Clearing the Game at the End of the World Chapter 310

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Chapter. 15. Can someone who has seen the end of the world plant an apple tree? (13)


“hmm. Dry Oasis A ship that travels between Kalashan territory and the desert. If you travel to and from the inland, is the purpose for trade?”

“exactly. I have some acquaintance with the lord there. “I brought a few people along with some small items.”

“It’s just errands… you live hard. “I will take a moment to check the number of people on board.”

“However much.”

Before arriving at our destination, the people who got off the boat that intercepted our boat began to check very thoroughly. After checking the cargo, personnel, lifespan of the ship, and the usual navigation route in the captain’s navigation log, I asked him why he arrived here through a route he did not normally take, and the captain answered the question without hesitation, as if he was used to this type of thing. was answering

“good night. No problem. With the superficial confirmation up to this point… how much did you plan for the bundle business? Since he came back from inland, he must have secretly brought in a lot of things.”

“I plan to end this flight a little early. Here’s the list. “I brought arrowheads, spear blades, harpoons, and some raw iron, although the quality wasn’t very good.”

“Hehehehe. Then yes. Did you know that the bottom of the ship was mysteriously sinking under the sand? “I will purchase everything here, plus those slaves over there, from our guard.”


“okay. No need for a bitch with big ears, just a sturdy looking troll and that guy over there. “I’ve never used one or two slaves while working on a ship, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone as bad as him.”

The security guard, showing his yellow teeth, grinned and pointed in my direction.

A sailor who often sees sunlight even in the desert.

Among them, his skin was as dark as that of a watchtower guard who was exposed to the most sunlight.

A man covered in scars with bronze skin, wearing only shabby underwear, revealing a sturdy body that looks as if it might explode.

…Even if you think about it objectively, if there was a mirror in front of you, you would have thought that it looked like a sturdy slave being trained by labor under the scorching sun.

“…You don’t really buy or sell people, do you?”

“Oh, I didn’t bring you here to sell, but are you a slave to be used on the ship? Instead of that, why don’t you sell it to us? My hands are running thin these days, but there are more than one or two places that would welcome such a sturdy slave with open hands. “I’ll give you 20% more than my market price.”

“Hmm. “Nothing to do.”


“No, look, if you’ve received everything you deserve, please help me-”

“Shit! 50%! They say they give you 1.5 times the price! Don’t you know my situation! They tell me from above that if I can’t raise elite soldiers, I should do something to fill the number of heads! Everyone who can stand on the ship has already been taken! That guy will make enough for 5 people, so double it! I’ll give you a double hit! “This is enough, so just skip it and go in!”

Thanks to persistent questioning as to whether something was going on, the guard eventually opened the path that had been blocked when the professor came out and held the mercenary card in front of him. But why did you come? Is this your hometown? As he was asking me questions about where and how long I would be staying, it seemed like he was planning to incorporate me into the military by either persuading or kidnapping once I got inside.

“Military supplies? Doesn’t the country manage things like refined iron, arrowheads, spear blades, and armor?”

“Teldrat is a wealthy country, but the territories adjacent to the desert are especially rich. “It would be foolish to believe that wealth was achieved solely from high-quality wheat.”


“The desert is a place where battles never cease, so isn’t there a lot of demand?”

“Do transactions like this happen often?”

“It’s always there. Of course, it is common for those who block the road and set up fish traps like that to make a fuss in an attempt to reduce the price, but it is not common for them to ask you to give it all in exchange for a small amount like this.”

“It is clear that preparations for war are accelerating.”

I feel like I got a glimpse of one of the reasons Teldrat is wealthy. In places where there are no people, we fight monsters, and in places where people can live, we fight with each other to take over those places. Metal resources were not common in the desert, so most military supplies were imported, and the small but wealthy nation of Teldrat was in charge of this.

This may be the taste of blood in the oasis.

“I need to get back to work soon. Is there somewhere to go? “We have unloaded all the goods, so we need to get paid and then go buy some spices and luxury items.”

“I have received a separate meeting location. “You may have to wander around a bit, but it’s better to move separately rather than crowding around.”

“I’m glad you know. “At times like this, the security forces have their eyes wide open, trying to catch the gunman in any way possible.”

And, that prison would not be iron bars, but conscript barracks.

This is a common sight in a city in battle. If they gather together, outsiders will probably say they are acting suspiciously and will investigate, and since there is no one who can shake them off, they will capture them and use them as forced labor or conscripts.

Seeing the appearance that can be drawn just by looking at the atmosphere, the professor tightened his clothes and put on white desert clothes that looked like a combination of a turban and a cape.

“If nothing happens, hurry back to the ship. “We also plan to stay on the ship instead of finding accommodation in the city.”

“yes. Well then, see you later.”

“Hmm. If you feel like you’re going to die, please die here so I can find out. “If you die, there will be no violation of the taboo even if we leave on our own.”

“You are full of kindness.”

….they are interesting people. They say that if they die, they will sail away with peace of mind, but to put it the other way, they mean that they will prepare to leave and wait on the ship until they hear the news that they have died.

Considering the hardships of a long life as a sailor, this is quite a big sacrifice. Wouldn’t those people have any desire to lie down in a comfortable and cool inn and get drunk? It’s just that they couldn’t even tell me about Rakshasha and the Moon Shadow, and they only listened to me saying, ‘I’ve become involved in a conflict in the Twelve Steps region’, and agreed to it, thinking it would be dangerous.

‘I was in the same boat. Horses were created by water boaters, but only us sailors are the ones who use them properly!’

‘No matter what the desert is, it’s a place where there’s always something knocking on the outside! Whether they become monsters or trash that doesn’t know if they are Toho or a robber. If you don’t want it to scatter like grains of sand, you have to stick it together tightly. So, if you’re in the same boat, they say you’re family. The guy I don’t like – I treat him like a cousin who ruined his family by gambling. The person I like is like a real brother or sister. There may be a difference in distance, but it means that even if you die, you will remain within the boundaries of your family.’


‘hmm? Should I say that you are a different cousin who returned to my hometown after not being heard from for about 20 years? The kid came back taller, but I don’t know what he was doing. That’s it. Normally, customers don’t treat us like that, but since we were pulling ropes and scooping up sand together, I thought this was enough. Hehehe! Isn’t this just good? Just as we were held back by you, you will also be held back by us!’

‘Saladin, Saladin? Are you listening? ‘He’s not dead yet, right?’

‘Don’t tell me…’

‘Hehehehe! That won’t work! Wouldn’t it be boring to stare blankly at the desert from the watchtower? I’ve been wondering if you’re a saint or something, so I’ve been spending a lot of time here because I don’t know when Taboo will come after me, so I need to at least talk to him! Oh, don’t feel burdened! Hey, die down there, the deck-cleaning bastard. He’s a new guy who came in the year before last, and he’s like a pig peeer who teamed up with some bad guys and sold our ship! Somehow, I saved the crew’s money and fought with swords to get the ship back… but as you can see, I was in a situation where I couldn’t refuse to burn the house, which seemed like a taboo. Still, that guy gave me a ride again. He gets hit in the back of the head every day, to the point where the hair on the back of his head falls out, but he’s still our sailor, so this is it. We live like that. Hehehehe!’

‘Ah, the captain told me not to reveal this. ‘Pretend you didn’t hear me!’


Was it Naruka? The Watchtower sailor who roasted me like this. While I was hanging from the mast and getting a vicious tanning in direct sunlight, he talked non-stop, which helped me learn a lot about desert ships.

Desert sailors who stay together until the ship sinks and all the crew members die. Just as people gathered around an oasis to form a village, they gather around a desert boat and become one village, almost like a family. Due to personal reasons, not all people can go to the port together every time, but the people who are left behind are so close-knit that they float water every night and pray for the safety of the port.

‘It is said that the desert people are particularly harsh and cruel, and in fact, because they have a tendency to take extreme care of their inner circle and community, they have a tendency to not even treat people outside that circle as human beings.’

Thankfully, it seemed that within a few days, a person had started to appear in a place I didn’t know and was able to get a foot in the door of this strange community.

“So, when you die, the city will scream at you to leave, so you will run away without looking back?”

“…If you have the choice, do it.”

“Is that it?”

“Prayer, prayer. Divine power. “There will probably be such a commotion that it will startle you, so there will be time to get a body out.”

He even broke a taboo that scared me like that and said he would run away with me if I could somehow come out alive. How can I not like these people and be rude to them?

As the professor watched them busy mooring the boat, he thought that if they made a mistake, he would have to force them to take the boat out of the desert because it was really taboo.

‘Why not just make me convert at this point?’

Truly, it was a saintly thought.


A twelve step oasis. This place, also called the Giant’s Twelve Steps, is, as its name suggests, a place with oases lined up regularly as if a giant had walked through them.


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The distance from Oasis to Oasis is approximately half a day. The fact that oases are connected like this means that this area has a water vein through which underground desert water flows. The fact that the water vein is so close to the surface that it can create several oases in succession is…

“Does this mean that because the sand retains enough moisture, you can ‘walk’ from one oasis to another? Qawladi succeeded in unifying this region, one of the few in the desert where land transportation is possible, and succeeded in creating an organic inland water line between the twelve oases, thereby standing tall as the number one figure in the desert?”

….As she said, this probably means that the circulation of resources between regions was smooth, and that a guy named Kauladi had amassed a huge amount of wealth and succeeded in expanding his power based on that.

History of the area where you intend to operate. background. A review of regional growth drivers and terrain. It’s good. It’s really useful knowledge, and to me who knows nothing about the desert, it’s like rain in a drought.

good night. Everything is good. however….


“Uh…. Rakshasha? Really… is this right? “If I were to express my opinion as someone who is reputed to be a strategist and smart, there is absolutely no way such a ridiculous strategy would succeed-”

“there is. You know deep down that this is a good plan, right? I heard you heard that from the security guard too? Take my word for it. “You will be treated as the best ‘slave’.”

Why, that precious knowledge is written on a bundle of parchment called ‘Qualifications of a High-Quality Slave’.


– Roru Drug: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

– takealook: The power of someone with the size of a desert kekekeke cannot be compared to that of a human being kekekekekekekekekekeke.

– Heungan Dumplings: You are a saint and a bastard, and that’s just like in Naeji hahaha. Here, you are the No. 1 slave with a good body and strength hahahaha.

– Professor: Shut up before I f*cking block everyone and turn off the broadcast.


[Hey shell. I’m starting to really, truly like the person called Rakshasa, not the female body.]

‘Shut up you too, you bastard.’

It was not difficult to meet a Rakshasa. As I was wandering around looking at the exotic scenery of an oasis village close to the city, a place called ‘The Third Step’, a pickpocket chased after my group, who looked like simpletons at first glance, and the boy who left a note instead of taking my wallet from my arms chased after me. It disappeared in an instant, avoiding the security guards. As I followed the secret guidance, I was able to come across a building with a faint sign of the shadow of the moon. The Rakshasha, who came first in the faster boat, finished evaluating my changed appearance with a loud cheer.

It suits you so well. They fit so well together that the range of choices has expanded.

From then on, the Rakshasas and the people of the Moon Shadow began plotting against me.

The thought of selling me as a slave to Kauladi.

The origin of the incident is that the brothers Narea Shepsut and Kamalaho Shepsut, the heart of the desert worshiped by Rakshasha, are imprisoned right next to Kauladi’s residence.

“Imprisoned? “It is clear that although he has no power, he is considered the most precious being in the desert…”

“So, he was taken to his residence, guarded by the warriors of Kauladi, to be kept in a safe place during these dangerous times. You may be receiving excellent food and treatment in a nice room, but just because it is tied with beautiful silk doesn’t mean it is a restraint, right? “If they refused to take us there, it would be like advertising that we would leave this place, so we had no choice but to let them go with our eyes open.”

The Rakshasha, who was biting her lip as if she was uncharacteristically angry, looked at me and immediately smiled brightly and said,

“But that doesn’t mean you didn’t take any action at all? “If we create an opening, I was planning to use your power to take them out… I guess there’s a much better way than that dangerous method.”

“…So, you’re selling me into slavery?”

No, even if it doesn’t work here, he is a saint and the only hero to save the country.

The professor sighed in sorrow as he looked at himself, his body polished like a bodybuilder by rubbing oil palm, wearing a shabby slave costume, and his hair pulled back tightly.

I really shouldn’t do anything like pray anymore. If Ro Haram spreads even a fragment of this scene to Archbishop Norman or Gregory, you will see angry knights of light running into the desert shouting for holy war.

The Rakshasha carefully pushed my hair back with her gentle hands and massaged my dazed shoulders as I pondered which gold earrings would be suitable for a slave warrior.

“Can’t you think of slaves the way you think of them from the outside? Do you feel like the desert slaves are not a race to be used and discarded like other people, but rather a last bastion whose loyalty is imprinted through magic and kept by their side at all times, closer than even the most faithful subjects? “If the Empire has a Knight Guard, the desert has a warrior slave corps armed with enforced loyalty?”

“You keep combat slaves that close?”

“yes! It’s a place where dozens of assassination attempts occur every day, so the rulers can’t trust anyone! So what was created – a group of warrior slaves who were created with a spell engraved in their brains so that they would not betray no matter what? Warrior slaves can never betray their masters, but other than that, there are no negative effects, so they can raise families, are treated well, and often become like their master’s family, right? So, among the outstanding warriors, there are those who take an oath of loyalty and receive the stamp of slaves, and want to be reborn as the limbs of a true master?”

So, instead of giving trust to those who might betray at any moment, they created a group of slave warriors who firmly blocked the possibility of betrayal through magic to protect their own lives – the trend among desert rulers was said to be.

This is also a fairly old tradition. Nowadays, collecting strong warrior slaves is a hobby suitable for desert losers, and there is even a trend of creating warrior slaves to the point of excessiveness, and Kauladi is a ruler with a particularly burning desire to collect them.

“Ego. Shall we draw a picture? Inland people sell many things to the desert. Weapons, food, precious metals, and even people. Here, the mysterious old wizard, Otman, the water wizard who is one of the most welcome people in the desert, came to the desert with elves and trolls who are not easily seen even though he is the greatest ruler of the desert. This mysterious old man is a magic slave dealer who captures and sells slaves using the brainwashing magic he developed, and as proof of this, he presents a talking troll with no wild nature and an elf who never goes to the desert. Hmm, it’s pretty believable, isn’t it? The magic slave trader Otman, who gave such trust, visited the desert to research magic, and decided to gift the great warrior slave he had captured to Kauladi, the most powerful owner of the place, for a pleasant and comfortable study, and his greatest masterpiece, the slave. Gift Saladin to Kauladi. how is it? “Are you okay?”


really. I really want to deny it.

A picture… is drawn. It’s safe to say that elves are the number one creatures that will never enter the desert, and trolls are equally rare. A water mage with a beard who even speaks and appears accompanied by a clever troll. Since no sane elf or troll would come here of their own volition, we can only assume that they were captured and forcibly brought here by something. If Idrasil and Notum add a little spice, anyone would be fooled.

Professor Park is presented to Kauladi as a gift from a mysterious magic slaver from a foreign country. Just as desert magic is so different from magic that we cannot recognize it, people here will also not be able to easily recognize magic, so if Otman tamed it with his own special brainwashing magic, he could overcome the basic boundary. To begin with, I was almost immune to mental magic and effects. Rakshasha is also skilled in desert magic, so he passed the slave branding part.

So, he became a slave warrior who served his master more closely than anyone else, saw an opportunity, and ran away carrying his royal blood brother and sister, who were well cared for. They board the waiting Dry Oasis and jump into the territory of another ruler who has decided to serve them.

Umm…..that’s done. I think this damn plan will work. Umm….

Even the guards I saw for the first time asked, ‘Are they slaves?’ Even the exterior was perfect.

A fierce face and a sculptural body that can only be achieved by overcoming torture-like training.

A large body with harsh scars engraved across its wide area.

In addition, the enormous accumulation of hero points covers the characteristic [pale color], and the bronze face with thick lines and sunken eyes is different from the traditional beauty standards, but has a sufficiently mysterious charm.

It’s a slave dealer that seems to sell very well. hmm. Shit.

“hmm. I like this. Come on, it’s tingling~”


After adding heavy eye makeup to the large golden earrings chosen by the Rakshasha after much careful consideration, there appeared in the mirror a warrior slave of the desert who had no idea where the saintly professor had gone.

“So, you agree? Of course, I have no intention of forcing you if you don’t like it. Kauladi’s warriors are great forces gathered from all over the desert, and even if they create an opening, if they go back to their original strategy of a head-on breakthrough, our people, whose main focus is assassination and espionage, will be hurt a lot… That’s because it’s our situation. ?”

“….okay. You can do it, just do it.”

“thank you!”


At the professor’s sighing nod, the Rakshasha, who had been adjusting his clothes to make them look more naturally worn, jumped into his arms.

“I’m just sorry… just once. “If there’s anything you want, I’ll give it to you no matter what?”

“Well, anything?”

“Yeah, whatever you imagine. “As much as you want.”



At the same time as the professor’s heart dropped, the sound of someone giggling inside him falling off the sofa was heard.

The Rakshasha, who wrapped her arms around the professor’s neck as if embracing him and placed a large desert-style gold necklace around his neck, escaped from the professor’s embrace like a mirage and turned her gaze to the parchment she was reading.

“Well, the appearance is so good that even the sun god would say it’s perfect. Shall we refine our knowledge a little more? Literature, military, art, music. If you know even one more thing, you can become a better slave, right? Oh, wizard, please listen too. To give a sense of mystery, it’s okay to not know this person, but it’s also good to know this person enough to not be rude, right?”

“Umm. “Please.”

“Oh, do you have a magic wand or something? “When you think of a wizard, that kind of image is strong.”

“Hmm… Our school doesn’t really have a wand…”

“Then will you make it for me? “Appropriate ones?”

“Well, that’s right….”

like that. Under the active guidance and guidance of the Rakshasha, the ‘Warriors of Light Party’ began to rapidly transform into ‘a party of wizard slavers from the inland’.

And, the next morning.


“Hey, stop! I will no longer allow you to roam the city with monsters! Identify yourself and follow the guards’ instructions!”

“Hmm… this kind of bug…. If you don’t even know etiquette, you should know your topic…!”


“Wow! Oh, an oasis has arisen!”

“The wizard I’ve only heard of… the shaman! “Call the shaman!”


The third of the giant’s twelve steps. The largest oasis, ruled directly by Kauladi, welcomed a wizard wielding a magic wand on the troll’s shoulder.

“Otman, be a little more powerful! Like trampling on a lowly insect! If we’re going to do it, let’s do it right!”

“Hey, professor. “I never thought I would have to do something like this-”

“Shhh! Someone even stamped the Reedflow school on their back, and they do that with something like this!”

“Keep your voice down, Ottoman. “As an elf, I came to learn about human affairs, but I don’t want to do this again.”

“Ahhh. “I don’t have the courage to meet my godmother…”

“Geuuu. That has long since disappeared. “If you want to do that, do it.”

[Um… everyone? It’s less shocking than I thought. Would Notum roar at least once?]



“Monsters are running rampant!”

“The security guard has been attacked! Warriors! “Bring in the warriors!!!”

[Yes~ Very good?]


of course. Their identity was the ‘Ottoman Magic Slave Merchant’ who received everything from desert history to acting guidance overnight, and the Night Shadow People who supported them in real time through magic.



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