Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 420

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2-42. fugitive (6)


Jaipa struck down the scimitar.

I twisted my shoulders reflexively.


The blade of the spear fell vertically and struck my foot.


The head of the scimitar had completely disappeared into the ground.

If it had been true, I would have become Ron/Nan by now.

Jaipa flicked his tail as if he was interested.

“You’re lucky. “You can’t believe I’m avoiding this.”

“···It’s been a while, old man.”

I had to tilt my head all the way to make eye contact.

The tiger’s face, which was nice in its own way, but was much more ferocious and haggard than I remembered, was hanging on the armor.

It seemed like this old man had also gone through some hardships that I didn’t know about.

Jaifa frowned.

“Do you know me?”

“then. It’s Jaifa Turgeng, the sword saint of the empire. “I never thought we would meet like this.”

“You’re saying something strange… When are you talking about Sword Saint?”

“Eh? “If not you, who is the Sword Saint?”

“There’s no reason to answer that to someone who’s about to die. “Is the traitor Schlieffen inside?”

The voice was dry, as if carrying out official duties.

Suddenly, the pattern engraved on the armor caught my eye.

An upside-down longsword was the symbol of the Imperial Army’s Special Forces.

Specializing in assassination or espionage.

After realizing the situation, I twisted my lips.

‘Damn it, I betrayed you.’

A letter I saw in Barka’s hideout in the past flashed through my mind.

Jaipa was a person who would have turned his back on the empire.

I understood.

Because it was he who lost his wife and children to the empire, the rebellion failed, and wrote a memorandum that was no different from a slave contract with the emperor in exchange for saving his fellow prisoners.

In the original world, I somehow succeeded in influencing him, but unfortunately, in this world, I was not acquainted with Jaipa.

As Barka’s plan succeeded, he was naturally appointed to an important position, and now he is probably living his life without even knowing that he is being used by him.

I put my hands in my pockets and raised the corners of my mouth.

“I don’t think there’s any reason for you to answer that for me either.”

“Now that I think about it, yes.”

Jaifa hesitated.

It would have been nice if I had fallen in love with my logical appearance and backed away, but that didn’t happen.

He continued speaking as he grabbed the spear.

“I am executing you for murdering an imperial soldier.”

The scimitar that was pulled out in an instant was swung again.

The slash coming diagonally from the top right was much faster than before.

I sighed and pulled on the hilt of the sword.

“Anyway, this is why knife-wielding bastards are a problem.”

I know that conversations are conducted with knives, not tongues.

As was the case in the original world, he was a very straightforward old man.

It was a car with an incredibly large spear blade that was trying to tear my body apart.


The holy sword, fired as if to intercept it, struck the Unwoldo Island.

“Damn, you’re so strong. “Is it okay for a were tiger to attack a human like this?”


I stuck my tongue out and grumbled.

Jaifa laughed.

The scimitar was swinging in the air, interlocked with my sword.

Although it was heavy, it was manageable compared to the Bald King’s punch or Akasha’s shock wave.

At that time, Schlieffen’s voice was heard through the half-open door.


“Ro, Ronan? Who came? “What was that sound just now?”

My sister’s terrified voice was also there.

Judging by the slight sound of the wind spreading, it seemed like Schlieffen was preparing some kind of technique.

I stared at Jaifa and shook my head.

“Don’t come out. Schlieffen. “Don’t do anything useless.”


“You protect your sister. “I will take care of this old man.”

“······I get it.”

The wind died down.

Unexpectedly, he listened obediently.

Jaifa was looking down at me with a shocked expression.


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“good. “If you don’t want to answer, I’ll have to ask you something else.”

Originally, I didn’t think I should think of him as the same person as the Jaipa of the world.

I spat on the floor and asked him back.

“How did such a cool tiger become a bastard who cleans up his little brother’s poop?”


“If you can’t understand everything at once, I guess your ears are clogged. “First, get your dirty feet off the front door of my house.”

I didn’t like it from a while ago.

The mat my sister had woven out of straw was crushed under the huge, fluffy soles.

The swords that were interlocked fell.

I just sprayed the slashes.

Dozens of sword strands that ordinary people could not even perceive were embroidering the air.


Jaifa’s hair stood on end.

He hastily raised his scimitar and began to respond.

Every time the blades touched, sparks flew out.

Zaipa parried almost every attack, but the number of sword strikes caused even Were Tiger’s large body to be pushed back.

Every ten slashes he failed to block were leaving scars on his body.


The sword strike flew with a large rotation and struck the scimitar.


Jaifa gritted his teeth.

I, who was slashing my sword like a thunderstorm, finally stopped slashing.

Before we knew it, we were more than twenty steps away from the cabin.

Jaifa’s blood traces leading from the front door were scattered like roses.

As he was catching his breath, he raised the corners of his mouth.

“···This is amazing. “Where has a talented person like you been hiding all this time?”

“Parallel world. It’s similar to here, but different. There you are one of the heroes who saved the world. “I also resolved my grievances with my girlfriend… no, with the former general.”

“Is this a popular joke among kids these days?”

“It’s no joke. Anyway, it looks like you’ve weakened a bit here. “It’s disappointing.”


“I guessed that you were wearing stupid armor… but I’m just going to tell you the truth, so listen carefully, old man. There’s no reason for us to fight. “The crime of killing a few soldiers who didn’t even look like soldiers is not important.”

Fortunately, it didn’t happen that Zaipa threw a sword attack and told him to stop saying bullshit.

I felt like my head had cooled down a bit, perhaps due to the blood being drained.

‘It doesn’t seem like they’re brainwashed like those guys from the SS or something.’

To be honest, I didn’t really want to fight with Jaifa.

Although he was stubborn and a primitive man who revered force rather than intelligence, he was still a good tiger by nature.

To begin with, we were drinking buddies in the original world.

I turned the sword around and opened my mouth.

“You are being played by Barca. That son of a bitch only sees you as a handy tool, not a brother. “Your son, Aradan Turgeng, is one of the proofs.”

“How did you come up with that name…!”

Jaifa’s brow furrowed.

The pupils narrowed vertically, and life surged over the shoulders.

He still seemed sensitive to his son’s issues.

“As you know, Barka majored in black magic. Among them, the one that stands out is necromancy. “You may not want to believe it, but he brought poor Aradan’s corpse back to life and wields it as his dagger.”

“On what basis are you saying that?”

“First of all, it was like that in the world I came from. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything different here. Would you like to tell a story that will increase your credibility? Let’s see. “The place you lived was probably in the north…”

I recited the information I had read in Jaifa’s letter.

The town you lived in in the past, your wife’s name, and even your feelings on the day you decided to wake up the canine night.

Jaifa’s face, which had been calm at first, gradually became more and more embarrassed.

“So… what you’re saying is that Barca is the bishop of a religious group called Nebula Clazier?”

“Exactly. I’m not sure, but isn’t it true that we’re in the northern part of the country right now? Even deformed babies are born. “It was all that bastard did.”

“It was a jerk named Jager who ruined the North.”

“It’s frustrating. So, it was your younger brother who controlled that Jager. “You still won’t believe me if I tell you this?”

“······Stop it now.”

Jaifa growled.

Although he pretended on the outside that nothing had happened, it was in fact evidence that he was shaken.

In times like these, we had to definitely instill doubt.

I ignored Jaipa’s dissuasion and continued speaking.

“If you don’t believe me, go to Barka right away. Your son must be somewhere in the palace. “When I was young, I hid it inside my cloak, but now I wonder how I keep it…”

“Shut up, kid! “I’ll rip your mouth off!”

It was then.

Zaipa, unable to bear it any longer, roared and rushed forward.

A black energy, like a shadow, enveloped the blade of the scimitar.

“I knew it would be like this.”

It was an auror from Jaifa.

I responded calmly.

In the first place, I never expected to be persuaded by words alone.

It was the moment when the blow that cut through space collided with my sword.


A violent shock wave burst through the air.

A flock of birds flew over the forest.

The windows of the cabin were smashed all at once.



Suddenly, my sister’s screams were heard from inside the house.

I quickly turned my head.

I saw my sister shivering in front of the broken window, covering her head, and Schlieffen covering her with his body.

As if he had not been able to block the fragments, blood was flowing from his forehead.

“Miss Iril, are you okay?”

“Well, I’m fine. “That’s where the bleeding comes from your forehead!”

“This is no problem. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Schlieffen smiled softly.

I could feel his trust in me from the way he never turned his gaze towards Jaifa.

The older sister began examining Schlieffen’s wounds with tears in her eyes.

The moment I saw that scene, my head felt hot.

Jaifa’s voice echoed through the back of my head.

“Where are you looking?”

The red eyes were already engulfed in anger.

Jaipa leapt high into the sky and swung the scimitar with both hands.

Instead of responding, I leaned back.

A black horizon crossed the sky.

A distant hill in the same direction was cut in two.


Following the scorching roar, the screams of the villagers began to be heard.

Fortunately, no one seemed to be hurt.

I muttered while keeping my eyes on the sky.

“······Because of you.”


At that time, Jaifa landed.

The black fierce tiger rushed at me without giving me a single chance.

It was the moment when a slash wrapped in aura was aimed at my neck.


I lifted my upper body as if bouncing and parried his sword strike.


“You almost hurt my sister, you charred poop cat!”

Heat rose to my head.

I just grabbed the hilt of the sword.

The sword body turned red and anticipation rose.

As he applied force, the red blade cut into the scimitar that was in contact with it.


Jaifa’s eyes widened.

That was before he could react.

My sword, which cut off the scimitar, drew an arc.

A red line was drawn over Zaifa’s armor.


Blood fountains gushed out from the cracks in the armor along the sword path.


Jaifa vomited blood.

But I didn’t stop there.

My older sister almost got hurt because I didn’t show discipline from the beginning.

After drawing the sword, I clenched my fist.

When I switched the power source, my heart started beating out of sync.


A golden halo of light wrapped around my right arm.

Muscle density increased explosively and my arms became heavy.

He was the Auror of Professor Varen, my eternal teacher and friend.

“for a moment···!”

Jaipa, who was staggering, took a deep breath.

It was as if he instinctively sensed the disaster that would befall him.

He hastily threw away the scrap metal scimitar.

Then he crossed his arms and took a defensive stance.

After all, Were Tigers are a fraudulent species.

It was just overlapping the forearms, but it wasn’t much different from a shield made of black iron.

“If you block it, isn’t this your body?!”

Of course, it didn’t really matter whether that was the case or not.

I rotated my waist and gave a recoil and stuck my fist into Jaipa’s guard.

The sensation of bones breaking was clearly felt.

The guard is released.

It was the moment when the regime, which had penetrated through a gap, hit the guy’s solar plexus.


Jaipa’s body flew away with a golden glow and landed in a huge zelkova tree.


The deep-rooted giant tree was not broken.

Jaifa’s mouth vomited blood again.

The halo of light surrounding my right arm disappeared like melting snow.


Maybe it’s because it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but I’m out of breath.

I slowly approached Jaifa.

The broken left arm was turned in a strange direction.

Spit mixed with blood was dripping down its gaping maw.

He looked like he was sleeping as he sat down with his back against a tree with his head down.

“···Let’s cool off and see you again.”

I brushed my sweaty hair.

I felt out of breath, perhaps because it had been a while since I had used this skill.

If a normal person had been hit, his or her limbs would have already disintegrated, but since he was a strong person, he would come to his senses in two days at the most.

Suddenly, Schlieffen’s voice was heard from behind.

“The man who was the best swordsman in the empire…!”

“uh. “Are you here?”

When I looked back, I saw my sister and Schlieffen who were dumbfounded.

Schlieffen’s forehead was wrapped with an apron that his older sister had given him as a bandage.

I started laughing without realizing it.

Do you think it will continue a little faster here?

I stumbled and opened my mouth.

“good. “I decided.”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s next? “I just realized it after fighting with Jaifa.”

Jaifa was an enemy that struck like a thunderbolt.

Unless we eliminate the source, pursuers like him will continue to come after us.

I covered my sister’s ears with both hands.

“I think we need to destroy the empire first.”


“yes? Ronan, what did you just say?”

Schlieffen frowned.

My older sister, who had not heard anything, tilted her head.

In fact, from the moment my face was sold at Phileon Academy, what I had to do was decided.

He looked back in the direction of the imperial palace and continued speaking.

“I should get rid of it before it becomes more of a bother. “It won’t take long.”


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