Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 101

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Embarrassment was greater than hostility. Senya asked, but Vermouth didn’t answer. Vermouth’s hands lifted slightly, and Hamel’s corpse floated into the air. Senya had a foreboding of what was about to happen and opened his eyes wide.

Hamel’s body was thrown to Senya. No, he was shot. At that moment, the thought of ‘avoiding’ did not exist in Senya’s head. He hastily casts his magic to stop Hamel’s corpse unscathed.

but. Vermouth’s magic, which had felt strange since wandering the Devil’s Realm, made Hamel’s corpse unable to stop midway, just like Senya thought. As soon as the corpse approached, Senya reflexively spread her arms to catch Hamel’s corpse.


The moment I received it with my arm. The ‘power’ that made the corpse fly was transmitted to Senya’s body. His corpse was not damaged in the slightest, but Senya’s body was unable to overcome the shock and flew backwards.

As they flew to the end of the corridor, Senya’s eyes saw Hamel’s corpse. A corpse falling to the floor. Crossing over that corpse—- the beast’s golden eyes.


Senja roared with great anger.

Hamel’s corpse was thrown like a weapon. Is that vermouth?

Still unable to understand, Vermouth did not want Senya to understand. He still didn’t say anything, just glaring at Senya with cold, sunken golden eyes.

Vermouth’s figure disappeared from Senya’s sight. Senya activated the Eternal Hall without hesitation. The huge visualized mana whirled in Senya’s field of vision.

We must not fight here. Senya made that decision and left the hallway. He tried to get out of the tomb, but Vermouth wouldn’t let Senya go. Vermouth, who had disappeared from view, was already standing with his back to his statue and memorial stone.

“You, why?!”

Everyone shed tears in front of that statue decades ago. Vermouth wrote his name directly on the memorial stone.

Vermouth, who did not show much emotion. As far as Senya can remember, the first tears Vermouth shed during the ten-year journey was when Hamel died.

After becoming the head of the Lionheart family, Vermouth acted as if he had severed ties with his colleagues.

Senya thought that she had no right to resent that. Hamel’s retention. everyone’s wish. killing the devil.

Failed. Power was lacking. … … She thought it was okay. She didn’t want to live in a world without Hamel, so she thought it would be a good death to die in the castle of the devil in confinement, just like Hamel did.

But he didn’t die. When he came to his senses, everything was already over. Vermouth—-He made a pact with the Demon King alone without consulting anyone. He saved his comrades and got Hamel’s body and soul back. He restored peace to the world.

It’s not that I couldn’t understand Vermouth’s mind. But, but. Of the five, only Hamel died. … … Emotions seldom followed the heart. So Senya once resented Vermouth. He simply wanted to blame someone.

Their lives were busy. It’s a selfish excuse. No matter how busy you were, you could always find it if you wanted to. I just didn’t want to face the trauma. I just didn’t want to recall the sad and resentful memories.


did it a few times When I heard that Vermouth died suddenly. Senya wept in the room where she heard the news, in Vermouth’s family, in front of Vermut’s coffin, and in the tomb of the Black Lion Castle.

We thought there would be plenty of time. You can extend your lifespan as much as you wish.

therefore. someday. When we no longer have the excuse of being busy. When I was prepared to face the demon king like before.

At that time, I thought we would be able to get together again.

“I cried over your death.”

Attacks came from all directions. Numerous magics from Senya offset the attack and pursued Vermouth. The entire tomb shook and cracked the walls.

“Why, why are you Why are you here… … !”

The walls and ceiling are collapsing. Senya desperately redirected her attacks to avoid entangling the memorial stones and statues. But Vermouth didn’t think so. The attacks, whether magic or slashing, persistently penetrated Senya.


Vermouth is seriously attacking. The video, which projected the vision of the past as it was, shook dizzy. Senya’s eyes couldn’t follow Vermouth’s image properly.

Drops of red blood splattered from the edge of his field of vision. Yujin opened her bloodshot eyes and glared at the video.

Senya’s vision gradually turned red. Whoops, whoops. Senya looked at the ground and vomited sticky blood.

“… … please… … .”

Senya managed to raise her head and look ahead. The robe was already torn. His gray hair swayed like a lion’s mane from his rolled-up hood. A pure white flame was burning that seemed to devour everything it touched and dye it its own color.

“any… … Say something, Vermouth… … !”

Vermouth’s hand pointed at Senya.

He felt no murderous intent. There was no emotion in his eyes. However, the ‘power’ concentrated on Senya reminded her of unconditional death even if she couldn’t feel the intent to kill.

Senya spread her hands forward as she vomited blood. The fiercely rotating Eternal Hall followed Senya’s will and created magic.

Flame and magic clashed.

Senya did not see the result to the end. She flew down the hallway. Even using Eternal Hall, it is impossible to defeat Vermouth. If you continue like this, you will be killed by Vermouth without knowing why.


A leaf from the World Tree that I received from my hometown, the Elf’s territory. Senya, a family of elves, was able to teleport to the World Tree at any time using the leaves of the World Tree.

Taking Hamel’s corpse with him, he flees to his hometown. As long as it was impossible to kill Vermouth, that was all Senya could do.

Senya returned to the hallway vomiting blood. ㅡ Kwagwagwang! The sound of the world collapsing could be heard from outside, but Senya did not look back. She gasped for breath and stood in front of her corpse.

… … There is no broken place. Senya was genuinely relieved by that, and took out a leaf from the World Tree from his chest and held it. And she bent down to raise Hamel’s corpse.


The moment he held Hamel’s corpse in his hand.

Senya’s vision shook greatly. All the strength drained from his body. His trembling eyes looked at his blood-soaked hands.

It was Vermouth’s hand that pierced his chest.

“… … Ber… … radish… … .”

eyes lifted upwards. Vermouth lifted Senya’s body with his arm still in his chest. Senya couldn’t see the face of Vermouth who pierced his chest from behind. His body didn’t move very well. I was afraid of what kind of expression Vermouth was making.

little shake. A hand approached slowly and touched Senya’s neck. Tuduk! The necklace Senya was wearing around her neck snapped.

“ah… … .”

Senya tried to say something, but before she could say anything, her vision froze again. His thrown body flew into the open room and twisted onto the open coffin lid.


Senya barely raised her head while vomiting blood. I saw Vermouth standing there, putting down his blood-stained hand.

The face did not look good. Vermut lowered his head, staring at the necklace he took from Senya. Hamel’s corpse lay at Vermouth’s feet. He paid no attention to his dying comrade, who had pierced his chest with his hand.

… … A vision blurred by the blood. I saw Vermouth’s shoulders tremble. His lowered head slowly lifted up. I saw the distorted expression and the shaking eyes.

“… … .”

That was the last time Senya saw Vermouth.


The video floating in the air disappeared.

“After that, as everyone knows.”

It was already completely healed, but seeing the memories of the past again made my pierced heart ache.

“The teleportation to the World Tree was successful, but the wound did not heal right away. And I was attacked by Lyzakia.”

“… … Mr. Vermouth.”



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Anise felt dizzy and put her hand on her forehead. The man in Senya’s memory was undoubtedly Vermouth.


Eugene clenched so hard that he opened his bloody fist. She chewed her molars and her jaw was sore.

“… … It is as you say.”

Eugene opened his mouth.

“It’s definitely vermouth. I don’t think it’s vermouth.”

Senya Merdane

It wasn’t a random word. It’s true that it’s not enough to be sure, but Eugene couldn’t feel ‘vermouth’ from the vermouth in the video.

The way he pushed Senya. Vermouth’s attack. movement. All of that overwhelms Senya, but the vermouth that Eugene remembered didn’t feel.

And Eugene had no choice but to have a lot of trust in his feelings. It was Hamel who fought the closest to Vermouth 300 years ago. Hamel was the only one among his teammates who repeatedly sparred with Vermouth.


Senya turned to Eugene with a bright expression on her face.

“Lastly, Vermouth-sama… … I think so.”

Anis also nodded slightly.

“At first I tried to kill you.”

After summoning Senya and facing each other in the hallway, Vermouth’s battle was one-sided. He even threw Hamel’s corpse to induce Senya to act, and after that, he persistently aimed for Senya’s neck.

When Senya, who chose to run away with the corpse, returned to the hallway. Vermouth, who stood behind him, could have easily killed Senya if he wanted to. Either crush his head or cut his throat.

But Vermouth didn’t. During the battle, he persistently aimed for the deadly vital spot, but the moment he could ‘certainly’ kill him, he stopped at piercing Senya’s body.

“hmm… … To be honest, I usually die when my chest is pierced.”

“yes. If your heart explodes, you die.”

Senya muttered, and Anise agreed. Eugene cleared his throat and nodded his head.

“Whatever it is. If you really wanted to kill him, there were plenty of surefire ways. look at the last one Vermouth reached out to Senya, his neck, but… … You broke his neck and took off his necklace without choking Trigger.”

The behavior after that was also considered strange. Vermouth dared to throw Senya’s body into the room. There was no reason why she couldn’t move, but she let Senya escape using the leaves of the World Tree.

trembling shoulders. distorted expression. wiggling eyes.

When he made that expression, Eugene felt the vermouth. It was the look on her face that made it clear why Senya said that it was vermouth and not vermouth.

“Did you get dementia from old age?”

Eugene wrinkled his expression and grumbled. At that, Anise sneered and shook his head.

“People who lived longer than him didn’t get dementia, so there’s no way Vermut-sama got dementia.”

“Hey, are you saying that to me?”

Senya immediately turned her head and reacted. However, Anise put on a calm face and shrugged his shoulders.

“Please do not show your aggression against me with wild speculations, Senya. Why am I talking about you like that?”

“Do not lie! That’s what you said to me!”

“No. Why are you stabbing me?”

“Why are you fighting again?”

Yujin let out a deep sigh and asked.

“Because Senya keeps fighting with me.”

“When did I!”

“It’s not mature enough to insist that you don’t when you’re openly arguing.”

Eugene caught his dizzy mind. Eugene erected herself as a barrier to prevent Senya and Anise sitting on either side of him from grabbing each other’s hair.

“I don’t know exactly, but I’m certain the vermouth isn’t dead.”

Eugene told Senya about his meeting with Moron. The fact that Moron was still alive, Senya was not too surprised and nodded her head.

“There’s no way that bastard will die of old age.”

Senya’s expression gradually changed as the story continued.

That Moron, driven to the point of going mad—- he was following the request of Vermouth who had appeared in his dream. Even at this moment, Moron is in the cold northern end. A mysterious monster called Nur is blocking the passage.

Every day for 150 years.

“… … He said he didn’t die, so why didn’t he come?”

Senya sniffed and murmured.

The Morron that Senya remembered was a bastard. No matter how painful it was, he didn’t scream once, and even when his limbs flew off, he rushed forward. In terms of simple ignorance, he was much better than Hamel, but because Moron ran forward like that, everyone was able to follow the path Moron had made.

To think that such a moron went crazy with endless solitude and karma. Abusing herself by banging her head in an empty world.

“It’s not about crying. I beat him up a bit and he’s fine.”

“It would be the opposite. The one who got beaten up was Hamel, aren’t you?”

“Strictly speaking, the two of Moron and I beat each other amicably.”

“Moron didn’t shed a drop of nosebleed.”

“I said it back then, but what do you think it would have been like if I had a real weapon in my hand? If I had only been holding a dog shit-like iron sword, Morron would have had his arm cut off instead of a nosebleed?”

Eugene said stubbornly and crossed his arms.

“I didn’t want to turn my old comrade into an armless idiot. And at that time, I needed to be beaten by Morron. Because I made a fist fight with Moron, Moron remembered her old thoughts, let go of her madness, and relieved her stress… … .”

“Yes, I understand. So please stop there, Hamel.”

Anise glanced at Eugene with pitiful eyes. Senya, who was listening to the conversation, laughed while wiping her tears.

“Still, I am no longer lonely.”

“… … .”

“I can understand Moron’s feelings. Hamel, you die like an idiot. Vermouth also dies. Anise also dies. I, who was still alive, went into seclusion, so Moron is alone in the world.”

It was Vermouth’s request that supported such a moral theory. Senya wiped away all the tears and closed his eyes.

“… … I don’t know what noor is. Folklore of the North? I have no idea. So I’ll have to go see it next time. In order to meet Moron in person and say hello.”

“I said I would bring vermouth with Moron.”

Eugene laughed and murmured.

“… … It’s a problem that you can take it later. Before that, Senya, you and I should go see Moron. Although it is quite far away.”

I couldn’t figure out why the vermouth had become like that. All Eugene, Senya, and Anis could do now were vague guesses.

“We don’t know exactly what kind of promise Vermouth made.”

Hamel’s death. 5 people became 4 people, but I couldn’t back down. Once entered, it was impossible to escape from the confined demon castle.

I killed the demons and demons that stood in my way. Vermouth’s sword was emotional compared to any other battle. Moron also screamed like a wail and ran wild. He drenched Anisdo’s back in blood and recited a prayer. Senya also raised her staff, weeping in a hoarse voice that made her cough up blood.

up, more up. The demon castle of confinement, to the top of Babel.

I made the sword blocking the front of the king retreat. When you broke down the door and entered the royal palace.

“It’s impossible to extract memories like before.”

Senya sighed, furrowing her eyebrows.

It’s something I’ve already tried several times before. How the demon king of confinement dominated the battle. Why was he bound to be defeated. I wanted to go over everything from the beginning, but I couldn’t.

I guessed why. When entering the battle, the ‘chain’ of the demon king of confinement spread throughout the space. Like the demon king’s nickname, the chain confined the entire space where the battle took place, and interfered with Senya’s magic and Anise’s divine power.

And even now, hundreds of years later, Senya’s memories were restrained so that she could not visualize what she saw and experienced there with magic.

“… … The battle was one-sided. Within the chains of the demon lord of confinement, it was impossible for me and Anise to fight properly. The space that was isolated by chains was like a world for a demon king in captivity. My magic didn’t spread freely, and Anise’s holy power didn’t emit as bright a light as it did outside.”

The fact that Anise’s divine power has weakened means that Moron, the avant-garde, cannot be healed as usual. Thanks to that, Moron couldn’t fight ignorantly like other demon lords.

“Originally, we should all have died in Babel.”

“If Vermouth-sama hadn’t made a pact.”

I don’t know the exact content of the promise, but the demon king of confinement backed down. Thanks to that, Senya, Anis, and Moron were able to survive in Babel. Not only that, Hamel’s body and soul were also returned.

So the world became peaceful. The demon king of confinement no longer invaded the continent, and the demons, monsters, and black magicians who ran amok all over the continent returned to Helmud. Even the Demon King of Destruction, who wandered Helmud, returned to his territory of La Vista and remained silent for hundreds of years.

“If you look at that, the demon king of confinement only suffered losses. He doesn’t kill those he could kill, but he also gave back your souls and bodies that came into his hands. The war that has lasted for decades has ceased. What changed the Demon Lord Helmud to the Empire? If the war had just continued, the entire continent would have become the territory of the demon king in captivity.”


Eugene spat out the name in a low voice.

“Perhaps Vermouth offered himself in exchange for the promise.”

“… … That’s all I can think of right now. If Vermouth became a slave to the demon king of confinement… … All of the circumstances make sense.”

“Roughly, I mean.”

Everyone was silent. Even if that is true, many questions remain.

The demon king of confinement knows many things. He knows that Eugene is Hamel’s reincarnation. He seemed to know that Christina was covered with anise, and he seemed to know Moron’s situation as well. If it was him, he might have known that Senya was alive and sealed away.

Despite knowing everything, the demon king of confinement did nothing. Pretending to be a pacifist on the surface, but chatting behind your back? By using vermouth? where is the need

From the beginning, Vermouth had a plan to reincarnate Hamel.

However, he ‘died’ before he could carry out the plan himself. so known to the world.

After that, the demon king of confinement manipulated Vermouth and fatally wounded Senya. I intended to kill him, but on the way, Vermouth came to his senses and failed to kill him.

Before fatally wounding Senya, Vermut sealed the hilt of the Moonlight Sword in Hamel’s grave.

After mortally wounding Senya, Hamel’s soul took the sealed necklace. She arranged Hamel’s reincarnation and hid her necklace in Ryan Hart’s treasure chest.

Decades later, he appeared in Moron’s dream and delivered a warning about Nur.

I didn’t understand. Vermouth’s whereabouts are full of questions. Even if the demon king of confinement was intertwined, his actions were strange and messy.

“That bastard of vermouth must have gone bad.”

Eugene stubbornly sighed.

You can’t do something like that unless you’re crazy. Probably, no, definitely. He is alive, but his mind seems to be going back and forth. Whether it was because of the promise with the demon king of confinement, or for some other reason.

What is clear is that Vermouth is alive.

“You’ll have to beat it.”

If alive, that’s it. If you’re dead, there’s nothing you can do about it, but if you’re alive, you can try anything.

“If I pierce a hole in my chest, I will come to my senses even if it hurts.”

Vermouth is not dead. He couldn’t have done something like that in his sane mind.

Eugene, Senya, and Anis believed that this would be the case. It was because the Vermouth that the three remembered was a person who couldn’t do something like that without a reason. The man whom the world admires as ‘the great vermouth’ was close to ‘just a vermouth’ to the three people here.

“The demonic castle of confinement. You will learn more when you get to Babel.”

Yujin said that and smiled bitterly.

-Like I did, stand in the presence of the Demon King of Yupe and meet him. The demon king of confinement won’t let you climb the barbell comfortably. That guy, the Demon King is such an existence.

-What will happen after that, you have to experience for yourself.

What Vermouth said in the dark room.

-It has to be you.

‘I still think that’s bullshit.’

But you have to climb the barbell. To kill the demon king of confinement. To know more about vermouth. Senya also nodded her head after hearing the story in the darkroom.

“Vermouth is obsessed with you.”

Senya looked at Eugene with a bitter smile.

“Hamel Diners. 300 years ago… … Before meeting us, you were just a famous mercenary. When Vermouth insisted on having you as an ally. I just couldn’t understand it.”

“I guess so. Because I don’t understand either.”

“But later on, I ended up thinking that Vermouth was right. Because you, who were the weakest, became strong enough to stand by Vermouth’s side in a few years. … … If Vermouth is determined to reincarnate you, it must be for that reason this time too.”

“Actually, there was no candidate other than me.”

Eugene snorted and muttered.

“Senya, you are alive, Moron is alive, and Anis has become an angel. I was the only one who quietly died and sealed my soul… … .”

“Are you saying you’re proud of that?”

“Right, you son of a bitch. Are you proud that you died like an idiot?”

“Let’s not talk about it when it dies, okay? After I was reincarnated, thinking about it, I thought my death was a bit like an idiot.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if you thought that way when you were alive in your previous life?”

“Still, I’m glad Cha-am. If Hamel’s soul had attained Buddhahood as it was, it would have been difficult to reincarnate like this… … .”

Anis twitched the corners of her mouth and glanced at Senya.

“I’m just saying this now. Senya, when you said you would seal Hamel’s soul in her necklace, saying you wouldn’t let it go to heaven. Honestly, no matter how sad I am, I think this is too much… … .”

“What, what, what am I! uh? Anise You agreed! Was it just me? uh? You too, in a world with a demon king, huh? You didn’t want Hamel to be reborn!”

“It should be so. It’s something I’ve thought about and felt many times, but it’s too much to always wear a necklace that sealed my soul around my neck… … a little… … i wish it wasn’t Especially since I’m a priest… … .”

“What, what! Then put the necklace around your neck, what!”

“There must have been many ways. It could have been sealed somewhere… … .”

“My neck was the safest.”

“Did you really only wear it around your neck?”

“I’ll put the necklace around my neck then, what should I use?”

When Senya asked with a tilt of her head, Anise stared at Senya’s face with thinly opened eyes.

“When emotions rise, I rub it on my face and say Hamel, Hamel and names… … .”

“What, what are you saying!”

“Hey, my ears hurt quite a bit when both sides scream like that… … .”

Eugene, unable to hear any more, quietly stood up.

“You guys said you were drinking separately. Aren’t you going out for a drink soon?”

“This is my room.”

“ah… … It did. Then have fun. I’ll go to my room and sleep.”

While saying that, Eugene looked at Mer who was sitting on the bed. But Mer firmly shook his head.

“I will serve Senya-sama here.”

When Mer said that, Raimirah quickly got off the bed. She was a little afraid of Senya, who was fighting and tearing at her hair.

“It can’t be helped. If so, the original daughter and Eunja… … .”

“Where are you going?”

“Is that him then? Laizakia’s daughter. I’ve got some stuff on your dad, oh, don’t be scared. It just is.”

Having been pointed out by Senya, Raimira’s body began to tremble.

With pitiful eyes, she begged Eugene for help, but Eugene was already leaving the room as if running away.

‘I’m going to go really bald if I stay between them.’

My hair would grow even if it was plucked, but that didn’t mean I wanted to go bald.

Senya Merdane

The noise of the drinking party in the next room could not be heard in Yujin’s room. It was because the soundproofing of this expensive luxury hotel was just as good, and Eugene didn’t want to disturb his sleep, so he put a spell on it and went to sleep.

What can’t you do with that drinking party? I didn’t regret it in the slightest. It’s alcohol anyway, we drank together so many times that we were bitten in our previous lives, and we will be able to drink as much as we want in the future. Besides, it was clear that Eugene would not look very good in that bar… … .

soft bed. I fell asleep and woke up around 4:00 in the morning.

In front of the well-closed door, I felt the presence of footsteps prowling around. Yujin quietly opened her eyes and was silent.

The capital of Arrot, the Pentagon’s luxury hotel, suite. How many people would be hanging around in front of the door at such a late hour as now? Yujin swallowed a deep sigh, forced her eyes shut, and pulled the blanket up.

The door swung open as if it were natural. With that, a hole was made in the soundproof magic.

Knock-knock, giggle, ho-ho-ho. The laughter of frivolous drunkards shattered Eugene’s peaceful and comfortable dawn.

“Hameel, are you sleeping?”

“Hey, hey! You’re not sleeping!”

please. Eugene pulled the blanket over her head and remained silent. However, the drunkards did not know how to give up and were vicious. The two hiccuped and let out a breath that smelled like alcohol, then looked at each other and giggled.

“Live… … .”

“Hermit… … .”

The voices of Mer and Lymirah, who must have suffered while serving alcohol until this late hour, could be heard.

Eugene couldn’t see it in person because he hadn’t come out of the blanket yet, but the two of them were pitiful and terrifying.

As if what had happened, graffiti was drawn on each of their faces. And the two of them were wearing strange and grotesque hairstyles that they would never do in their lifetime. Mer had her hair pulled up in a ponytail, like a pineapple, and Raimirah had her black hair braided into dozens of strands.

Drunkards came to Eugene’s bed, swaying like the undead.


Senya quickly reached out and grabbed Eugene’s blanket.

Eugene under the blanket did not want to lose this last line of defense. As Eugene’s hands gripped the blanket firmly, woo! Anise’s fist cut into Eugene’s ribs neatly.


It was an unexpected blow.

A body that has been trained since the days when I couldn’t even walk properly. Mana performed in the white flame style. If it was a moderate attack, he would take it without difficulty even if he was unprepared, but the fist that dug into his ribs was so sharp and strong that he couldn’t believe he was a drunkard.

The hand that was holding the blanket gave off strength. Senya didn’t miss the chance and immediately snatched Eugene’s blanket.

“me… … Why are you doing this to me, to me?”

Yujin asked as she wrapped her hand around the stiff ribs. I sympathized with the feelings of Edmond, who had been killed in the great grove.

“I didn’t do anything, so why are you torturing me… … !”

Senya smiled as she wrapped the blanket she had taken over her shoulder like a cloak. Anise also clapped with both hands and laughed.

In Eugene’s eyes, the two looked like devils who had climbed up from hell. Behind drunk demons. Lymilia and Mer, dressed up in ridiculous fashion, embraced each other and shivered.

“I mean… … .”

Senya hiccupped and opened her mouth. Yu-jin was even more embarrassed by the appearance, so she screamed.

“Why are you drunk?!”

It’s natural for a normal person to get drunk after drinking alcohol, but once you reach a certain level, you will be able to shake off your drunkenness with the wind, even if you’re drunk. If you want to do that.

Getting so drunk that you can’t even think of such a thing? Normally, this is not possible, but if you are as strong as Senya and Anis, you will plant a safety device in the corner of your unconscious to shake off drunkenness and awaken your mind.

But now, neither of them showed any sign of that. A drunkard, no, just two dogs that got drunk.

“You drink to get drunk.”

“If you meet after hundreds of years, isn’t it natural that you should drink until you’re drunk?”

After Senya and Anis said that, they giggled again as they looked at each other’s faces. Then Senya waved her hand and looked back at her Eugene.

“Wait, wait! I, I’m still, uh, saying it. I mean, huh? Hamel… … uh… … Hey, Eugene. I mean, Chris… … Have you talked to Cristina?”

Senya leaned over to Eugene and patted Eugene on the shoulder.

“The first time I talked about it, what a… … Are there any cheeky cubs? I thought… … . But, yeah, uh, talking about it… … Cheeky though! The kid isn’t bad.”

“for a moment!”

Anis shouted out loud. She licked her own lips, straightened her posture, and sat on the edge of her bed.

“Christina Rogeris!”

When Anis shouted Christina’s name in a high voice, control of the body immediately passed to Christina.


Christina answered the call with a raised hand.

Eugene had high hopes that Cristina would put an end to the mayhem, but the changed expression on her face turned her expectations into despair. Christina’s expression in her made her look more drunk than when she was Anise.

“So, yes. We’ve had a good talk, but, uh… … Cristina, she said it was unfair!”

“what… … what.”

“Anise is key to you… … that you kissed Yes? And you and I kissed! But Cristina and you… … You, you, I didn’t kiss you. yes?”


Cristina gave a big nod in response.

Yujin didn’t say anything and made a stupid expression. He couldn’t close his parted lips, and only his eyes narrowed.

“that… … Isn’t everyone too drunk… … .”

“It’s unfair and sad!”


“So, I’ve been talking a lot? huh? If you and him secretly kiss and come back, I think I’ll be very, very angry. therefore… … .”

“Here and now!”

Cristina shouted, raising both hands.

“I’ll do it here, where Senya is watching!”


Senya clapped and cheered.

Yujin managed to close her parted lips and hesitated as she dragged her hips back.

“Well, do you think you guys are too drunk? What are you going to do after waking up in the morning… … .”

“Don’t run away!”


Senya threatened. Cristina also grabbed Eugene’s shoulder as she slammed her hands down like an axe. Eugene’s eyes flashed with fear.

“We’ve decided what we’re going to do!”


Christina stared at Eugene with her blue eyes wide open.

“Eugene! Well, think about it. When Anis-sama stole Eugene-sama’s lips! I was losing consciousness!”

“What is that… … .”

“of course! After waking up, I shared my sister’s memories! The feeling and emotion of that moment! It was Sister’s, not mine!”

“Do you call Anise Sister?”

I had said it by mistake a couple of times before, but when I was sober I tried to hide it. But now Christina didn’t have that mentality left.

“So, what I want to tell you! It is unfair and lonely! Anis-sama did the side, Senya-sama did the side too! Aren’t I the only one who couldn’t do it!”

“side… … .”

“Yes, side! side!”

Christina’s face came closer.

“Sister was stolen, and I heard that Senya was stolen… … ! That, so I, two, two together… … side together… … to do! I think it makes sense… … !”

“Kiss me!”

Senya shouted while waving her hands.

Senya’s shouts encouraged her mind, which had been hazy from alcohol. Cristina took a deep breath, then realized something about her and turned her head away.

“… … Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… … .”

She let out a hard breath.

Drinking like crazy for hours. He was worried that such a smell would be unpleasantly accepted by Eugene. It wasn’t bad enough, but it just didn’t smell right for this monumental moment.

“… … .”

Christina immediately took a small glass bottle from her bosom.

A bad breath remover that I had with me so that I could do it at any moment. Christina squirted her Chick Spray into the inside of her slightly parted lips. She did, and then she smacked her lips a few times, and then again, and again, and checked her smell.

“Are you drunk?”


Eugene hurriedly asked, but Senya’s outcry cut off Eugene’s words.

Christina had no intention of answering Eugene’s question. Her head was filled with the trio of Anise’s squeaking screams, Senya’s cries of jj-jj-jj, and the sound of her pounding heart.

Christina’s lips moved forward. She pursed her lips and slowly approached Eugene. Eugene didn’t stick out her lips and only trembled.

What the hell does this mean? In Eugene’s opinion, this was absurd and impossible. Should I resolutely reject it? Is it okay? Then, how should we look at each other’s faces next time?

Affection? There is not. However, Eugene’s affection for Christina was not enough to make her pout, and he still had a clear human heart.

– We will try to make you love us.

In Euras, Anise said so. At the time, she thought ‘we’ meant Senya, but later on, Eugene also felt Christina’s heart.

Anis and Christina acted faithfully to what they said. The way the two worked was not the same. Anise smirked at Eugene, and Cristina approached Eugene, turning worship into longing and longing into longing.

Even now. Cristina was approaching Eugene with a strong longing. … … Her heart was drawn. Cristina and Anise did their best to dig into Eugene’s heart while Senja was away, and in the end they succeeded.

That’s why Eugene couldn’t resolutely push Christina away. But she couldn’t even stick out her lips the way Christina did.

Cristina opened her eyes slightly and looked at Eugene. Close enough to breathe. I saw Eugene’s face, sweating coldly, with an expression of embarrassment.

… … My prediction was wrong. Although she managed to muster up the courage to drink and cheer, Cristina thought that the chances of success in this reckless charge were slim. She even made up her mind to smile nonchalantly when Eugene pushed her lightly. Because there is no hurry Even if not right away, she thought, she just had to open her heart little by little and approach her.

But Eugene didn’t push Christina. Even though she was embarrassed and put on a look that she didn’t know what to do, Eugene was still held in Christina’s hands.

We have to go further now. The hazy mind was awakened.

Cristina let go of Eugene’s shoulder. Her free hands slid over her three. Her open palms pressed both of Yujin’s cheeks.


pressure applied to the cheeks. Naturally, his lips protruded. just now! Christina went on the attack like a predator snatching her prey.


Eugene and Christina’s lips met. Eugene’s bulging eyes trembled. Christina pressed her lips against hers.


Anise screamed. However, Cristina rejected the order. She didn’t want to kiss her yet. Later, she wanted to revel in the pleasure of step by step.

“Huh… … .”

Senya cheered while waving her arms. She caught her breath as she watched the affair unfold before her eyes. Her trembling emotions covered her mouth. She felt an indescribable, unfamiliar feeling.

what a kiss Thinking so, and being drunk, she enthusiastically agreed… … .

‘This… … what… … ?’

anger? petulance? No, it’s a little different from that… … . A feeling that can never be right. A euphoria inclined to immorality.

why? Right in front of your eyes, Hamel and Eugene are getting their lips stolen by another woman? Jealousy of loss. It is there, but unpleasant and not unpleasant… … Rather, what is this feeling that makes her heart thump?

The basis of this complicated feeling is that the kiss happened with Senya’s ‘permission’.

That’s why Senya couldn’t feel pure anger and annoyance at that scene. rather something… … I felt the heat of the black flame that I was about to become addicted to. Just watching the black flame made my mind distant. As you approach… … If I got any closer than this, I felt like I would dance with those flames… … .

“Huh… … .”

The lips that were touching fell apart. Cristina took a deep breath and looked into her Eugene’s face. Senya swallowed her gulp, clutching the hem of her skirt with her sweaty hands.

Eugene was half out of his mind.

this… … what the hell is this What is Dignity? What is Pride? Eugene’s face turned red with a fundamental question about himself and shame.

“after… … whooping… … .”

Cristina smiled at Eugene’s face.

back. Cristina put her hand on both of Eugene’s cheeks, then she climbed out of bed feeling refreshed.

“Let’s go back and sleep.”

“uh… … uh?”

“I am… … Satisfied. I feel like I can reach Buddhahood like this.”

Cristina made the sign of the cross with a reverent look on her face, then turned and started walking without regret. Senya first watched Cristina’s back as she left her room with her blank eyes, then stood up with her gulping saliva.

“ruler… … Good night!”

Senya was still trying not to be conscious of the black flame that flickered in her heart, but she was afraid that someday, someday, she would draw this flame herself. But then it shouldn’t have been now. That flame had to bloom only with Senya’s ‘permission’, and Senya himself had to always stay ahead of that flame.

So Senya quickly followed Cristina.

“… … her… … .”

Eugene was sitting on the bed in a daze. The door that had been open slowly closed.

[…] … big… … .]

Winid under the cloak hummed. Tempest didn’t know what to say to the current Eugene, so he just cleared his throat.

“Eugene-sama… … .”

“Hermit… … .”

Raimirah and Mer, who were abandoned in a mess, came up to Eugene’s bed. Eugene blankly blinked her eyes, then silently hugged Raimir A and Mer, who were approaching her.

“… … It was a lot of trouble.”

The sun will rise in the next few hours.

Eugene was afraid of the morning coming.



Eugene opened the door to Christina after preparing her heart.

Senya and Cristina were sitting across from each other at the table. The two of them ate something bright red, whether it was soup or soup, and stopped when they saw Eugene.

“… … Are you feeling okay?”


Senya put down the spoon and thumped her chest. Not wanting to regain her senses, she fell asleep in her drunken state. She got up and shook her head, so her hangover was almost gone.

… … I remember clearly what I did in the morning. What is alcohol? Senya cleared her throat a few times, then looked at Eugene with a calm face.

His breathing and expression were refined at best, but when he met Yujin’s eyes, it collapsed like a sand castle.

Senya pursed her lips, then turned her head quickly. He looked like a good spoon. Senya grabbed his spoon and gulped down the poor stew.

Cristina grabbed a napkin while Senja did it. She flicked the napkin with her graceful movements and gently wiped the corners of her mouth.

“Good night.”

Cristina put down the napkin and smiled at Eugene.

The memory of dawn was clear to her as well. Even her feelings of shame remain. But her full joy outweighed those feelings.

‘enfant terrible… … .’

It is not an easy opponent to look at.

Senya glanced at Cristina, who was smiling as if nothing was wrong, and gently pulled out the chair next to her.

“… … If you’re hungry, can you come and have a meal with me?”

Although he wasn’t hungry, Eugene sat down as instructed. It was between Senya and Cristina. As if Christina had been waiting, she placed the food on a new plate.

“Wouldn’t it take more than 10 years if I had enough?”


“To catch the demon king and have a wedding.”


I thoughtlessly chewed and swallowed the food, and it got stuck in my throat. Yujin grabbed his neck and coughed. Senya, sitting next to him, opened his mouth and dropped his spoon on the table.

“Are you going to get married?”

“Why are you surprised? Isn’t it natural that the end of a relationship is marriage?”

“chaff… … texture… … .”

“It’s not like we’re going to hold a ceremony right away, and everyone’s minds aren’t ready. The death of the demon king that Eugene-nim, Senya-nim, and Anis-nim had been waiting for hundreds of years. To save the world perfectly. After all of that has been accomplished, it won’t be too late to think things through.”

clap clap clap Applause rang in Christina’s head.

“Uh, uh… … uh, yes.”

Senya was also flustered and nodded.

It was a future imagined hundreds of years ago. A wedding held after killing all demon lords and saving the world. Borrowing an entire castle, even if it is magnificent, and inviting all the famous people on the continent to sit as guests.

Senya had dreamed of the most glamorous wedding in history and one that would never happen again. If possible, she was willing to wear a wedding dress with Anise.

later, later… … . Yujin smoothed out her embarrassed expression. I thought it was really fortunate that it wasn’t right now. If they insisted on having a wedding right away, Eugene would have had no choice but to express a firm refusal. But if later. At that time, wouldn’t it be possible for each other’s mind to change?

“so. What will we do next?”

After organizing her thoughts, Yujin opened her mouth. Before he thought of that peaceful future, he thought of the people he had to kill right away.

Rakshasa Princess Iris. Iris, who became a pirate in the south, is the trouble of the officials. At first, Simuin secretly supported Iris and tried to control traffic in the South Sea, but there was no way that a single kingdom could control the centuries-old Dark Elves, who had been famous since the war era. Iris and the frenzied pirate fleet, which have become too large, are now robbing not only the upper ranks but also military ships.

Noir Jebella, Queen of Dreams. She is a monster, not to mention herself. Even catching Lizakia, who was weaker than her prime, was painful, but the current Noir would be different from Lizakia.

Asmodians use human spirit and soul as their power. Among them, Dream Demons are a species that specializes in stealing human spirit. Noir is a duke with the highest authority in Helmud, and the two territories she rules, Jebela City and Dreamia, are inhabited by humans especially in Helmud.

Is that all? Noir has hundreds of thousands of dream horses under his command. The dream demons under her control have advanced not only to the two territories but also to the continent. Whether legal or illegal, humans collect their energy by selling their dreams. The energy collected in this way is naturally passed on to Noir.

In other words, Noir has grown stronger without a single day’s rest for 300 years.

Demons who are equivalent to demon lords.

Noir said so himself. It was not an exaggeration. The Dream Demon Queen, who has been renewing her prime every day for 300 years, has now achieved power comparable to being called the ‘Demon King’.

The Sword of Confinement, by Gavid Lindman. As for the guy’s strength, Eugene couldn’t accurately measure it. He tried clashing his sword at Luhar, but at that time Gavid was limiting his attacks.

Gavid had no personal estates. Although he is in command of the Black Mist, he is only commanding as the “leader”, not as a follower of the Black Mist.

Gavid has no subordinates. Having a family member is very important in developing the power of a demon, but Gavid is not like that.

The demonic sword Glory he possesses. And because of the majestic eye of prestige. If you can use the power of the confined demon king as you like, what is the reason to increase your power as a demon? If the demon king of confinement became stronger as he reigned for hundreds of years, Gavid can enjoy the same power.

It’s not just those 3 enemies to kill. Even in this era, there are enemies that must be killed unconditionally.

“Did you say Amelia Merwin?”

Senya’s eyebrows furrowed.

“A bitch worse than that dog, trampled on your grave and turned your corpse into a Death Knight.”

One of the samma of confinement. Desert Dungeon Master.

Although he is a wizard of the present era, he is not an opponent to be taken lightly. Didn’t Balzac also say that? Among the three demons of confinement, Edmond would be the most outstanding as a wizard, but Amelia would be the strongest.

And Amelia may have become Blood Mary’s new master. It’s suspicious and irritating, but he even held onto Blood Mary and became a staff of confinement.

“I don’t know how great the wizards are these days. Do you think you’ll outnumber me?”

“I must have less magic than you. But going to kill right away isn’t easy.”

To kill Amelia, you will have to go to war with the desert kingdom of Nahama. And all the wizards and warlocks in the desert dungeon claim to be Amelia’s servants.

“How about an assassination?”

“I could try, but I’d have to crawl into a dungeon in the desert to assassinate that damn bitch.”

The desert where Amelia is located is also famous in Nahama. Ashur, the desert of death, where not even tourists and even the desert residents set foot. The entire desert was Amelia’s territory.

“The best thing is to drag Amelia out of the desert… … I don’t think it will be easy.”

“Shall we throw Meteora into the desert?”

Senya murmured. It was something worth trying, given the risk of war.

“If a meteor shower fell on my head, I would have no choice but to crawl out even if I didn’t want to. No matter how deep underground you hide, you won’t miss it. All you have to do is evaporate the piled up sand and turn the ground upside down to pull it out.”

Senya spat out, revealing her murderous intent.

graves and corpses. Something I couldn’t protect from Vermouth. Not him, not Vermouth, but someone else. Even a black magician—-made a death knight out of Hamel’s corpse? he couldn’t forgive

“It would be better to catch Iris first.”

Anise opened her mouth.

“The demon king of confinement did not respond to Edmond’s death. However, it is unclear whether Amelia’s death will remain silent. And killing Amelia still has too many problems to bear.”

But Iris doesn’t have that problem. The one who lost the territory and left Helmud. Even Iris has nothing to do with the demon king of confinement. If Eugene goes to kill Iris, the attendant will be happy to help.

If Iris is killed first, a reaction will come from the other side as well.

Amelia is aware of Eugene’s intent to kill. Amelia herself also has the intent to kill Eugene. Noir will not come to kill Eugene. She is waiting for Eugene to come kill her. Gavid won’t draw his sword until he gets to Babel.


Senya nodded. It is not yet known how much repercussions Iris’ death will have, but regardless, Senya wanted to kill Iris too. Iris, who killed and corrupted countless elves during the War Era, was a direct enemy of Senya.

Even so, I couldn’t go right away. Since this isn’t an opponent to be taken lightly, it was necessary to prepare for this as well.

‘I have to go back to my hometown and take care of Raisakia’s body.’

I would have to tell the story to Ariastelle, the Red Dragon who was hoping for Raizakia’s death.

“Then let’s go soon.”

Senya pulled back her chair and stood up. Eugene opened his eyes wide and looked at Senya.


Senya snorted and pointed out the window. Eugene laughed at the direction Senya was pointing.

The outstretched finger was pointing to the center of the capital, the royal palace of Abram.

* * *

Trempel Wizard. He is the great mage of the 8th circle, and the best battle mage in Arrot. His position at Alot was the head of the court mage, but in this peaceful era without war, he had no choice but to do more work related to the royal family’s magic advisory than anything like a battle mage.

Just like right now. Trempel frowned and scratched his head.

Yesterday’s sudden weather change. I looked at the magic system of the floating station, but there was no plan for snow to fall in the sky yesterday. It wasn’t even that an error occurred in the magic system.

‘Who the hell are you?’

The snow that fell yesterday is the trick of some wizard. The mysterious wizard broke into the floating station’s magic system and caused snow to fall all over the capital.

It is nonsense. The floating station, which controls the weather in the capital and even plays the role of a warp gate, is under strict security and control. Even in the royal family, only Trempel and a few of the highest ranking court mages possessed interference techniques. And that interference technique can only be executed right here, in the royal palace of Abram, and cannot even be invoked without the king’s approval.

The candidates that naturally come to mind are the magic tower owners of Arot. If you are a 8th circle archmage, you will be able to interfere with the floating area somehow. no. If he wasn’t a great mage, he couldn’t interfere no matter what he did.

If you narrow down the candidates to the Mage Tower Lord… … Trempel opened his eyes and turned his head.

“At this point, how about being honest?”

The white magic tower master, Melchis Elhair. Among her mage lords, she was the only mage to be suspicious of. What is the reason for other mage lords to do this? Of course, if you think so, there’s no reason for Melchis to do something like this. Trempel knew very well that the White Pagoda Master was a person who could not be approached with ordinary common sense.

“Baektapju. You returned to Arot just yesterday.”

“Oh well, it’s not.”

“Where else is there a great man other than you who would do such a thing? The incident even happened on the day you returned!”

“Why am I doing this!”

Melchis groaned in frustration.

It was just yesterday that I got back from a rough outing after months. After returning to the White Magic Tower, a large group of elemental spirits and wizards were holding a party to celebrate the contract with Ifrit… … Trempel and the Court Magic Division suddenly invaded and were arrested and brought here.

“I will never forget this. This senile old man. I have said many times that I am unfair, but why don’t you listen to people and eat them?”

“There was no trace of the floating station’s interference. It can’t be done unless you’re an archmage with sophisticated and outstanding skills.”

“I am a sophisticated and highly skilled archmage.”

“Can you say that he admitted to the crime?”

Trempel stared at Melchis with his eyes wide open. He was caught once, but since he is the owner of the Mage Tower and the evidence is not clear, a strong interrogation was not possible.

“but! not me! Why did I lower my eyes!”

“There is a precedent. White Top Lord, no, Melchis Elhair. You once created a thunderstorm to sign a contract with the lightning spirit king.”

“The penalty has already been paid! At that time, all my property was confiscated by the royal family of Arot! Do you know how sad and difficult I was back then? He didn’t have any money and even sold his mansion and stayed in the White Magic Tower!”

Besides, that was decades ago. Melkiss shook his shoulders.

She wanted to summon the spirit kings and run amok, but in Abram, the royal palace where she was taken, it was impossible for even the owner of the mage tower to use magic. Only the royal family and the Court Magic Division who have sworn allegiance to the royal family can use magic in this white royal palace.

“and! Then the thunderstorm I created! It was only made in the sky of my mansion, my private property!”

“… … I don’t understand why you’re upset. Of course, the thunderstorm at that time occurred only on your property. But didn’t dozens of lightning strikes in all directions?”

“… … There were no casualties!”

“It was luck. If there had been casualties, they would not have seized your property, they would have put you on the gallows!”

“hmm… … Let’s not talk about the old days. At that time, I was also immature… … . and… … As a result, I made a contract with the lightning spirit king, so the prestige of Arot in the Kingdom of Darkness has greatly increased, right? I am doing it for Arot!”

Melchis proudly stretched out his chest and shouted. Trempel caught a breath, feeling his fist tighten.

“… … Fortunately, there was no accident caused by yesterday’s snow. No casualties. It wasn’t as dangerous as lightning. If you admit to committing the crime even now, I will help you so that you end up with a fine rather than confiscation of all your property.”

“Oh well, it’s not so, I don’t listen to people and eat them. Why am I lowering my eyes, huh?”

“Maybe he made the snow fall in order to make a contract with the Snow Spirit King.”

“That way… … Hmm, I’ll try somewhere other than Arot later. Anyway, I really am not.”

Melchis crossed his arms and tilted his head.

“I’m suspicious, well, I’ll admit. But am I really not? And I wasn’t the only one who came back to Arrot yesterday. Red Pagoda Owner! Loberian Surface! Why didn’t you catch this bastard?”

“The owner of the red pagoda is not a great person to do such a thing.”

“That’s what a frame is! Why do you think I will do it and why do you think Jeoktapju will not? It could be that the owner of the red pagoda built up an image while aiming for a decisive moment like this!”

“Nonsense… … .”

“Or Balzac Rudbesse! 이 개새끼 아주 수상쩍은 새끼야. Hasn’t he come back yet? It could all be a show. They could be sneaking in and plotting.”

“Are you saying you are accomplices with Balzac?”

“Hey Trempel, you seem to have no talent for Judo Newspapers.”

Trempel wrinkled his expression even more and inspected the system of the floating station.

“or not… … It might have been the work of a foreign spy who invaded Arot. Yesterday’s snow was a check for greater terror… … ! Trempel! There’s no time to hold me now and bullshit. Someone, someone might be plotting a devastating plan to attack the capital and overthrow the royal family!”

Normally, I would dismiss it as bullshit, but now, Trempel couldn’t do that. The reason he caught Melchis was because he had the same suspicions as me.

Interfering with the floating area’s magic system. It means that it can cause abnormal weather in the capital as desired.

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