Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 132

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A noisy and raucous snowstorm bothers us when we pitch a tent outside.

“Please break down the wall over there to make a room and connect the hot spring water to it. That’s enough for me to be satisfied… … .”

“Don’t you need a bathroom?”

Moron said with a twinkle in his eyes.

The moment those words were finished, Anis jumped up from her seat. She strode to Morron, stopped, and looked up at Morron’s face, far above.

Anis smiled thinly and snapped a finger at Moron, and Moron lowered his waist in bewilderment.


The slap hit Moron’s cheek.

Although he was beaten like that, Moron could not guess what he had done wrong to be beaten like this. Even so, he did not ask Anis why. Because he thought he was beaten for some reason.

“Senya, why are you not saying anything?”

Anis, who returned to her seat shaking her palms, turned to Senya. In fact, Senya didn’t say anything about Eugene’s declaration, just sat there with a serious expression on her face.

“I am… … .”

Senya, who had been caressing her chin, opened her mouth.

“I wonder if I can go to Arot.”

Who would have expected Senya to say something like that? Anise, in particular, was more than surprised. That Senya Merdein left Hamel and acted alone?

“Why Arot?”

Eugene was flustered as well, so when he asked, Senya crossed her arms and pouted her lips.

“I think I am weak.”

“What nonsense… … .”

Senya Merdane. She is the founder of the Circle Magic Ceremony and the first and only 9th Circle Grand Wizard on the continent. Among the mages that exist in this era, there is no mage as outstanding and strong as Senya.

“I know best how wonderful this wise Senya is. But, Eugene, like you, I have no intention of being satisfied with the current status.”

A battle with Iris, who has become the Demon King. Senya played a big part in the battle, but he didn’t have enough decisive power to decide the victory or defeat. Even if Eternal Hall was injured, Senya was concerned that her magic hadn’t ‘merely’ overpowered Iris.

I know that it is unavoidably normal. Against a demon lord wielding unlimited magical power, it is almost impossible for a human wizard with limited mana to gain an advantage.

Senya is the only wizard who has overcome the impossible. Senya’s strategy was to replace the lack of mana with the eternal scepter and build elaborately designed magic to drive the demon lord down.

If it was a low-ranking demon king, that would have been enough.

However, the demon king Senya had to deal with in the future was not a low-ranking demon king. A demon lord of confinement who is said to have existed since the age of mythology. And the Demon King of Destruction who ended the Age of Mythology.

I honestly feel inadequate. Hamel and Eugene continue to grow stronger. Even though I have become as strong as I am, there is still room for me to become stronger.

On the other hand, what about Senya? 9th circle. According to the Circle Magic Ceremony that Senya founded herself, there is no realm higher than 9th Circle. The ‘magic’ that humans can reach and handle is limited to the 9th circle. In fact, while 300 years have passed, even though almost all wizards on the continent have mastered the circle magic formula, only Senya has reached the 9th circle. Even the revered ‘great wizards’ of the era were limited to the 8th circle.

However, that doesn’t mean the 9th circle is the end of ‘magic’. The 9th circle is just the end of the circle magic formula that Senya stipulated. If the 9th circle is not enough for the future battles, then I have no choice but to overcome that realm and challenge the unknown of magic.

“I felt it when I saw you fighting Moron today.”

Senya still had a grumpy face.

300 years ago, none of my colleagues was not proud of themselves. It is because everyone has stood at the peak in their respective field, and without such self-esteem, they would not have been able to reach that level.

“Right now, it would be dangerous, but Eugene, if you become stronger. It’s getting hard for me to fit you. Even just a moment ago, I… … I still don’t understand how you blew Morron’s ax.”

What Moron, who took Eugene’s sword right in front of his nose, did not see. What Senya could not see while looking down from the distant sky.

Even though Senya had been helplessly sealed away for most of her life, even though she was a wizard rather than a warrior. The two have many differences. Senya couldn’t possibly acknowledge and accept that.

“Alot’s wizards are children by my standards, but well, the level of the archmages is superior to what I thought. When I am in Arot, the great wizards of other countries… … It’s a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of) So, while you are here, I will go to Arot.”

Among the mages of this era, there is no mage who is better and stronger than Senya. Even so, Senya had no intention of ignoring the magic of this era.

After all, the magic Senya uses now is from 300 years ago, so she had to accept even magic she didn’t know in order to advance beyond that.

“If you say that, it makes me wonder why I decided to stay here.”

Anis opened her eyes thinly and glanced at Senya.

“Still, we will not go back to Jurass. Unlike you, who can achieve magical achievements in Alot, Christina and I have nothing to gain from Euras.”

The only thing Anis and Cristina could do after returning to Euras was to train the silver mine.

But honestly, Anise and Cristina weren’t very good at teaching and training anyone. It would be better to have Raphael, a fanatical fanatic, in charge of training in order to make use of their characteristics as a death squad.

Other than that… … Should I make a pilgrimage to the sanctuaries of Euras? It’s not that it doesn’t help to increase divine power and faith, but it doesn’t mean much to the ‘saint’. If you really want to increase your divine power and miracles, staying in this cave and treating Eugene, who will be beaten up, will be of greater help.

[I think so too, Sister.]

‘Yes, this would be a great opportunity as well. We and Hamel will stay in this cave while the shy Senya is gone.’

[what… … Isn’t Moron-nim also with you?]

‘Doesn’t Moron have another mission? Nur, when that monster appears, Moron has no choice but to leave the cave. What will Hamel do in the meantime? He won’t do anything. It’ll just be in the cave.’

[yes… … yes.]

‘We have to use the moment wisely. For example, while Moron was gone… … What if we are taking a hot spring bath in our room? If you ask Hamel outside for a towel, Hamel won’t refuse.’

[green onion… … Shameless!]

Christina screamed.

She was becoming a shady monster after Anise dwelled in her, but she still hadn’t lived up to Anis’s outrageous imagination.

‘Don’t pretend to be nice inside, Cristina.’

[No, Sister. What I think is good is that while treating Eugene, I expect my divine magic to grow… … That’s why I think it’s good to expect it to be helpful to Eugene.]

In the South Sea, Christina’s palms were stigmatized. But that stigma isn’t perfect yet, and she’s growing up with Christina.

‘Aha, that’s right. Cristina, did you enjoy treating the bloodied Hamel?’

Anis said with a mischievous laugh. It sounded like a joke, but it was by no means a joke, and Christina only recited a prayer instead of a rebuttal.

“Aren’t you too isolated when you go to Arot?”

“Not really. I’ll leave Mer by your side, so we can talk anytime. You said you weren’t going to go to the desert until Nahama moved, too?”

Swoop. Senya turned his head and looked at the corner of the cave. There was a bed that Eugene had brought out, and Mer and Laimir were lying peacefully asleep.

The familiar, Mer, doesn’t sleep. Jung, if you have to, just slightly stop her functioning.

Right now, Mer was lying awake beside Lymilia, who was soundly asleep, listening to their conversation.

“If something happens, tell Mer and we can meet in Nahama.”

Saying that, Senya secretly exchanged glances with Mer.

Senya was also wary of those double-headed saints. If Senya is gone, if they try to make a new history… … Just imagining it makes my body tremble. At the same time, it felt like a black flame was rising in a corner of her chest, but Senya couldn’t possibly be conscious of her feelings.

‘… … know?’

[Yes, Mr. Senya. I will make sure to stop it.]



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Mer replied with determination.


Moron sat down while fiddling with the cheek that had been beaten by Anis.

“In the Age of Mythology you recalled. Wasn’t there a picture of us?”

Moron was looking forward to it inwardly.

In the distant past, his colleague Hamel ascended to the god of war and commanded the world. If the soul has been reincarnating since that era, wouldn’t it be possible that Moron also lived in the age of mythology?

“It may have been, but… … I don’t remember very well.”

It’s not that there aren’t very many people who can be guessed at. A giant that existed in one corner of Agaroth’s memory. There were many similarities between Agaroth’s impression of the giant and Eugene’s impression of Moron.

But I can’t be sure. Since Agaroth’s memories are so fragmented, he didn’t have much information about what kind of colossus he was.

So is the sage. If you prepare for the current era… … Colossi are similar to Moron, and sages are similar to Senya. However, Eugene could not be sure that the reincarnations of the two were Moron or Senya.

Even if that was the case, I felt like I wouldn’t feel comfortable. Being contrasted like that——because it felt like fate was repeating itself.

‘… … A saint.’

The Twilight Witch that Agaroth personally killed at the end. Eugene glanced at Christina and Anis.

The role of ‘saint’ is the same, but I thought they were different from the twilight witches. Of course, it’s strange that the figure from the Age of Mythology and now reincarnated are the same… … .

‘… … The same goes for vermouth.’

I can’t think of a person who can contrast with him. If I recalled all of Agaroth’s memories, would I be able to contrast something anew?

I didn’t really want to do that.

I don’t want to give too much attention to a perishing era.

I’m already tied to the past enough, but I don’t want to tie a heavier past.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 415

I tried to accompany her to the city where the warp gate is located, but Senya firmly shook her head and refused.

“I’m not even a child, so why are you going to send me off to the city that takes a few days?”

“Wouldn’t it be sad to cross the snowfield alone?”

“What else is there to be sad about? It’s not going to be a leisurely walk, so don’t worry. If I fly alone, I can fly faster than if I flew on a dragon.”

Senya snorted and pushed the hood of her robe forward.

“It’s not like there’s too much time left. I’ll take your heart, so you stay here and train hard with Moron. I will go there and work hard.”

“Do I really have to go to Arot?”

Eugene licked his lips as he asked, and Senya smiled as he enjoyed hearing him say that. She pricked Eugene’s side with the stick in one hand, Frost.

“why? Would you like me not to go?”

“If you don’t have to go, what are you going for? be concerned.”

“You don’t have to go. If I’m there, great wizards will gather, and besides that, while I’m gone, you can only see the magic and research accumulated in Arot when you go to that country.”

“Isn’t it dangerous to be divided for nothing? What if that bastard, the demon king of confinement, targets you in isolation?”

He said so, but Eugene knew very well that there was no chance of that happening. Even when Eugene was weak and alone, there was no way that the demon king of confinement, who had never been able to keep him in check, could not come and use his evil beast.

I don’t know the true purpose of the demon king of confinement… … What he really wants is not for demons to rule the world or to annihilate his enemies… … .

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Senya also agrees with that. Every time Frost poked Eugene in the side, white frost flew.

“Hmm, but… … I don’t know about the demon lord, but I think demons can target me. It doesn’t seem like the demon king of confinement has a tight grip on the demons under his command.”

“On the contrary, it is very loose.”

“But Gavid Lindman, isn’t that bastard not coming? The Queen of Gal X won’t come either.”

Senya calmly changed the first word of ‘Queen of the Dream Horse’, and Eugene calmly accepted it.

“Excluding those two, hmm, there may not be other high-ranking demons… … Am I concerned about it? How many demons are there these days?”

“Even if I’m a demon these days, I don’t know because I haven’t met a few of them.”

Yagon, whom he killed in Yongma Castle, was quite strong. Eugene still thinks it’s fortunate that he killed Yagon at that time.

“Compared to the old days, warlocks were quite strong.”

“Well, the only thing left is Amelia Merwin or her. I think it’s better for me to stay openly at Arot, even because of her.”

Amelia Merwin is hiding in La Vista, where the Demon King of Destruction sleeps. And now, in the Nahama Desert, Melchis is harassing the warlocks by overturning the dungeon at Eugene’s request.

If this continues, all the foundations Amelia has left in the desert will be wiped out. If it’s confirmed that Senya is openly in Alot, Amelia could be making a secret move to solve the problem in the desert.

“So, don’t worry and just look forward to it.”

“What expectations?”

When Eugene asked, Senya smiled and lifted Frost above her head. As he gently shook Frost from that height, white frost fell on Senya’s head.

“To see this wise Senya-sama, who has already reached a level that no mage has reached, even surpasses herself in the end!”

Seeing Senya’s triumphant smile on her face, Eugene smiled without realizing it.

“Let’s take a break for a few days. Wouldn’t it be too hasty to make up your mind and leave the very next day?”

Anise came out of the cave and approached Senya. As Anis’s hands ran down Senya’s arms, starting from her shoulders, the protection of divine power settled in Senya’s body. Senya moved his feather-light body around.

“Today is a good day to leave.”

Rarely is there a snowstorm. In fact, with Senya’s magic skills, she could break through the blizzard, but if she had made up her mind to leave, wouldn’t it be better to leave on a sunny day than in bad weather?


A gentle breeze lifted Senya’s body into the air. Senya looked down at him, holding down his hat with one hand to keep it from flying off.

She looked at Moron standing at the entrance of the cave and smiled.

“See you later, Moron.”

Unlike Eugene and Anise, Moron did not hold on to Senya or felt much regret at leaving in a day. It wasn’t a permanent breakup anyway, and she thought that once she had made up her mind, she shouldn’t hold on to it.

Moron smiled and waved at Senya.

“Don’t hit the player.”

He smiled at Moron, but not at Anis. As if to let go of her threats, Senya strained his eyes and glared at Anis once. However, Anise rather smiled and held his head upright.

“I won’t make any promises.”

“I mean, don’t do anything cowardly.”

“I don’t know where the coward is in this matter, but I will be conscious.”

It was a nasty yet anise-like answer. Senya extinguished the twin wicks she had grown in her pupils and narrowed her eyes.

“Christina, what about you?”


Christina’s smile was different from Anise’s. A really embarrassing, helpless smile… … Senna was even more afraid of that expression. Senya shook her head vigorously after shaking her shoulders.

“be careful… … !”

Finally, Senya glared at Eugene and warned in a firm voice.

how… … What do you want to be careful about? He could have guessed it, but Eugene didn’t ask directly because he was afraid to hear the truth.

“uh… … Uh uh.”

Instead, he nodded slightly and replied. It’s a questionable answer, but Senya turned around without delay.

ㅡPaaaang! With the sound of the air bursting, Senya became a ray of light and flew across the sky.

Senya is gone.

Like the words she left behind, will she be able to surpass even herself? Eugene didn’t have much doubt or worry about it.

Because it’s not the time to worry about others. At least, Senya is ‘jumping’ herself, while Eugene is not, she is not even aware of it properly. No matter how many times he replayed the battle with Moron, the feeling he had when he cut off Moron’s ax at the end could not be reproduced.

‘still… … I’m sure it melted.’

Accident remembers Agaroth’s movements.

What Eugene needs to do is to more systematically and clearly establish the agarrot that has melted into his head. And to embody it so that it can be used at any time. The goal should not be to wield the sword in a trance, but to wield the sword consciously even at the moment when reason is clear.

At the same time as crossing over, you have to catch and eat it.


The god of war that stood in the way of the demon king of destruction. Agaroth that Eugene felt was a selfish tyrant, but the ‘power’ that reached divine status by killing the demon king from a human being is unmistakably real.

coveted I want to have that sharp knife. I want to have the senses and intuition that I have trained through thousands of battles and victories.

How long has it been since you saw another guy and felt this longing? Eugene laughed at the hunger in her heart,

dug the ground

He stooped down and did not dig with both hands. Standing crookedly, as if torturing, I just rubbed the floor of the cave with one foot. Even with that alone, the hard floor was dug up like mud, and hot spring water trickled in from the water source along the path made in that way.

Moron went out to kill Nur, and Mer and Raimira went out of the cave to build a snowman. Thanks to that, there were only Eugene, Christina, and Anise here now.

A room made by breaking through the walls of a cave and releasing items used during camping. There is even a spacious hot spring inside. They had decided to make more rooms, and since it was not clear how long they would stay here, Eugene also wanted to have a room of his own.

While Eugene is engrossed in making the room.

Cristina knelt down and closed her eyes. For her, her prayer of touching and raising her stigma on the palm of her left hand has become an important ritual and daily routine that must not be filtered out.

At the moment of praying like this, there are no distracting thoughts in Christina’s head. All that exists in this moment is faith in the light and worship of Eugene.

I should have done that.

‘… … .’

My mind just can’t get clear. Sitting alone to pray, not looking at anything else, not having a conversation, the things I tried to ignore linger in my head.

– Hamel.

What Moron said at dawn.

-The Age of Mythology you recalled. Wasn’t there a picture of us?

Moron was looking forward to it inwardly.

It wasn’t just Moron. Senya was similar. If fate is something that goes beyond a lifetime and transcends time and space, then it must be a powerful fate. A fateful meeting, it resonates with images with just words.

But Cristina can’t feel any resonance from that. nothing can be expected

Christina Rogeris. Because her soul could not have existed in that distant mythical age.

Christina knows why.

Her body is a replica of ‘Faithful Anise’. The soul dwelling in this body—- was created by artificially processing the soul of a newborn baby who was abandoned in front of a monastery twenty years ago.

In order to enhance the ‘performance’ of the holy weapon, the imitation incarnation of the saintess, the remains of anise were added to the body of the clone. Much was added, subtracted, and blended to enhance the fitness of such body and soul.

There is no way that such a ‘soul’ could have existed in the Age of Mythology. Did the soul of an abandoned newborn baby, who will hardly remain anymore, exist in the age of mythology? Can I really call it my soul?

[It’s a funny anguish.]

In Christina’s troubled mind, Anise sneered.

[Christina. I dare say, right now you are agonizing over useless things.]

‘sister… … ?’

[How about me?]

Anise whispered.

[Christina. Your ‘soul’ was born as a newborn baby and left a cry in the world, but my ‘soul’ couldn’t either. I was an immature fetus that did not fully capture the human form, let alone cry.]

Such a fetus was implanted into the mother’s womb. If it were a human, it was Anise that was born after it was stabilized and grown by adding all sorts of divine magic and magic.

[I am also like you. Dare to say it, it’s uglier than you. But does it really matter? Christina. No matter how splendid the previous era was, it has already been destroyed. And now we are here.]

‘… … Sister, are you really okay?’

Christina hesitated.

‘That our souls didn’t even exist in the distant past. That our souls that exist now are completely artificial. That we alone are not part of Eugene-sama’s fate… … .’


‘Yes… … don’t you? Eugene is a warrior. Also, in the distant past, he was worshiped as Agaroth, the god of war. Circumstances… … The reason why Vermut-sama chose and reincarnated Eugene must be because he knows Eugene-sama’s previous life.’

[Of course it is.]

‘I also heard about Eugene’s story. The story of Agaroth, the god of war. In that story… … When I heard the story of the sage and the giant, I shuddered and sighed.’

[I know how you felt at that moment, Cristina. surely… … The sage reminds me of Senya, and the giant reminds me of Moron.]

‘I am saddened, saddened and terrified by that fact. The fact that our souls may not have existed at that time. and… … uh… … maybe… … .’

[Saint of the God of War. Are you afraid that she might be the Twilight Witch?]

Unlike Christina, Anis still smiled and asked. When Cristina hesitated without answering immediately, Anise continued in a soft voice.

[Rather, if we were the Twilight Witches, wouldn’t it be pretty cool? Even though it transcends time and space, it is guarding the side of the same person.]

‘However, the Twilight Witch is evil… … .’

[What does the previous life’s karma have to do with it? It’s not like we’ve committed any crimes. and Christina. I can say this with certainty, but we are not the reincarnations of the Twilight Witch.]

‘yes… … ?’

[Neither I nor you, I am not the reincarnation of someone else. Yes, as you thought, the past does not exist in our souls, which are artificial artifacts. That’s why there’s no way we could ever have been the Twilight Witches.]

still a soft voice. At the same time, Christina’s lips parted at the relentless words. She floundered, unable to even maintain her kneeling position, let alone her prayer.

[Why are you surprised? Didn’t you expect it to some extent?]

“ah… … iced coffee… … .”

[Listen up, Cristina. Past life, don’t be conscious of such useless things. that we are here now. That is enough.]

I get the point, but Christina couldn’t easily recover from the shock.

[We couldn’t be together with Agaroth in our previous life. Agaroth did not know us. What does that matter? It is not Agaroth that we know and are with. Christina. Turn your head and look to the side.]

She didn’t know why she was asked to look to the side, but Christina did as she was told and looked around.

[…] … .]

there was nothing. Up until now, Eugene, who was engrossed in making the room while leveling the floor, was nowhere to be seen.

[Where did this bastard go in the meantime… … ?]

Appropriately, he was going to stick Christina’s gaze into Eugene’s face, but where did he go?

Cristina quietly rose from her seat, feeling Anis’ cold anger.

“Eugene? Where are you?”

No answer came back. Instead, whoops, whoops, and the crackling of wind came from outside the cave. Cristina guessed what she was doing and she moved her steps out of the cave.

Eugene was swinging a wooden sword outside the cave.

wooden sword. It was a really ordinary wooden sword. Mana was not loaded at all. There are no white flames. Barefoot, with full strength, he was only wielding a wooden sword.

However, neither Christina nor Anis could accept that appearance as it was.

Just wield it alone, not dealing with anyone. A blunt wooden sword that has not even sharpened its blade. Even with that, the world is shaking. The will, immersed to the limit, creates a different scene from the trajectory of the wooden sword.


Eugene stopped swinging his sword and raised his head. It’s such a cold day, and it’s been a while since I swung my sword… … Sweat was beading on Eugene’s forehead.

Yujin wiped the sweat from her forehead and smiled shyly.

“When I was thinking about a sword while working, I suddenly wanted to wield it.”

“… … .”

“you? Why did you come out instead of praying? Isn’t it shorter than usual?”

Cristina couldn’t say anything.

The eyes that were swept away by the trail of the wooden sword hovered near Yujin. Due to the rising heat, a thin stream of steam rises from Eugene. The smile on her slightly sweaty face seemed noble to Christina more than anything else.

That moment. All of Christina’s anguish that had been troubling her just now was in vain.

In the end, it was as Anis said. What has no previous life? Anything that has nothing to do with Agaroth? What fate is not intertwined with?

What does that matter? Cristina is here now, and the man who looked after her, who told her to look at herself, who told her that it was just the two of us, is right here.

“… … .”

Cristina quietly put her hands together in prayer. Eugene couldn’t understand why Christina was suddenly raising her prayers toward him.

Anise, who was unable to shake off her anguish despite her ardent speech, thought about what to do with Christina, who immediately shook off her anguish the moment she saw Eugene wet with sweat… … .

[…] … Uhm… … .]

I thought it was fortunate that I didn’t make an appointment with Senya.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 416


No matter how much you chew the gag between your teeth, it doesn’t break, let alone leave a tooth mark. I already felt annoyance and despair about it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have regrets.

“It’s hard.”


it’s her name she has no last name In her childhood, she had a different name and a different surname, but from the moment she was attached to the Maleficarum, the Inquisition Bureau, her first name and surname disappeared, leaving only her number.

Normal interrogators go through that process, but Hemoria was different. Among the many interrogators of the Maleficarum, she was unique from the very beginning, and was an elite that everyone had no choice but to acknowledge.

After all, her father was Atarax the Punisher, the highest-ranking inquisitor of the Maleficarum and the next director-general, even a cardinal in sight if he retired with honor and proved his faith.

From the beginning of Hemoria’s memories, Atarax has been the Inquisitor. That’s why Atarax didn’t have a family name. Naturally, the surname was not passed on to Hemoria either.

name is… … It was built by my dead mother. When she asked one day, her father answered that.

He was a great father. He respected and learned a lot. In particular, in terms of religion, my father was the opposite.

We must not forgive heresy. Cultists must be killed. This job sees and touches so much of the evil that the Inquisitor himself is often corrupted. That’s why you should always have the light in your heart. Even if the body is tainted with filth and put to use, always have faith in the light… … .

Hemoria took to heart her father’s teachings.

The first time I went to the Faculty of Sacred Magic holding my father’s hand. The president of the Faculty of Sacred Magic, Cardinal Pietro, made Hemoria lie down on top of the magic circle with a benevolent smile. And numerous priests surrounded Hemoria and conducted various experiments.

In the distant past, the blood magic and spirit magic obtained from the mage hunt conducted by the Holy Empire were inserted into Hemoria’s body. Besides that, various things entered Hemoria’s body and caused changes.

It was terribly painful, but I got through it. Because I believed that all of this was for my father and for the light. In fact, Hemoria became a special existence thanks to her experiments and surgeries, and she was active and recognized even within the Malefica Room, regardless of her father’s glare.

Even though he had to wear an iron mask to hide his teeth, which had become sharp like a beast as a side effect of blood magic. Even though the practice of silence was forced to quell the spirit magic that sometimes runs wild.

Hemoria did not resent her father or be pessimistic about her situation. She thought that all of this was for her father and the light, and since she had true faith and worked for the light, she hoped that one day she would surely go to heaven.


I think of everything differently. Amelia Merwin told Hemoria truths she never wanted to know.

First of all, it is true that Hemoria is an existence worthy of being called the ‘daughter’ of Atarax. But she’s not that common either. Hemoria is a chimera created based on the blood and s*emen of Atarax. Hemoria is a Chimera that uses humans strictly prohibited by the Continental Law.

Sharpened teeth are not a side effect of blood magic. In the first place, Hemoria had the factor of a vampire planted in it. From the moment Hemoria was designed, it was destined to one day be inserted with blood magic.

The Protestant Church of Light defined blood magic as not black magic. That’s a lie. The source of blood magic is the power of demons and vampires. Blood magic was created by the lower vampires by imitating the powers of the higher level vampires.

Not to the extent of being polluted by filth and using filth. Hemoria’s very existence was filth. It was a heresy and a product of a cult that could never be accepted by the light.

What does it mean?

Hemoria means that you can never go to heaven.

“It’s hard.”

Still, time and time again, Hemoria prayed to the Light and begged for forgiveness.

Even in this body, let me believe in you. It is true that I ate many corpses to survive in that corpse-filled pit, but please forgive me for that sin.

No answer came back to the prayer.

I know why. No matter how many times she prayed and begged for her sins to be forgiven, Hemoria had no more faith in the light.

Hero, Eugene Ryanhart.

The one who came blindly tried to break into the fountain of light, and Hemoria, the Heretic Questioner, and the priests stood in the way. The sacred ceremony taking place at the Well of Light was not to be disturbed even by a warrior. For the sake of the light, even for the sake of the world, the ceremony had to be completed.

But the hero ignored all of that.

Eugene Lionhart. He did unbelievable, ruthless and cruel things for a warrior.

massacre. There were hundreds of interrogators and paladins killed by Eugene’s sword that day. The hero swung the holy sword hatefully. The Holy Sword and the Light slaughtered hundreds of followers without going against the will of the hero.

Hemoria saw it all and remembers it clearly even now. All the paladins and interrogators who died that day cried out to the light, to the gods, but none of them were cared for by the light.

Same with Hemoria. She fell into a pit with countless corpses, struggling with her limbs severed and calling out to God. But neither salvation nor miracles came. Hemoria was able to survive that day because she sucked the blood of other believers, and because she was picked up by Amelia Merwin.

Amelia Merwin.

Naturally, Hemoria hates Amelia. In the first place, in the present Hemoria, there are few objects that harbor feelings other than hatred.

He hates a religion festered with lies and corruption. He hates his father who thoroughly used and deceived him. I hate the light that did not bestow salvation. He hates Eugene Lionheart for cutting off his limbs and pushing him into the abyss. I hate Amelia Merwin for having undesirably ugly limbs attached, hideous things crammed into her body, mouth gagged, and dog collars around her neck.

i want to kill

“It’s hard.”

Hemoria opened her eyes thinly as she chewed on the gag.

Amelia says, ‘dogs’ must be raised in the yard. So Hemoria is tied up in the yard now. Her house is a kennel right behind her, and she’s on a leash so she can’t leave the yard.

The land of destruction, La Vista.

Quite a bit of time has passed since Amelia Merwin came here. For the first time since she came to La Vista, Amelia was busy going back and forth between her mansion and meeting other demons.

But at some point, Amelia stopped coming out into the yard, let alone outside the mansion. Right now, the last time Hemoria saw Amelia was when Noir Jebella, the queen of dreams, suddenly attacked. And when she trashed her mansion with her nasty grumpiness.

That was already 3 months ago. Amelia Merwin, who pretended to be proud and arrogant—- that day, she could not resist the violence of Noir Je Bella who suddenly appeared. The moment Noir Jebella laughed in her high voice and tore down her mansion, all Amelia Merwin did was scream unsightly and pitifully.

“Kuh… … Kuk-kuk.”

The sight won’t fade from my mind. Hemoria laughed softly as she ran her hand through the chain attached to her leash.

Even Amelia Merwin, who raised her nose as a stick of confinement, becomes insignificant in front of ‘real’ demons. Besides, she was so proud of the subject… … Hiding in La Vista out of fear of wise Senya and Eugene Lionheart! The more she thought about that truth, the more she made Hemoria happy.

“You look in a good mood.”

A voice from behind. Hemoria looked back at her, not surprised. She appeared without any sign, but Hemoria knew very well who the owner of this voice was.

Alpiero Lasat. Demons who serve the demon lord of destruction.

It is true that faith in the Light has been shattered, but that doesn’t mean that Hemoria’s memory of being an Inquisitor is also gone. She still hated Hemoria and was uncomfortable with demons.

However, strangely, he seemed to open his heart a little against Alpiero.

Is it because of the temperament of fascination possessed by vampires? perhaps… … It may be that the vampire factor planted in Hemoria’s body is attracted to Alpiero, a high-ranking vampire. Hemoria herself was not quite sure which of the two it was.

I thought there was no need to know. It was because Alpiero was kind and told Hemoria various things during these face-to-face encounters.

“Who is your master? Are you stuck inside today?”

Hemoria nodded. Then Al Piero smiled, raised her finger, and drew her in the air.

“The condition is getting worse and worse. It seems to be holding on somehow… … How much longer can I last?”

Amelia Merwin is fading. She is now dying beyond that category. Here, La Vista is Amelia’s hometown, but from the moment she made a pact with the demon lord of her confinement, her ties to her hometown were severed. The savage magic of destruction rebels against the magic of confinement, destroying Amelia from the inside.

“However, it must be pleasant for you to see your master sick. Haven’t the restraints actually weakened quite a bit?”

The muzzle of the mouth prevents me from answering with my voice. So Hemoria waved her chain around her neck as if showing off. This chain, which swayed with a heavy sound, was a restraining tool made with Amelia’s black magic.

“Whoops. I’m not talking about the physical restraints. What I ask is the redemption planted in you.”

Amelia is thorough. She knows that the bond between herself and her pet is built on coercion and violence, and she never introduces any emotional illusions or misunderstandings into it.

Amelia’s s@distic affection and discipline only instills intense repulsion, hatred, and vengeance in her pet. And they understand that pets never love their owners and will betray and bite their necks whenever the opportunity presents itself.

That is why, within Hemoria, there is a restraint that makes it impossible to betray Amelia. That little stake is driven right in the middle of her heart, and can break Hemoria’s heart at any moment, at Amelia’s will.

“It’s hard.”

Hemoria shook her head as she chewed on the gag.

This iron mask and gag are also physical restraints. If Hemoria takes off her gag and mask at will, Amelia is immediately punished. The squeezing of a staked heart is a terrible pain.

“is it? Well, even if it were, you wouldn’t be able to answer carelessly.”

Alpiero smiled and walked forward. In fact, his movement seemed to be sliding rather than ‘walking’. Alpiero, who had approached like a ghost, stopped beside Hemoria and whispered.

“I will give you some pleasant news to you who wish for the downfall of your master.”

At those words, Hemoria looked back at Alpiero with her eyes shining.

“In recent months, the Warlock Dungeon in the Nahama Desert has been raided. The frequency is arbitrary, but it seems that the raids are not flimsy. The number of destroyed dungeons alone is close to ten, and the number of dead black magicians buried in the desert exceeds 100.”

Here, the underground city of La Vista exists underground on the island, in the dimensional gap. In order to receive news from the outside in this place that is completely cut off from the outside world, you need to get cooperation from Alpiero and a small number of demons connected to the outside world.

Amelia Merwin was no different. She is the de facto ruler of the desert warlock dungeon, but the magic of her destruction that abounds in her la vista has weakened the connection between human warlocks.

Even now that Amelia Merwin is weakening and dying, she is unable to properly maintain the connection on her own, so she is in a position to receive help from Alpiero for external information and contact.

“I know what that word means. It means that your master’s foundation is crumbling. It means that someone is intentionally attacking your master. Who do you think it might be?”

Hemoria couldn’t answer right away and twitched her cheeks. She pondered for a moment whether it was okay to laugh honestly at the emotions she was feeling.

“When I asked who the beast was carrying out the raid, he was an unexpected person. Arot’s white mage lord, Melchis Elhair. The magic tower owners are refusing to use it as Arot’s strategic weapon. That long tradition is as clear as the separation of the monarchy and parliament in Arot. Since the mage tower is separated from the power, many wizards are studying in Alot. In other words, it was not Arod’s intention for Melchis Elhaire to wander the desert. Arod has no reason or justification to attack Nahama.”

“… … .”

“Then, raiding the dungeon is Melchis Elhaire’s will? I’ve never met her in person, but I’ve heard that she’s crazy and eccentric. but… … Even if you’re a madman and an eccentric, if you’re a mage lord, a person who is called the strongest elemental magician in all times and modern times, how much weight does your existence have? You understand what it means to launch an outright attack on your master.”

Hemoria had met Melchis before.

When Lionheart’s eldest son, Iod, attempted an evil ritual in the Black Lion Castle. Atarax, who had been dispatched to find out the truth and deal with it, had requested cooperation from the masters of the Mage Tower of Arot.

To the Melchis I saw then… … He was not particularly impressed. It was because a seat was a seat and an incident was an incident, and Melchis behaved decently in that situation.

The demon king ceremony took place in the Black Lion Castle, and even though it was a collateral, a young man was used as a sacrifice. is an incident Even Melchis couldn’t run amok in that situation.

“Did Melchis Elheyer have a personal grudge against your master? Depending on the level of resentment, you may be able to attack arbitrarily. But I think there is another ringleader behind Melchis.”

up Hemoria gnashed her teeth, and Alpiero grinned.

“Your master’s personality has earned him grudges in many places. but… … Among those enemies, there are only two big players capable of moving Melchis Elhaire and Arot’s mage lord.”

Alpiero raised two fingers proudly.

“One is the hero, Eugene Lionheart. He has had several quarrels with his master. I do not know all the circumstances, but he will want to kill your master just as your master wants to kill him.”

“… … .”

“The other is the count of disaster. Her hatred and anger are easy for me to understand. Your master has insulted Hamel’s tomb and his corpse. The news must have reached the calamitous Senya.”

The moment he said that, Alpiero’s body trembled by itself. It is because he recalled the image of Senya who went on a rampage 300 years ago.

Alpiero had never personally fought Senya and his comrades, but he had such strong memories that his body trembled even now when he recalled what he saw from afar.

“Senya of calamity is finally targeting your master.”

Hemoria could no longer hide her expression. She rolled her eyes and laughed softly.

“However, even Senya of Calamity will not be able to invade this La Vista. I wonder if you even know that your master is hiding here in the first place.”

Alpiero’s voice lowered slightly.

“Currently, Senya of Calamity is in Arot. He is actively meeting and interacting with the great wizards of the Red Pagoda and the Blue Pagoda. And at the same time, Baektapju is wandering through the desert… … . It is as if you are luring your master.”

“Kuh… … kuk kuk… … .”

“The desert warlocks are the secret power of the Sultan. As long as it is attacked, even the Sultan will be heartbroken, but the pig that has not yet chosen is hesitant to even respond.”

Will you turn your back on the continent and serve Helmud? Or, as before, will you notice between the continent and Helmud? Sultan Alabur of Nahama has yet to make up his mind.

“Your master does not want the base he built in Nahama to be wiped out. What is there is not just a tunnel of warlocks. The Helmud Demons, who used those black magicians as their legs, are your master’s strength.”

“… … .”

“I wonder what choice your master will make. Even if I lose most of the things I prepared, I will hide in this land. Or, like the ‘Stand of Confinement’, I’ll try to confront the calamitous Senya head-on.”

maybe… … .

Amelia Merwin will not leave La Vista.

Alpiero passed by Hemoria thinking so. That poor mongrel seems to want Amelia to jump into her fire, but Amelia isn’t that stupid of a woman. She would regard her humiliation and suffering as an extremely light means to achieve her ends.

‘What do you want?’

Amelia Merwin came to La Vista to protect herself. Because I was afraid of the calamitous Senya and the hero Eugene Lionheart. But in La Vista, Amelia Merwin is dying.

didn’t you expect Even so, even at this moment when I was truly dying, I was shutting myself in the mansion… … It must be because there is a certain target number.

“Huh… … .”

A mansion that was destroyed by Noir Jebela, but has now been restored intact. Alpiero opened the door and involuntarily exhaled a long breath.

The interior of the mansion, distorted unlike before.

A corridor that descends in a spiral.

Alpiero felt the devil down there.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 417

Bizarre, ominous, evil.

such a presence. Al Piero unconsciously clenched his fists and looked down at him.

Corridors coiled like snakes. Down there, deep in the center, darkness lingers.

“… … .”

Alpiero knows what ‘that’ is.

300 years ago, it was ‘Hamel of Massacre’. Human but not human, heroic but not heroic. At one time, he dedicated himself to the human cause of killing the demon king and saving the world, but now he is full of hatred and anger towards the world. Undead who have lost their cause, honor, and belief.

Even that has now passed. Alpiero couldn’t feel anything more ‘undead’ about that. that… … Now, it is changing into an existence that cannot be called undead.

Alpiero Lasat. This old vampire knew what that change was due to. The thing that was resurrected as a Death Knight lost its body in the previous battle. However, it did not disappear, and only the soul remained and returned to Amelia Merwin.

Amelia Merwin provided a temporary body for the returned spirit. Along with her, she added things to her soul to strengthen it.

If enough time and material for Amelia. Had it not been for the threat of renewal, she would have painstakingly created a new body and tried many different ways to strengthen her soul.

It didn’t work out as intended. Amelia Merwin hid herself in La Vista, avoiding threatening enemies, and this harsh and barren land of destruction did not give Amelia anything she desired.

If so, why not try something that can only be done here?

“Wonderful… … .”

Alpiero shook his head and muttered.

Now there is no body left in it. Dense and gigantic mana mingled with that soul, annihilating the temporarily given body. Now, even the impurities that were mixed in the soul have been completely harmonized.

It is a mass of soul and magical power that has not been given a body.

That’s how it exists… … . Al Piero trembled his clenched fists. I felt a tingling pain as my fingers and toenails dug into my flesh.

How should Alpiero accept the ’emotions’ he is feeling right now? I pondered for a moment whether this feeling was justified.

this is jealous

Alpiero smiled bitterly at the name of the emotion he defined.

He has been serving the Demon King of Destruction for hundreds of years already.

Here, in La Vista, Alpiero is not the oldest descendant of perdition. However, Alpiero was convinced that he was the most loyal to the Demon King of Destruction among the existing ones. Alpiero worships the Demon King of Destruction just as humans worship God, and all clan members who go against that belief have been sacrificed to the Demon King.

However, the demon king of destruction is ruthless and indifferent to his family. No matter how much his family cries out and worships him, the Demon King of Destruction never gives his voice to his family. I’ll give you as much magic as you want, but… … There are no exceptions to that. If you become a member of the family of destruction, you can receive as much magical power as you wish.

In other words, there is no ‘special’ existence for the demon king of destruction. There are no exceptions to the amount of magical power that one desires. The ominous and powerful magic of destruction is too much for even one of his followers to bear. Numerous members of the family could not withstand the magic of destruction and perished. If even Alpiero draws out the magic of destruction beyond a certain amount, the existence will begin to collapse.

‘It’s not even the circle… … .’

Neither that nor its owner, Amelia Merwin, are members of the family of perdition. Amelia Merwin is a descendant of the Demon King of Confinement, and that was revived as a Death Knight by Amelia Merwin and the magic of confinement.

The magic of destruction does not tolerate the magic of other demon lords. Because of this, Amelia Merwin is dying.

… … That too should be. It should be. I was dying just a few months ago.

Since when did that change happen? He is becoming an undead yet a non-undead. A change that occurred during the complete disintegration of the body and the mixing of mana in the soul.

… … Should it be an adaptation? Or should I say evolution… … . What is clear is, now that one is—- ‘close’ to the demon lord of destruction, to the extent that it cannot even be compared with Alpiero or the other members of his family. Such a change is unique to Amelia Merwin, not to her.

That fact makes Alpiero feel intense jealousy. Not a member of the family, not a demon, once a human, and once an undead… … Alpiero and the rest of his family are becoming unattainable despite their earnest wishes… … .

Alpiero let out a low sigh and shook his head. You can’t let go of jealousy, but you can’t be angry or hate it for that. It must be the will of the demon lord of destruction in the end that that thing be reborn as such a being.

Alpiero jumped down toward the depths of the coiled corridor.

little height. However, the moment to reach the bottom was long and sticky. If it weren’t for the family of destruction, it would have collapsed in the middle without even reaching this level.

Arriving at the dark floor, Alpiero shuddered at the thick magic and moved closer to it.

“… … Are you alive?”

After asking that question, Alpiero smiled bitterly at the inappropriateness of his question. are you alive Isn’t that a dead ghost?

“… … .”

the darkness moved I could clearly see its figure in the darkness that was slinking away.

soul and magic. Unlike the body, they do not physically exist and do not have a clear form. The existence of such a mixture of the two had a different ‘color’ that was completely different from the darkness that filled this place.

A color that looks like fog. The color you paint when you give a child colored pencils and ask them to draw a ghost or spirit.

hazy, muddy gray.

“… … also… … .”

A voice came from the gray mass. A hoarse, dying voice. A voice that seemed to be struggling with pain, but at the same time sneering.

“That, stupid… … asshole… … To the girl, vain hopes… … Did you give it to me?”

I’m talking about Hemoria. Alpiero had some sympathy for him, a mongrel chimera that could not be called half-penny, but that sympathy was too shallow to be called compassion. Also, aside from sympathy, Alpiero had no intention of denying that Hemoria was a stupid asshole.

“It is a vain hope. You speak as if I were making fun of him.”

“Kuh… … kuk kuk… … rather… … worse quality Alfie… … Lo Lasat. mosquito baby. tea… … I’m going to ask you frankly, but you… … asshole… … By coaxing a girl, what do you want to do?”

“You are misunderstanding.”

Alpiero shook his head and approached the specter who had once been Hamel of Massacre.

“Aren’t you always running into that child every time you come to this mansion?”

From Alpiero’s point of view, everyone in the mansion is an uninvited guest. Amelia Merwin in particular is contemptuous beyond her irritation.

A half-man, half-horse mongrel. Even if it was a pathetic existence, if it had served the demon king of destruction, it would have gladly shared its hand. Amelia left La Vista for her own desires. On that subject, since my body was in danger, I changed my attitude like flipping the palm of my hand and returned to La Vista.

If Amelia wasn’t behind the demon king of confinement.

And, since the demon king of destruction didn’t refuse the visitor as usual, Alpiero couldn’t come forward either.

If so, I have no choice but to make Amelia go out on her own.

“Your master… … I mean, there’s a lot of favoritism between pets. Some are put on a leash and left in the yard, and others are comfortable… … To make them enjoy sweet pleasures inside the mansion.”

blatant provocation. The specter showed no displeasure at being called a ‘pet’. Because I’ve heard that sarcastic remark so far.

Of course, I didn’t think it was rude. The specter quietly concealed her murderous intent, and let out a dry laugh.

“incense… … Rock.”

This is more painful than death. It’s even more painful because he’s already dead. When he was alive, death was the end, but now the specter is an existence that transcends the end of death. Therefore, there is no end other than extinction to the specter.

extinction. it is heavier than death It is not something that can be easily destroyed just because you wished for it. Even the ghosts had reasons to never, never, ever be destroyed.

Abandoned everything. honor, conviction, humanity. The place where it was lacking was filled with murderous intent, hatred, and vengeance.

And yet… … Still, nothing has been accomplished.

His comrades who betrayed him in the last days. At the moment when he desperately ran towards Belial, the staff of confinement that had become useless and could no longer fight.

Senya’s magic fired at him and Belial at the same time. The miracle of anise suddenly stopped. His injured and tattered body from the shelling was used as a meat shield for Moron, who was always at the forefront. And at the final moment—- Vermouth’s sword cut everything.

That, I want to ask the reason for the betrayal. I heard that Moron has reappeared in the far northern land. She was told that Senya, who had been in seclusion for hundreds of years, had also returned.

Before starting a brutal revenge, be sure to… … I want to ask the reason for the betrayal. Definitely, you should ask.


Rather, if you had told me first. You are no longer needed, no help, but rather a burden. therefore.

‘Can you act as bait?’

If he had heard such words directly in his face, he, ‘Hamel’ would have responded like that calmly. Without the need for his colleagues to feel bad or to commit the immoral act of betrayal, Hamel would have consumed his own end as a decoy.

“Kuh… … Kuk-kuk.”

The ghost laughed hoarsely.

reasons not to perish. The reason why I have no choice but to live miserably and pitifully until this happens. It gave the specter a terrible and miserable feeling every time it was recalled, while re-establishing the will of emotions.

He stared at Alpiero’s blurry face and whispered.

“wealth… … Are you happy?”

I could see Alpiero’s cheeks twitch.

“Obviously… … A jealous… … Quit it. ugly… … Are you?”

Kwap. Alpiero’s lips curled up. He showed his hostility to the specter, baring sharp fangs. The ghost laughed and whispered.

“but… … you… … I’m just jealous… … do it too yes… … mind… … the king… … kuh… … kuk kuk… … Oddly enough… … me… … Do you like it… … They said.”

I hate to admit it, but it was true.

The Demon King of Destruction favors ghosts. He is the demon king who gave equal indifference to all members of his household, but he is giving the convenience of the specter, not his family members.

The magic of destruction and the soul are mixed? Is that a reasonable sound? The reason why the ghost does not disappear even though it feels terrible pain is not only because it does not want to disappear and endures. Simply put, the Demon King of Destruction is not extinguishing the specter.

If you can’t hold on and collapse, everything ends. But the specter endures. This is also nonsensical. Even what the specter is holding on to is the mercy of the demon king of destruction.


“… … .”

Alpiero glared at the specter as he chewed his fangs to the point of crushing them. He was aware of the favor right away, but it’s hard to keep his composure when he hears a mocking voice from a dying guy.

“… … be jealous Admit it.”

A few deep breaths. Alpiero calmed his rage and lowered himself towards the squirming gray.

… … He gazes intently, but the boundary between mana and soul cannot be seen. It is a lump in which there is no distinction. To this extent… … can you do anything

“Please answer the question.”

That’s why I have something more I want to ask.

“You… … Have you ever heard a revelation?”

The demon king of destruction has never issued a revelation. Even when signing a contract, he doesn’t even hear his voice, let alone his appearance. Demons born in La Vista. Demons who rarely come from outside.

There are no exceptions. empty temple. If you go there, kneel down and pray, a contract with the demon king of destruction will be made. That’s it.

“… … .”

The ghost didn’t answer and was silent.

how many times

It feels vague… … see such a place. If I were alive, I would have dismissed it as a dream, but dreams no longer exist for the specter now.

If so, what is that place that I have seen several times? A void where nothing exists, and Odokani exists there… … .


“does not exist.”

Even the soul feels pain. The specter answered, suppressing the screams he wanted to howl.

Can that place and its existence be called revelation? What is it? The ghost couldn’t possibly interpret what he saw, but he had no intention of consulting Al Piero. Even if he ended up like this, he still hated the demons, and he didn’t want to say anything that Alpiero, who had a bad relationship with in his previous life, wanted.

“… … is it… … .”

Alpiero shook his head, showing blatant disappointment. He let out a short sigh and lifted his head, staring into the darkness.

Corridor leading from here. In the room at the end is Amelia Merwin. Al Fierro came to the mansion to meet Amelia Merwin, not to talk to her ghost.

“Come to think of it.”

Alpiero, who passed by the specter, opened his mouth.

“The demon king of madness has been resurrected.”

The specter couldn’t understand what that meant. Mad King. It’s the demon king I killed 300 years ago. When the specter was a human, when his life was the most brilliant, he was one of the demon kings he killed along with his colleagues.

The dead demon king is resurrected. What does this mean?

“You don’t need to worry too much. After being resurrected, he died again shortly after.”

“… … you… … how… … what are you saying… … doing… … .”

“Eugene Ryanhart.”

The ghost hates that name.

Alpiero knew that fact very well, so he smiled and joined the conversation.

“I heard he killed the demon king himself by swinging his holy sword. like… … Just like his ancestor, Vermouth Lionheart.”




As the story goes, the ghost heard a huge beating sound. The sound of a heart beating that won’t exist. The wraith unknowingly gasped for her breath.

In an instant, various things appeared and disappeared within him. When he crossed swords with Eugene Ryanhart. He couldn’t overpower his sword, but rather was overpowered, and with a strange sense of incongruity—- when he gave up in front of violence that he could never resist.

The discouragement I felt then.



Words spoken at the moment of defeat.

-I… … lost? to you?

The specter saw the appearance of Eugene Lionheart, who was not here.

A distant descendant of Vermouth. Neither the face nor the atmosphere resembled Vermouth. Despite that, his gray hair and golden eyes were the same. A guy who used a holy sword, a crushing weight, and a demonic spear in a different way than Vermouth.

It’s like—- if ‘I’ were to use the holy sword, crushing weight, and demonic spear, I’d probably use it like that, a guy who resembles Hamel’s fighting style.

That’s why vermouth is more hated. For the sake of betrayal, passing on my methods and skills to descendants is a terrible deception.

“Kreuk… … .”

The wick burned more and more fiercely. It seemed as if the soul and mana would burn to the core. Alpiero glanced at the ghost and headed for Amelia Merwin’s room.

Left alone, the specter heard the sound of a beating heart. The spirit and consciousness mixed with magical power sprinted towards the vague abyss.

-you… … .

A voice was heard from afar.

The ghost did not know who the owner of the voice was.

‘that… … .’

The ghost saw something in the gray that spread through his consciousness.

couldn’t get close.

But I knew it instinctively.

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