Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 27

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“If you answered right away, shouldn’t you say the same thing to the elders in there anyway?”

The door opened before Eugene could reach out.


Eugene stared at the elders seated around the round table. The owner of the house, Gilade, was also sitting there, and behind the elders stood Dominic Lionheart, who had gone earlier, and a man with a sharp look. It seemed that he was Genos Lionheart, the captain of the 2nd Division.


Yujin bowed her head as she entered the room.

“Suddenly, but.”

Raising his lowered head, Eugene unfolded his cloak. It was a sudden action, but the elders did not stop Eugene. It was because they all had enough skills to take care of themselves, and they felt that there was no hostility towards Eugene’s actions.

“Please look at this.”

Without hesitation, Eugene pulled the item out of his cloak.

A large statue and a memorial stone stand tall in front of Yujin.

Genos Lionheart

The elders seated around the round table were silent for a moment. They looked at the bronze statue and memorial stone that Eugene took out with dumbfounded faces.

Then someone stood up. A middle-aged man with gray hair that was close to white. Immortal Lionheart. It was Doines, the senator. With his hands behind his back, he slowly approached the statue and memorial stone.


Doines looked up at the undamaged statue. The perfection is so outstanding that it is hard to believe that it is a statue. Doynes looked up at the statue, which had clearly embodied his scars, then turned his attention to the memorial stone beneath it.

“…Hamel Diners.”

“Stupid Hamel?”

The elders are buzzing. Gilreid got up from his seat without realizing it and approached the statue of Hamel. He looked at the face of the statue and the words on the memorial stone alternately with eyes full of surprise.

“… where… how did you find this statue?”

Doines turned to look at Eugene.

In that goddamn children’s book, Hamel’s stupidity was scribbled with all sorts of insincerity and fabrication, but it was clear that Hamel’s honor, which had fallen into the gutter of children’s books, would be restored as long as he took out the memorial stone like this.

So, Eugene enjoyed watching the elders’ chatter and the eyes focused on the memorial stone. Then he listened to Doynes’ question, and he recited an answer he had thought of beforehand.

“As the elders know, I have been studying magic in Arot for the past two years.”

The excuse that Eugene came up with was this.

Arot’s Royal Library, Akryon. Among them, while immersed in magic in the wise Senya’s hall, he learned about ‘Hamel’s Tomb’ through Witchcraft.


“Because this is the first time a Lionheart character has encountered witchcraft. Perhaps it was Senya-sama’s arrangement.”

I wasn’t sure about that, and I only answered with guesses.

Anyway, that’s how I learned about ‘Hamel’s Grave’. I left for Nahama and visited the grave.

“Hamel is an old friend of your ancestors. Unlike the rest of him, he never returned from Helmud, and sacrificed himself in a noble way for his comrades…”

What a noble sacrifice. Eugene felt embarrassed to say such a thing with his own mouth, but apart from that image, Eugene’s tongue worked very well.

“I wandered the deserts of Nahama, searching for tombs, and finally found the tomb. Of course, it wasn’t smooth. At the entrance to Hamel’s tomb, there were Nahama’s Assassins and Sandcastles encamped.”


“You all know, right? That Nahama is using sandstorms to eat away at Turas territory. The underground dungeon where Hamel-sama’s tomb was located was the base of many sandcastles in the desert!”

From there, there was no need to mix lies. Aren’t they all true?

“I broke through the attacks of the sandcastles and the surprise attacks of the assassins, and went in search of Lord Hamel’s tomb. And there… I found this statue and memorial stone.”

Yujin said that and listened with her fists clenched.

“The tomb was severely damaged by someone. The only thing left intact is this statue and memorial stone…”

To explain what happened there, I had to talk about Hamel’s corpse and the Death Knight. Eugene had a sad expression on his face and talked about it calmly, but the reaction of the elders was intense.

“After barely defeating the Death Knight, I collected the statue and the memorial stone. Then… I ran into the notorious desert dungeon master… Amelia Merwin.”


The elder who had mastered the magic jumped up from his seat.

“You said you encountered the Death Answer? By the way… but how did you come back alive?”

“It’s because… the demon king of confinement intervened.”

Yujin said that and looked at the reaction of the elders. When the name of the demon king of confinement came out. No one was seated anymore. The elders stood up from their seats with stiff expressions and stared at Eugene.

“…the demon king of confinement?”

“The ruler of Helmud descended directly to that spot?”

“yes. He stopped Amelia Merwin from killing me and let me go, mentioning her promise and favor. And… told me to give a warning.”


“Freedom without responsibility is just self-indulgence. It was a warning that his favor and Helmud’s silence would not last forever.”

This warning should have been given. Eugene does not know what Vermouth’s promise is. However, the demon king of confinement warned that peace would not last forever.

Now that you have heard the warning, you must prepare for the end of peace.


Doines let out a long sigh and shook his head.

“…I never thought you would bring a story like this.”

He was called in to question Eugene’s whereabouts. But now Eugene’s interrogation has become a trivial matter.

“Is Helmud preparing for war by putting Nahama at the forefront?”

“Come to the conclusion. If the Demon King really wanted to break the peace, he wouldn’t have bothered to warn.”

Doines looked back at the buzzing elders and continued.

“Freedom without responsibility is self-indulgence… Do you remember exactly what the demon king of confinement said?”

“I came face-to-face with such a being and had a direct conversation. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.”

can’t forget Yujin twisted her lips remembering the murderous intent and anger at that time.

-I think you showed enough goodwill and respect to the descendants of Vermouth.

-I accepted it as liberty that they did not show me favor and did not respect me. However, it is difficult to mistake continued favor for a right. I am the one who reigns over countless demons and demons, and I am the king of Helmud.

-With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom without responsibility is just indulgence. Descendants of Vermouth. To Lionheart, tell everyone. Do not encroach on my favor. If you don’t respect me, I won’t respect you anymore.

-Your ancestors made a pact in exchange for freedom, and now the end is drawing near. The time has come for the stopped wheel to roll again.

“indeed. It must be a warning.”



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Doines shook his head and returned to the round table. He slumped back in his seat and thought for a moment.

“However, the demon king of confinement clearly left room. If goodwill is not violated, the terrible times of 300 years ago will not be repeated.”

“As long as I have warned you, the peace will be broken someday.”

Gillaid glared at Doines with a stiff face.

“Right now, Nahama has been invading Turas for hundreds of years, right? Who can be sure that Helmud is behind their depravity, and that the demon king in captivity did not urge him?”

“Then, would the family head go to the demon king in captivity and ask him about it?”

Doines smiled bitterly and looked back at Gilreid.

“It is 300 years old. After the ancestors made a promise and returned, the demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction no longer threatened the world and insisted on peace. Family head, I’ve lived a very long time… I think the current peace is beautiful and wonderful.”


“Of course, it wouldn’t be strange if this peace were broken anytime. The two most powerful demon kings are still alive, and their limbs, demons and black magicians, are spread all over the continent. But the peace lasts.”

“Senior Won Lord.”

“Even the great Vermouth couldn’t defeat the demon lord of confinement and the demon lord of destruction. Among the Lionhearts here, who the hell can kill the Demon King? old me? Or my grandson? Gazoo, will you do it?”

There is passion in Doines’ voice. He glared at Gilreid and continued.

“Even if you gather all of Lionheart’s forces, can you boast that you are stronger and better than your ancestors and their colleagues from 300 years ago? i don’t think i’ll ever get it The ancestor took only four of his companions and defeated the demon king of slaughter, horror, and frenzy. Who in the world thinks such a thing is possible?”

“…This is not just Ryan Hart’s threat. The warning of the demon king of confinement was aimed at the whole world.”

“Yes, it is. But we are descendants of the great Vermouth. If we face Helmud, we must be in the vanguard. house owner. Do you think we are ready for that?”

Yujin didn’t say anything and just stood there. The moment I decided to give a warning, I expected this kind of controversy.

And that wasn’t something Eugene knew either. Even if they argue over desk discussions, what Eugene decided to do won’t change.

Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel. I don’t know why or what Vermouth was thinking when he reincarnated Hamel.

Hamel decided to kill all demon lords. That was also the determination of Senya, Moron, and Anis, who fought together with Hamel at the time.

“…that warning. Neither Lionheart nor Kiel are invading the goodwill of the Demon King. The Holy Empire and the Anti-Magic Alliance. They are still deploying forces on Helmud’s borders.”

“Those devastating demon lord haters, if you give them a warning, they will immediately raise their troops and try to invade Helmud.”

Klein said, sweating profusely. But Doynes sneered at him and shook his head.

“If you were that zealous, you would have used the troops you deployed right away. The Holy Empire and the Anti-Magic Alliance are not trying to confront Helmud head-on. It’s just a blatant performance. If we recognize the seriousness of the situation, we will immediately withdraw our troops.”

“…The demon king of Helmud is not only the demon king of confinement.”

Guillaid sighed and shook his head.

“The demon king of destruction may have a different meaning from the demon king of confinement.”

“At least the Demon King of Confinement warned of the end of the promise. gave me another chance If the world respects him, the demon king of confinement… might make another promise.”

“A promise you don’t even know the contents of?”

“Of course, demon lords might go crazy like they did 300 years ago. But isn’t it right now?”

“this. Can I take it back?”

Eugene didn’t want to hear any more sluggish stories. He spat out the words, but Eugene put the statue and memorial stone inside his cloak without waiting for an answer.

“…It’s something you’ve been collecting, so it doesn’t matter if you take it back. What are you going to do with them?”

“I’d like to take it to my ancestor’s mausoleum.”


“Because Hamel’s tomb has already collapsed. Look at this memorial stone.”

Hamel Diners.

Bastard, stupid, asshole, idiot, trash.

“…don’t look at the swearing. below it.”

But brave, faithful, wise, and great.

Sacrificing for everyone, leaving first and honoring you who were dumb.

“My ancestors sincerely mourned the death of Hamel. Such a tomb has been damaged by some bad guy, and now it has collapsed. For Hamel, who died a long time ago… and also for the sake of our ancestors, I think it is right to enshrine this statue and memorial stone in his ancestor’s mausoleum.”


The elders, including Doines, couldn’t answer right away and had no choice but to ponder. Eugene took advantage of the silence caused by their worries to add.

“I could not directly learn from Senya-sama, but I came across her masterpiece, Witchcraft, and understood it a little. My teacher, Lady Loberian, is the one who inherited the lineage of Senya-sama, so as a disciple of Loberian-sama, I can also be said to be Senya-sama’s disciple.”

I never thought the day would come when I would call myself Senya’s disciple.

“In other words, I am Senya-nim’s disciple and also an ancestor’s descendant. And he is the last person to pay tribute to Hamel’s tombstone.”


“So I think I should personally bring this memorial stone and statue to the ancestor’s mausoleum.”

“…I see what you mean.”

Doines opened his mouth.

“But as you know, the tomb of our ancestors is a place where you can’t enter without permission. It’s something I can’t easily allow…”

Doines paused for a moment and looked around the crowd.

“…If it’s Hamel’s memorial stone, I think it deserves to be enshrined in the ancestor’s mausoleum.”

Gilade gave strength to Eugene’s words. Carmen nodded as well, and the reaction of the other elders was no different.

“…Then the only way to open the road leading to the mausoleum is unusual.”

Eugene sang joy in his heart. With this, he no longer had to keep an eye on Vermouth’s grave.

‘I can’t open the coffin, but it’s important to know exactly where it is.’

Even if you can’t check it right away, you can come back later and open the coffin. At that time, there would be no need to notice the Black Lion Knights and the Senators. If they are ruthless and get in the way, wouldn’t it be okay to open the way even by beating them?

“It takes time to open the road, so you should keep it first.”


need some time? Is it sealed with magic? I wanted to ask him openly, but Eugene didn’t ask further and just nodded his head.

“Then… Genos. You take Eugene to the room. The head of state made me postpone the meeting with Yang a little later. We still have many stories to share.”


Genos lowered his head and approached Eugene. Eugene bowed his head to the elders and family heads, then turned around and left the room with Genos.

‘Looking at the appearance, there’s no way I’m going to declare war on Helmud.’

The Demon King’s warning will be delivered to Emperor Kiel, and the leaders of each country will gather to discuss future measures. It is unlikely that a meaningful countermeasure will come out, but the fact that the countermeasure was discussed was enough to convey the warning.


While walking down the hallway with Genos, he suddenly opened his mouth.

“Go down there… show me the statue and the memorial stone again.”

“That is not difficult. Why are you asking me to do that?”

“I want to offer flowers.”

what kind of flower? Eugene looked at Genos dumbfounded and flinched.

Genos’ eyes were moist.

“Uh… all of a sudden… why are you crying?”

“Don’t cry.”

Genos opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

“…I have conjunctivitis, so sometimes… tears flow without my intentions.”

Are you crazy?

Eugene didn’t ask any more questions and started walking towards the elevator.

Genos Lionheart

After taking Eugene downstairs, Genos left a message to wait for a while and left.

Genos returned shortly after, holding a bouquet of wild flowers and a wine bottle in his hands. Eugene didn’t know what he wanted to do, so he looked at Genos with a bewildered expression.

“A statue?”

“…Ah, yes.”

Eugene took out the statue and memorial stone from his cloak. Then, a single tear streamed down from Genos’ eyes, which were stained red. No matter how you look at it, those tears weren’t tears caused by conjunctivitis.

Genos stared at the statue and memorial stone for a while, then bowed his head. Then, with a careful hand, he placed the bouquet and bottle of wine in front of the memorial stone.

A glass full of alcohol is placed in front of the memorial table. After that, Genos gulped down his drink alone. Yujin couldn’t help but fall into serious trouble while watching the scene.

‘Could that bastard be my descendant?’

It couldn’t be. Genos Lionheart. He is the captain of the 2nd division of the Black Lion Knights, and he is a descendant of Vermouth.

‘A descendant I don’t even know… married a descendant of Vermouth and raised a child… No, that can’t be the case. I’ve never had children.’

It wasn’t that she didn’t have experience with women, but she never produced offspring. Besides, she hadn’t hugged a woman since she became Vermouth’s colleague. Right next to them, Senya and Anise were wide-eyed, Vermouth and Moron showed no interest in the nightlife, and Hamel wasn’t the type to go out and enjoy the nightlife.

No matter how much you think about it, there is no way to give birth to descendants. But what the heck is that bastard offering flowers and alcohol while shedding tears in front of Hamel’s statue and memorial stone?


Eugene, who looked at Genos for a while, coughed lowly. In that short time, Genos had completely emptied the large bottle of alcohol.

‘A brash-haired bastard. You gave me a drink, and then you eat all the rest?’

I thought so, but to be honest, I didn’t feel bad. Yujing tightened her twitching cheeks and looked at the back of Genos’s head.

“What kind of relationship does Genos-sama… that… Hamel-sama have?”


Genos, who had quietly shed tears without a sob, turned his head. He wiped the tears running down his cheeks with the back of his hand and let out a long sigh.

“…I am Lord Hamel’s disciple.”

what kind of crazy is that?

Eugene barely swallowed the cry that reached the tip of his chin. She then retraced all the memories of her previous life.

student? I’ve never taught anyone in my previous life. A time when he was famous as a mercenary. There were quite a few guys who came to ask me to teach them how to use a sword or how to survive on the battlefield, but Hamel at the time was so intoxicated with his own good taste that he didn’t want to be around or teach anyone who was uglier than himself.

“…Um… I’m not sure what Genos-sama is talking about. Isn’t Hamel a person from 300 years ago? I know that he left no descendants, and he left no disciples.”

“Strictly speaking, I didn’t learn it directly from Lord Hamel.”

But why are you talking about being a disciple?

“…All collaterals are like that, but my family also diverged from the main family. My distant ancestor was the second son of Lord Vermut.”

300 years ago.

The great Vermouth had more than ten wives and fathered many children. That is the beginning of the Lionheart family. For some reason, from then on, Vermouth put importance on his lineage and direct lineage, and fortunately, among his many children, the eldest son was the most outstanding.

In fact, it wouldn’t have been a problem if it wasn’t great. If that Vermouth were determined and guided the eldest son, he would have been able to grow into an unrivaled skill compared to the other brothers even though he was born as an idiot.

In any case, the eldest son succeeded Vermut as the head of the family, and numerous brothers left the main family and became the founders of collateral branches.

“My ancestors didn’t become the family heads, but the great ancestors seemed to have taken good care of my ancestors. By tradition, the white salt ceremony was not passed on to me, but I was able to inherit something else instead.”

“…What does that have to do with claiming to be Lord Hamel’s disciple?”

“The ancestors taught my ancestors Hamel’s skills.”

Genos lifted his head, wiping the wet tears from his eyes.

Yujin couldn’t say anything and only licked her lips.

“… Hamel-sama’s technique?”

“…there is something I want to ask you.”

Genos picked up an empty bottle and stood up.

“Did you find his secret book at Lord Hamel’s grave?”


“A while ago. I saw the showdown between you and Sir Carmen. Actually, it wouldn’t even be called a confrontation, but it was enough to get a glimpse of your bizarre skills.”

“…what do you want to say?”

“The skill that allowed Lord Carmen to let go of his fists.”

Genos took a deep breath and continued.

“That… is Hamel-sama’s skill that my ancestors were taught by my ancestors. Among the numerous Lionheart families, only our family has inherited Hamel-sama’s skills.”


“It is a skill that cannot be imitated without a deep understanding of mana, mastery of mana, and a genius fighting sense. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it earlier, but if you’ve been to Hamel’s grave… it’s not something you wouldn’t understand. If you took Lord Hamel’s secret book there.”

Eugene’s head spun. So, didn’t that son of Vermouth taught Hamel’s skills to his descendants 300 years ago?

‘f*ck you. If you’re going to teach it, do you teach it to the family, or why did you teach it to the second child who can’t even be the head of the household?’

What I taught without permission is something that can’t be questioned now. Eugene straightened his distorted expression and stared at Genos.

“…The answer is not difficult, but it does not make much sense to me. Why did the ancestor teach Hamel’s skills to the second son who couldn’t become the head of the household?”

Dissatisfaction and doubts were not just buried. I don’t know if Genos, a distant descendant, can answer, but I asked and saw it.

“Because it is a skill that is not needed in the original family.”

“Because Hamel-sama’s technique is inferior to Baek Yeom-sik?”

“also. You took Lord Hamel’s secret book.”

Why are words like that? Eugene didn’t answer and glared at Genos, but Genos nodded his head confidently in his guess.

“Otherwise, there is no reason for you to be angry about this.”

그건 개새끼야, 내가 그 하멜 본인이라서 그런 거고. Eugene barely swallowed the cry that reached her throat. Since he couldn’t say it openly, Eugene decided to let Genos misunderstand it at will.

“…The Knights of the Black Lion exist now, but who do you think would have been in charge of them 300 years ago?”


“As the power of the family grows and the number of members increases, the number of impure elements inevitably increases. Those who are not worthy of being the descendants of the great ancestors. King Seonjo was the first Black Lion to condemn such people.”

I understood what you meant.

So, Vermut raised his second son, who could not become the head of the family, as a hunting dog to keep the main family and other families in check.

No matter what the knights say, the hound is the essence of the black lion knights. Eugene had no choice but to ponder for a while on how to accept that fact.

‘That means I judged that I could deal with Baek Yeom-sik and his collaterals with my skill.’

If you take it positively, you can think so, but if you think negatively, wouldn’t it be that you passed on your friend’s skills to a hunting dog or something?

‘You rotten bastard. If you’re going to act like that, maybe put up a statue of me in that bastard’s family.’

Eugene bubbling and clearing his boiling insides. Genos didn’t say anything more and just stared at Eugene’s face.

“… Hamel-sama’s skill that was passed down to Genos-sama’s family. Is parrying everything?”


Genos spoke first. It must have been to see Eugene’s reaction, but Yujin did not show her surprise on her face.

‘베르무트, 개새끼.’

There was no reaction, but Eugene chewed the vermouth in his head.

“…what is that?”

“It’s a skill that deliberately floods the core’s mana. Because of its dangers, it has rarely been used.”

“…why are you asking about the secret book?”

“If you have the secret book, hand it over to me.”

“What are you going to do with the transfer?”

“As I said before, Hamel-nim’s skills are very difficult to learn. Even if you understand the theory, it is difficult to imitate with the body. cannot be taught easily. But if there is a secret book…”

“First, let’s organize the genealogy.”

Eugene said that right away.

“If you look at it closely, I can say that I am Hamel-sama’s direct descendant, so if you look at the genealogy, am I not in the upper rank than Genos-sama?”


“I am the death penalty, and Genos-sama becomes the priest. Even though Master Genos was born several decades earlier than me, if you claim to be Lord Hamel’s disciple, you must serve me as the death penalty.”

“Suddenly, what… wait. That means, after all, Hamel-sama had a secret book at his grave?”

“I memorized it and burned it.”


“No, then what are you holding it for? Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? I almost died in that grave. It was good until I found the hidden secret book… Did the Death Knight attack you?”

At those words, Genos’ eyes trembled.

“…for a moment. Does that mean that you were able to use Parring within a few days after discovering Hamel-sama’s secret book?”

“I used to be good at parrying.”

“Nonsense. Hamel’s parrying is a completely different technique from ordinary parrying…”

“You don’t know much about me, but I am a genius among geniuses who is outstanding enough to be adopted by my family, and was the youngest person allowed to enter Akryon.”

It’s embarrassing to say with my own mouth, but it’s all true.

“so. What are you going to do? Hamel-sama’s skill that if Genos-sama serves me as the death penalty, it will be passed on to Genos-sama’s family. I compare it with the secret book in my head, and make up for the lacking parts.”

Genos was speechless and pursed his lips.

A guy who claims to be a disciple he never had. Even so, Eugene couldn’t hate Genos. Isn’t she the only person in the world who inherits Hamel’s veins?

‘He offered me flowers and shed tears.’

It seemed to be true that he regarded Hamel as his teacher and respected him. Because of that goddamn children’s book, he was called stupid Hamel and was ignored, but the fact that he still claimed to be Hamel’s disciple was something to be taken lightly.

“…do you really have a secret book in your head?”

“Whether to be respectful or to be rude, do one of the two.”

Amelia Merwin. I was annoyed at the thought of that damn bitch’s tone.

“…Should I call it capital punishment in front of other people?”

Genos hesitated and asked. It was a matter of great importance to Genos. He was famous for being strict and difficult even among the Black Lion Knights, and was also the head of a family.

“If that happens, my position will be bothersome, and I will have to convince them about the relationship… I will only listen to the death penalty when the two of us are together.”


Genos let out a low moan and fell into thought. After thinking for a while, he finally nodded his head and spoke in a small voice.


“Yes, priest. How long are you going to keep me here? You promised to show me to my room, but when are you going to show me my room?”

Eugene immediately responded and put the statue and memorial stone inside the cloak. Genos’ cheeks twitched at that swift change of attitude. However, he couldn’t say anything to Yujin and gnawed his teeth.

“Are you here now? Are you dissatisfied with my attitude? Don’t you think there is a lack of courtesy toward the death penalty?”


“I understand that you are embarrassed and uncomfortable, priest. I hope you get used to it sooner rather than later.”


“So when are you going to take me to your room?”

Eugene’s room was the entire keep, a little away from where the Black Lion Knights and the Senate were staying. It would take a few more days for Xi’an to reach the Black Lion Castle, so until then, only Eugene and the castle’s attendants were the only ones staying in the castle.

“First, recite the skills that are said to be inherited in the priest’s family.”

room in the castle. Yujin said that right away as she sat down on a soft chair.

“…There are 10 techniques passed down by the ancestor.”

10 pieces? Eugene was surprised inside, but she calmly nodded her head.

“what is that?”

“…Since you’ve read the secret book, you know, Hamel’s skills are not based on weapon skills, but on the use of mana. You can use any weapon without restrictions…”

“Because I know. Can you tell me what 10 are?”

Do I have 10 skills? No matter how much he thought about it, Eugene couldn’t figure it out. In the first place, there was only one Ignition that was named grandiosely as a skill in the previous life, and the rest were just fighting according to the situation as they went. What kind of bastard’s skills have been inherited as many as 10?

“… Hamel’s ritual. Ignition.”

“The Hamel way…? What is it?”

“Don’t you know? The Hamel way is what our great ancestors taught our ancestors.”

“That name… Did the founder himself give it to you?”

“I don’t know about that, but for now, it’s been called the Hamel style in our family.”

Eugene covered his face with both hands.

‘베르무트… 베르무트 이 개새끼야. If you are going to attach it, do you attach it well? Hamel’s way…? Are you crazy?’

“The Hamel way is the best, mana paring.”


“Hamel type 2, Man-leo.”

“This dude.”

Eugene couldn’t hear any more and covered his ears. Then Genos tilted his head with a puzzled look on his face.

“…execution? Why?”

“No… this… Mr.… Ah… Gye… Keep talking.”

Manleo? To Ma’an Lei?

‘When did I use that technique?’

No matter how much I searched my memory, there was not a single time that I swung a weapon while shouting, Man-roe.

Genos Lionheart

Hamel’s Cult, Ignition.

My first brother, Mana Parring.

My older brother, Manroe.

Third brother, Lightning Counter.

My fourth brother, Sura Gwangsal (修羅狂殺).

My brother, Dragon Burst.

Sixth type, Cyclone.

Seventh brother, Dead End.

The eighth brother, the god of destruction.

The ninth sentence, infinite purgatory.


Eugene immediately wanted to commit suicide by sticking his nose in the dish water. Did she ever fight shouting that skill name in her previous life?

there was. I erased it from my memory because I really didn’t want to recall it, but as I listened to Genos reciting the name of the technology with a serious face, the embarrassing memories buried in the faraway side of my memory reared up in my head one by one.

‘Sura light kill!’

‘Why are you f*cking that bastard?’

‘It must be over-consciousness.’

‘What the hell does that have to do with wielding a sword at random?’

‘You f*cking talk about fireblasts and whatnot with just bursting fireworks!’

‘That’s… that’s the name of the magic Fireblast. It’s not my name…! What are you saying to me when you see that magic needs to be chanted to become a phenomenon?!’

‘Anise, you, too, shout ‘Holy Cross’ with something that emits light!’

‘At least I make a cross with light.’

‘Because you guys don’t know, wielding a weapon is the same as magic. I use the same amount of mana, so what’s the difference?’

‘so. Does it make your skills stronger if you shout ‘Sura Light’?’

‘of course. I can only use more strength if I show my spirit.’

Senya and Anis would make faces of incomprehension, but Moron nodded in admiration.

‘I think it’s cool. When Hamel shouts that it is Sura Light and swings her sword, Hamel really becomes Sura.’

‘You know something.’

what do you know Eugene shuddered as he recalled the distant past. Hamel at that time was too young even though he was young. She just turned 20, so isn’t she young enough?

The 10 skills that I named and shouted like that. Later, I didn’t shout out the technical names one by one. Ashamed. And I don’t even need it. As Eugene remembers, it had only been a few years since he had been fighting while shouting that stupid skill name. In other words, he fought for an overwhelmingly longer time without shouting out the skill name.

But vermouth. The son of a bitch had memorized all those ten asshole names and taught them to his son.

Eugene lowered his red-hot head and shook his shoulders. He had to go through regression, not reincarnation. If that were the case, I wouldn’t have shouted out that stupid technical name. Or should I kill Hamel of the past with my own hands?

‘I would have killed that son of a bitch, Vermouth.’

Same with that damn children’s book. His comrades from the previous life didn’t have much respect for Hamel, who died first. There’s nothing I can’t understand for the reason that it’s to remember the dead Hamel.

‘If that’s the case, why don’t you reincarnate?’

Why bring a dead person back to life to read those damn children’s books, and make a stranger hear those shameful tricks again. Yujin barely managed to control her emotions and raised her head.

Genos was looking at Eugene with an expression of incomprehension. Seeing that face, Eugene felt a violent suicidal impulse once again.

“…That… All 10?”

“yes. Was there more technology than this in the secret book that the death penalty discovered?”

“That’s not right. There, uh… 10… No, those skills weren’t even listed.”

“What do you mean?”

Genos’ eyes wide open. Eugene desperately shook his head. This was a serious problem. What should I say here to restore the honor of Hamel who died and to ensure that those foolish skills are no longer passed on to future generations?

“…that… those skills. These are the things Hamel made when he was young and immature.”

“How does the death penalty know that?”

“Uh… because the secret book I found didn’t have those skills. There’s no way the great ancestor’s teachings were wrong, but I think… the founder remembered the techniques Hamel used in the past and taught them to the priests’ family ancestors.”

“I see… That means that the skills Hamel-sama used when he was young were so great that they clearly remained in the memories of the ancestors.”

Why are you so oblivious to what I’m saying? Eugene continued his words with clenched fists shaking.

“Um… well, that could be it. He was overshadowed by the brilliance of the ancestor, but Hamel-nim was also a very outstanding and wonderful person.”

Now, even though I said this, I didn’t feel embarrassed.

“Anyway, the secret book I found didn’t have such stupid… no, embarrassing skills written on it. Hamel-sama graduated from those shameful skills by traveling with his ancestors and gaining a lot of experience.”

“Shameful technology…”

Genos’ expression hardened slightly. He opened his eyes and glared at Eugene.

“No matter how much you claim to be my death penalty, I will not listen to comments disparaging those technologies.”

“Uh… Why?”

“Our family has inherited Lord Hamel’s skills for a long time of 300 years and has been following him. My father, who passed away a long time ago, and my son, who is not in the Black Lion Castle, are also practicing Hamel-sama’s techniques.”

Genos quietly emphasized the word ‘child’. Although he became brother-in-law with Eugene, he is emphasizing that he is the same age as he has children.

“Speaking of which, my son also participated in the Blood Ceremony 16 years ago. I am 26 years old this year.”

“Oh yes.”

what do you mean Eugene listened to Genos’ words.

“The priest is misunderstanding something. I also respect Hamel. Even before he discovered the secret book, he respected Hamel-sama very much. And what I said was embarrassing was the name, not the technology itself.”


“Priests. Be honest. Let’s put our hands on her chest and be honest. Manleo? Sura light? dead end? Dragon Burst? Doom… Awesome? Infinite Purgatory…? Do you really think that name is not embarrassing?”


Even Genos couldn’t answer that right away. He hesitated for a moment, then looked away and murmured.

“…Sir Carmen’s ultimate weapon is Destiny Breaker.”

“…that’s amazing.”

“The combination that starts with Tekken Chain and ends with Eclipse, Paewanggak, Thunder Island, and Destiny Breaker has a reputation for being vicious and powerful even in the Black Lion Knights.”

“You who memorized all of them are a legend.”

Eugene muttered in deep admiration. She felt it even when she carried an unlit cigar in her mouth, but her great-aunt, Carmen Ryan Hart, was a great person for her.

“Carmen is Carmen. So what is a priest like? When a priest fights, Sura light kills! Shout and fight like this?”

“…in my head…”

“Can you shout out loud? In front of the 2nd division members led by the priest, the god of destruction! can you shout?”

“…You don’t have to shout out loud, do you?”

“Look. Even the priest can’t shout because he’s ashamed! What is Hamel like? That’s why the last secret book doesn’t have the skill name written on it. If you fully master it, you can use it without shouting the name of the technique.”

Genos didn’t answer and kept his mouth shut.

“…the technical name has been used. Show me.”

“You mean now?”

“Show me, then write it down. Isn’t the mana management different for each skill?”

“That’s… um…”

Genos let out a long sigh and shook his head.

“…I don’t mind showing it to the brother-in-law. As I said before, Hamel’s skills are difficult and difficult to learn. So… Now, after 300 years, the teachings of the founder have not been fully reproduced.”

That was understandable. The second son taught by Vermouth may have been excellent enough to learn the teachings, but his descendants could not be as outstanding.

‘There would have been no room for development.’

Rather, it would have been damaged. Eugene felt a bit bitter about that fact. It wasn’t bittersweet that his own skills weren’t fully connected.

‘I should have been the boss at all. Then I wouldn’t have to hear those techniques again.’

Eugene cooled his bubbling inside. In the meantime, Genos got a paper and pen from the attendant outside and sat down at his desk.

“…Have the priest ever been to the mausoleum of the ancestor?”

Yujin stared at the window and suddenly opened her mouth. Genos busily moved his pen and answered Eugene’s question.

“I went there once when I became a captain.”


“Not only me, but all who are appointed as captains of the Black Lion Knights must enter the mausoleum of the founder at least once and swear to protect the family at the cost of their lives.”

“…what kind of place is that?”

“Don’t fantasize too much. It’s a very secret place, so I can’t tell you the details, but it’s not a place with statues and memorial stones like Hamel’s tomb.”

Genos stopped talking and was silent for a moment.

“…If you have to put it that way… it’s a place that resembles a temple.”


“Aren’t there a lot of temples in the world? Although no gods are actually worshiped there, the mausoleum of the progenitor who saved the world resembles a temple. Maybe… the ancestor died and became a god. Maybe he wanted him.”


Yujin narrowed her eyes while looking out the window. Even in his previous life, Eugene did not have faith in God. He does not doubt the existence of God itself. Isn’t the divine magic used by the priests proving the existence of God?

but. Believing in the existence of God and serving God are two entirely different matters. To Eugene, the weapon he was holding in his hand was more reliable than the unknown god.

‘Vermouth is… a god…’


I think that might be the case. I don’t know about the others, but Vermouth could have become a god after he died. If he became a god, it would be possible to bring his deceased comrades back to life.

‘…If he really became a god, he wouldn’t have fought Senya.’

Perhaps the one who broke into the tomb was not Vermouth, but a completely different person. However, Eugene could not possibly tip the scales of his thoughts in that direction. Who the hell could come to the sealed tomb, open the coffin, take out Hamel’s corpse, seal the moonlight sword, and defeat Senya, who came to stop him?

“I wrote everything down.”

After several hours. Genos rose from his chair. Eugene took over the pile of paper and frowned from the first page.

Hamel formula.

‘Oh shit.’

After glancing at Genos for no reason, Eugene read up on the damn Hamel formula. Perhaps because he wrote it for several hours, the explanation of the Hamel formula was very detailed. If you are good at handling mana, you can practice the Hamel formula with this right away.

but. It took Eugene less than ten minutes, let alone hours, to read them all. After reading to the end, Eugene turned the paper over to the first page. And he read it again.

‘…It sucks.’

Mana management itself was excellent beyond reproach. The ancestors of Genos who first learned the Hamel style would have learned the white salt style, but the descendants after that did not learn the white salt style. However, the Hamel formula did not distinguish between the white salt formula and the red salt formula, and simply taught how to use mana.

It must have been vermouth that was improved to match the white salt and red salt formulas. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to set it up as neatly as this. However, the management of mana and the linkage of skills play separately.

As I confirmed after watching it several times, Hamel’s mana management method was difficult and the process of arduous training was reduced. As a result, mana management is not smooth.

‘It’s not the extent of being greedy, this is bullshit.’

Mana management is not smooth, so the linking of skills has to be played separately. Eugene could easily understand why. It was clear that the idiots who inherited the Hamel style had put their hands here and there to improve the uncomfortable points in their own way.

It must be because physical training has long been relegated to outdated practice. Even if it can’t be compared with the white salt formula, the red salt formula is a mana management method that will not be outdone no matter where it is presented. Having learned the excellent red salt diet, it must have been unreliable to do the outdated exercises in parallel.

‘Still, I used a dragon in order to connect.’

Others said it was an improvement, but in Eugene’s eyes, it was nothing more than a regression. Still, it was possible to use technology, perhaps because he was trying hard to supplement it.

“…It’s quite different from what was written in the secret book.”

Eugene muttered that and went to the desk and sat down. He raised his pen and turned to Genos.

“Does the core of the red salt esophagus cooked by the priest split?”

“It has 5 stars.”

“How many priests do you have?”

“I have five.”

Genos opened his chest and said. It’s something to be proud of, but Eugene didn’t feel particularly inspired. Didn’t she say that the Gargis family also increased the number of red salt cores to 5? Of course, even if the number of stars is the same, the power will be different, but to Eugene, Genos’s red salting formula doesn’t seem to be much different from Gargis’s red salting formula.

‘It’s unreasonable to come and ask him to train at the same time…’

The case is different from Xi’an. Xian is still young, and Baek Yeom-sik is still growing, so adding physical training won’t be a big problem. However, Genos is already old enough, and he has mastered the red salt diet to the extreme. It will be difficult to get out of the way you are used to right now, if you have been training in parallel.

In fact, there was nothing to worry about, and it was something I could just tell you roughly. But Eugene didn’t want to do that. Although she has never directly accepted him as a disciple, Genos claims to be Hamel’s disciple. If so, shouldn’t he teach the right way as a teacher?

While struggling, Eugene picked up the pen. First of all, he crossed out the word Hamel’s style at the top.

“Why are you deleting that?”


After that, all the skills that were divided into 10 were erased except for Ignition. I didn’t use the other skills because I got older, but I couldn’t erase Ignition because I used it until the end.

‘Tear and fix the linkage of mana… Man-roe? This is just spitting black river. assholes. Is the mana being wasted like this ridiculous?’

Eugene let out a deep sigh and began revising the operation of the technique. Genos stood behind him and glanced at the things Eugene was writing out of the corner of his eye.

Soon, Genos’ eyes shook in astonishment. He claimed to be a genius, and indeed he was. No matter how much he memorized the secret book, modifying Hamel’s formula like that would be impossible unless Eugene himself fully understood the content and mana of the secret book.

Genos crookedly changed his standing posture. a very young death penalty. He had decided that for the sake of the secret book, he had no choice but to be treated with death, but now that feeling was added to awe.

“…Hmm… Come to think of it, Priest.”

“Yes, the death penalty.”

“I forgot to tell you. Did you teach Xian a little about that… Hamel-sama’s secret book?”


“That doesn’t mean that Xian should be called the death penalty. Rather, don’t call me, pretend you don’t know.”


“I find it difficult to explain the circumstances. I didn’t teach him Hamel’s skills. He just taught me how to use mana.”

I had no intention of teaching embarrassing techniques such as Manroeni, Sura Gwangsal, and Infinite Purgatory. It may be impossible right now, but if you do what Xian tells you to do… Even if you don’t teach the skills, you will develop the skills that suit your body.

“Because I didn’t teach you properly, Xian is not Hamel-sama’s disciple. So there is no need to call it the death penalty. And keep in mind the priest too. These dog-like… Hamel-style skills aren’t actually great enough to even have a name. Rather, if you are limited by technology, what you know how to do is limited.”

Genos did not refute anything and just listened quietly. Now, the brother-in-law, who is only 19 years old, is discussing the limits of technology… It was a matter that Genos, who had trained for a long time and fought a lot, could not help but accept it lightly.

But Genos didn’t feel that way. Rather, he accepted it as a valid point.

“The priest should also try to escape Hamel’s technique from now on.”

“The death penalty is right. By the way, brother-in-law, can you fully demonstrate Hamel’s technique?”

“If I can’t unfold it, how are you going to fix it?”

“Please do not take it unpleasantly. I’m just asking because I’m curious to see how much the brother-in-law understands Hamel-sama’s skills.”


Eugene sighed and pulled back his chair and stood up. Fortunately, this room was large enough to be compared to a decent gymnasium. Eugene checked to see if there were any other signs around, and pulled Winid out of the cloak.

“Look Carefully.”

The star in the heart shines and rotates. Phantasmal flames amplify mana. The bluish-white sword steel wrapped around Winid’s sword body. Genos made an expression of surprise at the light and the absurdly high density of mana.

Eugene ignored the surprise and held Winid forward. The swaying sword steel becomes a fierce flame. The wriggling flames condensed into the tip of the sword, and it swelled into a large sphere. Eugene slightly twisted her wrist while adjusting the flow of mana.

Then, the round sword steel exploded and swallowed empty space. Blue-white flames whirl in the air and gather again.

“…infinite purgatory…!”

“Shut up please.”

“To think that you can open an infinite purgatory that consumes an enormous amount of mana so easily…!”

If used properly, it could swallow a mountain, but it was impossible for Eugene now to produce that much output. And even in Genos’s Hamel style, infinite purgatory was limited to this size at most. That’s why it’s worse than a nuclear power plant.

“Are you done now?”

“Please show me the god of destruction.”

“If you wrap this around your body, it’s a god of destruction, so what else do you want me to show you? Don’t force yourself to lose weight, take this with you.”

Eugene handed over the edited paper and spat out.

“And the priest. If Carmen-sama or someone else tells me to make me a servant of the priest, I refuse with a single stroke. okay?”

“…does it have to be?”

“why? Do you want to pamper me, the death penalty, with your seed?”

“I don’t mean that, but if someone like the death penalty joins the Knights of the Black Lion…”

“I won’t give you this.”

“I will refuse with a single knife.”

Genos bowed his head and accepted the Hamel expression with both hands.

Genos Lionheart

‘What are you doing without coming out all day?’

Ciel pouted his lips and glared at the stronghold. Since he had been reunited for the first time in years, he wanted to have a meal together, take a walk in the castle or walk in the mountains together. As soon as Eugene entered the castle, she did not step outside.

If it was like usual, I would not be stuck in my room, but would come down to the training ground and practice at least. As if his habits had changed, Eugene didn’t even come down to the gymnasium.

Even so, going there personally hurt my pride. Ciel glared at the castle, kicking only the poor ground.

‘…I heard that he went in with Sir Genos…’

Are you really persuading me to join the Black Lion Knights? Ciel smiled involuntarily at the sudden thought.

Genos Lionheart, Captain of the 2nd Division. Ciel gets along well with most adults, but Genos was a difficult opponent for Ciel as well.

It wasn’t just Ciel. Even within the Black Lion Knights, Genos is one of the most powerful, along with Dominic and Carmen.

So, Ciel tried several times to build a friendship with Genos, but he couldn’t build a friendship despite the effort he put in. Genos had a desolate personality, and the knights of the 2nd division he led resembled his captain, so they didn’t want to interact with other units.

‘…If possible, it’s better to join the third division instead of the second division.’

From the first time Carmen saw Eugene, she had recommended her to be the second division commander’s squire. It was a very attractive proposal even to Ciel. To become the seed of the captain. Isn’t that not another captain, but the seed of Genos, who has the best skills in the Black Lion Knights?

‘Because the 2nd Division rarely stays in the Black Lion Castle…’

Although the contents of the training are different for each unit, the training of the 2nd division is particularly harsh compared to other units and pursues practical combat. Although they are staying in the castle for their coming-of-age ceremony now, the usual 2nd division was wandering around the remote areas of the continent.

So if possible. Ciel wanted Eugene to join the 3rd division, not the 2nd division. There is nothing bad about it. If he belongs to the same unit, he will be with you wherever you go. You can eat together, wear the same uniform, and go through the same training every day…

Ciel stood dumbfounded and imagined Eugene wearing the uniform of the Knights of the Black Lion. After laughing to himself like that, Ciel turned around without any regrets.

‘Looking at how long it took, it seems that Sir Genos’s persuasion is working.’

Then it cannot be disturbed. If it was that withered Sir Genos, he wouldn’t be swayed by Eugene’s words, and since he had such skills and personality, Eugene wouldn’t be able to ignore Sir Genos.

So what about Carmen?

‘…Carmen-sama…of course he’s a good person…’

anyway. It was a pleasure for Ciel that Eugene might start thinking positively about joining the Black Lions. Even if they become Genos’s seed, wouldn’t it be fine to coax them out?

Ciel had overflowing confidence in such things. She walked away from Yujin’s keep with a sly smile.

There was no thought of a twin brother left in the head of this demanding girl. Why should I think of my older brother, whom I have been with from the moment I was born and who I have lived with for 18 years? It doesn’t have a very ugly corner like Iod, and he will overcome it well and arrive at the castle.

and the next day.

Ciel hurriedly ate breakfast and headed straight for the keep. Normally, Carmen would train under Carmen’s leadership, but Carmen had been participating in the Senate’s meeting since the day before.

‘Do you have anything to discuss for over a day?’

As far as Ciel knows, Lionheart has been peaceful recently. Among the many collaterals, no family misbehaved, and even the barbarians across the southern border had been docile for years.

In such a situation, only Iod was the only thing that steadily attracted the attention of the Black Lion Knights. Even now, the vice-captain of the 6th Division has left the Black Lion Castle and is in charge of Iod in the Bossar Territory.

‘I don’t know what’s going on…’

It wasn’t something Ciel knew right away. Did you come down today? Ciel arrived at the keep with high expectations.

Ciel narrowed his eyes and looked ahead.

spacious gymnasium. In the middle of it, Genos was swinging his sword. Eugene stood a little further away, observing Genos’ movements.

Once I saw it, I could only think of one thing. Soon, Ciel smiled brightly and approached Genos and Eugene. Then, Genos stopped his sword and looked at Eugene first.

“Why are you here?”

Eugene asked like that instead of saying hello. She must have been upset, but Ciel didn’t feel that way and just laughed bashfully.

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