Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 135

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Morron shook his head. He raised the ax that was slung over his shoulder. The cross-section that was cut a few months ago… … It made Moron smile.

“Hamel. you… … Even if I wasn’t there, I would have become stronger somehow. Because you’ve been like that ever since.”

300 years ago. I remember Hamel, who was a mercenary. Hamel at that time was the weakest and insignificant among Vermouth’s colleagues.

but. Within a few years, Hamel had become second only to Vermouth among his colleagues.

“I am different from you. Hamel. Without you, I… … hahaha I wouldn’t have been able to stand by your side like I am now.”

Eugene was not the only one who gained something from the repeated sparring for several months. Moron hunted Nurman for over 100 years. That time—- didn’t make Moron’s strength stronger or his ax skillful. Rather, that time itself became poison and wore out Moron.

“I remembered many things thanks to you. How I swung the ax in the past. I was able to realize again how I wanted to wield it. It brought back memories and sensations buried in madness.”

“It’s only half a year.”

Eugene smiled and tapped Moron’s forearm.

“If you hadn’t hung out with me, it would have taken a lot longer than half a year.”

Yujin looked back while saying that. Christina stood there, holding Raimira’s hand.

“To you too… … Even if I say thank you dozens of times, it’s not enough. Anise, Cristina.”

“I didn’t want to treat him because he seemed to be getting so bad.”

Anise grumbled.

“But, unlike me, Cristina has a very weak heart. She puts the effort into fitting her bones directly for each treatment she wants. … You have to stick it upside down at least once to change the habit.”

“Uhm… … I’m glad my existence helped Eugene.”

Cristina put her hands together as she pushed Anis, who wanted to hurl more mean words at her.

“After going down the mountain.”

In Moron’s eyes looking at Eugene, there was a rare worry.

“really… … that… … Are you planning to go to the prodigal city?”

“I’m not going to fight, so what are you worried about? I’m going to lightly scout. And, if I show up there… … Amelia Merwin might crawl out in peace.”

“I heard that the prostitute, Hamel, likes you… … I am… … Of all her demons, she was the hardest to deal with. She never even thought she could win.”

“You and I are not the worst.”

Yujin waved her finger left and right while saying that.

“But I do have some fallback plans. I’m not going to fight, so don’t worry already.”

“i get it.”

Moron nodded with a heavy expression.

“And I might not go today.”

“Hamel, what do you mean?”

“I have to win the last match with you.”

Eugene said with a serious expression.

“If I lose today, I will win tomorrow and then descend.”

“… … .”

“I can never go down after losing to you.”


Moron hesitated for a moment before opening his mouth.

“then… … When you go down the mountain after winning Dalian. What am I left to do?”

“… … .”

“Hamel, aren’t your actions the same as winning and running away?”

“Hey, where in the world are you talking about that! win and run away? You won, so why run away? But, but if I lose the last match with you and go down the mountain. You feel like a dog!”

“Hamel, you are talking selfishly. You who won and went down will be comfortable, but my heart left on the mountain will never be comfortable. Hamel. I have never been conscious of this thought before, but listening to you now keeps me conscious.”


Anis, who was listening, spat out with a puzzled expression.

“What are you going to do? Are you saying you’re going to fight until there’s a draw?”

“That is nonsense.”


Hearing Eugene and Moron’s answer, Anise’s eyebrows furrowed even more.

“I mean. Sometimes I see you, yes, including Senya, who is not here. It really makes me wonder where the heck did he get his age.”

“Say it right, Anise, I’m younger than Morone and Senya.”

“anise. Neither I nor Senya were as immature as they are now when Hamel wasn’t around.”

“Is that because of me too?”

Eugene asked in a fit of fuss, and Moron did not answer and avoided his gaze.

“When are you going to fight?”

Anise pounded her chest with her fist, feeling a tight, stuffy feeling.

“yes? When are you going to fight Are you just going to fight mouth to mouth? If you fought yesterday, the day before yesterday, and for half a year, why do you have to fight today? Can’t we just let yesterday’s fight be the last?”

“I am a little stronger than yesterday… … .”

ㅡCoooung! The iron ball of the flail fell from the inside of the skirt.

“Let’s go, Morron.”

Eugene said no more and patted Moron on the back.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 425

I changed my location in Dalian a few months ago.

It’s not that I couldn’t control my power. While unleashing their power, they both got used to focusing on the other person without destroying the surroundings.

Just as Eugene became accustomed to Moron’s power and fighting style, Moron’s strength he hadn’t used for hundreds of years, and the long-forgotten fighting sense, had been rehabilitated.

What is Lagurya?

end of the world. land of nothing. You can see the still sea in the distance, but you can’t hear the sound of the waves. Nothing lives in this empty land between the mountains and the sea.

‘I am… … .’

Moron held the ax with both hands.

Eugene is standing in the far distance. His right hand holds a holy sword, and his posture seems relaxed and relaxed. It is not an attitude driven by arrogance. That composure and equanimity lead to all kinds of changes.



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‘I will not be able to defeat Hamel from now on.’

He calmly admitted that fact.

I knew it right from the start. half a year ago. It was also a predestined fact from the moment the ax was cut by Eugene’s sword.

From that point on, Eugene’s countless possibilities were beyond the ‘power’ that Moron had reached.

Half a year of repeating sparring every day.

Moron couldn’t imagine that he had become particularly strong. This half a year was close to a kind of rehabilitation for Moron.

His heyday was 150 years ago, when he had just begun his mission, and during that long period of time, heyday had passed. Bright eyes remained, but all sense of battle was worn away by madness.


Shaking off the madness, sparring with Eugene, he tried to regain the heyday that had passed. It revived the worn out senses. Satisfactory results have been achieved. However, it is not ‘stronger’ than ‘heyday’.

What about Eugene? If Moron got back what he lost in half a year, Eugene added a lot to himself.

Saying that I am stronger than I was yesterday. It sounded like a joke, but Moron knew full well that it was no joke at all. In fact, Moro was experiencing it every day.

Even now. I had a sparring yesterday. However, is what lies ahead now really the Hamel of yesterday? Moron couldn’t help but laugh involuntarily.

‘It had to be you.’

The reincarnation of an ancient god of war. such a fate.

It’s just a previous life without awareness. The reason why Vermouth chose Hamel was probably because he had such a fate, but Moron thought that Hamel’s specialness was in his nature rather than in his previous life.

Pushing myself to the point of being s@distic, not neglecting even an attempt of training, not hesitating even in the pain of breaking my body, not being complacent with what was given to me, and pursuing the next one without rest.

Hamel is such a person.

‘I’m glad I’m your colleague.’

Moron picked up an axe.

‘I’m glad I didn’t go crazy until I met you again.’

I sincerely thought so.

Moron considered himself fortunate to have been able to help Hamel during these half-years. It was good that he could. If only he had gone completely insane. If it’s so broken that you can’t even wield an axe. Hamel wouldn’t have been able to cross the line of fire as he wished.


I saw Eugene through Moron’s raised axe.

“You haven’t given your all in half a year, haven’t you?”

When it comes to the odds of Dalian, Moron is ahead.

It has to be. Eugene faced Moron with many restrictions.

I’ve never written Eclipse. I had never written Prominence, let alone Ignition. I had never taken out the moonlight sword, and I had never used any other weapon. In the sparring with Moron, the only things Eugene used were the holy sword, the white salt ceremony, and the empty sword.


Yujin nodded and replied.

The reason I didn’t write them was simple. What Eugene hoped for during the sparring with Morron was to realize Agaroth’s divinity and intuition, and to be able to consciously handle it.

What he chose as a way for him was to repeat sparring and cross the line of death.

If you use Prominence and Ignition, you won’t be able to fight like that.

Ignition forces Eugene into a short-term battle. As the white flame style changed and the body and core were strengthened, the recoil greatly decreased, but still, if you use the ignition once, you have to grumble for a few days.

There is no recoil like Ignition in Prominence. However, Eugene’s firepower is amplified the moment it is activated, which is not what Eugene wanted. Eugene has no intention of fighting for ‘power’ in sparring with Moron. The purpose is to shed Moron’s power with something other than power and to cut it off.


Moron grinned and stopped walking.

“I need defeat too.”

that word.

Eugene stared at Moron without answering.

Moron, in what sense does he say such a thing… … I didn’t have to ask. Eugene laughed in a small voice.


Eugene was defeated by Moron several times. Even when he was a knight, he made various excuses, but in the end he was ‘defeated’. The losses I suffered during the six months I spent here are nothing to count.

What I learned through defeat. Things I felt were lacking. So what I added.

understand, clear your mind.

Didn’t answer directly. He thought it was unnecessary. What Eugene has to do now—- is to live up to Moron’s expectations. Eugene silently put the holy sword in his right hand into his cloak.

I let go of the sword and placed my empty right hand on my left chest. As she watched from a distance, Cristina let out a long sigh.

“This is the first time since the demon lord subjugation.”

[I think I managed to endure it for half a year. I would have wanted to write it every time I was beaten by Moron and became half-dead.]

While listening to Anise’s grumbling, he invoked divine magic. Eight wings spread out, and light spread beneath his feet.


Cristina’s left hand was held by Lymira, and her right hand was held tightly by Mer. At her whisper, which came with her soft smile, Raimira smiled bashfully and nodded her head.


Mer thought it was inevitable that he was holding Christina’s hand now. He should have held someone’s hand, but without Senya, he had no choice but to hold the hand of the saintess.

If the saints had been naughty, they would never have held hands, but there was no reason not to comply with brushing their hair, dressing them, and bathing them together every day.

If even Mer was like that, what would Laimira, who had been following the saints from the very beginning, be horrified?


One day I will say it out loud. Lymirah thought so and grabbed the hem of Christina’s robe tightly. Meanwhile, Christina stretched out her stigmatized left palm forward, creating a barrier around her.

It was almost the same time that the barrier was created and Eugene activated the ignition.


Black flames swirled around Eugene like a storm. Rotating furiously, the flames gradually spread out and drew a spiral.

The flame wasn’t quite black. There were countless sparkles in the flames. That figure—-it looked as if the Milky Way was wrapping around Eugene.


Ignition showed the world Eugene’s universe. The expansion of the universe, which seemed to spread endlessly, has stopped.

Don’t fall! Lightning passed between the stars, and the universe was compressed around Eugene. A gust of wind blew through the empty land where no wind blew.

“oh my god.”

The barrier was shattered only in the aftermath of the phenomenon. Cristina blinked in disbelief as her gust of wind knocked her on the buttocks.

“Even though I’m looking at it with my own eyes, I don’t understand.”

Worried about the aftermath, Lymirah, who changed her arm to a dragon’s, trembled.

Hetzling is also a dragon after all. Raimirah couldn’t help but get fed up with the absurdly huge ‘power’ she felt in Eugene now.

“still… … .”

Hiding behind the dragon’s arm, Mer muttered involuntarily.


A nebula soars into the sky.

Just as Baek Yeom-sik and Ignition changed, prominence also changed. The shape of the single wing was the same, but it no longer looked like a flame.

Moron also stared at Eugene with mesmerized eyes.

When the ignition is activated and the universe expands. Moron unknowingly energized the hand that held his axe. When the universe condenses and the wings of the nebula rise behind Eugene’s back—

“Uh ha ha… … .”

Morron looked at his feet and laughed.

Footprints. Traces of a backward step. far-flung distance. How long has it been since you felt this much danger and instinctively backed away?

heterogeneous color.

A violent black that devours and dyes everything. Red like the blood flowing through the veins.

Eugene pulled out the two-colored new sword from his chest.

“I don’t use the moonlight sword.”

A radiance flows through the golden eyes. Divinity and intuition dwell in thought.

Agaroth’s Divine Sword. As Eugene Lionheart begins to be worshiped as a ‘hero’, his divine power is increasing, but it is still impossible to wield the divine sword multiple times.

“Because that sword is dangerous in many ways. But don’t be sad, Moron.”

Even so, taking out the new sword and holding it in your hand amplifies Eugene’s divinity.

“Because this must be my strength.”

I wrote Ignition. Prominence doubled the firepower. He even pulled out a new sword that he couldn’t even wield a few times.

“Uh ha ha… … .”

My palms are drenched in sweat.

“You are not confident.”

Moron murmured as he rubbed the sack of a knife tightly.

that sword. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen it, but I can intuit what it is.

That sword is the symbol of the god of war. A sword that killed several demon lords in an era that had already perished. A sword against the demon lord of destruction who ended that era.

“Should I call it an honor?”

Moron grinned and raised the ax over his head.

ㅡ Kwa de de de de deuk… … ! The space where Moron stood was greatly inflated and compressed once. The space around the ax crackled and shimmered, followed by a thin crack like a spider’s web.

‘It’s fortunate that I’m not inside the barrier.’

No matter how great Vermouth’s magic was, and how perfect the barrier was. If the two powers that were out of standard to this extent collided——the barrier might be destroyed.


Maybe it’s not the barrier, but the world to worry about.

Morodo had never measured how much power his powers possessed. He can pull in and break down the axis of space with simple grip and muscular strength. He can reverse and destroy the laws that take for granted in this world with mere force.

When I did such a thing, I never had any power. Just wished it was.


Kwakjik, Kkwajik, Kkwajijik. Moron’s body’s blood vessels bulged. Morron’s hair swayed like a flame. He lowered himself, exposing his clenched teeth.


If you have never measured your strength, now is the time to do your best. If you run into it, if you lose.

‘I hope.’


Moron stepped in.

To the two of them now, this distance meant nothing. Moron took a step forward and at the same time lowered her axe.

A blow with all your might. After that—- I didn’t prepare. Since I thought of killing it in one blow, there was no need for the next one. If this blow doesn’t work.

It means only one thing.

‘is it.’

It can be seen that what was split with the ax is covered in the light of the new sword. That black and red divine sword itself was wonderful, but it didn’t exist alone. A slash that slashes and slashes with white flames, no, the universe is added.


For a fleeting moment, Moron thought so.

I’ve never thought of myself as small in my life. Most of the people he was were bigger than anything else. Size, strength, even the ax in my hand. The existence of Moron Luhar was always huge.

Not now. Morron felt how small she was compared to the universe that was attacking her. Oddly enough, but funny enough, that realization was not unpleasant. She didn’t find it humiliating.


Having seen that great wonder, Moron can think of the following. Because I was defeated because I was small and weak, because I am lacking now, I can aspire to be bigger and stronger next time.


Moron burst out laughing and put down the axe.

It wasn’t beige like last time. The hilt wasn’t even broken. Not even injured.

“You lost too.”

But I couldn’t push the ax any further. The new sword broke Moron’s heart even though it did not cut Moron’s ax or Moron’s body.

“Are you satisfied?”

Eugene took a deep breath and put down his new sword. Moron smiled and stuck her ax into the ground.

“I knew I wasn’t strong.”

“You are strong.”

“Hamel, I’m weaker than you.”

Moron said while raising both hands where he had placed the axe.

“Now that I know that I am weak, I cannot be content with the present. This ax will not be pulled unless it crosses me.”

After the ignition, Prominence disappeared. The shimmering universe returned to black flames, scattered and disappeared. Eugene held her breath as she held back the desire to sit down.

‘I wrote it for a while, but it looks like it’s going to be looked at.’

I thought recoil was reduced. Is it because the handling power is too big? Even Moron, who admitted defeat, is standing still, but the winner himself cannot stumble. Eugene held on to his crumpled expression.

“promise… … no. I swear.”

Moron came up to Eugene and offered to shake hands.

“I will be stronger than now.”

“Of course it should.”

Eugene forced a smile and held Moron’s hand.

The gripped hand hurt so much that I gnashed my teeth and held back my screams.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 426

Jebela City


Anis clicked her tongue and massaged Eugene’s arm. The muscles in Eugene’s jaw twitched every time the light-enveloped fingers caressed them.

“How come the recoil seems to have gotten worse?”

“The performance of the body cannot keep up.”

Eugene opened his tightly pursed lips and spat out.

The body that went through metamorphosis in the darkroom. But now, if I use Ignition and Prominence at the same time in the Baek Yeom Ceremony, it literally goes far beyond the standards of ‘human’.

“still. Better than my previous life.”

In the previous life, as a result of repeated use of ignition, the core was damaged, but now Eugene did not have to be wary of it. It is true that it is so painful that it is difficult to control the body right now, but that is because the body cannot handle the amplified firepower.

‘As the divine power increases and the divinity becomes stronger, changes will come to the body.’

The more power you have, the more firepower you can double with ignition. Right now, it’s painful because the balance is so greatly out of balance, but one day the body will adapt and change to the divinity.

When that time comes… … Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and thought.

Battle against Lyzakia.

At that time, Eugene used Prominence and Ignition at the same time, so he overlapped Ignition once more. Originally, it was impossible to even attempt it, but thanks to Agaroth’s ring, it succeeded.

Because I can’t back off. It was a crazy act that he committed because he wanted to kill Raizakia and save Senya even if he had to die.

Even now, I don’t think that decision was wrong. She overpowered Lizakia in an instant by stacking ignitions, and if her core and body had endured a little longer, she might have defeated Lizakia by herself.

If the body changes according to divinity, wouldn’t it be possible to overlap ignition? Yujin swallowed a gulp as she imagined it.


As the thoughts deepened, the tension loosened. A hand pressing down on the thigh. The pain felt like my leg was being torn into several pieces. Eugene screamed as he bounced on her waist.

“Are you very sick?”

Cristina lifted her head in surprise at the sudden scream. With a worried expression on her face, she ran her fingertips across Eugene’s thighs.

“If you are in this much pain, it would have been better to recuperate for a few days and then leave.”


Eugene answered in a cold sweat.

“You beat Moron cleanly. Moron, who lost to me, is standing there unscathed, but what is the point of losing face if I, the winner, lie down and groan?”

“Moron-nim must have noticed that Eugene-nim was enduring pain.”

Mer, who was sitting next to Eugene, pouted her lips. She massaged Eugene’s palm the way Christina does, but understandably, there was no point in Mer’s actions as she could neither use her divine power nor her healing magic. Rather, whenever she slept, only her palms hurt.

Still, Eugene did not shake off Mer’s hand.

“You know what? Anyway, I stood still and shook hands with Morron. You left Moron with my feet.”

“Hermit, you must not ignore the existence of the original woman. She did not leave with her hermit’s feet, but with the flap of her original daughter’s wings.”

Lymilia’s voice came from in front of me.

Right now, Eugene, Mer, and Cristina are riding on the back of Lymilia, who has assumed the form of a dragon.

After the final confrontation with Moron, he left Rehein Yar without delay. It was because of Eugene’s pride that he didn’t want to suffer in front of Moron. He’d been with me for half a year, and although it was a pity to break up, he didn’t think it was necessary to say goodbye.

‘We’re not going to part forever.’

My body hurts and I feel like I’m going to die, but I’m not really going to die. The divine powers of Christina and Anis are gradually calming the pain, and Eugene’s self-resilience is also working hard.

Yujin, who had been lying flat, barely raised her upper body and sat down.

“Of course, Hamel, you must never do anything reckless until your wounds are healed.”

“I’m going to get a scab on my ears from listening to it too much. I have no intention of going to Jebela City until I feel better.”

Jebela City. At those words, Mer swallowed her saliva.

When I was in Helmud, I saw Jebela City several times in advertisements. Helmud, no, Jebela Park, which is said to have the most colorful and fun things to do on the continent.

… … In fact, it is a place in a unique position with casinos and all kinds of entertainment rather than amusement parks, but Mer and Laimirah had no choice but to be more interested in amusement parks than adult amusements like that.

“Eugene. You’re not really going to fight, are you?”

“I don’t fight.”

It is true that Eugene has become stronger through sparring with Moron, but that does not mean that he has reached the level where he can compete with Noir Jebella. In Eugene’s estimation, Noir Jebella is not only the demon king, but his power has already far surpassed the demon kings 300 years ago.

“It’s crazy to pick a fight with Noir Jebela in the absence of Senya.”

“But Eugene-sama often does crazy things.”

“Look at what he is saying. When did I often do crazy things? You don’t seem to know much, but I never do anything unfounded.”

Eugene put on a serious expression and reprimanded Mer. It may be reckless and nonsense that others think, but most of Eugene had reasonable grounds for his actions.

“Did you commit suicide for a reason?”

“I knew you would say that.”

Anise shot at him, and Eugene averted his gaze.

“Hamel, I think there is some truth to your argument… … Still, I don’t want to go to Jebela City.”

There are only speculations that it might be the home of Lionheart or the Black Lion Castle. Eugene’s exact whereabouts are unknown. If Eugene disappears like that, Amelia Merwin and the demons that she cooperates with in La Vista will have no choice but to be wary of Eugene appearing at any time.

If so, clearly show the steps. You might think that showing up at this point is blatant trickery, but Amelia Merwin has no place to back down. She’s blatant means she’s aiming just as surely, Amelia Merwind can’t be silent any longer.

“If you want to show up, you can do it anywhere other than Jebela City. How about going to Yuras instead?”

“There is nothing to do.”

“Even if you choose only the cathedrals and tour them, your name will resonate all over Euras.”

Anis said with a sullen expression.

Cristina didn’t say it directly, but agreed with Anis. Even though the Vatican directly declared Eugene a warrior and made him a saint, believers would rather see Eugene in person and hear his voice than worship an icon.

if… … If Eugene were to stand on the podium of the cathedral and beside him as a saint would be. How beautiful and sacred it is! In the cave of Reheinyar, Eugene was so immersed in training that he couldn’t make any special memories, and it wasn’t that he regretted it, but even so, thinking about it seemed like his greed and anxieties were lingering again.

“A hero is not someone who prays and sings hymns in a church.”

“Then what is a hero, a person who goes to a casino and plays?”

“Am I going to play?”

“Of course not. Hamel, you are going to Jebela City… … Noir Jebela. Don’t you want to confirm the basis of the power that prostitute has achieved?”

No demon could have used 300 years of time more efficiently than Noir.

Eugene also did a lot of research on her from the start… … To be honest, Noir lived hard enough to be admired even considering the enemies.

He actively used his subordinates to steal the strength of the war heroes and destroyed them, and dispatched them to various parts of the continent to obtain energy while not neglecting Helmud’s safety. Her first city, Dreamia, is the second most populated city in Helmud after Pandemonium, and her second city, Jebela City, is the most visited city in Helmud.

It wasn’t just manor management. For 300 years, there are dozens of businesses that Noir Jebella has touched, but they are all different types. Construction, entertainment management, casinos, hotels, beauty, apparel, etc.

In other words, Noir Jebella is the most famous demon in Helmud, no, on the continent. Noir makes use of such exposure and popularity. How many people on the continent would refuse if they were given free lodging vouchers to Jebela City right now?

“Even if I come and wipe out the city now, Noir’s power will not diminish.”

Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and sighed.

“Because you’ve already pulled out the spirit and ate it as much as you could.”

“Still, if the city is destroyed this time, that prostitute won’t get any stronger.”

“It’s something you can’t try. In that city, I’m a hero and I can’t act as I please. The people who went there would abandon me and save Noir first if I and Noir were drowning together.”

“Hermit, don’t worry. If the hermit falls into the water, the original woman will surely rescue him.”

“You idiot, don’t be stupid and flap your wings hard.”

When Raimira suddenly appealed, Mer tapped the scales on her back with a spicy fist.

“hmm… … okay… … thanks. anyway… … Destroying the city seems impossible.”

“Then isn’t there no point in reconnaissance?”

“If you want to catch Noir, you have to attack her city after all. What if I crash into it later and something unexpected pops out?”

“Eugene-sama, Eugene-sama. I mean, I’ve collected several brochures about Jebela City in Helmud. This will help Eugene.”

Mer had no intention of being pushed back by Lymilia, who was no different than a rolling stone. It was impossible to follow even that stupid vocabulary, but Mer thought that she had a ‘wiseness’ that even Lymir could not imitate.

Mer casually sat down between Eugene’s legs and pulled out some books about Jebela City. In addition to the tourist brochures for the Helmood Warp Gate, she also had books she bought at the bookstore.

“hmm… … okay… … thanks… … .”

The books Mer took out are books introducing Jebela City. Landmarks and major facilities, must-visit restaurants, and recommended travel routes for parents with young children were organized.

of course… … There was no information that Eugene wanted to find out through reconnaissance. What Eugene wanted to know was about the other troops in Jebela City. As he is the Duke of Noirdo, he must have had a private army, because nothing was known about him.

‘Even a simple dreamer can be used as a military force if it’s a follower of Noir… … Doesn’t that bitch have a personal knights’ order?’

Since it’s a casino, it’s full of security guards… … I can’t figure out this list. Even when he was in Dreamia, there seemed to be no knights. In fact, since Noir Jebella itself can be called a one-man army, there would be no need to have a private army.

something you don’t know though. It would be a nuisance if a large army came out after thinking only of Noir.

“What if that prostitute changes her attitude and attacks us?”

“I wouldn’t.”

“Do you believe her enough to assert?”

“If that bitch wanted to kill us now, she had plenty of chances.”

Before entering the dragon castle. When Noir first came to the hotel. At that time, Noir came directly to his body. If Noir had tried to kill Eugene and Cristina then… … He couldn’t even resist properly.

“If I had the chance, I would definitely kill that bitch. But that bitch thinks differently than I do. He had several chances, but he never tried to kill me.”

Can we call this trust?

“It will be like this again. I can be sure. Unless I’m here to kill her, Noir… … They will not attack me in Jebela City.”

Noir’s favor and interest becomes soggy and disgusting the more you are conscious of it. It was hard for Eugene to feel any emotions other than the will to kill the dreamer’s love.


I couldn’t help but think that there was no trust in this complex bond. Is it like that even now? Eugene acts thinking that Noir will never kill him this time.

‘It’s complicated.’

Eugene wants to kill Noir.

what about noir? Her intent to kill is very passive. She herself doesn’t want to kill Eugene. What Noir wants—- she kills Eugene, who wants to kill her.

On that subject, if Eugene gives up his murderous intent… … Noir will personally try to rekindle Eugene’s murderous intent.

In the end, Eugene and Noir will one day kill each other.

‘Not now.’

Eugene was calmly convinced of him, and handed over the guidebook Mer gave him.

Landmark of Jebela City.

The flying Jebella Face.

On top of that head, spread a parasol and even put a sunbed… … A photo of Noir Jebela in an alluring pose in a bikini.

Eugene closed the book with a frown on his face.

* * *

[Lalala~ Lalala~]

[Happy happy happy Jebella~]

[Everyday~ Jebella Day~]

[Welcome to the Jebela Park~]

[Dreams Come True~~]

[My, my, my~ Zezeze~ Welcome to Jebella Park~!]

The castle walls and gates are colorfully decorated, as if they came out of a fairy tale book. The road leading from the warp gate outside the city to the castle gate shines bright without a spot. Hologram screens are connected between the pillars on both sides of the wide road, and various videos are played, including the group dance of idols who debuted at the Jebella entertainment agency.

Beyond the swarming crowd. A bizarre sculpture flying in the sky on top of a high castle wall.

“… … .”

The Jebella Face I saw in the picture.

What should I say about the Jebella Face I actually saw? The pressure was different.

It was disconcerting.

“… … Wasn’t it one?”

Looking at Jebella Face flying high in the sky, Eugene muttered involuntarily.

Right now, three Jebella Faces were flying over the city.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 427

A metal head floating in the sky, Jebella Face. As the name suggests, the size of that bizarre flying object, shaped like the face of Noir Jebela, was as huge as a modest mansion.

It’s not even flying alone. When I checked in the guidebook, it was said that there was only one, but now there are three Jebella Faces flying over Jebela City.

They have the same horns, but their faces are not identical. There was a clear difference in the shape of the hair and the overall color.

“crazy… … .”

Yujin furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at the three Jebella Faces.

It was very difficult for Eugene to understand the sense added to that flying object. Some people might see it and talk about art, but in Eugene’s eyes, it was just the embodiment of Noir Jebella’s unique fanatical narcissism.

but. It is not that the flying object is floating without any meaning or role. Eugene held Akasha from the inside of his cloak, and he involuntarily let out a sigh.

‘It’s more elaborate than any signature.’

Several types of magic were added to the Jebella Face, but even with Eugene and Akasha’s abilities, it was impossible to see through all the magic input into the Jebella Face. It is to show off by placing it in the sky without hiding it.

‘That flying object’s eyes spread the power of the fantasy demon’s eye. All three generations are interlocked to spread authority… … No, that’s impossible.’

If that was possible, it would be possible to send a Jebella Face to another city and use a long-distance magic eye, but that was absurd. If such a thing were really possible, one Jebela Face would be able to conquer an empire.

‘I can’t spread the illusion’s eyes other than riding Noir Jebella myself.’

Even so, it was a wonderful thing. That he could fantasize eye-to-eye with most people in the city at that size. Eugene continued his thoughts while examining the movements of the Bella Faces flying through the air.

‘I’m sure the other two have a role. no… … Maybe it was simply made for self-flagellation… … .’

Considering Noir’s personality, it might not be impossible, but looking at the magic contained in them, it didn’t seem meaningless. It’s flying right in the middle of the city. It looks like Noir is still riding it himself, and the other two are… … Even if that head exploded right away, it would be able to wipe out a lump of land the size of the Dragon Demon Castle.

There were too many people trying to enter the floating city of flying objects of unknown intent, as menacing as they were.

The most visited city in Helmud. Even the entrance fee through the gate is a considerable amount, but people’s heads were still full of far away gates.

The reason why the line stopped at this level was because Jebela City restricted entry and exit. Ordinary people have to wait several months after making a reservation to enter Jebela City, and it is impossible to enter and exit on the same day even if they purchase a priority ticket under the name of donation.

However, Eugene has an insignia that he received directly from King Luhar. Thanks to that, he left Luhar right away and arrived at Jebela City… … Looking at the speed at which the line went in, I felt like I would have to stand in line like this for half a day.

It’s not that there isn’t a way to get special treatment. Looking to the side from a distance, there was a separate entry line for VIPs beyond the hologram screen. Even while standing in line like this, long black limousines are coming and going, picking up VIPs.

You won’t be able to see the insignia of the Kingdom of Ruhar in this city… … Even now, if Eugene reveals his identity and demands it, the agents managing the position will immediately escort Eugene inside. Since he intended to show his whereabouts for the world to know anyway, there is no need to hide his identity by using a pseudonym.

Even so… … Wouldn’t it be too lame to go to the demons while standing in line, reveal your identity and ask for special treatment?

Although he intends to reveal his whereabouts, he does not want to show his rotten appearance. In his mind, Eugene weighed the middle ground between pride and rationality.


Noise occurred on the hologram screen separating the waiting line. The movements of the idols, who were dancing like swords, stopped, and a completely different video appeared.

The owner of Jebela City, Noir Jebella, appeared on the hologram screen.

Most of the people in line made a sound of surprise at the sudden change of screen. It had no choice but to do so because Noir, reflected on the screen, was soaking in a large bathtub.

There wasn’t much exposure thanks to the thick foam, but everyone was surprised to see the beautiful peac*ck broadcast without a single outfit on.

Noir, who blinked wide-eyed, moved. She threw her head forward as she lifted her water-drenched hair in front of her, then looked around as if searching for something of her own.

“… … wow.”

Before long, Noir let out a small exclamation.

Why did she suddenly send out her image? What did she turn her attention to? It’s obvious, no need to guess. At the end, Eugene felt that Noir and her eyes met.

“Eugene-sama… … .”

Mer and Raimirah. The two of them are thrilled and wary of noir. In addition to that, he was busy taking care of Eugene’s eyes.

Couldn’t it be that he came all the way here and went back? According to what she had seen so far, Eugene-nim was irritated and angry whenever the queen of dreams did something outrageous… … .

“Uh, hermit, it’s okay if you don’t have to go to that city. She is good wherever she is with hermits and saints.”

Raimirah hurriedly grabbed Eugene and Christina’s hands.

Like a cunning lizard. Mer glanced at Raimirrah, who deprived him of what he had to say.

“What did you come all the way here? If I didn’t want to see that bitch f*cking, I wouldn’t have come in the first place.”

Eugene said with a sad face and let go of the children’s hands he was holding in both hands. It’s not a big deal, but it’s something you can’t jump to conclusions. Yujin glared at the sky while remaining vigilant.

The Jebela Face hovering over the city is approaching. Noir Jebela himself rides it, and wears a crown on his head.

Suddenly, Jebella Face flew over the walls and onto the waiting procession, and everyone cheered and looked up at the sky.

“Don’t look.”

Eugene murmured in a low voice. At that, Mer bowed her head, and Raimira covered her eyes with her hands. Christina also put on the hood of the robe.

In fact, Eugene did not lower his head.

The Jebella Face is getting closer. The cheers of the people who were looking up at the sky suddenly stopped.

Yujin glanced around and looked to the side. The eyes of the people holding her head up were all blankly opened.

‘The magic eye of fantasy.’

It’s not just about flying. Noir Jebella cast a magical eye on all the crowds here. It is unknown what kind of illusion they are seeing, but seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces, it seems that they are seeing a joyful and happy illusion.

Of course, Eugene doesn’t want to see any illusions. Even so, the reason why he didn’t avert his gaze was to try to resist the phantasmagoric eye that captured the entire procession right now.

Cristina bowed her head and saw the light spreading under Eugene’s feet. She only takes a few steps around Eugene, but this space has become a sanctuary that is protected and affected by Eugene’s divine power.

‘This is how it feels.’

center of sanctuary. I saw something I couldn’t normally see, something I couldn’t see. Waves are spreading from the large pupils of Jebela Face. However, the waves did not invade the sanctuary created by Eugene.

Jebella Face. The inside of the large crystal pupil. where the wave starts. I saw Noir Jebella wearing oversized clothes.

Right now Eugene’s eyes are the queen of dreams. I could see some of the depth of her existence. How long she has lived, and how powerful she is.

The magic that seemed to have no end was greater than Eugene’s universe. Even if I maximize firepower by overlapping Ignition and Prominence like when Moron was defeated, it seemed that Noir Jebella’s magic and strength fight would not be established. Could I give death to that being in the first place? Divinity flowed thought and created intuition.

impossible. There is no way for Eugene to kill Noir Jebella now. No matter what means, Eugene can’t kill Noir Jebella.

Eugene—-understood that fact, and was dumbfounded, so he stopped laughing. He has the same power and the same level as me, but isn’t he a demon king?

‘By expanding the sanctuary, it is possible to resist the demonic eyes.’

But is it possible to resist even when Noir uses all his might? Even if you fall into an illusion—-I confirmed the other day that you can recover consciousness with divinity. What I’ve become convinced from the current verification is that I can’t kill Noir without raising my divine power much more than now. Eugene glared at Noir, who was getting closer.

‘A hot gaze.’

Noir also looked at Eugene. There were countless people below, but Noir’s eyes were fixed only on Eugene.

At first I thought it was an illusion. However, there’s no way Noir can’t feel Eugene’s presence.

no way… … I never thought I’d meet you in this city.

-If you come to my city not to kill me, but to have fun, then I will welcome you wholeheartedly.

Before parting ways, I had to leave room. But he didn’t have high expectations. I thought that Hamel would never visit Jebela City just to enjoy it.

But look. Hamel came to the city. Noir tidied his hair with curiosity and excitement.

Are you here to fight? Did he finally come to kill me?


You should think less affectionately about the matter and think coolly. Noir smiled coldly and tilted his head.

“If you’re here to kill me, I think I’ll be disappointed in you.”

Noir is also convinced that Eugene cannot kill him. Even now, Senya Merdein is not by Eugene’s side.

‘but… … .’

A gap that can never be killed. It is intact, but Noir was surprised by Eugene’s ‘power’. It has become much stronger than when I saw it at the simuin. Even more so, that power is different from the mana that humans use.

divine power… … ? Did he even begin to believe in the light? Noir tilted his head and furrowed his eyebrows.

The magic eyes of fantasy cannot invade Yujin.

‘It looks like I’ve prepared a countermeasure for my evil eye.’

I wanted to concentrate on staring, but Hamel would probably get angry if I went that far. Noir smiled as she remembered the date in her dreams. A dream created by taking control of consciousness. Nevertheless, Eugene alone regained her consciousness.

“never… … will not be.”

Noir nodded and murmured.

never lose Hamel can never kill me.

… … It seemed that I shouldn’t have thought that way. The current Eugene had an alien power that Noir could not judge.


“… … ?”

I never thought that divine power was unfamiliar. Noir has corrupted countless priests so far. Only the Holy Knights who were manipulated and killed by Noir in the War Era would become a legion unit, and from before that, it was Noir’s hobby to reveal and corrupt the desires of priests.

However, the ‘light’ that exists beneath Eugene’s feet… … It made me feel a strange sense that was unfamiliar yet not unfamiliar.

As I begin to become conscious, I get nervous and my heart races. Noir unconsciously clenched his fists and shrugged his shoulders in surprise.

left finger. Of course, there was nothing on that finger, but Noir felt an inexplicable longing for that fact.

Noir couldn’t understand the identity of the emotions he was feeling right now. It was quite confusing, but even so, it was impossible to grasp the true meaning of the emotions that had already passed by.


Noir muttered as he looked at Eugene who came closer. She shook her consciousness of her empty ring finger and took a step.

coogu palace.

Jebella Face’s mouth opens. Noir erased the meaningless emotion and smiled widely.

“Welcome to Jebela City!”

* * *

is it a dream

Noir Jebela. Although she has lived a long time, it was difficult to understand her current situation.

Hamel suddenly came to Jebela City. He went out to meet him personally, but he did not expect a happy reunion.

As before, you will receive a few harsh words, and all invitations containing love from this side will be rejected.

Nice to see you again in this city, Hamel. how is it? Shall we come inside and fly together?

That’s what I said in the face of rejection. After eating the candy and being told to quit… … .


An answer I never expected. Noir still couldn’t shake the question marks that filled his head.

“… … Hamel?”

Noir, who was standing in a daze, came to his senses belatedly and looked around.

The inside of Jebella Face. A gorgeous room where Noir usually lives.

Eugene and the others are now in this room. Looking down at the city through the windshield, Eugene glanced at Noir’s call.


“hmm… … Uhm. It is very surprising.”

Cristina was far behind, clutching Mer and Lymilia’s hands. Eugene’s answer and actions were taken aback by them as well. As long as he came to Jebela City, it was only natural that Noir Jebella would contact him.

[What the hell are you thinking… … ]

Anise couldn’t understand Eugene.

So was Christina. Suppressing her anxiety, she looked at Eugene and Noir’s backs.

‘… … sister.’

[yes. I saw it too.]

Before Jebella Face’s mouth opens and Noir walks out. Yujin’s expression suddenly changed as she watched Jebella’s face approaching. Her eyes, which had only been wary of Noir, shook, and her eyebrows and lips twisted.

Cristina and Anis were well aware of the emotions that those expressions were caused by.


‘What on earth?’

Did you despair over the gap with the dream queen? No way. The saints knew that Eugene would never despair for that reason.

“I have many questions about this bizarre device.”

Eugene replied with a blunt face.

“That’s why I didn’t refuse. You can know better by looking inside than by looking outside.”

until there.

Eugene said no more and looked away from Noir. That’s what he said, but Eugene couldn’t concentrate on examining the inside of Jebella Face.

Eugene looked down at Jebela City through the glass window facing him.

Then, I glared at Noir Jebella, which was reflected vaguely on the glass.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 428

not like me

This fact is felt by Eugene himself more than anyone else. It is true that there are questions about Jebela Face, but is it enough to enter Noir Jebela’s room on her own?

Saying that if you look inside, you might know more about something else, in the end, it’s just an excuse. In fact, what you see now is the scenery of Jebela City from above, and the dimly lit view of the room reflected through the window. and.

Noir Jebela.

Eugene knows the meaning of the eyes focused on her. She was disgusted and offended because she understood. A divinity melted into an accident. intuition through him. Eyes that see and understand too much.

I measured Noir Jebella’s power. I looked carefully into her presence. There is no problem up to that point. Didn’t see anything special.

However, I came to realize it naturally.

The moment Agaroth died.

Who was it that shook his existence the most? Who was the opponent Agaroth had told her to run away from at the very end?

Even at the moment when the war god himself was prepared to die and forced the god army to die, Agaroth hoped that one woman would escape and live a little longer. She didn’t want to see her god die.

Goddess of War.

Twilight Witch.

Eugene felt the witch of twilight in Noir Jebella’s existence. The current Noir did not have even a speck of Agaroth’s divine power left, but the divinity dwelling in Eugene’s thoughts intuitively understood the identity of Noir’s soul.

Emotions mix.

Eugene thinks that he is Hamel, but not Agaroth. Because he never lived as an agaroth.

Agaroth’s memories, emotions, all of them belong to others after all. Eugene, she wanted to distinguish the agarrot that she had become aware of.

“… … .”

Queen of Dreams, Noir Jebella. Among all demons, the demon closest to the demon king, no, the demon king. Not only during the War Era, but even before that, she had a high reputation as the ‘Queen of Dreams’. That word means only one thing. It means that Noir was very demonic.

Of course, going against those days would be too old, but there is no need to go all the way to those distant times. During the War Era, the army that Noir had annihilated would amount to several legions. According to Hamel’s and Eugene’s standards, Noir is an enemy that must be killed unconditionally.

At this recognition, Agaroth’s emotions are mixed. It was terrible and disgusting to Eugene.

Agaroth made the Twilight Witch a saint, and whatever relationship he formed with her, all of that bond belonged to Agaroth, never Eugene’s. Bonds and feelings that do not belong to you, erode your will at will?

Eugene turned his head and glared at Noir.

“Are you interested?”

Noir couldn’t fathom Eugene’s feelings. The emptiness and longing in his left hand’s melodies only passed briefly, and did not leave much impression on Noir as it did on Eugene.

Eugene has Agaroth’s new sword. As a result, the self-aware divinity is getting stronger, and Eugene himself saw some of Agaroth’s memories.

Just as the city buried in the abyss of the deep sea reminds Eugene of his memories, the Twilight Witch, whom Agaroth lingers on until the end, also affects Eugene emotionally.

However, Noir, like Eugene, does not have a link that can recall memories or emotions. With nostalgia for the divine, he felt a fragmentary feeling, but no more.

No wonder. She is neither a saint of a war god nor a witch of twilight.

Noir Jebela.

The dream queen. Duke of the Helmud Empire. The owner of Dreamia, Jebela City, and Jebela Park. She leaned towards Eugene with her mischievous smile.

A mixture of intentional gestures. The gown she was wearing hurriedly slipped down slightly, revealing Noir’s skin.

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