. 

For a troll, the taste of cutting is light. It’s not exactly the same either. Moreover, the sword that Yujin is holding is not a real sword with sharp blades. 

Even so, the black light continued to flash. Several slashes cut through the troll’s chin. 

Dark green blood spurted out. Eugene did not dare to receive it with his body and covered her face with a shield. The wide open senses do not miss the troll’s reaction. He groaned as he tried to balance his staggering body. His large hand lands on Eugene’s head.

The shield that covered the face rises up. ㅡTo-dududuk! The taste of cutting is light, but the attack is quite heavy. The body of a 13 year old. Although he trained excessively, it was impossible to block the troll’s attack head-on.  

so it drains In addition to the tilted angle of the shield, the whole shoulder and arm are used. The lowered fist scratches the beveled surface of the shield and slides. Even if the timing was a little off, the whole arm would have been crushed, but Eugene did not have the slightest thought that he would fail.

Actually parrying was perfect. The hamstrings on one of my legs had already been cut off. Even his knuckles slam into the ground, throwing the troll’s behemoth off balance. 

The troll recklessly swings the other arm. Eugene swiftly swung the sword he held in one hand. ㅡPaba Park! The troll’s arm skin is hacked open and blood spurts. Eugene twirled the sword in his grasp as he dug under it.

Kwajik! The sword plunged into the kneeling troll’s heel. Even if it is an illusion, it responds to pain. The troll screams, opening his mouth wide. The pain spread throughout the troll’s body, paralyzing it. 

‘It’s not necessary to implement bad breath.’

Eugene felt that dissatisfaction and swung his shield. Wow! The shield hit the lower jaw of the troll, who was wide open. At the same time, he pulled the sword from his heel and thrust it between the troll’s ribs.


stung his lungs Because of her size, I couldn’t penetrate her back. She didn’t even think so. Eugene advanced his sword in the direction of the rib. The lung was completely sliced ​​like that, and the moment it touched the sternum, the sword was pulled out. The troll could no longer wiggle his arms, gasping and frothing.

If it is a normal monster, there is no need to fight further. However, trolls are famous for their strong regenerative powers. I wondered if the illusory troll would do the same, but Eugene had no intention of leaving any excuses. 

So I thoroughly neutralized the troll. I pushed myself to the point where I couldn’t resist any more, but I tore the troll’s body apart with extra effort. He stabbed his heart five or six more times, and stabbed his neck with a sword. He swung his sword like that, but his blade never got caught in a bone. 


After painstakingly killing the troll. 

Eugene walked past the troll with a satisfied expression on his face. 

Loberian and Gilreid watched the scene from beginning to end. Loberian, whose mouth was open in a daze, contemplated what sentiments to recite. Even if it’s an illusion… It’s still a troll. A 13-year-old child, not even a child from his parents’ family… Far from making a sound of surprise when he saw the troll, he overwhelmingly tore it to pieces. 

“…that’s… that’s cruel. You don’t have to do that…”

Loberian muttered that for once. It was to see Gilreid’s reaction. Gilreid, who was looking at the screen with the same blank eyes, immediately shook his head with a laugh of his own. 

“It’s an illusion well-made enough to be thought of as a real battle.”

“Yeah, but…”

“Awesome. It’s amazing… I’ve never faced a troll… Instead of being terrified, I neutralized the troll boldly and cleanly…”

Gilreid couldn’t find any flaws in Eugene’s swordsmanship. If I had to point it out, it was more like butchering and dismantling than swordsmanship. But what does that mean? Anyway, Eugene’s sword did a good job killing the troll.

“There was no need to break through the labyrinth.”

Loberian looked at Eugene and stuck out his tongue.

“I’ve never been caught in a trap except the first time.”

“Looking at his actions, he seemed familiar with the labyrinth.”

“Where is that child’s hometown?” “Gidol.”

“There shouldn’t even be a labyrinth there. Awesome…”

Most labyrinths are used as hideouts for wizards. Then, sometimes, after the master of the labyrinth, the wizard, dies or leaves, the labyrinth is discovered by adventurers.

If you’re lucky, you might find a treasure in the labyrinth. After taking everything you need. A labyrinth without treasure is transformed into a plausible tourist destination.

“…well, even if I didn’t go to the labyrinth often. Maybe it was something I learned from a book or something.”

“A normal 13-year-old would not indulge in labyrinth-related books.”

“That child doesn’t look like a normal child. And maybe it’s based on sense, not knowledge…”

“…Hmm… It’s a labyrinth made with children in mind… but… I didn’t make it so easy to break through just by feeling…”

“No matter how young a child is, if he is gifted with great talent, can he do something like that?”

Loberian knew what to call such a child.


Guilade no longer looked at Cyan, Ciel, and Lloyd. 

He watched Eugene go towards the center of the labyrinth with joyful eyes. 


when encountering monsters. Fighting unconditionally and defeating them is not the answer. Trolls were such monsters in this labyrinth. A gigantic body that is inconvenient to be determined and rampage. Slow reaction… Rather than an unconditional fight, it is a ‘trap’ that is set to pass through the cracks.

Gargis and Eugene were the only ones who dared to fight the troll. 


Gargis let out a furious roar. His whole body was unharmed, but the brave Gargis eventually defeated the evil troll. Gargis drew his greatsword from the troll’s chest, and let out his roar again.

While celebrating the victory with a roar like that.

He lost all his strength and sat down in his seat.

‘…I got hit too many times…’

Although proud of its muscles, the troll’s attack was powerful. I don’t know how many bones I’ve broken. 


Gargis gritted his teeth and spat out. It hurts more than when I was hit by an arrow, more than when I collided with a rushing iron ball. I know all this pain is a magic trick, but pain is pain… Gargis fought back tears as he left the troll’s body. And he stumbled up against the wall. 

‘Since I suffered this much… the other guys…’

I know that Didira is strong. Her Eugene is stronger than her. But I don’t think she’s stronger than a troll. How could such a meager body deal with a gigantic troll…

Contrary to such worries, Desiira was fine. Instead of fighting the troll head-on, she took advantage of her gap and succeeded in passing the troll. It was the same for Xian and Ciel. 

Xian and Ciel joined on the way. From there, Ciel did not take the lead, and subtly coaxed Cian into opening the way. It was very easy for Ciel.

“Brother, which way should I go?”

“Don’t you know that too?”

“I do not know.”

“you stupid. Why don’t you know when you read the book together? Look at what I’m doing.”

Xian never once felt inferior to his younger brother who was born a few seconds late. Rather, he thinks he is better than his brother, and he always wants to show off in front of his brother.

It was like that even now. From the moment the words ‘I don’t know’ came out of her brother’s mouth. Xian decided it was an opportunity to show off in front of her brother. Just a few days ago, his younger brother had been humiliated in front of his eyes, so he thought it was time to restore his crumpled honor. 

“Don’t fall behind and follow me. This labyrinth is a labyrinth created by the Lord of the Red Mage Tower.”


“You never know what might happen. A monster may suddenly appear in front of you. Maybe something strange will fall from the ceiling.”

“Something like a ghost?”

“You idiot, at times like this, I’m not talking about ghosts, but undead. Do you know what an undead is?”

“It’s like zombies and ghouls.”

“right. It’s in the book we read. A labyrinth created by a wicked black magician. The tomb of a foolish adventurer blinded by treasure! Black magicians of old made undead or chimeras out of adventurers who died in the labyrinth.”

“But the red mage tower lord is not a warlock.”

“It is, but maybe it will come out as an illusion.”

“I hate ghosts because I’m afraid of them.”

“I am not afraid at all.”

In fact, Xian was also afraid of ghosts. 

When I was very young, when a brother and sister shared a room. The two of them brushed off the nanny every night and heard a lot of stories. Occasionally, when the nanny told her scary stories, Xian could not fall asleep all night, so he would be conscious of under the bed and in the closet.

However, he could not express his disgraceful fear in front of his brother. 

‘Why is he talking about ghosts all of a sudden?’

Xian glanced at the ceiling, catching the tremors in his body. The ‘strange thing’ he imagined to fall from the ceiling was at most a spider or some kind of monster. The ghost didn’t even think. 

Of course, Ciel deliberately brought up the ghost story. She knew full well that her brother had been afraid of her ghosts since childhood, so she wanted to take the lead and tease her brother for her arrogance.

‘I hope that something comes out and surprises my brother.’

Ciel had a mischievous thought and ran after Cian. At some point, there was no fork in the road. However, it was not unconditionally straight, and the road bends here and there. Whenever that happened, Xian was overly wary of something protruding from the side. 

Since her brother rarely screamed, Ciel was starting to get bored. I’d rather stab you in the back. Then I think my brother will make a sound of surprise. when? My brother is on guard right now, so when I feel relaxed enough. 

“brother. Eugene must still be in the labyrinth, right?”

“…That son of a bitch is the one who beat me. I couldn’t have been caught by monsters and traps.”

“Maybe we fell into a trap. Some of the traps I’ve seen have really deep holes. If she falls into it, won’t she come out?”

“Things like that happen, too.” 

Xian nodded with a solemn expression.

“We learned about the labyrinth thanks to our mother and came in. The other guys couldn’t. Especially Eugene, since he’s a country boy, he probably doesn’t even know what a labyrinth is.”

“It would have been fun if we met on the way.”

“Hey, what’s fun? He is our competitor.”

“But my father said you don’t have to fight and compete unconditionally.”

At those words, Xian licked his lips.

“…Yeah, but. He didn’t even say we shouldn’t fight. So, if I meet him, I will fight.”

“Can you win?”

“At that time, I lost because I was careless. If we fight again, of course we win!”


“of course!”

He said that, but Xian wasn’t sure if he would win. He recalled the pain of being beaten by Eugene and the fiercely raised eyes of Yujin. Then his body trembled. I was more concerned about the trembling, perhaps because I had already heard about ghosts. 

“Don’t talk to me, Ciel.”

Sian sighed and looked back at Ciel. Ciel stuck out her tongue and laughed.

“I need to focusaaaaaaaaaa!”

Xian glanced at his brother once, then looked ahead again. …A woman covered in blood walked out of the alley! Xian rolled her eyes and let out a squeal. 


I heard a story from across the alley. Xian, Ciel! The blood lineage is a competition. I was planning to take a surprise attack by aiming for a gap where I was not paying attention… but at Xian’s loud scream, even Dejai screamed in surprise.  



The screams of the two mix. Seeing that, Ciel laughed and held his stomach. After screaming for a while, Xian regained her senses and drew her sword.

“Dijira! How dare you surprise me?!”

“I-I was even more surprised!” 

Desiira is younger than Xian. In addition, because of his position as a collateral, he did not dare to speak comfortably to Xian. She jumped up behind her. Surprise is a failure.

“Why are you surprised! you, why are you like that? You came out just to surprise me!”

“I’m hurt!”

“Don’t lie!”

Didyra felt as if he was going to die of injustice. She has come this far by overcoming all sorts of traps, monsters and giant trolls. No matter how brilliant Desiira was for her age, minor scars were unavoidable. The reason her face was covered in blood was because her forehead was slashed.

“I can’t forgive you…! How dare you surprise me?! Yeah, you think I don’t know your plans? You tried to surprise me and then ambush me!”


that was true didn’t even try Desiira turned her body away while shouting in disgrace. Then she started running away.

“Brother, run away!”


Xian was genuinely furious. To make you scream unsightly in front of your little brother! Didyra, who came out disguised as a ghost, was truly despicable. He is more mean than Eugene who suddenly attacked him. so i can’t forgive Sian ran in pursuit of Desiira. 

Ciel laughed and followed Cian. No matter how fast Desiira had long limbs, he couldn’t be faster than the twins who trained mana. The distance gradually narrows. 

‘Garges, where are you going?’


Desiira squealed. But then Gargis couldn’t hear Didyra’s voice as he roared on top of the troll.

“Don’t run away!”

“I did nothing wrong!”

“But why are you running away?!”

“Sian-sama is going to bully me!”

“that’s right!”

Xian exclaimed. At that answer, Desiira squeezed the strength she had been suckling. would you rather fight? I don’t know if Xian is alone, but Ciel is there too. Besides, you can never win with a body full of scars.


Where is this baby? Desiira, who was running, stepped on the foot of the trap. ㅡCoooooung! the floor sinks Desiira screamed and jumped off the floor.

Quadang! After barely jumping over the hole, Desiira fell to the ground on her buttock. She cried as she clutched at her sore hip. 

“I told you not to run away!”

Xian stopped at the sudden trap and shouted. Desiira panted and ran forward again.


Xian looked down at the trap for a moment. It’s so deep that you can’t see the end. Besides, the distance from the other side is quite far. Should I go back another way? Xian hesitated for a moment and hesitated. 

Then he saw his brother’s leaning eyes. Sian bit his lip. I can’t be humiliated any longer. 


Xian shouted and jumped over the trap. The mana that spread throughout her body made her jump that far. 

“Ciel! you come too! I’ll catch you!”


Xian spread his arms wide with determined eyes. However, Ciel jumped the trap without Cyan’s help. They are twins who have learned the same things since childhood. If Xian can do it, Ciel can do it too.

“…He’s also my younger brother.”

Sian awkwardly lowered his outstretched arm and resumed the pursuit of Didyera, who had fled. 

The two did not last long and stopped.

It was the same with the designer. 

“…the captain monster.”

After running furiously, the three reached the center of the labyrinth. On the other side of the road, there is a huge hollow with walls on all sides. In the center sat a monster much bigger than a troll. 

“Why are you three coming together?”

Yujin, who was sitting with her back against the wall, tilted her head and asked.

“…what are you doing here?”

“What are you doing? You are sitting.”


“I was wondering who would come first.”

Yujin replied with a smirk.

The twisted eyes were full of mischievous mischief.

blood type

“Who first?” 

Xian’s expression softened. It was because Eugene’s words sounded like he was making fun of himself. Eugene was the first to break through the labyrinth and arrived at the center. 

“Dijira came first.”

“He ran away!”

“Why are you running away?”


It was a question I didn’t really want to answer. She knew that the bloody figure was a ghost and she screamed. I was ashamed and angry about that, so I tried to scold him… To explain that, I have to admit that Xian himself screamed in fear of ghosts.

“…Dijira… insulted me…”

“You really like the word insult.”

“When did I insult Xian?”

Desiira exclaimed with a look of regret. If the surprise attack was successful as expected, it wouldn’t be as unfair as this. 

“Sian-nim overreacted. We just bumped into each other on the street!”

“You deliberately surprised me!”

“I never did! Rather, I was startled by Xian-nim’s screams!”

“I… I didn’t scream.”

Xian dyed his ears red and clenched his fists.

“I just… just got angry and yelled. you me… yes! Desiira, you tried to ambush me!”

“…I didn’t.”

“You hesitated for a moment! I saw you roll your eyes You really tried to surprise me?! How dare you, a collateral, to attack me?!”

“Oh really! No!”

I screamed out in frustration and bewilderment. Sian’s eyes widened at the cry she made according to her personality. 

“Why are you talking to me! I am the son of the original family and I am one year older than you!”

“You say no, but you keep crying!”

“Another half word…”


Eugene didn’t want to hear any more of that childish argument. He didn’t even care what exactly the insult Xian had received. 

“anyway. Desiira came first.”

“You were the first to come.”

Ciel smiled and said.

“that’s right. I came first.”

“…what do you want to say?”

Desiira asked, glancing at Eugene. Let’s join forces and fight the boss monster. We did talk about that after dinner with the head of household. Waiting here… Could it be that Eugene failed after challenging the boss monster by himself? 

“I’m going to give you a concession.”

Eugene laughed and said.


“I can fight him and win. But if I rush to catch you first, I feel sorry for you who have suffered and come all the way here.”

“What’s up?”

Xian groaned. It was an obvious insult. He didn’t shout like that, but Dejaira frowned and glared at Eugene.

What about Ciel? She didn’t feel angry or insulted. However, this situation was so funny and amusing that her eyes twinkled in anticipation of what would happen.

“Let’s do it fairly, in the order we came.” 

“You… are you speaking sanely? Didn’t the monsters hit you in the head a few times on the way here?”

“It wasn’t right. I am perfectly fine.”

Eugene looked up at Desiira without standing up from his sitting position.

“If you feel like you can’t win, you can give up. It is your freedom.”

give up? Desiira’s eyebrows twitched. I came this far through all the hardships. Hearing the word concession was dumbfounded, but the word giving up made Dezeira even more angry. 

“I won’t give up!”

“It must be difficult alone…”

Eugene laughed teasingly. Desiira shook her shoulders and turned to the boss monster in the center.

A large, muscular figure that can be clearly seen even from this distance. It’s bigger than the troll I barely passed earlier. The biggest feature is ‘head.’ A giant monster with a bull’s head.

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