Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 119

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It was something I couldn’t even think about right now.

The Demon King is still alive. What Eugene has undergone changes. Stigma engraved on Christina. That Senya Merdein is here. Nothing threatened the demon king yet. For her, her death was too far away.

On the other hand, what about humans? A miracle by divine power reverses death, but there is no way that divine power is stronger than the demon lord’s immortality.

Again, a man who did not look like a warrior approached. The wizard followed. After reading the movement of mana, the wizard has already prepared dozens of spells. In the sky, irritating lights are waiting for a chance to continue pouring down.

The magic moved. the sea collapsed The black seawater entangled with each other and became a sharp awl. It takes no action to shoot him. Will is magic, so I just had to convey the intent to kill.

The awl that had flowed back tore the sky apart. Black flames burned the torn sky. Independent magic crossed the flames. Like light pouring through dark clouds, a radiance that fell down covered the world.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

The Demon King penetrated the moment. Senya’s trap activated. Dozens of restraining magics hidden between spaces gripped the demon lord’s whole body. It was only for a moment that the demon king stopped, but in that brief moment, Eugene’s sword erased the demon king’s body.


Senya screamed and extended her staff. The maximum amount of mana available in the Eternal Hall gathered at the tip of the staff. The murderous intent concentrated in one point was directed at the undying Demon King.

I didn’t think it was great. Although it is an enormous output of mana, in the end, it is only light gathered at one point. The Demon King blocked his way by raising both the power and magic of the Demon Eye.

At that moment, mana changed. The mana that was concentrated and shot at one point was scattered before hitting the barrier. The space where the demon king stood. Mana was filled like air in the magical realm.

freeze Senya’s eyes glowed green. —-By the way! According to Senya’s will, everything froze. Space, magic power, and even the demon king himself in the middle. Even the time of that space was captured by Senya’s magic.

Time and existence frozen. Even the devil’s accident froze. Senya’s magic did not stop. Kwakjijik! The sea, which had been ruled by magical powers, returned to its original color. All the sea water hit the Demon King.

Frozen soil was created in the center of the sea. Senya slammed the demon lord at the bottom of the frozen sea. The frozen wave itself was a weapon, and the frozen demon king’s body shattered at the slightest impact.


Intuition, which would not be an exaggeration to say it was foreknowledge, made Eugene move. Before Eugene reached out his hand, Senya felt it too and hurriedly cast a spell.

Crackle! The frozen sea parted. A blade of darkness that seemed as if it would split the world in two was directed at Senya.

Whoa! The light that burst between them dulled the blade. Eugene swung the moonlight sword and holy sword to push back the blade of darkness.


The blade was blocked. However, Senya spurted blood from his mouth. The devil’s face is not visible. However, this place was still a demonic realm, and if the demon king wishes, all the darkness that makes up this world moves along with magic. Enchanting magic from all sides crushed Senya’s magic barrier.


Senya yelled out loud. The barrier that had been crushed was restored again. Eternal Hall’s mana pushed back the devil’s magic. Eugene didn’t hesitate at those words and threw himself into the cracked sea.

It was under the sea, but it was not under the sea. The seawater had already turned into black magic. Eugene found the red eyes staring at him from the depths.

The distance between them quickly narrowed. The slash that followed the black flame was blocked by magic. The demon king’s hand stretched out directly to Yujin. Eugene had no intention of being caught. Black lightning flashed, and moonlight crossed between Eugene and the demon king.

“I felt it in Kiel as well.”

The demon king spat out. jjoong! The hand that crushed the moonlight plunged Eugene’s body deep into the darkness.

“you. Descendant of Vermouth. Actually, you don’t resemble Vermouth at all.”

The burst of light pierced the darkness and opened the way. The brilliance did not scatter and disappear, but stayed by Eugene’s side. Christina and Anis shined on Eugene even in this deep darkness, and the holy sword in their right hand also lit up the darkness.

“Even though he’s a hero, he’s not like Vermouth. Eugene Lionhart. your temperament… … .”

The distorted white flames ignited intense flames. The light of destruction shimmered in Eugene’s grip. Watching Eugene stride forward, the demon king felt a thrill.

“He looks like Hamel.”

What I gained from becoming the Demon King was not only infinite magical power. Iris. Everything about her has been transformed to match the status of a demon king. The demon king’s intuition saw through the temperament of the approaching being, and he recalled the enemy 300 years ago.

“Nonsense, but you.”

The demon king’s breathing quickened. It wasn’t the only thing I noticed. The mind converges in one point. The Demon King’s consciousness saw a distant past of 300 years.

“You, you are Hamel.”

I didn’t hear an answer. The Demon King was convinced that Eugene was Hamel and was the most hated enemy. As long as he was sure of him, the demon king’s job was simple.


The demon king howled. He sobbed as he shed bloody tears. He was as mad as his name. The magical energy that filled this place went crazy with the spirit of the demon king.


The demon king grabbed his head with both hands.

The current intuition and realization, and the resulting frenzy, were no different from fables to the demon king. The young demon king, who had defined himself as the demon king of madness, was truly mad at this moment.

Mystic eyes shone through the disheveled hair. The malice was realized along with the intent to kill. This fable was a great misfortune for the world. And before the world faced its misfortune, Eugene was beaten first.


‘Why are you f*cking this bastard?’

Shock as if the whole body was smashed. Unspoken screams filled my head. In it, Eugene felt anger and doubt.

It should be blocked. Avoid. No, should we aim for a counterattack in reverse? The notion of battle gripped the strings of his consciousness. Eugene chose what was possible and plausible.

got stuck The attempt was good, but the power of the demon king was superior to Yujin. He was beaten once more and left in the dark.

At the moment of being stuck, the darkness coiled like a snake. I don’t know if he’s trying to kill me by suffocating me, or I’m not sure if I’m going to press him to death, but it’s inconvenient to move right away.

“Because of you!”

The demon king continued to cry. Magic came queer to do like his fingernails. Snuggle Geek! I received it with the holy sword and the moonlight sword, but it was heavy. Eugene’s feet dragged behind him.


Blood gushed from Eugene’s mouth. Magical power pierced the stomach. She sent sparks back. It wasn’t just the demon king who fabled. Eugene’s flame was still foreign and painful to the demon king.


incomprehensible words. Yes, Eugene—- Hamel played a big part in killing the mad king. Looking for Abbie’s enemy? If so, that applies to Eugene as well.


But that word was really unfair. What the hell did Eugene do to Iris? What was holding Iris in the moment Vermouth frenziedly slit her throat?

“Mr. bitch.”

Eugene coughed up blood and spat it out.

“Don’t be fooled!”

Kwaaaang! The spilled flame burned fiercely and swallowed the demon king.

Mad King

“It’s a different class.”

Standing on the mast of the Formeri, Ivik muttered involuntarily. It was a word he had uttered several times already, and it was also a thought that came to his mind far more than he uttered it.

The Slad mercenary’s ship, Formelli, is closely attached to La Vercia’s rear. Currently on the deck, the clergy are concentrating their holy power in a circle, and Paladins, including Paladin Adol, are protecting the clergy.

Numbers alone aren’t enough. Even a child knows how important the priest’s role is in the battle against the demon lord and demon tribe. Dozens of elite Slad mercenaries remained to protect them, and all other forces were concentrated in La Vercia.

General manager Ivik remained at Formerie. As much as he was called the mercenary king, he was confident in hand-to-hand combat, but what he was more confident about was sniping from a distance using a bow.

Because of this position, Ivik was able to observe the battle unfolding in front of him. In front of it—- that sea, the battle that takes place in the real demonic realm is really different.



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Ivik also has a lot of confidence in his skills. He had thought that the reason why the name Ibig Slad was not mentioned when choosing the best ‘knight’ on the continent was because he was not a knight.

Isn’t that the law, most people look down on mercenaries than knights.

but. The battle that took place in that demonic realm made all of Ibig’s self-confidence in vain.

I came here to write a career worthy of the nickname of the mercenary king. There was no thought of running away even now. However, I heard a little bit of regret.

‘I’m jealous at this age… … I mean, things like figuring out the subject are sore inside.’

Even more so, especially for a young opponent.

Ivik laughed bitterly and put an arrow on the protest.

Eugene Lionheart and the Demon King are fighting in the demonic realm ahead. Even though the blessings of the saintess and priests were concentrated, that young man was fighting the demon king head-on.

Could I do that? puck. He would have died and been drowned in the sea.

Ivik judged calmly.

The power of the wise Senya, Eugene Ryanhart, and Christina Rogeris could not overwhelm the Demon King. However, the balance was maintained enough to be equal, and that alone was a surprising fact.

‘But the Demon King doesn’t die.’

The Demon King has already died over ten times. If he died that much, he should have weakened even a little bit, but rather… … The demon king seemed to grow stronger each time his death was repeated.

‘No, it’s not about getting stronger. You’ll get used to it.’

A demon lord who had just been born. He’s not even used to the power he has yet.

Because he was seeing it himself, Aivik could understand Eugene’s stubbornness. That Demon King is at his weakest right now. I am getting used to the power I have, but that doesn’t mean I’m stronger than I am. That’s why you must kill today.


Ivik clicked his tongue and let go of the protest. The arrows, fired silently, diverged before reaching their target.

Papabak! Dozens of arrows rained down on La Vercia’s deck.

The place where the battle takes place is not only the Devil’s Nest. A battle was also taking place in La Vercia, right in front of them.

Dark elves who serve the demon lord. They wrapped themselves in magical energy and were driving La Vercia’s troops.

Orthus remains in the rear fleet to deal with the pirates.

It was Carmen Lionheart who was holding the flow of battle in La Vercia right now. More than 10 Dark Elves have already died from her fists. In addition to Carmen, several strong members of her subjugation party are dealing with the Dark Elves, and Ivik is also sniping at every opportunity.

There is no room on the battlefield. Although the Dark Elves excelled in their individual strength, they attacked as if they did not know pain and were not afraid of death.

No—- should they be called dark elves? Ivik couldn’t be sure even as he protested.

black skin. long elongated ears. red eyes. Although the characteristics of the Dark Elves remained in that appearance.

That was all. Elves are a race that can be said to be a symbol of beauty. Dark elves are those elves who have been corrupted by magic. Even though they have fallen, the dark elves retain the same beauty as when they were elves.

The Dark Elves rampaging in La Vercia didn’t have that kind of beauty left.

Sharp, elongated fangs protruding. Bizarrely muscular limbs. Severe individuals grew thickly with hair the same color as their hair, some individuals had protruding muzzles like beasts, and some individuals were as large as giants.

In Ivik’s view, they could no longer be called Dark Elves. Although the elongated ears, red eyes, and dark skin remained. It was because the characteristics unlike the Dark Elves were much stronger. Those were elves, monsters that were dark elves.

‘It’s a monster.’

However, Ibig thought that the saintess who stood on the podium was a real monster rather than those Dark Elves. She didn’t fly through the sky and fight the demon king like Senya or Eugene. Christina’s position has not changed since the battle started.

Player of La Vercia. Her saintess stood on it with her wings spread wide, and did not move her steps. Even as more than a hundred Dark Elves jumped off the ship of the Demon King, she did not back down. Her dark elves gnashed their teeth and brandished her claws to harm her saintess, but the saintess did not turn her head. Her saintly eyes contained only Eugene, Senya, and the demon king.

There are barriers to protect the body. Occasionally, when the limbs that crossed the barrier approached, the iron ball of the flail moved. Most of them were pierced by Ivik’s arrows before they did, or Carmen or others came forward.

Although she is under protection, the figure of a saintess who neither looks away nor shrinks is worthy of worship.

It’s not just the saintess. She is showing a figure that everyone, including the hero and the archmage, can’t help but worship.

While shooting dozens and hundreds of arrows, I naturally thought of this.

Isn’t it surprisingly worth doing?

There is no room on the battlefield. However, in most battlefields, there is no room for it by nature.

The battle is tough. In essence, combat is hard work. There are people who get hurt and die. This is a battlefield, so it’s natural.

For Ivik, a mercenary, these battlefields were ordinary and routine.

It’s a battlefield fighting the ‘demon king’… … The truth is, it didn’t go well. It must be because those heroes worthy of worship suppress the fear of the demon lord.

The belief that those heroes would deal with and defeat the Demon King made everyone fighting on this battlefield think of hope for victory. purple. Isn’t the light bright in the dark sky and world?

It collapsed.

The hope that had been getting clearer was shattered before it could become clear. The magical power emitted from the cracked sea once again dyed the world black.

Close to close!

There was a sound like the croaking of thousands of crows. That huge sound changed the battlefield. The protection of the saintess was shaken from the very beginning, and the people who were fighting in La Vercia and Pormeri stumbled and fell. That loud sound reached the rear fleet as well.

More than ten ships capsized. Some ships were smashed to pieces as if they had been hit by artillery fire.

The monsters also stopped fighting. These terrifying beings turned their enchanted eyes and looked up at the magic soaring to the sky. Quarrrrr! The Demon King was at the center of the whirlwind magic.

The demon king grabbed his hair while shedding dark red bloody tears. The confusion in my head never calmed down.

No, the Demon King had no intention of calming the confusion. This confusion was her essence, a madness she should never forget.

“Ah, aaaaaa!”

The demon king held his head and screamed. The scenery below came in at a glance.

I saw the figures of the dead men. The Dark Elves she regarded as her ‘family’. Most of them are those who have built a bond with the demon king for 300 years.

“Dare, dare, dare!”

Such families have died. So many family members who should have been honored together died. The scene made the demon king remember his ‘father’.

A city stained with blood. mountain of corpses. The man who stood on it and smelled of blood.

‘Father’ has fled from this land. He couldn’t have children. He couldn’t even avenge the deaths of his children.

That was the mistake of a father he respected and loved.

“I am not me.”

Fate often repeats itself.

Words that the demon king of confinement was brainwashed. The Demon King never agreed to that. Her existence was proof of her father’s promise, but also proof of her failure.

My father was defeated in this land long ago, abandoned his family and fled. And when everything was over, he returned and made a pact with the demon king in captivity.

If my father hadn’t been defeated.

“I am not.”

He was enraged at the death of the Dark Elves. Anger did not break the demon lord’s spirit, nor did it make him weak. Rather, it brought out more murderous intent and madness.

Even to prove that fate does not repeat itself. In order to hear all the truth from the demon king in captivity, the demon king had to win this battle and make this battlefield his territory. That way, you will be able to honor the souls of your deceased family members.


Eugene soared from the whirlwind sea. His gray hair was drenched in blood, and his left arm was broken. However, even in the red eyes, Eugene stared straight at her demon lord.

I still couldn’t understand what that crazy bitch was saying. I thought I needed to understand.


Cristina gasped and held her breath. The miracle of her, which was blocked by her intense magical power, illuminated her Eugene.


The magic that denied the miracle itself wrapped around Eugene.

The darkly burning black sword pushed away the mana. Pervert! The added magic dissipated mana.

Senya’s face, which he glanced at, was pale with no blood. It was the same with Eugene, and so was the face of Christina, who never looked back at her.

It is insignificant. The battle with the demon king is always like this.

Prominence, burning black, fluttered. Same hyperacceleration as before. The demon king spread his arms wide in the direction of the lightning that rips through the demon spectacle.

intense signs of death. wasn’t afraid of it He trusted Christina, Anis, and Senya. The girls have lived up to Eugene’s trust.

The death that attacked without a chance to escape was erased by a miracle and shattered by magic. Conserved power was loaded onto the holy sword.

Crackle! The demon king’s body was smashed. So was his arm that wielded his holy sword. His flesh and muscles were torn and his bones shredded.

time rewinds Accelerated thinking saw everything slow. Broken bones stick together again, blood vessels, nerves, and muscles are entwined, and flesh covers them.

‘Moonlight Sword’.

The moonlight sword, which had always shown off its absolute power in battles so far, was powerless at this moment. With less than half the power remaining, it was inferior to the output of the holy sword combined with Eugene’s mana.

do not do that. Eugene longed for it intensely.

On the subject of greedily eating mana in order to emit this bloody black moonlight, moonlight does not mix with mana. The reason why the Moonlight Sword is weaker than the Holy Sword right now is not because all the fragments have not been gathered.

Because Eugene has become too strong. The reason why the Holy Sword is strong is not only because of divine power, but also because of the added power of Eugene. If you spread the air sword that explosively amplifies the power, the holy sword will surpass the current moonlight sword.

‘They don’t mix with the subject of eating with my power?’

Don’t give a damn. The bloodshot eyes shone red instead of gold. Fingers with strength as if about to break them gripped the hilt of the moonlight sword.

Fast! The veins on the back of his hand swelled. The knuckles of the fingers were slightly bent. Eugene’s left hand really crushed the hilt of the moonlight sword, not a metaphor.

For an instant, the moonlight went out.

The moonlight that had been turned off turned on.

The mana pouring into the shattered hilt nestled in each fragment of the Moonlight Sword.

A distorted white flame star. The mana pouring out through him was dark, as if it were being sucked in rather than white. If the flame poured into the moonlight sword was a dark night, the grayish white light shining in the middle was truly like moonlight.

There was an ominous, pale moonlight. Eugene’s mana and moonlight were compatible. At that moment, Eugene’s consciousness faded away.

Today, Eugene has become different from the vermouth he knew. Even though he went beyond the limit by changing the white salt ceremony, Eugene brought about a change again.

At this time.

I always felt a great sense of exhilaration. I used to feel the satisfaction that I finally did it. But now, oddly enough, I didn’t feel that way.

This power held in my left hand. It was because the moonlight on this dark world was too ominous for everyone to feel.

‘Moonlight sword?’

Senya was also familiar with the Moonlight Sword. The number of enemies who survived 300 years ago thanks to the moonlight sword could not be counted even if they used both hands.

That off-white light is familiar. That moonlight was a terrible nightmare for the demons, but that didn’t mean it was a brilliant hope for the allies.

because it was so blazing. When Vermouth swung the moonlight sword, that moonlight even faded Vermouth’s flame. At that time, it was difficult for allies, Senya, Moron, Anise, and Hamel to get close to Vermouth.

The moonlight sword that Eugene is now holding. The moonlight emanating from that half sword body—

If you look at just one ‘sinister’, it was more than Vermouth’s moonlight sword. The magic that took over Eugene’s defense and opened the way was destroyed by the moonlight. Even the miracles of Christina and Anise, who protected Eugene, were swept away by the moonlight and disappeared.

The holy sword that Eugene held in his right hand was no exception. The moonlight emitted by the moonlight sword was more self-righteous than the god of light. However, it was strong enough. The fluttering moonlight swallowed up even Yujin’s hand and easily erased the devil’s magic.

I couldn’t see very well in the bright light.

The moonlight exploded.

Mad King

The moonlight broke everything. The mana blocking the way was shattered in the moonlight.

Eugene’s body was the same. The blazing flames of mana resisted the moonlight, but the moonlight swallowed up even that resistance and shone even more ominously.

The feeling in the forearm beyond the hand faded. It is not destroyed or cut off. The arm hangs intact. Although the senses were faint, it did not mean that they did not move as they wished.

But I couldn’t let go of the hilt. It was as if her fingers had become one with the moon lightsaber. He had wielded the moonlight sword several times before, but this was the first time.

Runaway. Even so, the moonlight sword ran out of control. Even if she wanted something and tried to collect her mana, the moonlight sword went against Eugene’s will and sucked her mana. Cheer. The pain felt like a fingernail scratching the inside of her skull.

This is dangerous.

Such thoughts filled my head. I had never seen a moonlight sword go wild like this even 300 years ago.

No matter how much Eugene’s mana overflowed to the point that it was difficult to scratch the floor, considering the speed at which the moonlight sword sucked, the risk of mana depletion was high.

Besides, mana wasn’t the only problem. corrosion. The moonlight coming up from his forearm was unusual.

‘Why the f*ck?’

It’s good that the moonlight sword has become stronger. But the control is not working properly. Wielding is doing what it wants. The flow of power does not go as intended. It was not even possible to reap the moonlight.

I had no intention of stopping in the first place. Eugene ignored the pain and went forward. If he can’t stop, he has no choice but to follow the runaway. In this hopeless situation, there was no other option.


Pain like scratching your brain. noise in your ears. Is it by mad magic? That magic power is now being torn apart by the moonlight sword?

clouding of consciousness. Eugene tried to wake her up by chewing on her lips, but he couldn’t even feel the pain. The noise gradually changed to screaming, and the sound of waves drifted nearby. There was also a sound like something unknown was collapsing.

in my head.


‘I am… … .’

appear. It spreads. it gets so wet

‘What are you looking at?’

Darkness without a single light. That… … is it the sky?

‘That’s… … .’

I don’t know. I don’t understand what you see.

Too dark… … . I can’t see anything. no, i can’t see


This is not the first time. Back in the day, when the dragon magic was engraved on Akasha for the first time. There was a time when I used dragon magic to figure out the whereabouts of the fragments of the moonlight sword or vermouth.

It was the same then and now. No, it’s not the same anymore. At that time, I came closer and closer to what I had not heard, what I had not seen, and what I had not understood.

Darkness turns to gray. Eugene felt ominous from the color. From one point on, she didn’t even feel sinister.

emptiness with nothing. What Eugene was seeing now was a complete void. There is no carnage, cruelty, or frenzy here. There is neither light nor darkness.

Raizakia left the moonlight sword and called it the sword of destruction. It is a demon lord’s weapon, such as a demonic spear or crushing weight. This empty, non-existent world was destruction itself.

In the middle of the empty destruction, someone’s figure was seen.

* * *

Resistance was impossible. The demon king’s defense was torn in vain in front of that moonlight. It was useless to build defenses again as soon as they were torn apart.

It was the same with the authority of the demonic eye, not magical power. Even if he summoned dozens or hundreds of dark matter, once the moonlight was dark, everything would disappear.

‘Moonlight Sword… … !’

The hand that had been stretched out was swept away by the light. Playback is slow. The demon king’s face was distorted.

That moonlight completely annihilates the magical power it touches. At first, the moonlight sword that Eugene used was not this strong, but after the black flame was added, it even overwhelmed the demon king’s magical power.

‘You’re pushing? I, the demon king?’

I couldn’t accept it. I couldn’t believe it even though I was experiencing it myself. The demon king stepped back and raised his magic power.

Snuggle Geek! An unpleasant noise was concentrated in front of the Demon King. As the demon king stretched out his hand, the demon mirror itself moved forward.

has disappeared. The place where the moonlight swept through was only the void, not the demonic realm. The demon king couldn’t even let out a short scream. The body swept together left only two legs.


Destruction even cut off the Demon King’s accident. He managed to revive, but the demon king’s eyes trembled.

That existence was a calamity that even the demon lord could not resist. At the same time, he was also a persistent and ruthless messenger.

Yujin’s face was visible in the shimmering moonlight.

Gray hair that can be said to be the symbol of Lionheart. Its color resembled the moonlight radiating from her left hand. Even the golden eyes did not shine and were empty.


Eugene’s condition is strange right now. Not normal. Cristina looked up as she stood on the podium, wiping the blood from her mouth and shaking her body.

The light of the holy sword is invisible. Now, Eugene, who drives the demon king with overwhelming power, does not have the appearance of a hero. Christina and Anise tried to talk to Eugene’s spirit several times and perform miracles, but even that did not reach them. On the contrary, the pain of repulsion returned to Christina and Anis every time they failed.

‘Sister, a little closer… … .’

Anise couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment. Even Anis had never experienced such a runaway.

If you come close, you will be swept away by the moonlight. Originally, the light of the moonlight sword did not discriminate between enemies and enemies.

When Vermut fought a battle centered on the Moonlight Sword, the most important thing for his colleagues was not to assist Vermut, but to avoid being swept away by Vermut’s attacks. In a battle where the moonlight was the main character, Hamel was the only one who was able to reconcile in the narrow gap.


That Hamel is now being eroded by the moonlight. I am entering a place where neither light, protection, nor voice can reach.

No matter how dangerous it was to get close, it would not be more dangerous than Hamel’s current situation. Anise made up her mind to save Hamel even if her existence was wrong.

Eight wings fluttered. The saintess, who had not moved on the bow, flew up into the sky.

‘It’s similar.’

Senya gritted her teeth and moved on.

I’ve already tried dozens of magic tricks. But he didn’t get anything right. Neither the Eternal Hall nor Frost’s Dragon Heart could reach that moonlight.

‘No, not something similar… … Same.’

It reminded me of the vermouth I saw at Hamel’s grave. At that time, Vermouth did not use the moonlight sword. It wasn’t swallowed up in the ominous moonlight like Eugene now.

However, Senya felt the vermouth of that time in Eugene now.

It’s vermouth, but it’s an incomprehensible impression that it’s not vermouth. It was the same with Eugene now. Little by little, that was changing.

You shouldn’t leave it like this. It seems that they haven’t crossed the border yet, but if they go a little further—- if they are completely swallowed up by that moonlight.

It seemed that Eugene would become something other than Eugene. It seemed that Hamel, the Eugene that Senya knew, would disappear.

how do i stop it? magic doesn’t work It’s hard to get any closer than this.

What should I do? What should I be prepared for, what should I offer to make the runaway moonlight fade?


It wasn’t God who moved her desperately.

A small hole pierced the dark sky of the Devil’s View and a chain was shot out. At the sight, the faces of Senya and Cristina were stunned, and Anis screamed. 300 years ago, there was only one being symbolized by that chain.

The Demon King of Confinement.


No one could clearly guess why.

It was the same with the mad king. Playback does not work as intended. My stomach felt groggy and unpleasant, as if it were full of procrastinating maggots, and my head was full of thoughts I didn’t want to think about.

It looked like it would be defeated. The premonition of death grew stronger. Run away, should I run away? I didn’t really want to think about it, but I even thought about it.

‘The Demon King of Confinement?’

The moment when the terrible and ominous moonlight is about to swallow the demon king. Chains pierced the moonlight. The Demon King couldn’t understand ‘why’ the chains appeared. For what purpose does the demon king of confinement, who would be a thorough bystander, intervene in this battle?


The demon king’s eyes shook. The chain that pierced the moonlight made the demon king back down and wrapped around Eugene’s body that was being eroded by the moonlight.

‘Looking for… … Is it?’

The Demon King had no choice but to think so.

If, if the battle continued. If I couldn’t get out of being completely swallowed up by that moonlight. If the disappearance of magical power was repeated—-even the demon lord’s immortality would have run out. That moonlight had enough power for the demon king to foresee death… … .

However, the situation changed with the appearance of chains of confinement. The runaway moonlight was caught in chains and faded. The light of death that made the devil tremble is going out. This was definitely an opportunity.

The Demon King stretched out his hand towards Eugene, who was chained. Quarrrrr! The concentrated mana became a cannonball.


Senya screamed. For her, saving her Eugene was more important and urgent than understanding her current situation.

Pew! Magic and magic collided. Eugene’s hair, which was barely combed in the radius of the explosion, swayed.

Chained up, Eugene was limp. His consciousness was still caught in the void behind the destruction. The moonlight sword no longer emits moonlight.


The demon king was afraid that Yujin would open his eyes. I didn’t want to let that moonlight sword emit moonlight again. Anger against the demon king of confinement also soared.

What the hell are you doing? If he had been chained, he would have been snared and killed. Why did you just keep it tied up?

‘Am I going to leave it to me to kill the hero?’

Uneasy. Her magical power continued to be gnawed away by the holy woman’s holy power, and she was directly killed several times by Senya and Eugene. Crucially, too much magic was consumed by the runaway moonlight sword.

The figure of Eugene, entangled in chains, is getting farther and farther away. The demon lord’s actions were suppressed by Senya’s evil spells.

‘Not enough.’

I thought so as I staggered back.

lack of strength lack of horsepower Lack of fear. This is a battlefield where demons and demon kings reign and must be respected—-reverence is lacking.

If so, is there no choice but to return it? For a moment, such a thought popped into the demon king’s head.

Magical power bestowed on his subordinates. It is also a considerable amount, so if you collect it again, you will be able to make up for the lack of power right away. As a result, the family members will die, but–


The demon king spat out in a trembling voice.

I couldn’t think of anything other than this method. The Demon King’s will was passed on to all the Dark Elves who hadn’t died yet.

None of them resented the demon king. Rather, everyone pulled out their hearts with joy. It is to sacrifice one’s life for the demon king one serves, for the victory of the demon king, and for the frenzy. For the direct followers of the Demon King, there was no more sublime death than that.

Chow ah!

Dozens of Dark Elves pulled out their hearts. The united will spread throughout the Demonic Realm.

It wasn’t just the Dark Elves who committed suicide. Pirates who lost their human ego and became nothing more than a mass of magical power. The monsters that had killed hundreds of thousands of humans who fought them also stopped fighting and pulled out their own hearts.

It was an unreal and terrifying sight. The sight of the Demon’s followers offering their hearts in unison became a ritual in itself, inscribing incomprehensible fear in the minds of those who saw it.

“It is an honour… … .”

Sepia, who served Iris for 300 years, muttered with a smile. The moment those words were finished, Sepia turned to black ash and disappeared.


A black air current gathered at the demon lord. Senya’s magic, which was destroying the demon king’s body, stopped.

Soon the magic dissipated. Blood flowed from Senya’s mouth and nose at the encroaching magic power.

Christina, who was concentrating her divine power on the chain, also felt a dizzying headache. I stretched out her stigmatized left hand directly, but her chains did not disappear. No matter how much she hoped for a miracle, recited her prayers and called her name, she could not reach Eugene.

I couldn’t even focus on it. A frenzied mana is attacking Senya.

Eight wings fluttered. Cristina and Anise reached out to Senja. Senya also stepped back without advancing further. A miracle light flashed, then went out. The world went dark for a moment.

In the moment of silence, only the chain moved. As if escaping from an impending storm, Eugene’s body flew far away.

It was Anis who came to his senses first. She flapped her wings on behalf of her fainting Christina. I saw Eugene, dragged by her chains and flying away.


When the world goes dark for a while Anis saw how the chain moved. The attacking frenzied magic did not invade the chain. The reason is unknown, but the chain of confinement protected Eugene.

‘What do you want?’

If the chain of confinement hadn’t appeared, he might have been able to kill the mad king with the rampant moonlight sword. If that happened——Eugene’s existence might have disappeared in the moonlight.

However, the demon king of madness was saved by the interference of the chain of confinement. Similarly, Eugene is also out of moonlight.

‘Sympathy? interest? Either way… … It’s not like a demon king.’

However, it was clear that the demon king of confinement had saved Yujin. Even now, that chain has moved Eugene outside of the dead. Anise saw the chains disappear and Eugene fell onto the other boat.

“What about Eugene?”

“All right.”

Anis answered and grabbed Senya by the shoulder. The permeated divine power completely restored Senya’s injuries. The two slowly fell down and landed on the deck of La Vercia.

“The end is in sight.”

At those words, Senya laughed involuntarily.

“It’s faster than you think.”

“It is. Worst case, I thought we would have to fight for days.”

“Don’t be vigilant.”

“I mean?”

Anise laughed and shook her head. She clutched the handle of the flail and looked in front of her.


The magical powers were completely united. The mad king wiped away the bloody tears with the back of his hand.

Where are Eugene, Hamel, and the hero? The demon king first looked for the hero, but the iron ball flying from the front covered the demon king’s field of view.

“Where are you looking?”

The iron ball could not crush the demon king’s head. Although it was full of his divine power, the demon king’s magical power caught the iron ball in midair.

Anis grinned as she pulled the chain of the flail that had been stretched out.

“The Demon King of Madness.”

The war situation has changed. The mad king recharged his mana by killing all his subordinates at an early stage. The fear that spread to people became the demon king’s power.

However, that didn’t mean that the mad king was stronger than when he first encountered it.

That young demon king was as strong as the previous frenzy from the beginning, and continued to grow stronger during the battle. It has reached its limit and is now dying out. If you can’t kill it, if you live in this sea, it might turn out to be uncontrollable fire, but if you kill it here, it will be worthless ashes.

“Your enemy is not only the warrior.”

Anise sentenced quietly. those who survived the battle. People who are not terrified. Feeling fear, those who chose to fight stepped forward.


The mad king let out a laugh. Many people gathered in front of her, who was left alone by killing her family.

insignificant hate. I want to kill everything. The demon king tore off his head and spat out.

“that… … Do you want to buy time for your child to come back?”

The demon king swallowed the name ‘Hamel’ without spitting it out. He thought that saying it might boost the morale of his enemies.

Alone, she had to think smarter. The demon king’s power is based on fear, so we shouldn’t give them an excuse for fear to disappear.


It is very easy to plant fear.

“Come if you want to die.”

You just have to show someone dying. Whether it’s a human or an elf, someone you know—even someone you don’t know, if you see them die right next to you, you’ll be terrified.

The Demon King never thought that he was at a disadvantage. No matter how many opponents he has, they are only insignificant people in front of the power of the demon lord. If you brutally kill a guy as an example, your determined faces will turn into despair.

“Heaven Genocide.”

A quiet voice was heard.

“Destiny form.”

In today’s battle, Carmen had never uttered that directly. For he had never had the leisure to perform such a rite.

It is the same now. Situationally and emotionally, there is no room. Even more so, Carmen memorized the name of Heaven Genocide as usual and declared Destiny Form.

Lionheart must not feel fear in front of the Demon King. He should not hesitate and hesitate. To all, it must be an example.

I never thought I’d come out without hesitation and spit out that stupid name. Carmen’s behavior immediately embarrassed even the demon king.

“Crazy bitch.”

The demon king twitched his lips and reached out his hand toward Carmen.

If you want to die, I will kill you. The opponents were difficult when I saw them in Kiel, but now that I’m the Demon King… … .


The demon king’s face was distorted.

Arrows flew from afar. It didn’t touch the body, but the fact that he dared to attempt a sniping angered the demon king. Of course, it was Ivik who shot the arrow.

‘I’m crazy.’

The situation is not good, wouldn’t it have been better to just stay calm? Even with such regret, Ivik put a new arrow on the string.

There is no choice but to shoot. The young warrior fought so hard. A saintess with slender arms is blocking the demon king’s way, wielding her hideous iron ball. And Carmen, whom she admires, is advancing toward the demon king. Ivik could not hold his breath quietly in such a situation.


With a deep breath, Senya’s body floated up. She glared at her demon lord with several orbs wrapped around her.

ㅡCoooung! Every step the demon king took shook La Vercia.

But it didn’t sink. Senya’s magic gripped Labersia tightly.

“Who are you to go and see?”

Senya glared at the Demon King with bloodshot eyes and spat out.

f*cking Reincarnation Chapter 373

Heaven Genocide, Destiny Form.

It’s a name that I can’t say with my mind, but unlike the ridiculous name, this form contains the will to kill the opponent unconditionally.

A pair of silver gloves wrapped tightly below the elbow.

Every part of this form is a weapon. The sharp-edged forearm is as sharp as a blade. The fingers are also sharp, but if you clench your fist and hit it, you can turn your opponent into ground meat with just a slight rotation of your wrist.

Carmen’s white flame style is optimized for fighting. Her white salt ceremony does not burn brightly unlike Eugene’s or other Lion Heart’s white salt ceremony. The color of the flame that is condensed to the limit and gently flows on the surface is white, which does not allow other colors to enter.

The flame explodes the moment it hits, and pierces the opponent.

Wow! Carmen’s fist broke the dark matter.

Iris had previously fought with the Dark Eye. In order to fight this evil eye, we must first understand the nature of dark matter. It’s not easy to figure out its temperament during a tense battle.

There was no need for that now. It was thanks to Senya’s intensive control of the Mystic Eye. The Mystic Eyes that connect paths with each other did not miss it and destroyed it. The evil eyes that hit and drive were entrusted to the warriors who engaged in close combat.

Even so, the battle is not easy.

Carmen has neither divine power nor a moonlight sword. He can’t even use magic. He doesn’t even use another weapon.

Her weapons are Heaven Genocide and gloves made from Lyzakia’s scales. A martial art she has trained all her life. And, only Ryan Hart’s white flame ceremony that she is proud of.

I didn’t feel it was lacking.

Carmen poured all her strength into the demon king. Her blows flowed uninterrupted, and the sparks she poured into each point of her blows pierced the power of the demonic eye and invaded her magic power. The demon king’s body was pushed back little by little by that series of blows.

breathing is different. Unlike using a sword or other weapon, Carmen uses her entire body as well as her two fists. If the fist is removed, the leg immediately flies, and if the leg is avoided, the fist is inserted again.

It wasn’t light either. Aside from the fact that Carmen has no divine power, there is a saint behind Carmen now. There are dozens of priests.

‘it’s annoying.’

Sniper shooting from the ship over there. If it was a simple sniping, it could be ignored as a magic barrier. However, during the sniping, seriously powerful things were mixed.

Senya Merdane. That damn wizard amplified the power by mixing magic with arrow sniping, and secretly spread magic during the sniping to aim at the devil’s blind spot.

‘it’s annoying.’

The guys who didn’t deserve attention are attacking without fear. Since all of the Demon King’s followers had disappeared, everyone was free to act.

The Paladins shouted the names of their respective gods and surrounded the Demon King. The shield that was opened to annihilate was blocked by the barrier of concentrated divine power.

‘it’s annoying.’

Why are you even doing this? Aren’t you afraid of death? The Demon King felt a sincere question.

Not all of her attacks were blocked. Since the battle began, dozens of people have already died at the hands of the Demon King.

It was natural. Not everyone is as strong and fast as Carmen. The sacred power of the saints and priests continues to be exerted, but as it was 300 years ago, even under the protection of the light, people die. No matter how much he heals his wounds, as long as he is a human, if his head explodes and his heart pierces, he will die.

‘Why aren’t you afraid?’

That was the devil’s biggest question. It is not perfect to erase fear and encourage courage with divine magic.

It’s all about twisting emotions. Moreover, since the frenzied magic is particularly good at destroying the human spirit, it is impossible to completely suppress one’s emotions in a battle like this.

It was like that before. When all the members of the family pulled out their hearts for the mad king. The ritual etched fear into the minds of most humans here.

How sweet was that, thousands of fears? But now I don’t feel the same sweetness as before. Rather, various emotions that are unpleasant to the demon king are rising.

Light, courage, faith, hope, things like that.

f*ck! The demon king’s head was thrown back. The back of his head was blown off by an arrow stuck between his eyes. The demon king immediately pulled his head forward. The arrow was extinguished by magic, but the returned sight showed countless magical dots.

Kwagwagwagwang! The demon king staggered back. Playback continues to slow down. The magical power he thought was infinite is no longer infinite. Carmen and other warriors dug in between the exploding magic.

death (death). Some of them will not wish to die here.

In fact, it was. Quite a few people didn’t want to fight the demon king until just a few days ago. just, inevitably. There was just no luck.

The Dark Elves who came to subdue them have become demon lords. He wanted to quietly stand back and watch the situation, but suddenly appeared a hero, a saint, and a wizard, insisting that he must be killed this time.

Most people have been drawn to that self-righteousness. I want to run away, I don’t want to fight, I don’t want to die. Such a wish because of face and prestige. They are also people who have been forced to come because they cannot go against the trend.

Even so, the people now rushing to the demon lord had the same thoughts. I didn’t want glory. Nor did he yearn for a victory yet to come.

just, just… … Even if I can’t help it, I think I have to do it. It would be nice if someone else did it for me, but there are no other people to do it for me. Because I had no choice but to come here, because a lot of other people died, and also because more people would die by the demon lord if I left it like this.

Faith and justice were shallow. The fact that it was just unavoidable was the basis for most of it.

It wasn’t even heroism. Originally, most humans were neither heroes, nor righteous, nor perfect, and most of those who fight the demon king now were like that.

Not insignificant.

‘It’s insignificant.’

The demon king gnashed his teeth.

It was boring. Bugs, insignificant people, people who can’t change anything by themselves. That would be it—- Forming a group and throwing the body to death made the demon lord dizzy.

they are not warriors Not even a saint. What the hell am I doing with those guys?

The demon king’s emotions boiled over. Anger and madness over loneliness turned into murderous intent, and the Mystic Eye realized a full death.


People who die in these circumstances are predestined. weak person. A person who has no luck. who got too close. overconfident person. Arrogant person.

or a sacrificial person.

When the demonic eye emitted light. Anise burst into light. Cristina, who had come to her senses, also recited her prayers with Anise. Dozens of priests who followed her saint hoped for the same miracle.

However, divine power is not infinite. Suppresses magical powers, bestows blessings on people, regenerates wounds at super speed, blocks several fatal attacks, and attacks the demon lord whenever a gap is visible.

All of that slowed down the barrier a bit.

Ranked 3rd, Paladin, Adol. he is a quiet man Since the punitive force had departed, few people had spoken to him. Even after subjugation of the pirate empress was changed to subjugation of the demon king, Adol silently supported the will of the hero and the saint without giving another opinion.

when death approaches. Adol raised his shield without flinching. Instead of backing down, he set up his shield and moved forward.

It wasn’t just Adol who moved like that. All the paladins with shields moved forward just like Adol did.


Carmen’s body, which was nearby, was thrown backwards. Adol tilted his shield and body so that Carmen was not in danger. Carmen looked at the backs of Adol and the paladins with wide eyes.

A black torrent swallowed the Paladins. They disappeared from the world without even leaving a last word.

Curry! The barely constructed barrier blocked the mana. A magical spear shot from behind the barrier penetrated the body of the demon king, and a torrent of magical power split up and down.

La Vercia was split in two. The dark red sea roared and swallowed her boat. Senja and Cristina gasped and did their part. Everyone aboard the sinking La Vercia rose into the air.

“haha… … Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Some of the unpleasant emotions have decreased.

Yes, if you don’t fear it, you can kill it and let it know. It’s easy for the demon king. At this point, not a single member of the Demon King’s family remained. But at this moment, the Demon King did not feel lonely.

Beneath the turbulent sea. Abyss confined in the deep sea. The Demon King of the former frenzy. That retain did not disappear, and even now supported Iris’ back.

All you have to do is tear it to pieces. The Demon King did not fly out of the sinking ship. Instead of controlling her staggering body, she lay her body close to the sea. Her tilted head looked away from the sky.

The brightest light in the Magic Realm.

A profane, ominous, and dreadful light.

The demon’s eye did not emit light, but darkness hung where there was light.

* * *

There were many reasons why Senya, Cristina, and Anise didn’t go looking for Eugene.

The mad king descended to La Vercia. When Senya and one of her saints are away, the balance of the place collapses.

It is true that the demon lord has been weakened by the battle, but that does not mean that he has become powerless. By nature, beasts are dangerous when they are wounded. As long as death is near, everyone has no choice but to desperately fight, and the same goes for the demon king.

Of course, if Eugene was in a really dangerous situation and was in a situation where he could not lift a finger and drowned in the sea. Senya and her saints would have given priority to going to the rear and saving Eugene. Fortunately, Eugene wasn’t that dangerous and didn’t fall into the sea.

It was because Senya and the saints were not the only eyes chasing Eugene, who was thrown into the chain of confinement.

Ciel Lionheart. She was on a ship in the rear, not La Vercia or Pormeri. Fighting in the front is important to her, but that doesn’t mean she can’t ignore fighting in the rear.

As a result, there were many strong people in the rear, including Ortus, and Ciel was one of them. Naturally, Ciel did not like his current position very much. It was because, with her skills, she was capable of fighting the Dark Elves in La Vercia and Pormerie.

But now I feel fortunate to be in this position.

The gigantic and large pirate ships, and the monsters that howled and jumped from there, all disappeared in ashes.

There was nothing blocking Ciel right now. Ciel jumped over her ship and ship, flying white flames like a mane. Her eyes were fixed on the falling Eugene, not the battle of the leaders.

‘are you okay.’

I even thought that I had endured the harsh training for this moment. The body that moved at will was as light as a feather. It was also free. Ciel leaped from his deck and reached out his hand towards Eugene.

There was no such thing as missing something at the fingertips. Ciel’s hand grabbed Eugene’s. Ciel took his outstretched hand and hugged Eugene.

That moment—-for Ciel, it was very quiet and precious. Actually, there was no sound in Ciel’s ears right now. It’s embarrassing, but I even thought that it would be better if time stopped like this.

Of course, there was no such thing as stopping time. Ciel fell down holding Eugene in her arms. She landed, reducing her speed from her mid-air so that no shock would be felt to her Eugene.

‘It’s too quiet.’

Concerns followed.

Eugene had lost her mind. Even so, it was strange that Mer and the dragon princess who were still inside the cloak were quiet. If Eugene was in a situation like this, the two of them would have come out of the cloak and taken care of Eugene.

Ciel hardened his expression and put his hand through the cloak of darkness.

Endless space. He moved his hand around, but nothing caught. If all is well, the dragon princess Merna would have reached out and grabbed her hand… … Did they both pass out together? There was no way for Ciel to confirm that right now.

“Warrior… … .”

The sailors who survived the battle gathered near Ciel and Eugene.

The doctor is in the last evacuation boat… … . should i go there? Should I rather go forward and enlist the help of the clergy?

No, rather than that, it was first to look at Eugene’s condition right away. As long as it was first aid, Ciel was able to do it.

“this… … what?”

Ciel, who was looking at Eugene, muttered involuntarily. He was because of Eugene’s left hand clinging to the hilt.

Eugene had always hidden the truth about the moonlight sword. Even when he used it on Iod in the Black Lion Castle, he pulled out the moonlight sword when all those he had kidnapped as a sacrifice fainted. I didn’t even take out the moonlight sword unless I had to kill it ‘for sure’, and in fact, I was never cornered enough to take out the moonlight sword in most battles.

So, Ciel didn’t know about the moonlight sword. There are many weapons in Lionheart’s treasure chest, but I’ve never seen a sword that emits such an ominous light.

However, this much was known. It was an intuition, not an understanding.

That half-cut sword is dangerous. It is true that the ominous light emitted by that sword drove the demon king into a corner, but that ominous and fearful light threatened not only the demon king but also Eugene. The fact that Eugene lost consciousness now was also caused by that sword.

Ciel stretched out his hand toward the moonlight sword with a firm expression.

What should I do? His fingers were buried in the hilt he had crushed, and the fingers and hilt were literally joined together.

Do I have to use force to tear them off one by one? Or will you boldly cut off your wrists? If it’s a saint with stigma, even severed limbs can be attached and wounds can be regenerated… … She was told she didn’t know yet if that was possible or impossible.

‘If it doesn’t work out, I’ll have to cut my wrist.’

It is the means chosen in the worst-case scenario. Ciel took a deep breath and grabbed Eugene’s hand and the moonlight sword together.

It was like that 300 years ago.

The moonlight sword cannot be held by anyone. Even the strong men of that era, such as Hamel and Moron, could not resist the ominous madness conveyed by the moonlight sword.

Madness. It is madness literally. The moment you hold it in your hand, it seems like your mind changes. No matter how strong your mental power is, you can’t resist the lunacy of the moonlight sword.

Vermouth grabbed the moonlight sword and swung it. The same goes for Eugene. The ‘qualification’ to hold the moonlight sword is ‘speciality’, not strength of mind. straight blood. Vermouth’s blood. Lionheart’s blood.

That blood also flows through Ciel.

Ciel’s body trembled. The spirit of the special blood, Ciel, did not go mad with the madness of the moonlight sword.

But it didn’t have any effect. The moment she gripped her moonlight sword, her mind was blown away somewhere out of reality. The madness that was now eroding Eugene dragged Ciel away.

‘Oh, no.’

Luckily, Ciel wasn’t completely swept away. Ciel’s consciousness wandered in the emptiness of heaven and earth disappearing and all things fading away.

This is dangerous. If you don’t do it, you might be swept along and your ego will disappear.

Repeated intuition, but Ciel did not let go of the moonlight sword. It was because he was more worried that Eugene was in danger right now than that he was in danger by holding on like this.



Consciousness sank into the center of nothingness. I can’t hear anything here I’m sure I’m seeing it with my own eyes, but my consciousness exists here, but I wasn’t even sure about that.

What Ciel is sure of here is that he must not let go of the hilt. And-

“I have to go.”

what looks blurry. What Ciel is most desperate for in this space.

That was Eugene. Caught in the emptiness of the moonlight sword, he sat helplessly.

Ciel’s consciousness reached Eugene.

“It shouldn’t be like this.”

A voice like that came from somewhere. Ciel didn’t know what that voice was.

“That sword is not my arrangement.”


The futility is far away. The voice was no longer heard.


Ciel sighed and slumped in his seat. Her hand was away from the moon lightsaber, but her other hand was tightly gripping Yujin’s wrist.

Ciel gasped and moved his eyes. Fortunately, Eugene’s hand and sword hilt, which were stuck together, were separated.


Ciel grabbed Eugene by the shoulder and shook him. After shaking it a few times, Eugene’s eyelids trembled.

“ah… … .”

Eugene opened his eyes. Her head was dazed and throbbing. She had no strength in her body either.

Spending too much magic on the rampage of the moonlight sword? or not… … Because of what I just saw when my consciousness was dragged away?

“Ciel… … ?”

Eugene called Ciel’s name in a cracked voice. Her vague memories gradually connected and filled up.

A world without anything. The look of someone I saw in the middle of empty destruction. Last heard… … voice.

“You me… … Did you bring him out?”

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