Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 141

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“sister! How can you do that to me? How hard I worked for my sister!”

“Shall we go outside?”

“sister! Because it’s all a joke! Why am I going out with my sister?”

Melchis screamed and shook Senya’s leg.

Sure, shall I kick it? Senya thought about that, then let out a deep sigh. Anyway, it is true that Melchis suffered in the desert for nearly a year.

“If you mess around one more time… … .”

“I will never mess around! Sister, sister, but what was that earlier? What made me sit down! No matter how you think about it, it’s like magic. Is this your new signature?”

“it is a secret.”

Since it was still unfinished, Senya had no intention of bragging.

“As expected, was it magic…? … ! I never imagined that this kind of magic could exist.”

“right! i think so too. How can I say it, as if the sister herself became magic? It felt like that.”

Senya didn’t say anything, but Balzac and Melchis exchanged back and forth and guessed Senya’s signature.

Hearing that guess, the corners of Senya’s mouth went up little by little, her shoulders shrugged, and her chest pushed forward.

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Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella.

she doesn’t dream To be precise, she cannot dream.

For her, there is almost nothing that cannot be achieved in reality. Even if it is impossible right now, it can be achieved with very little effort or effort.

Sometimes, I feel like I want to enjoy my dreams. But even then, Noir does not dream in his sleep. To be honest, it was much easier and more comfortable for Noir to create and enjoy the dreams of others than to dream in her own sleep.

She is called the queen of dreams, but she cannot dream of her own.

A dream in the true sense of being unaware, not realizing in a dream that this is a dream.

I want to dream on my own.

There were times when I thought like that.

However, such a dream is not something you can achieve by wishing for it. Have you ever felt sorry for yourself? I do not know. That kind of sentiment was very foreign to Noir.

“Hmm… … .”

Even now.

A bed so wide that dozens of people could lie down and lie down. Noir sat in the middle of it and blinked his eyes.

“Hmm… … .”

Just because you don’t dream doesn’t mean you don’t sleep. In fact, if she was a demon of her level, she would have overcome her sleep in no time, but Noir always slept for a certain amount of time a day. She said she didn’t need to sleep, but she didn’t even feel the need to sleep.

I just woke up and thought as I twisted my messy hair.

It’s my first time experiencing something like this, so I’m not sure, but somehow… … It seems like a dream. If I had a dream, I would feel like this. An unaware dream. Memories evaporate the moment you wake up, and only faint emotions remain… … .

“What… … .”

Noir muttered as he pulled the blanket and rolled it around himself. He lay down on the bed and rolled over, then closed his eyes. He has been told by ordinary dreamers.

lingering dreams. Even if you have already woken up, the feeling of closing your eyes and going to sleep again. The longing to continue the dream that ended midway. Noir felt the same way now.

So I closed my eyes and went to sleep. No effort was needed to fall asleep. The moment she closed her eyes and wished, she immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Rolling over the blanket, I slept for several tens of minutes while breathing lightly. Noir’s eyes twinkled.

“It doesn’t work.”

I had no dreams. On the way, she even woke up from sleep and tried to create a dream herself, but she couldn’t feel the same feeling as before.

I fell asleep hoping for the ‘next’ of my dream in the first place, but I don’t even remember what kind of dream I had. Only vague feelings remain.

“What… … .”

Noir muttered once more and got out of the futon.

He rolled on the bed, running his hands through his messy hair. Think of the feelings that are fading away.

I don’t remember the content of the dream. Remaining emotions… … sadness? longing? lingering? That kind of nostalgic and heartbreaking.

“Are you in season?”

I? Noir laughed and got off the bed. He sat in front of the mirror, tidying up his messy hair, and rebuilding the antlers he had removed in his sleep.

Thinking it’s no big deal, I try to shake off my emotions… … It didn’t work out. Faint feelings that seemed to disappear soon were firmly attached to the bottom of her chest.

what kind of dream did you have? I thought while staring at the mirror. Also doesn’t come to mind Noir caressed his face for no reason, tapped his temple, scratched his best-tidy hair, and lightly pulled his hair.

and then.

saw the necklace He was also conscious of the ring on the ring finger of her left hand. Even when she fell asleep naked, she did not take off her necklace and ring. Not only when sleeping, but during this month, Noir had never taken off her necklace or ring.

“… … Hmm.”

Memories from that night through dawn to dawn. emotion. memory. and evidence. Noir smiled broadly and stretched out his left hand forward.

The ring worn on the long, white finger is shining brightly. Noir looked at the ring on her ring finger, then lifted the other ring woven into her necklace.

‘Noir Jebela’.

Name engraved on the inside. Noir put the ring on his finger, feeling a sweet throb.

A ring to put on Hamel’s dying finger someday. The ring fit for Hamel’s ring finger was enough to wear on Noir’s thumb.

‘Big hands.’

Noir recalled Hamel’s, Eugene’s fingers. long, thick fingers. If you hold me face to face, you’ll completely envelop my hand. Noir giggled and shook his hand.

“I miss you.”

Hwaaak! A hologram screen appeared in the air.

Waterpark at Adventure Square. I saw Eugene sitting under the parasol. It’s such a gruff expression that you can tell just by looking at it on the screen. She didn’t want to come out, but it must have been forced out by her children.

“Are you leaving soon?”

It has been a month since Eugene came to Jebela Park.

The situation in Nahama also changed. Although he doesn’t openly announce it, Noir knows that Nahama has entered a war situation. It must have been the Sultan who gave the order, but Amelia Merwin is behind it. Amelia, who had been hiding with her head buried in La Vista, finally came out.

Since the dawn of that day, Noir has not visited Eugene.

The emotions I felt while watching the rising dawn were so deep. Because I don’t want to cover it up with other emotions. And, if I visit too lightly and often, even the memories will become lighter.

Noir’s floating mansion, Jebela Face, has already started flying towards the water park.

Noir smiled and looked back at the mirror. All you have to do until you arrive is to choose a swimsuit. Which swimsuit would you prefer? A pleasant trouble began.

* * *



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shoot it

shoot it

A swimming pool called a wave pool, as the name suggests, has waves. It’s as wide as the ocean, with waves, but that doesn’t mean it’s a real ocean.

From Eugene’s point of view, that swimming pool was a demonic amusement facility that excluded all the bad things that existed in the sea and maximized only the good things.

Waves crashing incessantly. High, low, that’s all, but you can’t say ‘only’. It drives children crazy just by mixing with toys such as tubes and rubber boats.



purple. Lymilia and Mer are screaming with excitement on the rubber boat. Cristina, who had never been through that kind of play, was caught between them and eagerly holding back her screams, but her expression was so blatant that she seemed like she was going to die of fun.

‘Maybe it’s anise.’

It was clear that Anis was also enjoying this pool, seeing as they had been playing together since earlier to protect the children.

What do you have to endure? I don’t even have to look. Eugene thought as he opened the bottle of alcohol next to the sunbed. This is a private pool borrowed by Mer and Raimirua at will. Eugene and the others are the only ones in this large swimming pool.

“so. Did you decide to leave Balzac alone for now?”


The wind that whirled around carried Senya’s voice.

Originally, the conversation with Senya was conducted through Mer, but after Melchis returned to Arot, there was no need to go through Mer unconditionally. The wind spirit that Melchis had summoned stayed by Senya’s side and acted as a communicator, so Mer was able to talk to Senya even while playing hard like now.

[I like it quite a bit, except for being a black magician.]

“You are very suspicious of what you are doing.”

[Originally, a wizard should have at least one or two suspicious corners. That’s how mysterious it is.]

“What? You really don’t have anything like that.”

[If others see me, I’m suspicious and mysterious, right?]

I don’t think so… … Eugene didn’t bother to let out the thoughts that were swirling in her head.

The fact that Senya likes Balzac. It didn’t come as a big surprise to Eugene. Because he guessed that if he heard Balzac’s ‘Secret Wish’, he probably would.

In fact, Eugene was not very different from Senya. Balzac’s wish. I want to become a ‘legend’. I want to become a great wizard. Still, I want to remain human. I don’t want to become a demon king or anything else… … when I first heard that wish.

Because I heard that plea. Eugene’s vigilance towards Balzac had collapsed. Even after that, I thought it suspicious and kept my distance because Balzac was a black magician after all. It is because he is a black magician who has signed a contract with the demon king of confinement, who cannot be compromised and will fight unconditionally.

[The demon king of confinement doesn’t start a fight until you climb Babel. It’s not like he’s going to use the black magician he contracted with to do tricks.]

“You don’t even have to.”

The conclusion from that kind of question is that the demon king of confinement doesn’t have to ‘do that’.

“Even if the demon king of confinement had no intention of doing so, it is a separate issue whether Balzac had such thoughts.”

[Hehe, are you worried about me? I mean, Eugene, it’s because you haven’t seen me lately. Aren’t I really kidding these days?]

Eugene knows that Senya is engrossed in developing a new signature. He hadn’t heard the exact progress, but from what he said, it seemed like it had progressed quite a bit.

“Oh, I know you’re good. Just in case, be careful.”

[Is it because of Balzac’s signature?]

“You didn’t ask about the signature properly? Aren’t you too complacent?”

[I respect you as a wizard.]

“What is respect? Isn’t it too suspicious just to hear the story? What’s his signature that eats demons? And then what if I try to eat you too?”

[Eugene, you mean. How did me, Anis and Cristina behave when they were worried about you while doing what if, what if?]

At the question that came back, Yujin pursed her lips. Eugene didn’t answer and she was silent. Senya clicked her tongue.

[This cowardly bastard. Look at what you’re shutting up. He said that when he gets hit, he takes care of it with a straight face.]

“Even if you’re worried… … .”

Eugene swallowed the words that came out unconsciously.

Apparently, Senya said something like that before… … Eugene is just like Senya, no! She was appalled at herself for behaving a little similarly. You say I look like that sleazy sl*t? It’s nonsense.

“… … Anyway, it’s a bit awkward to take them all the way to Nahama.”

[They say they will fight on their own without interfering, but what do you think?]

“Since when did you trust everything the warlock said?”

[I don’t believe in black magicians, I believe in a wizard named Balzac Rudbez. And I’m honestly curious too. What is the relationship between consuming demons and fulfilling one’s own longing?]

“It’s a great thing when a black magician who has signed a contract with the demon lord stands on the side of humans and plays an active part in the war and fights the demons.”

[hmm… … ? is that Are you aiming for that?]

It was a random remark, but Senya took it seriously. Eugene thought it over again and thought it was plausible. This is because, as far as Eugene knows, there has never been a black magician who was openly hostile to the demons.

“… … Maybe the purpose is to kill you.”

[Hehe, if you succeed in killing me, you will become a legend right away. If it succeeds.]

Senya said with a snort. It seemed that he was unaware of the slightest possibility.

‘I’m less arrogant than him.’

I couldn’t even lie to be humble. Eugene knows that he has a somewhat arrogant side. But he thought that if his arrogance was 60, Senya’s was 100.

“What about the bats?”

[No contact. You won’t be able to hand over information like before.]

Merwin has arrived.

The information sent by the bat was the last. Until then, I had reported the movements of the demons and deep inside Nahama. Amelia Merwin has left me with Hamae, so she can’t do spying.

“Maybe he was caught and died.”

[I don’t think so. The surveillance on me is still there.]

I didn’t know the identity of the bat, but it was clear that it had a strong grudge against Amelia Merwin. The price he asked for by handing over the information was that he be sure to kill Amelia Merwin when the opportunity arises someday.

[If you wait, you will be contacted. or not… … Hmmm, don’t we need to leave the surveillance any longer? You left it alone to bring out Merwin.]

“It is, but. Let it go for now.”

[How long will you be there? Since Merwin came to Nahama too, shouldn’t we prepare soon?]

“I am preparing.”

It wasn’t that I wasn’t doing anything at Jebela Park.

Preparations were being made before coming to this city.

“Leaving within this week… … .”

Yujin stopped talking and looked up.

I saw the Jebella Face descending from the high sky. Eugene contorted her face and spat out.

“That year again.”

[That bitch? year? What year!]

Senya snorted. Before she could say anything, Bella Faith’s mouth opened.

Bikini-clad Noir Jebela dives into the pool in great form.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 446

If you dive from the sky that high, even if there is water below, your whole body will be crushed and you will die.

if you’re human Of course, this is not the case for Noir Jebela. Noir, who dived from the clear sky in an undisturbed position, landed in the middle of the wave pool.

Chow ah! Where Noir landed, the surface of the water whirled. Before long, a huge whirlpool was created in the middle of the wave pool. The waves that started at the tip rushed towards the whirlpool, and the rubber boat floating around it rocked as if it would capsize at any moment.



On top of the rocking rubber boat, Mer and Lymella screamed. This isn’t a real sea, it’s not deep, and even if the water is deep in the real sea, those two wouldn’t be threatened by drowning.

In other words, that scream is a scream that the boat is shaking just because it’s fun.

Cristina and Anis held back their screams as before. But I couldn’t control my expression.

She clutched both ends of the rubber raft with her hands and furrowed her eyebrows. The children who were laughing and screaming on the other side saw her saintly expression. The two stopped laughing and hugged each other, shaking their bodies.


Cristina, knowing that Mer and Lymilia were frightened, coughed and put her hands together in front of her chest.

A benevolent smile and folded hands in prayer. But the children who had just seen the devil’s face couldn’t stop laughing.


The whirlpool stopped and the waves disappeared. In the middle of the calmly sunken pool, Noir emerged. She lifted her head as she brushed her water-soaked hair.

dripping water droplets. A body that can only be called perfect. Not to mention the beautiful face. She enjoys stimulating and unconventional fashion, but now she wears her white bikini to give her pure and neat feeling.

Noir had no doubt that he would look like a water goddess now. Should I change my lower body into a fish like a mermaid? I think that would be pretty good too.

‘The concept for the next event at Jebela Park should be a mermaid.’

Of course, as long as Eugene doesn’t destroy this city. Noir shook his head with a smile as clear as his current image.

Chew! The wet black hair spattered water droplets, and a small rainbow formed from them.

This is a private pool in the water park. There is no one to watch and admire, but Noir was satisfied with the current direction. The man she wants to show off her innocent, neat and beautiful appearance is here.

[What year is it?]

“Which of the girls that will appear in this city will I call a bitch?”

[Queen of Gal X.]

Senya lowered her voice and grumbled. Meanwhile, Noir stood on the surface. She left her rainbow behind and walked lightly on her water surface and began to approach Eugene.

“What are you here for?”

Anis stood up from the inflatable. He passed the children who were still trembling in their arms and blocked Noir’s way.

“I want to say hello.”

“… … greeting?”

“Aren’t you leaving soon?”

Noir smiled brightly. Anis was blocking the road right in front, but Noir’s eyes were only looking at Eugene.

Since a place is a place, Eugene was wearing a swimsuit too. He was dressed in ordinary shorts, nothing special, but what is important?

‘I’m a swimsuit too.’

With that alone, Noir felt a fresh excitement.

Is it because she was wearing a swimsuit with a neat concept? Is it because the excitement I feel right now is not ripe, but fresh and youthful? I also had different thoughts about the saintess and her children, whom I would have felt as a hindrance at other times.

“Do you want to play together?”

The content of the words is also the content, but Noir’s actions startled Anis. Noir, who was standing right in front of him, was right next to Anis, and he didn’t just stand there, he naturally crossed his arms and leaned back.

“Are you crazy?!”

Anis panicked and tried to remove her arm. But he couldn’t get out of his way.

Noir smiled and hugged Anis tightly. Every touch on his forearm was unpleasant and gave me goosebumps. Anis couldn’t hold it in any longer and raised his hand.

I slapped him with all my might, but nothing touched my palm. Noir, who took his arm and buried it in his chest, was sitting on the rubber boat before he knew it. Anis’ shoulders trembled at that sight.

I couldn’t perceive the movement. That would be surprising, but anger outweighed surprise at the presence of Noir in front of the children. So was Christina. The two saints cried out with the same anger.

“Get away from my children!”

The cry made Noir bewildered. my children? It’s not just words. An intention to kill that is not like a saint. At the same time, the light fired hit Noir.

“It is too much. I came to play in the water together.”

Even if you get hit, you won’t die, but the divine power is unpleasant, apart from being painful. Noir pursed his lips and disappeared on the boat.

“How about you? Hamel. Don’t you want to enjoy playing in the water with me and build memories of your youth?”

“Why are you asking a question with an obvious answer?”

Eugene spat out as he reverse summoned the wind spirit that hovered around him. Noir smiled sinisterly as he looked over Eugene’s body sitting on the sunbed.

“Today’s you could have a different answer.”

I was almost offended by his sloppy attitude. The reason I couldn’t spit it out was because I saw Noir’s necklace. swinging ring. The same ring is worn on the ring finger of Noir’s left hand.

“… … .”

The image of Noir, who disappeared with his back to dawn, came to mind.

the smile you had then. tear. Her heart started pounding. Eugene let out a short sigh and lifted her up.

Why did you make that face then? Why did he have a different, vague smile than usual? Why did you shed tears?

“… … I will be leaving this city in a few days.”

I was curious, but afraid to ask. Eugene ignored Noir’s ring and spat another word.

‘I’m conscious.’

It was only for a moment, but there’s no way I couldn’t feel your gaze. However, Noir did not mention or show off the ring. naturally. Let your feelings grow stronger. He thought it best to leave it that way.

‘… … Me too.’

Eugene is not alone. Noir is equally conscious. She had never taken off her ring and her necklace in all these months.

How will the growing emotions permeate? What flavor will it end up with? Noir chuckled and shook his hand. Then the sunbed, which was far away, flew right behind me.

“I guess so.”

Anis, who had reassured Mer and Lymilia, tried to come this way, but Eugene raised her hand to stop it. Anise’s cheeks trembled, but she didn’t protest any further. Rather, the saintess felt concern for Eugene and retreated behind her with her children.

“Your purpose was to get Amelia Merwin out of La Vista, right? Now that she’s over in Nahama, Hamel, you don’t need to be in this city anymore.”

Noir moved slowly and lay down on the sunbed. Turning her to Eugene, she whispered with an alluring smile.

“But you are in this city for a few days. If it’s your personality, it wouldn’t be strange to leave right away. Even leaving in a few days. It looks like you haven’t prepared anything else, right?”

“What answer do you want to hear?”

“No matter how brave you are, you can’t issue a conscription order. It’s not even a situation where you have to do that. Emperors, popes, and kings who have decided to support you unconditionally won’t be as desperate.”

Eugene didn’t respond and glared at Noir. Noir made a calyx with both his hands and rested his chin on it.

“Still, the opponents are warlocks and demons. Even Nahama is a country with strong hatred politically and diplomatically, so everyone must be thinking of taking this opportunity to completely trample and conquer and share the territory, right? In particular, Kiel, who has collided with Nahama many times, must have quite a lot of greed for the emperor.”

It was something I didn’t have to deny.

The war was prepared from the cave of Reheinyar. Kiyel, Yuras, Aroth, Luhar, Simunni. Five countries have decided to unite. Of course, the knights representing each country participated in the war, and the emperor of Kiel, in particular, expressed that the escort, Alchester Dragonic, would also participate.

As Noir said, the emperor decided to take this opportunity to conquer Nahama. Of course, most of the territory is desert, and after conquering it, you will have to share it with other allies, but Emperor Kiel will not miss the opportunity to conquer the enemy country that has been baring its teeth for hundreds of years.

Up to that point, Eugene did not know. Eugene’s purpose is to annihilate Amelia Merwin and the black magicians from Nahama, as well as the demons who smelled blood and crossed over. After that, it would be enough to grab the Sultan’s neck and declare unconditional surrender.

“That puts entrepreneurs like me in quite a bit of trouble. I mean, I have several businesses in Nahama as well. Do you know how much damage you will lose if a war breaks out? If I had known it would be like this, I would have entered the arms and military side as well.”

Contrary to what he was whining about, Noir was laughing like he was having fun. She quietly closed the distance from Eugene and whispered.

“Among the workplaces in Nahama, there are workplaces that are faithful to the nature of the Mongmaran race, right? Hey, don’t look at me like that, Hamel. I’m not doing anything illegal. Everyone at my workplace abides by the Helmud Law.”

Isn’t it legal if it’s never been reported as illegal? Noir thought so.

“There are various workplaces, but among them, a very high-end… … What should I say… … Decent… … High? There are workplaces for such people, right? I heard that sooner or later, Nahama will go into seclusion.”


“yes. All foreign tourists existing in Nahama are expelled, and the warp gate is also returned to Korea. Most of the emirs have already responded to the secret letter from the Sultan.”

It was a secret enough to be whispered about.

There are many secret agents operating in Nahama in Kiel and other countries, but the source of the story that Noir is telling now must be Nahama’s current bureaucrat or Emir. It wasn’t even a secret conversation in bed, it was a high-ranking dreamer looking into his dreams and finding out.

“What about the secret letter?”

“Recruit the enlisted soldiers and warriors with only a minimal escort. And conscript at least 10,000 men from the territory.”

Sandcastles, Assassins, and Dungeon Warlocks in Nahama’s armed forces. Emir’s warriors and privates would have enough troops, plus conscripts. There are 15 emirs in Nahama, so if all emirs follow the Sultan’s secret letter, the number of conscripts alone will be 150,000.

Noir enjoyed watching Eugene’s expression change. A war waged by hundreds of thousands of humans. Unlike the enemies of the war 300 years ago, which were demons and black magicians, most of the enemies in this war are humans. Noir has no special feelings about it.

But humans will be different. he thought so

It must be so, but Eugene’s expression now looked calmer than Noir had thought. It wasn’t entirely without surprise, but even that was simple. It’s just that he seemed surprised that the number was higher than he thought.


That man already knows what war is. The monarchs, knights, soldiers, and mercenaries of this era, born after the era of war, may be tired of the war in which hundreds of thousands of troops collide and die.

But Hamel is not like that. Of all the people of this age, the one who knows war best is probably that man.

Hamel was a mercenary and a hero. In the age he is now, he has become a warrior. He intended and prepared for war even though he knew what it was. In this war, Nahama will fall as an ally of Helmud.

to conquer a country. Placing countless humans on the battlefield.

It would be a new thing for that man to be prepared for such things. He would have been prepared and accepted right from the start.

What the hero has to do is to save the world, and what Hamel wants is to kill the demon king.

but. Noir knew all too well that the man was not heartless.

I don’t know if the opponent is a demon. He was a man who could never be complacent about hundreds of thousands of human lives. It is true that the Sultan of Nahama sided with Helmud. It is also true that Amelia Merwin is behind it. However, most of the troops conscripted in Nahama would not be demon worshipers.

“You are outraged.”

Yujin furrowed her eyebrows and murmured. Noir was curious about Eugene’s intentions. She felt at the same time in love with a man so blind to his convictions that he was ecstatic.

Noir stared into the ice-cold gold eyes and grabbed the necklace ring.

“Don’t you think you need my help?”

I didn’t think like this. this is impulsive Knowing him, Noir did not resist the urge. To that extent, this urge was lustful.

Noir wanted to stand on the same battlefield as Eugene. Not to kill each other, but on the same battlefield, facing the same thing, seeing the same thing, and feeling the same thing.

“It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s hundreds of thousands or millions of opponents, tens or hundreds of times. Hamel, you know that.”

know well.

Excluding the demons in the war era, who killed the most humans single-handedly? There is nothing to worry about.

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. For the people who marched through the Demon Realm 300 years ago, Noir Jebella was a nightmare itself.

The massacre she wages does not require an army. The moment the purple binoculars flashed in the black darkness of the demonic realm, the massacre had already ended. The drowning of 30,000 troops in the plains is the most famous anecdote, but there may be other massacres unknown to the world.

“If it were me.”

Noir gave a moist, wet voice. Her voice was as sweet as seduction.

“We can make unnecessary blood flow. Even if hundreds of thousands of troops are prepared to die, we can make them quietly close their eyes without killing anyone.”


Eugene did not waver. He shook his head slowly and said.

“You couldn’t have wished for that.”

I thought it might shake a little bit. Noir laughed at the answer that came back without hesitation. The battlefield she wants to stand with Hamel is not a peaceful battlefield without her blood flowing.

The sound of metal hitting metal. A place where military songs, shouts, screams, cries, lamentation, and begging mingled. A battlefield where the smell of blood and death lingers, all kinds of emotions are mixed, and the regrets that cannot be fulfilled evaporate in vain.

Noir wanted to see Hamel on such a battlefield.

I saw it over and over again 300 years ago. The desire of ‘I want to see’ that I feel now is new and missed. If Eugene had just accepted the invitation. So if Noir had stood on the battlefield in the desert holding hands with Eugene.

Noir will do his best to make the battlefield terrifying.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 447

As Noir thought, Eugene did not want to wage a war of that scale with Nahama. If he had no choice but to make a decision, he would have no choice but to make a decision.

Unlike Amelia Merwin, who wanted all-out war, Eugene had several options. Even comparing her simple power alone, the Union side is far superior to Hama. Even if Amelia has attracted many of her high-ranking demons, she has plenty of power to respond to this side as well.

All the demons going through a ritual and becoming demon kings? If such a thing actually happened, the superiority in power would be overturned, but the name of the Demon King is not light enough to be possible just by wishing and working hard.

Iod Lionheart, who attempted the ritual for the first time, did not require much preparation. Most of the conditions were satisfied with the dark spirit dwelling in him, the remnants of the demon king, and the blood of Lionheart flowing in his veins.

However, Edmond Codlet had to spend a lot of time and effort just preparing for the ceremony. He mobilized not only the mountain sacrifices, but also the mana abundant in the Great Forest, the leyline of the World Tree, and the magic of the demon dragon, Raizakia. He wasn’t perfect even with that, so he tried his ritual with the intention of an all-out war, even using expedients to elevate the sacrifice’s spirits.

The demons seem to think that Iris can become the demon king in an instant, but they have the illusion that they can become the demon king. It means that you cannot become a demon king with only a simple living sacrifice.

In order to turn even one demon into a demon lord, he had to use an expedient way to elevate his soul with war madness and aspirations, just like Edmond did.

Nahama has nothing special like Samar Great Forest. At that time, Edmond sacrificed tens of thousands of natives, but Amelia has to prepare a living sacrifice that will be at least several times that number.

It had only been a few days since Amelia came to Nahama. In that short time, it is impossible for Amelia to hold a demon king ceremony for her demons.

In the end, in order to attempt the Demon King ceremony, an all-out war must be induced, but even if it is a confrontation on the frontline, there are various ways Eugene can do it.

It would be possible for Amelia to launch an all-out battle of hit-and-run battles as she wishes, but for now, Eugene’s purpose is to launch an air raid on the rear where the damn bitch is. It would be okay to fly with Senya, or ride Lymir A and shoot her breath.

If you kill the Demons and Amelia and capture the Sultan, that’s it… … But, I wasn’t sure it would actually work that well. Ideals are just ideals.

“Do you want to go when you’ve said everything?”

“Really, isn’t it too much to say that? And I didn’t come to you with the intention of talking about this.”

The shamelessness of not being grateful. Noir glanced at Eugene with a nasty look.

“I am ashamed to say this, but I am, Hamel. I just came to see you.”

“What do you mean?”

It’s not once or twice that I’ve heard that kind of bullshit from Noir. Yujin smirked without changing his expression. To be treated like this even though she gave me information that was sure to be helpful! Even so, I didn’t feel sad.

“hmm. I just wanted to see you, I said. To be honest, it’s not ‘just’. I mean, there is no reason.”

“What can I say… … .”

“Aren’t you curious? yes?”

Noir pushed his face closer, and Eugene, disgusted, pushed the sunbed she was lying on with his foot. Although he resisted so fiercely, Noir didn’t even bother and brought her face closer to Eugene. He wasn’t curious at all, but it was clear Noir wouldn’t back down if he didn’t ask.

“… … What made you want to see it?”

Even as I asked, my cheeks twitched with emotion. Indeed, upon receiving the question, Noir gave a satisfied smile.

“I had a dream.”

“… … dream?”

Eugene didn’t know that dream demons couldn’t have ‘real’ dreams, so he thought that answer was sudden and out of the blue.


“… … what dream?”

but. Even if I didn’t know that fact, the word ‘dream’ that Noir said bothered me. The first time Eugene saw Agaroth’s memory was also because it was a dream.


If you see the feeling of wanting to see it, it must be a dream related to Hamel. If we meet and talk to each other… … I thought that memories would arise from the residuals of faint emotions.

“I don’t remember what the dream was.”

I still can’t remember anything. However, it seems that the emotions are getting a little thicker.

Noir stepped back slightly and looked at Eugene. Painful and painful… … What is it? Noir smiled and shook his head.

“… … ?”

Noir can enjoy the afterglow while brooding over the remaining emotions, but all of that was still out of the blue for Eugene. Eugene crumpled his expression as if he had chewed shit and stood up.

“Where are you going?”

“It looks like you won’t go, so I’ll go.”

“Those kids will want to play in the water more, right? Hamel, don’t you think about the feelings of the children?”

“If I’ve been thinking about how they feel all this time, then they should think about how I feel sometimes.”

“Aren’t you going to think about how I feel? Hamel. I came because I wanted to see you… … .”

Noir’s words stopped in the middle. She looked at her Eugene with round eyes, then tilted her head.

“… … under?”

Noir’s cheeks twitched and went up. She spat out as she jumped up from the sunbed she was lying on.

“No, Hamel. You don’t have to leave. I forgot what I had to do.”


“I wish I could see you one more time before I leave this city. You don’t want to, but I’d like to say hello. Oh, and think about what I said earlier.”

Noir exhaled quickly and winked one eye at Eugene.

“It is true that I intend to assist you in your war against Amelia Merwin.”

After speaking so unilaterally, Noir turned around from his seat. Instead of going up to my bella face like when she came, she became her foggy and disappeared.

No details were given. There was no such thought, and Noir’s heart was in a hurry right away. To be precise, I was ‘annoyed’.


This mighty city is in the palm of Noir. Be sure to notice when something new appears. It was like that even now. Noir suddenly sensed a foreign being appearing on the outskirts of the city.

demon? It is neither new nor special. There are countless of them snooping outside the city looking for something to eat.

But most of those hyenas are insignificant. The fact that Noir moves immediately with a straight face means that he is a ‘careful’ existence. That alone is different. special.

heterogeneous Uncomfortable. Noir thought as he flew over the city.



The living quarters of Jebela City, where tourists are few and far between, change. The ‘man’ stood there alone.

that look Compared to 300 years ago, it wasn’t quite the same. There are no scars, and the outfit is different.

Just because there is a change of that degree, there is no way that you will not be able to recognize it. You can’t forget that look. A face that can be vividly recalled at any time. The man Noir first felt love for.

Hamel of annihilation.

Noir pondered over what emotions he should show now. The identity of ‘that’ is well known.

Amelia Merwin’s pet. A death knight created by inserting a fake soul into Hamel’s corpse and forming her ego based on Hamel’s memories. No, from a certain point on, it became something that could not even be called a Death Knight.

I saw it in La Vista a year ago. The body of the corpse was lost, and only the soul remained, mixing with the magic of destruction. According to what I saw then—- it wasn’t strange when it disappeared.

But it doesn’t seem to have disappeared. Rather new? I didn’t think it was very possible. In a word, I had hopes. It would be mean and cruel to that being,

Noir was interested in its ‘Hamel-like’ ego. Like Hamel, if you don’t despair and persevere. He wondered if he would be able to overcome the terribly poor environment that would not be strange even if it disappeared.

did as expected

No, it far exceeded my expectations. Noir felt a grotesque and alien distaste for it. So he is contemplating what emotions to show. Loving… … Shall we act as if we were dealing with Hamel? or not… …

“… … Hamel. Why are you here?”

“Don’t do tricks that are visible.”

The moment Noir asked a question, the ghost twisted his lips and answered.

“Oh my goodness.”

Noir also stopped worrying about that answer. It seems there is no need to postpone.

“What happened? No, since when did you notice?”

“Do you have any reason to answer?”

“hmm. I can’t help it if I don’t want to, but I’m personally curious. The last time I saw you, you thought of yourself as Hamel, didn’t you?”

Instead of acting, he expressed his feelings honestly. Noir did not hide his displeasure and dislike of the specter.

Hamel’s fake.

‘Heterogeneous and unpleasant… … Yes, is it? It’s the magic of destruction.’

However, it was different from how he felt for his followers like Alpiero. That’s why I didn’t notice it right away.

Noir glared at him, waiting for the ghost’s answer. It’s not just horsepower that’s different. this… … presence. intimidation. My skin tingles and it feels like my instincts are rebelling from the depths of my chest.

‘Even if it was altered by being mixed with the magic of destruction, this much?’

An opponent that cannot be underestimated. It is rare for Noir to make such a judgment.

“Looks like you have no intention of answering.”

When the ghost didn’t respond, Noir snorted and shrugged.

“Why are you here? Amelia Merwin and… … Ah, aha, yes, if you were aware of your existence… … Did you break Amelia’s shackles too?”

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The ghost blurted out the name.

“Are you still in this city?”

This time it was Noir’s turn to shut up. She could not accurately judge the significance of the question.

If it were another opponent, it would use the magic eye of illusion and read the mind… … I had a gut feeling that I shouldn’t have done that to that being.

When looking into the Temple of Destruction. It is the same feeling as when seeing Vermouth Lionheart tied up in chains. If I show my ‘dream’ prematurely, I think this side will collapse.

‘I found out that I was fake. You know that memories have been manipulated. Do you still hate Lionheart?’

That fake thought that he had been betrayed by Vermouth and his other colleagues. That’s why he hated the Lionheart family.

‘… … Maybe it’s not the hatred of memories.’

I changed my point of view and thought differently.

It lost its body after being defeated by Eugene Lionheart… … . It may not be that he hates Lionheart due to fabricated memories, but that he hates Eugene for other reasons and wants revenge.

“Why is he looking for it?”

If that is what you want to get revenge on Eugene. Should I open the way? Or should I block it? At the moment of Noir, I thought about that.

No, that’s a hasty judgment. Couldn’t that be a wish for revenge on Eugene?

but… … If that ego is close to Hamel’s, I don’t think it’s strange to want revenge… …

“I see there.”

The specter did not understand Noir’s ambiguous attitude. That said, he couldn’t exactly claim the purpose of finding Eugene.

It is a situation where there is no choice but to have misunderstandings with each other. The ghost doesn’t know what Noir knows. That Eugene Lionheart is the reincarnation of Hamel? I couldn’t imagine that Noir would know that. Likewise, Noir had no idea that the ghost knew Eugene’s identity.

“Are you here to see him?”

Noir asked while still maintaining a sense of distance from the specter.

“I just came to check if you are here.”

“The answer is ambiguous. Check it out, what? Are you going to meet me?”

Shall I act a little forcefully? Noir slowly released his magic. ㅡKoo-gu Palace! The magic that spread in an instant squeezed the space. But the specter did not back down. He stood and stared at Noir.

‘Noir Jebela has shown favor to Eugene Lionheart many times.’

Even the ghost knows that a scandal involving Noir and Eugene broke out in this city. However, the ‘Hamel’ the ghost knows is a human who never gets close to Noir.

I didn’t think that I might have been captured by Noir’s fantasy magic. He couldn’t imagine that he was with the saintess, and that Hamel’s mental strength would collapse in the magic of illusions.

‘Does Gal X consider me as Eugene’s enemy? Is that why you show hostility?’

The specter had no intention of colliding with Noir. Like Amelia Merwin, it is Hamel who has the ‘qualification’ to kill that Gal X. The reason the specter came to this city—-as I said before, was to check if Eugene was still in this city.

Up close, in person, face to face, conversation… … I didn’t want to. If possible, I would like to see it from afar.

“… … .”

Judging from Noir’s attitude, Eugene was still in Jebela City.

Then it happened. The ghost no longer spoke to Noir and took a step back.

“… … what?”

I didn’t even take my eyes off it, but the ghost disappeared.

where did you go Noir blinked his eyes and looked around, looking for the ghost with the entire city in his sights.

Couldn’t find it.

The specter has disappeared from Jebela City.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 448

Demon King Babel.

The specter was defeated by the demon king of confinement there. I wished for his death, but he didn’t even get it.

As the demon king of confinement said, the demon king is not a god. The devil is the one who ridicules and ridicules rather than grants earnest wishes.

I was on the verge of despair.

Even after being expelled from Babel, the specter didn’t know what to do. If he doesn’t want to ask for answers and thinks he’d rather die, he can take his own life.

– Didn’t you wish for death?

I hate futile deaths.

-You are a mass of contradictions.

Words whispered by the demon king of confinement. The ghost couldn’t answer that question.

It’s not that I couldn’t answer because I didn’t know the answer. I knew it too well, so I couldn’t answer.

The specter knew his inconsistency better than anyone else. He refuses to commit suicide, thinking that he would rather die. Because he hates an empty death.

for something.

for someone.

I wish you such a death. Worthless and miserable, I hate such a death. Though he was greedy and shameless to think of himself, the specter sincerely wished for such a death.

‘Like Hamel?’

In children’s books, he is ridiculed for being stupid, but couldn’t Hamel’s end be said to be heroic?

[…] … Hamel, who quarreled with his colleagues every time. Stupid Hamel. Violent Hamel. But Hamel loved his teammates. Instead of running away, the wounded Hamel sacrificed himself for his comrades.]

Hamel’s death was not caused by the betrayal of his comrades. Hamel sacrificed himself for his comrades.

[The last moment. Hamel regretted her past for her disingenuousness in the arms of her beloved colleagues. Senya, I liked you.]

Did you really? Hamel’s memory remains intact in the ghost.

The memory of the moment of death was manipulated by Amelia Merwin. The greater the manipulation and omission of memory, the more incomplete the formation of the Hamel-like ego.

“… … .”

Hamel’s ego is absolutely not, and I don’t think I would have left such a will. Remembering Hamel’s memories, let the specter decide… … .

It’s just that I couldn’t be conscious of or show my emotions because of various factors, such as the world that was ruining miserably, camaraderie, and fighting every day. She seems to have harbored special feelings for Hamel for Senya.

When I recall distant memories… … There were quite a few oddities in Senya’s behavior as well. It seems that Senya had a special feeling and hid it.

[Annis, pray for me.]

That will itself was not difficult to accept. Anise in her memories was sometimes cold-blooded like a snake, but she sought and longed for salvation more than anyone else among the priests. Even at the moment when someone other than Hamel was dying beside him, Anis prayed sincerely.

[Moron. You are the bravest warrior than anyone else.]

Wouldn’t it be possible to say that there is a paper difference between being tall and being brave. Morron was brave even in the specter’s opinion, but he was not a little like a bastard.

[Vermouth. Be sure to defeat the Demon King.]

I erased the image of Vermouth sitting in a chair chained from my memory. The magic of destruction that became blood, bone, and flesh. I also erased the fact that it was vermouth that allowed it.

What is undoubtedly

Hamel wanted to kill the demon king even in the end.

“Me too.”

The specter stood there and muttered.

To find answers, to die. With that in mind, I fought desperately against the demon king of confinement. but couldn’t reach this power. The magic of destruction cannot kill the demon king of confinement.

Then what is my existence for? What did Vermouth hope for and made me like this? What can I do when I am alive like this?

After being expelled from Babel, the specter fell into such trouble for a while. He looked back at Hamel’s memories, and thought back to ‘I’ several times, not Hamel. He felt jealousy, envy, greed, those kinds of emotions.

I thought I needed a different kind of confirmation and realization.

I met Noir Jebela. The emotions I felt at the moment of face-to-face with her were not very different from the last time. The specter has hostility and intent to kill Noir. That negative feeling is Hamel’s.

The specter couldn’t easily get out of those emotions. The ghost when he faced Noir was Hamel.

‘What about this time?’

I ignored the pounding chest. She raised her head and looked up at the sky.

I could see the hazy sky low. The snow is pouring non-stop to the extent that one wonders whether an invisible hole has been drilled.

Northern Kingdom of Luhar.

A place far away from Helmud’s Jebela City. Even if you use a warp gate, you can’t get here as quickly as the specter. Even now, the place where the specter stands is the northernmost part of Luhar without a warp gate, a mountain range that blocks the end of the world. Rehein Yard.

The skill of leaping over long distances. It didn’t work well the first time I used it, but now I’m used to it. It is impossible to move by specifying exact coordinates, but it is possible to reach the north, Rehein Yar, this large area.

“Brave Moron.”

There is a Moron somewhere in this. That fact gave the ghost a fearful anticipation. The trembling breath froze to white and dispersed. The specter pulled down the hood of the robe.

Lehein Yar is wide.

Finding a single human in this vast mountain range is no easy feat. If you wander aimlessly and search for it, it will take years, let alone months.

There are ways to make a decision and pull it out. If there really is a Moron in this mountain range, Moron will appear with just a slight rampage of the specter.

If he really is the brave, no, bastard moron that Hamel remembers. If ‘magical power’ runs rampant in a place that can be called my domain, it will surely appear.

“There is no need to entice you.”

The ghost twitched his lips and muttered.

Sensing the ‘familiar’ magic above these great mountains, especially the Great Hammer Gorge, was not difficult for the wraith incarnate of destruction.

when you take a step. The place where the specter stood was changed. The ghost appeared here suddenly, as is the case with supernatural phenomena. He took a few deep breaths and walked slowly.

woo woo… …

The previous place was just snowing heavily, but here the snowstorm is so strong that you can’t control your body properly. In the cold snow wind, the specter smelled the unpleasant stench of rotting meat and blood. No, to the specter, the smell was not a stench.

comfortable and cozy. Familiar. friendly and welcoming. miss


A realization that I want to deny but cannot deny. The ghost laughed softly and shook her head. The stench, which is not a stench, contains the magic of destruction. The wraith held her head up, holding the wind from blowing her hood.

I saw something flying high and far away.

It was the head of a giant monster. severely severed head. A head spraying black purple blood is flying toward the specter.

brief moment. The ghost understood what the monster was. A story told by Moron in a distant memory. The legend of his hometown, the Bayar tribe. Noor is said to come from the end of the world.

“is it.”

That monster clicks. They are essentially different from the demons like Alpiero in La Vista, and they are the ‘real’ family of destruction. The specter loathed the intimacy he felt with Nour’s severed head.

Quaang! Nur’s head, which barely passed by, landed on the back of the specter. The snow soared from the ground and the ground shook as if a bomb had exploded, but the specter stood still, unmoved.

I didn’t even look back. The specter still looked up at the distant sky.

What kind of expression should I make to greet him?

Which of these emotions should I follow?


The snow in the area evaporated in an instant and turned into fog. In the middle of the hazy fog, the specter’s gaze lowered slightly.

The one who founded the kingdom of Ruhar. He has been secluded in this mountain for over a hundred years. The one who cut off the monster’s head and threw it away.


A two-headed Morron stood a little in front of the specter. He looked down at the ghost with wide eyes. The specter paid attention to what those pupils were seeing and what emotions they were feeling.

What was reflected in his big eyes was a man wearing a hood. Embarrassment and doubt are the emotions engraved.

What kind of expression should I make to greet you? Which emotion should I follow? It’s stupid, arrogant, self-centered, and greedy. Choosing emotions is not a specter. The specter smiled bitterly and let go of the hood he had pressed down.

A blizzard threw back the hood. Her hair was in a mess. ‘Hamel’ without a scar saw Moron.

Moron’s eyes, which were already wide open, trembled. His high eyebrows twitched, and his brow furrowed. Her beard quivered, and Moron opened her mouth.


The feelings of bewilderment and doubt that filled his eyes changed in an instant.

The current Moron has become a completely different person from the ‘Moron Luhar’ in the specter’s memory. The specter did not know the theory of anger, enmity, hatred, and murderous intent as much as I did.

That’s why the current Moron gave the specter a strange feeling. Are you unfamiliar? I thought it was a natural feeling. She deserves to feel that way for Morone.


It’s not just Moron. Senya and Eugene Ryanhart would be the same. It became what the specter feared. I didn’t want to face everything related to memories that didn’t belong to ‘me’.

So I avoided it. I wished to die from the demon king of confinement.

as such.

I knew I couldn’t get an answer. So now, the specter is close to the answer to who ‘I’ is.


Moron’s anger, enmity, hatred, murderous intent, all those emotions. Isn’t Moron’s distorted face, gaze, cry, proving who the specter is?

“Did you come before me!”

Moron yelled out loud.

Rurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I just shouted out loud and with emotion, but the fog that was born from the evaporation of the snow field flew away like a storm swept away. The loud shout not only blew away the fog, but shook the entire space.

The ghost made no reply. It was because it was true that he came before Moron in search of some answer. As for the specter, he realized that his plot was terribly selfish.

From Morron’s point of view, he witnessed the corpse of a colleague who died 300 years ago become undead. Judging from the fact that he didn’t ask any other questions, Moron seemed to have already heard about the Death Knight from Eugene.

So there was no hesitation in Moron’s actions. He groaned and stretched out his hand toward the specter. His outstretched hand squeezed his fingers as he approached the wraith.

Even though it was just that, I felt ‘caught’. It’s absurd, but Moron squeezed the space just by grabbing the empty space. The distance disappeared as it was rolled in, and a tingling feeling of oppression pressed down on the ghost’s whole body.

Most demons will be crushed with just this. However, ghosts are not among the majority. Transcendence created with simple and ignorant power. Even so, the specter can easily escape.

Didn’t get out. The ghost still stood in the same place, looking at Morron. I looked straight at the emotions that overflowed in my bulging eyes. Anger, enmity, hatred, intent to kill.


‘I don’t think I should avoid it.’

The moment Moron’s fist came right in front of his nose, the specter gave an answer. He didn’t even think to stop.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that the entire Rehein Yar shook. Moron, who had stretched out his fist faithfully to his emotions, had a puzzled expression on his face. The feeling of resistance when he clenched his hand was also a feeling of resistance, but he wasn’t sure until the moment his outstretched fist reached it.

hit match I didn’t have that kind of confidence. It’s funny, but it wasn’t much different now. I must have stretched out my fist and hit it… … It doesn’t seem to have reached

“… … .”

It’s a strange feeling. Doesn’t it seem like you’ve reached it? What does that mean? Morron’s fists are stained with blood. She tore her body apart with one blow. All that was left of the specter was the lower half of the body.

“Why didn’t you do anything?”

Kwap. Moron chewed his molars and spat out. The lower body, which had fallen backwards, got up. The resurrected ghost laughed and spat out.

“I don’t think I can avoid it.”

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