Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 33

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Narisa’s soup was quite good.


“The time has come for the pursuit.”

It’s been three days since I joined Narisa.

“I guess so.”

The place where I encountered the warriors of the Garung tribe was a little out of their territory. However, if 10 warriors who went hunting did not come back, and even if the prey was an elf with high sales value. There was no way the tribe would simply hand over the task.

“How did you put the body?”

“It burned.”

Of course he did. If you leave a corpse for no reason, it gives you an excuse to make the pursuit easier. Eugene burned all the killed warriors and Bakanwolf with magic, and arranged them so that not a single bone fragment was left.

“If you see that he hasn’t come for three days. It seems that the chase is having trouble.”

The forest is wide. It is as wide as it is dangerous, and there are complex interests intertwined among the tribes who live here. The Garung are a tough tribe, but that doesn’t mean they can’t invade areas that aren’t theirs. That was the law between the tribes.

If you want to remain as a ‘tribe of Samar’, it is right to follow the law.

Garung’s Great Warrior. Ujicha had no such intention. This rugged bald man had great ambitions as well as great muscles.

Those born in the forest and raised in the forest will only die in the forest.

Like most tribes, the Garung tribe has been constantly interacting with the upper guilds of the outside world.

The owner of the Merchant Merchant is Count Koval of the Sea Kingdom Official.

The Garung tribe owns a small mine, where mithril began to be mined a few years ago.

Count Koval has his eyes on the quality mithril mined in the mines of the Garung tribe. He wants to purchase the mine itself rather than just receiving mithril. If it was a mine where mithril was mined, other valuable ores might be dormant as well.

To do so, the mines must be properly developed, but mines cannot be developed just by blindly picking a pickaxe. Natives born in the forest and used to hunting do not have the knowledge to develop mines. The only thing you can do is to mine iron, which can only make weapons and tools.

Count Koval was willing to mobilize even Dwarven artisans to develop the mine. However, no matter how eager this side was, the Garung tribe had no intention of selling the mine, nor of allowing outsiders to develop the mine that had been owned by their ancestors.

That is the stubbornness of the Garung chief.

The tribal chief is old. Ujicha sees an opportunity and intends to bring down the tribal chief and become the tribal chief himself. After that, he will sell the mines and get a lot of money. It was not Ujicha’s business that outsiders came in and developed the mine.

I have no intention of becoming old as a tribal chief, stuck in the woods. Strength weakens with age, but money does not weaken with age. Ujicha wanted to leave the forest with Count Koval as her connection. I want to cross the wide sea and live a luxurious life in a wonderful city.

Since he was drawing such a future, Ujicha was catering to the low-quality taste of this fat little boy. He can’t respect and understand, but he didn’t reject or ignore.

When Ujicha brought down the tribal chief and conveyed his intention to sell the mine, Count Kobal sent his knight and son here.

Proud Coral. The son of a count, a pig. Ujicha wanted to make it a wing to rise to a splendid future by matching the taste of the tea.

Da-Bo-Rang wants to have a one-legged elf. She was furious that the hunt had failed. He mocked him, saying, “Warriors can’t catch a stupid elf.” And then I followed you all the way, saying that I wouldn’t believe you.

The reason why he couldn’t catch up with the elf even after three days had passed was because of that pig’s complaint. He whined that he was hot even after walking a short distance. He said that if you ride on the back of a wolf, he stinks. He yelled that he felt sick to his stomach when he tried to run a little faster.

If it wasn’t for the count’s son, I would have killed him. Every time Ujicha felt the intent to kill, Blon, an escort knight, comforted Ujicha.

“Be patient. I’ll be sure to tell the Count about the hard work you’ve done.”

“Are you sure?”

“Cancer, no way. The Count is very merciful to talented people. Skills as a great warrior, gifts full of goodwill for the young boy… haha! The Count will undoubtedly favor you.”

Blon said that and smiled mischievously.

“Yeah, let’s do this. Before selling the mine, come to the simuin once. Let me introduce you to the intimate ladies. All of them are ladies from aristocratic families. A man like you would be liked by the ladies, and if the relationship develops well… you could become an aristocrat right away.”

Such an appeasement calmed Ujicha’s anger. Yes, you just have to be patient a little longer. The chase was later than planned, but we found traces of what we believe to be thieves who dared to steal the tribe’s game.

“Mr. Woojicha.”

A warrior returning from a quest calls for Ujicha.

“A child I don’t know who is sitting in front of me.”

“Is it a wild tribe?”

This is the territory of the wild tribe. Dozens of warriors from other tribes invaded, so it was only natural that the warriors of the wild tribes came out vigilantly. The Yabang tribe is a tribe that doesn’t bow much compared to the Garung tribe. That is, when they collide with each other, they lose a lot and are similar.

So explain the situation and he will get out of the way. Tribal warriors were slain, and their prey was stolen. He would be angry at the fact that he had not sent an emissary beforehand, but that was none of Ujicha’s business. To Ujicha, who was drawing the future outside the forest, the laws of the forest and the situation between tribes were not important issues.

“I’m not a warrior from the wild tribe.”

“Could it be the thief’s companion?”

It may have been that he noticed the pursuit and left his comrades to block the path. Ujicha smiled and climbed on the wolf’s back.

“It seems that he has become arrogant for killing several warriors.”

It didn’t matter if he wasn’t a thief’s companion. If you are not a warrior of the wild tribe, you don’t even need to show mercy. If it blocks the road, just clear it and go.

“When are you going to catch the elves?”

Piglet, da brag whines. Ujicha twitched her mouth and looked back at Dara.

“It looks like there is a colleague of the thief who stole the elf in front of me. Let’s go too, Bocchan.”

“why? no. I’ll stay in the shade…”

“We will all go together, young master. If you capture him, you’ll be able to catch the elf faster. The longer you rest here, the longer it will take to catch the elves.”


Eventually, Dazarang stood up from his seat. Ujicha intended to brutally kill the guy who was blocking the road, and let Tazarang see it and scare him. If that were the case, the attitude that aroused murderous intent would soften a little.


Dozens of wolves ran through the forest.


The wolves stop. It was as I heard. A man was sitting in the middle of a bumpy forest road.

“I am Ujicha, the great warrior of the Garung tribe.”

Ujicha exclaimed and descended from the wolf’s back.

“We are looking for a thief who dared to steal the tribal game. you. Do you know the one-legged elf?”

The man didn’t answer. He was wearing a large cloak and even a hood, so his face could not be seen.

“Answer me.”

Ujicha’s voice subsides bleakly. She even spoke the official language herself, but there was no answer from the man. Ujicha accepted the man’s silence as an affirmation.

The wolves growl as they raise their hands. Dozens of warriors surrounded the man and blocked his retreat.

“hunt? Are you hunting?”

The voice of Da-Bo-Rang is young. She’s proud of being aroused by disfigured women. She doesn’t like to jump to her feet and hunt herself, but she likes to watch the hunt and see the corpses of her prey.

“Blon, Blon! I come close too. If that bastard tries to take me hostage, you stop it. Understand?”

“Yes, Bocchan.”



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Blon did not stop bragging. It wasn’t because this happened once or twice, but because I was used to it.

“Tell me about your colleague.”

Ujicha grabbed the hilt of the greatsword slung on her back.

“Where did you take the elf? If you tell them about them and guide them, they will save you, not kill them.”

“You bald bastard! Who wants to live without killing? No no! kill! Rip off your limbs and kill me!”

Dazarang squawked and shouted. Ujicha gritted her teeth and glared at Tazarang.

“… hahaha.”

The man sitting there shakes his shoulders and laughs. He nodded his head as he slapped his hand on his knee.

“The pig is wearing a gold necklace in a silk suit that doesn’t fit its proportions.”

“…Where’s the little pig here… Blon! Um, did that bastard just call me a pig? yes?! Right! Call me a pig! catch, catch! Kneel before me!”

Dazarang shouted loudly and went mad.

“now. young master. Calm down. Even if the young master is not in a hurry, you will soon see something pleasant.”

Blon said that and turned to the man.

“you. You’d better be careful what you say.”

“What to watch out for? I have no intention of listening to your request. I won’t beg for my life to be saved. Then we will end up fighting here.”

a man raises himself Ujicha laughed, showing yellow teeth.

“is it? Aren’t you going to tell me about the elves and your colleagues?”

“I can tell you this.”

Golden eyes gleamed in the darkness covered by the hood.

“The warriors of your tribe were all scum. Self-professed warrior was weak enough to be laughable. And he was mean, and cowardly. Do you know how bluffed they were when they first met me? Do you know how quickly that bluff was destroyed and how many tears were shed at the end begging for my life?”

“…Don’t insult the warriors of Garung.”

Veins squirm in Ujicha’s head. The man saw it and burst out laughing.

“Give me a chance.”


“Stop chasing and retreat. If it’s now, I won’t catch you even if I step back. Go back and wipe that ugly pig’s ass.”

“Kill! Kill me!”

Dazarang rolled his eyes and wrote evil. By that point, Blon couldn’t stand smiling any longer. The immature youngster didn’t like Blon either, but he was a knight who swore allegiance to the Coral family.

“Ujicha. I will take care of this.”


Ujicha also nodded. Although his tribal warrior expresses anger at being insulted, the retribution is unleashed on the thieves carrying the elves. Here, it is better to count Blon’s prestige and back down.

“They say my name is Blon Girach.”

As Blon stepped forward, he fumbled for the sword at his waist.

“I’m serving Count Coral of the Simuin Kingdom.”

“Blon… Blon Girakra… Ah, that’s right. Twelve-year-old girl.”

The man let out a short exclamation and nodded his head. Twelve Girls, the servants, are the 12 knights who are said to be the most talented in the kingdom.

“okay. It’s embarrassing to be called one of the Twelve Girls. Nameless savage, it’s too late to regret it now. The crime of insulting the young master of the family I serve, with his life…”

“You’re doing a good job grasping the subject.”

said the man, laughing.

“You are right to be shy. Speaking of 12 officials, aren’t there 12 people who lined up in your country alone? And you, Blon Girach. What’s the worst person among the 12 girls pretending to be so great about?”

“…you will die in such terrible agony that you will regret being born.”

The smile disappeared from Blon’s face. He drew a long sword from his waist and aimed it at the man.

“I will not follow chivalry in this fight. This is not a duel between knights, and I will not respect your honor any more than you do mine.”

“I hate articles.”

The golden eyes smirk and twist.

“There are too many words. How long are you going to keep talking?”

First cut off an arm. Blon thought so and stretched out his foot. With that one step, he instantly closed the distance and stabbed his sword. This speedy thrust is the extreme expression of Blon’s proud swordsmanship.


My body trembled greatly. The balance has collapsed.

It was for a simple reason. This is because the arm stabbed by the sword was completely ripped off.

“Look at that.”

The cloak shakes with movement. Under the slightly raised hood, golden eyes are smiling.

“You’re weak enough to be ashamed of.”


Blon twisted his face and swung his other hand. There was no longer a sword in his hand, but Blon slashed the man with sword steel wrapped around his bare hand.

But that arm was also torn off. did not fall Blon’s arms were held in the man’s hands, one at a time. He destroyed Blon’s sword steel with his bare hands and ripped off his arm.

“You lacked understanding of the subject.”

The man let go of his arm and grabbed Blon’s belly with his outstretched hand.

“Jade… oh ok… 5 grains… oh oh ok…!”

Blon couldn’t even scream properly. Every time the man squeezed his hand, Blon’s thick waist grew thinner. Kwadeuk! When a man has his hand fully clasped. Blon’s body split in two.

Twelve-year-old girl. Blon Girach died just like that. D’Abrain opened her mouth at the sight.

Ujicha was even more astonished than the teaser. The corpses of warriors who died horribly came to mind. Bodies beaten to death by fists, cut by swords, impaled by spears, exploded like bombs, squeezed and crushed.

I thought wrong. It wasn’t the sword that cut the warriors, it wasn’t the spear that stabbed them, and it wasn’t the bomb that exploded. What is squeezed. Only the traces that I thought were nonsense were the truth. Didn’t you see it right in front of your eyes? Blon was squeezed to death by a man’s hand.

“Then why are you following me?”

the man laughed He continued his words as he wiped the blood from his sharp fingernails.

“You kindly left the corpses behind to tell me not to follow you. You shouldn’t have come because you were afraid to see such a corpse.”

“That… uh… now, wrong…”

“You are the same. The great warrior of the Garung tribe, Ujicha.”

Wolves lower their tails. The monster’s ferocity becomes infinitely smaller in the face of greater fear. It wasn’t just wolves. All the warriors trembled with visceral fear.


Ujicha sensed that no matter what she said, she couldn’t make the monster back down. colorful life in the city. future. All of it is overshadowed by death.


the man moved

Ujicha closed her eyes tightly.


There is a problem.

A village where wandering elves gathered. Its existence is certain. According to the Dark Elves, the elf village definitely exists, not just rumors.

Just how do you find him? Even the Dark Elves did not know the details of the village’s location. Deep in the Great Grove, near the Azan tribe. All he knew was that there was an elf village somewhere there.

Dark elves do not approach that village.

Because I’m afraid of the Guardians.

300 years ago, the elves hated the dark elves. They said that they were traitors who forgot their duty as elves and clung to the demon lord and distorted the essence of their race.


Times have changed a lot. In the era 300 years ago, everyone in the world hated the Demon King. For the elves who were dying from horse disease, the demon king was not a target to beg for their lives, but an enemy who killed the race in droves.

However, in today’s world, demon lords are not hated like they were 300 years ago. Just because they follow the demon king doesn’t mean they won’t be stoned to death like before. He is not even hunted indiscriminately for being a warlock.

The same goes for Dark Elves. It can’t be helped that it is an object of reluctance, but it is not an object of unconditional hatred. After all, the Dark Elves who were born after the promise were victims who had no choice but to feel resentment.

Horseman. Becoming a Dark Elf or entering Samar. If you can’t protect yourself, you have no choice but to be hunted, but if you become a Dark Elf, you can overcome horsemen and even receive Iris’s protection.

In the end, becoming a dark elf is an elf’s choice. Either he lived as an elf or as a dark elf. Eugene didn’t want to understand, but he wanted that if he looked at it from the elf’s point of view he might understand.

However, the Guardians do not understand the Dark Elves. He gathers wandering elves and protects the village. Approaching hunters are killed without mercy.

The same goes for Dark Elves. Guardians do not recognize the Dark Elves as their own kind. That was an outdated point of view.


A point of view outdated like Hamel’s.


Eugene imagined a Guardian he hadn’t met yet. uh

‘That guardian, he must be well over 300 years old.’

A flimsy guess.

‘About 400 years old, no matter how small it is.’

the elf.

I don’t enjoy killing things.

‘I would have participated in the war.’

Elves do not kill their own kind. Elves and dark elves are different. The reason why the guardians are so different is that they hate Dark Elves to the extent that they have no choice but to do so.

The Dark Elves 300 years ago did something that the Elves couldn’t help but hate. Elves are a race that loves nature and is loved by nature. When the demon king raises an army and the horse disease spreads. Many elves participated in the war against the demon lord.

Elves used mountains and forests as battlefields to deal with monsters and demons. The mad king used a very simple yet effective tactic to deal with those elven rangers.

The Dark Elf Corps led by Iris.

Elves at the time were hesitant to kill Dark Elves. I thought it was a pitiful fellow countryman who had been corrupted by the demon lord. I thought that I could save it, that I could coexist with persuasion.

Dark Elf.

Iris made the elves hate the dark elves. She burned forests and mountains. Iris was once an elf, so she understood the nature of elves well. Elves screamed in burning forests and mountains, but did not run away. The important thing for them was not to run away, but to put out the fires burning the forests and mountains.

‘The location of the village… I don’t know. Dark elves can’t even get close to the village.’

The Dark Elf, who was reciting ‘Confession’, said so.

‘Guardians… brutally kill Dark Elves. Put him on his knees, open his belly and take out his intestines. He lets it die while… elongating… the intestines. He’s… He’s a lunatic.’

A flimsy guess, though.

Those words made Eugene have confidence in the guardian.

‘That’s Iris’ method of execution.’

to intimidate.

Iris brutally killed the elves. He told me to choose whether to become a dark elf or die as an elf. She had her elven captives sit down and watch her people brutally die.


Narisa, who was carried by the wind and was floating in the air, trembled.

“Yu… Eugene. I hear a song, a song.”

“As expected.”

Eugene muttered, not surprised. A secretly hidden village of elves. I was wondering how to guide a wandering elf on such a topic. Was it a way to leave traces that only elves could notice?

“A song… I can’t hear anything?”

Yujin muttered, alerting her senses. He was not an elf, but he prided himself on having as sharp ears as an elf. However, even with mana, I couldn’t hear the ‘song’ that Narissa said.

“Um… umm… this… I mean… it’s ringing in my head, not in my ears. Like… like magic…”

“Can you guess which one?”

“More inward… yes… uh… uh…?”

Narisa shook her shoulders. She looked back at Eugene and Cristina with a puzzled look on her face.

“Uh… over there… uh… Eugene…?”


“A voice in my head… wants me to say something…”


“I’m telling you to put me down… back away.”

“What if I don’t step back?”

Yujin smiled and asked. At that, Narisa was in tears and hesitated to answer her.

“Tell me, Narissa.”

“…If we come together any more… Black… I will kill Eugene-sama and Cristina-sama…”


Eugene burst into laughter and pulled the wind.

“If you want to kill me, you will have to come out yourself.”

Eugene carried Narisa on her back.

“Let’s meet and think about it.”

Maybe the Guardian is someone I’ve met in my previous life.


Narisa was placed on her back, and the hood of her cloak was pulled over her body. The wind spirit was also summoned and surrounded. I also mixed a few mana shields and defensive magic.

In response, Christina also developed divine magic. Divine magic is superior to equivalent defensive magic. Eugene opened his mouth after confirming the range of the barrier.

“Stay close behind.”


Christina answered without resentment. Aren’t you being too reckless? She didn’t think so. In these matters Christina did not disobey her Eugene.

Taking a few steps, Eugene put his hand inside his cloak. He didn’t draw his weapon first. when it went a little further.

Something caught in the sharp sense. Get out of the moment caught. No, it gets closer. Vigilance was in place from the beginning, and the response was made immediately. The sword pulled out of the cloak cut through the air.

Caang! The sword breaks at the same time as the collision. Eugene ignored the flying debris and pulled out his right hand, which was still inside his cloak. At the moment of collision, Mana, who was shaking violently, was eaten by her predatory sword, Aspell. The power between Eugene and the attacker was empty.


Eugene no longer carried Narisa. The wind spirit hugged Narisa and stepped back. Cristina immediately took up the wand and wrapped Narissa in light.

body was free. Eugene rushed forward without delay. The figure of the guardian wearing an old robe is captured in the eyes. Aspel’s outstretched sword body wriggled and fired while fluttering.

Cacan! The sound of metal hitting. Aspel doesn’t break. The Guardians did not back down either. The Guardian didn’t attack more, but straightened his sword by receiving the attack.

Aspel scratches the floor. The upward sword strike bursts mana. Against him, the Guardian’s sword moved. ㅡSass! Before the explosion consumed the Guardian, the sword he wielded cut through space.

[…that sword.]

A voice echoes in my head. Eugene took a step back without swinging his sword any further.

[The predatory sword, Aspel.]

Eugene didn’t answer. The guardian looked at Eugene blankly and continued.

[Since when did Lionheart protect the wandering elves?]

“Show me your face and tell me.”

My heart is pounding. Eugene adjusted his expression and put Aspel back inside the cloak. And then he licked her lips.


The guardian who saw the smirking mouth let out a small exclamation. He stared at Eugene for a moment, then giggled.

[I thought they looked alike. Wasn’t it similar?]

Eugene shrugged his shoulders without answering. In that silence, the Guardian put down his sword and pulled back the hood that covered his face.

[Hamel Diners.]

I swung my sword, hoping that you would notice. I couldn’t say it out of my mouth thanks to my shame, but the sword attack was from the bottom up. That was Hamel’s fifth brother, Dragon Burst.

[Are you wandering around as a specter without being able to find rest?]

“I think it is the same for you.”

Eugene replied with a smile.

Lips that did not speak, but only chattered. That’s how I called ‘name’. An older elf who recognizes Aspel and has skills like that. A cruel elf who hates Iris and the Dark Elves, but can act according to his hatred.

In Eugene’s memory, there weren’t many elves like that.

dull green hair. A face so beautiful that it is unclear whether it is a man or a woman. A scar across the cheek.


“What is your purpose?”

Sycnad no longer spoke in his head. As he sheathed his sword, he stared at Eugene and Lisa. And that gaze moves to Christina.

He stared at Christina for a moment. Just as Eugene knows Chicnard, Chicnard knows Eugene and Hamel. In other words, even Sycnad knew Anise from 300 years ago.

“…no. Is it funny to ask?”

Sycnad muttered that and turned around. He didn’t ask him to follow him, but Eugene did not ask and followed Sycnad.

“…does anyone know?”

Cristina approaches and asks. Narisa did not understand the situation yet and she was terrified.

“If it was someone you knew, would you have attacked them first?”

“But you were attacked.”

“It looks like they misunderstood us.”

Eugene smiled and glanced at Christina’s face.

“…the fact that they look alike is helpful too.”

Cristina smiled lightly and nodded. That was the only answer. She didn’t ask Cristina any more, and put her benevolent face on Narissa’s shoulders as she trembled.

Every time you walk out, the scenery distorts. Barrier magic so advanced that it is hard to notice from the outside and interfere with it. It was not surprising.

A village where wandering elves gather. Isn’t it a hunting ground for hunters and savages to drool? Nevertheless, the fact that the location is not properly known means that not only the existence of the guardian, but also the magic that protects the village exists separately.

‘It’s good that you brought Narisa.’

If I hadn’t put her in front, I would have wandered for a long time in this vast forest.

“…a barrier of this scale.”

Cristina looked around in admiration. She didn’t feel anything out of place even before she came in and out, and even now when she came inside.

It was the same with Eugene. As a magician, Eugene’s level exceeds the 5th circle. In general terms, wizards of 5th circle or higher are classified as Intermediate. However, Eugene’s keen senses and knowledge of Witchcraft were never at the level of an intermediate wizard.

‘…It’s not an ordinary barrier.’

Eugene tried to understand the barrier from a magical point of view, but it was not easy. Even though I am walking in the barrier, I do not feel any discomfort.

The Sycnard that Eugene remembers was not an outstanding elf as a mage.

“…How many elves are there in this village?”

“About 100 people.”

At that answer, Narissa burst into admiration. The elves were looking at the houses in the distance. His gaze was a mix of hostility and fear.

“I think we need to talk. What are you going to do?”

“Christina. I’m killing time on my own.”

Eugene said without looking back at Christina. She was abrupt, but she was not taken aback by Cristina. She nodded her head slightly, and looked back at her elves with her eyes full of interest.

“Don’t be rude.”

“Do not worry.”

Christina replied with a smile. Eugene left Cristina and Narissa alone and followed Sycnard.

“Isn’t it too lacking in vigilance?”

“why. Can you hold them both and take them hostage while I’m gone?”

“Is there any reason to do that?”

“No. So I am not vigilant.”

“The elves here hate outsiders.”

“I know that even if you don’t say it. The hostility is very… sharp. However, it seems few elves are capable enough to realize their enmity.”

Eugene said that while examining the elves. She didn’t expect there to be 100 of them, but she thought that the only elves that could threaten Christina were the Sicnards.

Sycnad, who had been giggling and laughing, shrugged.

“That woman.”

“Is it similar?”

“It’s not even close to the resemblance.”

“I was also surprised when I first saw it. But it’s just a resemblance.”

“I could be deceiving you.”

“Chicnad. As you recognized me, Anis could have recognized me. I didn’t say anything, but I didn’t hide it. If I had known, I would have recognized it much sooner than you.”

While hanging out with Christina, he drew his sword several times. no, before that. When fighting Genos with swords at the Black Lion Castle, Eugene did not hesitate to use the Hamel style. It wasn’t just to get Genos’s approval, but also to see Christina’s reaction.

The gaze was strange. That bothered her quite a bit, but Cristina didn’t mention anything about Hamel. If Christina is really anise. She would have no reason to hide herself.

“…He is too.”

Sycnad muttered in a low voice and laughed. He opened the door of the old cabin and beckoned Eugene to come in.

“I never thought I would see you again.”

“That goes for me too.”

Yujin smiled and entered the door. the moment it came in.

The figure of Sycnad disappeared. Eugene smiled and leaned her back. Her swinging elbow brushes through her fabric. Even in her unstable posture, Eugene reached out and grabbed Chicnard’s collar. That’s how I closed the gap with him by pressing his body close.

“You’ve grown a lot. You know how to fight first.”

“You are too young.”

Sycnad showed his teeth and laughed. After a brief confrontation, Sikh Nad let go of his hand first. He took a few steps back and scanned his Eugene up and down.

“My skills didn’t rust. You are weaker than in your previous life.”

“It can’t be helped. This body is not yet complete.”

“The human body… how old is it?”

“Soon 20 years old.”


At Eugene’s answer, Sycnard burst into a cheerful laugh.

“indeed. Even considering you’re human, you’re young. Even so, it’s as complete as it is now… It seems that you haven’t enjoyed your reincarnation leisurely.”

“If the world hadn’t been like this, I would have enjoyed it leisurely. Doing things I couldn’t do in my previous life.”

Eugene pulled a chair and sat down on it.

“…the body. Is it the body of a descendant of Vermouth?”

“Don’t ask too much. I don’t know enough about this reincarnation to answer satisfactorily.”

“is it?”

“I died in the demon castle of confinement. For me… Death and reincarnation are directly connected. I didn’t stop by heaven or hell… I just… died, and when I opened my eyes… I was a newborn baby.”

Sycnard sat across from Eugene and listened to the story.

“I don’t know the details. I was born as a descendant of Vermouth, and somehow I became the adopted son of the original family. I lived like that… well… I came here. You can guess why.”


“What have you been doing? 300 years is not a short time even for elves.”

“It wasn’t even a good time.”

Sycnad twitched her lips and smiled.

300 years ago. Sycnad was one of the elven rangers who fought against the demon king. Helmud, which could be called the front line. The elven rangers, including Sycnad, ran through forests and mountains to deal with the demon army.

Hamel had met Sycnad in his previous life. While she was fighting the demon army in Helmud, she once conducted a joint operation with the elven rangers. At that time, Sikh Nard was a young elf full of blood, and he knew Senya from his childhood.


Senya used to call Sikhnad that.

Although Sycnad was an elf, he was not like an elf. In particular, he did not accept that Senya would go to a dangerous battlefield for the elves. He fired at Senja several times to go back to the forest, and when Senja didn’t listen, he forced himself.

to break it by force.

Hamel came out. Sycnad was strong, but not as strong as Hamel.

‘Protect Senya no matter what.’

He beat him and made him fall to the floor. Seeing the bloody and dusty subject, Chicnad uttered some pretty pompous words with panting breath.

‘To keep. That girl must be taller than me?’

That’s how I broke up with Sycnad. Hamel, Senya, and Vermouth… ‘Party of Heroes’ moved forward. Sycnad and the Elf Ranger. The opposing army, including them, remained in the rear to prevent the demon army from crossing the front line.

and after a few months The Dark Elf Corps led by Iris massacred the Elf Rangers.

“After you die. The war ended with Vermouth’s promise.”

Sycnad continued.

“Me and the other elves… returned to the manor. I had no choice but to. The peace that was barely obtained could not be broken with vengeance alone.”

The promise made 300 years ago was due to the mercy of the demon king. Neither the demon king of confinement nor the demon king of destruction needed to make a promise.

The Tempest did not speak. The final battle that took place in the confined demon castle was not an equal fight. The fight was able to be established because of Vermouth, and if he had joined the demon king of destruction, even Vermouth would not have been able to survive on the spot.

Even so, the demon king of confinement made a promise. Neither vermouth, nor anise, nor senya, nor moron died. Hamel was the only one who died there. No one died more.

That’s how the war ended. Vermut returned to the Kiel Empire and became a duke, Moron established the Kingdom of Luhar in the north, Anis became a saint in Juras,

is Senya.

“…that child… returned to the elven estate and attended the memorial service.”

“…A memorial service?”

“The spirits of elves who die ‘outside’ eventually return to the World Tree.”

That is the faith of the elves. A thousand-year-old fairy tree that stands tall in the center of the elves’ territory. Elves call the giant fairy tree the ‘World Tree’, and believe that the spirits of dead elves, including their ancestors, dwell there.

“The war is over. A memorial service was held for the victims in the elves’ territory. Senya was not born an elf, but she belongs to a family of elves. And… he achieved ‘revenge’ more than any of the elves.”


When the news came that Iris and the Dark Elf Corps had annihilated the elves.

Senya teared her hair and sobbed. He screamed and cried until his throat was hoarse. Mana overflowing with anger and hatred shook the heavens and the earth. Moron approached Senya to calm her down, but was struck by her magic and sent her flying dozens of kilometers away.

Hamel risked his life to calm the runaway Senya. If Vermouth hadn’t suppressed Senya’s mana, he wouldn’t have risked his life, he would have really been torn to pieces.

That’s why Eugene hates dark elves. The current generation of Dark Elves might feel unfair, but whenever I saw that dark skin, red eyes, and long ears, I thought of Senya who was crying profusely. It reminded me of Senya, who was holding her in her arms, with tears, runny nose and blood all over her clothes… crying over her ugly face.

‘Lord, Lord, I’ll kill you.’


‘Really… I’m going to kill… all of them. The Dark Elves, ah, ah, Iris, and the demon king of madness.’

‘Don’t kill alone, kill together.’

Failed. He killed the mad king, but he couldn’t kill Iris. No one there could have imagined that the mad king would risk his own life to free Iris and Oboron, and neither did Senya.


‘Don’t apologize.’

‘I shouldn’t have missed it…’

‘사과하지 말라고, 개새끼야. It’s not like you missed it because you wanted to miss it.’

He apologized while bowing his head at best, but Senya fired at Hamel and kicked Hamel in the shin. Iris could not be killed. Still, the mad king was killed. Senya was satisfied with that.

“…What happened after that?”

“Senya went to Arot, and the elves stayed in the manor.”

“You are here now.”

“Because 300 years is a long time.”

Sycnad twitched his lips and smiled.

“I… wanted to get my revenge somehow. So, I left the forest and wandered the world. To kill that damn Dark Elf.”

“…It seems you didn’t ask Senya for help.”

“Because that child is so big that he cannot be compared to the likes of me. I’m just one elf, but if Senya moves… the peace we’ve been promised might be broken.”

Iris is not dead. That Dark Elf is still alive, leading the frenzied independence army. He insists that he is the legitimate successor of the mad king and tries to become the devil king.

Sycnad’s revenge failed.

“…They say that Senya returned to the elven territory and retired.”

“It’s just a rumor.”

“Do you not believe me?”

“Hamel. Was there enough trust between you and me to establish unconditional trust?”

He is too. Eugene smiled and nodded her head.

“I saw you as Hamel, but I don’t believe you. You… died 300 years ago in the demon castle of confinement. Even if you were miraculously reincarnated, I cannot believe that you who are in front of me are innocent.”

“I understand. At first, I also had a lot of complicated thoughts. Am I really Hamel? Why are you reincarnated? I’ve been reincarnated, what should I do? If my reincarnation is someone’s intention, isn’t everything I do in reincarnation eventually becoming someone’s puppet and dancing?”

Eugene chuckled and put his hand inside his cloak.

“But, Sycnad. Those kinds of worries are useless to me at all. I am Hamel If I am so sure of myself, that is enough. What did Hamel wish for in his previous life? I wished to kill all demon lords. What am I now? Same. I will kill all demon lords Kill the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction. I’m going to kill all the demons in Helmud.”


“The problem is this. What I want is clear, but it’s too difficult. It is difficult for me now.”

“It’s not difficult, it’s impossible.”

“no. It is not impossible.”

Eugene got up from his chair. He glared at his Sikh Nad without removing his hand from his cloak.

“It is so difficult that it is infinitely close to impossible, but it is not impossible. I can do it. You can definitely do it.”


“Chicnad. I need to meet Senya.”


Chicnard answered in a low voice, and Eugene burst into laughter.

“Don’t bullshit.”

Eugene took out the leaves of the World Tree from within his cloak. Seeing this, Sycnad’s eyes trembled.


“If Senya is dead, I don’t believe it until I see the body with my own eyes. If you want to convince me, bring Senya’s corpse. Or does she lead me to the body?”

Eugene’s other hand hadn’t come out of the cloak yet. Sic Nard did not feel any murderous intent from Eugene, but he knew that he could wield the sword even if he had no murderous intent.

“Unlike my previous life, I’ve learned quite a bit of magic.”

The barrier of this village is something that even a reasonable wizard cannot imitate.

“If you want to convince me, you’ll have to convince me about the barriers in this town first. this barrier. Wasn’t it made by Senya?”

Sycnad let out a long sigh and stood up.

“Hamel. What would you do if I didn’t trust you to the end and said I wouldn’t open my mouth?”

“We will do the same as we did 300 years ago. I will beat you to the brink of death, so you have no choice but to say it even if you don’t like it.”

“It would be impossible for you now.”

“It is not impossible.”

ㅡ Hwareuk. The flames of the white salt ceremony wrapped around Yujin’s body.

“Compared to what I want to do, it’s not even difficult.”

Can you fight the Sycnad and win? If you pour out everything you have Moonlight Sword, Devouring Sword, Dragon Spear, Thunderbolt, Storm Sword, Holy Sword. Armed enough, if you use ignition from the beginning, you will win unconditionally.

“is it.”

Sycnad smiled and looked at the leaves of the World Tree.

“…follow me.”


The place Sycnad guided me to was an empty lot right behind my house. Eugene shrugged her shoulders as he looked back at the large clearing.

“If you’re going to do it, why don’t you go a little farther?”

“What do you mean?”

“If you get hit here, you won’t be ashamed to see other elves in the future. I’m sorry, but I’m in no situation to be considerate of your situation. If we do get into a fight, we will go straight to full strength without searching or looking after them.”

Yujin said that and operated the white salt ceremony. However, the reaction that came back was different from what I thought. Chic Nade stood in the dark, blinking his eyes, then let out a pathetic sigh.

“It seems that nature does not change even after death and rebirth.”

“What bastard?”

“So… Hamel. I am not here to fight you.”

“…okay? i again He told me to follow him, so I thought he was going to fight.”

“There is no reason to fight.”

Saying that, Sycnard turned to Eugene.

“…Hamel. If you had come blindly and asked about Senya, I wouldn’t have told you anything. But even though you are rude, you came to this place with a clear reason.”

leaves of the world tree.

“Since you brought it, we can’t keep silent about Senya. Just… Hamel. I don’t know everything as you might expect.”

“Then tell me what you know.”

“Isn’t it right in front of your eyes?”

Chicnard smiled and looked back at Eugene.

“…in front of my eyes?”

Eugene didn’t understand what he said and tilted his head. Then he slowly widened his eyes and looked around. wide open space. Udukoni Sun Sycnad. a few trees. That’s it.

“… Huh.”

An elven village in the middle of the forest. No wonder there are many trees. But that tree was unique. Eugene unwittingly took a step and approached the tree.

It has been over a month since I came to Samar. If it’s a tree, I’ve seen enough to get tired of it every day. It’s not just the same trees. There are hundreds of trees growing in this vast forest.

Eugene is neither a botanist nor interested in trees enough to memorize all the subtly different shapes of trees. But now, seeing the tree standing next to Sycnad, even interest that hadn’t been there was aroused.

“…fairy tree.”

Samar Great Forest. Even there, a tree said to grow only in the elven territory. The most expensive tree in the world and the best material for magic wands is the fairy tree.

“It’s not just a fairy tree.”

Sycnad looked back at the tree with a sad smile.

“These trees are saplings of the World Tree.”


understood. Yujin slowly looked up at the sky. A village where about 100 elves live. The barrier that protects this village from the outside is so high that even a few wizards can’t imitate it.

“…is this… magic?”

“Hamel. If you understand the magic of ‘now’ times, you will not be able to understand this magic.”

“…ancient magic.”

“Even among elves, it is a rare magic to have a successor. Even that Senya did not fully understand ancient magic.”

Saying that, Sycnad swept down the tree trunk.

“…I am not familiar with the logic of magic… I understand this ancient magic as the boon and miracle of the forest. Actually, isn’t it? These few trees are protecting this village like an elven territory with a world tree standing tall.”

Is it true? Eugene inspected the trees with thinly opened eyes. There are at most three fairy trees called saplings of the World Tree. It doesn’t look like it has any magic engraved on it.

Nevertheless, it is creating its own barriers. Truly ancient magic. It is different from normal magic.

“…was Senya doing it?”

“I would have said. Even Senya didn’t fully understand ancient magic.”

“then. Now, as you said, is this a blessing or a miracle from the forest?”

Sycnad nodded.

“Hamel. I don’t know what happened to the elven estate.”


“It’s not just me. don’t you think it’s weird About a hundred elves live in this village. There must be more elves outside the forest.”

200 years ago. The wise Senya suddenly disappeared from Arot and went into hiding. The most accepted theory about her retirement is that she returned to an elven estate somewhere in the Great Forest of Samar.

That was 200 years ago. Senya is also a person who is revered as a great man in Arot, and regarding her sudden retreat, Arot traced Senya’s activities at the national level.

Arod did not consider Senya’s retirement. It was unavoidable. If Senya had left behind a proper letter and retired, Arot would have been considerate of Senya’s retirement. However, Senya’s retirement was too sudden, Arot at the time was confused about the establishment of the Black Mage Tower, and Senya was the one who took the lead in opposing the Black Mage Tower.

Maybe black magicians. Perhaps Helmud’s demon tribe and demon king assassinated Senya. Now it’s treated as a rumor, but it wasn’t like 200 years ago.

So, Arot devoted himself to tracking Senya’s whereabouts. He sent an envoy to Samar Great Forest and contacted the elves.

But I couldn’t figure out anything. Arot did not find Senya, and he did not find the elf’s territory either.

It is nonsense. No matter how heavy the mouth of the elf was, Arot from 200 years ago would have done anything to find Senya. If you still can’t find it, it’s because there’s a reason you can’t help but do it.

“Not all elves in the world were born in the territory. But many elves, including me, were born in the territory.”


“Hamel. I remember the scenery there clearly. He remembered how grand the World Tree was and how beautiful the elven city was. But… oddly enough, I don’t remember ‘how’ I got in and out of it.”

Elves living outside often return to Samar eventually. However, even those elves could not return to their hometowns and wandered the forest.

“It’s magic.”

Eugene muttered in a low voice. interference with memory. Not just one or two, it interfered with the memories of the entire elven race. That kind of magic has serious aftereffects. No matter how careful one is, the magic that usually manipulates the mind will destroy the mind of the opponent.

“Any other clouding of memories?”

“does not exist.”

Mental magic without aftereffects… is such a thing possible? Is it possible to interfere with the memory of the entire race and conveniently delete only the desired part? It is impossible with the magic Eugene knows.

But if it’s Senya.

“…after all, you know nothing about Senya.”


Sycnad replied with a bitter smile.

“I came back to this forest decades ago. I… Wandered around Helmud, trying to get my revenge. but it failed All I got there was a disease that was eating me.”


Eugene flinched and stared at Sycnad. Outwardly, Sycnad did not appear ill. Seeing that gaze, Chicnard smiled and lifted his clothes.

From the center of his chest, he could see a black spot spreading like ink.

“…Are you okay?”

“If you don’t leave this forest.”

An elf suffering from horse disease cannot last more than five years at the longest.

“This is also a miracle from the gracious forest.”

“…the world tree?”


It’s different from 300 years ago when the 5 demon lords were alive. If you return to Samar, you can survive even if you get horse sickness. No other forest. Only the great forest of Samar, where the fairy tree and the world tree exist, preserves the lives of elves.

“…don’t think of passing it off as an emotional sellout.”

Eugene glared at Chicnard and said.

“You said those fairy trees were ‘saplings of the World Tree’.”

“To be emotional about someone else’s sad past. You always have a different personality.”

“What are you thinking? I just want to make sure.”

“I have no intention of hiding it.”

Sycnad sneered and ran his hand through the fairy tree.

“…I wanted to die in my hometown.”

“Another emotional arm.”

“Listen to the end, son of a bitch.”

“Elves are the beneficiaries of a well-crafted image. They are beautiful in appearance, love peace, live in the forest, and everyone thinks elves are kind and speak only kind words.”

“We are actually one such species.”

“Don’t berate, motherf*cker. If elves are really kind and speak only kind words, then why did Senya, who was raised by elves, be better at double-sexing than the cheap mercenaries?”

“…because we are beautiful and love peace, we have sharpened our tongues rather than bloody battles.”

“Uh, yeah, it’s a deaf. Go ahead with your emotional arm.”

I wanted to die in my hometown. He returned to Samar, longing for him. However, no matter how much I wandered and searched for memories, I could not return to my hometown.

“Even decades before that, the natives of the forest were savage. If you’re an elf, you’re a pair of horny bastards who run at you with lights on in their eyes. I was dying of horse disease, but it wasn’t difficult to deal with one of those savages. On the way to my hometown, I saved wandering elves in danger…”

“Uh, so why is that fairy tree a sapling of the World Tree?”

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