Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 414

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2-36. second parallel line


The first thing I noticed was a dirty wall made of bricks.

“Ugh, f*ck…”

I feel dizzy.

It feels like I was drifting in a barrel of liquor and was swept away by a typhoon.

Even when crossing the Dawn Sea on a raft, I never experienced motion sickness like this.

“Where is here···?”

It’s an unfamiliar road.

Still, it seemed clear that it was the next parallel world.

It is also a time zone that has not yet been completely taken over by bald people.

The reason was simple.

Because there was still a building left.

I was sitting with my back against a wall that looked identical to the one across from me.

The unique coldness of the bricks is unpleasant.

‘back street?’

When I raised my head, I saw a narrow sky.

Two buildings facing me with my back to me were limiting my view.

It was humid weather overall.

The dark clouds moving in groups looked like they might pour out a shower at any moment.

The lukewarm wind smelled like water.

‘It looks like we arrived properly.’

Fortunately, it was not an emergency landing.

I sighed in relief and the first thing I did was check my waist.

The sword was hanging safely.

As soon as I looked at my arms and legs, Lin’s voice rang out.

“I never thought you would be the first to take care of it… I might have been a little touched.”

“You’re noisy, man.”

“Hehe, that’s embarrassing. “My sister understands everything.”

If it wasn’t for motion sickness, I would have sanded it once.

It is natural for a knife wielder to take his knife first.

Fortunately, there was no sign of any significant damage to the limbs.

Ten fingers and toes each were well attached.

The bottle containing Akasha’s blood and the fragments of Seniel, which were important items, were also safe.

I held my head and looked back on my memories.

“Yeah… I remember it.”

It comes to mind rarely.

After saying a tearful goodbye to Sister Navardose, I entered the crack.

The inside of the crack right before it disappeared was extremely cruel.

The road that stretched in a straight line had all collapsed, and the portal on the other side, which connected to the parallel world, felt like it was thousands of meters away.

Thanks to the extensive use of security magic, it was really difficult to get out of the crack.


I clenched my fists.

The sight of five eyes glaring at me was still vivid.

Although he showed incomprehensible behavior in the last world, the fact that we must arrest him for a peaceful future has not changed.

It must also include the shameful crime of arbitrarily killing my flying squirrel.

However, I couldn’t guess its purpose.

‘What on earth does that bastard want?’

I understand that there is some dissatisfaction with society.

If there’s something I don’t like about the future, I guess they’ll drag the bald guys from the parallel world and commit evil acts on them.

But why on earth did they take out that damned Seniel and destroy it?

Why on earth?

How did you know what it was?

Moreover, according to Navardose’s words, the guy didn’t attack him at all.

“Eh, I didn’t get caught by a crazy person by mistake.”

I held my throbbing forehead and bit down on a cigarette.

Normally, I don’t try to understand the thoughts of a madman, but this time the situation was a little different.

“Wuuuuu… I think I’m going to live.”

After inhaling the smoke, the motion sickness subsided a little.

Perhaps because it was in a space full of life, the taste was amazing.

‘I will never be able to quit this. Anyway.’

White smoke disperses in the air.

We were partners who had shared a tumultuous life together. I can assure you that I would remain a smoker even after marriage.

I’ve seen a lot of people quit after becoming fathers, but they’re all just cowards.

There is no way.

Love and this are separate things.


After spitting out the smoke three or four times and drinking it, my condition improved.


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I stood up with a cigarette pipe in my mouth.

My butt was cold from sitting for so long.

The moment I left the narrow alley, a desolate residential area unfolded before my eyes.

“What the f*ck?”

And, I froze in place like a stone statue.

The shape of the street became familiar to my eyes.

Although the atmosphere and condition of the building were completely different, it was clearly the same place.

“Could it be here…?”

I suddenly felt like I was being recognized, so I turned my head.

It was not far away.

On the second floor of a house, a gloomy old man was glaring at me through a half-open window.

It was the first person I met after coming to this world.

“Oh, there was someone. Old man. Could this be…”

I was approaching him with a gentle smile.


The window closed with the threat of being smashed.

“Damn, what did you do wrong?”

I was surprised and took a step back.

A dull sound echoed through the streets.

Almost immediately the curtains were drawn.

The thick blackout, as if not allowing even a speck of sunlight to pass through, felt like a barrier separating the house from society.

“Come to think of it···.”

I didn’t think a wild animal that escaped from the zoo would be treated that way.

Suddenly, I noticed that the windows of almost every building were covered with curtains like that.

I wondered what on earth had happened to the city.

Has a plague spread?


I needed to check.


I easily jumped onto the roof.

It was the house where my old man had been just moments ago.


A dry scream echoed from beneath my feet.

Judging by the sound, it seemed like he got kicked in the butt, but it was intentional, so I wasn’t particularly sorry.

From the top of the building, the nearby scenery was visible at a glance.

“What, was it really a system?”

I slowly looked around and laughed.

My predictions turned out to be exactly right.

The place I was in was a residential district on the eastern side of the island.

The panoramic view of the city, neat as a checkerboard, stretched out to the edge of the horizon.

“It’s so nice to meet you.”

He exhaled smoke and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

It was a nostalgic scene.

Balon, which had not yet been invaded by giants, was much healthier than the world I came from.

The layout of the roads and buildings was just as I remembered, and the unique majestic appearance was still intact.

‘Why is it so quiet?’

However, the atmosphere was very different.

The entire city was depressed and depressed.

The imperial palace located in the center was still gorgeous, but somehow it felt lifeless.

The market, which was always bustling with merchants and customers from all over the continent, had only a few carts moving around.

‘Did the emperor die?’

Just looking at the atmosphere, it was worse than a remote mining town, let alone the biggest city on the continent.

The weather was so bad that I felt like I was getting depressed as I watched it.

Before tracking down Akasha, I felt like I needed to find out what happened and what the timeline was.

I had climbed up the chimney and was looking at the city more closely.


The gaze that had been moving left and right stopped in one place.

Far to the west, beyond the imperial palace, a familiar structure came into view.

Dozens of tall, sharp spiers shimmered in the heavy air.

The longed-for name leaked out from my open mouth.


It was definitely true.

It was a small city with a hundred towers.

Educational institutions with thousands of years of history and institutions remained firmly established even in a world on the verge of destruction.

The faces of my classmates and teachers flashed through my mind.

‘Maybe the principal or instructor Nabirose is there.’

There was no reason not to go.

If at least one person remained, it would be of great help.

I moved towards Phileon like a person possessed.

Every time I moved from roof to roof, a loud scream rang out.

“Huh! “Are you a thief?!”

“Well, no one hid our house! Long live the regent!”

“yes. yes. sorry. “I’ll just pass by for a moment.”

For a moment I thought I heard a strange noise, but I ignored it.

Because the system is so large, it took quite a while to focus on just moving around.


After stepping on hundreds of roofs, I finally jumped.

“Okay. “How long has it been since this?”

The magnificent school gates of Phileon stretched toward the sky.

The door that I used to go in and out every time I went on weekends or for club activities was not broken, unlike in the original world.

If you go in like this and go straight, you can get to the Gallerion Pavilion.

If you go a little further and turn right, you will see the Navardose building, the dormitory where I stayed. If you go into the forest next to it, you will see a vacant lot with a nice atmosphere where I had a secret meeting with Adeshan.

‘It was a great time. Anyway.’

More than a few years have passed, but it feels like it was just yesterday.

I headed to the school gate, recalling pleasant memories.

I’m not sure because I don’t have a watch, but roughly around this time, students still in school uniform should be running around.

Before long, I arrived in front of the school gate and frowned.

“ok? what?”

I hadn’t seen it before.

A translucent force field was blocking the school gate.

The following words were floating on top of the stubborn defense shield, as if it would not allow even a single mouse to enter.

[In accordance with the royal decree of His Majesty the Regent, our school is closed indefinitely until further notice.]


My brows furrowed.

It was a word I didn’t really like.

Since he was a regent rather than an emperor, it seemed like there was a disruption to the Balon dynasty that had lasted until the 44th generation.

“I don’t know who he is, but he’s such a helpless bastard.”

I don’t know the full story, but it was clearly closed for pathetic reasons.

In the original world, the only time Phileon Academy was closed was when an all-out war against Nebula Clazier broke out.

It was the place where classes were held even when the Witch of Winter descended and beasts of snow and ice attacked the students.

Of course, I had no intention of cooperating.

When I pulled the hilt, the sword came out with a smooth sound.

‘Isn’t there anyone?’

Still, I looked around just in case.

The street was deathly quiet.

It’s also bizarre.

As usual, the area near Phileon would be crowded like a beach in the summer.

Anyway, it was a good thing if there were no eyes to see.

The blade that quickly drew an arc returned to its original position.

There was no need to use any force.


The protective shield surrounding the school gate was cut away with a sensation as if the head was being cut.

“f*ck this.”

I raised the corners of my mouth without realizing it.

After all, my abilities weren’t broken.

The only thing strange is Akasha’s magic.

f*cking bastard.

I hummed and took a step forward.

It was a car that was just about to cross the threshold.


An old piece of paper flew out and got wrapped around my shin.

‘How are you managing the school if you don’t even pick up trash properly?’

It was something I never even thought about.

Looking at the texture of the paper, it seemed like a friend who had been hanging out on the streets for a while.

I picked it up without thinking, and there was something written on it.

I slowly read along the text.

[Arrest and execution completed: Josef Siniban de Grancia]

-If you discover traitors in Grancia, report them immediately-


It felt like a huge weight had fallen on my heart.

It took me a while to realize what I was looking at.

Josef Siniban de Grancia was clearly Schlieffen’s father.

The matriarch of Grancia, a great family that divides the empire.

But a traitor?

“f*ck, what on earth happened…”

“You there! “Stop right now!”

I was in the midst of great confusion.

Suddenly, a loud voice rang out from behind me.

Sensing that he was about to die, I twisted my shoulder.


An arrow passed through my chest.

The sharp tip was coated with a liquid believed to be paralyzing poison.

Judging by the color, it’s a toad’s body fluid.

This is an item used by the imperial army.

“Did you avoid it?”

Confusion erupted from the direction the arrow came from.

I slowly turned my head.

There were five or six soldiers armed with armor, long spears, and arrows.

It seemed like he approached me while I was preoccupied with the paper.

The man who seemed to have the highest rank spoke sternly.

“You’ve finally shown yourself, Grancia’s spy. Has she come to see your master Schlieffen?”

“This is some kind of bullshit again.”


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