Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 143

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“… … sister?”

Carmen’s expression was stiff enough to be incomparable to that just before.

Carmen was not alone in feeling ‘it’.

“… … ?”

Creepy and creeping ominousness. Ciel unconsciously covered his left eye with his hand. I felt something creeping inside my eyes. Something like black ink ate away at the whites, but Ciel didn’t know what color was in his eyes.

I’ve never felt the feeling I’m feeling now before.

above the sea. During the subjugation of the mad king. When he pulled Eugene, who had been swallowed by the moonlight sword’s ferocity. When I saw an unknown void.

something comes

In addition to Carmen and Ciel, the number of people who sensed the approaching ominous increased one by one.

‘this… … what?’

The prospective head of the Lionheart family. Apart from that position, Xian has a connection with Ivatar.

The joint training between the Zoran warriors and the Black Lion was also of interest. Baek Yeom-sik couldn’t easily cross the 5-star wall, so he felt stuffy, so he came to the Black Lion Castle.

I shouldn’t have come here today. I didn’t have such a pathetic thought.

Instead, Xian had other ideas. He jerked his head away, clutching his thumping chest.

“Everything, immediately, ask for support from the parent family.”

That was what he said to the black lion nearby.

Does it make sense to ask for support from your parents? Among the powers currently staying in the main family, the strongest are Gilreid, the head of the family, and Gion, the captain of the 5th division. The two are talented people who have reached 7-star Baek Yeom-sik.

Will they be able to deal with that ominous existence just because they are coming? Even if all the members of the White Lion Knights, who reside in the family home, came, they would not be able to compete.

However, if Black Lion Castle hears the request for support. The head family will immediately convey the crisis to Senya of Arot.

Are you smart If she brings the archmages… … Sian gasped for breath and armed himself with Geddon’s shield and the predatory sword, Aspel.

There is also a warp gate in Black Lion Castle. How much time will it take for the support sent to the family to be delivered and transferred to the warp gate? I do not know. However, Xian did not want to run away right away.

Lionheart’s reserve singer. I am the brother of that hero, Eugene Lionheart.

‘There’s no way he would run away in fear.’

Everyone here is like that. I feel the approach of something uncanny, frightening, ominous, whose exact identity is unknown. But no one put down their weapons and ran. The name ‘Lionheart’ that united the black lions made them take up arms.

“If you want to run away, run away.”

Ivatar sighed and suppressed his rough breathing.

He and Zoran’s warriors are not Lionhearts. But more than that, he takes pride in being a ‘warrior’. He sat in the position of warchief, but Ivatar thought he was a warrior before he was warchief.

In the end, hundreds of knights and warriors did not choose to run away from this place even though they felt an unknown ominous feeling.

‘When are you coming?’



It is invisible. Only the feeling of ‘ominous’ is getting closer and stronger. I haven’t even been able to figure out exactly what it is yet.


suddenly appeared The sky in the forest used for joint training. The night when the sun had already set. In the middle of a bright night sky with countless stars and a dazzling moon. It appeared suddenly and was enveloped in a hazy, gray air current like fog.

A tall, well-built man. But his face was unrecognizable. This is because he wore a white mask that covered his entire face. However, he could only see the dark sunken eyes.

My heart was pounding.

nothing has happened yet It was just that something suddenly appeared in the night sky. Still, everyone felt a thump in their chest. I felt like I wanted to sit down on the ground and throw it away.

I’ve felt this feeling before. Carmen gritted her teeth.

When you face the mad king at sea. I was so frightened that I couldn’t move properly. After that, he vowed never to be afraid of demons again… … .

‘That’s… … what?’

Power enough to recall the mad king with a laugh. It seems to be magical power, but something is different.

no… … Really? not too unfamiliar Carmen remembered the moonlight sword Eugene used.

‘No, it’s different.’

that’s even worse At other times, she would have been more conscious of that white mask, but Carmen now didn’t have the mental capacity to think about that.

Roaring! A white flame enveloped Carmen. The highest realm after the progenitor Vermouth. White salt 8 stars. Carmen pulled out a pocket watch from within her bosom.

leap and attack I drew movement in my head. As always, while spitting out ‘form change’.

I couldn’t. It was because the thing that had floated in the sky until just a moment ago was right in front of Carmen.

First time actually seeing it.

But I do know. The first time he was resurrected as a Death Knight, possessed by a vengeance against his comrades. I’ve been gathering information about Lionheart, who inherited Vermouth’s blood.

‘Carmen Lionheart.’

Except for Eugene Lionheart, he is the most powerful person in that family. There seems to be no exaggeration in that assessment. If he had that skill, he would have struggled before becoming the Apostle of Destruction.

‘I was just like that.’

The ghost’s hand was raised. There was no time to spit it out as a form change.

Cheer up! As Carmen threw her fist out, the pocket watch became a heavy gauntlet. The wind pressure and sparks of the fist that advanced pushed away Klein nearby.

The flames spread as gray hair fluttered. A series of attacks followed. Carmen jumped at the direct spark. The white flame ceremony, fluttering like a lion’s mane, drew the scattered flames back to Carmen.

Snuggle Geek! The shape of the gauntlet has changed. The fist, which had grown so large that it was out of balance with the body, pierced the flame.



I stretched out my fist and touched it. But there was no sense of being hit or crushed. It was like hitting a wall that could never be broken. It seems that the fist on the side that struck me will rather break. Even so, he did not put his fist back.


The black lion’s uniform worn by Carmen. A pure white light emanated from the center of his chest.

Pooh! A sharp blade-like light tore through the uniform. An intense light enveloped Carmen’s body.

A magic armor exceed using part of the servant’s treasure, dragon heart. Carmen’s exclusive armor, reinforced by Gondor and Dwarf artisans using Lyzakia’s scales and leather.

“White Flame Dragon.”

Transformation is over. Carmen, dressed in black and silver acid, raised his left fist with his fist still outstretched. He is originally equipped with the Heaven Genocide on his right hand, but his left hand is unarmed.

That is before transforming. The Lion Dragon’s left arm is the Demon Dragon’s left arm. Carmen’s left arm was wrapped in the flames of mana. Sharp claws comparable to Heaven Genocide. Carmen’s eyes lit up.

The demon’s left arm was shot. The amplified flames in the dragon heart created a giant dragon.

Kwurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! The ghost’s body flew backwards with a loud explosion.



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It would be possible to endure without being blown away, or to counterattack—-but I didn’t choose that.

I saw Carmen Lionheart. That’s enough for now. The ghost stopped his flying body and landed on the ground.


As soon as the specter landed on the ground, murderous intentions and attacks attacked from all sides.

“Are these the descendants of Vermouth?”

Ryan Hart.

That no one escaped made the specter laugh.

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Naturally, no one guessed the identity of the specter here. Even Xian, who had met the ghost in the Great Forest of Samar, could not recognize the ghost now.

Partly because he covered his face with a mask, but also because his presence itself has changed so much. Even though she just stood still, she felt a sense of intimidation that made her skin tingle.

However, the inability to guess his true identity was no reason to hesitate. That’s why the ghost’s presence was blatant.

An ominous and evil force that causes one to unknowingly retreat. I don’t think it can be simply called magical power. Dark magicians and demons had never felt such evil magic.

That said, that unknown person is a demon lord or an existence equivalent to it. Everyone instinctively knew that.

Carmen, who transformed into a white flame dragon, attacked the specter. At the same time as she was, Genos kicked her to the ground. Although Genos has not mastered the white flame ceremony, he is ranked second only to Carmen in the Black Lion Knights based on the perfection of his technique.

That technique is the Hamel style. The specter recognized it, of course.

I don’t know the opponent’s identity. But I know instinctively. That’s something I can’t afford. It is an existence that should not be fought, and does not want to fight.

If everyone was honest about the emotion of fear, no one would step forward. Just as Carmen overcame her fears, so did Genos.

This is Black Lion Castle. Lionheart’s territory with a history of 300 years.

Red flames of mana covered Genos’ body. This is different from the case of Iod when the insider betrayed the family. This was purely an invasion by the ‘enemy’. It wasn’t even bringing an army. Only one person invaded Lionheart’s estate.

It doesn’t matter if you can kill it or not. The important thing is that you can’t back down against that. Genos and Carmen’s thoughts coincided.

Although they suddenly came together, the movements of the two were smooth, as if they had matched hundreds or thousands of times. Genos’ lifelong training of Sura Gwangsal and Carmen’s Thunder Gwangil Island attacked the specter.

‘Genos Lionheart.’

Hamel’s successor. The specter felt a bitter welcome and made a sword with magic. To be honest, he wanted to respond with the same Sura light beam or a different technique. But the ghost didn’t make that choice. He didn’t want to reveal that he was Hamel’s Death Knight. To be precise, he didn’t want to discredit Hamel’s name by his actions.

Discard learned skills. It was not an attack that was easy and light enough to break through with a blindly swung sword. If you exclude technology, you have to put a lot more power than that.

It wasn’t difficult for the specter. There is no such thing as depletion of mana for him who has become the embodiment of destruction. The magic of destruction is a destructive force that even those who handle it cannot handle. So far, many of the family members have destroyed themselves due to the magic of destruction, but the specter did not have such a danger.

As if extracting mana from the core, he extracted the magic of destruction.

ㅡQuaaaang! Sura Gwangsal and Thunder Gwangilseom, which had approached just before, collided with the magic of destruction and disappeared. That violent magical force was not satisfied with extinguishing the attack. The magic spreading around the specter created a storm.

That power is dangerous. Both Carmen and Genos had the same thoughts. The two immediately jumped back and prepared for the next attack.

Others also moved. Excluding Gion, who was not here, and Carmen and Genos, who moved first, the seven captains led the knights under his command. In an instant, the specter was surrounded by hundreds of knights, and the warriors of Zoran built a wall outside.

The form of pressure is blatant wheel warfare. The captain level could take turns attacking and draining the opponent’s strength, or they could attack from all sides. Either way, I felt the will to pressure one person with all my might.

The specters are alone, and they number in the hundreds. But everyone knew. Even if you have hundreds of allies, it is impossible to deal with them. Even if the strongest captain and the elders attack at the same time, it is impossible to defeat that one.

So we have to wait for reinforcements to arrive. Hold on to that until reinforcements arrive, and minimize damage to allies.

‘It’s pointless to procrastinate.’

Family support group? Archmages of Arot? Are you smart I don’t want to fight this battle itself, but I don’t want to fight Senya even more. Perhaps, what they are waiting for is Eugene Lionheart in Jebela Park.

… … I don’t want to fight with Eugene either. At least, I don’t want to bump into him here.

So, the roads for reinforcements to come over were blocked in advance. The warp gate was blocked, and a magic field was spread to block communication magic. In this condition, it is impossible for outside reinforcements to come over.

Even so, I didn’t want to prolong the battle.

The spirit of not running away from anyone even though they know that their ranks are quite different. Not only Lionheart’s knights, but even the natives who seem to have come over from the Great Forest have honor and pride.

-I, Moron Ruhar, will acknowledge you as a warrior.

The specter recalled those words and smiled wryly. It is not necessarily because he was recognized as a warrior. The ghost born in Hamel wanted to respect those who knew honor and pride. The ghost swallowed his breath slowly.

Time seems to flow slowly. The actual flow of time would not have changed, but the time felt by the ghost was extended like eternity. The specter read all the murderous intentions directed at him, and predicted the possibility of what kind of attack they would cause.

Attack of Genos and Carmen. How the flames of different colors respond, harmonize, and amplify. I knew how destructive that power could be.

‘It’s not two.’

I felt a violent force in my rear.

Power as if it were drawing power from the entire earth, like a giant tree moving through its roots. That power is of a different nature than what humans can obtain and reach through pure training. The specter, as the embodiment of destruction, understood what that power was.

miracles, blessings, blessings. that kind of power. The Great Forest, the one who received the protection of the World Tree. The specter trembled lightly at the knowledge that was not his own, etched into his brain. The Wraith doubted who it was now carving the intuition into his head.

‘Vermouth? or not… … Is it the Demon Lord of Destruction?’

The perceived time is still slow. Ivatar was seen leaping with her two axes. The attacks of Carmen and Genos are already piercing through while colliding with the specter’s magic.

The captain and elders at the forefront. The ever-increasing flames of magical power raise the blade according to the intent to kill. The moment Carmen and Genos’s attack ends, their attacks will dig in one after another, and Ivatar, who jumped up from the rear, will slash an ax on his head.

‘Something is mixed.’

The specter’s senses were wide open. He even saw through the male and female that had not yet been activated.

A young woman staring at me from among the black lions. It was the first time he had seen it in person, so the ghost didn’t know that the woman’s name was Ciel Lionheart.

However, I noticed that her left eye was different from the other black lions.

dull gold. Oddly enough, I didn’t see any humanity in those eyes. As time passed slowly, the color of her eyes gradually began to change. When the dark red color starts to blend into the eyes. The specter understood that what dwelled in those pupils was not magic, but the Mystic Eye.

‘A human has a demonic eye?’

I started thinking that it was nonsense. Hamel’s knowledge does not understand that. However, the specter understood from his own experience that this was not necessarily nonsense.

He remembered Vermouth sitting in the Temple of Destruction.

It’s slow, only the specter can feel it.

The flow of time did not change for the people except the specter. Carmen and Genos did their best to dig into the ghost’s magic. After that, the captain and the elders fired an attack, and Ivatar took the axe.

Ciel’s eyes turned completely red, and the power of the demonic eye was activated. immovable magic eye. If you have enough mana, you have the authority to bind even the demon lord for a moment. The power of the Mystic Eye captured the specter.

Ciel was the first to vomit blood. The power that tried to trap the ghost was destroyed by the magic of destruction that infiltrated in reverse. As the mana she poured for her authority flowed back, a blow came to her core. Ciel stumbled and vomited blood.

Whoa! The magic of destruction caused a storm. Carmen’s right arm, covered in Heaven Genocide, snapped back. The sword of Genos, who concentrated the sword steel, disappeared in ashes.

Ivatar, who fell from the sky, glared at the center of the storm and roared. The ax containing the force fell as if to crush the storm. she failed The ax dissipated, and Ivatar was swept away by her magical energy.

A completely different situation from what I had drawn, but what the captains had to do didn’t change. They shouted and brandished their weapons at the storm.

A ghost walked in the storm. He raised his hands, ignoring the magic that gradually expanded his territory.

Don’t fall! The gray mana condensed and became a huge sword. The specter twisted his body while holding a greatsword much larger than his body in both hands.

Kwaaaaang! The greatsword cut through the space. The magical storm became hundreds of slashes. A blizzard of wind spread in all directions.


Sian screamed and jumped in front of Ciel. He erected Geddon’s shield and wielded Aspel to guard Ciel’s front. Other knights and warriors also swung their weapons against the raging wind.

However, the magic of destruction annihilated the sword and mana. In an instant, the thick smell of blood wafted through the forest.

The sword wind stopped. The specter put the greatsword he had once swung over his shoulder.

The attack just now wipes them all out… … . I had a little bit of that expectation. He also carried as much magic as possible.

There were quite a few people who fell. However, there were an overwhelming majority of people who stood up. To be precise, there were many people who were forced to stand up when they were supposed to fall down.

At the sight, the specter laughed involuntarily. He genuinely admired them.

“Who are you?”

Carmen staggered to her feet. She glared at her ghost as she forcibly repaired her broken right arm. Genos also vomited blood from her and got up. The sword disappeared, but the flame of the white flame style became the blade.

“I am… … .”

What should I answer? The ghost smiled and shook her head.

There was no name to introduce to the specter. But is the name important? The ghost stretched out her feet instead of anguish. The greatsword over his shoulder was scattered with magic power, and at the same time the ghost’s figure disappeared.


Hundreds of swords covering the field of view. It only wields one directly, but the sword strikes with hundreds of slashes.

There is no time to distinguish between falsehood and truth. His right arm and fingers were broken. Although they were forced to fit, delicate movements were impossible.

Kwaddeuk! Heaven Genocide forcibly changed its form. Even in the pain of twisting his fingers, Carmen didn’t let out a single groan. The fist transformed into Destiny Form pierced the slash.


Contrary to the power of the first stretch, the fist touched the specter very lightly. Carmen gasped and glared at the ghost.


The specter sincerely acknowledged Carmen’s inaction. The magic of destruction dissipates mana just by touching it. However, Carmen’s white salt ceremony resisted the magic of destruction and pierced through the slash.

Although the underappreciation did not sound like a mockery, Carmen felt intense anger.

“What do you want to do?”

The slash that could not be cut off swept the surroundings once more. Among the knights and warriors who had been forced to rise, the number of people who had fallen increased.

“Why don’t you kill me?”

No one died even though they unleashed as much destructive force as I did. The weapon of resistance was extinguished. also hurt Severe injuries to the point of not being able to stand up. It’s never a light wound. But there are no fatal injuries. No one is dead.

what it means Carmen couldn’t have known. The ‘demon lord’, who I don’t know what it is, has no intention of killing anyone. I’m trying to defeat everyone here on that subject.

“Do you want to give despair and fear? If that is the case, you will fail.”

Carmen spat out as she glared at the specter. The specter shook his head quietly at that gaze.

“It didn’t fail.”

“… … what?”

“I’m not here to bring despair and fear.”

The specter still wears a mask. Carmen didn’t know what expression was behind the mask. The only thing visible is the eyes.

“I have come to wrath.”

On the subject of such words, those eyes were calmly sunken. It was not calm because there was no agitation, but it felt calm as if it had given up on something and was prepared.

“… … anger?”

Carmen couldn’t understand that.

Did you come to anger me? For what? But I knew this much. True to the ghost’s words, he achieved his goal. I mean he was successful. Carmen felt unbearable anger at the specter standing in front of her now.

It wasn’t just Carmen. Everyone who meets the specter here today will feel the same anger.

I could kill you, but I didn’t kill you. Dare to show mercy. It is an intolerable insult to a knight, to a warrior. The fear and despair of that ominous existence will never exceed the rage now engraved.

“that’s right.”

A voice was heard.

“You succeeded.”

The ghost’s shoulders trembled. He immediately raised his head and looked at the night sky.

The night when the sun had already set. A bright night sky with countless stars and a dazzling moon hanging over it.

Senya looked down at the specter from high in the night sky.

“You made me angry.”

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The night sky seems to be lowered.

Everyone made that mistake. This is because the night sky full of stars was in a place far lower than its original height. No, it wasn’t stellar. Countless magic bullets were shining like stars around Senya.

Naturally, Senya was furious.

As much as when I met Iris, who became a mad king. 300 years ago, she was just as furious as when she saw the elves slaughtered by Iris, who was a dark elf.

Ryan Hart.

She is not related by blood to Senya. But they are Eugene’s family and relatives. In fact, down there are Eugene’s siblings, Ciel and Xian. I met Senya several times, and there is also Carmen who helped me when Iris was subdued.

Everyone—- was injured. Ciel coughs up blood from her and gasps for her breath, while Cyan hugs her sister. Carmen stands on her feet and stretches out her fist, but she doesn’t look well. She is forced to stand, enduring severe internal injuries.


A light whirled in Senya’s pupils. No one thought that they would target the Black Lion Castle. The focus was thoroughly set on Nahama. Actually, Amelia Merwin and her demons are in Nahama.

“What are you?”

The power that single-handedly invaded the Black Lion Castle and was about to be captured. A bizarre and ominous magic… … Senya sighed, furrowing her eyebrows in displeasure.

“… … How did you get over it?”

The ghost asked another question instead of Senya’s question. Warp gate destroyed. Communication magic was also blocked with the magic field.

Just a moment ago, Senya was in Arot. With a smile of unparalleled bliss, she was choosing clothes to wear when meeting Eugene—- and a ring to share with her as a promise for the future.

However, there was no smile on Senya’s face as she looked up. anger. It was the only emotion the specter wanted.

“If normal communication is cut off, it becomes rather suspicious.”

While I was in Arot, I gave Ciel a communicator in case something unexpected happened. He didn’t communicate normally, but he always cared about signals.

But suddenly the signal was cut off. I tried to contact him to find out what had happened, but there was no communication.

“It was quite annoying to penetrate the warp gate.”

But I managed to break through. I recalculated the coordinates from the obstruction barrier using magic and connected a new path. As long as it was possible with ‘magic’, there were not many things that were impossible for Senya now.

“If you didn’t want me to come over, you should have destroyed the warp gate.”

Senya sighed and took out Frost and held it.

ㅡKeyiing! The demons floating around began to circle around Senya. Even inside Senya’s eyes, colorful colors swirled and shone like jewels.

That’s right. If he really didn’t want Senya to come over, he should have destroyed the warp gate altogether. But if you do, won’t there be problems after you clean up and leave this place?

“… … I didn’t want you to come over, but I didn’t want this place to be annihilated… … .”


A sudden voice interrupted the ghost’s words.

“… … that voice.”

The guy is wearing a mask. He tried many times to see through his magic, but he couldn’t see his face. That mask itself was a mass of magical power, and beyond that, it was full of gritty ominousness.

that voice. I remember it. It’s not just the voice. Even the impression the physique conveyed is clearly remembered. Senya understood what it was.

But feelings don’t change.

Rather, Senya’s anger grew even greater.

It had to be. Just as Moron saw the ghost and was enraged, Senya also saw the ghost and was enraged. Even what happened here was enough to make him angry, but the fact that it was Hamel’s Death Knight that had done this was no different than pouring fuel into his anger.

Senya didn’t hesitate like Moron, and didn’t make the slightest effort to understand the specter. This attitude was rather natural. If they saw the descendants of Vermouth covered in wounds and bleeding, even Moron would scream and rage.

As the Ghost himself said, he came here to bring anger rather than despair or fear. That’s why Senya’s anger was as the specter intended.

But, to be honest, I didn’t want to see it right now. The specter recalled Senya’s smile that he had seen earlier. He admitted to messing around with the warp gate.

Are you smart He had underestimated her potential as the most powerful mage in history.

“… … .”

Why it did this was not an important issue to Senya right away. The important thing for her now was to tear that thing to shreds.

I wanted to kill him myself, but I thought it was right to leave that role to Eugene. Senya made that decision and raised Frost.

The stars have fallen. Hundreds and thousands of magic bullets flew at the specter all at once. The fluctuating flow of stars looked like the Milky Way from the night sky.

The attack of the form that deviated from common sense was beautiful, delicate and destructive. The magic bullets pouring down all at once aimed only at the specter, and there was no distraction.

The specter’s appearance had disappeared. In an instant, he distanced himself from Senya and appeared in a completely different location, but thousands of magic bullets changed their trajectories and moved before the ghosts even showed up.

The specter had no choice but to panic as he watched the galaxy attacking him. movement detected? No, it was simply that I couldn’t escape the pursuit of that magic.

It is impossible to avoid and bully. Even if the specter runs away to the other side of the world, the magic bullet will not stop. That attack was endowed with such magic.

The reincarnated Hamel mastered magic and reached the level of an archmage, but Hamel, possessed by a specter, has never learned magic. That’s why the specter didn’t know much about magic, but he could see that the magic Senya was using was unusual.

No, that’s not necessarily limited to magic. It is impossible to ‘never’ miss an attack, such as swinging a sword or striking a fist.

Even so, those thousands of stars ignore the process and decide the result first. There was a rule that “must” hit.

‘Is this magic?’

It is absurd magic. If another wizard sees that magic and knows the truth, he will realize how insignificant the magic he practiced has been so far. In fact, when Senya conceived and realized that magic, the archmages who were present burst into exclamations and sighs.

absolute rate.

Everyone said it was a signature, but Senya didn’t think it was a signature. Senya’s goal is to go beyond the walls of the 9th circle and into the 10th circle, no, to go beyond the walls of human wizards and become a goddess who rules magic itself. Absolute law is just something I became able to do in the process of becoming a magic goddess.

Besides, in Senya’s opinion, the Absolute Law could not be said to have been completed yet. This is because there are limits to the rules to be given and the results to be confirmed.

but. The law of setting a target and making sure to hit only the target can be given. No matter how fast the target is, no matter how fast Senya can’t chase it, the result determined by the absolute rate is ‘absolute’.

‘How powerful?’

It is impossible to circumvent or evade. If that kind of magic was even powerful, it would be unreasonable. The specter immediately aroused magic and responded to the magic bullet.

Quarrrrr! The magic that spread like fog touched the magic bullet. Every time one magic bullet was removed, the consumption of mana was enormous. Quite a few demons would die with just a few hits.

Even the power experienced directly was beyond the understanding of the specter. To fire thousands of rounds of an attack with this power? Even if Senya was a great mage, her mana would have to be infinite to unleash such a large-scale attack. Isn’t it natural that the stronger the magic, the more mana is needed?

‘That’s absurd.’

Isn’t that true? The specter paid attention to the magic bullet being intercepted. The moment it touches, it whirls and explodes. In the process, mana is being excessively reduced. There wasn’t that much mana in a single magic bullet.

‘The nature of mana is different.’

Is magic that changes the nature of mana possible? You said you newly processed the mana you already had and specialized in dealing with magical powers?

I felt pure surprise, but I didn’t think it was a crisis.

Even though Senya’s magic was processed to deal with mana, the specter is the embodiment of destruction. Just like the demon king, the magic power that the specter can extract is infinite, and the magic power of destruction extinguishes mana.

If you induce a war of attrition, you will win. Even if you don’t necessarily induce it into a war of attrition, if you actively attack—

“… … .”

The purpose of the ghost is not to kill Senya. The specter chewed his lips and drew out his mana.

Don’t fall! A blade emitting an ominous cut through space. The magic bullet, which exceeded the slash, was thrown into a whirlwind and destroyed the ghost’s body, but the ghost didn’t care that his body was destroyed.

However, the next attack could not be calmed down.

Wow! The magic awl pierced both the slash and the specter’s body at the same time. ㅡJjijijijijik! The nerve circuits in the body burned out.

The flames are ascending towards the source of magical power. An attack aimed at the immortality of the high-ranking demons. It was an attack with an absolute rate of intent to kill even the demon king.


Black blood flowed from the ghost’s mouth. Barely raising her head, she saw Senya approaching, her eyes shining like jewels. Senya was still beautiful, although it contained a completely different feeling than before.

“… … .”

I’m pretty sure who the opponent is. voice and physique. Although the atmosphere is different and the face is covered, that is unmistakably Hamel’s Death Knight.

‘I don’t get it.’

In the Great Forest battle, the Death Knight’s body was annihilated. With only his soul remaining, he barely escaped, accepting the spell of destruction in La Vista… … . The facts that Noir Jebella had delivered from Simuin ended there.


Senya snorted.

“You realized you were fake.”

Wearing a mask without revealing your face. The words that came to infuse anger. Although the evidence is weak, Senya was convinced.

Death Knight realized his identity. If it really thought of itself as ‘Hamel’ in the first place, it wouldn’t do this.

No matter how much you hate it, no matter how much you wish for revenge.

There was no way that Hamel would visit the descendants of Vermouth and attack them blindly. Even if you talk about revenge in words, Hamel… … He doesn’t do anything like that. The very fact that he did such a thing was not like Hamel.

I thought it was ambiguous. That did something uncharacteristic of Hamel. But isn’t that the purpose of revenge? If revenge is the purpose in the first place, there is no reason to cover the face, and there is no reason not to kill everyone.

“… … Knowing you’re fake.”

The specter grabbed the awl that pierced his body with both hands. Senya aimed her staff at the specter.

“Why are you doing that?”

If you realized that it was fake, there would be no need to insist on that appearance. Senya couldn’t understand that.

There is no hesitation.

Even if Hamel hadn’t been reincarnated, he wouldn’t have used that instead of Hamel. Because that thought itself was blaspheming Hamel.

‘That’s why you are wrong.’

Your very existence is blaspheming Hamel. Senya’s eyes, shining like jewels, showed little emotional fluctuation. She still has an upright murderous intent for her wraith.


The ghost’s body was smashed. The silent magic continued to thoroughly destroy the specter’s flesh. Didn’t leave a single drop of blood. I had no intention of leaving even the slightest trace that that thing existed in the world.


As the destruction continued, Senya let out a deep sigh. She put down her wand, which she was aiming at, and scratched her head.

“It doesn’t work.”

Senya furrowed her eyebrows and spat out. She’s on her way, but she hasn’t quite reached the level that she’s a goddess of magic. The absolute rate is also incomplete.

‘… … Besides, it’s special.’

I was thinking of destroying the source of magic by burning it, but that also failed. The moment they got closer to the source, the flames were extinguished in reverse. What existed at the source of the specter was a deep, futile void that even Senya could not fathom.

I knew it as soon as I saw it with my own eyes. It became a being that could not be called a Death Knight or a Demon. I think it’s nonsense, but the demon lord. It’s also close to the demon king of destruction… … He felt like that.

‘The attack reached, but I don’t know if it was effective.’

If I hit that much, I think it’s a serious injury that requires a recovery period, but is it really so? Senya sighed and shook her head.


I don’t know how I missed it. explode, burn, annihilate. I poured that much, but it didn’t even play. He just disappeared from here as if nothing had happened.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t worried about running away. He spread mana and magic all over the area, but he couldn’t catch him disappearing. I don’t know how he escaped, but that way was beyond Senya’s understanding.


Senya laughed at the thought that came to mind. Actually, you can’t call it an escape. There was no disadvantage to him here. The guy didn’t properly resist Senya’s attack. Although he parried the attack, he did not attack Senya directly… … .

“… … What is it?”

Senya lowered her shoulders and came downstairs. Fortunately, no one died here.


Even if no one died, Eugene would be angry.

Senya was afraid to imagine that scene.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 455

I didn’t get caught on the way.

Noir once stood in the way of the sudden departure from Jebela Park. However, before Eugene could say anything, Noir backed off on his own.

Even that Noir understood that he shouldn’t stand in Eugene’s way now. She still wants to die with Eugene, but she doesn’t want to make that day her today.

‘I can’t do this.’

Watching him leave without leaving a word, Noir thought so.

If I blocked Eugene’s way now—- I felt like I would never be able to have a nonsensical conversation in front of that man again. It seemed that I couldn’t expect any other emotions from that man, and the hesitation that would result.

That’s why Eugene’s feelings were determined and one-sided. No matter how much it is noir, if you block that emotion, you will be swept away.

If that were the case, all the hard-earned emotions would become meaningless.

Noir didn’t want that. I didn’t want to scatter ashes in the present moment, even if the day when we were going to kill each other would be sweeter than anything else.

So Noir let Eugene go. As Eugene wished, he even wrote a fantasy magic eye all over Jebella Park so that he could use the warp gate as quickly as possible.

“You wouldn’t take this as a favor, though.”

Noir giggled and reaped the illusionary eye.

A city without night. Even in the middle of the dawn, there is only silence in Jebela Park, where noise should not cease. It is because the three Jebella Faces floating in the sky led the city into a dream only for Eugene.

“I want to do you a favor though. Regardless of what you accept, that’s what I want to do.”

Noir buried himself in a soft chair and whispered. She rested her chin on her hand and looked at the screen in front of her.

Originally, looking up the coordinates of a warp gate is something that individuals shouldn’t do, but this is Jebela City. In this city, there are very few things you can’t do or shouldn’t do in Noirge.

‘Secret coordinates not officially registered. This… … It’s the Black Lion Castle.’

Seeing that Hamel moved right away without hiding his emotions, there must have been something unusual happening in the Black Lion Castle. what the hell happened Noir tilted his head and thought.

“… … no way.”

Hamel’s Death Knight, which appeared briefly during the day and then disappeared.

Noir did not inform Hamel about its existence. I didn’t see anything hostile towards him, and his attitude was… … because it was ambiguous

The moment of confrontation was short, but Noir is a death knight… … No, he thought that the ‘fake’, who could no longer be called a Death Knight, was not Hamel’s enemy. Aside from the power, ominousness, and danger that he possessed, the fake had a complete lack of intent to kill Hamel.

‘… … Rather, it seemed to be more wary of me.’

So judged.

but… … What if I’m wrong? Judging from the circumstances, there was no doubt that something had happened in the Black Lion Castle. I can’t judge for sure, but maybe… … Accidents you don’t know what they are may have been caused by fakes.


Noir couldn’t figure out why the fake did such a drastic thing.

‘Couldn’t it be my fault?’

At the same time, it was subtly comforting that he hadn’t captured the fake one even though he had encountered it first.

* * *

After receiving a call from Senya in the middle of the morning, I immediately moved. He thought it was much more accurate to see with his own eyes than to be told blah blah.

manage your emotions

I prepared my mind as much as necessary. Before he arrived, he had been informed of the general situation by Senya.

Fortunately, no one has died. The severity of the injuries varies, but there are no fatal injuries. There is no one to be crippled.

Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve been ‘attacked’.

Eugene—-accepted that fact, and tried to calm down his emotions. After arriving, I didn’t want to pry her eyes out and run amok.


Fortunately, the efforts to calm down the emotions were not very meaningless, and they did not engage in unsightly disturbances such as stamping the ground with their feet, swinging their fists, and throwing things they could get their hands on.

Instead, Eugene gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. The tightly clenched teeth crumbled and the taste of blood in the mouth. His clenched fists were too tight, and his fingers were crumpled. The resulting pains were quite helpful in correcting my mind.

“… … .”

I forgot to even breathe because my head was so hot.

Yujin let out a long breath and shook his head. The magician of the Black Lion Knights, who had forgotten to breathe at the same time, was suppressed by Eugene’s atmosphere and momentum.

“… … The damage… … .”

“it’s okay.”

I didn’t want to hear it first. Eugene caught her breath and lifted her head.

There was almost nothing to be seen from here—-but I could see that a corner of the Black Lion Castle standing tall not far away had collapsed. Through my keen senses, I could feel the sounds and smells of the other side.

Moans of enduring pain and the smell of blood. Eugene’s gray hair rose gently above him. Cristina, who was looking at Eugene with her worried and tense eyes, hurriedly grabbed Eugene’s wrist.

“are you okay.”

“Don’t tell obvious lies.”

Cristina spat that out before Anise came forward. She caressed the corners of her mouth with her hand, wrapped in her divine power, regenerating her crushed teeth and cracked gums.

“The enemy has already left, but who is Eugene-sama angry with?”

“To me.”

He carefully removed Christina’s hand. Eugene let out a deep sigh and wiped her blood on her lips.

“I’m just mad at me.”

Christina and Anise were speechless at that. The anger that Eugene feels right now is because of the rebuke to himself. That man is overly strict when it comes to feelings like responsibility.

[I’m stupid enough to judge my worth and choose suicide.]

Anise grumbled. In the meantime, Eugene walked forward first.

Inside the cloak, Mer and Lymilia are embracing each other and trembling. For a moment, I felt a little sorry for the two kids. Let’s go somewhere to play tomorrow. I decided to leave Jebela Park in about two days anyway. Before leaving, I decided to let the kids do whatever they want.

“Never mind that. Do you think we are real lovers?”

Mer, who read Eugene’s thoughts, pouted her lips and muttered. Mer hesitated for a moment, then she reached her hand out of the cloak.

“I know that Eugene-nim has no choice but to be angry. still… … Still, please don’t be too scary.”


Eugene answered without hesitation. Still, she didn’t completely ignore Mer’s wishes. Eugene grabbed Mer’s hand while grinding her teeth. Then Mer pulled her hand inside her cloak.

“Hermit… … .”

Raimirah also cried and touched Eugene’s hand. The four children’s hands rubbed Eugene’s hands hard. A gentle warmth came through.

Emotions haven’t changed. Incomparable to the warmth he received, his blood boiled hot. Still, the trivial efforts of the children were not meaningless. Due to the ceaseless weaving, Eugene couldn’t clasp her fist inside her cloak.

passed the forest

No, this place could no longer be called a forest. It was just an empty vacant lot.

I couldn’t feel any remaining magic power. Rather, there was no magic power left. If he had poured out this much power, he might have some magic power left, but it felt a bit strange that nothing was left.


Eugene jumped up to the castle. As he came this far, he was determined again. Be prepared to accept what you see.

Failed. If you’re not careful, you might squeeze the little ones’ hands and crush them.

Eugene immediately pulled his hand out of his cloak. And he took a few deep breaths. The thumping sound of her heart filled her ears. At the same time, a tinnitus sounded in her head.

“That bastard.”

Lips opened spontaneously. Mana moved in response to Eugene’s feelings. Black flames ran like manes.

He was seen using potions and the like to treat wounds. Many people were bandaged. Fortunately, the Black Lion Castle is overflowing with potions used to treat injuries. Supported by the temple, priests who can use healing magic are also on standby.

However, it is difficult to treat hundreds of injured people at once. In addition to the seriousness of the injury, it is even more difficult to treat it if it is ‘magical power’ that permeates the injury.

That’s why it’s difficult to fight demons and warlocks. Even minor scratches are slow to heal.

That’s why the smell of blood was strong here. The wound didn’t heal well even after pouring the potion generously. Because the pain is severe. Even if it is not a fatal wound right away, it will become a fatal wound if left alone.

I heard who did that. A Death Knight made from my, Hamel’s corpse. A personality created from Hamel’s memories.

can not understand.

If he really pretended to be ‘Hamel’, if he really knew he was Hamel.

‘I am.’

This kind of thing doesn’t happen. I don’t want to believe that fake baby, but he has… … Hamel’s personality was a bit trustworthy. No matter what bullshit he spreads with his open mouth, if he really is a by-product of Hamel’s memories.

It does not attack the Black Lion Castle where Vermouth’s descendants are located. No matter how much hatred and vengeful eyes turn. 300 years later, they do not attack the descendants who live in this era out of the blue.

– Because I, at least like this, came back to life. Do you know what your first thought was?

-We decided to wipe out all the seeds that Vermouth left behind.

In the great forest of Samar, the fake bastard talked like that. So, did you really do this?

“… … .”

fought the guy crossed swords He didn’t kill him, but he gave him something like death. At that moment, he felt something in the moment. Although he had memories of committing suicide turning to betrayal. Even if he’s fake… … He was at the point of calling himself Hamel.

If it were me, I would not do such a thing.

Eugene hated the past self who thought so. After all, you’re a fake bastard, so why did you judge it on your own? He’s not Hamel. Even though he clearly knew, why did he expect Hamel-like behavior from him?

“… … .”



no one is dead There are no fatal injuries. treatment is slow If left alone, it will die. If this place were in the middle of the demonic world 300 years ago, I wouldn’t know, but this is the castle of the Black Lion. It didn’t even destroy the warp gate.

Even at this moment, the senior priests of Ruhar must be on the move. In fact, death was deprived of the wounded from the moment the ‘saint’ arrived, without them even having to come.

‘Why didn’t you kill him?’

Revenge on Vermouth. He thought he had come to fulfill a declaration made in the great grove. That is, until you see the sight in person.

But seeing it in person, there were so many strange things. Fake raided Black Lion Castle. That is a fact. But, he… … He had no intention of killing anyone.



A voice came out of nowhere, but I wasn’t surprised. Eugene let out a deep sigh and lifted her head.

I didn’t want to see you again in this situation, in this mood.


We talked often, but it’s been almost a year since we’ve seen each other face to face like this. It’s not very long… … Contrary to what I thought, I felt that I had changed a lot. Her face, her clothes, nothing like that has changed.

atmosphere. Or, the case. Eugene did not know how to describe the vaguely felt change.

“Where did that bastard go?”

It wasn’t even important right now. I didn’t feel sorry for those words that I spit out. Even Senya would have asked that first in this situation.

“I don’t know.”

So, Senya didn’t like her answer now. right in front of your eyes… … missed it His means of transportation are absolutely not magic. It’s not like black magic either.

“Suddenly appeared, suddenly disappeared.”

I’ve been attacked quite a few times. He hoped that he would be able to trace the mana he had planted, but that too failed.

The reason was roughly guessed. The power he used was the magic of destruction. It seems that the attacks and mana that he worked hard on were eventually extinguished.

“… … Sorry.”

Senna hesitated before saying that. Eugene’s eyebrows rose at the sudden apology.

“What are you, no, Senya-sama, sorry about?”

“I… … If only it came sooner… … .”

“Don’t talk like that. This is not something Senya-sama should feel guilty about.”

Eugene sighed and shook his head. I was so excited that I almost slipped my tongue. There are so many people around me, and if I talk to Senya in a nonsensical way, I’ll get some pointless stares.

“I am the one who should feel guilty. I, this idiot cub. It’s not that I didn’t quite imagine that this would happen, but I didn’t prepare thoroughly… … .”


It was a voice other than Senya who interrupted this time. Eugene was startled and turned her head away.

Carmen staggered towards Eugene with her bandaged arm fixed.

“It’s not something you’ll feel guilty about.”

“… … Carmen.”

“Eugene. You are not the only Lion Heart.”

Carmen wasn’t biting her cigar as usual. The bandage on that arm wasn’t fancy either. Carmen, who stumbled over, stood in front of Eugene and shook his head.

“Why should you feel guilty about Lionheart being attacked?”

It was a bizarre opponent.

I don’t know the identity. But that power was so terrible that Carmen looked down on the demon lord she had fought.

Can you use the fact that your opponent is stronger than you imagined as an excuse? no. Carmen didn’t want to use that as an excuse. No matter how strong the opponent was, this futile defeat was as painful as if his heart had been torn to pieces.

“… … All right.”

Eugene responded by clenching and opening his fists. It is impossible to completely shake off guilt. However, the anger and humiliation felt by Carmen, who was defeated here, must be greater than Eugene’s.

“… … I don’t know who the enemy is.”

Carmen let out a long sigh and put her hand on Eugene’s shoulder.

“I’m not the demon king of confinement, but my opponent… … different… … I think it’s the devil He had the magical power to think that way.”

“… … yes.”

“He said.”


Power went into the hand holding the shoulder. He tried to calm her emotions, but it didn’t work out.

what the guy said. voice. A calm voice, devoid of any emotion.

“I came here to make you angry.”

Carmen had never heard a word as humiliating as that one in her life.

“… … anger?”

I don’t know what the fake cubs think and what they want to say.

“You came to anger me?”

If there was that bastard in front of him right now, Eugene wanted to tell him that he was ‘successful’ with sincerity.

* * *

I was thinking of leaving Black Lion Castle and going to Nahama.

Fighting Senya was unexpected, but still… …

‘This is enough.’

No other accidents occurred. As first thought, no one, really no one was killed.

Instead, he gave something worse than death.

“You must be angry.”

I could have killed enough, but everyone on the spot would know that I didn’t. Senya will know, and it will arrive soon… … Eugene Ryanhart would know.

The specter wanted them to feel more anger than question about that act. In that sense, I thought it was fortunate that Zahabu Ivatar and the warriors of Zoran were in the Black Lion Castle. The roaring rage will burn not only Lionheart, but also the great tribe that unified the Great Forest for the first time in history.

Naturally, the anger is transferred to Kiel as well. The territory of the empire, and the border at that, was invaded. The Emperor of the Empire should be actively involved in this situation even for the sake of face before anger.

It made the vague cause clear.

It made the war that Eugene wished for happen.

‘This is it.’

Now, what the specter will do is simple.

Go to Nahama and support Amelia Merwin. At the same time—-you just have to propagate it moderately. The Black Lion and the warriors of Zoran were brought to their knees. Then Eugene, who was enraged, would attack as he was angry.

‘I don’t know why you want war. But, what I want is… … It must be because you need it.’

The ghost does not know that Eugene and Hamel are the reincarnations of Agaroth. I couldn’t even guess the intention to make a name through war and increase divine power.

but. More than Eugene wanted.

‘Because only I can do this.’

He wanted to help Eugene the way only he could. Because I am not Hamel. But, because I want to be Hamel.

Even in this way, for the sake of Hamel.

“is it.”

I was thinking of going to Nahama.

I saw sandstorms and deserts.

“Is that the meaning of the existence you saved?”

Until just now.

The ghost raised his head in surprise.

I saw the demon king of confinement standing in the black night.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 456


I had no choice but to ask.

This is not Helmud. Not even Pandemonium. Not even Babel. But why is the demon king of confinement here?

Just a moment ago, the ghost was in Nahama. An unknown desert. First of all, I was thinking of going over to the desert, estimating the location, and then going to Amelia Merwin.

After even slapping Amelia Merwin, who was about to scream in surprise at the sudden appearance… … I was thinking of killing the sultan.

Because I thought I didn’t need it.

Nahama’s defeat in this war has already been decided. The ghost himself wished for Nahama’s defeat. I’m not going to give you the glory that the sultan wants. He’s only going to be used as a puppet anyway, so let’s kill him beforehand… … The specter himself was going to pretend to be the sultan.

But what is this Why did the demon king of confinement suddenly appear? The ghost couldn’t understand it, so he looked around.

dark sky. The light does not exist, but the body is clearly visible. It’s like painting over black paper with a different color.

The specter knows this bizarre world. The palace of the demon king of Yupe that exists from the 91st floor of Babel. The place where the ghost had invaded just a month ago.

“This is my palace.”

The demon king of confinement standing in the sky smiled and said.

“… … Although it is called that, I do not consider this place to be the palace.”

The ghost couldn’t understand the words and laughter. The demon lord in captivity he sees now—- is very different from the last time he saw it. He looked genuinely happy. also.

“This place lives up to my name.”

I felt kind enough to talk about something I didn’t even ask.


The specter murmured in a low voice. Isn’t prison the only place worthy of the name ‘confinement’? Of course, the specter couldn’t fully understand its meaning.

However, I thought that it was quite suitable if it was ‘as it looks’. A space without light. From the 91st floor to the 99th floor, I couldn’t understand the meaning of it—but these 9 floors were filled only with darkness.

There is no light to illuminate the darkness. It looks like night, but there are no stars and no moon. However, each other’s ‘existence’ is overlaid on the darkness with colors.

The demon king of confinement who exists only, only.

He who floated in the middle of the darkness—- was indeed a being worthy of his name. A person who confined something.

On the contrary, even he seems imprisoned. look at the devil’s back Far beyond thousands and tens of thousands, truly countless chains are connected.

Is the demon lord himself imprisoned by that chain? Or is the demon king confining something else with that chain? The specter couldn’t tell them apart.


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