Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 142

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“I don’t think it will.”

Moron’s recklessness stood stiff.

“Didn’t you think that you shouldn’t come here?”

“I did.”

The ghost nodded and replied.

“But I thought you should come.”

“Are you mocking me?”

Chii profit… … ! Morron’s body radiated heat. The more we met and talked, the more I couldn’t control my emotions.

Moron Luhar. He used to be teased by his colleagues for being an asshole from the distant past. Morron himself has never been displeased or protested against the teasing. His colleagues, friends who crossed the line with him, didn’t mind calling Moron a moron.

But that being should not be called that. Even if everyone in the world calls Moron a double-headed man and regards him as a double-headed man, that existence shouldn’t be like that.

“Do you know me?”

Moron spat.

“Moron, Luhar.”

the ghost answered.

In response, Moron raised his hand above his head.

“no. you don’t know me.”

The ax that flew through space was caught in Morron’s hand.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 449

The specter knew what those words meant.

Moron’s words were not wrong. The specter does not know Moron. I know its name, I know its shape, it exists in my memory, but it is not the memory of a specter.

The ‘Moron Luhar’ that the specter knows is, after all, based on Hamel’s memories. Moron Luhar is a person who only exists in Hamel’s memories.

On the other hand, the Moron in front of us exists in reality, not in memory. That man doesn’t act like an asshole like the Moron in my memory. He doesn’t even let out a big laugh. He doesn’t even show unconditional trust and friendship.

That man has anger, not laughter. Instead of trust, there is hatred. Instead of friendship, there is intent to kill. Just as the specter was not Hamel to Moron, Moron was not Moron to the specter.


That is why a Moron is a Moron. Moron was exactly as the specter had imagined. If you knew the truth and faced ‘me’, I thought Moron would definitely be like that.

Hamel too.

Hundreds of years later, if Morron’s Death Knight suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, he would have reacted in the same way. That’s why Moron never tolerates ghosts. He doesn’t even think to listen to the specter’s circumstances. For Moron, there is no reason for that.


The ghost laughed bitterly.

‘If I beg you, you would listen even for a moment.’

Even though he is so furious, if the ghost gets down on his knees and begs. Moron will stop attacking even for a moment. If the specter tells the circumstances, if he realizes that I am a fake, and if he says that Vermouth has allowed me to exist. She will ponder and hesitate.

Moron is such a guy.

‘Should I?’

I am not Hamel. Hamel can’t be Obsessing over that verification is ridiculous now. What the specter is looking for is what ‘I’ can do. What to do.

The specter cannot fight the demon king of confinement. Of course, he can’t even fight the Demon King of Destruction. So does he have to fight Noir Jebella? Is it Vermut’s will to help Hamel in the fight against Noir Jebela and other demons?

Is it just that? Is it the value of my existence to fight demons who are no different from rubbish? What can I do for the world? What to do?


It was only holding an axe, but everything in Moron changed. The specter stared at Morron while feeling a strong sense of intimidation.

“You are not Hamel.”

Obvious words. undeniable words.

“Are you here to deceive me? I don’t know if I came here to mock you.”

Unbelievable power is being focused on the axe. Magic happens naturally. That ax is far out of the standard of ‘correct’.

“But you fool. If you wear Hamel’s face and Hamel’s voice and say you know me. As a friend of Hamel, I have no choice but to be angry.”

The specter just laughed. That word is indeed Moron. That laugh rather made Moron hesitate for a while.

I heard about the Death Knight from Hamel.

A Death Knight made from corpses enshrined in a desert underground tomb. An ego that read all the memories left in the corpse and created it thoroughly according to the memories. Even the memory was manipulated to make it easy to use there.

‘He said that he remembers that he died because he was betrayed by everyone, not because he sacrificed himself for Vermouth.’

So Death Knight hates the world. He hates everything related to his former colleagues. If you think so, Moron could understand why that ugly dead man came here alone.

‘They must have come to kill me.’

Betrayed by a colleague and died?

It’s a lie that Moron thinks is not worth believing, but if it’s a being born from a lie from the very beginning, it’s bound to be swayed. In fact, Hamel heard the hatred and contempt for his comrades from the dead, and said that he had the intent to kill Ryan Hart.

If the guy who went mad to kill even his distant descendants knew that his direct enemy, Moron Luhar, was alive, he would of course come for revenge. … … If his ego resembles Hamel, then it is only natural that the dead came here.

on such a subject.

First of all, it is also Hamel-like that he does not reveal his intention to kill.

Even if you can be angry with Vermouth’s descendants, your colleagues… … If you actually encounter it, no matter how much you hate it and want to kill it. Hamel will hesitate. Before drawing his sword and attacking, he will first ask you the reason for your betrayal.


Moron wondered how to accept this sense of incongruity. It is Hamel-like that he does not attack. But it’s strange that he doesn’t say anything.

… … I don’t want to deal with So I shot the truth right away.

you are not Hamel

Even though I said that, it doesn’t object. Rather, he has a mischievous smile.

“… … no way.”

The power that was concentrated in the ax stopped. The sense of presence that had been pressuring her as if it would crush her existence itself was slightly relieved. I was surprised at the eyes that were covered with anger, hatred, and flesh.

“I realized… … .”


This move was not thought and acted upon. Honest and natural. It was as if he had acted unconsciously.

The ghost didn’t want Moron to know the truth. He didn’t want to let the truth he realized come conscious. She didn’t want to judge me by sight. I hated that one-sided hatred and intent to kill could turn into pity.


I don’t want to be pitied. I don’t want to be understood by folding a few numbers. The specter that jumped in by nature reached the front of Morron in an instant.



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Moron felt the magic emitted from the specter. That startled Moron.

‘Why did I just find out now?’

I had never felt any magic power from that grotesque being. Noting that she was in Hamel’s form, she failed to notice her lack of magical powers.

On such a subject, at this moment, it emits a huge amount of magical power that can only be astonished. Even that ominous magic—


Moron’s bewilderment and hesitation disappeared.

The ominous power of destruction. A sanity-shaking, shattering madness that would suffice to add up all the Nur that had been killed for hundreds of years.

Not having seizures even though it was called ‘fake’. Perhaps, he knows his true identity now. Although that made Moron hesitate for a moment.

Right now, that thing radiates magical energy and attacks. Moron did not worry any longer.

That shouldn’t exist. Moron defined the specter as such. It would destroy the world just by existing in it. Especially here, in Rehein Yar, adjacent to the ‘end’ that Vermouth warned about, that existence might bring another disaster.

Kwaaaaang! Morron’s ax and the ghost’s sword collided. In only one collision, Moron—a very long-forgotten, keenly aware of one of the fundamental human instinctive emotions.

A creepy bug with many legs. Like a procrastinating rat. A rotting corpse… … Aversion to that kind of thing. Rather than the shock of the attack colliding with the attack, I got goosebumps from the aversion to the rushing magic power.

Again, other emotions have been imbued with disgust. fear. Inside his shaggy beard, Moron chewed his molars.

That magic… … It is qualitatively different from what I feel from Noor. Even though they had only met once, it reminded them of the demon king of destruction 300 years ago.

“Um… … !”

A moan escaped from between clenched teeth. That sword established a frontal power confrontation with Moron’s axe, and the endlessly pouring magic power pushed back Moron’s mana.


Kwakjijik! The ax that had moved forward shattered the magical sword. I wanted the ax to slice through the ghost’s body, but before that, the ghost jumped back.

Morron trampled the ground with his feet instead of continuing to swing his axe. Wow! Moron’s surroundings exploded with a huge roar.

Moron held the ax with both hands. The spread power was concentrated on the axe. The specter standing high in the sky also raised both hands. A pair of swords too large to wield with one hand, though not quite as much as Moron’s axe, were clutched in the wraith’s hands.

The specter that fell down attacked first. A dizzying melee. Even with Morron’s bright eyes, it was impossible to read and respond to every slash.

In the first place, Moron did not intend to receive every single attack. The ax split the center of the chaotic dance.

Quarrrrr! Magic and mana were mixed and Moron swallowed his breath.

‘Even if it’s fake… … ‘

Even if you split up once, the rampage doesn’t end. As slashes and slashes continue, they press on all sides. That sword dance was much more advanced than Hamel’s past that Moron remembered.

At the same time, he resembled the current Eugene. That fact made Moron uncomfortable. For more than half a year, I have sparred with Eugene several times every day. Thanks to this, the specter’s attacks were not unfamiliar to Moron.

that it is not unfamiliar. That fact gave Moron a fright. The sword of the specter is no different from Eugene’s sword. To put it bluntly, it could be said that it was another arrival point that started with Hamel.

So, which one has the upper hand? You can answer without hesitation. Eugene’s sword has the upper hand.

It has to be. Eugene’s sword, which he had seen before leaving, was in the process of being completed as various things mixed together. It is not purely Hamel’s own, but it is a sword forged with the experience of Agaroth, the god of war, and Eugene Lionheart, reincarnated, and crossing the line with Moron over and over again.

The ghost’s sword does not reach Eugene’s.

But it’s soggy. It is a flesh-sword forged with hatred and murderous intent that will end the life of the opponent even if it cuts off its own flesh, unconditionally killing the opponent.

I don’t want to think like this.

That sword was like Hamel. If Hamel was thoroughly and desperately devoted to the sword, it seemed that it would be like that.

If Moron hadn’t met Eugene. If only she hadn’t known that Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel. Even if you know the current specter, even if you know that he is a fake.

‘It must have been shaken.’

The sword forged with murderous intent was ferocious and tenacious. Thousands of slashes were crushed in a short period of time. But his mortal wounds did not give. In the first place, it seemed that there was no such thing as a fatal wound to that being.

I didn’t feel like I was being pushed out of power. However, just by confronting and exchanging attacks, it seems that this side is being cut off. No, it’s being cut.

Just as the more than 100 years of killing Nur had worn out Moron’s mental power, every moment of confrontation with the specter was like that.


Moron let out a boiling voice.

Just by confrontation, this side is shaved and polluted and goes crazy? Even so, Moron does not back down. Because you know you’re not alone.

If you end up going crazy by that one. If, as before, he would wander the barriers alone, tear apart Nur’s corpse, and slam his head into the ground, unable to die.

If that happens, Eugene, Senya, and Anise will do something.

Even if there is no such faith, Moron does not back down. If he was afraid of going crazy, he would have abandoned Vermouth’s request.


how many times have you heard that I didn’t get used to it. Every time I hear it, I feel like my heart is pounding. The ghost moved her sword without answering.

Indeed, it is a Moron. Its strength and ax have become so strong that it cannot be compared to what I remember. If, if… … If they had met right after becoming undead, the fight would not have even been established.

‘That’s funny.’

There’s such a difference. To think that one day he would meet Moron and get revenge. The ghost swallowed her bitter laugh and twisted her body.

The ax narrowly passed by. Even though I obviously avoided it, my existence is being ripped off.

‘Would it be comfortable if I died to you?’

such a thought in an instant.

Moron’s ax stopped. The sword of the specter he was coping with also stopped at the same time. Though not completely surrendering their weapons, the Wraith and Morron stopped attacking and stared at each other.

“… … you are fake Not Hamel.”

“… … .”


Moron decided to admit the feelings he felt right away.

“Your sword is like Hamel.”

“… … what?”

“I don’t want to care how you take this. Just because you came before me, you come out… … You insulted my friend.”

Moron let out a long sigh and shook his head.

“but. but… … I, Morron Luhar, am a warrior. your sword… … I feel that I have trained meticulously. It’s only for a moment, but I know because I’ve fought myself.”

What are you talking about? The specter’s eyes trembled. Ignoring the agitation, Moron continued.

“I don’t know what you came here for. I don’t even want to hear it However, I… … Because I am a warrior. I want to acknowledge this.”

Moron put down the ax for a very short time.

“I, Moron Ruhar, will recognize you as a warrior.”

It doesn’t matter whether the opponent is Hamel or a fake, human or monster. If you hold a weapon, train, pursue, and stand in battle, you are a warrior.

In Morron’s eyes, the specter was a warrior.

“haha… … .”

The specter couldn’t help but laugh involuntarily. Those words were indeed moronic. Anyone other than Moron would not be able to say that now.

“… … me… … Do you want to kill me?”

I thought the answer was an obvious question.


Indeed, Moron’s answer was obvious and simple. Morron deserves to kill the specter. As he himself said, the fact that the specter is here is an insult to Moron. Moron, as Hamel’s friend, deserves to kill the specter.

If it was the specter from earlier, he would have thought that dying from Morron wasn’t bad.

But not now. what the ghost was looking for. Who I am, what I can do, and what I should do. Moron gave a little answer to that question.

Moron, that brave Moron, told me that the specter was a warrior.


Moron faced and acknowledged the specter, leaving aside personal anger or other emotions.

Even though they think it’s fake, they still don’t want to accept it, and they’re bound by obscenity. Even though I wanted the value of my existence, I thought that I could die from Moron.

I turned a blind eye to the fact that that stubbornness did not end with killing me, and that even Moron would become sick and rot.

Look around.

The battle wasn’t long, but a lot has changed since the beginning. All the snow accumulated in this area has evaporated. Snow no longer falls in the sky. The sky, which had been hazy with snow clouds, was now gray with something else.


The specter saw the blood sprinkled from this body. She was obviously unconscious, but there was blood all around her.

The blood spilled every time Morron’s ax brushed and his body was torn apart. In the palace of the demon king of confinement, he didn’t care or needed to use it—-but it’s different here.

blood doesn’t go away Even if the blood itself was retrieved, the ominousness itself that permeated the ground remained intact.

I saw Moron. Even that strong body has scars. It’s not just a wound. A wound tainted and cut by a magical blade. It hasn’t been a long time, but Moron’s breathing is rough, and darkness flickers in her eyes.

“I can’t let you die.”

Especially not here. The specter turned his head to see a distant mountain peak.

Beyond that must be Raguryaran.

“… … I had a great time meeting you.”

Before Moron could answer, the specter put down the sword and closed his eyes.

I opened my closed eyes and looked at the sky.

I saw floating stations floating high in the sky.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 450

“A rotten bitch!”

Everyone shrugged at Senya’s cry as she returned with a stride.

All of them are archmages who can hold and shake a decent kingdom, but their authority has nothing to do with it here.

The top floor of the Royal Library Akion, Senya’s Hall. Senya, the wisest and strongest wizard in history who targeted the goddess of magic. In this place where she exists and rules, the 8th circle archmage is normal and natural.

‘Anyway, isn’t it too much to curse that the person who aimed to become the goddess of magic is a rotten bitch… … .’

I know who Senya was talking to.

Eugene Lionhart. A person who is an enemy of Senya in this era. At the young age of 23, he was on the verge of becoming an archmage, no, in fact, a young man who can be evaluated as having reached the level of an archmage, even a hero.

To be honest, any of the archmages here would be proud to have a talented and proud young man like me as their disciple. He will treat them more preciously than his blood-borne children, and pour out his love on them.

That’s why Senya’s care for and obsession with her pupils was not a matter of being very strange. Strictly speaking, it’s not like there aren’t magicians who think that it’s a bit excessive. There was no magician who mentioned it directly, only holding it in his mind.

“What are you upset about?”

While everyone was paying attention to Senya, there was someone who naturally spoke to them, and that was Balzac Rudbess, the owner of the Black Tower. Although he was a warlock, he was recognized as a wizard by Senya, and was the only wizard who was allowed to sit here while chatting.

Thanks to that generous and ambiguous condition, Balzac always had to be busy.

When discussing Senya’s new signature, Balzac stays in another hall a few floors down. After today’s discussion, by the time he starts interacting with Saddam as a magician, he comes up to Senya’s hall in a hurry.

You do not have to attend. However, not only Balzac, but among all the wizards in the world, there would be no one who would not move in that condition.

Missing the opportunity to talk and interact with the wise Senya about magic in one place because going up and down the floors is annoying? A guy like that doesn’t deserve to be a wizard.

“I was talking to my lovely pupil, and the conversation was interrupted by some crazy bitch!”

Senya, who was sitting in the seat of honor, spat out. The other archmages thought for a while about what to answer, but Balzac spoke first as if he had been waiting.

“Noir Jebela. Everyone in Helmud is unaware of her madness. She just can’t speak openly because she’s afraid of the authority and power of the duchy.”


“yes. Senya, do you know that? The center of the capital, Pandaemonium, Babel, the demonic castle. There is a very large screen there. Duke Jebela used the fact that she was the best taxpayer in Helmud to pressure Duke Gavid, and ended up having her own advertisement appear on her giant screen once a month.”

“Such a crazy thing… … !”

“Haha, that is really crazy. When I was studying in Helmud, the ads on the screen were really painful to see. At some point, the Duke of Jebela came out wearing a ridiculous swimsuit… … .”

Balzac and Noir are not enemies. Rather, Balzac has long been patronized by Noir.

But what does it matter? If Noir was present, or if there was even the slightest possibility that the conversation might be leaked, Balzac would be careful what he said.

It’s highly unlikely here, but not completely absent. Balzac, who had been chewing on Noir for a long time, added a word only after confirming that Senya was smiling brightly.

“This is a secret from Duke Jebela, Senya-sama.”

“huh? Ahhh, you don’t have to worry about that, Balzac. Do you think I will do anything to trouble you?”

“Thank you, Senya.”

Senya smiled brightly, and Balzac bowed his head. For 300 years, Balzac would be the only black magician to be treated this much by Senya.

It’s partly because Balzac is nice, but the biggest reason is that he doesn’t cross the line. Balzac did not forget that he was a warlock after all, and he did not greed more than he was now permitted.

I’m on a tightrope… … I think. Balzac slightly turned his head at the blatant stare poking at him.

Melchis Elheyer. With twin wicks lit in her eyes, I could see her nibbling at her fingernails. Other archmages do not harbor any feelings of jealousy toward Balzac, but only those women whose personalities are not good enough used to burn with jealousy… … .


Loberian, who had been observing Senya’s scheme for a long time, drool.

It is impossible to supplement this technique, but as a mage walking a different path, my opinion may be small. After adding a few lines and spells to the outside, Loberian looked out his window.

“The sun has already set. Are you doing this today?”

There are often times when we argue beyond the middle of the night until dawn or dawn. When it’s quiet like today, the exchange meeting ends around the evening when the sun goes down.


Senya also glanced out the window and replied. Then, as if he had been waiting, Melchis came close to his side.

“Sister, sister! Have a meal with me, okay?”

“Why am I eating with you?”

“You don’t like eating with me, just the two of us? Then I’ll call him too, he, his name… … .”

A sorceress who came out of hiding in a corner of the country and looked gloomy with thick hair and messy hair. What was your name?

“It’s the Rhine Boers.”

The Rinine, unable to overcome Melchis’ ardent gaze, revealed his name. Upon hearing the name, Melchis shook Senya’s arm eagerly.

“Yes, Rhine! Me and my older sister, La Nine! The three of us eat together. yes?”

“Why am I eating rice with you and Lainine?”

“There is something in common between us of the same gender, right?! Here’s a refreshing story you can’t share with the musty old male wizards! Is your sister not interested in that? yes?”

Isn’t the musty smell too much? Generic and Trempel, which are disgusting to the heart, sniffed their body odors for no reason.

“take no interest.”

It’s a lie. I am very slightly interested.

He devoted his youthful youth to killing demons, demons, and demon kings in the Devil’s Land, and then devoted his second life to magic. For Senya, a refreshing story that people of the same s*x could share and sympathize with was something worth admiring.

but… … Isn’t the other party important in such a story? Senya looked at Melchis and Lainine with thinly opened eyes.

One is a hermit who devoted his life to research by confined to a small room. And the other side is a madman who is far away from freshness. Besides, the age of the two… … .


Does age matter? Senja immediately changed her mind.

In any case, considering the environment they grew up in and their personalities, those two couldn’t fulfill Senya’s longing. If you really want to find someone like that… … .

‘No Cristina.’

Aside from Anise’s existence, Christina’s own personality is also shady, insidious, and snake-like. In some ways she is beyond anise.

‘Ciel… … .’

Can you say that the child is really refreshing? Wasn’t her tears and runny nose closer to sour than refreshing?

Still, if I had to choose, it would be Christina rather than Melchis or Rhine, and Ciel rather than Christina.

“Eat the two of you together. I am busy today.”


“What is a lie? i’m really busy I have something to see today.”

“I’m sorry, but I know Senya-sama doesn’t have any plans for today… … Wasn’t the appointment regarding the Young Wizard of the Year Award tomorrow at noon?”

Rinine stuttered and asked.

‘How does he know that?’

Senya rolled her eyes in horror, and Lainine immediately bowed her head.

“It’s something else.”

“Sister, are you dating a man?”


Before Senya could say anything, Loberian yelled out loud. He slammed the desk and jumped up.

“Baektap Lord! Watch your words!”

“Be careful of what you say… … It’s not a strange question to ask if you’re dating a guy… … .”

“What a strange question! There’s no way that Senya-sama would meet another man!”

Loberian thinks that Eugene Ryanhart may be the reincarnation of Hamel the Dumb. He hasn’t been able to directly answer the two, but judging from the circumstances, it seems certain. And of all the Archmages, only Loberian knows this… … .

The love of heroes that has been achieved after a long time of 300 years. It was like a chimney to let everyone know and talk about it, but I had to be patient.

However, it is unbearable for that madman to trample on and insult the heroes’ love. Melchis could not understand at all why Loberian was seriously staring at him… … .

“Anyway, I’m going first because I have something to do.”

“sister! some man… … .”

“The Lord of the White Pagoda!”

Melchis clung to him soggyly, and Loberian roared.

Does the mind really follow the body? Elderly people whose real age would not be strange even if they had grandchildren are acting out of age just because they have a young body full of strength… … . Hiridus, the lord of the blue tower, thought that this could be a magically interesting thesis.

‘Maybe reaching the 8th circle, reconstructing the body, and even renewing the brain. Does that mental age degenerate, no, rejuvenate?’

It is the same even here. Mais and Herrington, who have become archmages in recent years, can’t keep up with the conversations of other archmages and feel awkward.

More specialized research will be needed to prove it, but if the speculation is true… … Doesn’t that explain the fact that the older the archmage, the lower the age?

Ignoring the noise, I came down from the hall and came out of Akreon. Say you have something to do. It’s not a lie.

Sooner or later, Eugene will return for war.

‘Actually, it’s not like I’m going to say it’s a war.’

I know that many countries are raising troops for war. Do you want to take this opportunity to leave your mark on the continent? Or do you want your proud son to be healed through war?

The old king of Arod will send Abram the Honein, the crown prince, as the king’s representative. And the elite of the magic corps led by Trempel will support Eugene.

It’s not just alot. From Kiel, Alchester Dragonic, the White Dragon Knights, and the elite of the Lionhearts are on their way. In Luhar, the king himself brings a white fang. The Crusaders and the Blood Cross Knights come from Ruhar, and the First and the Furious Knights come from Seimuin.

At this point, there is no need for justification. To be honest, in Senya’s opinion, I don’t think there’s a need to concentrate forces like that. Destroying a nation can be done with an army, but it can be done by Senya alone.

‘Leave Nahama alone, and if it’s only warlocks, we can do it ourselves.’

There’s no way Eugene didn’t know that. Following such a grandiose method—-I wanted to make the black magician, Amelia Merwin, very publicly and brutally beheaded in Nahama as a symbol.

In other words, the ‘evil black magician’ Amelia Merwin, and Nahama, who was instigated by her, are sacrifices to make the name of the ‘brave’ Eugene Lionheart. At the same time, this war itself is propaganda against the continent and Helmud.

‘It will have less impact than killing the demon king, but Eugene’s faith will definitely rise.’

No, maybe the demon lord—- it could have a bigger impact than killing Iris.

In the end, the last demon lord subjugation took place in a distant sea, and there were only hundreds of living witnesses who accompanied the subjugation. However, if killing Amelia becomes a really plausible form of war, it may have a bigger impact than killing the demon king in the distant sea.

The issue of the war in Nahama was important, but to Senya, today’s business was more important. This, like Melchis’ bullshit, is also about men.

Sooner or later, Eugene will return.

To be honest, it was more important for Senya to see how she would greet Eugene, who had returned, than to prepare for the upcoming war. If possible, I want to give Eugene an unforgettable shock for the rest of his life. In particular, I felt that this reunion was very important.

I’ve been away from Eugene for over half a year. During that time Christina and Anise, the two-headed snake, clung to Eugene’s side.

Of course, there was Mer, there was Lymir, and there was also Moron… … I believe that the double-headed viper couldn’t have done anything sly and beastly.

Still, still, isn’t it something you don’t know? Besides, I was in Jebela City for the last month.

Today we all went to the pool together. I probably wore a bathing suit because I wasn’t wearing clothes at the pool. In that situation, the Queen of Gal X stepped in.

‘Last time too.’

The scandal that started in Jebela Park and heated Helmud spread to the continent. It is because Lionheart, the Emperor, the Pope, and Senya’s influence acted behind the settlement before the scandal grew out of control… … .

Anyway, it is true that there was a scandal, and Senya also saw the photos taken.



Senya has never received a ring from Eugene. All she received was a cloak. Christina and Anise received necklaces and various clothes as gifts. But Senya is only a cloak.

‘… … no. Did you get the clothes too?’

What does it matter? What’s really important is that neither Senja, Cristina, nor Anis received a ring.

I deliberately tried not to think about it, but I thought about it. Senya managed to suppress the rising intent to kill. If she unleashes her murderous intent while she is getting closer to the god, the ordinary people of the plaza may be annihilated.


Senya caught her breath and walked.

Considering her reputation, it is difficult to walk freely in a place like this. For with every step, no, with every breath, a devoted follower clings to you.

That’s why Senya usually wears awareness-defying magic. It is annoying and inconvenient to change your appearance, so I gave it a high level of magic so that no one else can recognize you.

Of course, Senya enjoys the attention of her followers. It’s also fun to see non-followers, or ordinary people, hesitant to approach.

but. When this happens, you cannot enjoy the attention.

Senya will buy clothes to wear when she welcomes Eugene today. Enough to evaporate her memories of the last half year the moment she encountered it, yes, she is as beautiful and holy as a magical goddess, she has to wear clothes that she has no choice but to take out her ring without realizing it.

‘I’ll have to buy a ring just in case.’

As in the distant past, Senya had already exchanged rings with Eugene in her head and even held a wedding ceremony with everyone’s blessings.

Which ring should I choose? If anything, it’s better to be flashy. Senya crossed the plaza, feeling the thrill in his chest.

Cognition-impairing magic written by the wise Senya herself. It’s not easy to see through, even for a great mage. It’s not easy even in a face-to-face situation, and it’s impossible at all in a place with a lot of people like this.

So did you loosen your guard? no. By discussing the goddess of magic, she is actually getting closer to the source of magic. Even at this moment, Senya is aware of her presence or absence of her gaze directed at herself.


I didn’t recognize the specter’s gaze. Just as the specter had deceived Moron, he completely hid his magical powers. He also melted into the space so perfectly that he didn’t even feel his presence.


boundaries of space. There, the ghost saw Senya. Her deterrence magic did not blind the specter.

‘Senya Merdein.’

appearance unchanged.

Green eyes and purple hair.

The rush of emotions was painful.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 451

After the promise was made and the war ended, I heard how Senya lived.

It was hard to understand that the Senya in my memory lived such a solitary and secluded life as a seeker.

However, after accepting that it was because of Hamel’s death that Senya chose such a life, it was easily understood.

If it were Senya, it would be.

The specter thought about what he was doing now.

Now he is in the form of Hamel. He has Hamel’s memories, though not exactly the same. Although his memory is imperfect, he thinks that his personality and ego are quite similar to Hamel’s.

If so, shouldn’t it be possible to correct the shortcomings?

‘If Hamel hadn’t been reincarnated.’

The premise is wrong. It was because her Eugene Ryan Hart found and brought her back that Senya, who had been secluded in her Great Forest of Samar, returned to her world.

The reason Senya had been secluded for nearly 200 years must have been because there was no choice but to do so. I don’t know the details, but Eugene… … If Hamel hadn’t been reincarnated, Senya wouldn’t be here.

Thanks to Hamel’s reincarnation, Senya is here now.

Senna looked very happy.

She hummed and walked like a rubber ball bouncing.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have to pay attention to the gaze around me thanks to the perception-damping magic. The ghost smiled bitterly as it followed Senya, who was walking like a child.

The specter felt an unpleasant sense of alienation and self-loathing whenever memories that did not belong to him came up arbitrarily and overlapped with reality.

Why did you come here? Did you want to get in the way of Senya as you did to Moron? Did she want to hear her rage and her youthful denigration of flesh? You’re not Hamel, you’re fake, did you want to define me by hearing this kind of thing?

Did you want to be forced to admit something you didn’t want to admit to yourself? Did I want to erase the feelings that did not belong to me while becoming the target of hatred and intent to kill?

or not.

Did you want to be understood?

not Hamel. you are fake Aside from that, did I want to understand the existence of the country?

-I, Moron Ruhar, will acknowledge you as a warrior.

Hamel’s colleagues. people in my memory.

… … Do you want to be understood by them? And someday, to Hamel and to Eugene. Not ‘hamel’ and ‘fake’, just myself.


The specter forcibly ignored the questions that filled his head.

The answer is simple, but I didn’t want to.

Senya hummed and left the plaza.

The ghost followed her without a word. She didn’t block or talk to me. The specter was well aware of the reason.

Because in the end it’s scary.

After leaving the plaza, Senya flew in the sky instead of walking. Arot’s laws severely restrict sorcerers’ flights over the city, but Senya is an exception to all magic laws in this country.

Senya thought it was natural. If the stakes were to be counted in the name of the kingdom of magic attached to Arot, Senya was confident that her stake would easily exceed half.

‘It will be at least 70%.’

Senya thought as she flew through the sky.

In particular, it is no exaggeration to say that Senya designed the Pentagon, the capital city. The floating station, the core of the Pentagon, was also made by Senya, and the magic barrier of Abram’s palace was also made by Senya. As much energy and energy as you put into it, you have the freedom to do whatever you want in this city.

I think so, and to some extent I am acting my way. But I’ve never skipped a calculation. never suffered trauma

Senya is avoiding the eyes of others thanks to the Cognitive Disinfection spell. It’s as simple as her breath to take her things at will now.

But why would you steal? Senya was not without money, nor was he the type to feel liberated or happy by committing immoral crimes and deviations.

However, I felt a small pleasure in ignoring the long queue in front of the store and sneaking in alone. In fact, you don’t have to sneak in, just show your face, but sometimes you need these little pleasures.

‘I don’t have to worry about the gaze.’

As much as he is famous and respected, there are times when he has to worry about his face. But at a time like now, you need to boldly put down your face.

The place where Senya now entered is a clothing store leading the cutting edge of Pentagon fashion. If Senya had entered this place normally, everyone in line would whisper and come closer to Senya. Now Senya didn’t want that.

The deepest part of the interior, large enough to be comparable to that of a large mansion. A secret salon for VIPs used to entertain royalty and high-ranking aristocrats. Senya dispelled the magic only after arriving inside the salon.

The lady, who had been standing in the salon beforehand, showed no sign of surprise when she saw Senya suddenly appearing in the room even though the door had not even been opened. Because today’s meeting has already been talked about.

She smiled brightly and bowed her head to Senya.

“It is an honor to meet you.”


Senya took a quick look around while being greeted. Seeing that blatant gaze, the lady lowered her voice slightly and whispered.

“The only one who knows Senya-sama’s room is me, the owner.”


“Do I dare to lie to Senya?”

“Uhm… … I warned you last time, but I came here and that… … reason. huh? You know what I mean?”

“Yes, I am well aware of it. Everything about Senya until the moment I die. No, I will keep it a secret even after death.”

Most of the secret shopping of VIPs is like that. Even if there is no reason not to let others know, VIPs often feel pleasure obsessing over the ‘secret’ itself.

But today’s VIP was more unusual than other VIPs.

Are you smart Currently the most respected great man in Alot, and the greatest wizard in the history of the continent. A person who was introduced directly to Lionheart’s hostess, Anicilla. I prepared for it in advance, but that dazzling name made the owner feel intimidated.

In addition, the subjects Senya asked for also made the owner perplexed.

Clothes that seduce men… … It’s not just light flirting, it’s clothes that completely captivate you and make you propose. There’s even a ring and a gift! Who could have imagined that the wise Senja would make such an outright and desperate demand?

‘That’s why he’s emphasizing the secret.’

Owner looked at Senya who was sitting on the sofa and moved cautiously.

When the curtains on the wall were removed, a mannequin appeared dressed in the clothes the owner had prepared. Other VIPs enjoy a secret fashion show demanding real models, not mannequins, but Senya did not allow anyone other than the owner to enter the salon today. Senya looked at the mannequins and involuntarily opened his mouth.

“… … bold… … It’s bold.”

The clothes on the mannequin in the front were so bold that Senya had no choice but to stutter.

To be honest, Senya couldn’t imagine herself dressed like that. The chest, armpits, and back were coolly cut. Isn’t this the kind of clothes a Gal X queen would wear?

“They say it’s a dress that seduces men… … .”

“that… … Didn’t that go too far though? It’s so different from the clothes I usually wear… … .”

“It’s about inverting those images and bringing out the emotions.”

“reversal… … bar… … reversal.”

“I didn’t limit myself to one style, so please take a look at the other clothes.”

The owner smiled lightly and pulled back the next curtain.

It was as she said. The second one wasn’t as radical as the first one. To put it bluntly, she could be said to have descended from the Queen of Gal X to the level of Melkis. and next. This time, it was completely different and felt neat.

Senya’s feelings changed every time she saw the constantly changing clothes. Is it because you are getting used to it? Or is the word ‘reversal’ the owner said clearly engraved in his mind? Strangely, my eyes went to the unconventional clothes for the first time. Come to think of it, Senya had never worn anything like that before.

The same goes for Anise and Christina. First of all, since they are saints, they are in no position to wear such unconventional clothes. but… … However, since I went to the water park with Eugene today, I would have worn a swimsuit.

‘I am… … .’

have you ever worn there could be! Senja had never worn that kind of clothing. When she went to the island nation of Simuin, she wondered if there would be a chance, but Iris, that damn dark elf bitch, became a demon king, so she couldn’t even try bathing in the sea.

‘reversal… … bar… … It’s a twist… … .’

Not only the saints would wear clothes like that, but Ciel wouldn’t wear them either. The more she thought about it, the more Senya’s heart tilted that way.

The only thing worth wearing was the Queen of Gal X, but Senya could be confident. When the Queen of Gal X appears dressed like that, Eugene will pour out her lust for her, but if Senya appears wearing that outfit, she and Eugene will blush… … .

“… … .”

But I also liked the other clothes. Dozens of mannequins dressed up in the sun carefully selected by the owner. The whole combination stole Senya’s eyes.

It has to be. Senya spent half his life in the Demon Realm and devoted the other half to magic. She doesn’t deviate much from her ‘clothing’, to her, a robe, a cloak, and that sort of thing. Although she has sometimes given variations, being conscious of Eugene, she is incomparable to the real baggy fashion prepared and decided by experts.

That’s why it’s hard to choose. No, that thought was wrong. As in magic, Senya breaks down the frame of thought and thinks anew to come up with an answer.

I like all of them, so why buy just one?

‘It’s not like I don’t have money.’

Senya smiled broadly, satisfied with the perfect answer.

“I’ll buy them all.”

“entire… … Are you all talking?”


“Yes, then, I will prepare. Have you tried it on before… … .”

“that… … that’s fine.”

Confidentiality was guaranteed, but I didn’t want to show myself dressed like that in front of the owner. If possible, and if possible. I wanted to be the first to show Yujin an outfit like that.

“all right. So next… … I will show you the ring I prepared.”

“What I want is important, but it should be a ring that the other person will want to give.”

What is the reason he buys the ring he wants the other person to give him? It was difficult for the owner to understand those words, but he was conscious that the opponent was a great mage with the modifier ‘wise’ attached. How can a criminal understand the meaning of a wise man?

“hmm… … If you want something like that, I think I can help you only if I know a little about the person Senya wants.”

“Are you looking at me now?”

“Absolutely not.”

I was promised a secret anyway… … someday… … Wouldn’t everyone eventually find out one day? When Senya hesitated while thinking about that, the owner spoke cautiously.

“Are you Eugene Lionheart?”

Rumors spread that Senya and Yujin danced together at the banquet of the king’s palace. If that great wizard was bewitched by a man, the only opponent would be a young warrior and disciple.

However, Senya was not the type to readily admit that. That hasn’t changed from 300 years ago.

“What, what, what?! What are you talking about! He, he is my disciple.”

“Senya, calm down and listen. I have lived here in the capital of Arot, the kingdom of sorcery, for decades and have dealt with various clients. Among them is a lady having a tryst with a young knight… … Umm, there were also magic masters and disciples.”

master and disciple. Senya’s eyes widened at those words.

“It would have been hundreds of years ago, but in this era, the love between a teacher and a disciple is not such a problem. Especially with a young and beautiful appearance like Senya… … .”

“Hmmmm… … .”

“Even Eugene-nim is a perfect person who can’t help but fall in love with a woman. She is a descendant of the great Vermouth. Ryanhart’s last name. The hero who defeated the demon king… … There is an outstanding appearance and outstanding talent. If you are a teacher, you can’t help but love him, and if you’re a woman, you can’t help but love him.”

As the owner pushed harder, Senya’s cheeks turned red and twisted her body. She nodded and pulled her hair, grabbed her collar, and scratched the sofa.

“rain… … it is a secret.”

The way he whispered while slightly turning his head was so fresh that it was hard to believe that he was a great wizard who had lived for 300 years. The owner smiled sincerely without realizing it.

“I will do my best to recommend a ring.”

As the owner said, he did his best. He put out various kinds of rings, and when that wasn’t enough, he left the salon for a while and brought more rings. He even showed off his personal collection, which he decided he would never sell.

Shy shy, blushing, thinking about what to choose, going up to the mannequin for no reason, touching the clothes, thinking about trying them on, and finally shaking his head and smiling while trying on various types of rings. nya

He looked happy.

He just looked happy.

The ghost stared at Senya’s smile for a long time. To be honest, he didn’t think it would shock him. That’s right, even the specter knew about Senya and Hamel’s feelings.


thumping chest. A fire is burning at the bottom. My head is dizzy and my fingertips are shaking and shaking. Is this a feeling of betrayal? Or is it sadness

The world I saw after leaving La Vista was peaceful.

Morone seemed unable to move freely.

Recognized as a warrior by Moron.

Senya looked happy.

He is drawing a future with Eugene.

I want to be called Hamel by Senya and Moron.

I want to take away everything the reincarnated Hamel has.

The specter still wanted to become Hamel.

The specter that had turned its back stood in the middle of the sky and caressed its face.

Even that desire is mine.

The conclusion I have reached now is also mine.

There is nothing to distinguish. Having Hamel’s memories and having an ego that imitated Hamel, I am, in the end, myself.


A bent finger scratched his cheek. She was determined and determined.

From now on, and what to do in the future.

I was convinced that this was for me and that it was something that made my existence worthwhile.

* * *

Should I just rip off the face?

I seriously thought about that. But if I do, I think there will be more inconveniences.

Or will you change your face? I didn’t really like it. To be precise, I was worried about how to change it.

‘Is the face important in the first place?’

It’s important to show off.

However, if he continued with his present face, wouldn’t it be like disgracing Hamel’s name?

If you keep showing this face, the world will change from ‘dumb Hamel’ to ‘hamel the bastard’… … No, it won’t end like that. It may even have the most terrible notoriety in the world.

I hated that. So the specter decided to wear her mask. A white mask without any patterns, only with eye holes.

‘Because you don’t want Hamel’s name to be cursed at any more than now.’

Me too. The ghost smiled and looked in front of her.

To the subject who cares about notoriety and even cares about it.

“I hate you, but I can’t help it.”

The specter grinned for no reason and calmed down his trembling heart.

“For me, this is right.”

It was something I didn’t want to do, even to the ghost.

I have no intention of backing down.

The specter glared at the Black Lion Castle in the distance.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 452

black lion castle

The Uklas Mountains that separate the borders of the southern tip of the Kiel Empire. These rugged mountains and borders have been guarded by the Lionheart family’s Black Lion Knights for 300 years.

Until now, the Knights of the Black Lion had prevented barbarians from crossing the border from the Great Forest of Samar. Even if the border guards were supported by the Empire, the Black Lions would have no choice but to spend busy days as long as they had both Lionheart’s internal problems and Knights training.

But from next month, you will have more leeway than before. That huge Samar Great Forest, because hundreds of native tribes living in the forest have been integrated into one great tribe.


A great tribe that had been fighting for supremacy in the great forest of Samar from the beginning. A young 23-year-old chieftain, Ivatar Zahabu, succeeded to the chiefdom just two years ago. Ivatar destroyed Kochilla, a large tribe that was spreading chaos in the great forest at the time, and established the pillars of Zoran in its territory.

That feat was not accomplished by Ivata and Zoran alone. The reason Zoran was able to win the war against Kochila was thanks to the help of the hero Eugene Lionheart, Saint Christina Loggeris, and Aroat Mage.

However, it was Ivatar who personally went to Lionheart and asked for help. The warriors of the forest acknowledged and served the young warchief’s strength and wisdom, and volunteered to tattoo Zoran on their bodies.

2 years after that. Zoran, led by Warchief Ivatar, achieved a great tribal unity that no other tribe in the history of the Great Forest had achieved. Ivatar established a new law in the great forest, declaring that ‘never’ must cross the Uklas Mountains and enter the Empire.

‘Warchief, Ivatar Zahabu.’

It’s not just words. Ivatar emphasized ‘friendship’ with Eugene Lionheart, and expressed respect for Lionheart and the Kiel Empire. The story had already been exchanged at the officials’ banquet a year ago.

‘You can’t believe that you’re 23 years old. If he had been born at a different time, he could have targeted the owner of that era.’

If young ambition, ambition, and heavenly luck followed, he might have even attempted to conquer the continent beyond the forest. However, Ivata couldn’t follow his luck.

The protagonist of this era is not Ivatar.

The Senate Lord of Lionheart. Klein Lionhart did not doubt that fact. Anyone else, not Klein, would answer the same. Who is the protagonist of the continent, no, the era?

Hero, Eugene Ryanhart.

The times began to change when the born Eugene came into the world. What was changed and created by Eugene became recent history. If Eugene had not appeared in the world, the continent would not have reached what it is today.

‘The reason why Zoran was able to conquer the Great Forest right away is thanks to Eugene’s help in the war against Kochilla. Zoran’s alliance with Lionheart and Kiel… … It’s because Eugene is here.’

The Great Forest can be compared to the Empire in terms of land mass. The exact number of indigenous people who reject advanced civilization and live in the forest cannot be estimated. The natives of the Great Grove are indeed savages.

Until now. Ivatar wished for peace with Kiel. As long as the tribesmen did not resist, he also expressed his intention to slowly accept civilization.

He also hoped for various exchanges with Lionheart.

There was no reason to refuse. Lionheart is a military family with a history of 300 years. At the same time, it is the only lineage of warriors on the continent, and the family to which Yujin, the hero of the time, belongs. If Eugene tries to confront the demon king of confinement one day, Lionheart will become a sword for Eugene and stand in the forefront.

Also, a war with Nahama is imminent. It is a situation where time is not enough even though he is devoted to training, but as Joran unified Daesurim, he has more time to defend the border. Also, the tribal leader Ivata personally leads elite warriors and gives them joint training.

The sight was nice to see as an unmanned soldier, but Klein let out a deep sigh.

“I was hoping that this would happen after I died… … .”

Klein had never thought about becoming a senator. He died at the right time after spending a leisurely and peaceful old age, or living in seclusion was the last years Klein drew… … .

“Don’t be mean, Klein.”

Carmen, who had her arms crossed beside her, shot her gaze. Originally, she and her 3rd division resided in the main house along with the 5th division in Gion, but today they are at the Black Lion Castle to deal with Ivata.

Unlike Klein, who, though muscular, has gray hair and a beard, Carmen has a perfectly youthful body and face. An uninformed person would look at Carmen and Klein and think they were her grandfather and granddaughter.

But the two are siblings. Even Carmen is Klein’s older sister. Currently, Carmen is the biggest adult in Lionheart’s home, and there are few people who are older than Carmen throughout the collateral line.

So, the senator should have been Carmen, but she put the senator’s confidence on her younger sister, Klein, saying that she would not resign from her active duty as the Black Lion… … .

“Subjugating all demon lords is the will of the founder, the great Vermut-sama, and Lionheart’s mission. You can’t be grateful and honored to be able to fulfill your mission in the present era when you’re alive, but you’re spouting weak words. Can you still say that you are the younger brother of this gifted lion and the head of the Lionheart?”

Carmen flashed her golden eyes and fired. Klein shrugged his shoulders like a younger brother who suffered from childhood.

“sister. I didn’t mean it that way, that’s it… … .”

“Shut up, Klein.”

“… … .”

“Has the upheaval of the times really never touched your heart? I am happy that I can fulfill Lionheart’s mission while on active duty. Being able to see a warrior like the founder with my own eyes. I am also happy that I fought the demon king with him.”

“… … .”

“My chivalry will be completed with a hero. After guiding Nahama, who was played by evil black magic, someday he will fight the demon king of confinement. My blood boils imagining raising the flag of Lionheart on the battlefield where everything is over.”

“… … .”

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Are you ignoring my words?”

“Didn’t your sister tell you to shut up… … .”

Seeing the glaring gaze, Klein quickly spoke another word.

“My nephew and grandson are warriors! You defeated the Demon King! I still wonder if this is a dream.”

“If you get hit by me, you’ll know right away whether it’s a dream or not.”

“Sister, think of my age… … .”

Cline’s words stopped. Not because I felt it, but because I saw Carmen’s expression.

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