Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 136

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“I have a lot of affection for you, Hamel. Well, it hurts to say now. Anyway, we’re enemies, right? Not even you will tell me about this wonderful Jebela Face.”

Noir knows Eugene doesn’t enjoy this. It may not be much different now, but in the old days, mercenaries and prostitutes were inseparable. In particular, during the war era, the mercenaries included a group of prostitutes.

Even so, Hamel, who first made a name for himself as a mercenary, had no resistance to this kind of temptation.

Noir expected Eugene to blush or turn his head away with a frown. Either way, it was a pleasure for Noir to have Hamel stimulated by his actions.

“that’s right.”

However, Eugene did not blush or frown. He nodded his head without any agitation to the extent that this side was embarrassed.

“We are enemies.”

Eugene’s rationality defines Noir as an enemy. He is thinking that he will surely kill Noir one day.

But—- from the bottom of my heart, the feeling of wanting a slightly ‘different’ relationship is spreading.

separated That feeling was Hamel’s, not Eugene’s. As Noir whispered, Eugene and Noir are ‘enemies’ to each other. Those words chilled Eugene’s heart.

“Hamel. Are you here to kill me?”

Noir wasn’t disappointed that Eugene didn’t respond. She felt the chilling cold intent to kill, and it thrilled her.

“If that is the case… … I am… … I will greet you warmly, but I think I will be disappointed in the end.”

Apart from the excitement, Noir’s eyes flashed.

There is no Senya Merdein either. There will be no one in her world who can replace her, but neither has she brought other helpers with her. Should I hit Hetzling, who has not even become Jackie Chan, with all my might? Even if it is tuned by the owner, a familiar is still a familiar.

Christina Rogeris? saints of this era. Certainly, noirdo Cristina thought it couldn’t be looked down on anymore.

Even when I first saw her in the snowy field, she didn’t seem to have much of a saintly personality… … Whether it was influenced by the existence of the hero or thanks to the experience of subjugating the demon lord, I felt a special power that made it impossible to doubt that she was a ‘saint’ now.

“What if I didn’t come to kill you? What are you going to do?”

“We are each other’s enemies, but that’s not all, is it? I think our relationship is very special. To be honest, if the two of us end each other… … It doesn’t matter what the relationship was before that.”

be special Eugene clicked her tongue and turned her head away.

“It is impossible to kill you right now.”


Seeing him silently admit it, Noir felt mischievous sadism.

A situation where you can say that Hamel came into the palm of his own hand. You can enjoy it as much as you want, but… … Noir put those thoughts aside. There would be no reason not to do so 300 years ago, but now it is not a war situation, because this is a city of Noir.

“Welcome to Jebela Park!”

It’s not even an ordinary city. The most colorful city in Helmud. A city where you can enjoy all the pleasures and amusements you could ever desire, if you paid the price. The staff at Jebela Park welcomes all guests with a smile.

Even if that guest is a warrior who only intends to destroy this city one day. No, rather, that’s why Noir, the owner of the city, welcomed Eugene with a bright smile.

“What do you want to enjoy? The most crowded place in town is the casino, Hamel, I don’t think you’ll enjoy it… … .”

Noir chattered and glanced away. I could see Mer and Lymirah hiding behind her, holding Christina’s hand tightly. Noir noticed the excitement in the eyes of the two and smiled bashfully.

“young… … .”

Can I say they’re young? Noir was troubled for a moment, but it is true that he seemingly took on the form of a child, so he continued talking for the time being.

“There are a lot of facilities for small children. The motto of Jebela Park is to be a theme park that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.”

At the word, “a facility for children,” Raimirah and Mer swallowed in a gulp. Noir turned around and strode towards Christina.

It wasn’t just walking. The loose-fitting gown clung to Noir’s body and became a completely different outfit. Noir’s clothes became colorful and fancy dresses like those of a princess in a picture book.

Another angle, another angle, another angle. Every time Noir walked, the high heels made a sound. Noir stuck out his chest and looked down at Christina.

“… … .”

Christina and Anis could only glare at Noir, who was sticking out her chest. I didn’t think I’d lose even if I played as I wanted, but I was annoyed at what I was doing was funny, I didn’t like it, and it was vulgar.

but. Apart from that, she couldn’t help but feel intimidated. Christina feared that Noir’s purple eyes would consume her existence.

“What is it?”

Anise came to the fore of consciousness. Hamel’s reaction to that Galvo queen was strange, but I couldn’t ask why right away.

‘no way… … .’

Anis struggled to deny the possibility that popped into her head.

“You have nothing to see. Or, do you also have a secret desire?”

Noir’s eyes lit up.

I tried to lightly go beyond consciousness and float on the surface of unconsciousness, but the saintess’ mental barrier was stronger than I thought. Just by looking at her appearance, it seems like a shady desire fills the depths of her heart. Noir thought that someday she would definitely reveal her saintess’s desire.

“The light always shines on the spirit and the body, so is there any desire to keep secrets? If you have nothing to do with me, please step back or turn your head. Noir Jebela. Every time you open your mouth, the smell of freshly washed rags makes it hard to breathe.”

“oh my god.”

An unimaginable rant. Noir stared at Christina’s face, her eyes wide open. It was the same with Anise that I felt sorry for after spitting it out.

‘Is it because it’s a clone of Anise?’

I knew right away that their faces resembled each other, but I never thought they would even resemble their tongues. No, maybe Christina Rogeris is the reincarnation of Anise from Hell… … Noir corrected his expression as he recalled various assumptions.

“It’s so vulgar that it’s absurd… … I don’t even want to say anything back.”

Saying that, Noir lowered his body. It was to meet eye level with Mer and Lymilia, who were hiding behind the saintess.

Then, Anis quickly stepped back. In fact, he wanted to stick his knee right in the middle of Noir’s face as he lowered his body, but he barely held back that feeling.

“Don’t come close to my children.”

Anis, and Christina spat out in a cold voice.

“… … my children? It’s not even your child, is it?”

“I told you not to come.”

The saints ignored Noir’s words and spat out. Tears welled up in Lymilia’s eyes, moved by those words.

I always wanted to call her mother, but I couldn’t bear to call or ask for it. But she never thought she would hear such words directly from her beloved saintess!

Merdo, who was holding the right hand of the saints, felt a similar feeling to Lymilia. She, of course, has a creator named Senya, but isn’t there a law that says she must have only one mother in the world?

In some cases, there may be two mothers. A mother who gave birth to herself and a mother who gave birth to her breast. Mer thought so and held her saintess’ hand tightly.

“I’m not trying to do ugly things to them. I also love children very much.”

Noir raised his hand as he said that.

Fire! A basket suitable for a picnic appeared in the distorted space. Noir put his hand inside the basket and smiled.

“And maybe they like me too?”

The hand in the basket came out. When her clenched fists opened, two shiny coins appeared.

“It is a special special coin that goes beyond Jebela Park’s special coin.”

At the word special special, the eyes of the two girls shook.



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“This is a coin that only exists in two in the world. Of course you have to! It’s a coin I created for you. Special Nothing is impossible with special coins! Whoever has that coin is equal to the gods in Jebela Park!”

“What kind of crazy… … .”

“It’s just pure kindness. You said you didn’t come to kill me anyway? Christina Rogeris. If you really care about these children, you shouldn’t just suppress the wind and let it get out of hand.”

At those words, Anis’s eyebrows twitched. Cristina, who had been listening to the story in her consciousness, couldn’t help but flinch.

For the two who were made saints, childhood memories were always only coercion and compulsion. I’ve never done anything I wanted to do. Noir smiled wickedly, clearly guessing the saints’ past.

“If you want to experience the same thing you hate, hehe, I understand that too. Because most of human beings feel unfair that they alone suffered misfortune, so they create a chain.”

“dare… … !”

“You can take it.”

The moment when Anise is in a fit of rage and is about to spit out abusive language. Yujin, who was looking out the window, opened his mouth.

“This city. It’s true that it’s well made to be fun to play.”

“… … Eugene.”

“You shouldn’t have to play before you get wrecked.”

Anis hesitated for a moment, then let out a deep sigh.

She couldn’t help but sympathize with Eugene’s will. Compared to any other city on the continent, there is no city as specialized in play as this one. If one day Eugene comes to kill Noir—- this place, from Jebela City, will be in ruins.

“You can take it.”

Anise let go of her hand.

“But don’t say thank you.”

Mer and Lymira did as Anise told them to do. Mer arrogantly stood his chin upright and snatched the coin from Noir’s hand with a cold hand.

“my… … Give it up!”

Her chin was raised, but she couldn’t help the trembling of her eyes and voice.

Since Mer acted like that first, Lymilia also mustered up courage. Duke Noir Jebela, whom he has longed for since he was imprisoned in the dragon castle… … For Laimirah, she was a wonderful demon woman that Noir still wanted to be like, but her admiration for her saints did not exceed her admiration for her saints.

“It is a tribute!”

Lymilia also quickly reached out and snatched the coin from Noir.

However, even after going through such rudeness, Noir’s smile did not disappear. She raised her lowered body, grabbed the hem of her skirt lightly, and spun around.

“It seems like I would be happy to wander the sky like this forever, but… … .”

Noir looked at Eugene’s back, who was still staring out the window.

“In that case… … I feel like I’m going to have a lot of greed. Or, how about it? Only you get off first, and Hamel and I are left alone.”

“Go over there.”

Eugene opened his mouth. He pointed his finger at the building he saw below. It was a castle with a colorful and exaggerated appearance that looked like something out of a Grimm’s fairy tale, just like Noir’s costume.

According to the information I read through the guidebook before coming, Jebela Park is divided into several compartments according to the concept. It is true that the districts for the purpose of entertainment such as gambling and clubs such as casinos are the center of Jebbella Park, but there is no shortage of districts for family tourists with children.

“Jebella Castle!”

Laimira, who rushed to Eugene’s side, howled. With a belated realization, she turned her head and looked at Noir.

“that’s right! Now I am the beautiful Princess Jebela, who is imprisoned in the highest tower of Jebela Castle!”

Fantasy Square for young children has its own background story, but that was not something Eugene knew. However, Mer and Laymirah, who wanted to go to Jebela Park someday, mastered the background story of Fantasy Square.

There, Jebela Castle is the most luxurious hotel in Fantasy Square. At the same time, it was also the center of all the attractions and stories that existed in Fantasy Square. Princess Jebela is imprisoned in the tower of Jebela Castle. Princess Jebella is waiting for a hero who will come to save her someday… … .

While such an obvious fairy tale passed through Mer and Lymilia’s heads, Jebella Face approached the castle Eugene had pointed out.

“I will give you a room on the top floor. It is a secret room that the king of the continent will not give you even if you ask for it.”

secret room. What a thrilling sound this is. Mer and Lymira looked like they would pass out with excitement. Noir skillfully examined the expressions of the two and elicited a reaction.

“Room on the top floor. Do you know what that means?”

Noir’s fingers collided with each other and let out a click. Then, the water surface of the large lake in the garden of Jebela Castle fluctuated. Tourists enjoying the rides on the lake screamed in surprise, but the phenomenon of the lake did not subside, but instead created a huge whirlpool.

“Evil Dragon!”


A large black dragon’s head emerged from the whirlpool. It was obvious just by looking at the black scales, but Lymilia didn’t seem to notice.

Aaaaa! Kaicaria flew up from the lake and spewed fire as she approached her tower.

“In this castle, there are all sorts of threats harassing the kind-hearted princess… … .”

Kurrureung! The sky over the castle suddenly turned black. A huge shadow cast over the castle along with crackling lightning. The shadow of a wizard wearing a large hat and holding a wand.

“Wicked Witch!”

“He who cannot speak his name!”

Gender could be inferred from the hair that fluttered in the shadows. Can’t say your name… … Well, he couldn’t have caricatured Senya, who was supported by all wizards on the continent, like that.

“The highest tower of Jebela Castle is the place where the dragon’s courtship and the witch’s jealous princess stay.”

Before I knew it, Noir was standing behind Mer and Lymilia. She whispered in their ear and put her hands on the shoulders of her two girls.

“You people living in that room are the princesses trapped in the castle.”

Mer and Lymilia screamed at the same time.

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“Is there something wrong?”

After dropping off Eugene and the others at the tower’s room.

Noir left Jebela Castle right away. He was greedy to get off together and spend time with Eugene, but since Eugene’s condition was not like before, Noir had no choice but to reap his greed.

“The intent to kill was still there. Well, there was no incident that could change the intent to kill me.”

Noir muttered as she sat on a soft chair.

What previously showed you a dream? I gave you information about La Vista and Vermouth. However, there was no way that such kindness would take away the murderous intent from Hamel. In fact, at that moment, Hamel hated Noir and expressed his intent to kill as before.

It is true that Hamel had small doubts. Noir understands that. The man she loves is a human after all, so she couldn’t immediately understand Noir’s way of thinking.

-I hope I don’t hate you. With some help from you, you… … Accept it, or join hands and fight the demon king of confinement together… … .

Words not heard to the end. Words not worth hearing. From Noir’s point of view, Hamel’s words were very ‘cute’. Of course, Noir doesn’t want anything like that.

If Hamel wants to kill Noir, Noir wants one more.

I want to die by Hamel’s hands.

I want to kill Hamel who couldn’t kill ‘me’.

I hope Hamel hates me enough to want to kill me. I hope you hate me more than anyone else in the world. I want you to stand before me armed with pure and upright intent to kill. I want you to pour everything you have into killing me.

However, at the end of the day, I hope you have a small hesitation.

“I am greedy.”

Noir caressed his cheek and chuckled.

emotional exchange. It’s good if you can mix the body a few times. Yes, I hope there are some memories between the two. me or you… … When they came close to giving each other death. At the end of that last, the two of us alike, recalling memories… … I hope you feel a little hesitation.

beyond that hesitation.

After executing the primordial intent to kill. when it becomes irreversible. Either way, you will feel a sense of loss. If possible, if possible… … I wish I could regret, grieve, mourn, and resent myself for killing them.

Noir had confidence in that.

“Are you like that too? but… … weird thing I don’t think I’m soggy enough to change you like that yet.”

Noir muttered in a low voice and tilted his head.

There is something important.

‘You can’t reap the intent to kill.’

I don’t think Hamel would do that. Hamel has to be Hamel, as some memories and bonds have been added. If, at the end of the day, she gave up her murderous intentions due to hesitation. Noir will kill Hamel without hesitation.

‘I wish you did too. I… … Whoops, me? I don’t think so, but emotions and the future are unknown.’

If Noir finally hesitated and withdrew his hand.

‘I think it’s cool to die to you in that moment.’


If he reaps his murderous intent before reaching that moment. No way, never, I don’t think so. If you ‘misunderstand’ our favor and affection, and reap the enmity and intent to kill. if you don’t want to kill me

At that time, Noir has no choice but to let go of greed. Last hesitation, romance, romantic, I have no choice but to give up on that.

As it was said in the royal castle of the servant—- it meant that Hamel had no choice but to do ‘something he disliked’. If Hamel abandoned his hatred and murderous intent, he would personally step in and recharge his hatred and murderous intent.

The two children who shouted excitedly at the thought of becoming princesses, the saintess who spit out verbal abuse like Anise, Senya Merdane, the twins of Lionheart who grew up together since childhood, the father of ‘Eugene Lionheart’, and all the other Lionhearts. after tearing it apart

Hamel is.

“I won’t have to do that.”

I also have a desire to see you. If you do that, Hamel will… … What expression would you make?

“You must be thinking too. Anyway, I said it myself.”

I don’t know what Hamel is shaking right now.

Noir did not doubt Hamel.

‘Does the sudden visit have something to do with it?’

It seems unlikely. On a topic that hasn’t been revealed to the world for half a year… … As for why he had suddenly visited Jebela Park, Noir also guessed to some extent.

Now, war clouds are roaming Helmud. Several demons have already moved to Nahama, but the demon king of Babel’s confinement is not taking any position. Even Gavid Lindman, the sword of confinement, is silent.

Babel is silent, but still peaceful in Pandemonium. It’s not even out of control. Daily life as usual continues on the surface of the water.

but below the surface. The war-thirsty demons are moving. It wasn’t just the demons who made a contract with the black magicians of that dungeon that crossed over to Nahama.

War. A young demon who wants to preoccupy the next era. Retired people who have nothing to offer on the topic of surviving from the war era.

Noir understood with a sneer that they had crossed over to Nahama. It is not clear when it will be, but it is certain that a great war will break out. However, in the war that will begin in Pandaemonium, there is no way that the remnants who did not survive in the past era and the children who have achieved little can play an active part.

As a result, quite a lot of demons crossed over to Nahama. Neither the demon king of confinement nor Gavid put the brakes on it, so the number of demons who crossed over will continue to increase.

However, no matter how many demons cross over into that barren desert—- the outcome of the war that will take place there does not change.

The desert will become the public execution ground for Amelia Merwin.

‘I don’t know where or what I’ve been doing for half a year… … He’s much stronger than the last time I saw him in Simuin. If you think about the unknown power, if he fought now… … He must have killed Iris by himself.’

Amelia Merwin is dying. Noir admits that she is a special and outstanding black magician, but she is trapped in La Vista and is unable to escape her death sentenced to her devastating magic.

If you don’t want to die in vain, you will eventually get out of La Vista. Since she has openly hoped for and prepared for war, Amelia will have no choice but to come to the desert that will be her battlefield.

However, Amelia Merwin, who has become no different from the corpse—- can handle Hamel now? Noir measured the paddle Amelia had.

Among the cards she carries, the one she put the most effort into is a specter that can no longer be called a Death Knight. It seems that they are adding the magic of destruction to the existence and making it even more special… … It didn’t seem like a battle would be established with the current Eugene. In the end, neither Amelia nor her pets would meet a miserable and terrible end.

‘Hamel came to this city to seduce Amelia. Or maybe it’s to check Helmud’s situation.’

Other than that, I thought there was no other reason. In the end, he intends to unilaterally use this side’s affection and benefit from it… … Noir took no offense to that fact.

Amelia dying miserably is a sight even Noir wants to see. Noir giggled as he imagined Amelia being torn to pieces.

“… … .”

As I was caressing my cheeks, I became concerned about my fingers. Noir blinked his eyes a few times, then stretched out his left hand in front of his face.

“… … hmm.”

Naturally, Noir’s left hand is empty.

Why did the idea of ​​a ring come to my mind out of the blue? Noir tilted his head and recalled the feelings that had passed by him earlier.

It didn’t work out. It’s because it passes so quickly, and there’s nothing left of it.

still… … Noir tilted his head and squeezed and opened his hand a few times. Then, a flashy and thick ring appeared on Noir’s left hand and disappeared.

Rings that Noir usually wears to decorate herself. I’ve never felt awkward or out of place… … Strangely, now, I strongly felt that this was not the case.

‘Did my taste change?’

Noir brushed it off with a puzzled look on his face.

* * *

The tallest tower of Jebela Castle, the top-floor penthouse. It was probably true that he never received guests on a regular basis, and he had almost no necessities besides furniture.

It didn’t matter. It was because not long after Eugene and the others entered the penthouse, hotel staff came up and delivered the goods.

Among the items delivered in this way were several sets of clothes for Mer and Lymilia. Even in the cloak of darkness, there are dozens of clothes for two of each type, but none of them are ‘princess’ like the ones brought by the staff.

In the end, the two of them squealed and chose a princess dress for a long time, but couldn’t choose it, so they changed to a dress recommended by Eugene and the saints.

“Go out and have a look.”


“Hermit! Bonnyeo and Mer, are you saying to leave alone?”


I never thought Eugene would allow us to go out alone.

Mer looked at Eugene with an expression of disbelief. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but no matter what, this is Jebela Park. Isn’t it a city ruled by a dream queen?

“What if we get kidnapped?”

“Who do you think will kidnap you?”

“Queen of Gall X.”

Eugene’s eyes widened at Mer’s answer. It was because he could not have imagined that the word “Queen of Gal X” would come out of Mer’s lips.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the name itself, but… … Still, isn’t it too harsh and cheap to come out of a child’s mouth?

“Where did you learn such mean words?”

“Eugene-nim, are you seriously asking?”

“Then would you like me to ask you a joke?”

“First of all, I heard that from Eugene-nim, Senya-nim, and Anis-nim. I know a lot of mean words other than that, but who did you learn from?”

“Look at what he is saying. Very cheeky.”

“Who did you learn that arrogance from? Guess it.”

Mer, dressed in a colorful princess dress, asked while waving a well-made toy wand. She was so cute that if Annie Silla saw her, she would shut her mouth and sit down, but the words she spewed out were disgusting.

“… … There’s no chance that succubus bitch will kidnap you, so don’t worry.”


“Because there is nothing to be gained by kidnapping you.”

“But, hermit, the original daughter actually wants to hold the hand of the hermit and the saintess and go out on a tour.”

Lymilia said with a sullen expression. Then Christina came over and stroked Lymilia’s hair.

“You’re not leaving tomorrow, are you? So Lai, please come and play with Mer today.”

“Saint… … .”

“Next, me and Yujin-nim will explore the places we want to go. I look forward to seeing which place you two choose.”

Christina said with a kind smile. With their backs pushed like that, Raimirah and Mer left the penthouse with a flutter as if they had hesitated.

“You don’t want Senya to know?”

After confirming that the two had left, Anise opened her mouth.


It has already been confirmed that there is no eavesdropping in the penthouse. Eugene answered as he sat down on the wide sofa.

Merga can read Eugene’s thoughts. But that doesn’t happen unconditionally. What Eugene never wants to know can be hidden deep in his consciousness.

Noir Jebela. That she is the reincarnation of the Twilight Witch—-I don’t want Mer to know. No, I don’t want Senya to know.

In fact, if Eugene tells her to keep her secret, Mer will have no choice but to do so, wouldn’t it be like forcing Mer to lie?

“To be precise, I don’t want you to know either.”

Eugene muttered with a wry smile. Then, Anise snorted and sat down next to Eugene, holding the bottle that had been placed like a decoration in the room.

“Hamel, if you had come alone, you could have hidden it. But what about coming with me and what I have seen?”

“Did you notice too?”

“Because it wasn’t like you.”

Anise murmured as she uncorked the bottle.

“As is Christina, I am also good at reading people’s expressions. especially… … We know the feeling of ‘despair’ very well.”

The bottle tilted towards Eugene. Eugene did not refuse and took the bottle. He didn’t even feel like pouring a glass, so he took it to his lips and poured the drink into his mouth.

Eugene emptied the bottle halfway and returned it to Anis.

“Is it Agaroth’s memory?”

Anise asked, weighing the weight of the bottle.

Until certain… … does not exist. But, that Hamel. If he felt ‘despair’ at the moment of confrontation with Noir, whom he hated and wanted to kill so much, he thought that there would be no other reason than that.

The gap with Noir? That’s what I knew from the start. The man Anis knew, named ‘Hamel’, was not shallow enough to feel despair in an opponent stronger than himself. Even more so if the opponent is an ‘enemy’.


The unrestrained intoxication rose sharply. My stomach was hot as if I had swallowed a flame, but my head was rather cold.

“… … Hamel, you… … so… … seeing the despair I made my own guesses.”

He lifted the bottle, but Anise did not drink. Because he wasn’t in the mood to drink.

I knew right away. It was Anis himself who laughed at Christina’s agony. But, still, a little… … Was there really no ‘expectation’? Anise couldn’t be confident in saying ‘yes’ to that thought.

Anise and Christina do not have previous lives. Senya and Moron, no, everyone living in this world can be the reincarnation of someone from ancient times, but Anise and Cristina can never be reincarnation of someone. Because their existence, their souls, were artificially created.

I don’t want to despair about it. The current reality is more important and precious than the previous life without awareness or memory.

However, to those with awareness and memory. Are the ties in the previous life light?

“The Twilight Witch.”

Goddess of War.

Anise didn’t ask anymore. Christina let out her sighs again and again. In that silence, Eugene smiled and turned her head away.

“Is this why you didn’t want to talk?”

“If you don’t talk, what answer will come out?”

“What answer?”

“Even if you’re alone… … .”

What did you say Eugene laughed again and shook her head.

“You seem to have a strange misunderstanding, Anis. There is only one answer to this question, and I have no intention of looking for anything else. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you, Cristina, or Senja.”

“what do you mean?”

“Noir, since that bitch is the reincarnation of the Twilight Witch, what? Whether Agaroth found her special or not, that is none of my business.”

Eugene snatched the bottle from Anise’s hand. Normally, the bottle would never be snatched away, but now, Anis couldn’t help but stare at Eugene, blinking her eyes.

“Not even that you know. Because you are not Agaroth.”

“… … .”

“In other words, ‘how’ I think of Noir is completely my own problem.”

Eugene poured the remaining alcohol from the bottle into his mouth.

“Kill Noir Jebela.”

“… … Hamel.”

“Yes, I am Hamel. And Eugene Ryanhart.”

Eugene put down the bottle and smiled.

“I can’t think of any other answer other than that.”

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Hamel-like and Eugene-like.

Anis thought so. Indeed, that answer was the answer of ‘him’ she knew. but… … Is he really free of feelings that are not his own? He felt uncomfortable thinking that way.

I’d rather not know.

If that were the case, there would be no problem. Anise, and Cristina, couldn’t help but feel sorry for Eugene, who remembered that. He thought it was too cruel for him to be forced to answer like that.

“… … Really, is there any other way?”

Anise hesitated for a moment before opening her mouth.

“Why look for another way?”

“Because you might regret it later.”

“I don’t think so.”

grumbling answer. Anise sighed and put her hand on Eugene’s knee. The calm blue eyes stared into Eugene’s golden eyes.

“Even if I regret it, I will bear that regret.”

“I don’t really want to see you suffer.”

“Okay, then let’s think about it this way. If I decide that I can’t kill Noir because I’m obsessed with Agaroth’s memories and emotions. Anis, do you agree with that decision?”

“If you really decide that, you… … I will try to convince you. Senya will too.”

“no. Wrong.”

Eugene’s hand also moved. He covered the back of Anise’s hand on his lap and leaned his face a little closer to stare into Anise’s eyes.

“Anise, Christina. you are my comrades giving it for me And you are moving with me to kill the demon king.”

“… … yes.”

“Then, when I try to make stupid decisions, swayed by memories and emotions that are not mine. All you have to do is stick that nasty iron ball through the back of my head.”

“… … .”

“Since Noir Jebela is the reincarnation of the Twilight Witch, what? Noir has no memory of that. even if there is no Twilight Witch was a bitch by my standards, and Noir Jebela is also a bitch. By your standards?”

“Rough words.”

“Why, you like to curse.”

Eugene smiled mischievously. Seeing that smile right in front of his nose made Anis’s heart flutter for nothing. She cleared her throat and pushed Eugene’s face away.

“Will our standards be particularly different? Especially I went through those terrible times with you, Hamel. Of course, even by my standards, Noir deserves to be killed.”

“that’s right. therefore… … Don’t tell me that I might have another answer.”

Yujin turned her head while saying that.

“And Noir Jebela. I won’t choose any other answer that year.”

“What does it mean?”

“That crazy bitch wants to either die by my hands, or kill me with my own hands. Pride is high, and self-love is terrible.”

“It’s blatant.”

Anis muttered that and looked out the window.

She saw three Jebella Faces floating in the sky—and a full-length statue of Noir Jebella towering over the center of the city. A lucky Jebella statue holding a bouquet of flowers in her right hand and a money bag in her left. The symbol of Jebella’s dream of hitting the jackpot in this city’s casino and going home.

“… … There will never be anyone as full of her narcissism as she is.”

Even that Senya didn’t put her name in the Circle Magic, Witchcraft, and Eternal Hall… … Jebela City, Jebela Park, Jebela Face, Jebela Castle and more. She has her name on most things related to her.

“that’s right. If you go to Noir and ask him to get along with you because he actually knows you from his previous life, he won’t kill you. What do you think she will answer?”

“I don’t think you will give me a good answer.”

“Probably trying to kill everyone around me.”

It’s something I don’t even want to think about. Eugene crumpled his expression and spat out.

“If it’s noir, it will definitely be.”

distorted trust. Despite hating him so much, Eugene understands Noir.

Just as Eugene rejects Agaroth’s memories and emotions, Noir will reject that he is the reincarnation of the Twilight Witch. She is absolutely important to her because she is herself, she is ‘Noir Je Bella’.

“… … All right.”

Anise sighed and nodded. Noir Jebella and the Twilight Witch. Certainly, he accepted that it was not a matter for him to discuss.

“What are you going to do in this city?”


“… … really?”

“I don’t really want to go to the casino, I just wander around this area… … Explore the city alone at night.”

The more colorful the city, the clearer the contrast. Eugene wanted to see the darkness of Jebela City. The darker and rotten the darkness is, the more hesitation you have about Noir will disappear.

Conversation between the two was cut off. Neither Anis nor Cristina were too hasty to tell Eugene her words and looked at each other.

“Why do you keep looking at me?”

“Then why don’t you look at me?”

The answer came back with a puzzled expression.

Eugene couldn’t tell whether the answer was Anise or Christina. Probably both.

Eugene smiled bitterly and pointed to the empty bottle on the table with a wink.

“I’m so sorry. I emptied all your favorite liquor.”

“If you ask for alcohol, I will bring it to you. What do you have to be sorry about? And I’m not in the mood for a drink right now, so don’t mind.”

“Do you have times like that?”

“Yes, I was very surprised too. Even I, who likes to drink so much, sometimes don’t feel like drinking. Thank you so much for telling me something I don’t know, Hamel.”

Anis pursed her lips and sneered. Eugene thought for a while about how to treat Anise, then reached out his hand. When his hand, which had approached her abruptly, landed on his shoulder, Anise looked at Eugene in surprise.

“What, what is it?”

“Thank you for your concern.”

Serious face, low voice. Fingers gripping the shoulder. Anise’s heart raced, and Christina screamed in her head.


Can not be done. won’t change cannot yield It is I, Anis Slywood, who feels Hamel’s sweet gaze on this street right now.


Christina screamed again. Anis thought, trying to ignore the cries of the body’s legitimate owner.

‘Christina, please allow me to enjoy this much. If Hamel gets more courage and approaches, then I will definitely yield to you.’

While thinking so, Anis pushed out her pouting lips a little more. It looked like a duck, but the current Anis did not have such a consciousness.

this moment. Anise, who was greedy and unyielding, and Cristina, who was screaming and claiming her rights, thought the same.

“… … Just words?”


“Thank you for your concern. Is it enough to just say thank you?”

Anise said, still sticking out her lips like a duck. The pronunciation was muffled because the lips were too far apart, but neither Anis nor Cristina cared.

I didn’t immediately understand what he was talking about. However, as Anise pouted her lips and blatantly winked at her, Eugene had no choice but to understand in the end.

“uh… … hmm… … .”

“Hamel. Me and Cristina are always there for you. I don’t know what Cristina might think, but yes, I could die for you.”

“Sister, why do you talk like that? I too can die for Eugene.”

Cristina, who quickly stepped out, added.

How could Anise, long dead, come now and die for me? Eugene was very curious about that, but she kept her mouth shut, afraid that if she said it herself, she would get hit by Anis several times.

“To us like that, saying ‘thank you for worrying’ doesn’t inspire anything.”

“uh… … still… … I’m grateful, so I have to say thank you… … .”

“Didn’t you say that? Is it enough to just say thank you? Really, come to think of it, you have always been like that.”

The lips that had been sticking out like ducks went in. Anise sighed deeply as she stared at Eugene’s eyes, which were shaking in confusion.

Why can’t that asshole eat even if the table is set?

“Hamel, think about the past half a year right now. Cristina and I followed your wishes and spent every day in the snowy mountains.”

“uh… … Uh uh.”

“Well, the hot spring that Moron brought me was pretty good. Other than that, nothing was good or good. Didn’t that mean you could rest comfortably every day? Hamel and Moron, you come back every day broken limbs and covered in blood.”

“uh… … .”

“Not even once a day, right? Two or three times I had to be treated by Cristina and me on a basic basis!”

“that… … For that, every time I receive treatment, I say thank you… … .”

“How many times do you make me say thank you just to say thank you?”

Anis opened her eyes thinly and glanced at Eugene.

Then when you’re thankful, you should say thank you. What else should you do? … … Eugene remembered Anise, who had been sticking out her lips as before.

“… … uh… … anise. Your body, I mean, belongs to Cristina. yes?”

“My God, Hamel! What the hell are you talking about? It is Christina that I want more than anything else!”


“I’m so glad you can’t hear Christina screaming in my head right now. Cunning, shameless, shady Cristina!”

[sister! Get out of my head!]

“Aren’t you talking too much?!”

Anis, who had never expected to hear a congratulatory order, screamed.

“Anyway, Hamel! Everything is what Cristina wants, so you don’t have to worry about it. See what I mean?”

“Ugh… … .”

“Ugh? Indeed, it is a dustproof cub. How many times have I saved you from almost dying!”

Anise raised her voice in a fit of rage. If they attacked in that direction, there was no response that Eugene could do.

Without hesitating any longer, Eugene pulled Anise by the shoulder.

Anis couldn’t even utter a sound of surprise at the sudden pulling of her body. It was because she never thought that Hamel, a nerd beyond her indecisiveness, would act so boldly in a matter like this.

In an instant, Anise’s body turned towards Eugene, and the hand that had passed behind her back gently pushed her back.

The natural movement, like the flowing water, was adorned with the lips touching each other. There was no sound, but Anise saw the softness of their lips touching, and Eugene’s eyes, which were opened thinly as if they were going to roll.

“under… … .”

The lips that had touched fell apart, and Anise barely managed to speak.

“under… … one more time.”

It was an intention to pretend to be Christina and satisfy her desire, but it didn’t go according to Anise’s wishes. This is because she pushed Anise’s consciousness as Christina screamed at her. It was as shocking as if her hair had been grabbed, and even Anise couldn’t help but scream in surprise.


I know that the stigma has been engraved and the divine power has become stronger, but I could never have imagined that he had grown to this extent! Cristina ignored the screams in her head, and she swallowed her gulp, looking into Eugene’s eyes right in front of her.

“wealth… … please.”

The stuttering hand wandered, unable to decide where to go. Her true intention was to put her on Eugene’s chest or hug her, but Cristina didn’t have that kind of courage yet. Eventually Cristina swallowed her saliva in her gulp and grabbed the rosario from her throat.

Eugene felt ashamed and embarrassed and wanted to run out of the room right away, but if he really did, it seemed that he would never see Christina’s face for the rest of his life.

The lips parted again. At that moment, Cristina couldn’t resist her welling up instincts. Her lips opened slightly, very slightly. Her tongue intertwined with that of Eugene.


Eugene jumped up in panic. Cristina, who had been flicking her tongue like a snake, belatedly came to her senses and let out her screams.

“Ah, ah, Mr. Anise!”

I even forgot what I was called Sister. Cristina jumped up from her seat, shouting Anise’s name directly.

“this… … You can’t do this!”

[Christina! Are you completely crazy!]

“this… … Such a foolish thing… … !”

Cristina hesitantly blamed Anis, then bowed her head towards Eugene.

My face was so hot it felt like it was about to burst, and my body was powerless. Christina, who lowered her head, lifted her eyes slightly and studied Eugene’s expression.

Of course, there was no emotion like anger on Eugene’s face. Cristina, relieved by that fact, was so ashamed of her own behavior and her youthful embarrassment at Eugene’s expression that she slinkyly dragged her feet back.

“you… … Eugene. Well, I will pray to the light in my room.”

“uh… … Uh uh.”

“Boo, boo, please, Eugene too… … Yes, have a nice day… … .”

He stammered and somehow finished his words, but his legs were shaking and he couldn’t move well. Eventually, Cristina stumbled after walking a few steps before grabbing hold of her couch.

“Are you okay?”

“it’s okay! Don’t worry about anything. thank you.”

I let out a few words and started walking again. Her wobbly legs moved properly, perhaps thanks to her urgent and desperate heart.

thud! The door Christina entered was closed. Eugene patted her lips, trying to ignore the moans and screams that came from inside.

I never thought my tongue would come in… … ! It’s not like I didn’t have any experiences in my previous life, so what the hell was this that surprised me? Eugene calmed down his beating heart in surprise and sat down on the sofa again.

It wasn’t until evening after a long time passed that Mer and Raimirea returned.

Compared to when they left the penthouse, the two had increased their outfits. In the case of Mer, a crown was placed on her head, but Lymirah made good use of her horns and hung several of her crowns on her horns like rings.

“What is that?”

“It’s a Jebella balloon.”

Even the balloons were made like that? Eugene looked at Noir’s floating face balloon and thought.

“okay… … Did you have fun?”


“Haven’t seen half of half of half of half! Hermit, this city is full of dreams and hopes!”

Mer and Raimira, who rushed over, sat on either side of Eugene and started chattering.

The two first talked about how many things to see and eat in this city, and then how many people envied their special coin.

“It looks like you’ve been eating a lot of snacks while walking around, so you don’t have to eat.”

“It is not.”

“It has already been digested.”

The answer came back as expected.

I was thinking of going out to eat, but I ordered room service, conscious of Cristina and Anis, who hadn’t come out of the room yet.

“rice is?”

“it’s okay… … .”

The answer that came back was that. But wouldn’t it be kind to leave the two of them alone in the room and go out to eat? Time passed quickly as I listened to Mer and Raimira’s chatter on the sofa, and the food I ordered arrived.

“… … What is that cake?”

A table full of sumptuous food came in and filled the living room, but among them, the standout and splendid dish was a wedding cake with several layers.

Mer and Raimira’s eyes fluttered at the sight of the colorful cake with various types of cream and fruits, as well as chocolate.

“This is the cake the Queen ordered.”

“Take it right now… … .”

The moment he was about to say the word “get off”, he saw Mer and Lymilia’s eyes stained with despair.

“… … Leave it alone and go away.”

“Have a nice meal.”

The dreamers carrying the food bowed their heads and retreated.

“Eat the cake and eat it.”

Two little kids who weren’t kids screamed cheers.

Thinking that there might be food that Noir ordered besides the cake made me lose my appetite, but what could be wrong with the food? Actually, the taste of the food was great.

While eating, I operated the remote control. When I turned on the TV, which I had become accustomed to from staying at a hotel in Helmud, the first thing that came out was the local channel of Jebela City.

“… … .”

The image of Eugene riding on the Jebella Face appeared on the screen. Seeing that scene, Raimira caught the food she was eating and grabbed it, and Mer looked at Eugene’s expression in a fright.

However, Eugene did not show any reaction and changed the channel. This time, it is a news channel broadcasting throughout Helmud.

[The hero, Eugene Lionheart, visited Jebela City, ruled by the Duke of Jebela. He, who visited with Saint Christina Rogeris and his two children, looks more like a father than a warrior.]

[What purpose did he, a warrior, visit Jebela City? Did the Duke of Jebela come to enjoy the Jebela Park, which was completed with great care? Or, is it to meet the Duke of Jebela?]

[Looking at the way he climbs the Jebela Face, I think it’s probably the latter, but well, not even a year has passed since the hero defeated the new demon king… … .]

[He disappeared after that, why is he in Jebela City?]

[This may sound sensitive, but I heard that Duke Jebela really likes Eugene Lionheart? Even when Duke Gavid visited the servants to convey the will of the imprisoned demon king, did he dare not follow?]

[Yes, there, the hero and the duke of Jebela avoided others and had a private conversation with only the two of them… … .]

As the panelists continued to talk, Mer and Laimirah couldn’t help but shrug their shoulders.

However, this time, Eugene didn’t show much.

“I didn’t say anything, but he took care of himself.”

Rather, Eugene laughed and muttered.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 431

In the news, there was a lot of talk about conspiracy theories that Eugene and Noir might be having a relationship of some kind. It was clear that Noir was playing tricks, as the neat video was delivered in less than half a day. Noir’s influence must also have worked on the conspiracy theory that the panelists are talking about.

To be honest, I didn’t think it would spread so quickly, but rather quickly was what Eugene wanted. If the rumors hadn’t spread, Eugene would have walked around Jebela Park openly.

I didn’t care about conspiracy theories. No matter how long they talk, they are only unconfirmed speculations, and anyone who knows Eugene will know that he will ‘never’ hold hands with Noir Jebella.

‘Still, I’ll have to stay in this city for a while.’

Suddenly, I thought that I missed the home of Kiehl Lionheart. If you add the time he was away at the simuin, it’s already been over a year since he hasn’t returned to his room at his parents’ house.

Still, the news is coming. Although it was sent unilaterally from Eugene’s side, he sent news to his family both when he went to Rehein Yar and before arriving at Jebela City.

Occasionally, through Senya, I hear the news of the family.

Carmen is training to reach the 8th star of Baek Yeom-sik, and Gilade and Gion reach 7th star in turn. Cyan is also working hard to surpass 5 stars, and Ciel recently reached 5 stars.

‘The power of the original family is sufficient.’

Melchis taught spiritism to the elves of the forest as an excuse to go in and out of his family’s forest.

Elves have a high aptitude for spiritism. The elven race was able to summon low-level spirits naturally without performing spirit magic. With those aptitudes added to Melchis’ teachings, most of the elves in Lionheart Forest were able to command intermediate or higher level spirits.

In other words, Lionheart had dozens of mid-level elementalists under his command. In addition, there are reinforcements of the White Lion Knights, and of the Black Lion Knights, Carmen’s 3rd Division and Gion’s 5th Division reside in the main house.

‘The current Lionheart is strong too. Even if I’m not there, Carmen is there.’

If it’s Carmen, even if the opponent is a high-ranking demon, I don’t have to worry too much. Even now, he is said to have reached the 8th star of the White Flame Ceremony, so he must have become stronger than when he subjugated Iris.

There are also Guilade and Gion, as well as a showdown that Senya himself reinforced. The battle system defends against almost all attacks, and immediately delivers news to Senya the moment an enemy attack arrives.

Lionheart has its own warp gate. If the main house is attacked by the enemy, Senya in Arot will come over through the warp gate while the confrontation system endures.

‘There is no way the demon king of confinement will hit the lion heart first… … .’

Possibly Amelia Merwin? They say even a mouse bites a cat when cornered, but… … Could Amelia Merwin be as mad as me?

On the surface, Kiel is not intervening in Nahama’s problems. However, if Amelia or those who were instigated by her attack the Lionheart’s home, it means they are invading the territory of the Kiel Empire. In an already unfavorable composition, it is like turning the imperial army into an enemy.

‘Even if I’m absent, I don’t think I could do something like that.’

In the end, the biggest problem is that Eugene is vacating his home, but… … Thinking calmly, Eugene can’t always be at his parents’ house.

As long as Lionheart is a descendant of Vermouth and is a warrior, he must deal with external threats on his own. There is no need for Eugene to emphasize that, people with the surname Lionheart naturally have that kind of self-awareness.

Eugene smiled and pulled the hood over.

“My problems are also busy.”

It was night, but it didn’t feel like night at all. This is because the three Jebella Faces floating in the sky shoot colorful lasers, and there is no place without lights on the street.

They say it’s a city without night… … It was true to its name.

The name of this manor is Jebela City, but most of the land is used for Jebela Park, and even a small amount of remaining land is used as a residence for the employees of Jebela Park. This enormous Jebela Park is divided into four sections.

Fantasy Square where Eugene and the others are staying. Adventure Square with various rides, safari, and even a large water park. Gamble Square, which puts forward entertainment such as gambling. Dream Square, which puts forward s*xual entertainment.

The four sections are connected by their own warp gates, and Jebela Park’s means of transportation are not only warp gates. Because the land mass is so large and the number of tourists is staggering, warp gate alone can’t handle it.

And crucially, warp gates lack the ‘fun’ of moving. In such a super-large tourist destination, even moving around requires its own fun.

So, what is in the basement of Jebela Park is the ‘Dream Train’. Eugene didn’t know why most of the trains didn’t have Jebella in their names, even though they used ‘Jebella’ in their names.

As a city without night, the Jebella train runs 24 hours a day. Most of the people who go down the underground passage of Fantasy Square at this time are guardians who put their children to sleep in the dorm. There are no restrictions on entry to any area within Jebela Park, but you can’t go to Gamble Square or Dream Square with children.

Right now, Eugene’s surroundings were crowded with such people. The smell of alcohol and perfume mixed with body odor to create the smell of desire. Those heading to Gamble Square see money, and those heading to Dream Square see lust.

Either way is blatant desire, and all will be a tribute to Noir Jebela.

Not everyone in the underpass rides the train. There are people who cannot go to Dream Square or Gamble Square. Their bodies exude a stinky, weary stench.

The emergency doors in the underpass are always open. If you go in there and dig deeper, you will arrive at an abandoned track where the sound of running trains sounds like everyday life.

The horse is an abandoned track, and it was built for this purpose from the beginning. A deep and long abandoned track runs through all four sections of Jebela Park.

This is a garbage dump.

Human waste, which cannot be collected separately, falls from four compartments and arrives at this abandoned track.

Most of the people who fell into this dump are divided into two types.

A person who lost all of his fortune at Gamble Square while dreaming of making a fortune. A man who, blinded by lust, gave everything to the host of Dream Square.

Either way, the broke people at Jebela Park. They sleep in this dump at night, and during the day they rise to the ground and roam around the four compartments.

There is desire in their eyes too. Rather, the youthful desire in the eyes of these scraps of abandoned tracks was more blatant and soggy than the desire shown by people walking through the underpass smiling.

As soon as they get a few bucks, they go to Gamble Square or to Dream Square. Dreaming of increasing the money they have through gambling, and escaping their shattered minds into short-lived entertainment and dreams.

The abandoned railway line in Jebela Park was so famous that Eugene knew it in advance. Upon arriving at the entrance of the abandoned track, Eugene did not go down straight away, but looked down.

The depth to the underpass and the abandoned track was likely to be several tens of meters. Every few minutes, the sound of the train rattling and rattling was heard, and the ceiling and floor shook each time.

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