Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 419

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2-41. fugitive(5)


“Nuh-uh, sis… stop now. “He’s had enough.”

“no! My face is half cut, so what am I supposed to do since I only ate that? Now, there’s still a lot, so eat slowly!”

With those words, my sister poured stew into my bowl with a ladle.

The potato-based stew contained plenty of meat and other vegetables.

It is clear that all of the household ingredients were invested.

It was really appetizing, but the only problem was that I had just finished my fifth bowl.

“Ha…haha…thank you.”

“Ehehe, it still feels like a dream. Ronan is coming back.”

My sister smiled.

She was looking at my face as if it were the most beautiful jewel in the world.

It seemed like he still suspected that the occasional poking of his nose or cheek was a hallucination.

In this situation, if you tell me I can’t eat any more, I can’t.

Why are older beauties like Navardose so upset because they can’t give them food?

Schlieffen, who had just finished emptying his bowl, opened his mouth.

“Thank you for the grace. “I have never tasted such a delicacy before.”

“Oh, does it fit your mouth?”

Stew was also poured into Schlieffen’s bowl.

I was fed up and shook my head.

That bastard was already on his seventh bowl.

Anyway, although it was delicious, it was a delicacy, so I laughed out loud.

“Isn’t it a simpler menu than the aperitif bread served at Grancia?”

Schlieffen didn’t respond and began to eat his refill of stew.

Even in the midst of all the trouble, his dining etiquette was the pinnacle of sophistication.

His smooth chin was shining white, without a single fluff of fur.

“I’m glad it suits your taste. I had no idea Ronan would bring her friend. But you look familiar somehow. Have we met before?”

“Uh… about that. “I mean.”

The atmosphere suddenly became cold.

I also forgot for a moment.

The current Schlieffen was clearly a public servant of the empire and a wanted man.

My sister, who had been examining his face with narrowed eyes, shook her head.

“Hmm, I guess not. “I guess I was mistaken.”

“···that. Is that so?”

“Yes, I’m sure. The man I saw on Marvas’s wanted list had a full beard! He seemed like a man who had committed a very, very serious crime, and there was no way such a good person could be such a villain.”


“Ehehe, I’m sorry for continuing to talk to you during the meal. bon appetite!”

My sister laughed.

Schlieffen’s breathing stopped as he smiled like a fruity summer day.

Even after seven years, there was not a single fine wrinkle visible on her fair face.

Schlieffen stayed like that until his sister briefly left for the kitchen.

“Yumma breath. rest.”

“······I saw an angel.”

“I’m going crazy. “Well, this is just like you.”

I giggled and finished eating the stew.

I felt like my stomach would explode if I even got close to the needle, but I couldn’t leave behind what my older sister had prepared so carefully.

My older sister was arranging dishes while humming.

‘thank god. I’m so glad.’

I don’t know how many times I breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, neither Akasha nor baldness mattered.

I felt relieved just knowing that my sister was alive.

However, there was one serious problem.

‘Ronan, where is this bastard and what is he doing?’

I was not this sister’s younger brother.

Actually, I tried to say it as soon as I met him, but I couldn’t get my mouth to speak.

I met my younger brother who left home after 7 years, but how can I tell him that I am actually a fake and the real one is just messing around in the outskirts?

No matter how hard I tried, it seemed like it wouldn’t work now.

Looking back on my first life, if there were no special variables, I would have stayed in the North by now.

‘The werewolf suppression operation is probably in full swing.’


No, I also met Count Armalen there for the first time.

It was around this time that I got beaten up for asking if the fur underneath was also golden.

My headache hurts.

No matter how much I think about it, there are too many people to meet.

Of course, the first thing I wanted to meet was Akasha.

It was a moment when I was staring blankly at my sister’s back.


A genius idea crossed my mind.


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If I remember correctly, there was a way to pursue Akasha right now.

I quickly looked at my coat.

Red blood stains remained intact.

Apparently, some of them were created during the battle with Akasha.

I put down the spoon and got up from my seat.


“Hey! W-what’s going on?!”

My sister shrugged her shoulders.

The cup in my hand fell.

After a month of running, I stretched my legs.

The cup rested exactly on the top of my foot.

I continued talking while holding my sister’s shoulders.

“I’m sorry for startling you. But I have something to ask my sister right now. “Do you have the blood acupuncture needle that your father prepared as a gift for my coming-of-age ceremony?”


The older sister’s eyes were already wide open.

She was dumbfounded and stuttered.

“Tongue, blood acupuncture, Ronan, how could you… Dad told you to keep it a secret…?”

“Sorry. But I don’t have time to explain. “I really need it, but can’t you give it to me right now?”

“······I’m an adult anyway, so it doesn’t matter since it’s Ronan’s stuff… Yeah, wait a minute.”

My older sister nodded and ran to her room.

His voice sounded depressed. Was it because of his mood?

As soon as the door closed, a crunching sound rang out, like catching a mouse.

Before long, my older sister returned covered in dust and was holding a wooden box in her hands.

“Ronan! I found it!”

“Okay, give it to me.”

“Ugh…but wait a minute. Phew…”

Suddenly, my older sister, who was hugging the box, took a deep breath.

The gloom on his face became even deeper.

For some reason, it seemed like they were reluctant to give me the box.

I tilted my head.

“what’s the matter?”

“···Ronan. “Do you know what a blood acupuncture needle does?”

“huh. “It’s a magic tool that points to the owner of the blood.”

“that’s right. “Then do you know whose blood is on here?”

“Of course, father… no way.”

I had an ominous feeling.

My sister lowered her head.

As soon as I received the box, I carefully opened it.

I raised my eyebrows when I saw the blood acupuncture needle.


The needle was cold and hardened.

There was only one reason why the needle, which was supposed to follow the owner of the blood, stopped moving.

Death of pursuit target.

My older sister, who was lowering her head, pursed her lips.

“Ronan. Dad…”

“no. “You don’t have to explain.”

It’s within the expected range.

I put down the acupuncture needle and hugged my sister.

My slender shoulders were trembling.

“I’m sorry, sister.”

“do not do that. “You couldn’t help it.”

“I missed everyone so much… I took it out even though I knew it was a gift for Ronan… But then, it has already changed like that…”

Transparent tears were falling on the wooden floor.

I muttered with a bitter smile on my face.

“······I can’t meet you here either.”

Seven years was a very long time for Cain, who was seriously injured.

This time, my father left without realizing his dream of family reunion.

Once again, I realized that I was the bastard of the world.

I had no idea what kind of pain my sister must have been going through until now.

“I’m sorry. “I should have come earlier.”

I gritted my teeth.

The reason my older sister secretly opened the box was because she couldn’t bear the loneliness.

Suddenly, the tableware for two people prepared on the table that I saw when I came home flashed through my mind.

At first, I thought it was prepared for guests, but it wasn’t.

The bowl and spoon with which I had just scooped up the stew had been for my own use for a long time.


Although it was an old item, it was well maintained and not a single speck of dust had accumulated on it.

My older sister cleaned it and waited every day.

The day my beloved younger brother returns.

The moment we eat together again.

“···Miss Iril.”

Schlieffen was looking at his sister with the cruelest expression on his face.

My guess is that he wouldn’t have made that kind of expression even when his family was ruined.

I took a deep breath, placed my forehead against my sister, and whispered.

“Everything will be fine now. Promise.”

“Ugh… Ugh…”

I will do everything I can.

Just like the previous parallel world, this one too is just experiencing passing rain.

Proving that was also one of my missions.

I carefully separated myself from my sister and took off my coat.

And with his eyes focused on the blood stain, he opened his mouth.

“Lin. “Is there Akasha’s blood among these?”

“huh. “I’ll take a look.”

As if responding, the white sword body glowed.

At Rin’s request, I swept the coat with my sword three or four times.

It would have been much more convenient if I had Sita, but even my companion could have done such a simple task.

Before long the answer came back.

“there is. “All that’s on your left collar is that wizard’s blood.”


I clenched my fists.

It seemed like there was no need to open the blood for returning home.

I picked up a cup of water from the table and poured it on my collar.

When I squeezed it and rubbed it, a red liquid came out.

I quickly opened the blood needle and got blood on the needle.


The colorless needles turned bright red.

It started idling, but it didn’t take long.

The tip of the rotating needle was fixed in the east.


I muttered without realizing it.

I felt like I had discovered the light of a lighthouse through a thick fog.

The finely moving acupuncture needle was pointing to Akasha.

It meant that no matter where it was, if you followed this, it would come out.

“Bah, what did you just do, Ronan? “Whose blood…”

“Wait a minute, sister. wait for a sec.”

“Wow, I just touched my sister’s hair!”

I stroked my sister’s head and fell asleep.

My forehead felt hot because I had a lot to think about.

I just wanted to run along the needle right away.

But there were still many things left to protect in this world.

‘I can’t lose more.’

The number of people alive right now was different.

If Nebula Clazier acted up while I was away, a terrible tragedy might occur.

That wasn’t a very good trend.

Even if evil was eventually driven out, unnecessary sacrifices should not have been made in the process.

We had to find the safest and most efficient method.

I was in the middle of thinking for a while, looking back and forth between Schlieffen and my sister.

Thump thump!

Suddenly, a knock sounded from beyond the front door.

“huh? Who is it?”


My sister perked up her ears.

Schlieffen reflexively placed his hand on the hilt of the sword.

My concentration was broken and I glared at the door.

“What is happening all of a sudden? sister. Is there anyone who would like to come?”

“Ugh, well? I didn’t have any specific plans. “Has Mr. Ringel, who lives next door, come to bring you sweet potatoes again?”


“I’m going to go out.”

No sign of life was detected.

Still, I brought a sword just in case.

It was the moment when I, who had been walking hurriedly, pulled the doorknob.

A black wall stretched out before my eyes.


The black wall was of a metallic material.

My dumb face was hovering over the bulging iron plate.

It was only after a while that I realized that it was not a wall, but armor worn by a person.

The right hand of the giant with shaggy black hair all over his body was holding a huge scimitar like a pillar.


When I looked up, I saw the head of a tiger.

The black Were Tiger’s eyes were burning red like a giant star.

My frown narrowed.


“That’s right.”

The answer was simple.

Jaipa struck down the scimitar he was holding.


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