Clearing the Game at the End of the World Chapter 305

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Chapter. 15. Can someone who has seen the end of the world plant an apple tree? (6)


“It seems difficult to go any further. “The weight of the device is too much to be dragged by spirit power alone.”

“okay. This is a lot. “Thank you for your hard work, Idrasil.”

The professor took a deep breath of the dry air and prepared to jump off the balloon.

In the end, Dana never returned to the chat room after that day. After hearing this and that, she was scared that something might be wrong at the hospital, but fortunately, Holly, who came to see Dana, told her that everything was fine, so she was able to relax. Something could happen at any time and I suddenly lost contact with the other person, but I felt helpless, unable to do anything and not knowing what was going on. This must be how Dana felt.

Without realizing it, my relaxed heart was tightened. Let’s go out. I will save everyone here in 3 World, and with that, I will save my life. Let’s go out and buy Dana some clothes and show her that there is no need to worry.

Such thoughts spurred the group’s journey into the desert.

After parting ways with Astrad and the others at Wuthering Heights. The balloon, which had been slowly sinking as it crossed the ridge of the Blue Line, flew much further than it was supposed to, thanks to the support of the wind spirit of Idrasil and a lucky good wind, and was on its way to landing.

“Idrasil. But is it really okay to stop by your hometown and come back? “Since there was such a big incident in the empire, it’s natural for the Great Mother to be worried.”

“Do you miss the person you saw in the morning at lunchtime?”


“Only a few months. For humans who can remember their crumbling lives, it is time to accumulate quite a bit of longing, but for elves, the life wears out slowly and thinly. I’m sorry, but even now I can remember the order in which I watered the bonsai tree the morning I left Canelan. “Because the memories have not worn out, it means that the longing has not accumulated.”

“Um… if it’s okay with you. I’ll get off soon, so go and wake up Otman and Notum. “Because it might shake a little.”



While Idrasil went to wake the two people in the living space on one side of the apparatus, the professor lowered the thick rope and looked closely at the ground beneath his feet through the dim dawn light.

Fortunately, there were many places to land to avoid private houses or roads.

“Thank goodness it’s early spring.”

The place they arrived now was Teldrat, a country famous for being a golden granary.



The professor who jumped out of the balloon held on to the rope connected to the balloon, and his feet, pulled by extra strength, created two long furrows in the still cold field.

The drowsy guards’ urgent alarm bells and the barking of dogs were waking up the peaceful city of Teldrat, Kalashan, at dawn.


“Thank you for your hospitality, my lord.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Speaking of gratitude, isn’t it the duty of nobles to treat precious people as they deserve? It’s a shame that we haven’t been able to properly show you the abundance of Teldrat since we’ve just entered winter! Oh, this is an appetizer, so just to whet your appetite-”

“That’s enough. For a country waging war, there seems to be too much food. For Haram teaches us to abstain from luxury.”

“Yeah, that’s right! Ah, the table was already overcooked, so all that was left was street junk… Ah, no! “I thought I would share it with the people!”


The professor looked solemn and nodded earnestly as he looked at the struggling young man in front of him.


[Otman, the wine here is really good.]

[Uhm. surely. It’s restrained enough to feel polite.]

[Write it. I’d like to get a few bottles. I’m trying to show off my temper by pretending to be frugal, so it’s difficult right now… I’ll have to tell the butler secretly before I go.]

[The meat is delicious. I have to make an offering to my ancestors who helped me in the empire, so ask for one more white cow.]

[Yes, yes. Let’s ask for everything. Idrasil, what are you writing like that in front of the dinner table?]

[This is a record of the non-evil duality of humans.]

Of course, my only intention was to plunder items to use in the desert while admiring the amazing steamed fish and wine that were disparaged as appetizers.

If Rodrik extends thinly to the south, centered on a large territory in the east, especially in the north, based on the blue line, the city-state alliance is located near the upper right corner of Rodrik, which resembles a wide triangle, and Teldrat is located below it. It occupies the remainder of the eastern part of the continent.

In short, if Roderick faces the frozen land of the north, Teltrat faces the eastern desert area.

The professor and his party, who landed from the balloon and were obediently arrested by the Kalashan guards, proudly revealed the saint’s name and were waiting to see how well the name would be accepted in Teldrat.

“When I think about how many people in the city are preparing for spring hunger and eating a single grain of wheat, I can’t get over the fatty food easily.”

“Yes, saint. As someone who manages the city’s finances, I can tell you that last year’s Kalashan harvest was not that bad, so I wasn’t that hungry…”


“Uh-huh, Treasurer! How dare you express a difference of opinion with the words of the saint! Isn’t this a lack of faith? “I was already planning to open a warehouse and provide relief to the people!”

What the hell.

“Hmm. A true believer. Ah, thinking about the people who will be happy after eating their fill makes me want to thank Lo Haram. Since it’s a busy place, I’ll wait a bit and pray separately in my room.”

“Sir, clear the table! The prayer of a saint! You can do it right here without having to go far! “If it is the saint’s prayer, it is no different from blessings falling on the castle!”


“…I think it will take about five hours. I’m sure it’ll be fine. “If one person uses the drawing room for that long, the baron’s business will be-”

“it’s okay! It’s okay! Hello! Immediately clear the table and take the sutras and prayers, no! “Call priests from the nearby Gwangmyeong Church to help the Holy Son pray!”

Look at this?

The Baron of Kalashan is willing to do anything, as if there is no greater joy than this, even if the request is not only a little unreasonable, but almost rude. The professor tried to suppress his laughter as he watched his surroundings change from a living room to a prayer room in an instant.

[Do you think this will be done no matter what I say? What else should I ask you to do? Should I ask you to make a ‘good faith’ donation? I heard that the Lord of Teldrat has a lot of money.]

[This is a reaction that cannot be understood through common sense. The lord of Kalashan was confirmed to be a member of the Cult of Courage as it is on the border of the empire, and there was only a temple of the Cult of Courage within the territory, but no temple of light was found.]

[of course. Could it be that the Baron here is so religious that he would treat me like this?]

You can tell just by looking at those eyeballs rolling around while they keep clapping as if it’s my joy.

That human being, I am not treated like this because I am a saint.

To be precise, he is ‘a saint who recently became entangled with Lady Lucilla Aedran, and made her daughter the empress of the empire’, which is why he is making such a fuss.

Even when Lucilla ran away from the family, she was ‘just a daughter of the Aedran family with some respect. ‘She was scheduled to marry by convenience as the second wife of a certain family’, which was all she had to say about her.

But he left home and joined the saint’s group? Soon, rumors spread that the ladies’ last gamble, [Teldrat’s suitor], was not selling, and ‘Oh my, Aedran’s golden tier has also lost its fortune!’ I laughed at him, but he became a truly legendary figure and took the position of empress of the empire! It was grabbed.

The Baron and the Treasurer, who had gone outside to make a place for prayer, could be heard talking about ‘Emperis Maker’ and which of their three daughters seemed objectively the best.

Hmm. He was a wealthy nobleman with three daughters, and a saint who made a girl who was poorly regarded in social circles into an empress in a matter of months. Even if I were in the Baron’s position, I would still be anxious to look good.

If this was just a rumor or something to get caught, the lord of a territory wouldn’t have come out in such a low manner, but judging from the physiognomy of a cool-headed nobleman, my position is quite good. Even putting aside the story of the suitor, he is the one who proved the emperor’s coronation ceremony.

A person who is expected to be close to the emperor for generations -> A person who must be seen as a prominent member of the imperial nobility -> A person who has connections with most of the imperial nobility.

This means that if I just introduce them appropriately, I will be matched with someone who is much more valuable than the nobles you would normally meet in social circles. Since this place is already a Blue Line border area, there will be even more interest in the Empire’s marriage.

So, even if I were to be this picky on purpose. It would be like a tongue in your mouth.


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Test results. Professor Saint is invincible and a god in the noble estate of Teldrat.

[There is no need to worry about supply.]

[If necessary, I tried to get support from the Gwangmyeong Church, but Gwangmyeong is also pouring money into the front lines right now. It would have been difficult to provide support to nobles who were full of money after the fall harvest was over and everything they had to sell was sold over the winter. Welcome back, well.]

In the drawing room, where all the Baron’s people had already left and only the group was left, the professor thought as he gulped down the water on the altar they had quickly set up.

[Now that I’ve come this far, I plan to scrape everything I can.]

[Uhm. I’ve been feeling strangely burning my will for some time now…]

[You have to work hard. Because people’s lives are at stake.]


The professor neatly emptied the water bowl prepared in place of the holy water bowl and looked back at Kalashan territory with eyes burning with determination.

As the Baron said, I planned to enjoy the appetizer in moderation in order to fully enjoy the whole meal.

Beyond, beyond. It is a territory with a granary area several times as rich as this place.

Although the route to the desert area would take a bit of a detour, the professor planned to stop by the Aedran Territory on his way to Teldrat.


“Oh my! “You were thinking of going to Aedran Territory!”

“….exactly. “I was wondering if I could get some cooperation regarding the supply of military supplies.”

“Hmmmm… military provisions. “It seems like you are in charge of important work at the denominational level, but this has gotten you into trouble.”

“Do you have any problem.”

With a bit of force, he could have demolished the storehouses of Kalashan Territory here, but if there were rumors that lords were sitting on the streets of each territory the saint passed by, the Aedran family might become wary, so he stopped at a moderate amount and paid the price. I felt sorry for robbing him without knowing, so I accepted the lord’s invitation to have tea.

I thought about it just in case, but as expected, it ended up being a meeting with the lord’s three daughters. I was planning to let it flow like a moderate stream and pass it off by arguing, but the conversation about the destination suddenly stopped me.

“It’s a problem… of course. “If it’s Aedran, there’s a rather mysterious problem.”


“yes. There are rumors going around that the Aedran family’s fortunes have declined considerably in recent months. Even if the family’s fortunes are tilted, the Golden Family’s reputation is such that it is possible to provide support for the saint’s personal work, but it does not have the capacity to take charge of the supply of that wide front… Umm. “I wonder if the precious person who represents light is wasting his time…”


“Oh my, the teacup…!”

What kind of nonsense is that?

Aedran. Aedran, who was rumored to be richer than the Teldrat royal family in terms of cash assets, was captured by a dragon after telling a nonsense story that the third-generation head of the family could buy a hatchling with money. The Golden Family Aedran, who said, ‘It is difficult to see it as a lie, so I will leave the family as is’, is going to fail? The tide is tilting?!

For the professor, who was dreaming of soon invading the Aedran family and receiving compensation for Lucilla’s matchmaking service, it was like a bolt from the blue.

“Oh my god, how can I do this! “Saint, where were you injured?”

“Gwae, it’s okay, young lady. The teacup is a bit… soft. By the way, I think it’s a little hard to believe the rumor the Baron said. Perhaps the Baron was listening to a small rumor tinged with jealousy… Recently, the daughter of the Aedran family has become the mother of the empire, so isn’t it natural for some to be jealous?”

“When I first heard it, I thought it was a piece of cheap social gossip that would make people trip over their feet. Until I received a letter from the Aedran family asking if I could get some funds in their name. Still, I couldn’t believe it, so I looked into it and found out that close to one-third of the famous golden top was sold out, and a large number of good horses and carriages were released into the market. “The number was so great that the price of horses in Teldrat plummeted.”


“Te, the table!”

“Uh, um… I think the table is a little soft too. “Stop because you’re so shocked.”

While the servants were busy cleaning up the broken teacups and the Baron’s three daughters were pouring tea, the marble table on which the professor lightly placed his hand was carved into the shape of the professor’s fingers.

Even if everything else is the same, it is a fact that cannot be left out or ignored once the top has been sorted out.

As even Dragon acknowledged, the Albuza family is suffering from financial difficulties. The money demon family is said to never run out of money even if they build new dwarven walls in all of Teldrat’s territories. How did that happen?

‘During previous play, was there a case where the top of the Gold Geyser was completely damaged?’

[I don’t remember you.]

‘So you’re saying it happened because you came to my world and touched something?’


‘what? The only one related to Aedran is Lucilla. By any chance, Lucilla becomes empress and the system becomes balanced? ‘Isn’t this a game that operates so artificially?’

No matter how much I thought about it, I had nothing to do with the Aedran family, nor did I have any influence over them.

Aedran is ruined. The upper part is sold and a credit loan is taken out. Where did all that mountain of gold go? the rich. When an absurdly rich person goes bankrupt. That much money seems like an illusion in an instant….


In an instant, memories of the past flash through my mind like lightning.


Goldman SUCKS: Hehehehehehehe


There was no word in the chat room for a while, and then this guy suddenly came out and started laughing and laughing.

“no way….?”


-Goldman SUCKS: Hehehehehehe. It’s him. Goods do not disappear in an instant like this. This means that if something is purchased, the value is simply transferred to that item, and the great family does not become a debtor. The only guy who can waste money like this to the point where it goes beyond economic logic is him… that guy, that son of a bitch! Even if you grind bones to make carbon diamonds and sell them, you’re like a beggar and a foot wrap!


“Roman… Roman Gachia Manson?”

“ah. Did you also know? Recently, the head of the Aedran family seemed to be possessed by something and talked about a huge investment in the social world, but when the response was not positive, it seems that they started a business of their own. It is said that it is so secret that the Yeongju Castle is closed and outsiders are not allowed in, and anyone entering the territory is thoroughly checked. Tsk tsk tsk. They say that even if a rich person goes bankrupt, it lasts for three generations, so how can it be that the golden Aedran falls so easily?…”

After that, the lord started talking about how the military was doing, and that his Kalashan territory had a good harvest last fall, so he could handle the supply trade with the church, but it didn’t reach anyone’s ears.


– Goldman SUCKS: In the end, the great matriarch of Aedran also fell under his spell! It looks good! Carlsted Aedran! Even though I couldn’t surpass you as a merchant! Even you couldn’t escape from that damn guy’s clutches! Hahaha! I never thought I would see Aedran clean up his business and go around borrowing money in my lifetime! Hahahahahaha!

– takealook: It’s also 3 World’s self-destruct button. No matter who your opponent is, you are merciless!

– Roru Drug: Do it! Authentic gacha doesn’t have a gentle system like a ceiling! A person who can’t do it won’t be able to do it for the rest of his life, that’s right!

– Goldman SUCKS: Hehehe… He’s not your average devilish bastard. The more you have a business eye, the more clearly you can see his vision, so you will be captivated and pour money into it! And, it’s ruined! Cruelly! Between a failed work whose value is unrecognizable to anyone but the gnome and the player, a rare metal whose cost has become unbearable due to all new types of magical power being burrowed in, and a pile of magic stones that have had all their magical power removed!

– Goldman SUCKS: Come on, Professor Park! Hurry and go to Aedran Territory! Go and see a mountain of empty shells of large, high-end magic stones worth tens of millions of shillings each! I want you to see the head of Aedran before my eyes, looking up with vain eyes at a toy made by crushing a truck with minerals similar to gems, such as meteorites and the heart of the earth! right now! Hahahahaha!!!!!


Roman Gachia Manson. Also known as Roman Gacha Man.

This is an inventor class that brought about the technological uniqueness of an era, and a hero unit famous for being an infamous NPC that drew bloody tears from the eyes of countless territory players.

‘Hot hot hot! Hot hot hot hot hot! Success! In the end, I succeeded!’

The professor, who remembered him lifting [Prototype Aircraft No. 1] while laughing like a broken man, began to genuinely worry about Aedran Youngji.

‘….He’s the guy who ruined a large estate the size of Goldman’s, even when he was developing while hesitating between failure and success. ‘How much of a monster did this guy who ran to create the masterpiece of his life, confident of success, turn into?’

Even when he was kicked out of his family and went to gambling places, he couldn’t give up expensive magic metals like gongmanstones, so he resorted to theft. He has no brakes in that area.

The professor recalled the Aedran territory collapsing in real time and the head of the Aedran family watching it, and spoke to the Baron, whose face was full of worry and anticipation.

“As for going to Aedran Territory… I guess I’ll have to wait until next time.”

“Well thought out. “Count Aedran, who is cornered, may be able to ask for support from the church.”


-GOLDMAN SUCKS: No! You won’t go to Aedranga! I must see him fail with my own eyes! Oh, how much will it be? How much can I give you to throw a silver coin in his face and laugh at him!

– professor: No matter how much I pay, I won’t go there.


When the professor arrived at Aedran Castle, he could easily picture Manson smiling brightly and repeatedly saying ‘Friend!’ just like before. And, next to him, Aedran’s matriarch with a devastated face glaring at his enemy’s ‘friend’ as if he were going to kill him.

‘I do not know. Lucilla will do something. It’s the golden top. She is the Empress of the New Empire. You’ll figure it out on your own, right? maybe? do?’

The professor chose to ignore the disaster he had created with his own hands and take a step back.

I feel sorry for Lucilla and the Aedran family, but he is someone who has to hurry in order to clear the path as quickly as possible and return to reality.

When I thought of Manson, who would stick to me like a leech even if I went nearby, the desire to go there disappeared.

“If Aedran is so. “I want to know the way to the desert.”

“It’s a desert. It is a place where the sun and mystery of martyrdom flow. “If you help me just a little bit, I will not spare any support in your steps.”

“hmm. The Baron is a great man who can communicate well. Umm….Latura. “This too is clearly the guidance of light.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha. Ratura. That’s a fair statement! Instead of doing this, would you like to have a drink and talk?”

“That’s good news. Now that I think about it, I know of several families who are rushing to marry their heirs due to the disaster in the imperial capital and the vacant position of the head of the family…”


As if turning their heads away from something dirty, an extremely cordial conversation began between the saint and the baron, who turned away from the topic of the ‘Aedran family’.

I felt fortunate that Lucilla stayed in the empire and was not with the group. If Lucilla had been here, she would have been dragged away and embroiled.

Manson is a really good person, a great friend, and a very capable person, but…

There were too many criminal records on record to be credible in that regard.



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