Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 137

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Water could be seen pouring from the ceiling at sparsely spaced intervals.

Drinking water seems to be solved with that water, but don’t you think about washing your body? Yujin, who looked down at the abandoned track with a wrinkled expression, soon understood.

If you go up the underpass, there are many clean toilets, but there are no toilets in this deep abandoned track. Although the water canal where the water falls from the ceiling flows is used as a toilet… … It didn’t seem to mean much.

‘How many people are there?’

The glamorous and beautiful darkness of Jebela Park with twinkling lights. Abandoned railway line deep underground. Human waste oyster. Yujin glanced at the creaking and flickering lights of the disused track. Most of the lights hanging from the ceiling were dimly lit, but it was mana.

“money… … .”

On the way down the abandoned track, a hand stretched out from the darkness blocked Yujin’s path.

“Anything is fine… … .”

I have already heard begging several times in the short time I came down. It must have been because the robe Eugene wore was clean, neither dirty nor smelly.

Begged many times, but never paid. Eugene couldn’t feel anything other than disgust for that kind of person.

“If there is no money… … .”

The hand blocking the front shakes. Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and watched his hand move.

“Love is… … .”

The thumb and forefinger stuck together, forming a heart. That appearance aroused intense murderous intent and anger in Eugene. The heart she made with her fingers swayed gently, and Eugene didn’t bother to hold it in.

Chew! She didn’t swing the sword directly, but the black mana slashed her wrists.

“I should think about it a little and cut it, what would a human do?”

Not a single drop of blood flowed from the cut surface, and the audacity to say that was amazing.

As Eugene stared at the darkness with thinly opened eyes, Noir Jebella, who was wearing the same robe, poked her head out.

“Hello, Hamel. Are you feeling pretty good right now? It didn’t look very good earlier.”

“a moment ago?”

“Yeah, earlier, at Jebela Face. You at that time… … Well, honestly, wasn’t that a bit odd for you to think?”

“I don’t know what you mean. I just feel like X when I see you.”

“Hmm, earlier it looked bad in a different sense than X-like… … .”

Noir muttered that and tilted her head, but she didn’t ask further and walked out in front of Eugene.

“I knew you would come here.”

“… … .”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I spied on you. Are you offended? Hey, it’s funny to be offended by something like this. This is my city, and the hotel you are staying at is my own hotel. So, isn’t it natural that all your movements are transmitted to me?”


“Oh, did you see it? I expected that if you saw the news, you would come to me angry.”

“Then your expectations were wrong.”

“Whoop whoop. I expected to be wrong.”

Noir swaggered and waved his finger.

“Did I read your intentions a bit? I added a little bit of my taste, but this much is fine, right?”

Noir giggled and pointed to the abandoned track.

“so. how is it?”

“What are you asking?”

“Aren’t you here to see the filth of this city?”

Noir’s smile deepened.

“I thought of it from your point of view, Hamel.”

“… … .”

“300 years ago. In the era you lived in, it was natural and natural for humans to resent demons. The demons did a lot of things to be resentful of. But isn’t that the case now?”

Eugene listened to Noir without saying anything. Noir proudly raised both hands and made a heart.

“This era can be called the era of love and peace. Demons hunt humans and do not wage war. Here in Helmud, demons protect humans and get along well.”

Eugene did not deny Noir’s words. Before that, Helmud had been wandering around, and even before that, he had learned what the relationship between demons and humans was like in this era. At first, I couldn’t admit it or understand it, but 300 years was a long enough time for common sense to change.

“Here in Jebela Park is a city focused on satisfying human desires. I’m not doing anything really bad. Should I sell my dream for money? Well, I can’t help but spend all my money clinging to my dreams.”

Saying that, Noir leaned towards Eugene.

“This abandoned track is a place for such idiots. From the time we designed Jebela Park, we expected that there would be ‘garbage’.”

“What do you want to say?”

“Hamel, aren’t you looking for a reason to hate me in this city?”

Eugene’s eyebrows twitched. answer. Noir smiled and continued.

“Hehe. But I told you, I’m not doing anything bad in this city? ah… … Don’t get me wrong. I’m not forcing myself to hold those trash. It’s just that they’re not going out.”

Noir stretched out his finger and pointed at the ceiling of the abandoned track.

“See that stream of water over there? I also drilled a hole in it beforehand. I think people should drink water here. We periodically send workers to clean up the waterways and the filth in the corners where dung lumps float. Also, we only give jobs to people who want them!”

“… … .”

“Aside from that, they are providing the minimum necessary welfare. But what if I voluntarily do crap? Even if you pay them to go home, they’ll go to the casino or the succubus club and blow them up. So, can I do nothing?”

“that’s right.”

Yujin calmly nodded.

“It seems that you are determined and not committing any evil in this city.”

To be honest, it fell far short of my expectations. Eugene had rather expected a horrific human experiment to take place on this abandoned track. Or a slaughter show for humans or demons with perverted tastes.

does not exist. I searched and used magic in my own way, but Jebela Park was exactly ‘as it is known’. There are human wastes on the abandoned tracks, and people intoxicated with desire roam the splendid upper part.

“It’s true that I was looking for more reasons to hate you in this city.”

“Hehehe, is it unfortunate? Right now I am only doing legal business. As long as you don’t do anything illegal or evil… … .”

“That’s the problem.”

Eugene nodded.

“The present Helmud, the demon king of confinement, is doing very well for humans. Even this city that obeys Helmud’s laws can’t do anything harsh to humans.”

“that’s right. Even when a dream horse draws spirit from a dream, it must be a transaction, not extortion. that’s legal… … .”

“That is the problem.”

Eugene cut off Noir once again.



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“The times are wrong.”

“… … yes?”

“The present era where it is legal for you, a demon, to eat humans. And this city is wrong.”

Noir’s lips parted in a daze at those terribly self-centered words.

“Of course, if you are in this city… … If you had eaten humans more viciously, I would hate you even more and want to kill you. But just because you don’t do that doesn’t mean there’s no shortage of hatred and murderous intent towards you.”

“… … .”

“As you said, this is the ugliest place in the city. The smelliest, X-like, place you don’t have to be.”

Eugene frowned and pointed at the ceiling.

“Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be bothered if that ceiling collapses and all the trash is gone.”

“… … .”

“But I wish I didn’t and you would.”


“Because I am a human and you are a demon.”

oh my god. Noir smiled and looked into Eugene’s eyes.

“Shouldn’t I be thinking about stopping it before I do it? Hamel, you are a warrior.”

“I have more people to look for than those bastards.”


casual answer. Noir smiled thickly and looked up at the ceiling.

“It doesn’t matter if all the abandoned tracks die. then… … What about the people above?”

Jebela Park is the continent’s premier tourist destination. The number of people at the top right now would be comparable to the number of citizens in the Kiel capital.

“Hamel. You said you would come to this city to kill me, right? Likewise, I intend to welcome you at my castle. So, after all, this city will become a battlefield for us, right?”

“I guess so.”

“Oh my goodness. Then the fight between the two of us will cause tens of millions of casualties… … .”

“Isn’t that something you should have put away beforehand?”

To Two’s question, “Isn’t it obvious?” Noir cautiously asked back.

“… … why?”

“Because it gets in the way.”

“hmm. It doesn’t bother me much… … uh… … Um, yes, yes. According to the Helmud Law, human casualties are strictly prohibited in a struggle between demons… … If you were coming to kill me, the demon king of confinement would also declare a state of war, but in that situation, what would be the law… … .”

“You are disturbing me. Do you want to fight with me, who hesitates thinking about the loss of life and can’t even do my best?”

I was speechless. Noir blinked his round eyes a few times before starting to think seriously.

I wanted to see Hamel, who was trying to prevent casualties and throwing himself to save the lives of people he didn’t care about.

However, I want to see Hamel who doesn’t care about such things at all and only looks at me and burns with murderous intent.

“… … Let’s get all the tourists out before you arrive.”

Noir had no choice but to say that. He wasn’t going to hold tourists hostage anyway, so he didn’t need to keep them in the city.

“Of course it should.”

Eugene muttered with a sullen expression and passed Noir. Noir looked at Eugene’s back as he climbed up, then hurriedly moved on.

“Where are you going?”



“Then shall we go down to that stinky garbage pit?”

“You came to see that.”

“You don’t need to see any more.”

“then… … uh… … do you go back? To Jebela Castle.”

“go away.”

“I can’t.”

Noir smiled mischievously and crossed arms with Eugene.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time, play with me.”

I thought it was an opportunity to build memories that I would later regret.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 432

“Are you really crazy?”

Eugene was dumbfounded and glared at Noir. Bullshit has its limits, but what Noir just said went beyond what Eugene could understand.

wanna play? together? nonsense. I have already been involved with Noir more than necessary. Eugene didn’t want to get involved with Noir any more, do something together, build memories, or share emotional exchanges.

Because you don’t want to be stimulated? Of course, there are reasons for that, but isn’t it funny to interact more than necessary with an enemy you’ve decided to kill?

“Don’t do it too much.”

Noir pulled Eugene’s arm inward while smiling brightly.

Contrary to the expression, tone, and attitude, the power of the grip was considerable, and even Eugene could not shake it off right away. On the contrary, Eugene was even more dumbfounded by that fact.

How much do you want to play together, so you use this much energy? Would that take as much force?

“Why are you so soggy?”

“Well, why are you doing this?”

Even Noir himself couldn’t exactly figure out why he was behaving like this. She had never been this way with Eugene before, but whenever she did, she thought she was very cool. Although he offered strange temptations several times, it was all a joke, and if Eugene rejected her, he would not let her regret for long and back off.

But now… … Rarely and strangely, I don’t want to.

“It feels strange.”

With a whisper, Noir’s head tilted. He pulled Eugene’s arm a little tighter. Noir licked his lips with his tongue as he buried Eugene’s hard forearm into his chest.

“Hamel. I’ve felt yearning for you many times, but… … Whoops. Why? The feeling right now is unfamiliar and mysterious.”

I wonder why I feel these feelings. Her love for her Hamel she had felt three hundred years ago, but she had never felt her anguish as now.

Did you grow up to eat? Really, strong enough to tell me death? or not… … .

Noir giggled and whispered.

“Come to think of it, today is the full moon. Do you know?”

“Let go.”

“Most of the tribes of demons are affected by the full moon. My magic power is getting stronger, and my desire is getting stronger. In the case of low-level demons, there are cases where they go out of their way on a full moon night.”

Noir stopped talking and let out a silly laugh.

“Urgent… … yes, vulgar. It doesn’t apply to me. I’ve never been like that before. However, today… … Has desire made me vulgar?”

Eugene glared at Noir’s eyes. It is not unfamiliar to the blatant emotions that lurk there. 300 years ago, she is the emotion she saw in ‘Noir Jebella’.

but. It was also a feeling that I had seen a long time ago. The eyes that the Twilight Witch looked at Agaroth were similar to those.

That made Eugene irritated and angry. Just as Eugene Lionheart is not Agaroth, Noir Jebel is not the Twilight Witch. If that’s the case, Noir’s feelings now are very similar to those of the Twilight Witch.

ㅡ Hwareuk.

Black flames roared around Eugene. Annoyance and anger at the current situation make Eugene devise violent means.

If we already collide with Noir, we will only suffer an overwhelming loss, but despite that awareness, the contact between Noir and ‘flesh’ is trembling.

“You don’t want to play with me that much?”

“Aren’t we good friends hahahaha?”

“It depends on how you interpret play, but hmm, okay. Don’t be too angry, Hamel.”

Noir let go of Eugene’s arm while saying that. That’s all he did, he didn’t back down. Noir still stood right next to Eugene and smiled round and round.

“How about this? If you stay with me until the sun rises in the morning, I will answer your three questions.”

“… … Do you have any questions about you?”

“Hehe, don’t tell obvious lies, right? There’s no way that you who came all the way to this city didn’t have questions about me. And, have you forgotten what you said to me earlier? Hamel. You are also interested in the Jebela Face.”

At those words, Eugene’s face crumpled like he had chewed shit.

Yes, I said that to Noir only half a day ago. It wasn’t even a lie. In fact, Eugene wanted to know the exact purpose of the proliferated Jebella Face.

But now I want to lie. There are many questions I want to ask Noir, but I want to lie that I have none.

The reason was simple. Eugene, she didn’t want to be with Noir now.


Eugene suppressed his bubbling emotions. Chimi stabbed her into the bottom of her chest with the intent to kill. When thinking coolly and rationally, it would be an asshole to turn down that offer.

Until the sun rises in the morning, it’s about six or seven hours. If you only throw away that time, you can ask the dream queen 3 questions.


He nodded his head without looking away. According to her noir, the reason why she came to Bella City was to find out about her.

“Instead, answer the questions first.”

“You don’t think I’ll just play around and run away without answering, do you?”

“Isn’t there a possibility?”

“Well, from my side, Hamel, it’s more realistic for you to hear the answer first and then leave.”

Noir pouted his lips and examined Eugene’s expression. cold eyes. I’ve always seen those eyes and expressions, but strangely, it looks colder today than before.

‘It’s not just me.’

Noir is gradually becoming aware that he is different from his usual self. Likewise, Eugene also thought that it was different from usual.

What the hell is making that change? full moon? It can’t be. Noir laughed and twisted her hair with her fingers.

“I see you don’t answer. that’s very nasty Still, Hamel, I believe in you. I would be angry if I was betrayed as much as I believed.”

Noir rolled his tongue at the word ‘betrayal’ and smiled.

“Since it’s a waste of time, do the questions and answers go upstairs, right? The despair of the loser and the smell of filth and trash is so strong here.”

Didn’t wait for an answer. Eugene first glared at Noir’s back as he climbed the stairs, then sighed deeply and followed him.

“So, what the hell is that stupid head?”

“It’s not a stupid head, it’s a Jebella face.”

“So what are you talking about?”

“Hehe, you must have been curious. It was good that you didn’t answer when I asked earlier.”

Noir smiled and waved his finger. Then, the robe no different from the rags that Noir was wearing disappeared. For an instant, Noir was wearing underwear, and Eugene reflexively turned his gaze to the side.

“The 3 Jebbella Faces basically spread the power of my demonic eyes. Hamel, did you see it too?”

“I know that from the start. Are there any idiots who come to this city who don’t know that?”

A specialty of this city. Jebella Showtime, which starts only according to Noir’s mood, without a fixed schedule. A ‘dream’ created by the queen of dreams that cannot be bought even with billions of dollars.

When Jebella Face’s mouth opens, flying in the sky of this city, and the Queen announces ‘Showtime’, the power of the Mystic Eye of Illusion works where Jebella Face’s pupils shine.

“It’s absurd that a fantasy demonic eye is being used on the head that you didn’t ride yourself. But why are there three of them?”

“Nonsense? Ahaha, Hamel, you shouldn’t say that lightly. There are very few things that are impossible for me.”

“… … what?”

“How much do you think I have received in this city so far?”

Noir looked back at Eugene and smiled.

“So far, nothing to say. Can you imagine the amount of energy supplied at Jebela Park in one day right now?”

Eugene couldn’t answer. Because she was completely unpredictable.

“To be honest, Hamel, the energy supplied by this city is no longer of any use to me. I already transcended the line of becoming stronger by consuming the spirit and converting it into magic power.”

arrogant words. But there is no doubt about it. Even Iris, who became the demon king right away, has obtained infinite magical power, but ‘how’ to use that overwhelming power is the difference.

“The magic eye of fantasy shows ‘illusion’ after all. You cannot change reality. But, Hamel, now I can do more than that.”

“… … What are you saying?”

“This city itself is the ‘dream’ that I created.”

Noir tilted his head and stared at Eugene.

“Isn’t it strange? Hamel. While you and I were on the steps of the abandoned track, none of the trash on the bottom looked up at us.”

“… … .”

“Even now, yes. We’re walking through the underpass of a nightless city, right? But why are there no people?”

At those words, Eugene’s steps stopped. Before going down the abandoned track, the underpass was full of people.

But now—- there is no one. Have you entered a dream without even realizing it? No, it can’t be. Eugene was convinced that the place she was standing now was not a dream, but a reality.

Rumble, rumble. I heard the sound of a train running in the distance. Eugene was conscious of the sound and continued to expand her senses. I can feel the presence of countless people. However, it was just not around.

“… … Are you hinting at the space itself?”

“that’s right.”

Noir smiled and nodded.

“Three flying Jebella Faces circulate the energy supplied in the city to the space. That’s how I am getting stronger every day. Instead of supplying regular energy and increasing horsepower, go the other way. This city that I have completely taken over will gradually become my ‘dream’ rather than ‘reality’. The line between dreams and reality is collapsing.”

Eugene’s expression hardened as he understood what he was saying.

As she said, if the boundary between dreams and reality completely collapses… … Indeed, this space, the city itself, will become Noir Jebela’s dream. Even if you do not fall asleep and endure, reality itself will attack you as a weapon.

The unavoidable weakness in the magic eye of fantasy is that it is ‘illusion’ after all. No matter how strong a suggestion is made in a dream, reality does not change.

Even if Noir showed Eugene all kinds of ridiculous fantasies, Eugene was confident that he would not be deceived. He thought that the willpower he had was strong, and if he strengthened his divine power and divinity, he could surely resist.

but. When the boundary between dreams and reality collapses, there is no weakness in the magic eye of fantasy. The power of Noir Jebela will literally reach ‘omnipotence’.

The advance guard to realize that absurd ideal… … 3 generations of such assholes.

‘What if I destroy it now?’

“Destruction is useless.”

Noir spoke as if he had read Eugene’s mind.

“If it’s destroyed, you just have to recreate it. Or I can fly through the sky myself.”

I didn’t run into anyone else while leaving the underpass, but when I came out on the street at night, it was full of people. But among the many people, no one looked at Eugene and Noir.

“Don’t worry already, Hamel. Because it’s not finished yet. What is possible now… … How much do you slightly change your perception?”

It’s not a big deal, but I couldn’t accept it that way. I didn’t even make eye contact with that many people on the abandoned track, but everyone didn’t look up ‘above’ as if it was natural.

There was no one in the underpass. And even now, no one around is looking at Eugene and Noir.

It’s not like he used a fantasy magic eye. It wasn’t even a dream. Suggestions are working naturally in this surrounding itself… … .

“I think this is enough for the answer to Jebela Face. What are the other questions?”

“… … I am worried.”

Yujin suppressed a sigh and replied. Originally, he wanted to find out what forces Noir had and what kind of bodyguards they had. The next time she came to kill Noir, she was to not panic when her men poured out.

But now, it wasn’t even to the level of being wary of that.

‘Can I resist with the sanctuary?’

Invasion of the mind and being dragged into the dream can be resisted with psychic power and divinity.

Will the invasion of reality be a resistance to the sanctuary? I didn’t think the situation was unconditionally hopeless. Eugene also had a lot to do. If the boundary between dream and reality collapses, and this entire city becomes a territory ruled by Noir in a true sense. The sanctuary is a territory ruled by gods.

Actually, there is a clear answer.

Not fighting in this city.

‘There’s no way I can do that.’

Eugene sighed, frowning.

“so. Where are you going now?”

“You are asking the question now, right?”

“Are you just shutting up?”

“I played a little bit, Hamel. I want to talk to you too, so I won’t be too harsh. yes, how about this one? When you raise your hand, ask! If you shout out, it counts only then.”

Noir raised his finger and shook it gently.

“There are two more left.”

“So where are you going?”

“I’m going to Jebela Department Store.”

“Do you know what time it is now?”

“What is the importance of time? Hamel, this is a city without night.”

While saying that, he naturally tried to cross his arms, but Eugene quickly moved and distanced himself from Noir.

“What are you going to buy?”

“Ah, do you have to buy something to shop? I just watch… … Hmm, no, I have a few things I want to buy right now. I would be happy if you picked out some clothes for me.”

“go away.”

“I knew you would answer that. does not matter. I have a lot of clothes, so I don’t have to buy them.”

“Then why… … .”

“How about a ring?”

Noir pointed his finger at the sky’s glitter.

“I want a ring.”

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 433

At the word ring, Eugene’s face twisted. What are you talking about all of a sudden? Eugene tried to swear at her, but the thought that ran through her mind made her flinch.

The memories that I couldn’t completely shake off and buried deep in my heart pierced my heart.


The end of the Twilight Witch. Agaroth gave her her ring, which was her holy object, and told her to flee. But the Twilight Witch refused her name. After returning her ring instead of accepting it, she made her last wish: a kiss and her death.

Agaroth placed the ring on the chest of the Twilight Witch she killed by breaking her neck with her own hand. He turned her body from her corpse and headed for the Demon King of Destruction.

What happened to the ring after that? The world is doomed. Fog and waves engulfed the world of corpses.

After that—a long, long time passed. The details are unknown, but the world has begun again. Buried deep in the sea, or drifted by the current… … The ring fell into the hands of the dragon and fatefully returned to Eugene.

“… … Why is it a ring?”

There is no way Noir Jebela has any memories of the Twilight Witch. No matter how much Noir Jebella is a being with ridiculous powers, she can’t possibly have memories of her past life that ended with her death.


As Eugene guessed. Noir has no memory of his previous life.

The name Agaroth, the Twilight Witch, doesn’t remember anything. However, Eugene’s divinity has become stronger and clearer than before… … Her soul just reacted to it on its own. Even that is not a clear memory for her, nor is it a fragmented memory.


vague and fuzzy feelings. An inexplicable urge to have a ‘ring’. Noir was not quite sure ‘why’ he was feeling this way.

“Why is it a ring? why… … . I suddenly had the urge to have it.”

If you think about it, most of today’s emotions are sudden and impulsive.

but… … I didn’t think it was particularly strange. Because Noir was always like that. She is the dream queen. She was impulsive, lustful, and emotional for hundreds of years.

“Right, come to think of it, Hamel.”

Noir suddenly realized something else and turned to Eugene.

“You were wearing a ring too, weren’t you?”

Noir also remembered that ring.

A ring worn on the ring finger of the left hand. It was no ordinary ring. The exact identity is unknown, but I’m guessing it’s probably a real artifact. It would not be enchanted, but a relic related to an ancient god.

“… … ring?”

“Are you pretending not to know? The ring that was destroyed in the battle with Iris. It had the ability to heal wounds.”

Noir said with a bashful laugh. I clearly remember how Eugene and Iris fought at that time. Instead of answering, Eugene glared at Noir’s face.

Right now, Eugene was feeling very confused. It was because Noir wanted the ring and couldn’t properly grasp Agaroth’s intention of asking about the ring.

Hopefully, I don’t think that’s possible. … … Could Noir remember his previous life? Are you thinking about this based on the memories you recalled?

‘No, it can’t be.’

If it was noir in the first place, it would be more blatantly rammed into it than to try it that way. Eugene calmed her confusion and opened her mouth.

“I’m not pretending not to know. It’s out of the blue to ask about my ring.”

“is that so? Hmm, just suddenly remembered. I thought it would be nice to have a ring similar to yours, which I’ve decided to have. Oh yeah. I’d rather have this one how is it? Shall we just match a pair of identical rings?”

I thought of it myself, but it was beautiful and wonderful. Noir looked back at Eugene with her eyes twinkling.

“I… … .”

“Are you trying to tell me you’re crazy? Whoa, Hamel, I already expected what you would say. Of course you wouldn’t match the same ring as me.”

Noir swayed gently as if dancing and passed Eugene. She looked at Eugene’s empty hands and smiled.

“I think it would be fun to force it on your finger. Don’t make that face, Hamel. You’re not going to force it right now, are you? later, yes, yes, later When you die in my arms.”

“… … .”

“at that time… … To put a ring on your dying finger in despair. And then it whispers in your ear. I love you.”

“Crazy bitch.”

“You think I’m beautiful and romantic? Of course you won’t take the ring… … Fufu, at that moment, you won’t even have the strength to refuse. Hamel, how are you? if, really if. When the two of us meet to kill each other, and in the end you emerge victorious.”

Noir tilted his head and looked up at Eugene.

under thick, long eyelashes. Purple eyes, as beautiful as jewels, sparkled with intense anticipation.

“you and I. At the moment when our long and long relationship comes to an end… … Don’t you have any thoughts of giving me something like a last present?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“Even if I say it’s a wish?”

“It is not my business to know your wishes.”

Eugene replied with a blunt face.

“Hmph, that’s the answer I expected.”

I didn’t feel sad. If Eugene doesn’t prepare a gift to decorate the end, shouldn’t Noir prepare? Since I had already decided to buy a ‘ring’, I made up my mind to buy a pair.

When you kill Hamel someday.

“Put the ring on my hand. Put a ring on your dying hand. and… … After you die, look at the ring on your ring finger and remember you forever.”

“… … .”

“If you win. I wish you were like me.”

Noir looked at Eugene and smiled brightly.

Eugene—- couldn’t stare straight into that smile. I didn’t want to stare. I don’t think there’s any other reason behind everything Noir spits out, but even so… … . The words she said now came to Yujin heavy and sharp.

“… … Stop talking nonsense and go.”

“It takes a long time to walk. If I took a train or a car, I would have arrived right away.”

That’s what I said, but I had no intention of taking the transportation. Noir slowed his pace, shoulder to shoulder with his Eugene.

A street that shines brightly. Now, all the lights in Jebela City are tuned to the most beautiful colors, surrounding Eugene and Noir.

Of course, none of this is a coincidence. Jebella Face in the sky connected to Noir. The system that manages the entire city manipulates the surroundings according to her will.

In addition, the people affected by Noir’s allusion were kept at a distance, so the whole city became a world for both Noir and Eugene.

“Arms… … May I wear it?”

Noir stretched out his hand to Eugene, dyeing his cheeks red as if showing off.

“go away.”

Of course, Eugene responded with a stern expression.

* * *

The saintess of Agaroth, the god of war.

Twilight Witch.

She must have had another name, but Eugene did not know that name. It could be because the memories of Agaroth itself that he had recalled in Laguryaran were so fragmented and vague—but Eugene thought that there were other reasons as well.

memories of that time. It wasn’t just Agaroth that was present in that situation. Aside from Agaroth, there were several other people.

However, in those memories, only Agaroth herself had a ‘name’. Even the greatest warrior, the oldest friend, is only remembered as the ‘Great Warrior’, and the saintess, who was a special woman to Agaroth, is also remembered only as the ‘Saint’ and the ‘Witch of Twilight’.

Not just humans. The other gods that Agaroth acknowledged and relied on to some extent are also remembered by the nicknames ‘Sage’ and ‘Colossus’.

Perhaps, Agaroth may be a personality breaker who doesn’t even remember the names of other beings besides himself… … Eugene thought there was little chance of that happening.

‘I think my subconscious is rejecting it.’

This is all I can guess as of now. Eugene doesn’t want to be emotionally affected by Agaroth’s memories. I want to distinguish the ‘me’ of the past era and the present era. I wonder if that kind of wind influenced the memories I recalled.

It didn’t work out. Really, if you wanted to differentiate… … I had to castrate the emotions in my memory. Of course, the memory itself wouldn’t have convinced me if that was the case.

I forgot the names, but I remember the others in great detail.

Goddess of War. The Twilight Witch was a beautiful woman. She had coveted orange hair reminiscent of her sunset, and dark blue eyes that were neither day nor night.

face… … does not resemble Noir. If you take a closer look at their personalities, there will be many differences. However, they are similar in that they blatantly seduce and whisper while touching their skin.

‘Even if I’m reincarnated, will my nature remain the same?’

Yujin wrinkled her eyebrows thinking about that.

This is a department store located on the border with Gamble Square. The VIP class, which only handles expensive luxury goods, and cannot even enter with modest assets.

Although it is a VIP floor, there are quite a lot of people who enjoy shopping. nobles from the continent. There are royalty from a small country, and some demons from Helmud.

“That… … no way… … .”

“Eugene Ryanhart?”

The topic that people avert their eyes on the street, but they have no intention of averting it here.

Yujin felt annoyed and moved her gaze. There were a lot of eyes staring at this direction and whispering, but among them, it was the ‘Evil tribe’ that scratched Eugene’s heart.

baron. He doesn’t have a very high title, but he was said to be a guy with a pretty decent estate in Helmood.

If you have such a territory, in most cases it is stolen in a territory battle with other demons, but in the case of that baron, he maintains his territory by spreading several lines of loyalty in the name of sponsorship to other high-ranking demons.

“… … .”

As Eugene unleashed the murderous intent, the blood on the baron’s bright red face faded a little. Eugene shrugged his shoulders and glared at the backing baron as if to listen.

“Isn’t the fact that that bastard is here is itself an obstruction of business?”

In fact, the appearance of the baron was hideous. It has red skin, three eyes, and goat legs on its lower body. He threw open insults, but the baron didn’t listen and left the floor.

The baron was not the only one frightened by Eugene’s irritation. The other guests on the VIP floor stopped whispering and kept their mouths shut, as if they were always like that. Even so, Eugene’s mood did not improve.

“Customers are equal as long as they can pay.”

Noir hummed and stretched out ten fingers.

“Of course, I admit that Baron Hurst is ugly. But even that ugliness becomes its own personality if you have money.”

“Why didn’t you hint here?”

“Everything is for you, Eugene.”

There were ears around him, so Noir didn’t call Eugene ‘Hamel’ either. It was also fortunate for all the customers of the department store.

If Noir had made a mistake and said the name ‘Hamel’. Eugene must have captured or killed everyone around him to stop the rumors.

“The good me told you about it myself. Baron Hearst is giving money to many other demons, and among them there are those who crawled into the desert.”

Noir took her eyes off her fingers and looked at Eugene’s face. She smiled and went along with her words.

“Baron Hurst will convey your situation very naturally.”

“You mean that I, the hero, came to buy a ring just the two of you?”

Eugene sighed and let out a sigh. Then Noir laughed and nodded his head.

“that’s right!”

“that… … How does the fact that the facts become known create an alternative situation?”

“well? Will it change somehow? Ahh, first of all, this is for sure. Amelia Merwin doesn’t like me very much? And I don’t really like Amelia Merwin either. We both hate each other. And Eugene, you hate her too!”

“… … .”

“The enemy of an enemy is a friend… … What do you mean? When Amelia Merwind finds out that the two of them have become close enough to buy a ring together, Amelia Merwin will be in a rush.”

“Are you serious?”

“Ah, not really. I just said something.”

Noir stuck out his tongue with a smile dripping with mischief. Eugene suppressed the thought of going right away and kicking her in the jaw and cutting off her tongue.

“… … Do you want to leave after you’ve seen it all?”

“Why are you in such a hurry? The night is still long. And Eugene, we don’t have anything else to do right now, right?”

Noir flicked her fingers and looked at Eugene. Eugene realized what it meant to have ‘sticky’ eyes, to the point where he got goosebumps on his skin.

“of course… … I can make this long night an instant or an eternity. Eugene, no matter how arrogant you are, in my bed… … .”


“Hmm, you won’t regret it. Okay, okay. I won’t talk about going to bed anymore. Please come next to me instead.”

“You can see it from here too.”

“Still, you can see better from the side, right? It’s to decorate each other’s end, but I don’t want to choose alone.”

“It’s up to you.”

Eugene spat out without moving from his place.

All of Noir’s ten fingers now had rings on them, and she had been choosing a ring for a while. Even I would ‘give it’ to 10. Just a few minutes ago, Noir had brought dozens of rings and was worried.

10 rings carefully selected over a long period of time. … … All shapes were similar. There are no large jewels attached. It’s not like they’re crafted with small jewels. A plain, unadorned ring. Honestly, ordinary rings that are difficult to distinguish at first glance.

“… … It seems too modest.”

“Right? I think so.”

“You can do it differently.”

“But a ring like this attracts.”

Noir tilted his head and muttered.

After thinking about it for a while, Noir made up her mind and chose the ring. The ring Noir had chosen was a golden ring with a subtle light. She nodded her head with a satisfied expression on her face.

“Eugene, put it on too. It shouldn’t fit your fingers.”

“turn off… … .”

“Shut up? I understand. I know what to do. Even if you don’t wear it yourself, you know it at a glance, right? In fact, you don’t even need to measure. It’s not a cheap ring, and the circumference of a ring like this fits on any finger.”

As Noir clapped his hands, the waiting staff approached.

“There is no need for packaging. I will take it like this.”

“You can even engrave it if you want. queen.”

“engrave? It’s an imprint… … .”

Noir smiled and shook his head.

“I will do it myself.”

I could write down Eugene’s name, but I wanted to write the name of ‘Hamel’ rather than that name.

The ring on the palm floated up surrounded by magical power. It didn’t take long to engrave the name on the inside of the ring.

“This is mine.”

Noir smiled brightly and held up the ring to Eugene. The name of ‘Hamel Diners’ was written on the inside of a small ring fitted around her ring finger.

“And this is yours.”

Another ring was heard. On that side, the name of ‘Noir Jebela’ was written. Noir laughed at the distorted expression on Eugene’s face and put the ring on the ring finger of his left hand.

“I will keep your ring. If you give it to me, I will definitely throw it away.”

A long outstretched finger grabbed a strand of hair. Her severed hair was woven into a ring and turned into a black necklace.

Actually, he wanted to hang it around his neck, but Noir knew very well that there was no way that man would do that. She came to Eugene, putting her necklace in her own hand.



“I came to the department store, but isn’t it a pity to buy a ring and end the shopping? Is there anything you would like to have?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“Those two kids must have a lot of things they want.”

“I have a lot of money too.”

“There are some things money can’t buy.”

While saying that, Noir passed Eugene. There was no desire to follow her, but in the current situation, there was no option for Eugene to choose.

Eventually, Eugene let out a deep sigh and followed Noir.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 434

I walked around the department store as if I was being dragged by Noir. She honestly didn’t want to be treated as one, so she tried to keep her distance, but Noir wouldn’t allow that trick.

With a wicked smile, she called Eugene’s name several times, came closer and hugged her arm, and so on.

After repeating this over and over again, Eugene eventually gave up. Half-fascinated, following Noir around, carrying his burdens… … Thoughts ran through his head.

Two questions remain. What questions would be relevant? As expected, let’s ask about the enlisted soldier.

No, it doesn’t mean much. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if anything popped up in this city, and no matter how many troops I had, in the end the biggest enemy was Noir Jebela himself.

‘I think it would be okay to dig into the demon king of confinement or Gavid Lindman.’

For example, the weakness of the demon lord of confinement… … . The thought that popped into her head made Eugene laugh involuntarily.

Weakness? Will there be such a thing? Even if there is, it seems that Noir is not aware of it.

“What do you think?”

“Thinking about what to ask you.”

Eugene replied with a blunt expression.

The music flowing in my ears is annoying.

I even thought it would be better to shop around the department store. At least it kept moving there. But now it’s not even moving.

A place to arrive after shopping. A bar with a good atmosphere with soft music and the sound of shaking shakers. Eugene and Noir are sitting in the corner and facing each other.

“It’s okay if I ask later, not today.”

Noir smiled as he waved his glass. There is a drinking glass in front of Eugene, but he hasn’t taken it yet. It was already deep in the morning, and the sun would rise in just a few hours.

“I have no intention of hanging out with you again.”

“He is a very consistent person. I like that, but it’s not fun for a date.”


“What are you and I doing now, if not dating?”

I didn’t even have the strength to react. Yujin let out a deep sigh and touched his glass with her fingertips.

“I don’t understand you.”

“I’m glad, Hamel. Did you finally want to ‘talk’ with me?”

He did not respond to Noir’s fuss. Eugene raised his head and looked ahead.

Noir’s smile was visible under the warm colored lighting. She didn’t say anything and waited for Eugene’s words.

“conversation? talk… … well. I feel like complaining.”

Eugene grumbled and raised his glass. Noir was thrilled by the action and opened his mouth wide.

“Hamel. Are you going to drink with me?”

“I want to drink like X.”

“okay! Got it, Hamel. Just as you drink alone, I will drink alone. We sit across from each other like this, but we don’t drink together.”

Noir giggled and raised his glass. A glass of alcohol naturally approached her, but Eugene ignored it and poured the drink into her mouth.

“So Hamel. What do you mean I don’t understand?”


When I put the empty glass down, Noir lifted the bottle and filled it as if he had waited. The poisonous yellow-brown liquor filled the glass halfway, and Eugene did not hesitate to stop it.

“You’re messing with me.”

“Because I love you.”

“I don’t understand the credit that went into this city.”

“Huh, I don’t understand, Ra. I rather don’t understand that. Hamel, I already told you what kind of city this is and what it is for. Then, of course, shouldn’t it be worth putting in effort?”

Noir leaned in and asked. The clothes she bought and changed into were designed with a dent in her neck, so when she bent down like that, her breastbone was clearly visible. However, Eugene’s eyes went to the necklace that swayed above the breastbone—a ring.

“I saw the city.”

Eugene tried to look away.

“You are so full of self-love that I can’t understand. To the point where I put your name on most things in the city.”

The name of the city is Jebela City. The name of the theme park is Jebela Park. The flying head is Jebella Face. The name of the castle is Jebela Castle. The name of the train is Jebela Train… … . Besides those, there are countless others named after her.

“It was said to be the best tourist destination on the continent. It’s really full of people. There are many children.”

“… … aha.”

Noir’s eyes widened. She realized what Eugene was trying to say.

“You want to ask about guilt?”

“I don’t necessarily want to point out that feeling alone.”

“A sense of loss?”

Noir chuckled.

“Or regret? things like that?”

Eugene didn’t answer and glared at Noir.

I know a lot about demons. I thought so. However, looking at Helmud in the ‘now’ era—- I sometimes wondered if I really knew it ‘well’.

In the age of war, demons were enemies. It could not be defined otherwise. For humans in that era, demons were an enemy they had to fight unconditionally. In other words, in order to obtain peace, he had to kill the demon king and drive out the demon tribe.

However, were all the demons truly ‘enemies’? Regarding that, neither Eugene nor Hamel could be sure of that.

In the end, demons are one race, and among countless demons… … Perhaps there were demons that did not harm humans and were friendly to humans.

There was no need to dwell on that thought at the time. Because he was at war. He thought it would be better to just regard all demons as enemies and kill them rather than making a distinction between bad demons and good demons.

Times are different now. It is a time of peace. 300 years have passed.

Should the demons born in this era of peace be called ‘enemies’? Are demons born in Helmud, the ‘Empire’ of this era, naturally socializing with immigrant humans, and having only goodwill towards humans, are ‘enemies’?

One day a war will break out.

After a long time, I think no. Even now, Eugene could start a war. If he attacks Babel right away without thinking about it, the demon king of confinement will end the peace that he has kept as a promise for 300 years.

“Do you remember the gap between 300 years ago and the current era?”

Light shimmered in Noir’s purple eyes. She can’t read Eugene’s mind. I didn’t even dig into her consciousness and steal her thoughts. Nevertheless, Noir saw right through what Eugene was thinking and saying.

“I. It’s different from what you knew 300 years ago… … .”

Noir buried himself in the sofa and brought the glass to his lips.

“I even went through rehabilitation, so I didn’t bother… … Should I keep it as an enemy? Is that what you think?”


It is not an issue that can be completely ignored. When the promise comes to an end and the demon king of confinement starts a war. A large number of demons would agree.

In particular, it is certain that the upper-ranking demons who have gone through the war era will go wild with joy. Right now, many of the demons who couldn’t wait for the later war are going over to the desert.

But will all demons agree? Wouldn’t there be demons who have been stained with peace for 300 years? The demons who were born in an era where peace was natural might not want war.

Noir Jebela.

the owner of this city. Tourists who do not cease every day are chanting Noir’s name. Among the demons most friendly and close to humans, Noir would be the best. Eugene wanted to accurately grasp her wishes.

“Leaving me involved, you go to war… … .”


Before Eugene could finish his words, Noir let out a laugh first. She took a sip and put her glass down, staring at Eugene.

“As for the answer from now on, let’s assume that you consume one of the remaining questions.”

“… … .”

“To that extent, I will answer sincerely. Without the slightest lie.”

Eugene nodded without objection. He didn’t have anything to ask right now, and he thought it would be an exchange if he could hear Noir Jebella’s ‘true heart’.

“I mean, Hamel.”

The smile slowly faded from Noir’s face.

“guilty. sense of loss. regret. I want to experience those kinds of emotions.”

“… … .”

“Every visitor to this city has a desire in their heart. Men, women, children, old people, everyone is the same. They come to this city to fulfill their desires, to fulfill their dreams, to dream.”

Noir’s lips twitched.

“That’s all. As they wish for me, I wish for them too. Right now I have something I want, so I deal with it, but what if I don’t have what I want? Hamel, maybe you will like this answer.”

voice was low.

“If everyone who comes to this city dies hating me, I will be glad.”

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