Clearing the Game at the End of the World Chapter 309

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Chapter. 15. Can someone who has seen the end of the world plant an apple tree? (10)


I feel like dying.

“The desert is a really hot place, right? “You’re sweating so much.”

“Ah, I guess it’s a bit….”

“Hehe. So most people in the desert stay at home unless they have anything special to do. Even a single ray of light that seeps in through a small hole heats up the entire room, so in a closed house with no windows, you can create carpets by spinning threads of various colors, trimming the skin of desert creatures, or preparing various types of fruit. do or.”

“Well… that’s a pretty good job.”

“When I spend quiet time like that, I tend to think a lot. The men mourn or endure for those who died next to him or at the end of his own sword. What the old man and the woman must teach the children who will grow up in this dry land. Thinking about the stories that need to be told. And, the woman who draws you… your face drawn by connecting memories blooming like a haze and falling stars. Do you cherish your longing and fill the empty heart with your imagination? “The moment we meet again, I know that no matter how big I picture it, your image will be much more beautiful and precious than I imagined.”


“oh. “Do you not like tea?”

“Ah, it’s very nice….”

“Please don’t raise your voice? Words are a refined inner self, and respect is an expression of oneself that has been greatly reduced. I want to hold you in my arms endlessly, but even such restrained feelings are regrettable. “Come on, call me Ana.”

“Well, uhm….”

“…If there is a distance in your heart, would you mind narrowing it down a little more?”


“Ah, Ana! Mr. Anaya! excuse me!!!”

“Hehe. “Hearing my name, which I had been repeating in my mind, from the mouth of someone I love…is an experience that is more heartbreaking than I expected, isn’t it?”

….I feel like I’m going to die. I think I’m going to die! I’m dying! I’m going to die!!!!

I don’t know how I knew, but Ana was waiting for me in the first village I arrived at after entering the desert.

In front of the captain and his companions, she declared in a soft yet firm tone that she would borrow me, and to the captain, who was worried that something related to a taboo might have been revealed, she said, ‘You know my name.’ He dismissed it with the words:


‘If it’s a name…?!’

‘Why did someone from the west come to this dangerous desert?’ ‘There was a reason for everything!’

‘Captain! Don’t you think we need to change the plan a bit? I need to give it at least one night…’


Amidst the cheers of the sailors, the strange anticipation, and the companions ignoring my earnest eyes, I was dragged into Anaya’s tent, unable to move.

In a thick tent that completely blocks out the sunlight.

Amidst the sweet scent of hookah and a bed decorated with colorful silk and translucent awnings.

But just two!

God, Buddha, Jesus, and Loharam protect me so that this and that dries up and wears out! Argh!

I, the human Professor Park. A cliffhanger with a reputation as a crisis management genius.

During the four days I spent floating on the sands of the desert, thanks to the mobilization of all my brains that had overcome countless crises, I prepared dozens of simulations and countermeasures for encountering Anaya, and even role-played them in the Hydra ritual space to familiarize myself with them. .

[Ji, calm down. Hey, calm down! Rakshasha approach, number of S38 cases! You’ve prepared enough! Uh, first of all, with a manly and serious expression, I grabbed her shoulders with both hands and pushed her away, and then the next line was… uh…]

“I guess you liked the peppermint tea? “It’s cool, right?”

“Well… um….”

“This is a tea favored by women in the desert who are tired of waiting to cool their anxious hearts. “I drank a lot too, didn’t I?”





but. The moment when, sitting side by side on a soft bed in a tent without a table, Rakshasha’s shoulder rested on my forearm as I leaned over to pour her tea!

‘G, command and control room, command and control room! In times like this, uh, how-‘


‘Hyde, don’t leave me first! Hyde!’

The code of conduct [A-1] to [Ha-50], which had been created in anticipation of all possible cases, has all ascended to the sky.

Unlike street clothes that cover all of the bare skin except the eyes, the desert woman’s indoor clothes are quite… breathable, and the light and airy silk looks really cool, wow….

Even in the dim tent, the moment Anaya’s shiny, tanned bare shoulder touched my arm, that feeling, the temperature of her soft yet slightly moist bare skin, was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


– Holly: Ding dong!

– Holly: Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!

– Holly: Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

– Holly: Yaaaa!

– Holly: alkjaweiojaflkdf.xvcn.xvc;iaj;

– Holly: Professor Park! There’s Playboy! Look here! Here!!! Clap clap clap!




“T… Tea! “Of course, the mint tea from the mainland tastes amazing!”

Gulp, gulp, gulp!

Just before I lost consciousness, I was barely able to come to my senses thanks to the movement of the chat room moving upwards in the corner of my vision, which caught my attention.

‘This is not a game, this is not a game!’

The professor muttered those words like a mantra and quickly scanned the list of chat room participants.

Speed ​​Wagon? does not exist. Dana told me to act in a way that would help clear it quickly, and she said she would leave the place so it wouldn’t be a burden.

A Rakshasha, a woman named Anaya Tam Shandea, is the only connection I have to the desert right now, and if I mess up with her, I expect this trip to the desert to be quite difficult, so maintaining a ‘good relationship’ with her is also a key to clearing. It may be included in Dana’s words, ‘Helpful directions.’ If you look at it this way, it’s like giving half permission…

‘Think about it, Professor Park. Think, think!’

He’s an intelligence dealer. This means that he is a great man who has been through this chaos filled with blood and gunpowder with just one title, intelligence merchant, since the beginning of the fall.

What kind of kid is that? Are you away? It seems like a burden so I won’t watch it?

I can assure you that if he puts his mind to it, the famous intelligence dealer, Speed ​​Wagon, can monitor me more clearly and from a variety of angles than anyone else here.


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‘watching. He’s not just in the chat room, he’s definitely sitting in a wheelchair in a dark hospital room, stroking a broken drone, watching me! ‘With eyes shining bright blue!’

Maybe it was because I was thinking of such a very realistic situation, but in many ways, I felt a little… sinking. Shit. I was so prepared, but I almost got cut by one shot.


– takealook: Sheesh!

– Jokass: I kept quiet on purpose. You are trying to sabotage me.

– Holly: What a slander! It’s not like everyone knows Dana! That’s what I said when I saw that conversation the other day too! You trash!


When I came to my senses, took the cool tea with blurry eyes, and drank it, I felt like I was back to being able to think.

Around the time I thought that Anaya, who was silently pouring tea next to me, seemed to furrow her pretty forehead. The woman who was leaning against me came a little closer and opened her mouth in a slightly trembling voice.

“Do you think this interest of mine is a burden…?”


A slightly watery, pathetic voice that would make even a psychopathic serial killer grab a bouquet of flowers instead of a knife. Unlike her aggressive movements earlier, Anaya carefully reached out her hand and traced the engraving on her collarbone again, as if asking for understanding.

“You know what? Among the countless imaginations of you in my mind. There were quite a few things like this. professor. A man who seems soft yet strong, who hides his deep feelings with shallow actions, and who appears skillful yet infinitely pure. His body and mind are essentially one, so it is natural that when his body becomes distant, his mind also becomes distant. “It’s not uncommon for several women to be seduced by a good man.”


Following her fingertips, magical imprints flowed like living creatures and settled into her palms. Ranaya let out a small sigh as she looked back and forth between the complicated shape and the professor’s face.

Magic engraving, [Eight-stranded painter]

Just hearing the name makes it seem like a great magic spell, but in fact, it was a simple engraving that anyone who has tried their hand at ancient magic can do.

As easy as it is, the effect is also simple. This engraving, drawn with eight lines, changes into various forms depending on the subject’s psychological state. There is no set pattern, so it is a basic interrogation technique in which the practitioner looks at the shape and infers it.

It is an abandoned spell because interpreting the spell is several times more difficult than the spell itself. However, because it is simple, it is easy to see that her magic has been manipulated or modified, so it is a magic that people in the same profession as her often use.

Although each person interprets it in different ways, it cannot be considered very accurate. The form of the imprint that has been attached to the professor for quite some time is…

“….Please hurry.”

At least, he was clearly saying that he was not at a loss because he was happy to see his lover after a long time. That meant that his heart was quite far from her side.


The Rakshasha stroked his hair, looking at the man’s expression of embarrassment, regret, and hesitation as if he was about to say something important.

‘As expected, was it too hasty?’

A fortune telling that the teacher who taught her magic a long time ago gave her for fun. Since divination is subject to interpretation, the results vary greatly depending on how one accepts it.

[A well that appears when you go between the stars of Cyan and Doppelon. Your lover will come to you while you sleep there, and after a long, long wait, he will call your hidden name and warm you with his warmth.]

It was true that there was some uncertainty in the interpretation of fortune telling. So, like the desert flowing, I just tried to wait for the moment when our currents would meet each other.

When the subordinate in charge of the outside news breathlessly announced that ‘He’ had come to the desert, he had already forgotten the virtues of calm and patience and guessed that the place indicated by the fortune-telling would be this oasis closest to him. They were in a hurry to prepare to go out.

“….Ana. Actually, I have something to tell you…”

Uncharacteristically, I bit my lip to see him trailing off and not knowing what to do, but firming up his resolve. Of course, this isn’t it. I can’t be a resting place for my pure lover, but how can I call myself his woman if I press down on his heart like a stone?

The Rakshasha looked up at his face, unable to make eye contact, and took his rough hand hesitantly on her shoulder, gently wrapping it around her.

“You know?”

“in fact….?”

A conversation method that exquisitely intervenes in the gap the moment something is said and interrupts the other person. It was a bad habit of hers, as she often had to put pressure on the people she was talking to, and it was not something she would do in front of a man she called her lover. Still, the Rakshasha, who did not want to listen to what was to follow, gently stepped in between her and blocked her whenever he tried to speak to her.

“I have no choice but to know. Even if we mix our bodies. “I have never whispered the deepest things to you, but as someone who calls me my lover, how could I not even know your feelings?”

“…I really don’t want to do this to you….”

“Shh. Don’t feel guilty or sorry. If your heart is burdened by me, there is nothing sadder than that. If the steps of the person leaving are heavy, they might just sink into the sand. “The desert woman is used to making light of her partings, isn’t she?”

Rather than force him to stay by your side and be dragged around like a burden, let him go.

“And as someone who recognized your heroism a long time ago. “Are you prepared to welcome a sister who serves the same father?”



It is about letting go of relationships that have already been disrupted and creating new ones.

“The desert was originally a dangerous place, so it was easy for men to die. “It is difficult for a woman left alone to survive in this harsh environment, so it is not uncommon for the dead man’s sworn brother or her relatives to support the woman left alone through informal marriage.”

The Rakshasha smiled softly as she looked at the professor who had no idea what she was talking about.

“Do you have any children?”


“I mean the kid. The child who will be your eldest child or eldest daughter. Are you asking if the one who took your heart from me conceived your seed? “If we are going to serve the same father, we have to decide which one will be the eldest sister, right?”


Cough, Clock. Ugh, huh!

“Oh my goodness. “Would you like me to clean it for you?”

“Ahh no! “So, what I’m saying now is, Ana, you, Dana, are with me…”

“Anyway, when choosing a wedding, you should prepare bigger bedding than you have now, right? “For the three of us to lie down.”

“Knock, knock!” “Kek!”

The professor kept spitting out the tea he was pouring into his mouth, as if his stomach was burning. Only then did she understand, seeing him with a redder face than before, the Rakshasha thought he was so cute that she wanted to bite him.

‘Dana. Dana…. It’s a pretty name. Maybe it’s not that precious? There are many curses that can be cast just by knowing the name, but you can’t believe you revealed your lover’s name so easily.’

Maybe it was because he was embarrassed, but I couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

“No, it’s a child… There’s still some time since we parted ways in Tobrunn…”

“oh? I don’t know who he is, he just thought of all the possibilities? “Among the people who came on the same ship as you, there was a beautiful elf and a sturdy troll woman?”

Although I had no expert knowledge about forest trolls, I did know that their gestation period was less than half that of a human’s. She didn’t expect that her man would have such a wide range of defense, but considering his warm heart that is open to everyone, it might not be that strange…

“Oh, no! They are just colleagues! I’ve known Notum for a long time, and Idrasil… I’m entrusted with teaching and taking him around! “That’s it!”

“Oh my~ education. Could you possibly provide that training to me? I can really teach you well. Just the way you want, down to the smallest details and most intimate details. well. Guess. west?”

“No, that’s not it… Ana, please!”

“Oh my, what a shame. So, I guess it was a joke?”


After all, he is a cute guy.

Anaya couldn’t hide her laughter when she saw his tone and mood gradually loosening up. A man whose true feelings are revealed on the outside like this. He understood him, and when he heard that he was going to let him go, he couldn’t help but feel more sorry than relief, and that stupid face.

‘Really, I can’t wait to make fun of you?’

The Rakshasha spoke with a smile, in a slightly melted mood.

“Rakshasha. It really hurts like grinding my heart into grains of sand. “For the time being, you will have to call me Rakshasa again.”


“Please don’t say that to me in the future. I sacrificed a lot, so you can do that much… right? professor?”

Seeing him nodding his head like a downcast puppy, the Rakshasha smiled brightly and stood up.

“Actually, I will admit that I was immature. It was my first time truly feeling this way, not because of work, so I asked him to accept the raw emotions as they were. “It would have been at the level of throwing a silk bug that wasn’t even a pupa and praising it for being pretty before it was spun into thread.”

How to deal with people. I know very well how to deal with men, but I completely forget what I know when I stand in front of this man. It must be similar to how this man, who was described as sharp and highly intelligent in the information she received, turned out to be such an idiot.

“But I’m not the type of person who repeats mistakes, am I? Moonshadows are people who have dedicated their lives to discovering, seizing, and stealing what someone has hidden, and I am their leader? I’m not good at embracing you when you suddenly fall in front of me, but I can confidently say that I’m better at snatching you from someone else’s arms and bringing you back to me than anyone else. so….”


“Please pray that the girl who stole your heart will keep it tightly. “The next time you call my name instead of Rakshasa’s, will it be when we hug each other so tightly and whisper each other’s names that we cannot distinguish between each other’s boundaries?”


She ran up to him who was sitting on the bed and left a deep kiss mark on the back of his neck. She whispered a final declaration like a declaration, and ended the regretful hug by inhaling his body scent deeply into her heart.

For now, that’s all. He can’t make the same mistake he made once, so don’t burden that guy.


“Hmm, it’s hot. Has the sun already set? It will be cooler outside now, so should we go for a walk? There are things I want to tell you, and things I want to hear. From what I heard, you’re so busy with construction work that it’s not easy for you to find time to spare. “If you didn’t come to see me… what did you come for?”

The Rakshasa wrapped her robe around his body and led him by his still frozen hand.

The oasis, where the sun had already set on the horizon, was shining beautifully, capturing the half-submerged sun, the moon that had just risen, and the stars that filled the sky.

‘At least, my wish to see this scene with him has come true?’

I couldn’t spend the night with him, but I was able to spend the day with him as a companion, so that’s half the success. With that thought in mind, the Rakshasha left the tent with the professor.


Suddenly. Suddenly-

“Lord, master. Stress releases negative hormones, which support psychological and mental health as well as physical health in many ways.”

“okay. It’s okay, Ginny. “I’m not that agitated.”

“Indications on the bio-scanner show extremely intense mental fluctuations—- similar to that of a 14-year-old girl who saw a kitten being hit by a train and blown to pieces.”

“I said no. Not to that extent. are you okay. “For a moment… I was just surprised.”

Beep- Beep-

Fluffy hair-

A research facility accessible only to officials with administrative and top-level access rights.

Also known as Professor Park’s ward.

Dana, in a wheelchair, was leaning against the sleeping body of the professor, pledging his soul, and observing all the lovemaking between the professor and the Rakshasha.

to the end. After the two left the tent without any incident other than a somewhat unpleasant hug, they even watched the conversation through a separately recorded video.

[Please pray that the girl who stole your heart will hold onto it tightly. The next time you call my name instead of Rakshasha’s, will it be when we hug each other so tightly and whisper each other’s names that we cannot distinguish between each other’s boundaries?]

[You must hope that she holds her heart tightly.]

[I hope you hold onto that heart tightly-]

[That heart-]

[That heart-]






“I was going to steal it… It may not have been my intention, but it was conveyed very well. Rakshasha.”

A beautiful woman full of vitality and confidence that cannot be found in a sick person like her, and a woman who would fall in love with her.

While I was proud of the professor for withstanding her temptation, when I thought about why he couldn’t harshly cut her off, I felt like something was boiling inside me, even though I knew she was that kind of person to begin with.

To calm her mind, Dana buried her forehead against what was by her bedside.

Exciting- Exciting-

A pulse so strong that it’s hard to believe she’s in a coma. he is here Not in the desert, but in the District 47 administration building. Alive, by my side.

“I… am not without possessiveness.”

I know that this is greed and that it is selfish.

Still, for now, the position of human Professor Park’s lover was hers.

I didn’t want to die, at least not to have it taken away from me right in front of my eyes.

Of course, the absolute priority is the safe return of the professor, so if something really, really, really, truly cannot be helped,… I could just stay in the hospital room, cover my eyes and ears, and curl up.

Still, I don’t like what I don’t like.

“So, do it well…. By-self.”


In the end, I ended up hitting his monstrous arm with a fist filled with a helpless heart.


“Geeee—-ik! master. Master, Master, Master, Master, Master, Master Dana Elisha Hyacinth is injured! Busaaaaaaaa—– serious bruises, nurse call. Nurse call!”

“Oh, no. To that extent-”

“I’m returning to the hospital room! “The patient is stable-”

It was obvious that the side where I hit my arm, which didn’t have a scratch even after sharpening it with a chainsaw, hurt more.

Dana, swallowing back tears for no reason, reassured the nurse who rushed over and pushed the wheelchair toward her hospital room.

The researchers who were holding their breath on one side of the professor’s research building were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.



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