Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 123

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Divine power was added to the barrier built with magic. After confirming that, Yujin let out a deep sigh.

“If it’s dangerous, I’ll stop it.”

“Of course it should. I also have no desire to overdo it. The eyes that looked like the best were puk again… … .”

The moment the word puck came out. Eugene’s shoulders trembled. It was because he remembered the sound of the power of the demonic eyes popping Ciel’s pupils.

“I don’t want it to explode.”

“Don’t make any noise.”

“It’s ridiculous.”

Ciel frowned at Eugene and took a few steps back.

“I’ll try it out.”

“Do you know how to write?”

“Should I call it a sensation…? … . I think you should be conscious.”

Ciel focused his mind without saying anything more. As her expression became serious, so did the other people’s expressions.

I looked at the demon’s eye for several days. The problem is… … Didn’t find it. There was no magical power anywhere in Ciel’s body.

That demonic eye synchronizes with Ciel’s core. In other words, it uses mana, not mana.


She checked it several times, but Senya couldn’t understand it.

Even among the demons, there are few people who have the Mystic Eye, but not one, but two magical eyes. Even one of them is the dark eyes. It is a demonic eye of equal rank to the magical eye of fantasy possessed by the dreamer queen and the demonic eye of prestige possessed by the sword of confinement.

‘The demon king’s magical power penetrated through the pupils had an effect… … . No, no. I’ve been beaten several times since 300 years ago by Dark War’s Demon’s Eye or Prestige’s Demon’s Eye.’

Even Senya was beaten once. There were times when mana permeated into his body and he vomited. It was the same in the battle just a few days ago.

‘The blood of vermouth is special… … However, the evil eye did not dwell in Eugene.’

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t find the answer. The fact that a human possessed a demonic eye was beyond reason.

What I need to do now is not to investigate the reason why the mystic eye dwells. What can I do with that magic eye? You have to explore how much potential you have.

“If you are in tune with the core, you should be more careful. If you use it incorrectly, your mana will be depleted. Do you know what that means?”


Ciel nodded, concentrating his consciousness. When she runs out of mana, she is exhausted and collapses. If she’s unlucky, her core will be damaged and she will have to live with the aftereffects for the rest of her life.

“The power of the demonic eye is strong and convenient, so it consumes an enormous amount of mana.”

This too has been said several times, but warnings are not enough no matter how many times. Senya looked at Ciel with worried eyes and said.

“That Iris didn’t use her demonic eyes until after she became the demon king, but she couldn’t do that before.”

Gavid Lindman uses the magic of the demon king of confinement. Because of this, no matter how many times he uses the Mystic Eye, his mana does not deplete. In the case of Noir Jebella, he did not use the magical power of the confined demon lord, but in terms of simple magical power, he reached the demon lord level right away.

Compared to the two of them, Iris lacked mana. Even when she fought in Kiel before, Iris couldn’t unleash her evil eye like this time.

‘Ciel’s white salt meal is 4 stars.’

Eugene is fast like a monster, but considering the age of Ciel’s Baek Yeom-shik, it’s an incredibly high level. Right now, even in the subjugation party, only strong men like Carmen, Orthus, and Ivik had more mana than Ciel.

‘Using mana, it causes the power of the evil eye… … . It’s unprecedented. To what extent can it be reproduced?’

I was worried, but I also wondered how much power Ciel’s demonic eye would have.

If that demonic eye was indeed a gift from Vermouth, it might have been imbued with an authority that would make you want to be really absurd. For example, generating power without any consumption… … .


Ciel glared in front of his eyes and sighed.

Hwaaak! The left pupil emitted a golden light. The space Ciel had captured was distorted, and a black darkness appeared in the middle. He already knew, but the moment he saw the created darkness, Eugene’s face hardened.

that darkness The darkness created by Iris. Although the size is only slightly larger than a fist, the spreading darkness is gradually increasing in size… … .

blood shot!

Ciel’s head tilted back.

Nosebleeds gushed out as if a faucet had been opened.


His nose bleed enough to fly in a parabola, but fortunately Ciel’s body was normal.

It was just that the burden of having consumed a large amount of mana in an instant came on. There was no need to use divine magic or potions, just rolling up a tissue and plugging the nostrils was enough.

“… … .”

My head was also a little dizzy. Her taste buds were gone, and her speed was rumbling. Two of her nostrils were stuffed with tissues, making it difficult to breathe.

Ciel pursed his lips and exhaled.

“Actually, this is correct.”

Eugene crossed his arms and said.

“It’s not just a demonic eye, it’s a dark warfare demonic eye. Is that Iris also a demonic eye that you couldn’t use too much before becoming a demon lord?”

“… … .”

“It’s strange to use such a great Mystic Eye as soon as you have it.”

“Did you write well a few days ago?”

“It’s my first time, so I guess they let me try it for free.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Do you think the evil eye is a cheap toy sold at some street vendor?”

“Don’t raise your voice, don’t get emotional. Look, it’s bleeding again.”

Eh… … Eugene clicked her tongue and took out a new tissue paper from her and handed it to Ciel. Ciel took her tissue while glancing at Eugene with her sullen expression. She then turned her body around so she couldn’t see her face and plugged her nose with a fresh tissue.

“Give me the trash.”

“Don’t be crazy. Why am I giving this to you?”

“You’re the one who’s crazy. Saying that makes me look like a weird person. Do you think I’d want to have a bloody tissue that went down your nostril in private?”

“It is, but it could be.”

Ciel pursed his lips and raised his mana. Two rolled tissue papers were caught in the flames and disappeared.

“Is it the difference between conscious and unconscious?”

Christina, who was rubbing Ciel’s palm on the other side, opened her mouth.

“Isn’t that the only thing that can be said to be the difference between then and now?”

The first time Ciel used the magic eye was the moment Eugene pulled out his new sword. At that time, Ciel did not know that there was a demonic eye in his eyes, and his mind was not clear.

Nevertheless, Ciel raised his head and looked up at the sky. She saw Eugene in a confrontation with the demon king in the middle of the high sky. She saw the Demon King approaching Eugene.



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“surely… … At that time, I unconsciously saw Eugene. We have to block the demon king. You have to help Eugene. I thought so.”

Ciel put on a new toilet paper and put on a serious expression.

“but… … At that time, I was able to do that because I did not know that this pupil had become a demonic eye, right? As long as you’ve already become conscious, using the power of the Mystic Eye unconsciously again… … .”

“What are you guys talking about?”

Senya, who had been listening silently, asked with a puzzled face.

“Let’s listen, let’s listen, really… … did you forget that? At that time, Noir Jebela, you said that damn Gal X put medicine in Ciel’s eyes.”


“The Elixir of the King Simuin. It was swollen to heal the injured pupil, but at that moment, the ruptured pupil was restored with the Mystic Eye. Then what happened to the poured elixir?”

“hmm… … well… … .”

“How did it happen, it permeated into your mind! The surplus mana that should have been lost or added to you acted as a booster. That’s why, Ciel, the authority was manifested without much burden on you.”

how is it? Although she didn’t say it directly, Senya was sure of her point and put on a proud expression. It was a neat opinion that could not be refuted and did not need to be refuted.

“Don’t be c*cky.”

I just didn’t like that smug expression. Eugene snapped a word like that, and Senya snorted at her and raised her middle finger.

“then… … Are you saying that I can’t use it right now because I don’t have enough mana?”


Senya shook her head and continued.

“Conversely, if you have enough mana, you can use the power of the demonic eye.”

Ciel’s lack of mana was not the only problem. Even if you can afford mana by raising the achievement of White Flame Ceremony, developing authority is another matter.

“How about you and I supporting Mana?”

Besides that, there are many ways to support mana. You can use Akasha like Eugene is doing, or you can get help from Raimirah.

“are you okay.”

Rather, Ciel shook his head before Senya could answer.

“To be honest, than I would have received such support and used mystic eyes… … The fight between you and Senya-sama will be much stronger.”

“That’s right.”

I couldn’t deny that Eugene wasn’t either. It is true that the power of the Darkness Demon’s Eye is great, but honestly, it was a waste to apply mana to the Demon’s Eye, which could not be handled freely during an urgent battle.


The most special thing about the power of the dark warfare is that it can move between created dark matter. Its ability is the most intuitive and powerful among the Mystic Eyes. You don’t have to use it to attack enemies, but you can create various anomalies depending on how you use it.

Adding an attack isn’t all that support is available.


Eugene wasn’t the only one who came up with that name. Senya smiled and nodded her head, and Cristina let out a short exclamation. Anis also recited her prayers inside of Christina.

Moron is still in Lehein Yar at this moment. Maybe he’s killing Noor. Perhaps, he was throwing the corpse of Noor, who had already been killed, towards Raguryaran.

that weird space. The other side of Rehein Yar, which was allowed to enter and exit by Vermouth.

‘… … .’

I remember the first time I went in there.

Morone did not open the door. Automatically, the barrier door opened. Moonlight Sword… … It was used as a key to open the barrier door. I had doubts at the time, but I hadn’t thought deeply about it. maybe… … Probably, Vermouth’s arrangement. The moonlight sword was Vermouth’s favorite sword, so.

But now I was able to think more deeply and accurately.

The moonlight sword is the sword of destruction. It is the beast of destruction that presses down. The other side of Rehein Yar, where Nur appears, and Lagur Ya Land, which is said to be the end of the world. All are related to the demon lord of destruction.

And vermouth… … .

“Moron will not leave Lehein Yar.”

Eugene stopped thinking about vermouth. Nothing is certain yet. I didn’t want to make assumptions and misunderstandings about vermouth without knowing the truth. That makes my faith in vermouth shake.

“That, the asshole… … In a distorted world that I don’t know what it is, I’ve been killing monsters for over 100 years. I want to die, but I can’t, and I keep doing that. Because of the promise with that bastard, Vermouth.”

Killing Noor. What prevents the end from crossing over from Raguryaran. Moron made it his mission.

You never know when a click will appear. A few may appear. That’s why Moron can’t leave Rehein Yar.

“but… … Speaking of climbing a barbell and fighting the demon king of confinement… … I will tell you that I will fight with you.”

Even Senya couldn’t use long distance teleportation. Same goes for dragons. The only being in this world who can ignore distance and use space movement is the Demon King. There are leaves of the world tree similarly, but even that is not possible for all leaves, and the only place you can reach using the leaves of the world tree is one elven territory.

The Demon Castle of Confinement is at the center of Pandaemonium, the capital of Helmud. Even though there were dozens of warp gates in that city, there was no way the warp gates were operating during the war.

In the first place, he was going to kill the demon king and the emperor of the great empire called Helmud, but it didn’t make sense to use the capital’s warp gate.

If Ciel is able to handle the Dark War’s Mystic Eye on his own. If I could freely use the power of mystic eyes. It may be possible to bring Moron from Lehein Yar to Babel.

If that happens—-the subjugation of the confined demon lord, which could not be achieved 300 years ago, will be able to try again.

‘Without vermouth.’


The left pupil is heavy. Ciel swallowed and rubbed his eyes.

In order for the plan discussed now to succeed, Ciel had to be able to wield the power of the demonic eye. It should not be handled carelessly.

Rehein Yar, the northernmost point of the continent. Although it is similar to the north, it is far away, Pandemonium, which requires several months of travel even on horseback.

You have to connect the road with the demonic eye in that far distance.

“are you okay.”

Seeing Ciel’s face heavy, Senya opened her mouth.

“The dark eyes. Those dog-like eyes… … .”

After exhaling naturally. Senya patted her lips, wanting to say sorry.

“Hmm. yes… … nice eyeballs… … I mean. I know as well as Iris about that evil eye.”

The research to capture Iris’ Mystic Eye had already been completed 200 years ago. It was impossible to interpret until the process of manifestation of the power of the Mystic Eye, but how dark matter was composed was figured out a long time ago.

“You’re not saying you’re going to do it right away, are you?”

Cristina also spoke with a kind smile. Ciel cleared his throat a few times before nodding his head.

Meanwhile, the nosebleed had completely stopped. Ciel turned her head, pulled out the toilet paper, and burned it, just like he did earlier.

“I’m fine.”

“Then let’s go next.”

Senya jumped to her feet.

“I’ll have to try the rest. yes sir. Do you have two powers? With the dark eyes… … .”

“It’s an immovable demonic eye.”

“Do I have to call you by that name? It’s the name given by the Queen of Gal X.”

“What other name should I name it?”

“The Mystic Eye of Stasis?”

“Immobility or stillness… … .”

“The name isn’t necessarily important, is it?”

“By the way, it doesn’t feel bad to use the name Noir gave it as it is.”

But there was no proper name for it.

* * *

four days ago.

Noir Jebella quietly opened her eyes. There was not even a short or small moan, let alone a scream. She looked up at the ceiling with her big eyes wide open.


and shed a laugh. Possession was forcibly lifted.

A state in which only the spirit transcends the distance and dwells in the follower, the Dream Demon, while leaving power so powerful that it can be perceived as a demon king. When in such a state of possession, Noir becomes very weak.

That’s why Eugene’s—- Hamel’s dagger was both painful and enjoyable for Noir.

“I’m sorry.”

Noir slowly raised his hand and placed it on his chest.

No scars were left. The dagger that was stuck in his chest is also not here. Noir regretted all of that. If he had even a small scar left, he would have been happy because it was a gift left by his beloved Hamel.

“oh my god.”

Noir muttered with a bashful laugh. She jumped up from her lying position and covered her face with her hands.

“I think I came to love more, more, more.”

300 years have passed. He died once and was reincarnated. Even though he had been through so much, Hamel was still the same. No, he’s just gotten worse.

Is it because he failed in his previous life? Was it because he was killed by the demons he hated so much? Today’s Hamel harbors even more vicious hatred than Hamel of 300 years ago.

Noir loves Hamel’s hatred. She loves Hamel’s one-sided intent to kill the demons.

Noir creates all things and crosses the line between reality and fantasy, but he couldn’t imagine his own death.

But, if it’s Hamel. like… … If it’s that man who seems to have been born to kill demons… … .

‘Iris is dead.’

His cheeks burned with heat. Have you ever felt her pure love like this? Noir giggled and got off the bed.

‘I’ve become the Demon King at best.’

Naturally, Noir did not have the slightest pity for Iris. Rather than pity Iris, he thought it right to pity the homeless worms begging in the streets, having spent all his fortune here in Jebella Park.

“My Hamel.”

The power and dignity gained by becoming the Demon King. All of that fell short of Noir. If he struggled against Iris and the like, Hamel’s sword would never reach Noir in this lifetime.

A battlefield without vermouth or moron. Nevertheless, Hamel did not struggle. While receiving the support of Senya and the saintess, he even played the role of Moron of Vermouth.

And last—- the red sword that Hamel pulled out. A heterogeneous power that seems to be light but not light.

“That power reaches even the demon king.”

Noir pressed his pounding chest.

“But it can’t reach me.”

Noir opened her red lips and smiled.

She approached the window with light steps. It was a thick curtain that did not allow any light to come in, but it slowly began to open in line with Noir’s footsteps.

The light was visible from the glass wall that took up an entire side of the wall.

not sunlight The sun never rises in this city. Thousands of lights illuminating the city instead of the sun tickled Noir’s heart.

The tail, which had been moving lightly, stretched out and pulled a fancy gown that had been draped over the sofa. Noir put on a gown over her pure white naked body and stood in front of the window.

“Yes, I am still getting stronger.”

Noir smiled and looked down the window.

[Lalala~ Lalala~]

[Happy happy happy Jebella~]

[Everyday~ Jebella Day~]

[Welcome to the Jebela Park~]

[Dreams Come True~~]

[My, my, my~ Zezeze~ Welcome to Jebella Park~!]

Arguably, the most colorful city in Helmud.

Helmud is the second most visited city after the capital Pandemonium.

A city of eternal night, where colorful lights bloom most beautifully.

A city of nightlife where you can enjoy pleasures that cannot be obtained in reality if you pay the price.

This city, Jebela Park, is the largest energy factory on earth for Noirman. Noir looked down at the splendid city he had created and smiled brightly.

Woo woo!

The floating residence of Noir Jebela and the mascot of Jebela Park. The ‘mouth’ of the flying Jebella Face opened.

“Surprise~ Jebella Showtime!”

Jebella Showtime, which starts only according to Noir’s mood, without a fixed schedule.


The whole city shakes with shouts. Even high-class tourists staying on the top floor of the hotel opened their windows and leaned out, cheering and waving their arms.

Noir smiled and spread his arms wide. Wheein! Jebella Face moved according to Noir’s will. The fully tilted Jebella Face met the city.


Noir whispered.

Whoa! The magic eye of fantasy worked throughout the city.

The owner of Jebela Park. Even the king of a country cannot live the dream that the dream queen creates. Buying and selling dreams completely depends on Noir’s mood.

However, in this Jebella Showtime—-even briefly, Noir shows everyone a ‘dream’. The things that millions of people have envisioned in their heads are realized, even as short dreams, by the demonic eyes of fantasy.

All the emotions you feel in your dreams. A small amount of energy that escapes through the dream. All of that adds up to the power of Noir.


Noir lay down in the air and whispered.

“When will your sword really reach me?”

You’d better hurry.

Noir giggled as he remembered Hamel’s eyes, his voice, the feel of his skin at the moment he touched him, his smell, his hatred, and his intent to kill.


The sound of shoe heels approaching. Gavid sighed and put on his glasses as he sat at his desk and looked over his papers.

“It is difficult to come here so suddenly.”

Gavid’s every day is so busy that it’s hard to find time to spare. This is because most of the administration of this huge Helmud Empire must go through Gavid in the end and be approved.

In addition, Gavid is the chief of public safety in the capital, Pandemonium, and the commander of the Demon King’s army, and holds several other positions. The position of Babel’s guard, the Demon King’s bodyguard, and the leader of the Knights of the Black Mist were the most leisurely of Gavid’s positions.

Even now, Gavid was looking at the data observed by thousands of Airfish floating in the sky above Pandaemonium.

The capital, Pandaemonium, has the lowest crime rate among all countries on the continent. It would be funny that a demonic country ruled by a demon king and a city with the most tourists on the entire continent have good security, but the reason why Pandaemonium’s security is excellent is because of the hard work of thousands of demons working in Babel, including Gavid. … … .

The next task is also piled up like a mountain.

Originally, the demon tribe had a desire to improve by showing off their strength, killing their own people, and increasing their own strength.

As Helmud became an empire, the nature of the demons was suppressed with various rules, but after the last ceremony of appointing the staff of confinement, most of the complicated procedures required for ranking battles between demons in Helmud disappeared.

As a result, duels between demons became trivial and common, and the workload of Gavid and Babel officials increased explosively. As duels became more common, the ranks of the demons were changing on an hourly basis. It will take more time in the future for these changes to stabilize.

Of course, Noir Jebela doesn’t care about that. Her unannounced visit paralyzed most of Babel’s work organizations, but that, too, was no business for Noir.

If you can’t do the work right now, shouldn’t you just add to the amount you couldn’t do later? The demons who work in Babel, the demonic castle, are Helmud’s top elite white collars. They are civil servants who receive huge annual salaries even when they are alive and are guaranteed welfare even after retirement.

The astronomical tax that Noir Jebella collects every year is paid as the wages of Babel demons. Noir, who had never missed the top spot on the Helmood Top Model Taxpayer rankings, considered a surprise visit a trifle in the face of civil servants robbing him of as much money as he earned.

“The trouble is the tax bomb I will receive next year.”

Noir laughed and tossed her hair to the side. It was said as a joke, but it was also somewhat sincere.

In just two days, the year will be over. This year’s Noir has achieved monumental and mythical success in the 300-year history since Helmud became an empire.

The Black Tree Forest was stolen from Iris in a Territory Battle. Jebela City, which was built by pushing it away. Jebella Park, which uses most of the land, surpassed the monthly revenue of Dreamia, the territory that Noir originally had, in less than a month after opening.

The splendid success of the city made Noir very happy—but in Helmud, the tax rate for high-ranking officials was murderous. The heavenly welfare for human immigrants is possible thanks to the astronomical taxes paid by the highest echelons of the empire, such as Noir.

“Are you here to negotiate tax rates?”

Gavid sighed and looked away from the papers.

The figure of Noir walking out of the elevator… … In Hell Mood, she doesn’t look like a leading female CEO with mythical success.

A tight suit that shows off the curvature of the body with a skirt that is just as short as the limit. Glasses worn only for appearance… … .

Another angle, another angle, another angle. I wondered why I kept hearing the sound of heels, but it was because Noir was walking in place… … .

“What are you here for?”

I’m not here to negotiate tax rates. Gavid wanted to kick him out immediately, but he couldn’t because he had heard the word ‘tax bomb’.

The opponent is the top taxpayer who makes Helmud’s finances run. Gavid took that into account and slightly lessened the anger and irritation in his voice.


Hoo-wook. Noir, who was walking in place at a distance, came right in front of Gavid in an instant. She sat down on her big ass at her desk full of papers and leaned over to Gavid, pursed lips.

“May I go up?”

“Are you crazy?”

A captivating scent approached, but Gavid’s emotions did not waver in the slightest. Rather, he spat it out while staring at the papers Noir was sitting on with his butt.

“No matter how duke you are, and even if you are the largest taxpayer in Helmud, you cannot have an audience with the demon king in confinement. I have no right to claim him.”

“What are you being so mean about? We are old friends.”

“Since when have we been friends?”

“Well, from 300 years ago? Or from a month before the death of that idiot Laizakia was confirmed?”

Noir smiled and said, but Gavid’s expression cooled.

“You are sick. You are not wrong.”

A duke who has been secluded for hundreds of years. The demonic dragon Raizakia, who had not been seen even once, even though the dragon demon castle, the territory of the territory, was destroyed by a crash.

Not only Helmud, but all the continents had questions about the whereabouts of the demon dragon, and the secret information about the demon became known to the world a month ago.

Eugene Lionhart.

That cheeky kid… … They say he killed Raizakia. He is said to have found and killed Lyzakia, who had been secluded in the Great Forest of Samar for hundreds of years.

It’s not like you just kill it and it’s over. He brings the corpse of Raizakia to the family, shows it off, and uses it as a material for strengthening Lionheart’s power.

“To think that you were being hunted by a human, even though you boasted that you were the best and the worst… … .”

there was a heart attack But she wasn’t sure.

No matter how much Raizakia is an idiot, the old dragon and the demonic dragon Raizakia… … He thought it was impossible to be hunted by a single human being, not even a legion.

but. Lizakia was indeed hunted by Eugene Lionheart.

“He’s great.”

Gavid added several assumptions about Rizakia’s death.

Being secluded for hundreds of years meant that there was a reason why she was forced to remain secluded. Raizakia was obsessed with Senya Merdein to the point of obsession, and the two went into seclusion around the same time. And Senya Merdein returned from seclusion, but Raisakia did not return… … .

Raizakia was mortally wounded and weakened.

Eugene Ryanhart and Senya Merdane. The two of them hunted Lyzakia together.

“I can assure you, Eugene Lionheart will be stronger than Vermouth at his age.”

Even with such an assumption, I had no choice but to acknowledge the power of Eugene Lionheart.

Subjugation of Night March and Raisakia. The gap between the two is less than a year. In less than a year, Eugene Lionheart’s power surpassed that of Rizakia… … .

“So it is.”

Noir smiled and got down from the desk. The reason she visited Babel today is to meet alone with her demon lord in captivity.

I can’t understand the behavior of the demon king of confinement. What does the demon lord in captivity know and what he wants? Why did he intervene on the battlefield and save Hamel?


It’s not just the demon king of confinement.

‘My Hamel.’

The ominous light emitted by the moonlight sword. And, the light that was visible at the moment when he slaughtered the mad king. They are different. In Noir’s opinion, such forces could never coexist in one human being.

‘You are special.’

Even that vermouth didn’t have that kind of power. Is that why the demon king of confinement saved Hamel? … … why? To the demon king, isn’t the hero an object that must be antagonized unconditionally?

“I will be honest, Duke Lindeman. I am… … I covet Eugene Ryanhart.”

honestly. Despite saying so, Noir had no intention of confiding his true feelings. For example, Eugene’s true identity is Hamel’s reincarnation. Yesterday in the southern sea, Iris, who became a mad king, was killed by Eugene.

‘It’s all just the difference between slow and fast, you’ll find out someday.’

In particular, the entire world will know about the subjugation of the demon king in a month at the latest. Eugene’s true identity… … Gavid and Eugene will realize it the moment they truly cross swords.

“The demon king of confinement is Eugene Lionheart… … The warrior is looking forward to climbing Babel. You, the sword of confinement, must be planning to slaughter the hero the moment he tries to climb Babel.”


“But, what should I do? I told you, I covet Eugene Lionhart. This is really greedy, but I hope he doesn’t die.”

Noir lifted the glasses he was wearing and stared at Gavid.

“What shall I do? I have many thoughts, but will they corrupt them? Will you make me a slave to your pleasures and make you unable to live without me? It clings to me and makes me dependent.”

“… … .”

“hmm… … It’s delicious to corrupt a noble and strong warrior like a dog, but killing a noble and strong warrior is also tempting.”

“It means you don’t intend to let Eugene Lionhart climb the barbell.”

“Before he climbs the barbell, he might come to me first, right?”

Noir smiled brightly.

“You mean to kill me. In that case, I’ll politely bow my neck… … Why would you run away from a battle? If Eugene comes to kill me, I will gladly respond to his murderous intent. Are you still okay?”

“I don’t understand your question.”

Gavid frowned slightly.

“The Demon King of Confinement spoke clearly. To Eugene Lionhart.”

Climb the barbell, point your sword at me.

I look forward to the day you come to Babel someday.

“I am the sword that exists for the demon lord in captivity. More than he said he would wait for a hero here at Babel. I too, his sword, must wait for a mighty man at Babel. But that is my problem, Duke Noir Jebela, not yours.”

Noir did not answer and smiled.

Gavid, who did not know the circumstances, could say that, but Noir wanted to know the will of the demon king of confinement, not Gavid. The demon king of confinement must have something he wants from Yujin. In order to achieve that wish, Eugene and Hamel must climb the barbell.

But what if Noir makes it impossible? Will it still work? When that happens, how will the demon king of confinement behave?


“Duke Lindeman knows nothing?”

I didn’t come to get it.

Noir slowly raised his head and looked up.

Just a moment ago, she was on the 90th floor of Babel, in Gavid Lindman’s office. But before she knew it, without Noir herself knowing, she was on the upper floor beyond the 90th floor.

A throne bound with chains.

“Compared to you.”

The demon king of confinement said.

As Noir expected, the expression of the demon king in captivity, as usual, was devoid of any emotion.

“Are you offended that I know too much?”

There’s no way that would be the case, but Noir asked with a smile. The demon king of confinement gazed intently at Noir’s face, then shook his head.

“You know nothing.”

“oh… … is that so?”

We know that Eugene is the reincarnation of Hamel. She also knows that she is the one who caused the fall of the Ryongma Castle. I know you killed the mad king. I know that the ‘power’ that made him do it is divine power. I know that the light that shines at the moment the moonlight sword runs amok is similar to the magic of destruction.


I know that Ciel Lionheart’s eyes have a demonic eye.

A demonic eye with two powers. Vermouth of Despair, who handled the Demon Lord’s Arms. Dark blood that is passed on to descendants after 300 years.

The essence of Lionheart.

All of that was what Noir had seen himself. But I couldn’t be sure. There will be only two people in this world who know all the truth.

‘The vermouth of despair and the demon king of confinement.’

Among them, the demon king of confinement is right in front of him.

“What price will I have to pay to hear the answer to the truth?”

Noir got down on one knee and looked up to the demon king in captivity.

Kirik. The chains connected to the demon king of confinement made a clicking noise. The demon king of confinement put the back of his hand on his chin and smiled.


“freedom… … ?”

“Like the word. If you want to hear the truth, the price is your freedom.”

“oh… … I still believe that I am loyal to you and dedicate my freedom. Do you have any more freedom to give me?”

“Now that you are here. trying to figure out my intentions. Everything is possible because you are free.”

Actually, Noir himself knew best.

After the war, Noir expanded his power to the extreme. He took away his power by corrupting the war heroes who played an active part in the war. He also restrained and seduced the emerging demons who stood out from below. Beyond Helmud, he dispatched dreamers to countries on the continent to obtain a huge amount of energy.

Even though he had been so tenaciously and steadily growing in power, the demon king of confinement had never held Noir in check. If the tax bomb that pays taxes every year is a check, is it a check… … ?

Noir stared at the demon king in captivity for a moment, then nodded.

“If I were free now… … Wouldn’t it be okay to lay hands on ‘Hamel’?”

“he is.”

The demon king of confinement laughed without stopping.

“He called himself Eugene Lionheart.”


Noir giggled and laughed.

“But for me, the name Hamel is more connected. And, isn’t it more special that I call him ‘Hamel’? Everyone will call him Eugene.”

“It is also your freedom to call him.”

“Right, freedom. then… … Can I do whatever I want?”

Noir asked again. It was because he wanted to hear a definite answer from the demon king of confinement. The demon king of confinement has a wish for Hamel. In order to achieve that wish, Hamel must climb the barbell.

“If you want to.”

However, the demon king of confinement answered like that. He was still laughing, but that kind of laughter was even more unexpected for Noir. The boredom that had always been felt by the demon king now in captivity was vague.

“I’m looking forward to him climbing Babel.”

The demon king of confinement continued.

“but. He said he was challenging Babel, so I told him… … It’s not that he won’t give the hero any trials. If he wants to climb Babel, I will test the hero as the demon king, as I have done so far.”

“… … .”

“You will have to join the test. The dream queen. Duke of Noir Jebela. It’s not just you. This building will return to the Demon King’s Castle, as it did hundreds of years ago, and this city will return to the Demon King’s domain.”


Noir said with sincerity.

“Continuing the war of 300 years ago is the wish of not only me, but all demons who have lived since that era. The Demon King of Confinement. You gave peace to the world, but I… … The demons don’t want that. Why should I give up peace?”

“Because we made a promise.”

“The demons didn’t understand that promise. well, good Let’s ask what happened 300 years ago now. I am… … If I dare to understand your will, the demon king of confinement. Do you want to be a hero who has overcome trials?”

“Otherwise, you are not qualified to challenge me.”

“If you don’t qualify, then you don’t need it. then… … How is it? Should we wait for a new qualified warrior to appear?”

“Do you want to hear the answer?”

“no. The Demon King of Confinement. I don’t want to give up my freedom.”

Noir smiled and stood up.

“The Demon King of Confinement. You said you would test Hamel when he challenges Babel. I said that I would be with them for the test. Am I free at that moment?”

“Asmodians love battle and want war.”

The demon king of confinement answered.

“Isn’t it the same for you?”

“I want my war.”

Noir laughed and said.

“I don’t want to test Hamel for you, but I want to fight Hamel according to my greed and will. Hamel, she wants to come to kill me with her pure intent to kill me.”

“Then I will give you the answer you want.”

The eyes of the demon king of confinement became thin.

“Noir Jebela. I will not impose any sanctions on you for killing Eugene. Even if you go to kill Eugene, and Eugene comes to kill you, I will not move.”


That answer made Noir laugh heartily. In the end, that was the answer she was most desperate for.

Noir Jebela. She didn’t want to be disturbed by the confined demon king at the moment when Hamel was crushed or she herself was crushed, when each other’s existence collided with her and completely possessed her opponent.

‘At that moment, Hamel is only mine.’

Even Hamel’s teammates, such as Senya Merdein and Christina Rogeris, couldn’t interrupt the moment.

Even if their attacks rain down on Noir, Noir will only see Hamel. And, of course, Hamel would only focus on killing Noir. The passion of that moment will be the greatest joy among the long time Noir has lived.

“I heard the answer I was hoping for.”

Noir bowed gracefully and turned his back.

“Why don’t you become a demon king?”

After walking a few steps, I heard the voice of the demon king of confinement.

“Noir Jebela. With your strength and character, you could become the Demon King right now.”

“oh… … I never thought you would rate me that way.”

Noir smiled and looked back at the demon king in captivity.

“But I don’t even know how to become a demon king?”

“Being worthy of being called the Demon King.”

The demon king of confinement answered without silence.

“You are already dominating and harassing countless humans, and you have built up a power worthy of being called the Demon King. If the people in your city start calling you ‘Demon King’ instead of ‘Dream Queen’ right away. You can become the Demon King right away.”

“As expected.”

Noir was also guessing to some extent. Her magical power has already surpassed that of the demon king of slaughter, misery, and madness who died 300 years ago.

Nevertheless, Noir is still a demon. In the first place, Noir himself never thought of himself as a demon king, and he never thought of wanting to become a demon king.

Even more now. The demon king is not aware of it. At the moment of complete awareness, all the beings who were enchanted by Noir will call Noir the demon king, and Noir will become the ‘demon king’ instead of the queen of dream magic.

“If you become a demon king, you won’t be special.”

Noir laughed ahaha and shook his head.

“The intent to kill the demon lord is too common. Three, no, four Demon Kings have already been killed by Hamel. And even if I become the demon king, I cannot become the demon king whom Hamel hates the most and wants to kill.”

The demon king of confinement and the demon king of destruction remain.

“However, if I remain the dream horse queen, then I can be Hamel’s most special dream horse. You can become the most special, the most hated, and the most wanted demon. To me, that is more special and attractive than the name Demon King.”

Before learning about Hamel’s reincarnation, there was another reason.

I thought that if I became a demon king, I would have to face the demon king of confinement. For Noir, who knew the power of the demon king of confinement, becoming a demon king and fighting the demon king of confinement was unattractive.

After learning of Hamel’s reincarnation. The reason she doesn’t become a demon king has changed. The current Noir never wanted to become the Demon King. She remained a demon and a dream queen, and she wanted to be the target of special hatred and murderous intent towards Hamel.

“… … It’s still the same.”

After Noir Jebella disappears from the room.

The demon king of confinement smiled and nodded.


On the return ship, the inspection of the magic eyes continued.

Ciel has two magical eyes. Darkness Mystic Eyes and Unmoving Mystic Eyes. Eugene didn’t really like the name ‘Immediate Magic Eye’ because it was given by Noir, but that doesn’t mean Eugene himself didn’t try to name it differently.

“Are you afraid that the name Eugene gave you will be ridiculed by someone else?”

He punched Mer, who was teasing her, once in the head, and was slapped on the back by Senya, asking why she was feeding honey chestnuts to her child.

The Dark Field Mystic Eye already knows the authority in detail, but in the case of the immovable magic eye, the authority has not been properly grasped yet. Even though Ciel, the owner, had an instinctive understanding, it was certain that he would eventually examine the performance of the Authority in an ignorant way.

“It’s better value for money than I thought.”

As a result of dozens of inspections, Senya came to that conclusion.

“It consumes less mana than Dark War’s Demonic Eye, and the powers are very intuitive.”

Ciel nodded, rubbing his tired eyes. Eugene also agreed with that evaluation.

Immovable Mystic Eyes can’t create things like dark matter like Darkness Mystic Eyes. It cannot dazzle the mind like the magic eye of fantasy. Like the demon king of prestige, I can’t endow my body with the same power as the demon king. The authority of the immovable demonic eye is literally just stopping something.

“I think the potential is great if it supports mana.”

Yujin said while staring at the flames that stopped in the air. That evil eye stops the flow of mana and even the light of divine power, and interferes with human movements. If you dig into it in detail, you can stop the beating of your heart or even your breathing.

It is not absolute. An ordinary person who can’t handle mana at all would be able to make fun of it just by looking at it, but if the opponent knows how to handle mana, they can immediately resist the power of the magic eye.

In order to subdue such an opponent, you need to exert stronger authority, and of course, the stronger the authority, the greater the consumption of mana.

“Even if I pour mana to the brink of exhaustion, not one of you can stop.”

Ciel pursed his lips and grumbled. profit! The flames that had stopped in the air faded.

“What? Then does it make sense for me to stop in your mind?”

Eugene laughed and said.

“There should be no human stronger than me on the whole continent now, so does it make sense for me to be caught by you who have just awakened my demonic eye?”

That’s right, but… … As Eugene spoke in an arrogant tone, Ciel had no choice but to open his eyes and glance at Eugene.

“You’re not the strongest on the entire continent.”

“What is not?”

“Moron is stronger than you.”

At those words, Yujin’s cheeks twitched. Eugene didn’t answer right away, and immediately ran a simulation in his head.

The last time I fought Moron… … It’s ridiculous to call it a fight, but Eugene didn’t do his best anyway. In the first place, even Vermouth would be reluctant to attack with his bare hands without holding his body and weapon.

“If I fight now, I will win.”

Eugene stretched out his chest and said. In fact, in the last fight, if he had fought with a weapon instead of bare hands, he would have had a good chance of winning.

“What do you think? I didn’t see Eugene and Moron fighting, but you guys did.”

Senja asked, glancing at Cristina. Christina recalled her red new sword that had slashed her world, and held her hands together in front of her chest.

“Eugene will win.”

“really… … okay… … . amazing… … .”

light illuminating the pupils. unwavering faith. Witnessing his mad faith, Senya nodded his head with a confused look on his face.

“Well, it was of no use to me, the best person on the continent… … .”

“Look at the condescension.”

“Leave it alone. Unlike me and you, Hamel has never been called ‘the best on the continent’ in his life.”

Anis and Senya, who had changed before they knew it, started talking.

It was true. Senya was called the best wizard on the continent. Anis was also called the best priest on the continent. There was nothing to say about vermouth.

“You weren’t even called Moron… … !”

“After you died, Moron was called the best warrior on the continent.”

“When I was alive, I was called the best mercenary on the continent.”

“I’ve never heard of that, but… … .”

“The mercenary king of the time doesn’t think of you as a mercenary.”

Each and every word spoken served as a dagger to Yujin.

[The original woman thinks the hermit is the best hermit on the continent.]

Lymilia inside the cloak comforted me and spoke to me.

What is the best hermit on the continent? Eugene stroked Raimirah’s manicured forehead a few times to clear the bubbling inside.

“… … anyway… … your eyes… … I think it has a lot of potential.”

Yujin gasped for breath and continued speaking.

immovable magic eye. It’s not something to underestimate. It is true that the demon lord of madness – Iris was in a very weakened state, but her actions were suppressed for a very short time by the immovable demonic eye.

In other words, the demonic eye of that intuitive ability is also eaten by the demon lord. Ciel right now would be impossible, but what if Senya supplies mana or uses Akasha’s dragon heart?

In any case, the fleet will have to sail for several more days to reach Simuin. Senja was preoccupied with whether the methods conceived were feasible.

“It’s not as simple as you think.”

It took a full day to come to a conclusion. Senya waved her staff and erased the spells she had drawn on the floor and in the air.

“In the end, the Mystic Eye is a superpower organ and a physical organ. What a human being shouldn’t have is something newly added to the body. Because of that, I am influenced too much by my master.”

Even if you pour mana into a demon that is not fully developed, you will not be able to generate the desired amount of power. It’s the same story as if a 7th circle wizard had infinite mana, he couldn’t use 8th or 9th circle magic.

“It’s the same even if you hold an external magic organ like Akasha. Perhaps in this case, Ciel’s skills… … Well, depending on the achievement of the White Flame Ceremony… … Hey, what’s wrong with your expression?”

Ciel, who had his shoulders drooping and had a gloomy expression, looked back at Senya.

“Simply put, you’re saying that I’m too weak to even receive Senya’s support, right?”

“uh… … um, uh… … I’m not saying that… … .”

“You don’t have to give it for me. I know better than anyone else that I am lacking.”

“No, boy… … Uh uh um, you’re strong enough Among humans… … . Right now, even at the current level, you’ll be able to subdue a decent amount of people with just one look, right?”

“But Senya-sama can’t be subdued.”

“Well, I’m not a decent person… … Wait, do you want to subdue me?”

Senya asked with her eyes wide open, and instead of answering, Ciel only slightly looked away.

It’s not just Senya who wants to subdue. Ciel wanted to subdue Christina and Anis as well, as well as Mer and Raimira, who were holding Eugene’s arms as if it were natural. After putting everyone on their knees with the power of the newly acquired demonic eye, they harass Eugene, who is also unable to move… … .

“Uhm… … .”

Ciel quickly erased the absurd thoughts that popped into his head. Why did this come to her mind? After thinking about it for a while, it was all because of her twin brother Xian.

That unscrupulous older brother had coveted obscene books since he was little, as if he didn’t even know how to be shameful… … .

“I’m just being so stupid. Both you and Xian have enough talent. I just had to stop having actual combat experience and a sense of battle.”

“Then what is lacking?”

“Introspection? Meditation or… … Originally, when you go later, it becomes more important to strengthen your inner self rather than sweating profusely and moving your body. Cultivation of the mind, something like that. So when I go back to my parents’ house, I’ll have a white salt ceremony at the bottom of the lake.”

The spirit vein of Lionheart left behind by Vermouth. Even if you search all over the continent, there will be few places as rich in mana as Lionheart’s spirit vein, but the world tree that Eugene moved from the Great Forest further developed the spirit vein. Now, it is not an exaggeration to say that the whole forest of Lionheart’s home is rich in mana.

bottom of an artificial lake. Originally, an undersea cave at the place where the spirit vein of Lion Heart was connected.

It became a rare land where even the roots of the world tree saplings were entangled, literally increasing mana just by breathing. The wizard Senya thought that the underwater cave was Lionheart’s true treasure.

Eugene also benefited from the underwater cave in achieving his current achievements. Thanks to the Baekyeom Ceremony performed there, the lightning spark was strengthened, and the mana increased several times. If it wasn’t for the training in the underwater cave, he would have been worried that his mana would be depleted every time he took out the moonlight sword.

“Mr. X.”


“Why are you swearing all of a sudden?”


Thinking about the moonlight sword made me unknowingly curse. At the sudden swear words, Senya frowned, and Anise narrowed her eyes. Ciel was startled and hiccupped.

“Moonlight Sword, what should I do?”

“What the heck? Can’t we just throw that shitty sword here in the sea?”

“It’s a waste to throw it away… … .”

“What if it happens again next time?”

Anis even straightened up and fired at Eugene.

“There is no guarantee that it will happen again next time.”

“Eolssi, you speak very well. I was so scared that I couldn’t even pull out the moonlight sword.”

“no… … It’s not that I can’t take it out because I’m scared, but if I take it out of here and the ship sinks for no reason… … .”

“It’s okay to go to the shore, right? What nonsense… … .”

“At least the ship won’t sink there.”

Eugene grumbled and looked inside the cloak. The moonlight sword, which devours Eugene’s ego and ran amok, is now quietly sealed in the scabbard and asleep.

After that day, Eugene did not pull out the moonlight sword from its scabbard. Ignition’s recoil has already ended, but… … She fainted at the thought that she would be able to handle the moonlight sword just because her body was in good shape.

‘It’s changed. That’s for sure.’

Just as Baek Yeom-sik changed during the battle with Iris, the moonlight sword also changed. Originally, the moonlight sword received Eugene’s mana and turned on the moonlight, but it never mixed with Eugene’s flame.

However, in the battle with Iris—- Eugene succeeded in combining mana, flame, and moonlight. In the process, her hand was entangled with the moonlight sword, the moonlight was out of control, and Eugene’s consciousness was swept away by futility.

‘On the moonlight sword… … i added No, it was close to ‘one’.’

There is a saying that body and sword are united. If you swing your sword like crazy, at some point you will come to this realization.

Awareness that ‘I’ and ‘sword’ are not separate, but I am the sword and the sword is me. When such awareness comes, the ‘law’ of wielding a sword changes from that moment on.

That state had been reached even before he met Vermouth in his previous life. At the time, Hamel had mastered several weapons, not just a combination of new swords, but a combination of new weapons.

‘Coming now, it’s the new sword union… … .’

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