Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 120

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Eugene stuttered and asked. Yes, she says, wanting to laugh.

But Ciel couldn’t do that. I heard last… … It was because of the voice left there alone after pushing away Eugene and Ciel.

“I am… … .”

I went down deep and reached it. she caught on However, it was a different force that pushed Eugene and Ciel out of there. Ciel hesitantly shook her head.

“nothing… … .”

Did not do it.

I was trying to say that.

There was a loud noise.

The sea was agitated.

Tingling, what I felt.

Is it the same intuition as before? Or is it a warning engraved in the blood flowing through the veins?

I didn’t know what it was, but this was clear.

The one I chose was Ciel.

The outstretched hand pushed away Eugene’s body. shallow have to replace You can’t help it. I don’t know if her lives are equal or not, but on this battlefield—-and in the future.

‘Your life is more valuable than mine.’

Ciel’s body leaned forward.

The left field of vision reddened and then darkened.

Puck, the sound rang in my head.

Mad King

It happened right in front of you. Eugene’s hazy eyes widened.

The body that had been pushed back leaned forward again. The darkness that appeared in the empty space where there was nothing. It became a sharp awl and pierced Ciel’s left pupil.


I called Ciel’s name with my mouth that opened spontaneously. Eugene hastily stretched out his hand.

Passes! The awl that pierced the pupil disappeared as ashes.


Eugene hurriedly pulled Ciel’s body. A surprise attack using the magic eye. It must have been his head. However, this surprise attack was much shallower than the devil’s intention.

An attack that did not have enough power, at least focused on one point and turned it into an awl. He was going to break his eyeballs and even his brain, but even that didn’t go according to the devil’s will.

I do not know.

I don’t know the reason why the demon king’s attack was shallow. I wasn’t even curious about that. Eugene hurriedly looked at Ciel’s wounds.

Ciel’s eyes that I’ve seen since childhood. Golden eyes, the symbol of Lionheart.

Those eyes weren’t visible. Eugene’s body trembled. I rummaged through her cloak and pulled out various potions.

Holy water received from Christina and Anis. An elixir that even Lionheart treats as precious.

No voice came out. Eugene chewed her lips and poured holy water and elixir into her empty left eye. Then, she checked Ciel’s pulse.

live. Although faint, Ciel’s pulse was beating. That fact relieved Eugene.

I couldn’t say why. There was no need to ask why Ciel acted like this, it was obvious. Just now, Eugene wasn’t in a good state enough to react properly. It was still the same. The runaway of the moonlight sword consumed too much of Eugene’s mana.

The runaway also affected Mer and Lymilia inside the cloak. Eugene is able to use mana to the point where he is ignorant because he has excellent mana handling skills from his previous life.

It is not only because the developed white salt food is special. This is because Mer assists her to use mana more efficiently, and because she draws mana from the dragon hearts of Akasha and Raimirua.

The two of them passed out due to the rampage of the moonlight sword. Eugene also wielded the moonlight sword in a state of no self, taking damage to her core as well as mana.

“… … .”

Eugene hugged Ciel tightly. Whatever he said to Ciel, who had lost his mind, would have no meaning right now, but Eugene quietly whispered in Ciel’s ear.


I said it with sincerity. Eugene stood up from her seat, holding Ciel in his arms. When she turned her head and looked behind her, she saw the figure of Sun Desiira in the distance.

“city… … Ciel.”

Desiira was covered in blood. Her blood was not her own, but the blood that had been splashed in previous battles. Desiira didn’t even wipe the blood off her cheek, so she wept. Eugene approached Didira without a word.

“S-Ciel-sama, is Ciel-sama okay?”

Eugene was unable to answer the stuttering question.

The left eye… … lost Fortunately, she did not die, and there were no other injuries other than the loss of an eye.

But I couldn’t be relieved. He uses holy water and an elixir to give first aid, but it takes a miracle from a high priest to cleanly heal the demon-induced wounds.

Fortunately, there is a saint on this battlefield. So, it will be fine. Even if Christina’s divine magic is still not as good as Anise’s, right now… … may be impossible, but someday, yes, someday.


Eugene chewed his molars tightly. Desiira hugged Ciel and shrugged her shoulders.

“divination… … are you okay?”

Desiira asked in a terrified voice.

I’ve seen Eugene get angry a few times, but that face… … No, is that an angry face? Didyra couldn’t fully grasp what Eugene was feeling right now, but he sensed that it wasn’t just anger or murderous intent.

“It’s not okay.”

Anger, hatred, murderous intent, nothing like that. What Eugene felt now was a terrible and heavy self-loathing.

What the hell is this like? Of course, I was prepared to struggle against the demon lord, but the reason why it has become like this now is not because the demon lord is strong.

“I am sick.”

I couldn’t handle the moonlight sword properly. The ego was swept away by the rampage of the moonlight sword, and even though he barely regained his consciousness, he could not control his body properly.

“You bastard.”

The more I thought about it, the more I hated myself. Eugene chewed his teeth and glared at the moonlight sword that had fallen to the floor.

He knew from long ago that the moonlight sword was dangerous. but… … I never thought it would be dangerous in this way. Eugene let out a choked breath and raised the moonlight sword.

The moonlight sword in his hand did not emit light like before. If you infuse it with mana, it will emit light.

So… … I thought no. If I were to get caught up in the rampage of the moonlight sword once again in my current state, it seemed that something irreversible would happen. Eugene gnashed his teeth and inserted the moonlight sword into the cloak.

“Go back.”

Eugene sighed and walked forward.

The core throbs. The distorted Baek Yeom-sik and the seven stars began to move according to Yu-jin’s will. Quarrrrr! The loss of mana to the main body is great, but Akasha still has mana to draw.

[Ugh… … .]



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Raimirah and Mer also came to their senses. Eugene didn’t have to open his mouth to understand the situation. The two felt what Eugene felt. With the addition of Lymilia’s mana, the flow of the white flame ceremony became more intense.

The battle is still going on in front of me. Divine power and magical light exploded in succession from within the pulsating magical darkness.

The holy sword, silenced by the moonlight sword, shone again.

His left hand gripped his chest.

Black flames soared.

* * *

It was good to come to this sea.

Scalia sincerely thought so. When she was on Shedor Island, she couldn’t run wild like she does now.

Late at night, when I couldn’t control the urge, I would put on my robe and sneak out into the streets. Although he dared to make up his mind, he couldn’t kill anyone. Fortunately, Scalia’s madness still had that degree of restraint.

It was also the influence of innate nature and educated morality. You must not kill innocent people. A person who commits a crime may be killed.

Of course you can’t kill anyone. Even among her impulses and hobbies, Scalia distinguished them, carefully selected the wicked in her own way, and punished them with death.

But in this sea there is no need to make such a distinction. You just have to kill the bastard. Happily, it wasn’t just the monsters that attacked Scalia.

The light of the divine power was dim in the rear where she was located, the sky that had become a demonic world was dark and dull, and the battle with the hideous monsters that had become non-human drove the faint-hearted people crazy. The madmen thus born swung their swords or jumped into the sea and died.

Even though all the monsters pulled out their hearts and died on the way, the battle continued nonetheless. It was because there were many people who had been driven mad by the spectacle or by the frenzied magic.

‘Ah, good.’

Pointing a sword at the royal family was a mortal sin in itself. So there is nothing wrong with killing them. Scalia took great pleasure in that fact.

To wield a sword, to see someone’s blood, to die from that blood, to kill someone else myself. all of that was enjoyable

Let’s kill my brother in the chaos.

Suddenly, Scalia had such an epiphany.

Since childhood, she has never been on good terms with her older brother, Zafer Animus. Like most half-siblings, Prince Jafer despised Scalia for having a low-ranking concubine as his mother.

Not just when I was young. Even after Scalia became an adult, Prince Jafer would gossip about her at noble parties.

On the subject of never killing anyone with a sword. Even now it is. Prince Jafer was terrified and hid in the evacuation boat from the beginning.

‘I’m going to go and kill you. Because I wanted to kill him from long ago.’

Now we are in a chaotic battle. Without an eyewitness, Jaffer’s death would be buried quietly.

Witness, eyewitness… … . Scalia was conscious of her back without stopping. Dior follows her while keeping her distance. Scalia clicked her tongue.

‘It bothers me.’

It is true that Dior is an adjutant. However, Dior would not have enough loyalty to take care of Scalia in this urgent battlefield. The reason Dior is following Scalia now is to keep an eye on Scalia.

‘A gloomy bastard. I can’t understand the intention of not reporting to Sir Ortus and only monitoring him… … .’

Would I rather kill Dior? I remembered it myself, but it was clear. There is no need to induce. Before going to the evacuation ship, kill Dior and throw him into the sea, then go to the evacuation ship.

It’s been a while since I decided to do that.

Scalia’s body stiffened. She lifted her head with her jerk and looked at the distant sky.


Dior looked suspicious and spoke to Scalia. She smiled like a crazy bitch and swung her sword and wanted to go somewhere… … I couldn’t figure out why I was standing there.

“What is your problem?”

Dior slowly approached Scalia. However, Scalia did not answer the call, and she still only stared across the sky.

Dior tilted his head and looked at Scalia’s sky. dense darkness. chain… … I saw the figure of Eugene Ryanhart tied to the same thing.

“chain… … ?”

Dior murmured.


Scalia spat. Eyes that moved quickly turned to Dior.

At that moment, Dior’s consciousness disappeared. He stood there with blank eyes and then turned around.

“Princess, where are you going?”

Dior pursued a fantasy different from reality. Scalia, no, Noir Jebella saw the sky again after sending the troublesome humans away.

Noir once descended consciousness into Scalia’s body in Lehain. The incubus that was used as a catalyst at that time died in front of Eugene and Christina, but the dream demon exists everywhere in the world.

Scalia is mentally imperfect and suffers from nightmares. Noir also recognized Scalia’s suppressed impulses, and pushed her back so that she could erupt them during her somnambulism and develop these impulses into perverse amusements.

That’s how I planted the contact. A country’s princess… … He was also a great figure to play with, and he judged that he could also use it to monitor the behavior of the runaway Iris.

‘I didn’t intend to intervene.’

Noir glared at the sky with thinly opened eyes.

Iris, no, subjugation of the frenzied demon lord. It was surprising that such a Dark Elf became the Demon Lord, but even so, Noir had no intention of intervening in this war. In the first place, her body is not in this sea, but in Jebela Park in Helmud. Just like the last time, she used her subordinate dreamer as a catalyst to descend only her consciousness.

A newly born demon king of madness. There is interest, but it’s not a situation where Noir can directly intervene, and he lacks the strength. If the demon king of madness wins in this war… … They will collide someday, but in Noir’s judgment, now was not the time to collide.

Apart from that, Noir trusted Hamel. My Hamel should be able to kill the mad king. Without doing so, he could not challenge Noir or the demon king of confinement.

‘The Demon King of Confinement… … What are you thinking?’

I watched the flow of battle.

If the demon king of confinement had not interfered, the demon king of madness would have been defeated. Don’t you wish for the death of the mad king?

‘no… … no. The demon king of confinement, you wanted to save my Hamel, right? Is this battle itself a test for Hamel?’

Even thinking about it like that, I couldn’t figure out what the confined demon king was thinking.

I didn’t think that would happen, but if the demon king of confinement tried to kill Hamel by joining forces with the demon king of madness… … There wasn’t much he could do with this body, but Noir did his best to help Hamel escape. He thought it was too much for the demon king of confinement, who had declared that he would wait in Babel, to intervene.

But it didn’t seem necessary. Then, what should I do? At best, he had descended, so when the battle is over, should we say hello and go back?

Of course, we don’t know what the outcome of this battle will be. Maybe, really maybe, the mad king might win. then… … Yes, just in case.

‘If my Hamel dies, I’ll have to shed at least some tears.’

It was a pity that Hamel was defeated and died in the battle with the mad king, but it was also unavoidable. Isn’t it the providence that you die if you are weak?

But, if you win… … Noir smiled brightly as he imagined that time. What kind of congratulations should I offer?


Noir’s worries are over.

The power of the demonic eyes pierced Ciel’s left eye.

Ciel Lionheart. She is the maiden of Ryan Hart whom he met in the snowfield. She must be a precious family member to Hamel. Noir opened her eyes and started walking.

‘I’m not dead. The power of the Mystic Eye entered shallowly. Lucky for you, if the intervention had been a little late, he would have disappeared with his whole head.’

It was thanks to the belated intervention of Senya and Anis, who were fighting in front of them. The authority to manifest without any sign. Noir had received that black attack several times.

‘I saved my life, but… … Too bad, you lost your left eye?’

First aid using holy water and elixir. Eugene is the master of the holy sword, but cannot use divine magic.

So, that’s all you can do right now. You can’t send the saintess who is fighting the demon lord to the rear, so you want to defeat the demon lord as soon as possible.

“come here.”

Noir skillfully changed his expression and approached Desiira.

A bottle of royal elixir is hidden in the arms of Princess Scalia. It is an elixir left by the sea dragon that protected the officials until hundreds of years ago. As a cure, it is superior to Elixir or Holy Water. It is impossible to regenerate a lost body like the saint’s miracle… … .

‘If I tell you that I’ve done this much, will Hamel be able to thank you?’

Noir swallowed a laugh as he imagined it.

It won’t have much effect, but isn’t it great to show off? Even though it was a rare elixir with only a few bottles left even in the royal family, it wasn’t Noir’s own, so it wasn’t a waste to use it.

“This princess has the elixir of the royal family. It may be too late, but… … Princess Bourne will use the elixir for Lionheart.”

Saying so, Noir received Ciel from Didyra.

The elixir taken from the inside of the acid is a powdered medicine contained in a sachet the size of a fingernail. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a medicine made by mixing various things with the blue dragon’s horn.

Noir looked down at Ciel’s left eye with a solemn expression like a princess. sunken eye sockets. In the future, you will have to wear a prosthetic eye or an eye patch.


Pale blue powder poured down.

* * *

didn’t scream because there was no room for that. I couldn’t scream, so I put all the emotions that lingered in my fist.

Carmen has been teaching Ciel for years. He taught everything about combat. However, he never taught me about the despair of losing an eye.

“you… … !”

Emotion leaked out of his lips.

I couldn’t even shed tears in anger or sadness. It is because the moment the tears are welling up, the vision is shaken.

Carmen’s back twisted. Mana spurted out from the dragon heart at the center of Exceed’s chest.


He twisted his back and threw his fist. The flames that had covered his whole body moved to his fists and exploded right in front of the demon lord.

Quarrrrr! Magic and flames were mixed. From the series of explosions, the Demon King leaped backwards.


Carme groaned. Normally, Carmen always respected Ortus by saying ‘Kyung’ when she called upon her, but now she couldn’t pay attention to that.

Ortus was not dissatisfied with that call either.

It was only a few minutes before he joined the battle with the Demon Lord. The battle in the rear had ended, so he hurriedly joined, but… … He honestly had a hard time following the flow.

“hmm… … !”

Orthus, who was swinging his sword, trembled involuntarily.

Something is coming. It’s not that the demon king is doing something. From behind, something is coming. back… … ? No, no more back.

Right in front.

ㅡ Kwak!

It was like a comet flying with a long tail. Comet reached the center of the battle before everyone understood, and blew away the body of the demon king who was standing there.


A lion roared in his black mane.

Mad King

7 stars rotate. Stars are crushed during increasingly violent rotations, and the distinction between stars is blurring.

However, the phenomenon did not cause any pain to Eugene. The mana flowed as Eugene wished, and the torrent created in that way did not deviate from Eugene’s will in the slightest.

It contained such strong power, but there was not even a maladjustment of the body. The ring finger of his left hand, Agaroth’s ring, emitted a dark red light. The power of the ring was not activated.

divine power. The divine power remaining in Agaroth’s ring is responding to Eugene’s will.

Kwakdeuk… … !

A crushing sound came from deep within the demon king’s body. The body is not broken. Because the enormous magical power that constituted the existence of the demon king had been lost too much. And, it was because the attack he was now facing was too heavy.


Unlike the loud explosion, the Demon King did not fly away. He only stumbled back a few steps, and his wounds were not serious.

The trail of the holy sword. A diagonal solid line that starts at the right shoulder and ends at the left waist. That was the only scar on the demon king’s body.


However, the demon king’s face was distorted. He unknowingly poured black blood from his parted lips. He had already taken a few steps back, but that wasn’t enough. The demon king took a step back, placing his hand on the solid line engraved on his body. ㅡPughak! At that moment, blood spurted from the wound.

heavy. This slash is really heavy. and deep Eugene Lionheart’s slash went beyond the physical body and reached the existence of the demon king, finally slashing it.

It hit hard enough even once, but Eugene swung his sword once more. Once, several times in the future, there’s no way it’s just going to end there.

I wrote Ignition. As long as Ignition is used, I must kill the demon king unconditionally now. When the runaway of the core is over, it will be in a state where it can no longer fight.


The arm he raised in haste was severed by the blade. The black flame carried by the slash swept through the wound and tore the being apart. The demon king screamed and stumbled.


That thought popped into everyone’s head.

Anise suppressed the shattering headache and awakened her thoughts. Cristina moved her trembling legs and purred her bloody lips as she recited her prayers.

Wow! Miracles and divine protection empowered Eugene’s body, and the saint’s light was added to the holy sword that was already shining.

‘I wrote an ignition.’

Senya also gasped for breath and clutched her chest.


A voice came from inside my head. It was the voice of Mais in the boat behind. He kept his distance, keeping Senya faithful to his warning. Senya spat as she reactivated the creaking Eternal Hall.

“Give it up.”

That will was also conveyed to Mais.

ㅡKurrrrr! The mana from Mais and the other wizards began pouring into Senya. Mana crackled like lightning in the moving staff, and pure white frost gathered at one point.

‘There’s no turning back as long as I’ve used Ignition.’

Don’t fall! Dozens of lights followed Eugene’s movements. Unlike the time of the moonlight sword, the light that Eugene was now wrapped around did not reject Senya’s magic. Rather, the prominence behind him burned even more fiercely the moment the magic followed.

Senya hid magic in Eugene’s movements. The magic became memorized, and with Eugene’s attack, he destroyed magic and pierced and destroyed the demon king.

Ortus Hyman.

He had never thought of himself as particularly just or moral, or a man of such integrity that no matter how much he shook it, he would not come out of it. Rather, he judged himself, he himself was a very ordinary person.

I’m not talking about talent in martial arts. It refers to the human nature of Ortus Hyman.

If others benefit, I want to benefit together. want to enjoy privileges Even if it’s a trick that can’t be said to be correct, I want to use it as long as it’s not too serious.

But I don’t want to be the first in such a thing. Moderately noticeable, not the first, but the third or fourth. Because I don’t want to take responsibility when I’m criticized later.

Orthus was such a person.

I don’t want to stand firm in a place where I get cursed at. I want to sneak back with the others. I don’t like running away meanly alone. It’s just, inevitably, that everyone else does it. Being properly buried like that was the life wisdom that Orthus acquired as he grew older.

But ironically, Orthus’ life did not go that way. In this country, Orthus was in a position to receive more attention than anyone else. As a result, he was often caught up in things that were beyond his natural ability or fraction, and this subjugation was no different.

Orthus thought he was neither a hero nor worthy of being a hero.

When the purpose changed from subjugating the Pirate Empress to subduing the Demon King. The reason why Orthus chose to move forward after much consideration was not because Orthus had unconditional faith.

Because I don’t want to be responsible for the aftermath. I thought I could win if there were a hero, a saint, and an archmage. After quietly burying themselves in their cause and beliefs, I want to show off after everything goes well.

But now.

‘It’s strange.’

There was no reason to go forward. Eugene Ryanhart was the protagonist of the battle from the beginning. While he was away from the battlefield, Orthus had to die and stand before the Demon King, but now that Eugene has returned, Orthus doesn’t have to do that.

Contrary to what I thought, Orthus’ body moved forward. Even though he didn’t have to, he swung his sword and blocked the demon king’s side.

in order to win? yeah, that’s important but… … Apart from that, I thought it should be like this.


Although the existence was invaded, the demon lord’s magical power was still brutal. Her magic was blocked by her holy sword and her magic destroyed her body, but the demon king’s pupils still glowed with murderous intent.

‘I can do this too.’

The senses he had trained for a long time made him stretch out his sword.

jjoong! His body leaned backwards from the heavy weight, but Orthus’ lips twitched into a smile. The power of the demonic eye that appeared without any sign was aimed at the clergy who assisted the saintess. However, the demon king’s evil eye could not kill the priests as he had hoped.

The enraged demon king once again burst out with power. Dark matter was poured on Ortus, who had not yet been able to straighten his leaning body.

But this time, the devil’s will was not fulfilled. Eugene’s sword cut through the dark matter, and an arrow that reached similarly reached Orthus’ body.


There was no sharpness in the arrow that touched his body. It was all about reaching and pushing. Orthus, who was pushed back a few steps along with the arrow, let out a laugh without realizing it. I hope this man will help you.

‘I didn’t expect Orthus to fight so hard.’

I never thought I would be able to save Ortus. Ivik thought the same and let out a blank laugh. Ivik put an arrow on the string again and looked towards the demon king.

“Huh… … .”

I had to let go of the protest, but I couldn’t. Ivy sighed involuntarily.

this street… … It’s a distance where you can see the situation there at a glance, but it’s impossible… … I couldn’t see. The whole scene came into my field of vision, but I couldn’t follow or comprehend the movement within it.

“This much?”

It was so strong and fast that I couldn’t believe it before. The current movement is incomparable to the previous one.

Ivik felt empty and ridiculous. Pleasant people who like to line up often mention several people when talking about the continent’s best knight, but all of them are false stories.

There is no need for someone else’s name to be there. Eugene Lionhart. After today, the continent will know that fact. If you survive, Ivik will start talking to people at the bar.

Carmen thought the same thing. She was not only thinking, but also feeling with her body.

can’t follow the flow Even when Carmen did her best, she was always slower and weaker than Eugene. The achievement of the white flame ceremony is the same 7 stars. But is there such a difference? No, in the first place, is that flame a white flame?

‘Heterogeneous… … Black flame.’

Fire! The demon king’s magical power barely brushed the ends of his hair. Carmen swung his legs in the air, spinning his body like a top. Wow! The kick was blocked by a barrier, but the demon king’s actions stopped for a moment.


The holy sword inserted in the gap pierced the demon king’s neck. The moment it penetrated, the flames that burst out covered the demon king’s body.

Clap! Carmen’s Heaven Genocide is wide open. A pure white flame gathered in the center of the palm.

Destiny Breaker. Among Carmen’s skills, the most powerful magic trick was hit by the Demon King.

Quarrrrr! The flames swallowed the demon king and soared into the sky in a violent whirlwind. Carmen’s pure white flame and Eugene’s black flame intertwined.

Prominence soared upward. The fluttering feathers stuck together and formed black spots.

ㅡQuajijik! The Eclipse, which fell from the air, threw the whirling flames and the Demon King down together.

‘This… … .’

I couldn’t even scream anymore. Satisfactory resistance to the force of the downward thrust was also difficult. All the demon king could do was fall down while dying and regenerating several times from this tremendous power.

‘really… … really… … dying… … .’

Pooh! The demon king’s body was thrown into the sea. The Demon King escaped from Eclipse’s power only after entering the sea.

may die

A fact that I didn’t want to know came into my mind. The weight of the word ‘death’ dragged the demon king further into the abyss.

die? I? did you become a demon? That he dies without doing anything, leaving nothing behind?

‘If you run away… … .’

– Fate often repeats itself.

The words of the demon king of confinement lingered in my head.

-Don’t be afraid, Iris.

The demon king licked his lips and spat out.

‘That’s Ignition. There’s not much time left.’

I thought about it coldly.

The duration of the activated ignition was 10 minutes at most. How much time has passed now? How much of my magical power, life, and immortality do I have left? As long as I don’t die by the end of the ignition–

‘I win.’

Is it really so?

Chow ah! The sea broke and parted. The place where the demon king was was no longer the sea.

The demon king opened his eyes wide and looked up. A holy sword that overflows with dark flames. The slash split the sea.

‘Until the ignition is over… … .’

How many more minutes will it be possible to hold on? A thought popped into the king’s head.

After holding out? After that, can you really win?

Even if Hamel stops, there are others. The wise Senya and the saintess. If it wasn’t known earlier, the current Demon King, who was close to death, couldn’t be confident that he would win unconditionally against those two. Besides, there are Carmen, Orthus, and Ivik here. As it stands, even they are a threat.

escape… … .

Once again, the word popped into the demon king’s mind.


The Demon King denied what came to his mind. Wrong thinking. run away does not hit

Victory? to survive? That’s wrong too. The demon king faced the true nature of the emotion deep in his heart. All she wants is victory and dominion. However, more fundamentally,

It’s revenge.

plural. to whom? I, to Hamel. Hamel must be killed no matter what.

Even if, even if it means he won’t be able to reign as the Demon King. Even if I die here today. Even if it doesn’t bring madness to the world again. For the Demon King and Iris, killing Hamel was more important than anything else. What Iris wants is not survival, reign, or victory.

It is to kill Hamel in this sea.

‘For my father.’

Fear disappeared from the demon king’s emotions. The absence was filled with vengeance. What the demon king had to choose now was not to survive or escape, but to fight and kill Hamel.

Like a demon king.

The dark red sea flowed backwards. The demon king jumped up and ignored everything else and rushed at Yujin. All of the magical powers he possessed contained the intent to kill. Rather than defending and barriers, he put more effort into throwing out his hands and feet and attacking.

Kwak! Eugene’s body was dragged backward.

I thought it might be a waste of time, but I didn’t expect it to come back. That was what Eugene wanted. Eugene knew better than anyone else that time was running out.

The sea and the fleet moved away in an instant. The demon king let out a bullshit and swung both of his hands. The flames of the white flame ceremony were concentrated. Eugene gripped the holy sword with both hands. Quaggagak! Magical power and sparks collided and shattered.

Prominence emitted light. The scattered feathers did not go far and immediately turned into sunspots. The wildly shooting sunspots were blocked by the demonic eyes. The demon king, who calmed the explosion, stretched out his fist again.

Cuckoo! The holy sword shook. The palm holding the holy sword throbbed. Eugene swung the holy sword again, swallowing the blood that surged in his throat.

The light was so intense that it couldn’t have been brighter. However, it could not completely cover the devil’s magic. The demon king of madness went on a rampage, even turning his own life into magical power.

Wedge liquid! A magic spear pierced the sky. It was the magic sent by Senya. The demon lord deviated from that trajectory, but did not intercept Senya. The murderous intention to kill Hamel and Eugene unconditionally scratched Eugene’s feelings.

‘So do i.’

If I had killed you 300 years ago, there would have been no problem. I wouldn’t have been f*cking in this sea right now. Ciel wouldn’t have even sacrificed himself to save me.

Kwadeuk! Eugene’s hands gripped the holy sword more firmly. Agaroth’s divine power wrapped around his left hand.

The light drove the Demon King even more crazy. The Demon King knows what that light is.


The Demon King coughed up blood and screamed.

cooong! Every time power collided with power, Eugene’s heart trembled. Stars run amok with ignition. The runaway that has continued so far has completely crushed the seven stars.

Even so, the resonance and rotation of the stars do not stop. The white flame star is a core that handles mana. If the star is smashed, then the core is broken.

If the core breaks, it usually dies. Even if you are lucky, you will have to live with an asshole for the rest of your life. But now Eugene didn’t even feel pain, let alone die.

ignition. The ignited sparks shattered the stars and made them new. The stars that were smashed into dozens and hundreds of them had already become one galaxy inside Eugene.

7 stars of the white salt ceremony.

no. Eugene’s Baek Yeom-sik even broke down the boundaries of the 7 stars. It should be stronger than the vermouth I knew. We must overcome Vermouth in this battle.

That craving changed the white salt diet even before reaching now. The limit was overcome by longing, and a complete miracle manifested itself in Eugene.

‘Not enough.’

Consciousness fades. Eugene did not forget his existence. He was Hamel Diners, he was Eugene Lionheart. Eugene glanced at the hand holding his holy sword.

left hand. Agaroth’s ring was cracked as if it would shatter at any moment.

longing and miracles. This miracle was Eugene’s own will, as well as Agaroth’s will. Just as the god of light works miracles by hearing the prayers of believers, Agaroth gave Eugene a miracle.

gave it?

Kwak! The Holy Sword was pushed back. Just as Eugene burned himself, so did the demon king. The darkness of the demon king, who attacked while burning everything in existence, invaded the light of the holy sword.

but it doesn’t turn off This shimmering light is the power of the holy sword, and contains the faith of the saint and priests. As long as they believe, the light of the holy sword will not go out.

‘Moonlight sword.’

sword of destruction.


What Vermouth left behind.

‘Holy sword.’

What the God of Light left to the world.

It’s funny. Even Eugene Lionheart’s body here now was arranged by Vermouth. The weapons Eugene uses and the power that dwells in this body were all received from Vermouth or someone else.

-It has to be you.

What does that mean?

Vermouth, does that mean Hamel is the one who will use what he left behind the best? Or- Is there something special about Hamel that even Hamel himself doesn’t know about?


This is not something I received from anyone else. From the beginning, Hamel had this. 300 years ago, now, and in the distant past.

I know who the man who was sitting on the mountain of corpses was. I know a man who walked in despair on a battlefield full of corpses. I know a man who sobbed in the waves and fog that erased everything.

he is.

Eugene placed the holy sword in his heart. The empty left hand moved. The ring he was wearing on his finger signifying contract, union, and promise was shattered. Only now, the fate that has been reached has fulfilled its promise by truly contracting and combining with the existence of Eugene.

Neither meeting Ariartel nor receiving Agaroth’s ring was a coincidence. This ring must have reached Eugene in some way.

With the realization that revealed the accident, Eugene was convinced and moved. Eugene’s left hand went to his chest.


I don’t know the reason for the behavior. Why did you drop the holy sword? have you given up the fight? The Demon King thought so.

It’s time. The flame of the ignition died down. Eugene now did not feel the intense mana he had just before. What’s left is

What’s left… … something foreign.

‘I won.’

The mad king moved forward.

One step to avenge my father’s, everyone’s, and mine. If you kill Hamel here, that’s it.

If you achieve revenge—- you may be able to step back with a happy heart. At this moment, the demon king was sure of his victory and was relieved that he had escaped death.


vision turned black. The sudden darkness blocked the demon king’s way, and the demon king’s body stiffened for a moment.


No, it’s not magic. This darkness and incantation—- the demon king was momentarily taken aback and aroused the power of the demonic eye. The darkness that blocked the way collided with the power of the demon king and disappeared.

It was the difference between slow and fast.

Even if the demon king wasn’t taken aback by that unknown darkness. Even if I didn’t get caught by an unknown force—- the result didn’t change. Even if he had taken one step without hindrance, the demon king would not have been able to achieve his revenge.

He grabbed the left hand that had been placed on his chest.

What he obtained was planted in Eugene and Hamel. Eugene’s own, not someone else’s or received.

divine sword.

The sword started from the heart, and the universe that Eugene held in his heart opened. Agaroth’s divine power emitted red light. The intangible divine power became a sword as Eugene wished, and continued the slash.


The light he knew all too well covered the demon king’s field of vision.

The world has split.

Mad King

I tried to get out of range, but failed. resistance was made. He poured the power of the demonic eye into all his remaining magic power. In the end, he tried to block it by extending both hands directly.

It was impossible. The demon king had no choice but to realize the moment he touched that blood-red slash. That ‘sword’ will make the demon king realize what defeat is like in the distant past.

Father, the former frenzied demon lord was defeated and fled—- but the raging demon lord of the time, Iris, could not even escape.

“under… … .”

Red light is scattered.

The demon king slowly backed away and laughed.

I don’t like to turn my head. I didn’t want to see for myself what had become of this body now. However, intuition made the demon king realize many things. She has already been defeated, and her death will come soon.

Death is unavoidable.

“Ha ha ha ha ha… … under… … .”

The Demon King couldn’t help but laugh at his dejection.

last outburst? can’t even do that He stretched out his hand for a piercing slash. That was the last desperate thing the demon king could do.

“you also.”

The demon king stood still and opened his mouth.

“Did you see it? Or did you think of it?”

Is it a question that needs to be answered? Eugene stared at the Demon King with her dull eyes.

There were no visible wounds on her body. However, the new sword cut her demon king. The current Demon King can never be resurrected from that wound.

In other words, the words the demon king is now uttering are his last will to be left to the world.

“go away.”

Just because it’s a will doesn’t mean you have to respect it unconditionally. To Eugene, the Demon King was an existence that could or should not be respected. No, apart from the fact that she was the demon king, she couldn’t respect the very existence of Iris.

From Eugene’s point of view, Iris was a bitch.

The first Dark Elf. He is the one who corrupted several elven rangers who followed him and brutally killed those who resisted. Even after that, he commanded a frenzied army, and did things against elves that elves should never do, slaughtering and trampling on his own people in the past. Even after that, he was active as a frantic scout and killed countless humans.

After the war, what Iris was doing in . What dog shit he did in Helmood. To be honest, Eugene didn’t know that. However, I know what you did in this sea. He must have felt something for what he had done in this sea.

Many people died. This war, a war that Eugene advanced. But Eugene also experienced a war worse than this.

If you feel responsible for each death on the battlefield and feel guilty, you will not be able to maintain your sanity. If we hadn’t marched, many more people would have died than died today.

but. It’s not like guilt, it’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to hate someone. Eugene was that kind of person, and he acted that way even at this moment.

Eugene had no intention of listening to the demon king’s will. She had no intention of having a conversation with the Demon King. At first, there were general doubts about the situation. But now there was no need to ask the demon king about those questions.

As the demon king asked, Eugene saw something. he remembered something In the first place, they were inside of Eugene from the beginning.

And there was no time enough to talk to the demon king.

Suddenly, someone approached Yujin.

Senya Merdane. She glared at the demon lord, biting her red lips with the blood she spilled and vomited. The eyes of the demon king, who was standing with her despondent and empty face, looked at Senya.


The demon king’s lips twitched.

The demon lord also—- I didn’t want to leave a will about the present that was soggy and messy. Because from the Demon King’s point of view, from Iris’ point of view, everything about him was right.

regret about death. fear. I didn’t want to say anything like that in front of those hated enemies.

“You will fail.”

So Iris uttered a curse. He spat out all the remaining feelings of lingering regret, anger, hatred, murderous intent, madness, and all the emotions that hovered around him as a curse.

“You, humans, will surely fail. You will achieve nothing.”

Iris’s body scattered with each word she uttered. She continued her words with her red eyes shining.

“You never, ever. You won’t understand the monster called the Demon King of Confinement. Even if I sacrifice everything, I won’t be able to defeat the demon king of confinement.”

Won-dok came to me like a horse. The curse Iris uttered shook her space and stirred up Eugene’s image. Eugene heard the smell of her blood, her screams, her laughter, and the sound of her chains.

“In your future, there will be despair that you can never go against. fate… … under… … ha ha ha! Yes, just like fate repeats itself. Just as Vermouth 300 years ago knelt in front of confinement beyond the frenzy, it will be the same this time. always… … Because it always has been.”

Iris shrugged and laughed. The more she poured out her curses, the faster her existence disappeared. Iris lifted her scattered finger and pointed at Eugene and Senya.

“You… … must… … will die I will never, never survive… … .”

“Crazy bitch.”

Senya, who had been listening silently, spat out. She opened her cold pupils thinly, and she flew through the sky and approached Iris.

“I don’t know if it’s a failure or anything, and first of all, I will die later than you, right?”

Damn! The slapped palm slapped Iris in the ear.

“Your curse is, after all, just the f*cking shit of a loser, Iris. What is left of you in the end? You made the cheap Dark Elves die. Even with that, you haven’t achieved anything, really nothing.”

Damn! Senya’s hand slapped Iris once again.

“Being the Demon King, what the hell did you do? Iris, even though you became the Demon King, you couldn’t leave this sea. I couldn’t tell the world your name or the name of the mad king. Oh, no. Tomorrow, the world will know the mad king. An asshole who died 300 years ago and is dead in this era as well.”

Senja didn’t slapp Iris anymore. She patted her wrist and laughed at Iris.

“Do you know what you did? Iris. You failed even after abandoning your family. And even the name of the ‘Mad King of Madness’, which you loved and cherished so much and cried out, was thrown into the gutter. You who failed everything, you… … Do you think you have the right to tell us failures?”

Iris’ eyes trembled. She opened her mouth to say something of her own, but Senya’s hand grabbed Iris’ throat.

“Your life and your existence have no meaning or value. But we… … I am not. I’m just happy to see you die. It makes me so happy to see you, the person I wanted to kill so much, die without accomplishing anything.”

The corpses of the elves who died in the fire are still clearly remembered. Senya glared at Iris’ pupils, then let go of her neck.

“300 years ago, when the mad king died. Back then, there were those left to mourn the mad death. You and Oboron’s men.”

said Eugene.

“But now you don’t get anyone’s condolences. Rather, they are ridiculed.”

Iris’ body completely disappeared. The rest of his head also had no nose and mouth left. However, Iris’ emotions could be guessed from the trembling of her widened eyes.

“How do you know whether we will fail or not?”

—-Iris could no longer pour out her curses. The reality that he never wanted to admit to has torn even the last remaining emotions to shreds. She cursed despair, but what Iris felt now was despair.

Ah ah ah ah ah. No voice came out, but Iris sobbed. The last remaining eye area was distorted.

Eventually, Iris, the demon lord of madness, disappeared. The black ash floated for a while and then disappeared. The dark sky instantly brightened as if an eye had blinked, and at the same time the dark red sea returned to blue.

Yujin looked at the new sword in her left hand.

the ring is broken The new swords are also gradually scattered and disappearing. Eugene stared at his sword with a bitter and complicated feeling.

“Why are you crying?”

From the side, I could see Senya shedding silent tears. Senya wiped away the tears with his fingers and spat out.

“I like it.”

I have no pity for Iris. The tears that Senya shed now were tears of satisfaction at seeing the death of the enemy she had hated for 300 years.

dejected? Could there be such a thing? Revenge has meaning in itself.

“What the hell is that sword?”

Senya turned her head away, wiping away a few tears.

The sword in the left hand… … There is no reality. It’s not even made of mana. Of course it’s not magic.

red light… … A sword made of. It’s faint and faded now, but when ‘the first’ Eugene pulled the sword out of his chest, it emitted a strong red light that even faded the darkness of the demonic realm or the light of the holy sword.

“it is a secret.”

Senya’s eyes widened at the answer that came back. She fired at her, leaning her body toward Eugene.

“secret? What’s the secret between you and me now?”

“I’ll tell you in a little while.”

The new sword is gone. Senya was right next to him, but Eugene didn’t pay attention to Senya. But Senya couldn’t find fault with him.

It was because he knew where Eugene was looking.

* * *

The sea parted.

Scalia-Noir Jebela wasn’t too surprised by that fact.

parting the sea?

how awesome that is A strange phenomenon in which the seas split to the root do not cling to each other or flow down. It would look phenomenal in the eyes of humans, but it wasn’t a big deal to Noir. I wouldn’t bother doing it, but the Noirdo sea can split and divide dozens of times.

What killed the demon king?

That, too, came as no great surprise to Noir. If she was Hamel, she believed, she could kill the Demon King. She can’t move on to the next one without killing the mad king.

More than splitting the sea, rather than killing the demon king, the sword and power that Hamel pulled out was amazing.

And what Ciel just did is amazing.


Noir usually doesn’t think like this. Because to her with her phantasmagoric eyes, her ‘nonsense’ is almost non-existent. She thought that noir was her whole nonsense and that what she couldn’t imagine was her own death.

But what I was seeing now was really ‘nonsense’. At least Noir had never seen anything like this in his life, and he hadn’t even heard of it. At least for this one, Noir didn’t do anything.

All she did was take pity on the broken eye of a beautiful young girl. And she wanted to hear a word of gratitude from Hamel, so she only added first aid to Ciel’s wound.

It wasn’t even that he did something tricky in that first aid. She just poured the royal elixir that Scalia had into Ciel’s left eye.

‘Does a medicine made using the horns of a blue dragon have this effect?’

nonsense. Noir never thought of that possibility. Yes, really, let’s say that the elixir of the royal family can regenerate a shattered pupil. Let’s say that something special can dwell in the eyes that have been regenerated like that.

But the magic eye can’t dwell. Noir recalled what he had just seen. The moment I dropped the elixir. No, before the elixir even arrived, Ciel’s pupils regenerated.

that… … Should I say play? Shouldn’t it be a birth? In Noir’s opinion, that ‘mystical eye’ was just newly born. In the first place, demonic eyes are born or received by demons, but humans cannot have them even if they want to.

A blood-red stream whirled from the eye sockets that had been treated with the elixir and holy water. After that, her eyes opened as if they had been there from the beginning.

Lionheart’s golden eyes. However, the newly born pupil was slightly different in color from the original right eye… … .

“… … .”

It was the same with Ciel who couldn’t control his surprise. She groped her face with her trembling hands.

left eye. Puck, popping sound. A vision that turns red and then black. Memories cut off after that.

But it was enough to know what had happened to himself. the eyes would be smashed He was like that before he passed out.

‘What did you do?’

It was the moment when the fainting consciousness was awakened. Suddenly, a light shone in her eyes, which had not been able to see anything. The first thing Ciel saw when she came to her senses was Scalia’s confused face.

I had other thoughts in my head. Although Scalia was right in front of her nose, Ciel had thoughts of Eugene.

I pushed him away, but instead I pushed myself in… … I have no memory after that. Did I, did I save Eugene as I had hoped? The battle with the demon king?

Over Scalia’s head.

I could still see Eugene standing in the dark sky. Suddenly, I saw the demon king approaching Seon Yu-jin. The moment I realized that I shouldn’t let her approach me, my left pupil felt hot and throbbing, as if it were being poked with a pharynx.

“Don’t worry.”

Noir stared into Ciel’s left eye and whispered.

There is no bright light. rather dull The iris around the black pupil looks dark and cloudy yellow rather than gold. Noir saw the flickering of those colors.

“What you just wrote is a demonic eye. It seems you wrote it without realizing it, right?”

“mind… … My eyes… … ?”

“This… … This is really fun. The darkness that blocked Iris’ path. That’s the magic eye of darkness.”

Noir’s eyes twinkled with curiosity. She held Ciel’s cheeks with both of her hands and pushed her face closer.

“Why do you, the descendant of Vermouth, have a demonic eye on you, who has Lionheart blood? That’s also Iris’ dark warfare’s evil eye.”

Did Iris give you a magic eye? That is nonsense. Why would Iris do that? or not… … The dark eyes. Did that power dwell at the moment you lost your eyes?

‘That doesn’t even make sense. There’s no way the demonic eye dwells just because of that occasion.’

If popping the eyes is the trigger and the demonic eye dwells, then 300 years ago, Noir would have planted the demonic eye in countless humans and demons.

“for a moment… … What was holding Iris? Do you not have such authority in the dark field?”

Noir’s face moved closer and closer to Ciel’s.

Iris’ actions stopped. That’s not the power of Dark War’s Mystic Eye. It wasn’t Senya’s magic or the saint’s miracle. A power that goes against reason. Mage’s power.

“no way… … Are there two powers dwelling in your eyes?”


I really want to pluck out Ciel’s eyes and examine them. If that’s too much, I want to take the whole thing.

I couldn’t do it like I wanted. The killing intent that sent chills down the spine made Noir stand up.


Noir spread his arms wide with a mischievous smile. I saw Eugene and Senya coming down this way. Even from the front of the fleet, saints and Carmen were flying in.

“Hero, dear Eugene Lionheart! You really have subdued the mad king! Princess Bon, Scalia Animus, on behalf of the Simuin royal family, congratulates you on your hard work!”

sideshow. For Noir, the current action was a light joke.

Eugene didn’t feel that way. He knew who the being inhabited by Scalia was, and saw Ciel lying right under that being. He also knew that Ciel’s left eye, which staggered up, was ‘different’.


This could be misleading. Noir hurriedly averted the situation and stepped back.

“My Eugene.”

I didn’t even play Princess Scalia anymore. She really wanted to call her ‘my Hamel’, but Noir didn’t want to share her sweet secret with the locals.

“There is a big misunderstanding… … .”

Eugene didn’t ask back. His body screamed after the ignition ended, but Eugene ignored him and forced his body to accelerate.


A dagger drawn from between the cloak pierced Scalia’s chest.


The eyes of everyone around him widened.

A warrior who descended after defeating the demon king of madness who returned. A great hero whose name will be etched into the history of the future, suddenly plunged his dagger into the chest of the princess who had paid tribute to him. Those who did not know the circumstances were bound to be astonished.

Likewise, Noir himself was stunned.

No way, no way, I thought you would attack me without saying a word. Besides, this dagger. It was not smelted with metal, but a dagger smelted with divine power. Although it pierced the heart accurately, there was no blow or pain to Scalia herself, the owner of this body.

It’s different for Noir. She actually felt like her chest had been pierced—no, she felt more pain than that.

What Scalia possessed was not Noir’s body, but a low-level dreamer. It was impossible for him to withstand this dagger with the power of the dreamer, and the pain caused by it was transmitted to Noir as it was.


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