Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 102

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Normally, floating stations have limits that prevent meteorological disasters from occurring, but what if that limit could be freely lifted? And if warp gates are also interfered with, a truly catastrophic human disaster will occur… … .

“… … An investigation is already underway. Since you are the closest suspect, I am interrogating you myself.”

“Do you have any video records?”

“If there was such a thing, I wouldn’t even be holding you. The killer really left no trace. It didn’t even catch on.”

“Okay, then I’ll cooperate too. Catch the criminal with me. I do not have time! Even at this moment, a destructive plan that threatens Arot may be approaching! Right here, King Abram may be directly attacked… … .”


It was before Melchis’ cry was over. The ground began to shake as if an earthquake had occurred.

Trempel jumped up from his seat and glared at Melchis.

“Melchis Elheyer! I arrest you for treason against the royal family!”

“Hey, what are you talking about already arresting me! It’s not me?! Everyone, you can’t believe that my colleague came to rescue me, so you’re misunderstanding it, right?”

The timing was exquisite, even in Melchis’ opinion.


Eugene couldn’t help but make a half-fazed face.

Right now, Eugene is floating right above Abram, Arod’s palace. The magic circle of the Bongma planted throughout that huge castle makes all wizards powerless except for the royal family and the Court Magic Division. Its effect extends not only inside the royal castle, but also outside it.

It is impossible for any other wizard to fly above Abrams. All magic attacks applied from outside are also nullified by Sealing Margin. But now, Eugene was floating above Abrams.

The reason was simple. It was Senya who carved Abram’s magic circle and created a lake that surrounded Abram.

Senya stretched Akasha forward and closed her eyes.

The Eternal Hall has been activated. Akasha’s immense mana was guided to the Eternal Hall. Senya ignored the enchanted magic circle and captured the land mass called Abram floating on the lake with magic.

Kugu Palace… … ! The entire royal castle was ‘excited’ and moved. Huge ripples began to rise on the surface of the calm lake. The ripples soon became waves and crashed.

“Hey, hey. You’re not feeling well, but don’t overdo it… … .”

“This level is not unreasonable.”

Senya snorted and held Akasha a little higher.

I don’t know if I used a new magic at all. It was not too difficult for Senya to move Abram, who still had the magic of hundreds of years ago. The magic circle of the seal and the royal castle floating on the lake. All of them are magic that Senya carved into the past.

Spells carved hundreds of years ago have hardly changed. At the time, Senya’s own magic formation of the magic circle would have been understood and developed to some extent by later wizards, but it was because it was too risky for the archmages to separately interfere with the spells densely engraved on that large royal castle.

What if a fatal error occurred by accidentally touching the spell? If you make such a mistake, you will fall asleep as a wizard and your head will be blown off.

It wasn’t fast. But slowly, very slowly. Abrams began to sink.

That’s why I said it’s not a bunch. It was unreasonable for Senya now to float that much mass in the air, but it was not unreasonable to slightly change the magic that made it float and make it sink into the lake.

As Abrams sank slowly, the waves in the lake intensified. The overflowing waves hit the already white castle walls, and the open gates were connected to the river.

water burial.

It was said as a joke at the previous hearing. Senya was really trying to drown Abram.

Shouldn’t it be dry at this point? Eugene thought so and glanced at Senya’s face.

If Senya had an emotional expression, he would have restrained her with words. Rather, Senya’s face was very calm. She had the face that now she was doing something very normal and natural, something that wasn’t great at all.

They do not do this out of shallow excitement and anger. Senya was extremely calm and calm. He first heard about her from Eugene a few years ago. He thought about it again after he was released from the seal a month ago, but the conclusion Senya reached did not change.

The one that turned the mansion she lived in into a tourist destination? What pushed away the grove and filled up the river? That’s annoying, but since 200 years have passed since I’ve been silently secluded, that’s about it, I thought it couldn’t be helped. Merdein Square and a statue named after her last name? what is that… … It’s embarrassing and embarrassing, but it’s not something to be angry about.


The persecution of Mer was something to be angry about. It was something she couldn’t forgive. What Senya really couldn’t stand was the wise Senya, who made herself the idol of wizards for hundreds of years. It was said that the familiar that Senna herself had created had not been treated the same way.

Of course, Senya was not without fault in that matter. It was Senya herself who connected Mer with the witchcraft placed in Akryon. It was Senya’s fault that Mer had been imprisoned in Akryon for hundreds of years.

‘Anyway, do you dissect?’

It wouldn’t be enough to guarantee Mer’s convenience by completely overhauling the damn Senya’s hall. Dissecting that little familiar to uncover the secrets of Witchcraft!

Senya couldn’t forgive that much.

“Oops, I’m fine… … lol… … .”

Mer stood beside Senya and said something she didn’t even mean.

It was the previous owner of the Noktap who took the lead in the dissection of Mer. He didn’t want to recall much of the past, but even if he did, he didn’t feel much pain. Because during the dissection, Mer felt no physical pain on his part.

However, I remembered that there was quite a bit of psychological damage. Humiliation or anger, those feelings. It was already a hundred years ago, but it was an experience that I couldn’t go through quite a bit to have my body dissected while still alive and conscious.

“I’m not okay.”

Senya furrowed her eyebrows and spat out. I’ve heard stories of dissection.

“The green pagoda master of the former era? The dog should be glad that he’s already gone in the coffin. ”

In the past, Senya had three disciples in Arot.

Diador Thorn.

Vice Osman.

Prila Helen.

Among them, Diador became the lord of the Red Mage, and Weiss and Prilla were married. After Senya withdrew from the Green Mage, Weiss took over.

Roland Osman is the son of Weiss and Prila. The father of the current Green Tower owner, Generic, and the former Green Mage Tower owner who dissected Mer.

Senya didn’t even know the name. There was strong anger.

Vice and Prilla. How the hell did those who took them as disciples educate their children, so that they had the crazy idea of ​​dissecting the master’s familiar? Even the royal family of Arod is not free from that sin. He could not have done such a thing without the permission of the royal family according to common sense.

“Stop right now!”

Around the time the garden of the palace turned into a sea of ​​water, someone from a building inside the castle wall soared into the sky. The leader of Arot’s Court Magic Division, Trempel Wizard. And it was the bound Melchis Elhere.

“I mean stop right now!”

Are you trying to drown the entire palace of Abram? This was a terrorist operation unprecedented in the history of Arot. A great rage made Trempel’s hair shoot up.


Trempel’s eyes widened as he glared at the terrorists, no, traitors.

… … Even though she wasn’t wearing a robe, she couldn’t see her face. A very high level of cognitive impairment magic. Trempel concentrated mana in his pupils and created magic.

“no way… … Never thought that while I was alive, I would be confronted with such a ridiculous birthmark… … !”

I can see three people right now. That couldn’t be all. Is it treason within Arot? Or an attack from another country? Trempel thought it was the latter.

“Melchis Elhair, whom you used as a spy, is already captured. right now… … Stop attacking immediately… … .”

“Oh well, I said no! What kind of spy am I? I really don’t know!”

Melchis struggled in the air and squealed.

Eugene let out a sigh at the sight. Trempel’s anger and misunderstanding, the head of the Court Magic Division, were legitimate, but I couldn’t understand why Melchis was caught as a spy.



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It wasn’t just Trempel that soared into the sky.

The court mage division that protects the royal castle. Among them, 100 elite battle mages carefully selected by Trempel stood in the way of Senya along with Trempel. And on the submerged land, other battle mages and knights were forming formations.

“What’s up?”

It wasn’t just the front and the ground that were filled. One by one, wizards are gathering in the back.

Wizards of the capital. Excluding Melchis who was captured and Balzac who has not yet returned, the three Mage Tower Masters. And wizards belonging to the guild. Dozens of them didn’t come close to Abram’s magic circle, but they were blocking Senya’s retreat with a clear will.

“Isn’t the king coming out?”

The king of Arot that Senya remembered must have died right away, but Senya asked with a frown on her eyebrows.

Calling the king of a country like a dog… … !

Trempel raised his hand in a flash of rage. The staff that appeared along with the light consumed Trempel’s anger and mana. Quarrrrr! A violent vortex of mana was created in the sky above Trempel’s head.

“The crown prince has come, not the king… … yo. this.”

Eugene whispered to Senya while tilting her head slightly.

Crown Prince Honein Abram. Honein’s face contorted with bewilderment and anger as he approached Trempel’s side.

“Why are you suddenly respectful… … Ah, yes, hmm, uhm, that… … I see.”

Senya glanced at Eugene and was about to shoot at him, then cleared his throat and nodded. It is not yet known to the world that Eugene Lionheart is the reincarnation of Hamel. So, at a place like this, Senya shouldn’t treat Eugene like Hamel.

‘… … Maybe this is like a secret love affair… … .’

Senya thought of a girlish thought, but realizing that now was not the time to indulge in these feelings, she straightened her expression.


Senya’s voice carried mana.

ㅡCoooooung! He simply let out his voice, but the mana in the air fluctuated due to the mana amplified by Akasha and the Eternal Holo. Trempel hardened his expression as he saw a backlash rise from his magic.

‘What is this… … Shaking the foundation of magic with just your voice?’

It could even be the word of a dragon that disappeared in legend… … .

“… … no way… … .”

Trempel’s eyes trembled.

Dragon. Why didn’t I think of this? An existence that can ignore the magic circle of the Bongma, which can be said to be the legacy of the wise Senya. An existence that can make the mana of the atmosphere fluctuate with just its voice.

What is the reason that such a being is a human being? A great being called the Magic Manipulator, who has disappeared since the War Era.

“… … no way… … you are… … Are you a dragon… … ?”

Trempel swallowed and asked.

The words caused a great resonance. The Court Magic Division, led by Trempel, agreed with the suspicion and hardened their expressions. Crown Prince Honedo also punched her in the back of the head and opened her mouth with a look on her face. The submerged troops on the ground also groaned in agony.

“… … hmm… … .”

The tower masters blocking the rear also listened to Trempel. Like Trempel, the green tower master and the blue tower master guessed that the unknown being was a dragon. However, the face of the red pagoda owner, Loberian, hardened into a different emotion.

“no way… … .”

The magic of cognitive impairment is too strong. Because of the magic circle of the Bongma, it was difficult to directly interfere.

Loberian opened his eyes thinly and stared at the three men who were drowning Abram… … . Now, only one possibility floated in Loberian’s mind, and he was increasingly convinced. But Loberian couldn’t bring the fearful truth out of his mouth.

“What is a dragon?”

Senya furrowed her eyebrows and shook Akasha. The magic of cognitive impairment has disappeared. The appearance that was invisible to everyone’s eyes has clearly changed.

If you’re too surprised, you can’t even shake. Far from groaning or making sounds of surprise, the mouth is gaping open and unable to make any sound.

So were the hundreds of people watching Senya now. They stared at Senya with their eyes wide open and their mouths wide open.

A portrait of the past. frostbite. The appearance of 300 years ago that remains unmistakably in Acreon. I did change my outfit. The attire and cape also changed.

But that light purple hair and the Akasha she was holding in one hand were the same as they were 300 years ago.

“you… … vacuum… … ?”

Thanks to the disappearance of the cognitive impairment magic, he was able to see Eugene. Trempel barely managed to squeeze his voice out, stammering out. The reason Trempel called Eugene’s name now was because he felt that Eugene’s name was closer than the name of ‘Senya Merdein’.

“that… … uh… … uhh… … .”

But spitting out Eugene’s name didn’t change the situation or change what he saw. Trempel didn’t even think to calm his surprised chest, only his pupils barely moved.

“… … Wise Senya… … Are you?”

“Can’t you see?”

Senya fired at her and raised her finger. Faced with that small movement, the 100 members of the Court Magic Division all retreated back.

Crown Prince Honein was no different. He didn’t know what to do, and looked alternately at Abram’s and Senya’s faces as they were being submerged.

“Aren’t you going to clean it up?”

“yes… … ?”

“You’re not cleaning it up, bastard!”

Senya pointed to the magical whirlpool created by Trempel and shouted.

I didn’t even worry. Trempel immediately erased his magic and lowered his wand. No, he thought it impolite to even hold a wand in his hand. So he removed the staff and respectfully gathered his hands around his navel.

“mind… … It’s an honor to meet you… … . My name is Trempel Wizardor. He is currently the head of the Court Magic Division of Arot… … .”

Trempel struggled to control his trembling voice.

For all wizards since the War Era, ‘Senya the Wise’ was a religion. After her, almost all wizards learned the circle magic formula. The circle magic formula established by Senya was the gist from the beginning for the wizards of today, the sayings Senya left behind were the scriptures of religion, and Senya herself was an idol no different from a god.


Melchis screamed. She let out her cackling her voice, still wriggling her caged body like a caterpillar.

“Me, save me! count… … Senya! My name is Melchis Elhair! I also helped save Senya-sama!”

Even Melchis respects Senya, who is wise. But he was not as nervous and terrified as Trempel. In Mel Keith’s opinion, he was very confident in himself.

Who was it that saved Senya from being sealed in the World Tree? Eugene Ryanhart?

no. It was everyone who fought alongside Eugene in the Great Forest at the time to save that great and legendary wizard.

It wasn’t a bad idea. If Melchis hadn’t added enough mana, the battle with Lyzakia would have ended with Eugene’s death.

Senya didn’t immediately pay attention to Melchis’ earnest cry. Senya frowned and listened to Mer’s whispers.

“Senya. that kid That bastard with the beard and the green robe.”


“That bastard is Generic Osman, the owner of Noktap at the time. The guy who dissected me is the bastard’s father, but he died decades ago.”


“By the way, Miss Senya. As I told you yesterday, that bastard named Generic also bothered me a lot. When I was in and out of Senya’s hall, he scolded me for being useless. They say I’m useless and can’t interpret witchcraft.”

“You’re the one who barks at dogs.”

“Yes, really. He’s stupid and incompetent and doesn’t understand witchcraft, so why did he mistreat me? I am very curious about that.”

“I am also very curious.”

Senya nodded and stroked Mer’s head.

“therefore. I’ll ask that bastard’s body directly.”

“Eheh… … You don’t have to do that.”

“No, I really want to do that.”

Senya spat that out and looked at Trempel and Honein.

“Stay there.”

“yes… … yes?”

“Don’t interrupt me and interrupt me, just stay there.”

Didn’t wait for an answer. Senya hugged Mer, who was smiling brightly, and left her in Eugene’s arms.

“Uhm… … Eugene, you too. Stand still and hold Merna… … there is… … Are you there?”

It’s not a big deal, but my throat tickled. Senya cleared her throat a few times before turning around.


His fiercely raised eyes turned to Generic. Generic was floating in the air in an awkward position, still not understanding the situation.

“You come here. No, no. Do not come. Just stay there.”

“yes… … yes?”

“Stay there, son of a bitch.”

Anger and intent to kill turned into magic


Generic pursed his lips and eyes together.

Are you smart The legend itself, the sorcerer, is slowly approaching, revealing an obvious murderous intent.


The answer is an obvious question, but Generic has popped the question into his head several times.

reason… … reason? The biggest thing is the father’s fault. But Generic was very unfair.

My father, the former owner of the green pagoda, was a stubborn and radical man. His father insisted on interpreting the Witchcraft, the legacy of the wise Senya, as soon as possible.

Witch Craft, called the magic book of fantasy. Akryon’s Witchcraft is actually a concept rather than a sorcery book.

What should be noted is that Akryon’s Witch Craft is divided into three. Book 1 is kept in Akryon, and Book 2 is kept in the royal family of Arod, although it is a copy rather than the original.

In fact, the remaining two Witchcraft books did not even exist, and the magic books owned by the royal family of Arot were nothing more than Senya’s rough-and-tumble creations to save face for the Kingdom of Darkness. Since only Senya knew the truth, later wizards had no choice but to cling to the illusion of witchcraft.

The owner of the green pagoda in the previous era had a strong desire for honor. He longed to overcome the 8th Circle by somehow interpreting Akryon’s Witch Craft and receiving permission to read the remaining Witch Crafts from the royal family of Arot.

So he insisted on Mer’s dissection. A familiar that feels no pain. It’s not like completely destroying it, it’s just opening and closing the body a few times.

In fact, it wasn’t that there weren’t any wizards who had thought like that before.

High-ranking wizards who enter and exit Akion. tower masters. Even the royals of Arot had the idea that if there was something hidden in the Witchcraft, it would be quicker to dissect it from the familiar who manages it.

Because it is overwhelmingly easier to open a familiar than to open a witchcraft that reproduces the concept of the Eternal Hall.

But I just thought about it, didn’t really try to do it. Like the Witch Craft, it was a legacy left by the familiar Merdo Senya. So, he was unable to do this or that, but the owner of Noktap at the time insisted that he take full responsibility for the dissection.

justification? overflowing with tea Even the Noktap Lord was the child of two disciples of the wise Senya, and he himself claimed to be the successor of the wise Senya. Likewise, the red pagoda owner, who succeeded Senya’s faction, insisted on unconditional opposition, but Arot’s royal family accepted the green pagoda owner’s argument about a hundred years ago.

That is why Mer was dissected. There was no income whatsoever. The completely sealed memories were not dared to be touched, and it was impossible to understand even the familiarization ceremony.

In the first place, no secrets about witchcraft were planted in Mer from the beginning, so no matter how many times she repeated dissections, there was no way that she would gain any income.

“count… … Senya-sama, there is some misunderstanding… … .”

Generic stuttered. But Senya didn’t answer. Rather, Generic thought that silence was fortunate. I spit it out at will, but there was nothing wrong with thinking about it myself.

“It was my father who did what Senya was angry with. I, I have nothing to do with it.”

In other words, Generic claimed its chagrin. Of course, Senya didn’t care about that. Dismissed! A magic spear appeared beside Senya’s face.

The spear was shot without a single warning. Generic was frightened and spread Blink. Had it not been dodged, the spear would have pierced Generic’s head.


The window stopped right in front of where the original Generic was. Senya twitched the corners of her mouth and spat out.

“Don’t move, didn’t you just stay still?”

“yes… … yes?”

“I just said that. Did I really kill you? I tried to stop on my own, but you were scared and moved by yourself. yes?”

“Se-senya-sama, that’s why… … .”

“Don’t get me wrong, listen. I have no intention of accusing you of the sins your father committed.”

It was a lie.

“But that doesn’t mean I have any reason to look good on you. It’s true that you bullied Mer, right?”

“that… … .”

“Again, you dare to claim to be my successor? I heard your name for the first time this time, but you said you sold my name over and over again.”

There is anger about Mer. However, it is true that it is unreasonable to question generics, so another reason was needed.

Fortunately, there were many other reasons for Senya to defeat Generic.

“That wasn’t enough, when I said I was going to hand over Akasha to Eugene. You said you took the lead in protesting?”

“That, it was so sudden… … .”

“Is it sudden? how do you judge that? Oh yeah. It can be a reaction. however! You claimed yourself to be the legitimate successor of Senya-sama, and you tried to steal Akasha from Eugene, didn’t you? Didn’t you try to test Eugene yourself?”

Generic gulped. Senya proudly lifted Akasha up and continued.

“therefore. I’ll try you this time Whether or not you are indeed a wizard worthy of claiming to be my successor.”

“uh… … . How can I stand up to Senya? This is too harsh for me… … .”

“Are you harsh? If so, I will definitely set the conditions. If your magic brushes even one of my collars! I’ll risk my all and acknowledge you as my successor. That your dead father, whom you never saw, sold my name. I’m saying that I’ll forgive you for hurting my beloved familiar. And yes. Akasha? I’ll give you this too.”

Senya twitched her lips and smirked. With those conditions attached, Generic’s expression changed little by little. He was still surprised and embarrassed, but greed slowly spread in Generic’s eyes.

Just rubbing the collar? It didn’t sound like difficult conditions. Even if the opponent is that legendary wizard, the wise Senya, isn’t it the same as a human wizard?

‘Only the collar… … .’

If you can do that, generics have a lot to gain.

The honor and honor of being recognized as the wise Senya’s successor and becoming the owner of Akasha. After declaring it in front of so many people, even that wise Senya would not be able to take back his words. Generic cleared his mind and nodded slowly.

“… … All right. If that’s how you can be recognized as Senya-sama’s successor, this generic Osman. I will face the test as the lord of the green mage tower of the time and the head of Osman magicians who succeeded Senya-sama’s faction.”

“It’s a very long talk.”

Senya sneered and tilted her head.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to use magic? Could it be that you will yield the first attack to me for your subject?”

Generic hardened his expression and pulled out his wand.

Even if it’s a test, maybe it’s because he’s determined to compete with magic. Senya’s sharp tone of voice made me feel annoyed.

‘I’ll press down on your nose.’

Generic’s body fell down. He didn’t worry about what kind of magic he would use. Of all the magic that generics can perform, the most outstanding magic. A signature that can be said to be the symbol of a great wizard.

Yggdrasil. Generic’s wand emitted light. A gigantic swell of light swallowed Generic’s body. Senya stood in the air and looked down at Generic.

“It’s an asshole magic.”

Senya furrowed her eyebrows and evaluated her coldly.

The concept of signatures existed hundreds of years ago. Now, the standard for being a great wizard is fixed at the 8th circle, but in the past when the circle magic ceremony wasn’t spread properly, dogs and cows used to talk about themselves as great wizards.

For magicians, their own unique magic that no one else can use has been an object of obsession since ancient times. In that era, in order to argue whether the archmage was right or not, he had to come up with his own magic and signature.

“The times have gotten better. How can you claim to be an archmage with a signature like that?”

Senya sincerely thought so. In a sense, this could be said to be the harm of circle magic. Since the standard is clearly set for the 8th circle, it is possible to claim to be a great wizard while promoting magic like an idiot over there.

Where are you sick? First of all, the trigger is too slow. Something is being made with great effort in the light, but the speed is slow and there are many gaps. Although that light itself acts as a defense barrier, Senya could break that barrier and tear Generic to shreds even now.

I was also impressed with the judgment that used such a slow signature without hesitation. Did you feel comfortable with the test? Or did you think the signature would be completed before the defense was breached? Either way, it was shallow and the same.

‘Uselessly large tree. The composed formulas are… … Hmm, that’s pretty fun.’

Most of the magic used to construct Yggdrasil is generic and the original magic of the Osman family. Senya opened her eyes thinly and stared at the light spreading from below.

Akasha’s magical technique. And before using Akasha’s authority to understand the contents of the ceremony, Senya saw through Yggdrasil with her own enlightenment and fully understood it.

‘Magical high-speed and multiple chanting. This imitated the Eternal Hall, but it was at a disastrous level.’


‘Efforts were put into defense magic for each bark. I took care of the regenerative power by half assimilating the body into the tree. You can escape by moving to another root.’


‘Dominion over the land where you planted your roots… … The range is unnecessarily wide. In such a subject, the aid of precision calculation is extremely small. You mean you’re going to make up for the lack of precision with inflated size and numbers?’


‘Buds hanging from each branch. Gathering mana in the air, bursting petals, and detonating bombardment. Wide-area magic that diffusely reflects bombardments onto flower petals.’


It was really insignificant. I put a lot of good things on it, but nothing is perfect. That is the magic of a coward pretending to be vaguely brave. Neither defense nor evasion nor attack had anything to put forward properly.

If so, how do you trample it?


the light is gone Yggdrasil was completed. A magical tree, huge enough to match a castle tower, towered over the lake. Deep in the tree, Generic woke up.

How long had it been since he unfolded Yggdrasil like this? Generic happily looked at Senya, enjoying his all-powerful feeling.

There was no need to look up at the sky. The huge and tall Yggdrasil was able to capture Senya right in front.

[Thank you for waiting.]

It must have been something I couldn’t break through. Generic laughed and moved Yggdrasil.

Quarrrrr! The roots and trunks of innumerable trees sprawled beneath the lake rose upward. Every time Yggdrasil moved, huge waves roared in the lake.

[To my subject, I would not dare to give up the first attack to the wise Senya. So I’ll attack first.]

“I’m going crazy, really.”

Senya laughed and shook her head. That voice, boasting confidently while spreading a not so great, insignificant magic, was so ugly.

“okay. Come on, kid.”

Senya spat out with deep irritation.

Yggdrasil worked his magic. Attack magic that was expressed at high speed attacked Senya in a heap. Senya stood still in her place. It was a magic that was neither worth avoiding nor necessary.

It was an offensive magic with a different method and form, but the moment it reached Senya, it met the same end.

extinction. It was literal extinction. Attacks and magic disappeared in vain.

[how… … ?!]

wide dispel? The Magic of the Bongma. It is a well-known fact that the wise Senya took advantage of the Enchantment Magic, which nullifies the opponent’s magic and deprives them of their abilities as wizards.


Senya snorted. what kind of magic is that? Generic couldn’t help but feel confused and questioned.

ㅡQuarrrr! Dozens of tree roots, whose thickness would be indistinguishable from that of Laizakia’s tail, attacked Senya all at once.

The Eternal Hall opened. Senya bent his fingers and stretched out his left hand forward. The space where Senya exists was shaken and distorted. Cheer up! The trajectory of the tree roots that attacked Senya changed.


The twisting of the trajectory was not the end. Tree roots that entered that distorted space were entangled with each other and then twisted. Generic flinched and tried to reap the roots, but even that did not go his way.

Kwadeuk, Kwadeuk… … ! The roots that were entangled with each other were compressed thinly. Dudeuk! The long twisted roots eventually broke off and fell down.

Generic could not comprehend the sight. It didn’t disappear because of the magic of the seal. Everything in Yggdrasil is controlled by Generic, but the moment they reached Senya’s space, control disappeared.


A thought popped into Generic’s mind.

dim possibilities. … … impossible. Even the wisest Senya couldn’t possibly do that.

The widely spread branches trembled in unison. Hundreds of flower buds turned their heads to Senya. Her strength wasn’t gathering enough. But Generic, now he wanted to confirm the idea he had come up with.

Unripe flower buds burst. A greater number of petals embroidered the air. Thread-like lines were drawn between the fluttering petals. A laser that could pierce anything it touched was reflected between the petals. It is impossible to predict the trajectory. No matter how fast you move, repeated reflections will eventually pierce your opponent.

Senya snorted and waved her finger.

woo woo! As the distortion spread further, it eroded other spaces. The moment the reflected laser reaches that space. The trajectory of the laser has changed.


The regurgitated laser collided with another laser and exploded. That wasn’t the end. Senya entered my space and snapped her fingers at the scattering petals.

The light emitted from the fingertips touched the petals. As with Yggdrasil, the light created by Senya was also reflected on the petals. Hundreds of petals that were still floating in the air became paths reflecting light. The petals were destroyed the moment they reflected the light.

A single ray of light destroyed hundreds of petals in the blink of an eye. At that point the light was no longer thin. It was large enough to pierce a large hole in Yggdrasil.

Even if it was fast, it was too fast. power was not measured. Generic freaked out and moved his body.


A huge tree fell down. Generic, which moved to a different root, did not raise a new tree and held its breath in the lake. Because I just couldn’t understand it.

The light that just pierced the tree. It was the petals of Yggdrasil that paved the way for that. Using another wizard’s magic at will?

… … Layer upon layer of defensive magic penetrated as easily as a sheet of paper. No, rather than penetrating… … It is easy to penetrate, as if it has become thinner on its own. like… … It was as if all magic was controlled by Senya.

“Your signature is lame.”

Senya looked down at the lake and said. Finding a generic among the many roots at the bottom of the lake was not at all difficult.

“There are so many ways to break you apart from this. I thought this would be the best way to trample on your pride.”

[how… … What the hell did you do?]

“You know I don’t have a signature? You didn’t think the Eternal Hall was my signature, did you?”

Eternal Hall is too much to claim as a signature, but Senya has other signatures besides Eternal Hall.

Empress rule. This magic acts on the space Senya has set, and takes over someone else’s magic in that space. To put it simply, if it’s a trivial magic that’s lower than Senya’s level and easy to take away, you can control it to your heart’s content.

Yggdrasil? signature? That kind of vague magic. I even figured out the magic formula with Akasha, but there’s something I can’t control.

Senya sneered and moved her fingers. Magic bullets as small as grains of sand appeared from the line drawn all the way to his side.

What happened after that was one-sided violence.

Grains as small as grains of sand tore through Yggdrasil. After letting it run away and giving it some time to recover, it repeated again.

It continued to give room for rebellion. He trampled again. Later, they entwined the roots with the water of the lake and threw them into the air. I didn’t let him run away then. He cut off the escape route, broke the shell, and brought out the generic that used evil inside it.


Generic’s body floated high.

fell back into the lake.

Splash, splash, splash.

Until Generic passed out, the water spray continued on the lake.


Generic’s body, drenched in water, floated into the air. Her limp, limp figure looked like a piece of laundry caught on a laundry line.

The Archmage of the 8th Circle. The head of the Osman family, who has been the third-generation owner of the Green Mage Tower, one of the most prestigious families in Arot.

Such a wizard was treated like a child. It was a literal joke. Among the great mages of Arot, the evaluation of generics was not very high, but even so, there was not a single wizard who was confident in being able to play with generics like Senya.


Compared to the beginning, Senya’s appearance did not change at all. The magic and outrage that Generic was overdoing didn’t even touch Senya’s collar, let alone come close.

Senya looked at Generic with a sullen face and snapped her fingers.

f*ck! A small magic bullet like a bean pierced Generic’s body.


Generic, who came to his senses, was the first to vomit water. It is because he drank too much water as he repeatedly fell in and out of the lake.

Vomiting in front of so many people. This would not be possible with regular generics, but I wasn’t in the mood to care about that right now.

After coughing up water for a long time, Generic’s face looked ten years older. He barely raised his head and looked at Senya, even though he was gasping for breath.

“Do you want more?”

cool question. Generic shook his head, even hiccuping.

In the 80 or so years of his life, he had never felt such terrible pain and helplessness as he does today. He had been doomed into the lake more than ten times. He drank too much water and his head was dizzy, especially the inside of his eye was about to explode. Tinnitus also lingered in his deafened ears.

In addition to such physical pain, my heart was shattered. Not a speck of his initial confidence remained.

Are you wise… … I knew it, but was there such a difference in rank? All emotions as a mage who had trained for half a century and had confidence collapsed.


Senya stared at the generic with thinly opened eyes and continued.

“I do not recognize you and your family as my heirs. In the future, you and your descendants. If you claim to be the successor of Senya Merdein, then I will destroy your family with my own hands.”

“… … yes… … .”

“Perhaps in the distant future I may be dead too. What if I die, my descendants will wipe out your family?”

Saying that, Senya was conscious of Eugene.

Senya Lionhart. Or Eugene Merdein. Either way, I thought it was a name with a thrilling resonance… … .

“… … Uhm. well that’s for the future For now… … .”

Senya looked at Eugene and Mer. He didn’t call directly, but the meaning of the gaze was clear. Eugene cradled Mer in his arms and approached Senya.

“Shouldn’t I apologize to my official heir and lovable familiar?”

Generic’s wrinkles trembled.

Apologies about Mer? It was done years ago… … . However, the apology at that time was blocked so that others could not see it. It was new, but Generic realized how much Eugene had cared for him at that time.

Now there are many, many people watching. The court magicians, knights and bureaucrats from the palace. Behind them were the mage tower masters, as well as mages belonging to the mage tower and guilds. On the other side of the lake, there was a crowd of people watching.

I don’t want to. that huge crowd. Competitive mage lords. And to bow down and apologize in front of the wizards belonging to the Green Mage Tower?

That’s what I thought, but Generic had no choice. He was too afraid of Senya to rebel and negotiate.

“… … sorry. Senya’s familiar… … I apologize for the sins of my dead father who tormented me.”

“You bullied me too.”

“yes… … I also apologize for that.”

“Why are you apologizing to me? I have to tell him.”

Senya took over Mer from Eugene and opened her eyes. I copied Merdo Senya’s expression and gave strength to her eyes.

“… … sorry… … .”

“To my heir too.”

Eugene, who was standing beside him, stuck his tongue out at Senya’s persistent and terrible appearance. Glancing at Generic, his face looked as if he would shed tears at any moment. Perhaps he was hyperventilating, and Generic’s breathing became rough. He clutched at his chest and spoke hard.

“Eugene… … Eugene Lionhart. I sincerely apologize for not acknowledging you and for daring to test you… … .”

“yes… … I knew.”

When Eugene nodded and accepted the apology, Generic let out a long sigh.

My body, which was drenched in water, was so cold. Her heart was cold and sad. Generic looked at Senya and asked cautiously.

“… … Can I go back now… … ?”

“Yes, yes. As of today, there are no complaints or problems between you, me, and your family. yes?”

“yes… … .”

“Let’s do well going forward. As I said before, if I sell my name and talk about the successor even once, I will really die.”

Generic lowered his head and turned around. Suddenly, he looked up and saw that there were too many eyes looking at him.

Most of them looked sympathetic, but not without ridicule. Among them, the wizards belonging to the Green Mage Tower had eyes full of despair and skepticism. Some wizards shed tears as if this reality itself was embarrassing and humiliating.

‘… … Shall I retire… … .’

I don’t think I’ll be able to carry my face in the future. I was planning to serve as the owner of the Mage Tower for the next 10 years before handing over the position to his son… … It just seemed impossible.

“I’m going to stop by the green mage tower in a few days. It’s old, but it’s the Mage Tower I used to live in.”

Generic with his droopy shoulders was nothing to do with it, but the expressions of the wizards belonging to the Green Mage Tower made Senya feel a little weak. Upon hearing that, the expressions of the wizards in the green mage tower improved. Even though she was beaten like a dog by the mage lord, being able to meet the wise and respectful Senya was something that a mage couldn’t help but be thrilled with.

“excuse me… … Sir Senya.”

Eugene slightly tilted his head towards Senya.

“Yeah… … I received a lot of help from the lord of the red tower. I also learned magic from him. And the help of the Lord of the Red Pagoda was very great.”

From Eugene’s point of view, now was the best time to revive Loberian’s spirit.

Senya heard that, and nodded her head.

“Red Mage Tower Master. The name… … .”

“Yes, yes. It is called the Loberian surface.”

Loberian, who was immediately pointed out, came forward in surprise. He looked at Eugene and Senya alternately with confused eyes. Eugene had promised to meet Senya in 30 days, but Loberian did not know until then.

I kind of expected it. Aside from the sudden snow, there would be no magician other than the wise Senya who could drown the entire palace of Abram.

“You said you were from the faction of Diador?”

Diador Thorn. One of Senya’s disciples, a mage who served as the Red Mage Tower lord hundreds of years ago. It was Diador’s disciple who taught Loverian magic, and in the end, the roots were connected to Senya, so even Loverian had claimed to be Senya’s successor before.

“yes… … That’s right.”

Loverian shuddered at the thought of the generic that had just been rammed into the entire lake dozens of times.

Could it be that he was forcing himself to undergo that cruel ‘test’? Loverian momentarily recalled those worries, but Senya smiled brightly, unlike before.

“There is a root.”

The truth is that generics are a much more fundamental lineage, but Senya didn’t care about that.

“I heard you helped my heir a lot too? The genealogy is complex. So, you are my official successor’s teacher and my successor, right?”

“It is just a random word. I don’t think I can claim to be Senya’s successor… … .”

“How are you? I do not care. Let’s talk about this the next time we go to the Red Magic Tower.”

Loberian’s face lit up. He bowed his head deeply, and the wizards of the Red Mage Tower cheered behind him.

“Let’s go, cute heir.”

Senya really liked calling Eugene the heir in front of so many people.

Actually, he’s that stupid Hamel, and he’s messing around with me. It was a bit regretful that we couldn’t make it public like that, but this superficial relationship was also secret and thrilling. Senya smirked and patted Yujin on the back.

“Yes, Senya-sama.”

Eugene followed Senya without saying anything. Senya crossed the air and, as she had been instructed to do, approached the silent Court Magic Division.

“Let’s see how long it’s locked.”

Senya looked at Abram, ignoring Trempel and Honein. Abrams was slowly sinking into the water while he was eating the generic, but the garden in the palace he glanced at had already become a sea of ​​water.

“count… … Senya… … .”

Honein cautiously opened his mouth. He sweated profusely as he stared at the growing garden.

“Please, please release your anger… … .”

“Your father?”

Again Senya sang the King of Arot comfortably, but Honein and Trempel had no complaints about it. Even 300 years ago, the king of Arot treated Senya with utmost respect.

Arot was able to become a strong magic kingdom as it is now because Senya lived in Arot, and even after that, Arot had no choice but to look out for Senya.

Right now, Abrams is being drowned, and Generic, the Noktapju, was beaten until he was about to die. In that sin, Arot was not clear. The fact that he allowed the dissection of his familiar, and the fact that he worked hard to sell Senya’s name. Because everyone was Arot’s monarchy.

“Tell me… … Senya-sama is waiting for you in the palace.”

“I don’t think I can crawl out right away. See me and come and have an audience with me, is this?”

“Senya-sama, please… … .”

Honein knelt, not caring about face. He shook his head in bewilderment at the sight of him.

“It’s not like kneeling on the ground. What are you doing here on your knees in the sky?”

“Please, please take your anger away. No, you don’t have to reap it right away… … First of all, please have an audience with Your Highness with me.”

Honein didn’t even get down on his knees in the air; From Arot, the crown prince of Arot. It was like that in front of a huge crowd.

Senya furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Honein.

Why didn’t the King of Arot come out right away? Isn’t it obvious He would be openly criticized and cursed at, but it is because the king of a country cannot show such an appearance in front of the people. That said, he couldn’t stand his head straight in front of Senya, so instead of coming out directly, he had to send the crown prince out first and then he would be stomping his feet in the royal palace.

“The Crown Prince does that, so let’s go inside first, shall we?”

Eugene looked at Honein and said.

I don’t even know… … Honein helped Eugene from the time he was in Arrot. When Eugene was entangled in the issue of Acreon’s pass, Honein directly claimed Eugene’s qualifications.

“If it’s a request from my proud heir.”

Senya twitched her lips and nodded. At that answer, Honein’s expression brightened. He felt deep gratitude to Eugene for helping him, but for now he didn’t look up.

“Crown prince. raise your head There is also a request from the cute heir, so I will think of the face of the Crown Prince and Arot. Let’s go to an audience with the proud king.”

“Yes, yes. thank you.”

Honein carefully raised himself.

“me too!”

Melchis roared loudly. Trempel, who was still restraining Melchis, looked at Melchis with a shocked look on his face.

Could this incredibly flirtatious, loud-voiced woman assert herself in the current atmosphere?

“Let me go too! Senya! I respect and love you!”

“Senya. Baektapju is also… … a lot of help… … .”

“It’s a request from my wonderful and kind-hearted heir.”

Trempel immediately released Melchis from his restraints. He glanced at Senya and Eugene, feeling a little uneasy.

I mean, the cute, proud, cute, and kind-hearted heir? I thought it was the main book, but I also thought that it could be.

‘but… … If it’s about Eugene Lionheart.’

If Trempel himself had recruited a student like Eugene, he would have cherished it like that and grabbed passers-by and boasted. Trempel looked at the backs of Senya and Eugene, who were heading to Abram with Honein, then came to their senses belatedly and followed them.

I don’t know what will happen in the palace. I was afraid to imagine. Probably, nothing good was going to happen.

Whoever tried to drown Abram in the water. Noktapju had been beaten earlier, but the great wizard’s wrath was still unresolved.

‘if… … If you even attack Her Highness… … .’

Trempel also respects and admires Senya, but if he tries to harm the king’s body… … Even at the cost of his life, he will stand in his way. Trempel quietly prepared for his own death.

‘What did I say?’

Contrary to Trempel’s determination, Senya did her best to hold on to her twitching expression and had time to reflect.

A cute, proud, cuddly, kind-hearted heir? I made a fuss about wanting to show off in front of everyone, but now that I think about it, aren’t they all embarrassing comments?

[are you okay.]

Mer felt Senya’s feelings and started talking to her head.

[There is no reason for Senya-sama to be ashamed or embarrassed with words like that.]



If you knew what kind of stupid things Anis-nim and Cristina-nim did while Senya-nim was gone. Senya-sama would think that remarks like that are child’s play.

Mer couldn’t bear to say that, so she kept her mouth shut.

that… … It was too embarrassing to say with Mer’s own mouth. To be honest, Mer didn’t have the confidence to explain it well in words, but she was afraid that if she said it now, Senya would get very angry and destroy the castle.

‘Breast… … I put my chest on my head and smiled like a victor.’

How else can you explain it in words?

“What is the name of the current king?”

“This is Dyndolph Abram.”

Eugene replied. Senya snorted at her and shook his head.

“The last king of Arod I saw was the 25th generation. His name was Lucard.”

“The current king is in his 31st generation.”

“The 31st King? I’m sorry, it’s been a long time Isn’t it about time, historically, to perish? Or change the royal family and country name.”

Honein’s shoulders stiffened with fear. Trempel, who was following, seriously considered whether he should attempt an assassination attempt now.

“That, Senya-sama. Don’t be too harsh, let’s be moderately peaceful.”

“Eugene… … ah! You are my successor! You seem quite attached to this country, don’t you? Even worrying about it.”

“Ah, I’m worried about Senya-sama.”

Senya’s eyes widened at Eugene’s joke.

“me? why me?”

“If Senya-sama behaves too harshly, Senya-sama’s name may be written badly in the history of future generations. Not the wise Senya, but the tyrannical Senya. As for me who respects Hamel-sama! Whatever I do, I think it would be better than stupid Hamel… … .”

What did you say Senya changed her expression and glanced at her Eugene.

“Heir. You’re saying that because you don’t know the old days, but that son of Hamel wasn’t stupid, he was an idiot. I… … fairy tales! did you see Stupid Hamel is very sensible, and it’s an appropriate name.”

“Ah, yes, I see. but! If Hamel-nim found out about this in heaven, wouldn’t he weep?”

“Why is he wailing? The dead do not speak.”

That, that nasty smile… … ! Eugene clenched his fists.

At the sudden change of topic, Trempel and Honein quietly kept their mouths shut. I wanted to ask many questions about the legend and glory of 300 years ago, but now was not the time to ask such leisurely questions.

“Here it is… … .”

I flew down the flooded corridor and entered the palace. Honein swallowed a gulp in front of the tightly closed door.

“The Highness is inside… … .”

“There are no assassins or bodyguards hidden there to steal me, right?”


Honein exclaimed in fright. Even so, he was anxious and checked the presence beyond the door, but he did not feel the presence of the SS that Senya had mentioned.

This puzzled Honein quite a bit. Originally, the king’s bodyguards and the prime minister were supposed to stay in the palace, but now there were no signs other than the king.


Senya noticed him too. Before Honein could knock cautiously on the door, Senya held out his outstretched hand. Then the closed door burst open.

“Go in.”

Senja moved forward past Honein.

Arrot’s courtship. It is also the first place Eugene visits. But she had no time to appreciate it.

Arot’s 31st king. Dyndolph Abrams. He twirled around the throne, chewing on his nails, but stopped moving the moment the door swung open.

“It is an honor to meet the wise Senya!”

I could understand the reason why there were no bodyguards, no chancellor, no servants before.

Dyndolph cried out in a loud voice and knelt down on the spot, banging his head on the floor.


I couldn’t help but be very upset.

The 31st king of Arot, the kingdom of magic. Dyndolph Abrams. The king, who hadn’t even sat on his throne since the beginning, saw Senya’s face and fell to his knees without hesitation and smashed his head.

Honein looked at his father in amazement. He was well aware of how authoritative his father was and how much he cared about dignity.

many years ago. When a meeting was held about Eugene Ryanhart’s access to Akreon. Dyndolph did not attend the event in person, but instead sent his crown prince, Honein.

The reason was very simple.

Kiel’s Lionheart. Descendants of the great Vermouth that even the Emperor of the Empire cannot easily deal with. One of the most famous shaman songs in the entire continent.

Dyndolph was reluctant to face the descendant of Vermouth, especially ‘Eugene Lionheart’, who was the only collateral in Lionheart’s history but became the adopted son of the main family. He thought that it would be difficult for a 17-year-old boy with a background like mine to show the kingly authority and dignity of a country as usual.

Even at the subsequent Akasha-related hearing, Dyndolph did not attend in person. Even though it was a big issue that couldn’t be compared to Akryon’s pass, he sent Crown Prince Honein as a proxy.

Because I don’t want to lose Chuck with Eugene Ryanhart. Because the king himself did not want to take responsibility. And, it was to maintain friendly relations with the archmages who were in conflict with Eugene.

Arot is a constitutional monarchy. The royal family has been around for a long time, but its power is no stronger than that of Arod’s council. That’s why the current king, Dyndolf, cares so much about his external image and authority, and the crown prince, Honein, has had to stand as a proxy for his father since childhood.

“I… … majesty… … !”

Although the guards, the chancellor, and the attendants were handed down in advance, now in this place are the descendant of Lionheart, the Crown Prince Honein, and Trempel, the head of the Court Magic Division.

Even so, the king… … His father, obsessed with imaginary authority and dignity, is kneeling on the floor of wet water and banging his head.

Honein was so shocked by the sight. However, apart from the shock that exploded in his head, Honein followed his father and knelt in his seat. The King and Crown Prince knelt down without hesitation, but Trempel couldn’t stand with his back strained.

After I knelt down to Trempel, there was silence before me. It was awkward for Eugene to stand still.

It reminded me of when I invaded the Vatican in Euras about a year ago. The atmosphere was quite different then and now, and it was natural. If Anise had descended directly, even the pope and cardinals would have fallen to their knees.

“Why are you on your knees when you didn’t ask?”

Senya was not at all embarrassed. This situation was completely natural for her, she said. Even hundreds of years before Senya lived in Arod, the royal family of Arod treated Senya with great respect.

Shouldn’t that be the case? It is not an exaggeration to say that the name Arot’s Kingdom of Magic was created by Senya, and it is because of Senya’s name and achievements that tourists and aspiring wizards flock to the capital every year.

“How can I look down on you!”

Dyndolph shouted in a loud voice.

Since the hearing related to Akasha… … I was determined that one day this day might come. But, but, I hoped it would be after the succession to the throne was over… … .

“why? You can look down.”

“Please do not test me… … . Rather, rebuke the sin severely.”

“Do you know what I did wrong?”

Senya opened her eyes thinly and asked.

“There are too many to list, but if Senya-sama approves, I will dare to tell you.”


“I think the biggest mistake was not treating Senya-sama properly, who could be called Arod’s godmother.”

“The mansion I left behind has changed a lot.”

“I myself lamented the evils of our ancestors’ greedy tourism policies.”

“Then why did you leave it alone?”

“I thought that if we returned the mansion site right away, countless tourists and would-be wizards who came to visit Senya’s mansion would be disappointed. I know this is just an excuse, but please forgive me… … .”

“Are there any other mistakes?”

“It’s a big mistake that I didn’t properly take care of Senya-sama’s cherished familiar.”

thud! Dyndolph thumped his head into the ground. Drops of red blood mingled in the splashing and spreading waves.

“I don’t think there is any excuse for that. The familiar’s dissection was a betrayal of Senya-sama. But the most sinful thing would be the doubts, hearings, and tests regarding Senya-sama’s successor that happened just a few years ago.”

thump, thump! Dyndolph continued to hit him in the head.

“This old man was blind. He couldn’t believe Senya’s life. please… … Take all your anger out on this old man. Please save the royal family of Arot.”

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