Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 109

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As expected, Anicilla liked Lymira. Just like when Mer first came to Ryan Heart, whenever she had a chance, she gave Raimirah snacks and bought her clothes to wear.

‘I seem to get along well with Senya… … .’

I thought I would keep a little distance, but it was a little surprising to Eugene that Anicilla and Senya got along well.

and… … Is it because of the mood? Every time I ran into them at the mansion these days, I thought that Anicilla’s gaze was not unusual for some reason.

“Are you done reconciling?”

After Lymira went to the mansion. Cristina, who was near her, approached with her smile on her face.


Reinforcing Frost with the dragon heart he received from Ariartel was over a few days ago. The work of purifying Laizakia’s corpse was also completed yesterday. There is nothing to adjust the connection between Eugene and Raimirah anymore.

There was nothing more to do in the mansion.

“I can leave right away tomorrow.”

* * *

Yujin turned her ID around.

It is not a forged ID card, nor a blank ID card controlled by the Vatican of Euras. This is a genuine ID card issued ‘officially’ in Kiel, which Eugene asked for directly from Straut II and received it.

-please… … Do not visit the imperial palace blindly. No matter how much you are a hero of the past, there is a necessary procedure to have a conversation with the emperor of the empire. and… … ID? Could it be that it is used to do evil?

– I am Hamel and this is Seña, why are we doing bad things?

-Then why do you have your ID… … ?

-There’s nothing for you to worry about, so issue it.

Unlike 300 years ago, in this era, most people have ID cards, and ID cards are too common. If you don’t have that ID, you can’t even use the warp gate, and if you can’t submit your ID when you’re being checked, you’ll be arrested right away.

understanding goes. With the installation of warp gates, long-distance movement became very convenient, especially between kingdoms. If each individual does not have an ID, the world has become a world where it is impossible to distinguish between locals and foreigners.

In such a world, there were so many disadvantages of fame.

Eugene and Senya, Christina. 3 of them were too famous even though they were famous. If such three leave Kiel and enter Simuin, news will reach the royal family right away.

After that?

being watched or being interfered with. And with a high probability, that fact would be conveyed to Iris as well.

No matter how arrogant Iris is, if Senya enters the simuin, she will try to hide her appearance.

It wasn’t what Eugene wanted.

The most ideal thing is to raid while Iris is piracy without thinking. There, without giving Iris any room to escape, she slit his throat right away.

‘Things won’t be as easy as I thought.’

[Of course it is.]

Mer in the cloak snorted.

[This isn’t the first time Eugene has concealed his identity, right?]

‘yes? When I went to Nahama or when I went to Samar… … It was the same when I went to Helmud.’

[I don’t know how Eugene acted in Nahama and Samar. But in Helmud… … Eugene-nim didn’t really hide himself, right? I pretended to hide my identity, but if I thought I was wrong, right away, right away!]

Yujin stings and shuts her mouth. It was undeniable, and the same was true in Nahama and Samar. With Cristina’s help, he even used a blank ID, but… … .

‘that… … It’s not my fault. It’s Vermouth’s fault.’

[Why Vermouth-sama here?]

‘Yes, the reason why the Lionheart family is so famous is because Vermouth raised my family too much. huh? If I had been born into a common family rather than Lionheart, I wouldn’t have to try to hide my identity, right?’

[her… … .]

‘And I mean. This goddamn gray hair and gold eyes stand out too. Whoever sees it Ah~ It’s Ryan Heart! It’s a feature that says.’

[Yeah what… … Yes.]

‘And again! This white salt meal is also very distinctive. That’s why I can’t hide it well even if I want to hide it, and I have no choice but to reveal my identity.’

[You are so amazing. In the end, did you think Eugene was unfair?]

An openly sarcastic tone… … . Eugene put his hand inside the cloak and pinched Mer’s cheek.

‘But this time it’s different. This time… … It has to be very secretive, so I’ll try to hide my identity well.’

The reason Iris was able to quickly expand her power as a pirate was because the servants tolerated her.

Iris robbed foreign trade ships, extorted tolls, and such dirty money flowed into the royal family as bribes. The navy, who had to catch the pirates, did not invade Iris’ territory and took bribes.

It wasn’t just because of the bribe that the officials tolerated Iris. Simuin wanted to use Iris to control the pirates overflowing the sea. He also became greedy for Iris’ power. What the officials wanted was to make a deal with Iris and use her power as national power.

Of course, the staff did not have a good relationship with Iris as they hoped. As a result, Iris has completely escaped the control of the officials, and is now plundering foreign countries as well as commercial and trading ships belonging to the officials, and is also hostile to the navy.

but. Had the relationship become hostile like that, would the ties between the attendant and Iris be completely severed? Eugene didn’t think so.

It could have purged the superiors of the navy or officials who took bribes.

However, as a rule, bribes are overflowing with people who want to receive them in any era. Even if the purge was carried out at that time, it is not known that someone else may be bribing Iris and handing over information.

and. Isn’t it impossible to purify the royal family who took the same bribe?

‘If Iris knew in advance and hid, it would be very troublesome. Because the sea is so vast. So, make the most of it this time! He’ll be hiding his identity until the critical moment.’

[indeed! That’s what you do this time.]

‘Yeah, just like him.’

Eugene turned his head and glanced at Senya.

That great sorceress had dyed her purple hair black, and was changing her hairstyle in front of a mirror… … .

“You guys have to change too!”

Senya turned her head and said.

“I looked it up, but officials say there are a lot of different races.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Free knights and mercenaries from all countries. And isn’t it a country frequented by merchants?”

“that’s right! I mean, there are several options. how is it? Cristina, since your skin is white, how about turning it completely black this time?”


“If you turn your skin black, won’t anyone think you’re Saint Christina Rogeris?”

“If Senya-sama turns her skin black first, I will reconsider.”

Of course, Senya had no desire to do so. She glanced away and looked in the mirror.

“… … Uhm. Black her hair, what color are her eyes?”

“I can just leave it as it is, do I even need to change the color of my eyes?”

“You mean, my eye color suits you the best right now? huh?”



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“Oh yes.”

“Answers without a real soul.”

Senya pursed her lips and looked back in the mirror.

Should I just let it go like this? or tie it up How do you tie it up? Even while Senya was worried, the carriage continued to run and arrived at Kiel’s warp gate.

“What will Ciel do?”

I heard about Ciel from Guilade. Currently, Ciel is gaining popularity by making a name for himself in the current staff.

The reason why many knights and mercenaries go to Simuin to practice is because of the unique law that exists in that country.

Knights and mercenaries who visit the simuin can register themselves as ‘warriors’. After registering as a fighter like that, you will be able to compete in arenas that exist all over the city. Such an arena may exist in the dark, but the duel in the sunny arena is more of a showmanship-filled sport than killing each other.

Even though it’s a sport, in order to win in an arena duel, you have to excel in your skills. Victory points accumulated by winning become the value of the fighter, and ‘ranking’ is determined by victory points.

This reminds me of the ranks of the demons, but unlike the ranks that distinguish the ranks of the demons, the ranking only applies to fighters, and the higher the rank, the more conveniences can be enjoyed.

That’s why knights and mercenaries from other countries are training at Simuin. You don’t have to worry too much about death, and you can gain a lot of combat experience by registering as a fighter at the clerk’s office.

Twelve Girls, the officials, refer to the 12 people with the highest rank in the fighter rankings.

A disciple of the silver lion Carmen Lionheart.

Twelve girls, the youngest employee.

Ranked 7th.

White Rose, Ciel Lionheart.

“We should meet, but… … I don’t think I’ll be able to find it openly.”

white rose mummy

‘The blood lion is better.’

Eugene sincerely thought so.

office worker

Simuin in the southern sea is an island country made up of thousands of large and small islands. More than half of the population and infrastructure are concentrated on the central Shedor Island and Larupa Island, and of course, the royal capital is also located on the central Shedor Island.

The same goes for warp gates. There are no warp gates installed on the other islands except Shedor and LaLupa.

As convenient as Warp Gate is, it costs a lot to install, and even after installation, you have to pay maintenance costs constantly. As a result, warp gates were not installed on other islands with overwhelmingly low populations.

As a result, officials were still heavily dependent on maritime trade. It is common to float ships to trade with islands without warp gates, and other than that, ships are also used for trade with uncivilized Samar or with small countries that do not belong to Simuin.

It might be better to just install a little more warpgate than go through that trouble, but there was an unavoidable reason why it couldn’t be installed so far.

This old island country was centered on maritime trade even before warp gates became commonplace, and many people are engaged in that industry.

A guild made up of shipbuilding companies that make small fishing boats, as well as shipbuilding companies that make warships and passenger ships. trade guild.

Countless people lose their jobs just by installing warpgates, so who the hell would push for the installation of warpgates, promising to take responsibility for them?

“Maybe there is a warp gate that is used secretly like Euras.”

Yujin murmured as she flipped through the guidebook. The Holy Empire, Yuras, is an advanced country recognized by everyone, but there are almost no warp gates except in the capital city. It was only superficially. In the basement of the Trecia Cathedral, there was a warp gate hidden that was not known to the common people and was used only by the high-ranking clergy.

“The circumstances of Yuras and Simuin are different. It is true that Simuin is a country made up of thousands of islands, but strictly speaking, the only real territories in this country are the central islands of Shedor and Larupa.”

Christina said, leaning her wobbly body against the railing.

“Yuras is so vast, and there are subjects living everywhere… … Uhm. Even if they rejected warp gates on the surface, they had no choice but to secretly use warp gates for the purpose of spreading their faith.”

“You still like Yuras quite a bit, don’t you?”

“No, I don’t like it. I just think I have to admit what I have to admit. I have never liked that country.”

Christina said with a straight face.

“Anyway, what I want to say is that Simuin and Yuras are very different. There is no reason for the upper classes, such as the conglomerates, nobles, royalty, and bureaucrats of this country, to leave Shedor and La Rupa… … .”


Lymilia, who was next to Christina, let out a strange scream.

There were no horns on Lymilia’s head right now. ‘Don’t do anything weird’. After making such a promise, Lymir came out of his cloak and stood looking down with his body sticking out over the railing.

“Hey, look at that. There is a very, very big fish.”

“This stupid thing. That’s not a fish, it’s a dolphin.”

Merga, who had dyed her hair black, made a fuss while waving her arms entwined with Lymilia.

It was as Mer said. In the sea outside the railing, I saw dolphins swimming under the surface.



The two little kids squealed, but it didn’t matter too much as the dozens of tourists on the boat were also pointing and cheering at the dolphins.

“But don’t you think the world has improved a lot compared to the past?”

After thinking about how to tie it for a long time, Senya didn’t tie her hair in the end. She looked up at her Eugene, pressing her hand through her hair as it fluttered in the sea breeze.

“Now times are very fast. In the old days, when we went to Helmud by boat, it took us half a year to get there, right?”

“It took me that long.”

Yujin nodded and leaned against the railing.

A cruise ship powered by a mana-powered engine. It wasn’t that much time had passed since we departed, but before we knew it, Shedor Island was visible in the distance.

“If I had used the warp gate, I would have arrived right away.”

“Since you’ve come, enjoy boating and that’s good. It’s the same with Mer, and Lai said it’s the first time he’s seen the sea.”

“What else is rai? Is it a kid’s rai?”


Senya laughed at Eugene’s muttering. Cristina was taken aback by that short, thick laugh, and looked back and forth between Senya and Eugene.

Should I laugh now? Should I smile even for Eugene’s sake… … . I thought so, but Cristina couldn’t help but laugh.

[You don’t have to laugh. crazy stuff… … .]

Anis also clicked her tongue because she couldn’t relate to the sensibility of that laugh.

“It’s too long to call you Raimirua. But if you call me Mir, you confuse me with Mer.”

“I really like the name Lai.”

Raimirah, who was chasing the dolphin, also responded with a smile. He decided to hide his identity properly, so he needed to be careful about calling names.

“Yes, Sarah.”

“Uh, Yuri.”

“It’s a new word, but isn’t it a very insincere name? Only one letter has changed… … .”

“Aren’t they rather common names?”

“Especially your name is the most common, Chris.”

Just removed two letters from the original name. Cristina nodded her head as she put on her puzzled expression. Yuri, Sera, and Chris. It was a common name.

While exchanging trivial jokes, the ship arrived at its destination.

Larupa, the second largest island in Simuin. It is a sacred place for fighters and a tourist destination with the largest floating population in Simuin.

The reason I came here was simple.

Eugene’s purpose is to secretly enter the office, figure out Iris’ trends, and kill Iris. Regarding that, Ortus, the grand duke of the simuin, promised to support—- but there was no way he could easily meet a nobleman called the grand duke just because he wanted to meet him.

‘I wonder if I’d told the story in advance.’

The reason for not doing so was that Iris was wary of hiding before the meeting with Ortus was even possible. Fortunately, Ciel has been making a name for herself among her attendants since a year ago, so if you contact Ciel first, she will be able to ask for a connection with Orthus while grasping Iris’ trends.

Of course, it is not unconditional reliance on Ciel. Before Eugene came to the office, he mobilized various connections in Lionheart to get information.

The crazed pirates led by Iris. In just a few years, the Dark Elves united hundreds of large and small pirate groups in the South Sea, and made the Solgarta Sea, said to be the toughest in this sea, their base.

The Solgarta Sea area is also called the ‘Devil’s Sea’ because the ocean currents run wild even in Simuin. Even experienced and skilled sailors who have lived at sea for decades are afraid to go near the waters of Solgarta.

If the skills of a sailor are not enough, why not add magic? Anyone can come up with an idea, but the waters of Solgarta have never been attacked before.

The reason why it is called the ‘Devil’s Sea’ is because magic does not manifest properly. The reason is not known in detail, but there is speculation that it may be due to natural resources buried deep in the sea.

“It sounds like bullshit to me.”

Senya glanced out the carriage window and grumbled. As soon as we arrived at La Lupa, the carriage we rode started running toward the largest Colosseum on the island.

“The ignorant say that a large amount of mana stones are buried, and that the mana emitted by the stones interferes with magic… … Do you really think that makes sense? Well, there are many other hypotheses. Natural resources that interfere with magic are rare, but not nonexistent, so bullshit that it might be because of those things.”

Senya sneered and shook her head.

“But things like that, the scope of limiting magic is very narrow, right? Let’s see… … Adreate is the most effective, but it would take as much as seawater to spread the Bongma force field over such a f*cking wide area.”

“There are many reefs.”

“Yes, the reason why the sea area itself was so damn good is that there are so many islands in the sea area.”

The large and small islands in the Solgarta Sea are the strongholds of the pirates.

“Why doesn’t magic work well there, I’ll have to go there myself to be sure… … Hmm, among the floating hypotheses, the one I’d like to be plausible is this. That the Solgarta Sea area was a dragon’s rare.”

deep in the sea. Or an undersea cave connected to an island. The hypothesis is that a certain dragon has taken the waters of Solgarta as his domain, and has entangled the ocean currents to block his unwanted access and unleashed a force field that hinders his magic.

“Ariartel said that all the dragons except himself went into sleep, but it wouldn’t be strange if the magic that the dragons spread before they fell asleep still remains. If it were a dragon, he would have piled up an enormous amount of treasure in Rare, and of course he would have hoped that the treasure would be there while he fell asleep.”

“They say you can’t use magic properly in that sea, but can you use the Mystic Eye?”

Cristina, who had been silently listening to the story, tilted her head and asked.

The reason why the pirates succeeded in making the Devil’s Sea their base. It is because of Iris’ dark warfare’s evil eye, which allows her to jump over the entire raging ocean current by using the passage connecting the darkness.

“Mystic eyes are different from magic. Without spending mana… … It is an authority that is rare among demons.”

Yujin frowned and grumbled. Even in the war 300 years ago, there were at most dozens of demons who could use the Mystic Eye.

“Among them, Iris’s Dark War Magic Eye and Gavid’s Prestige Magic Eye are very special. That’s the power I received ‘directly’ from the demon king.”

If I were to simply judge by rank, those two Demon Eyes were of a higher rank than the Illusion Demon Eyes. As the name implies, the magic eye of fantasy is only an illusion, and it does not change reality.

only… … That evil eye matched perfectly with the dream queen, ‘Noir Jebela’. In addition, Noir mobilized all kinds of methods to raise her own dignity, and trained her fantasy eye to the limit.


Cheers from not far away resounded outside the window.


Eugene was also surprised by the cheers and looked out the window. On the street on the other side of the road, I could see people waving their arms in enthusiasm.

Tower seen from afar. Images were projected magically from the top. Did it imitate the magic screen commonly seen in Helmud? However, the screen at the top of that tower was poor compared to Helmud’s, and there was only one number on it.

“Aren’t the guests going to watch the game too?”

The coachman who was leading the horse laughed and spoke.

“The opening match has started. Well, that matchup isn’t worth watching, so don’t be impatient. Because Mador Colosseum never adjusts the scheduled game time.”

“It’s a matchup that’s not worth watching, so what’s the fuss about?”

“ah… … The guests didn’t see it because they were only in the carriage. The hero of the day was just captured on that screen.”

The coachman looked back at Eugene, who was sticking his head out the window, and grinned, showing white teeth.

“White rose, Ciel Lionheart.”

Yujin’s eyes widened at that refreshing smile. therefore… … Do you mean that countless people on the street are going crazy just because Ciel’s face is captured on the screen?

“I guess it’s very popular?”

“ha ha ha! What are you saying so plainly? Aren’t the guests also on their way to reserve second-class seats? Hey, those hard-to-find and expensive tickets… … .”

“hmm… … I was lucky.”

Of course it’s not luck. It is a ticket purchased with expensive money.

In fact, you can buy more expensive and better tickets, but the best tickets that ordinary tourists can get in this city are limited to 2nd class. Even a first-class ticket required a title to purchase, and VIP tickets, as the name suggests, could only be purchased by VIPs.

“Actually, of course you have to be popular, right? At the age of 21, she has a pretty face… … And today’s matchup is very important to the white rose.”

“Is that so?”

“yes. In today’s main match, White Rose’s opponent is a knight who was also named Twelve Girls. It’s ranked 10th lower than the white rose, but it’s not someone to be taken lightly.”

Ranked 10th. Lee is a knight of iron walls.

“The victory points are lower than the White Rose, but today is the first time the two face each other. If White Rose wins this matchup, the victory points are met and you can propose a showdown to the higher rankings. And the iron wall will be very desperate. If we lose this battle, the victory points will be greatly reduced and we will not be able to maintain our ranking.”

Eugene watched the screen while listening to the coachman’s story.

A matchup not worth watching… … I did, but it really wasn’t. It was a showdown between fighters who were in the top 100 of the rankings, but it was surprisingly fun to watch.

‘You must not kill the opponent.’

The back and forth was bloody enough that I couldn’t believe there was such a rule. The ultimate direction that Simuin Colosseum’s duel pursues is ‘fun’. If you can’t thrill the crowd, you won’t be popular no matter how high your victory points are. Unpopular fighters do not have sponsors and do not have ticket power, so in severe cases they cannot even stand in the Colosseum.

As a result, fighters had to walk a tightrope at the boundary between life and death. In repeated battles, the wounds gradually increased, and blood began to splatter.

“Why is Ciel Lionheart called the White Rose? Do you know the guest?”

The Mador Colosseum began to appear in the distance.


Eugene already knew about Ciel. She has played dozens of matches in the past year to rank seventh in the rankings. The record is a whopping 34 wins and 0 losses.

Surprisingly, Ciel didn’t get hurt even once in those many matches.

‘You’ve grown a lot.’

On the way to Nightmarch, I was attacked by Noir Jebella. Ciel and Cyan, who were together, lost consciousness without being able to resist Noir.

How much the two of you disassembled that fact. Eugene knew it well.

The feeling of helplessness and humiliation of not being able to do anything. The experience of that day changed a lot for the twins.

And Xian bore the fruits of change by defeating Hector in the Great Forest.

-Don’t look, don’t come close.

Is Ciel like that? Eugene recalled Ciel’s tearful face in the snowy field and the words he had uttered in a trembling voice.

-I don’t want to get caught up in something like this again. I don’t like to disturb you.

-I’m not an idiot, so I’m saying this after figuring out the subject. why? Do you feel sorry for me when I say this? I really hate it if that’s the case. I don’t want to get sympathy from you.

– I don’t want to be with you anymore because I’m ashamed and embarrassed.

-If you hold me back, I will hate you for the rest of my life.

Recalling those words made me smile.

* * *


2nd Class Seating at Mador Colosseum. Still, it was a high-level seat, so there seemed to be no big problem watching the game. Now that the match hadn’t started, what I could see right away was—-a wave of white roses.

“White roses!”

“Ciel Lionheart!”

A name that is shouted everywhere. Ciel’s fans wore matching white clothes and sprinkled petals of Ciel’s nickname, white roses.

The same thing happened with the higher-class seats, which were closer to the pitch and had a more comfortable view. Even among the dozens of VIPs, I saw some people holding white roses.

‘There is no Orthus.’

If Ortus had come to watch the game, how would he have tried to make contact? Eugene leaned against the railing while feeling such regret.

“I’ve never seen that Ciel lady before. What kind of person are you?”

Senya lifted it up slightly to make it easier to watch the Merga match.

“You will know when you meet him.”

As if Christina couldn’t lose, she lifted Raimira up and said. Thanks to that, Eugene, caught in the middle, couldn’t help but feel a complicated feeling.

Two grown women and two young children. A man in the middle… … I was afraid of how this would look in the eyes of others, especially Carmen and Ciel… … .

“What is it? Mer won’t tell you, and Chris you won’t tell either. Why are you doing that?”

“Shouldn’t Xian have seen it?”

“Of course I saw it, it was like a baby and cute.”

“Since they are twins, they look alike. Personality… … Aww, very cute.”

The reason Christina hid the story about Ciel was because, to be honest, it was unclear how to explain Ciel.

Especially Ciel’s feelings for Eugene. I couldn’t judge it to be obvious, so Cristina thought she’d better not mention it at all.

“Here they come.”

Eugene raised his finger and pointed to the arena.

The closed door was wide open.

The first thing I saw was… … It was Didira, not Ciel. Dezeira strode out first, raised her hand, and a white carpet rolled out from the inside of the door. The pure white path that led up to the center of the arena.

Digira checked the carpet, which was neatly laid out without a single crease, then turned gracefully and knelt down on one knee. ㅡJudge. Light footsteps could be heard from inside the open door.


A loud cheer that made my eardrums hurt. The white roses, which were shaken by the spectators, were thrown all at once into the stadium. Large roses fell like snowflakes on the stadium already covered with petals.

“Are you going to clean up that match?”

Senya murmured as she watched the arena where flowers piled up without a chance to step. Of course, those petals and roses will be cleaned before the match by the wizards in the corner of the arena so that they do not interfere with the match.

Eugene reached out and caught a rose that was pouring down.

Ciel walked out the door.

She wore a pure white uniform that was different from the uniform of the Black Lion Knights, but had the same lion heart pattern engraved on her left breast. Ciel smiled in response to her cheers, waved her hand at her audience, and walked on her carpet.


Eugene unknowingly raised his voice.

I thought he was that big.

office worker

An iron-clad knight ranked 10th.

He seemed to fit this name perfectly. He was 2 meters tall and wore thick armor, so he looked three times taller than Ciel.

In addition, he carried a large shield that seemed to cover his entire body, and even held a large spear in the other hand. Block with a shield, stab with a spear. A simple but tricky tactic. As the name suggests, he determinedly hid behind a shield and waited for Ciel to come.

But it was not an iron wall. The match itself didn’t take too long.

The sword steel emitted by Ciel’s thin sword was as long and sharp as an awl, and with the addition of dazzling swordsmanship, he literally ‘dismembered’ his opponent.

No blood flowed. moment. Dozens of slashes in the meantime tore the thick armor like a piece of paper. Within a few minutes of starting, Ciel’s opponent was suddenly wearing only a helmet and underwear.

“White roses!”

“Ciel Lionheart!”

The referee declared Ciel victorious. overwhelming results. Desiira approached and handed Ciel the scabbard.

Ciel sheathed the sword in front of everyone, smiled and waved. She turned her back on Ciel, who was stunned and slumped, as Dejaira, waiting across from her, opened the closed door.

Again the white carpet rolled out. Ciel waited until her white road reached her toes, then she exited the crowd with a big smile on her face.

“How long did it take?”

“It took about 8 minutes and 43 seconds.”

Desiira followed Ciel and answered.

“If you add the time to say goodbye after the decision, it’s about 13 minutes?”

“It was a very meaningful match. Shouldn’t you have waved your hand after filling 10 minutes with service?”

He always smiled at the audience, but now Ciel’s expression was plain.

The time set for defeating the opponent was 10 minutes. I managed to knock it down with ease, but… … To be honest, I didn’t really like the content of the match. What fun would it be to unilaterally slash an opponent who only solidifies defense?

“How about Carmen?”

“You didn’t come, saying that an obvious match isn’t worth watching.”

“It was a match not worth watching.”

“The next match will be a little different. Now that you have filled the victory points, you can challenge the higher rankings, right? Are you sure you have no intention of taking on the challenge?”

Desiira moved closer to Ciel, who was walking a little ahead, and brushed a rose leaf from his shoulder. Ciel looked up at Desiira, who was taller than she was, and she grinned.

“Up to 6th place is only half. From there, people say that Twelve Girls’ ‘real’, but since we’ve come this far, we should try it.”

There is no guarantee that you can always win. Even if he won, there was no guarantee that he would be able to win unscathed as he had done until now.

Ciel wasn’t afraid of that. She came to Simuin for her training.

I fought 35 times in one year, and all of them were victorious without getting hurt.

It wasn’t easy. In order to win without getting hurt, Ciel swung his sword every single day, and when a match was decided, he thoroughly investigated his opponent.

To be honest, Desiira thought Ciel was amazing. I’m only 1 year older… … Ciel’s skills had gone to a point where Didyra couldn’t possibly catch up.

‘It wasn’t like this even during the Night March.’

I’ve been watching Ciel as a squire for several years already. Originally, Ciel was not the type to neglect training, but for the past year, he clung to the sword as if a person had changed. The achievement itself of Baek Yeom-sik still remains at 4 stars, but swordsmanship has grown incomparably compared to before.

“Oh, and Ciel. The Marquis of Leveron sent me a seed, saying that we should have a meal at least once.”

“Why am I eating with that old man? What you’re saying should be obvious, but I’ll sponsor you, so I’ll ask you to compete in your own arena.”

“The Kamiro arena is also quite historic, right? I think it will be fine for at least one match.”

“If you’re thinking of expanding your network, you can. But what am I doing now that I have more connections? No matter how long it takes, he will be leaving by next summer.”

There is already only one month left this year. His first plan was to leave Simuin before his 22nd birthday… … Ciel clicked his tongue, feeling regret inside.

‘april… … Will I be able to get into the top 5 by then?’

I received a letter from Ryan Hart’s family. Not long ago, it was said that his older brothers Xian and Yujin had returned. Rumors didn’t spread around the world, but there was a war between the native tribes in Samar, and Eugene and Xian participated in that war.

Hector Lionheart, a traitor to his family, died at the hands of Xian in that war. That fact alone was enough to surprise Ciel, but the content of the letter that followed was shocking enough to make him forget everything previously written.

Eugene killed the demon dragon Raizakia.

The news further boosted Ciel’s will.

The youngest twelve-year-old girl. Ranked 7th. She thought it was a sufficient honor, but considering Xian and Eugene, it was far from lacking. higher. If possible, I want to be in the top 5 in the rankings… … .

“… … joy.”

Ciel got out of his thoughts and slightly raised his gaze. She didn’t seem to notice anything about the stupid design, so she blinked at their gaze and smiled.

That stupid laugh made me feel pathetic. Ciel slapped Desiira on the butt with her open palm.

“Kyat! What, what? Why are you hitting me all of a sudden?”

“Stupid Desira! Do you even know why I hit you?”

“Ciel-nim hit me not once or twice, how would I know? Hear it or not, but it must have been beaten for a trivial reason. For example, I don’t like the way I look down.”

Respect doesn’t mean you can’t talk back. Since Desira was accustomed to Ciel’s scolding, she didn’t feel intimidated at all, but rather focused her eyes and glared at Ciel.

“What a pitiful thing!”

Ciel clicked his tongue and shook his head. If he didn’t realize it himself, he wouldn’t even have to explain it. Ciel slapped Desiira on the butt one more time.

“I’ll stop by somewhere for a while, so you can go first.”

“yes? Where are you going to stop by?”

“Wherever I go, it’s my freedom. Besides, there is no schedule after that!”

“Isn’t the Marquis of Leveron begging for a meal?”

“You already answered that! I don’t eat. If you have to eat, you should eat instead of me.”

“I don’t want to eat with that sneaky old man either. That old man, every time I run into him, he looks at me with dirty eyes.”

“That’s because your ass is unnecessarily big. Eating a few bowls of rice for every meal makes me gain weight.”

“It’s military life… … ! I don’t have any useless flesh on my body. They are all muscles.”

Desiira shook his shoulders in genuine regret. Of course, Ciel didn’t want to know what Desiira was thinking, so she slapped Desiira on her butt once more.

“Go fast!”

“really… … ! Please tell me something about what you have to do. I just hit him every day… … .”

Desiira passed Ciel while babbling. The attendants who were following behind carrying a large carpet looked at Ciel, not knowing what to do.

“What are you doing? You should go too.”

“Yes, Ciel.”

The attendants followed behind Dejaira with gunfire.

Ciel waited in silence until they opened the door at the end of the corridor and disappeared.


when you’re all alone Ciel snorted at her and caressed the sword at her waist.

“I am alone. Is this not enough?”

Ciel didn’t draw his sword right away, and spoke as he spun around in place. Neither the attendants nor the stupid design noticed, but Ciel’s sharp senses detected the signs of hiding in this space.

It’s rare, but it’s happened a few times. Ciel is a hugely popular celebrity in this country, so there were many people who were aiming for Ciel’s fame.

The middle-class fighters who are far short of victory points. Among them, the bad guys wanted to defeat Ciel, even attempting a cowardly ambush. Even if it was a duel that did not go through formal procedures, he was greedy for rumors that he had won the ‘Ciel Lionheart’.

It wasn’t the only case.

Occasionally, defeated opponents came to relieve their anger, and there were also cases where assassins were sent to avoid getting their hands dirty. In the past, a high-ranking fighter who hadn’t even competed in a match sent an assassin out of fear of a match with Ciel someday.

Of course, such an attempt has never been successful. Ciel thought the same this time.

Who is it? An assassin sent by the Knight of Iron Wall? Or simply a nerd blind to raise the value of the name?

‘Maybe he’s an aristocratic brat who got hurt by me.’

There are many fans in this country who support Ciel, but he also has many enemies.

In particular, nobles and fighters who want to blow off their affair with Ciel somehow. Of course, Ciel had no intention of doing that, so he had cut off suggestions like a knife for a cup of tea or a dance at a party.

“How long are you going to hide?”

Ciel drew his sword while squinting.

It’s certain that someone is hiding… … The exact location has not been determined. That fact made Ciel a little nervous. The identity is unknown, but the opponent seemed to be an excellent assassin or wizard.

‘No, it’s rather good. Because I wanted to feel less realistic about the battle.’

Thinking that it was good to send Dejaira and the attendants first, he operated the white salt ceremony.

Hwareuk! The pure white flames wrapped around Ciel’s body flickered. That moment. Something flew out of empty space.

Ciel reacted immediately. I wasn’t interested in what was flying.

“… … .”

He swung his sword accurately. The distribution of speed and power was also perfect. That would have been the case, but he couldn’t cut it and was blocked.

The landscape in front of me was distorted. The subtle scent of roses tickled Ciel’s nose.

Fragrance too familiar.

The fact that Ciel was given the nickname ‘White Rose’ was what Ciel intended. I never thought of it as embarrassing or embarrassing.

When he first became a fighter and stood in the Colosseum. Ciel came out wearing a white uniform and a white rose in his hair. He had Desiira scatter the petals of the white rose.

There was no reason to choose a rose, especially a white rose. Red was too common in the bloody Colosseum. I thought that if I stood in the middle of it with a white rose, which means purity, I could easily lead the audience’s response.

That’s how Ciel gave himself the nickname ‘White Rose’.

The essence of the ranking system of officials.

Why do fighters in this country put a nickname in front of their name? In order to get attention, skills are skills, but fame is necessary. Ciel also well understood that in order to create that fame, he needed an ‘image’ that the audience could easily immerse themselves in and chant.

It wasn’t difficult for Ciel. Ciel had known from a very young age how to be liked and loved by others.

“Oh, be surprised.”

I know it well, I’m used to it, and I’ve been doing well—-but I couldn’t get the reaction I wanted from everyone. Actually, Ciel had never really gotten the reaction he really longed for.

Even when he was a sassy kid, when he was a little older and honestly felt ashamed, even when he came to understand his feelings after that.

“What’s wrong with your expression?”

Eugene Lionhart.

Adopted family. A distant relative who became brother and sister with Ciel since childhood.

When I was young, I was happy that I became a brother and sister with Eugene. There was a time when I boasted like that, saying that I was older than you because my birthday was earlier.

someday… … Perhaps, when I reached puberty, I hated it. She couldn’t figure out why she didn’t like her, or why Ciel at that time could sleep on his own. just, just… … she didn’t like it

Now I understand ‘why’ I didn’t like it. What, all of a sudden. The essence of that feeling was already understood years ago, not ‘now’.

“you… … .”

So right now, Ciel’s facial expressions aren’t well managed. I wasn’t ready to meet you today. I couldn’t even imagine, let alone prepare.

Ciel opened his eyes wide and looked at Eugene without even thinking about closing his wide-open lips.

“You must have been very surprised.”

Yujin smirked and lowered her little finger. As her fingers went down, Ciel’s sword, which was blocked by her fingertips, also went down.

“No matter what, what if I suddenly swing a knife? The present I prepared for you was almost cut.”

The only gift I had to pick up was a rose that had been pouring down from the Colosseum.

If you knew it would be like this, would you have prepared a more plausible gift? Feeling her belated regret, Eugene held out the rose she was holding in her hand to Ciel.


Still, Ciel had his eyes wide open and his mouth wide open. Now that she was looking at that expression, she wanted to play a prank for some reason. Eugene smiled and pushed the flower of her rose close to Ciel’s mouth.


Only then did Ciel come to his senses and exhale. Shake! The sword that I couldn’t even hold properly fell to the ground.

Frightened, Ciel backed away, leaning his back against the wall and staring at Eugene’s face.

“You, you, you… … .”

“Tell me just once. No matter how happy you are, isn’t the reaction too strong? Ciel Lionheart.”

“you… … what? why are you here yes… … I received a letter three days ago saying that you are at home… … .”

“Just because you were at Lionheart three days ago doesn’t mean you have to be there today. Don’t you know my personality?”

“well… … know. That you leave your hometown whenever something happens and hang out here and there.”

Ciel recovered his emotions belatedly and adjusted his expression. It didn’t go well with her. How did she organize her expression, but her surprised heart skipped a beat.

“Did you come all the way here to see me?”

“that… … .”

“It can’t be. I know very well that you will never be that kind of person.”

Ciel laughed masochistically and lifted his back from the wall. She stared at Eugene’s face as she took the rose that had reached her face in her hand.

I was so surprised that I noticed it now, but Eugene’s appearance had changed a little. Even so, her gray hair turned brown, and her golden eyes turned brown.

It’s just that much of a change. I was stunned when I realized that I could recognize it at first sight.

Why did you change the color of your hair and eyes? If he had come to see Ciel, he wouldn’t have had to do such a thing.

to surprise? No way. Even if Ciel knew Eugene, he knew him too well. She felt a bit of bitterness in a corner of her chest, but she didn’t change her feelings about that.

“Thank you anyway.”

Ciel smiled and put a rose in his hair. And she walked up to Eugene with light steps.

“I don’t know why you came to Simuin, but you came to watch my game, right?”

That was enough. Ciel opened his arms wide and pulled Eugene into a hug.

“Thank you for coming. And it’s been a while, Eugene.”

Because we’re siblings, it’s okay to hug each other.

Ciel still hated it.

However, being able to hug her with that excuse was a bit nice.

The hug was short-lived. Ciel took a few steps back with a nonchalant expression, only to realize belatedly that he had just finished a match. Ciel, just in case, trembled his shoulders and glared at Eugene’s face.

“Do you smell sweat?”

“Isn’t it flying?”

It was an honest answer. The only thing Ciel could smell right now was the faint scent of roses. After examining Eugene’s expression with concentration, Ciel nodded his head in relief.

“Uhm, for now… … You’re not going to stand here and talk, are you? What are you going to do, shall we go together?”

“I have a separate party.”

party. Ciel recalled Saint Christina in her mind.

I guess so too. Ciel opened his eyes and looked at Eugene.

“Where are you?”

“I’ll still be in the stands.”

“then… … good.”

Ciel reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a thick notebook and pen.

It was a bit bulky to fit into those tight pants. The notebook I glanced at was frayed as if it had been opened and closed hundreds of times.

“What is that? diary?”

“I also write a diary… … Write down several other things. why? I miss you?”

“What do you want to hear after seeing it?”

“There is nothing strange written on it, so don’t think about it.”

simple diary. Information about match opponents. It is a notebook in which such things are written down. Yujin smiled and leaned her back against the wall.

“I am again. I thought it was a little poetry.”

“what the. Do I look that sensitive?”

Ciel snorted and scribbled on the notebook, then tore up the paper and handed it to Eugene.

“This is where I am staying. There are security guards, but with your skills, there won’t be any problems, right? So come and find out.”

“Are you leaving the door open?”

“Do you really want me to? I mean, I’m getting a lot of attention from all over the place. If I did something I didn’t do, the paparazzi watching the mansion would write all sorts of novels in the newspaper. Are you okay though?”

Ever since I was young, I’ve never felt that I didn’t notice. Judging from the fact that Eugene is now wearing a disguise and has not come to meet her head-on, it would be better for them to meet secretly from now on.

“Then I’ll go tonight.”

Eugene put the handed paper in his arms and answered. Tonight. Ciel nodded and turned around.

“see you later.”

I didn’t say to come. It’s because it seems too sloppy to say such a thing. To put it bluntly, Ciel wanted to show a ‘arrogant side’ to Eugene.

So Ciel didn’t hold on to Eugene any longer and walked to the end of the corridor without looking back.

office worker

The address written on the memo was a wealthy village famous for its high land prices on Larupa Island. Unlike other areas that were overcrowded with people, the streets of this area had a dignified silence.

It was only superficially. Many fighters live in the rich village of Larupa Island, where there are many Colosseums, and there are many villas for nobles. As a result, the paparazzi that Ciel had warned about were hiding all over the streets.

Such gaze was not a big problem for Eugene and the others. I wonder if it was to infiltrate the grand duke’s mansion, which would be heavily guarded. The gaze of the paparazzi, who held their breath in the darkness of the street, could be solved with Eugene’s magic without Senya stepping out.

Surprisingly, the mansion Ciel was staying in was not large. It was similar in size to the mansion he lived in in Eugene’s hometown, Gidol.

‘but. It’s not like they’re living forever, and the only members of the family are Carmen-sama and Digira.’

It was too wide for 3 people to live. There were guards, but they didn’t look like knights.

Eugene’s party easily escaped the attention of the guards and climbed over the fence.

There was no garden in sight. Instead, I saw a flat, trodden gymnasium. With just a quick glance, you could tell how many and often the gymnasium was used.

Ciel’s appearance at the afternoon match. Light steps connected like flowing water. Eugene smiled heartily as he recalled the contrast between the footprints left at the gym and Ciel’s appearance.

The mansion was on the third floor. All the windows I glanced up at were closed and even the curtains drawn. The back door was also locked, but no major problems. Yujin put her hand on the locked doorknob and recited the incantation in her head.

The locked door opened without a sound. Seeing Eugene skillfully use magic, Senya smiled heartily.

She didn’t teach magic directly, but didn’t the magic of this era come from Senya after all? So, Senya deserved to be pleased with Eugene’s magic.

“Here you are.”

3rd floor of the mansion. Carmen, who had dared to sit in the middle of the spacious sofa and cross her legs, opened her mouth.

Carmen made a final check on the table that had been set beforehand.

An ashtray reminiscent of a well-maintained antique. I didn’t like the angle, so I fine-tuned it. He took out his pocket watch from inside his pocket and set it down next to the ashtray. I wanted to put the cigar in my mouth first, but I didn’t want to feel the astringent taste on my lips already, so I put it on the ashtray. Instead, I grabbed the unopened bottle of whiskey with my hand and put my arm on the back of the sofa.

Ciel and Desira were used to Carmen’s low price. So, without making any comments, I looked at the closed door. To be honest, the two of them hadn’t felt the presence of the other side of the door yet.

‘As expected of Carmen.’

Although they sometimes behave incomprehensibly like that, Ciel and Desira respected Carmen. He was a great man who had no choice but to be respected.

“Blood lion.”

Carmen spoke just as the door opened. Yujin, who opened the door and came in, heard those words and stiffened.

“Dragon Slayer.”

It was perfect timing. Carmen put a cigar in her mouth from the ashtray and looked up.

Now it was Carmen’s turn to harden.

The woman standing behind Eugene. It’s Christina Rogeris. I’ve seen it a few times before, and it’s familiar and nice, but who the hell is that dark-haired woman? She’s a face I’ve never seen before, but somehow it doesn’t seem like I’m seeing her for the first time… … Where did you see it?


It’s the first time I’ve seen this face, but somehow this feeling is familiar.

The first to notice was Ciel. Ciel stared at Senya’s face with a puzzled expression.

Although the hair color is different, those green eyes and face are very similar to Mer. No, it’s not just the resemblance, it’s like Mer has grown as she’s aged… … .

“wise… … Senya?”

Ciel, who had reached the truth, got up from his seat in a fright. Didyra didn’t understand why the wise Senya’s name was mentioned here, but when Ciel stood up in surprise, she stood up with her.

Carmen also put down the cigar that was in her mouth. Everyone’s eyes turned to Senya at her unexpected appearance.

“Heh… … .”

Senja enjoyed the awe directed at him. She brushed her hand lightly at the back of her hair in her graceful posture. Then her black hair turned purple.

“Yes, it is me. Wise Senya Merdein.”

Senya walked lightly into the room. And he casually sat down on the sofa.

[Looking at that, don’t you think of the words “playing with each other?” If Hamel could do it, he would have boasted about himself like that, boasting and trembling at the price.]

‘Eugene is a noble person that everyone has no choice but to acknowledge.’

[hmm… … yes… … .]

to be virtuous I could think of dozens of things to refute, but Anise didn’t bother to refute.

“Since you know I’m a difficult person, sit comfortably. what are you doing behind the scenes My successor Eugene, hurry up and sit next to me.”

“Yes, Senya-sama.”

Everyone who was standing sat down.

Ashtray and cigars on the table. Whiskey still in hand… … That unchanging appearance rather relieved Eugene.

“Long time no see.”

“Blood Lion, Dragon Slayer.”

“You said that before… … .”

“No matter how many times I praise you, the words are not enough. Remember, Eugene. All of your nicknames were given by me, the silver lion, Carmen Lionheart.”

Carmen put on a proud expression, as if she was genuinely proud of that fact.

‘That’s Carmen Lionheart.’

Senya looked at Carmen. She maintains her youthful and beautiful appearance, but I heard that, considering her age, she is the aunt of Gilreid, the head of the family.

‘Well, at least 200 years older than me… … .’

A fact you don’t want to think about. Senya immediately stopped thinking and paid attention to the cigars on the table.

“It’s okay to stretch out. I don’t care.”


“It’s okay to talk.”

“How could that be?”

In this respect, Carmen had more common sense than Melchis. Carmen politely refused and put his cigar in her mouth. Then he took out a lighter from his arms.


The lid of the lighter opened, and a clear sound rang out.

The lid is closed.


The lid opened again.


I was used to seeing Eugene and Cristina Carmen do that a few times, but not Senja. Senya didn’t understand why Carmen was doing that.

Is there no oil in the lighter? Senya naturally thought of that, and raised his finger to create sparks. Hwareuk! The cigar in Carmen’s mouth lights up.


Carmen Ryanhart. She always bites a cigar, but she has only ever lit a cigar once, when she was very young. She sucked deeply at her smoke then she didn’t know anything, and since then she’s never lit her cigar.

Smoke that fills the mouth through natural breathing. Carmen freaked out and turned her head to the side, exhaling and spitting out the cigar.

“Oh hot!”

Desiira, who was sitting next to Carmen, couldn’t avoid the cigar. She screamed as she grabbed her burnt thigh.

Carmen didn’t care about the misfortune, turned her head to the side and coughed. Ciel was startled and poured water into a cup and handed it to Carmen.


The commotion that happened in a short moment was beyond Senya’s understanding.

The commotion subsided as Senya made a puzzled expression. Desiira had a small hole in her pants, and the burn was treated by Cristina. Carmen also washed the dryness in her mouth with the water she drank continuously.

“Fire is fine.”

Carmen looked at Senya with resentful eyes and said.

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