Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 116

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“Come in.”

Mays opened the door and came in. Like other great wizards, Mais also maintained a middle-aged figure much younger than his original age through magic.

“Sir Ortus. What the hell is going on at this late hour… … .”

I couldn’t even finish the story.

“… … .”

Mais, who was seated on the sofa, listened to the whole story in a half-fascinated state.

“Are you really wise Senya?”

when all the stories are over. Mays asked it first.

“No, no, I asked something stupid. This mighty mana… … The ability to suppress my magic with a single gesture and deprive me of magical freedom… … Those beautiful purple hair and bright green eyes… … .”

Mais looked at Senya with enchanted eyes and murmured.

Eugene didn’t like that. The son of a mercenary king of the time has no respect for his senior. Why did the great wizards of the continent, those who should have higher pride than anyone else, show such consistent respect just by looking at Senya?

“Please stick that dagger through my chest.”

The condition given to the dagger was the same as the one inserted into Orthus’ chest. But Mais didn’t hesitate like Ortus. He unbuttoned his shirt with his own hand and opened his chest.

“Senya-sama, a wise man who doesn’t hesitate to respect you… … You’re using magic directly on me! This will be my pride and my go-to drink for the rest of my life.”

“It’s all good, but if you want to make noise, you have to do it after the dagger is drawn. know?”

“Yes, of course. ah… … Senya-sama, please listen to my request. When the subjugation is over and you have to draw the dagger, can’t you just change the conditions and leave it without pulling it out?”

don’t tell anyone else Doesn’t cooperate with Iris. What if this condition disappears and only the dagger remains? If so, can you say this for the rest of your life?

‘Hey, you know what? Right now, in my chest, there’s a magic dagger that the wise old Senya himself forged. what? tell me not to lie? Haha, let’s see for ourselves.’

If he said that, all the wizards in the palace would surely be envious.


Senya replied with a wide smile. A junior who respects him wants to have a souvenir, but he was able to give it as much as he wanted.

“Would you like me to engrave your initials?”

“Ohhh… … !”

Tears of emotion welled up in Mice’s eyes. Yujin, who was looking at the scene with her sullen expression, deliberately coughed out loudly and said.

“Gee Master. It’s late, so let’s hurry up and go.”

“Uhuhu, is my cute disciple jealous?”

“Write… … what is jealousy… … .”

Senya giggled and shoved the dagger into Mice’s chest. The dagger went in without a hit and pierced Mays’ heart.

Only then did the conversation begin in earnest.

“You mean to drag the entire fleet away with magic?”


“that… … Is nonsense possible?”

While saying that, Mays continued to think in his head. Accelerating 100 ships with magic, ignoring weather conditions and sea waves? Mais is also a great wizard who achieved the 8th circle. To do it, you can.

I didn’t have the confidence to continue. Will I last half a day if I pour mana until exhaustion?

“It is possible.”

Until 300 years ago, the power that moved most ships was manpower. The sailors rowed, the sorcerer raised the wind and steered the waves, and so on.

But in this day and age, almost all modern ships are magically powered. Mana stored before departure. And the ship is moving by supplying mana stones that have been improved through charging.

“I’ve been thinking about magically improving power, too, but that takes too long. Then we have no choice but to use the ignorant and easy way.”

Cast acceleration magic on the entire fleet. Distorts all nearby ocean currents. Raise the wind and push it from behind. I intend to use all the means to go ‘fast’.

Senya’s Eternal Hall is not as perfect as it used to be. Continuing great magic of this magnitude may further damage the Eternal Hall. Naturally, Senya was also wary of that side, and prepared a countermeasure.

dragon heart.

Akasha and Frost. The total amount of mana that can be supplied from the two magic wands can be said to be infinite.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable if it wasn’t to generate mana with the Eternal Scepter, but to the extent of controlling the mana supplied by the staff. In addition, you can receive assistance from Eugene, Mer, Raimirah, and Mays.

“It is an honour… … !”

Subjugation of Raksha Princess Iris. That alone would be a legendary feat, but with the addition of the wise Senya and the hero Eugene Lionheart. And by cooperating with them from the start, it can be the wind that pushes the punitive force forward.

Mais shuddered, but Orthus’ expression was trembling. He thought for a moment, caressing his chin, then opened his mouth.

“I don’t know much about magic, but… … What Senya-sama said she would do now is absurd for the Archmage to say ‘impossible’, right?”


“You said Senya and Eugene would hide their identities until they met Iris, right?”


“hmm… … then… … How am I supposed to convince you of that?”

Orthus couldn’t help but think about it. The schedule of the punitive force is an area that he, the commander-in-chief, can adjust. But how can you convince so many people of that ‘impossible’ thing?

“Wouldn’t it be fine to call it Dragon Heart?”

Eugene said with an insignificant face.

“Right now, Lord Orthus’ exceed has a fragment of a dragon heart embedded in it, and I believe there were two more such exceeds in the royal family.”

The national treasure of the government officials. 3 exceeds using dragon hearts. One of them is being used by Ortus, and the other two remain in the royal treasury.

“If the royal family is really sincere in subjugating Iris, the two acids they kept as national treasures are also Sir Ortus… … I guess I should have left it to someone else. isn’t it? Like Princess Scalia.”

“Yes… … don’t wait Eugene. As you said, His Highness the King bestowed the Exceed on Princess Scalia only for this subjugation. and… … I am managing the other acid as well.”


“I haven’t decided who to hand it to yet. my son… … I thought of Dior, but I thought it was too petty. So I tried to hand it over to someone I can trust among the subjugation party.”

I thought it was for my son. Eugene found that answer a little surprising.

“Uhm… … How about Sir Ivik? I know his skills are excellent.”

“He is a mercenary. He is not to be trusted.”

I asked with the intention of sneaking up on it, but Orthus immediately answered with a straight face.

“Then, what about Carmen-sama?”

He tried it, but he had no loyalty to Eugene to take care of the ivy. Carmen, who had been biting a cigar in a relaxed posture, opened her eyes wide at the sudden pointing.


“yes. If it’s Carmen-sama, isn’t she a person who has strong skills and can be trusted?”



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“Does that mean you believe in me, Eugene?”

“no… … Why are you saying the obvious… … Did you think I didn’t trust Carmen?”

“I believe in you too.”

Carmen smiled and put down her cigar. what… … What do you mean? Eugene blinked her eyes and bowed her head.

“Sir Carmen… … I can believe it.”

Ortus also seriously thought about it and gave an answer.

Dior, the son, lacks skills. The mercenary Ivik is untrustworthy. To be honest, he didn’t want to leave Believing and lending the Exceed to Ayvik.

But I can trust Carmen Lionheart.

Possibility of getting it and running away? In the first place, the national treasure, Acid, had thorough anti-theft magic, and Carmen didn’t seem to have to worry about that.

“then… … By lending it to Sir Carmen… … No, aren’t we discussing that now?”

“Isn’t that enough of an excuse? The power of two Exceed Dragon Hearts was added to the magic of Mais-sama, the chief mage and master mage of the court. The only wizards who participated in the subjugation were the combat wizards of the Slad Mercenary Corps, and as far as I know, the most outstanding wizards among them are from the 6th circle. At that level, there will be no doubts.”

“My innocence has been proven, but I have this concern too. What if someone from the punitive force colluded with Iris? And what if the punitive force’s trend was communicated to Iris in some way?”

Orthus asked with a serious face.

The speed of the subjugation party suddenly increased. In the process, an unknown great magic was involved. As Eugene said, I prepared an excuse, but isn’t there a possibility that a traitor who may or may not be suspicious will send information to Iris?

“I have a plan in place for that.”

Senya smiled and said.

“Covering the entire fleet in magic means that the entire fleet is within my sight. In other words, in order to communicate with Iris, you have to fool my eyes in some way. Can’t that be possible?”

Among the magic Senya independently developed, there was also a magic to search for Mana’s memories.

Relics that are too old, such as Agaroth’s Ring, cannot read memories. The reason Senya developed that magic in the first place was not to read the memories of things.

It is to read the memory of ‘magic’.

Magic secretly unfolded on the battlefield where raids were frequent. curses of various kinds. It is a magic to trace the memory of the mana contained in those magics to find and kill the hidden black magician.

If someone in the fleet were to use magic to communicate with the outside world. It will be immediately captured by Senya. From there it’s simple. Go against the magic and find the opponent—- if you need to kill it, kill it, or if you don’t even need to kill it, shut your mouth.

‘Iris’ authority is ridiculously convenient, but I can’t use it for something like this.’

Create a small darkness that can be hidden in the arms of a subordinate, maintain it for months, and communicate by putting correspondence in the darkness? No matter how much Iris’ abilities evolved over 300 years, that was impossible.

“I’m sorry for coming to you this morning.”

All the stories to be shared are over. Eugene stood up with Senya and Carmen.

“You apologize quickly… … . But where are you going back?”

“Where are you going back? Let’s go back to our ship.”

“ship… … ? Lionheart’s?”


Eugene answered indifferently.

However, Orthus had no choice but to think a lot about that answer.

ship… … Lionheart’s ship. Ciel, Carmen and Desiira. The person who rode with those three was… … .

“oh my god!”

Orthus opened his eyes to the truth he had reached. 3 body types. 3 women.

“Eugene! Were you among those servants!”

“… … .”

“My God, my God! you! You, the warrior! That Eugene Lionheart! You secretly boarded the ship dressed as a woman?!”

“Shut up.”

Eugene’s face contorted like a demon.

the demon scene

“It fits well.”

Gondor put down the pipe he was smoking and put down his face.

Ten days have passed since the departure. As the voyage time was shorter than her schedule, she had to hurry hammering, but she could not compromise on her perfection just because the work time was reduced.

As a result of reducing the sleeping time, he completed the two armors requested by Eugene.

“It is very light.”

“right? There are no parts that get in the way of moving your body, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing it.”

Ciel and Desira looked at each other’s armor and expressed their feelings. Even though it was a shape that completely covered the chest and stomach, there was no discomfort in bending down.

Ciel bent his upper body back and forth, raised the sword blades from his fingertips, and gently touched them to the surface of the armor.

Mana did not dissipate. The sword steel kept its shape and hit the surface of the armor, but the armor did not feel even the slightest vibration.

Ciel put on a strange expression and raised the blade a little harder, but no matter how much power was raised, the surface of the armor did not have a single scratch.

“It is the scale of an old dragon that has lived the longest among dragons. There won’t be a single flaw with that level of sword steel.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever get stabbed to death anywhere.”

“Silly Dejaira, don’t be arrogant just because you wear good armor. The only thing this armor protects is the torso.”

Ciel clicked his tongue and scattered the sword. At that, Gondor also raised his pipe and chuckled.

“Cancer, no way. If I had enough time, I would make an armor that would protect the whole body, not just the torso, but that’s too much for now.”

The voyage time to Solgarta is one month at the shortest. However, with the addition of Senya’s magic, the time was cut by nearly half. If nothing unusual happens, it will enter Solgarta waters within the next five days.

Making other parts of the armor within that time——it could be done, but now Gondor had other work to do.

Carmen Ryanhart. Since she had commissioned her glove to wear on her left hand, it seemed that I should be able to make it in time, starting with her work today.

“About that, Carmen-sama asked me to have a lion heart tattooed on the back of my hand.”

“pattern… … It’s a pattern… … Well, it’s because it’s not easy to carve a pattern on a dragon’s scales. Tell them that such delicate work will be done later, after the subjugation is over.”

Making gloves that move according to the knuckles using dragon skin and scales is a difficult task. Besides, it wasn’t just gloves, what Carmen was asking for was a ‘weapon’ that could hit, grab, break, or scratch the opponent.

Until now, Carmen had been fighting with only the Heaven Genocide in her right hand, but she felt that she was not ready for this subjugation.

“How is Eugene-dono? It’s not easy to see your face.”

the moment you hear that name. Lymilia, who had been sprawled on the sofa in one corner of the room, jumped up. She rubbed the soot from the corners of her mouth and cried out.

“Bonnyeo blew her breath every day for ten days for the hermit. She works so hard as the original girl, so why doesn’t Eun-ja come to give her compliments to the original girl?!”

“Eugene is very busy.”

“Bonnyeo is busy too! but… … However, if the hermit is really busy, she won’t take up hermit’s time… … .”

Lymira was downcast and spread out on the sofa again.

For the ten days since she departed, she had been confined to her workshop in Gondor. She was naturally invisible to the other sailors, and whenever Gondor was working she always had to radiate her breath and help with her dragon magic.

Once a day, Mer and Cristina, who could be said to be free, came to visit. However, Eugene never came to this studio even once.

Because I’m busy… … It was true, but to be precise, it was because Eugene hated coming out of the room.

“Mer and her mother-in-law said that the hermit had been staring at the ring for the past few days.”

“Mother-in-law… … ?”

Ciel looked at Lymilia with a strange expression. I didn’t even have to think about who the ‘mother-in-law’ I was talking about was referring to.

mother-in-law… … Ciel recalled the slapping he had received in succession and the silence of Christina, who silently stood by his side as he sobbed all night. surely. She was a woman I would like to call ‘Mother’.

“Uhm… … It looks like you’re trying to find something out of that ring.”

“When I practiced, there was nothing special about it… … .”

“I don’t know the details either.”

It’s a lie. I know the situation.

A holy relic of Agaroth, the god of war who lived in ancient times. The ring revealed a revelation to Eugene. Perhaps, memories of the distant past.

why? Not everyone knows why. But one thing was clear. That ancient god of war, Agaroth, chose Eugene.

‘In this era.’

Why did Agaroth choose Eugene?

‘No one will be as close to war as you.’

Not only in the previous life where he lived as Hamel, but also in the current era in which he was reincarnated.

Eugene Lionhart. whether he intended or not. There was always a war by his side. There was always a war where Eugene was.

It’s not a battle. It’s a war. A war that could catastrophically change this era. The reason why such a war ended with the ‘possibility’ of cataclysm is because Eugene was always on the battlefield. And because the war was won.

What if Eugene wasn’t there when Iod ran rampant in the Black Lion Castle?

What if Eugene wasn’t there when Edmond wanted to become the Demon King in the Great Forest of Samar?

There were two things that Ciel could immediately think of.

If it had not been for Eugene at the time of the Black Lion Castle, Lionheart would have fallen and Iod would have become the Demon King. If Eugene had not been there in Samar Great Forest, Edmond would have become the demon king as he had hoped.

Eugene has already stopped the birth of a new demon king twice.

In addition to his work with the Demon King, Eugene was involved in several wars. Although they may not have been related to the demon king, each of them was a major event enough to bring about a great change in the current era.

‘far… … .’

Every time I thought about Eugene, I felt a distant feeling. Compared to Eugene and the people around her, Ciel felt himself very small.

The black armor was covered with a cloak. As long as you wear this, you will no longer be able to use the nickname of a bag of roses. Ciel laughed at that thought. She came out of the studio with Desiira.

I didn’t want to just stare at it because it was far away. I already made up my mind like that. It’s pitiful to just watch without doing anything, hoping someone will come from the other side or change your mind.

Ciel turned his head as he thought about it.

“If it weren’t for the prince, sure.”

“Okay. I want to go and pluck out my eyes.”

Ciel grumbled, and Dejaira responded with a voice that killed him.

A blatant, soggy gaze from afar. The lead flagship, La Vercia, was the gaze of Prince Zafer, who was riding on it. Whenever Ciel occasionally appeared on deck, Prince Jafer raised his magic telescope and stared at Ciel.

“If you’re going to stare at me like that, why don’t you come over and talk to me?”

“Will you listen if I talk to you?”

“I’m crazy? Maybe he’ll tell you to turn it off.”

Ciel grumbled as he walked across the deck.

cabin inside. I wanted to go in, but I changed my mind. I didn’t want to disturb Eugene and the others who were concentrating inside.

“Let’s go see Carmen.”

“Again? You trained in the morning too… … !”

Didyra’s crying came from behind, but Ciel didn’t even answer and ignored it.

* * *

The great magic he used with his mace increased the speed of the fleet several times. Suspicions against him are for Ortus to deal with on his own, and what Senya has to do is to block information from the subjugation party from leaking out.

There is no insider.

That’s what Senya concluded.

Over the past few days, it’s not that there haven’t been attempts to get information ‘outside’. Surprisingly, there was no such attempt in the Slad Mercenary Corps, which had battle wizards, but there were several attempts to leak information between Simuin’s navy and various fighters who participated in the subjugation.

A magical long-distance communication device. It was to report the situation of the punitive force to the royal palace, but Senya boldly cut off even such communication. This is because the information that has gone to the palace may go to Iris as well.

There was nothing to say about the fighters.

Their reasons were varied. Either hand it over to a money-making and information guild, or hand it over to your own country’s intelligence bureau. It means that the subjugation of Iris is attracting attention from all over the continent, but Senya had no intention of considering such a situation.

“I want to throw everything into the sea.”

Senya sat in the center of the magic circle and clicked her tongue. I thought it would be annoying if I dealt with it like that, so I blocked her communication, but he didn’t like it at all.

Fortunately, there is no one who communicates with Helmud… … In fact, it was too early to conclude that. This is because there is a possibility that it will flow to Helmud through other places.

“How is Princess Scalia?”

“I don’t feel Margie. But insomnia seems to be the same.”

Across from Senya was Christina.

She opened her closed eyes thinly and murmured. Scalia Animus. She has been attacked by the Dream Demon Queen in the past. At that time, the incubus that eroded Scalia’s consciousness died in front of Eugene and Cristina.

However, if there is a ‘precedent’, we must be vigilant. Dream demons are adept at penetrating the weak minds of humans, and once a contact was made—-there was a possibility of interfering with dreams in an unstable mental state again.

“Do you think Noir Jebela might intervene?”

“There is no possibility. But that galvo won’t do anything.”

Anis and Eugene agreed on that point. There is no way Noir Jebela will take Iris’ side. Nor did he seem likely to help kill Iris.

“That galvo is the same today as it was 300 years ago. They are obsessed with voyeurism and attention. Especially now, you know that Eugene is Hamel, right? I have too. Cristina, do you know about you?”

“You probably don’t know. No, I’m not sure. Maybe I am guessing.”

“I don’t think you can hide it very much. And it’s better to give it a hard blow than to come this far and hide it stupidly.”

Yujin, who had been listening silently, twisted her lips and smiled.

I can’t be sure. But there is a possibility. Perhaps, Noir Jebela might show up in this battle. If that happens, she will most likely come using Princess Scalia’s body as a vessel.

“I really want you to come.”

Cristina smiled brightly. She closed her eyes again, drawing out the light as she had been doing. Senya also used her mana in response to the light.

Eugene raised his left hand forward. Akasha resonates with Agaroth’s ring.

Akasha is inscribed with the dragon magic received from Ariartel. A dragon spell to find the location of Raizakia. That Raizakia was found and killed right away, but the dragon magic that achieved its goal did not disappear and was still engraved in Akasha.

Up until now, Eugene had been using this dragon magic. When he found the unknown source of light, he also benefited from the dragon word magic, and when he used the moonlight sword as a target—- he knew that there was some kind of link between the demon king in confinement and Vermouth.

Agaroth’s ring.

I have already used this several times on land as a target. But nothing was visible.

‘No, it’s showing little by little.’

This dragon magic spell breaks the relationship with the object. When she wrote to her Lymir, she pursued the location of her Lyzakia, with whom she was related by blood. Relics of Trecia Cathedral… … When the jawbone of a former saint was used as a target, the saint’s blood chased after her stagnant fountain of light.

Agaroth’s ring.

Right now, this ring is intertwined with Eugene. Prior to that, Ariartel was trapped in the treasure chest of an unknown dragon.

But they are not the owners of the ring. As the name of this ring is ‘Agaroth’s Ring’, the ring’s owner is Agaroth.

‘More and more… … .’

Yujin closed her eyes while concentrating on the dragon magic.

‘It seems to be getting closer.’

Nothing was visible from the island. Even after coming out to sea, there is still nothing to see. However, when I concentrated to the limit, I heard a ‘sound’.

The sound of bubbling water bubbles. Shoot, shoot, the sound of waves. The sound of the wind whirling and escaping from the depths.

And since yesterday I’ve been hearing screams. I don’t think it’s an appropriate word, but the scream… … It was very calm.

A sound that could not escape like the wind and accumulated in a place far away or deep, like the wind. A dead sound that was calm and calm, and couldn’t even make a fuss.


Yujin closed her eyes and chewed her lips. The ship continues to move. It is getting closer and closer to Solgarta waters. Perhaps, somewhere there is Agaroth’s sanctuary.

Is it because they are getting closer? Other sounds that were not heard at first are mixed. Behind the dead sound was a mixture of screams that were not calm and full of fury.

It’s not just screaming. There are also sobs. It is not the voice of many people. It was only one person who screamed and howled.

At the end of a long sobbing.

There was a thud.

There was a rustling sound.

It sounded like a door closing.

* * *

I had a dream.

Counting how many times is a dream that has been abandoned. It’s always the same dream. The cycle got shorter and shorter, and now it’s a dream I have every day. It’s not a nightmare. It is a dream that is sweet and nostalgic, and I do not get tired of it even if I dream it every day.

big back. A hand that gently embraces. It’s hard to see because it’s covered in haze, but it’s a caring smile that was clear even in between. A dream to advance together following the first step on the road.

A dream that all brothers go forward together. A dream in which a huge back that took a few steps forward moves away, and everyone is covered in the shadows created there. A dream in which all the brothers saw their father’s back, whom they respected and loved.

A sight that does not exist in memory. That’s why the dream felt like a fateful revelation. But a dream that can’t be together until the end.

At the end of this dream, my father kneels. Iris and her siblings approach their father, but at that moment, the dream world is flooded. Everything is buried in the water and disappears.

My father, Iris, my other siblings, everything.


It’s always the same dream.

But today is different. When everything is buried and disappears. When everything disappears into nothingness.

A howl was heard in the thick fog. The language of the desperate and sorrowful sobbing was broken, but at the end, really at the end. Iris was able to understand even a single word.


This dream was longing, sad, and painful.

So it felt like a nightmare.

Iris woke up with a scream.


The adjutant, surprised by the screams, came to visit.

Iris breathed heavily and covered her throbbing eyes with both hands.

Covered by his hand, he could see something else in his pitch-black field of vision.

“I found it.”

Iris gasped and exhaled.

“You found it, right?”

A door is visible in the dark.

the demon scene

The adjutant panicked and had yet to answer, but Iris was sure of what she was seeing.

She staggered down from the bed, feeling her eyes throb. The adjutant walked over to Iris, who was drenched in a cold sweat, and pulled her coat over her.

“Did you see it in your dreams?”

“Now, I’m still watching.”

Iris breathed heavily and said. A scene that could not be seen is seen so clearly.

The darkness of the deep sea where even light cannot penetrate. A big door somewhere. No—- should I call it a door? Iris spat out, shaking her body.

“Tell me, Sepia. did you find it? yes? There’s no way I couldn’t find it, if nothing has changed from yesterday, there’s no way my dream will change… … !”

Sepia trembled at the passionately shot at the words. But she quickly caught up with her expression and supported her iris.

“But please, Princess, calm down first. Eyes… … .”

“No, I can’t open my eyes.”

Iris still had her eyes closed.

“Eyes… … I don’t want to open.”

The moment I opened my eyes, it seemed that what I was seeing would disappear. Iris was so afraid of that. Sepia had a hard time understanding the words.

No, what she couldn’t understand the most was the ‘fear’ Iris was feeling right now.

“Did you find it… … I do not know.”

Sepia said, clearing her voice. She wrapped her arms around the trembling master’s shoulder and continued her words.

“Area 63. I don’t know what’s there, but the divers who searched there haven’t returned.”

It’s not the first time.

After mass-producing diving suits by beating the dwarves. She ordered the pirates to rummage through the depths of Solgarta.

A wetsuit made of a special material and containing the magic of Iris and the Dark Elves. But the human body is too weak. He pushed pirates with good physical strength and skillful mana handling into the deep sea, but frequent diving into the deep sea quickly damaged the human body.

There were several pirates who went down and could not come back. Some of them cut off their oxygen pipes and died, as if they had fainted from the fear of the deep sea. Some of the pirates even claimed to have seen ghosts.

“It’s different than before. All five people who dived in Area 63 never returned. Strange thing… … The connection to the oxygen pipe is intact. But no matter how much I pull, it won’t pull.”

“I found it, I found it.”

Iris’ voice trembled with excitement. She started walking with her eyes still closed.

“Princess, where are you going?”

Sepia came to Iris in a panic. Iris spat out, shaking off the hand he was trying to support.

“Where are you going? why are you asking that? It’s obvious where I’m going.”

“Please, Princess, please calm down. How can you use the Mystic Eye without opening your eyes?”

Area 64 is a long way from here. If you go by boat, it will take more than two days.

If you use the Darkness Mystic Eye, you can go one step, but Sepia served Iris for too long. In other words, she knows all too well the conditions for activating the Mystic Eye. That mystic eye, which allowed me to jump comfortably over long distances, had to be open unconditionally in order to use the authority.

“are you okay.”

Iris still closed her eyes and said.

“any… … No problem.”

Even Iris couldn’t figure out the basis for what she said. But, although I don’t know why—- it seemed that there would be no problem. I didn’t think about the danger of the unknown that I had never tried.

Iris still didn’t open her eyes, but behind her eyelids, the demonic eyes of darkness looked directly at Iris’ wish.


The space split in front of Iris. Darkness overflowed from the gaping fissure.

The sight shocked Sepia. In the hundreds of years she served Iris, there had never been such a phenomenon when the power of the demonic eye was activated.


Iris shook off Sepia’s support. Iris staggered toward the darkness. Sepia panicked and tried to follow Iris, but at that moment, a black wall of darkness blocked Sepia’s path.

“Do not come.”

“princess! but… … .”

“I have to go this way.”

What does that mean? Sepia looked at the back of Iris, who was standing on the other side of the curtain. But Iris did not look back at Sepia. She was still looking where she couldn’t see with her eyes closed.

one step.

Iris took one step forward. Crunchy, Crunchy! As the darkness spread, they parted.

That’s how the ‘door’ for Iris appeared. Iris thrust her foot toward the inside of her door without hesitation.


It was a darkness that I couldn’t see with my eyes, but it wrapped around Iris as if it was responding. Iris felt the warmth of her blanket wrapped around her body. But as she continued to walk, her warmth disappeared. A crushing crushing pressure squeezed her iris from all sides of her body.

I couldn’t even breathe. Every time I breathed through my nose, I felt my bronchi tearing. It tasted like the painfully salty sea. The pressure of the far deep sea was poised to break even the body that had been trained for hundreds of years. Iris resisted her pressure by wrapping black mana all over her body.

The front was black. It may be because he still closes his eyes, but in the first place, this place is the deep sea where no light exists.

But Iris started moving slowly. Just because it was dark, she didn’t see anything just because she closed her eyes.

bottom of the sea.

There is a huge door. No, can you say that it is a door? Isn’t the door supposed to open and close in the first place? Can you really say that a door is a door that closes once and never opens?

Yeah, that wasn’t a door. It was the seal of the bottomless pit that was once closed and never opened again, imprisoned for eternity, never to be opened.

‘This… … what?’

Iris still didn’t open her eyes. But she looked straight at the seal.

Something I never saw in my dreams. What is engraved in your eyes only after waking up from a dream. At the bottom of this distant deep sea, something that exists for sure.

Iris wonders what the hell is behind that seal. I couldn’t dare imagine what kind of abyss the bottom of the abyss was connected to.

I didn’t want to imagine. why? the moment I thought Iris felt a chill run down her spine.

She already knew the answer, and was just ignoring it. Why I don’t want to imagine. The reason for ignoring

It was because of fear.

The inside story of a dream she missed, felt warm and cozy. The end of a dream that was always the same, but was added today. A dream that suddenly turned into a nightmare. A howl in the thick fog. A grievous and sorrowful sob. At the end, a word that I could only understand at the very end.


That voice—- I remember. It was the voice of my father, the mad king of demons.

What are you sorry about? That one word made Iris imagine the inner story of the dream.

At the end of the dream, the father kneels. Iris and her siblings reach their father, but at that moment the dream world is flooded. Everything is buried in the water and disappears.

In the end, Iris and her siblings couldn’t reach their father. Everything is submerged in the water and disappears, and the father weeps from afar, from afar.

The father could not save the brothers.

Was the apology saying sorry because he couldn’t save his brothers—-children?

No, maybe it wasn’t saved. His father may have abandoned his children with his own hands.

A grievous and sorrowful sob. emotions in it. I just felt it on my own, but strangely, it felt more and more certain.


Knowing that, the dream was a nightmare from the beginning. How miserable it is to feel the longing and warmth at the end of being abandoned by her father.


Iris clenched her fists. The longing and warmth she felt in her dreams were not miserable illusions. She was a sight and emotion that did not exist in her memory, but she was Iris. She was sure of everything she saw and felt.

If you are so sure, you should not be afraid. The father of a distant future might have abandoned his children, but the father of 300 years ago—- the mad king gave his life to save his children. It’s ridiculous to even come all the way here, but be hesitant and tied up in fear.

I couldn’t figure out the basis for the urges and emotions I was feeling right now. In fact, it was like that from the beginning. There were many reasons for coming to Solgarta, but even if there were no such reasons, Iris would have come to this sea.


No voice came from the depths of the sea. But Iris pursed her lips and called her father.

The dreams I’ve had so far and the things I’m seeing now are what my father showed me. If all of this was guided by her father—- Iris did not want to be afraid.

The moment you made that promise. Iris felt something she couldn’t feel here. She felt ‘warmth’ from the pressure that seemed to crush her whole body, and the magic that she had wrapped around her to withstand it. She also felt the warmth of someone hugging her from behind.


Iris shuddered at the realization. Like the demonic eyes she possesses, her magical powers were also received from the mad demonic eyes. The mad king, his father died 300 years ago, but he was always with Iris.

The closed eyes slowly opened. The eyes glowed bright red. After I opened my eyes like that, I saw the seal at the bottom.

It’s different from what I saw when I closed my eyes. long… … It must be because so much time has passed. The seal, so devastated that it was indistinguishable from the ground, was unrecognizable unless you looked carefully.

It was as if someone was pushing me on the back. Iris didn’t go against it and went downstairs.

At one point, Iris’s body fell violently. A strange and ominous, unknown force pulled Iris’ body.


Iris looked around without panic.

I saw pirates ‘stopped’ near the seal. These are the pirates who took Iris’ orders and dived here, Area 64. It did not float even in deep water, nor was it crushed by the pressure of the depths. A strange appearance that just ‘stopped’ in that state. What’s even more strange is that the oxygen pipe they are wearing is connected to the darkness a little further up.

That darkness was created by the authority of the demonic eye. But Iris couldn’t interfere with the darkness. That darkness, the pirates connected to it, no, this space itself was seized by another absolute authority.

‘I am… … I can move.’

Originally, no one could enter this area. The moment you come close, everything will be captured and stopped.

Iris opened her eyes thinly and looked around. My eyes throbbed. Her magic power, which had wrapped her body warmly, caressed Iris’ pupils.

At the moment when her head throbbed, Iris’ eyes began to see something else faintly.


Unseen, invisible chains were filling the space. It felt as if the movements of countless chains were dissolved in the waves. Even where Iris was now was full of chains.

Iris swallowed and went lower and lower.

‘This chain… … .’

Among the demon lords of Helmud, there is only one being that uses chains as an authority.

The Demon King of Confinement. Iris had also seen the demon king in captivity a long time ago. Hundreds of thousands of chains tied behind the demon king’s back were intertwined into one, making it look like a cloak. And the chain that the demon king of confinement extends takes over the space and seizes the existence inside it.

here too… … Same. Iris glared at the tightly closed seal and gulped.

A seal full of invisible chains. What lay on the other side, Iris couldn’t be sure. However, I could feel that the seal was intended to confine something.

A seal that should never be opened, that cannot be opened. But now Iris was very free. The chains couldn’t hold her presence, and the tightly closed seal didn’t deny Iris’ approach. Her eyes were already dark, and her magic power, which embraced her as if she were hugging her, spread out and pushed away her chains.

ㅡKuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … .

Iris’s body arrived at the seal.

how can i open it There was no need to worry about that. This seal has been the only key seat since the distant past. Iris instinctively and fatefully felt that fact.

Woo woo! Darkness overflowed from the darkened eyes. Iris reached out both of her hands toward her seal.


The seal has been opened. Iris’s body fell into the black abyss. Her body fell down, but the seawater did not pour out with it.

Feeling uncomfortable with the phenomenon, Iris raised her head. Her tightly packed chains prevented the water from dripping.

“aha… … Ahaha, ahahahaha!”

Now I can open my mouth and speak out. Iris spread her arms wide open, laughing maniacally.

A pit with no end in sight. The abyss at the bottom of the deep sea, I don’t know what lies at the true bottom.

But Iris was sure of this.

The moment you see the bottom, your existence will change.

It will be the madness of this age.

the demon scene

I used the dragon word magic several times, but nothing changed.

The screams and sobs of an unknown person. The final ‘thump’ and closing sound.

Will things change if we get closer to the Solgarta Sea and Agaroth’s Holy Land?

Eugene couldn’t expect that. The revelation she received from Agaroth and the memories she saw through the ring were things of the distant past. In other words, it was in the age of mythology when Eugene and Hamel did not even exist.

I’m curious about the truth. But along with her curiosity, she also felt an inescapable fear. Because her revelations and memories were so devastating.

Mountains of countless corpses, waves covering them all, and a world that was first swallowed up by sea fog and turned hazy.

For Eugene, that sight was the end of something. The end of a city, maybe a country, no, maybe an era. To be honest, such a story was far beyond Eugene’s understanding.

300 years ago. Vermouth and his companions fought the Demon King. What if he didn’t fight the Demon King then? What if he couldn’t defeat the demon lord? What would the times be like now?

At the time, I don’t know what the demon kings were thinking or what they were hoping for when they invaded the continent. But—- thought Eugene.

What the demon kings wanted was not the end. As seen in Agaroth’s revelation, killing all humans and erasing the entire civilization was not the will of the demon king.

To Eugene’s feelings, the demon kings 300 years ago were thorough and cruel conquerors. Although they were slayers, they did not blindly seek to kill all humans. Fallen humans were accepted as subordinates, and captives were urged to fall.

Among the five Demon Lords, there was only one Demon King who killed humans unconditionally.

ㅡ Quick!


Eugene groaned and wrinkled his expression. He repeated the dragon magic to force himself to look ‘behind’, but the magic was forcibly cut off. Eugene pointed to his throbbing temple and glared at Agaroth’s ring.

“Eugene, are you okay?”

Merga, who had been restlessly watching from the side, approached quickly.

Mer’s composition formula is contained in Akasha. Because of this, Mer could feel how much pressure the repeated dragon magic put on Akasha and Eugene.

“are you okay.”

“Enough here for today. Really. If you don’t listen to me, I will be really angry.”

Magic like that puts a lot of strain on the mind. If it is forcibly cut off in the middle, it does not end at the line of blood. Because Akasha and Eugene are special, there is no problem, but other wizards would have fainted due to the recoil of the magic being cut off in the middle.


Even if I force myself to repeat it, I can’t see it anymore. So Eugene had no choice but to break his stubbornness.

If there is no change, it will enter Solgarta by tomorrow. Maybe you will see or hear something else from there.

‘Maybe a new revelation will come.’

One thing to be aware of is the characteristics of the Solgarta waters. Magic cannot be used in that area. He behaved confidently, saying that Senya would have no problem with him, but that’s only known when he arrives. If not, the magic that accelerates the fleet might disappear. In that case, the crew would have to row hard and sail, relying on classical manpower.

I added that if it was, really if it was. Senya is also preparing for that problem in her own way. Even now, Senya went to meet Mays to strengthen the magic of the fleet.

“How about going for a walk to change your mood? You can walk on the deck with me and look at the sea.”

“Am I crazy?”

“Hmm, I understand Eugene-sama’s feelings. To leave this room, Eugene-sama must become Yuri, not Yu-jin. Personally, I want to see more of Yujin-nim as Yuri, but I don’t want to force Yujin-nim to become Yuri because I hate Yujin so much.”

How many times do you say Eugene and Yuri? Eugene furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Mer.

“Mer Mer Mer Dein, don’t provoke me with useless words.”

“I am not Mer Mer, Lady Yuri.”

“Do you want to get scolded?”

“Oops, I was confused, Eugene-nim was Eugene-nim, not Yuri-nim.”

Mer giggled and dug into Eugene’s arms. Eugene opened the cloak for Mer, who crept in.

“Are you very bored?”

“Of course I am bored. Eugene-nim doesn’t want to go outside, and Senya-nim is busy too. Ciel-sama is also busy training. Rai is also busy helping the dwarf.”

“dwarf? You told me not to say that!”

“They call short dwarves dwarves, so what do they say? Hmm, no, I was wrong. It is wrong to make fun of racial flaws. It’s true that Gondor is a dwarf, but he could be tall, given the average height of a dwarf.”

Could this be because he resembles Senya? Or is he doing it on purpose to elicit a reaction from Eugene? Either way, it wasn’t something to talk about in front of anyone else.

Eugene clicked his tongue and pinched Mer’s cheek.

“And um, you can’t even get close to that side.”

Mer muttered with one cheek pinched. there. Eugene turned her head and looked to her side.

across the room. Christina sat in the middle of the circle of light. Each time she pursed her lips and recited her prayers, the rosary emitted a resonant light, which then converged into a single point and condensed into an awl-like shape.

Eugene examined Christina’s expression and nodded.

“Okay, go and don’t disturb me and be quiet… … .”


The voice I was uttering seemed distant. No, it’s not just the voice. I felt distant from ‘me’ sitting in the room.

A sense of separation as if consciousness had been torn away from the senses and body. ㅡCoooooung! It was as if my consciousness and soul were flying away.

It wasn’t just a feeling. He saw himself sitting with his hand in her cloak. She saw Christina sitting in the center of the circle of light. Anise, who was slightly overlapping with such Christina, was also visible.

Such a sight is far away. Eugene’s consciousness flew to a higher place.

A gymnasium on deck. I saw Carmen, Ciel, and Desiira in training. Several sailors were also seen moving busily. higher there. Eugene’s consciousness rose high into the sky, looked down at the entire fleet, and watched the other side of the sea as it was sailing.

I could see the dark fog gathering.


Mer pulled her face out of her cloak and tilted her head.

Mer couldn’t feel what kind of experience Eugene’s consciousness was going through. However, she realized that something was wrong with her through the blankness in Eugene’s eyes and the drooping of her body.

Mer quickly pulled her arm out of her cloak and grabbed Eugene.

“Ugh… … !”

The consciousness ended the flight and returned to the body. Eugene jumped up with a startled sound.

what the hell was that? out of fluid? suddenly? Is it Agaroth’s revelation? I didn’t quite understand the situation. In my throbbing head—- the scenery I just saw was clearly imprinted.

Fog rolling in from the other side of the sea.

Should I call it fog? not blurry black It is different from the fog seen in Agaroth’s memories. However, the fog is not in the distant past, but in the present moment.


I couldn’t organize my thoughts. Cristina, who was forging her divine power in the middle of the circle of light, vomited her blood along with her cough. She clamped her mouth shut, gushing out her dark red blood.


Eugene was surprised and approached Christina. Blood dripped from her hand as she closed her mouth.

Even as she poured blood, Christina’s eyes were full of bewilderment and doubt. She didn’t know why she was suddenly bleeding.

[This… … .]

Anise’s voice was heard in the distance.

A blow that not only shattered the connection between souls, but also struck the very existence of the saintess. No, this is erosion and contamination. Christina hadn’t had much of this experience, but Anise was used to it.

“ah… … !”

Soon, Christina realized too. She is similar to the feeling she felt when the demon king of confinement descended from the Night March. But she didn’t vomit blood then… … .

[Because the will is different.]

Anis said with intense hostility.

[At that time, the demon king of confinement descended without the slightest intention to kill. But, but now it’s different. I don’t know who it is—- this is… … It is the presence of the demon king armed with murderous intent and madness.]

Cristina hurriedly stretched out her hand toward Eugene, who had approached. Her stomach ached from coughing up blood and her voice was muffled by the pain, but Christina could barely move her lips.


Eugene understood that meaning. He turned his body, his face contorted.

You must hide your identity. have to dress up You may be caught by someone else and laughed at for the rest of your life. I didn’t think of anything like that. What Eugene had to do now was to grasp the situation as quickly as possible, even for a second, and prepare for battle.

Quadang! The closed door opened with the force of flying. As he jumped out with such intense momentum, there were many eyes looking at Yujin.

Most of it was doubt and bewilderment. A man jumped out of the cabin where only Lionheart’s women stayed. Now, more than 15 days after sailing, I had never seen a man like him on this ship.


A gymnasium set up not too far away. Ciel, who was in training, also looked at Eugene in a panic.

Why did you come to a topic you hated to come up with so much? Ciel, who had stopped in her sloppy posture, contemplated how to deal with this situation.

Didi had a similar idea.

Even for the honor of Eugene and Lionheart’s family, the fact that she dressed as a girl shouldn’t be known. Does it take more shame to cover a shameful thing? Should we at least dance here for everyone to see? Didyra sincerely thought about that.

Carmen couldn’t help but panic.

The moment I turned to Eugene at the sudden sound, an accident unfolded in my head, and I was about to open my mouth to say something. The senses and instincts that Carmen had honed moved first. Her heart beat differently, and her normally white face had faded and turned pale.


I’ve felt hostility many times. I’ve never felt the intent to kill. The same goes for madness. But those feelings never frightened Carmen Lionheart much. It’s different now. don’t know what You might be wondering why you feel this way.

So I was even more afraid. The unknown wields people in this way. His breathing quickened and his fists trembled.

Carmen’s misfortune now was that her realm was far higher than the others. People who are completely invisible feel fear only when they become visible. But Carmen’s level was high enough to be felt even if she couldn’t be seen.


You shouldn’t get bored here. Carmen forcibly held on to her shaking heart. She turned her head to get a proper picture of her situation.

I saw Eugene leaping onto the mast.


An observer atop the mast let out a startled noise. ignored Even though she was at the highest point in this boat, she could not see very well.

Eugene jumped into the sky. A while ago, she had reached the same height as when she was away from her body.

Only then did he see the front. A dark fog is rolling in from afar. The color of the sea dyed with the color of the fog gradually changed. The dark red color spread through the swaying waves.

The color-changed sea bubbling and boiling. Life in the sea began to emerge one by one. All kinds of fish began to die in an instant and fill the sea surface.

Big sharks, even bigger whales and monsters of the sea. They are creatures as big as a ship, but just because they lived in this sea, they couldn’t escape and died. All those deaths occurred in an instant and blocked the course.

Navigation stopped. Several corpses in the way. It wasn’t just because of the rolling fog. This bizarre and ominous phenomenon has made everyone terrified from this point on. The magic that accelerated the fleet stopped.

Senya Merdane. There’s no way she couldn’t feel it. She made her fleet stop, feeling intuition that ‘now’ should stop and churn. She gnashed her teeth and flew high into the sky.


First, I found Eugene who was in the sky. As Senya tried to approach Eugene, he involuntarily turned around as a chill ran down his spine.

dark red sea. The salty smell of salt is replaced by the smell of blood and rotting corpses. Black dust that appeared out of nowhere flies through the air like flying insects. A creeping mist rose upward, blocking the sun and turning the sky black.

The bubbling, boiling sea looked like old blood. The stench clouded everyone’s minds.

The floating dust had turned into real bugs before I knew it. The buzzing and buzzing of so many insects’ wings made the mind even more dizzy.

In a completely transformed sea, the same thought popped into everyone’s head.


the demon scene

crackling sound. buzzing sound. They mixed together to make a noise that I didn’t want to hear.

Even if I covered my ears, it was no use. That noise shook the mind, not the ears.

This is a powerful mental attack. Most of the subjugation party had no tolerance for such noise. Some weak people felt intense dizziness and sat down or vomited against the railing.

A swarm of insects suddenly appeared. Where are you from? Yujin gritted her teeth and glared down.

The sea stained dark red like dead blood. Carcasses of sea creatures floating on the surface of the sea. I could see black dust seeping out of their open mouths, upturned eyes, and gills. The dust that rose to the top instantly turned into a flying insect and flew in all directions, buzzing and shaking its wings.

The bizarre sight made Eugene’s face contort. Most of the subjugation party would have no experience with this noise and phenomenon, but not for Eugene. Memories from long ago that I don’t want to recall came to mind.

I pulled out the holy sword from between the cloak. A dazzling light exploded from the holy sword held high in the sky.

Whoa! The light that spread from Eugene at the center lit up the blackened sky. Light penetrated the fleet covered in darkness. Eugene didn’t stop there and swung her holy sword.

Wow! The light stretched out. The corpses of sea creatures that became nests for worms were covered in light.

The light emitted by the holy sword Altair itself is divine power. In the intense and thick divine power, the corpses of sea creatures began to be purified. Black dust and flying insects were no longer born from corpses.

However, countless flying insects were already wandering in this vast sea and sky. They did not disappear even in the light emitted by the holy sword, and vigorously shook their wings.

“Mosquito babies!”

Senya frowned and frowned.

Those bugs are a completely different species from mosquitoes, but they do the same thing as mosquitoes. No, worse than mosquitoes. After breaking the spirit of their prey with the flap of their wings, these worms come to suck blood and eat flesh.

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