Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 409

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Abduction 57. Sword and Star (2)



“Why are you doing that? son.”

Ronan shrugged his eyebrows.

He was out on an outing with his family and was playing catch with Lance.

Transparent autumn sunlight was bathing the park.

Not far away, Adeshan, Erin, and Sita were sitting on a mat under a zelkova tree.

Lance asked a question along with the ball.

“Why doesn’t your father challenge the swordsmanship?”

“It’s a random question. Why aren’t you first in school? Because you don’t want to do it?”

“Well, that and this are different issues…! It’s a position that all top prosecutors covet, but if you think about it, my father has never participated in the competition until now. “I wondered if there was some reason.”

“There is some reason. It’s because I don’t feel the need to do it. “It’s also scary.”

“Are you scared?”

“okay. Isn’t that a place where only people who are really crazy about swords go out? “Think about who the past winners were.”

Ronan received the ball.

Just as his father had said, Ranse recalled the many faces of past sword saints.

Schlieffen, Zeiffa, Nabirose, and Croden, the torrent sword… they were certainly all people who were far from normal.

…But isn’t that the same for father?

Lance was trying to find something to say in response.

“I don’t know if it’s the Schlieffen children, but the current Geomseong is Nabirose. Are you telling me to get into a knife fight with that person? “Wow, I feel like throwing up just thinking about it.”

Ronan was disgusted.

He was the one who personally witnessed the moment Nabiroje was once again crowned a sword saint.

To be honest, I was aiming for a scene where my sister’s clothes were moderately torn by Schlieffen’s storm sword, but I ended up seeing a completely different result than I expected.

Until then, Ronan was unaware that she had reached the point of complete transformation.

In the title match against Nabi Rose, Schlieffen was literally crushed.

‘It was terrible. ‘If it were me, I wouldn’t have been able to leave the house for a month.’

It was a waste of money to even call it a victory.

Butterfly Rose subdued Schlieffen without even displaying his sword energy properly, let alone bringing out everything.

Daetaedo became like a snake and stirred up the arena.

The storm sword, which had never lost its majesty since Schlieffen’s awakening, was reduced to a breeze on a good day for an outing.

It didn’t take long for the match to end.

When Nabirose sheathed his sword, Schlieffen was lying on the floor, writhing like an insect.

Ronan couldn’t say anything to Schlieffen.

Even though he was determined to laugh at loud enough for the entire audience to hear in the unlikely event that he lost.

‘Pathetic bastard. I’m sure my sister was watching too.’

Rather, the heat was intense.

So, I was very excited and took my anger out on the reporters who were writing the article.

Rather than expressing anger, perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it legitimate media control.

No matter how important it is to attract attention, the headline is [Amazing! [Storm Raped by the Snake Empress!] is a bit harsh.

The only thing he could do for his friend was to prevent trash articles from being published.

Ronan threw the ball with a little force.

“Now, take it!”

“What! It’s too high!”

The parabola rose high.

Ranse, who was struggling, strengthened his legs with mana and jumped up.

Great catch.

People walking around applauded the movements that were reminiscent of a well-trained hunting dog.

Lanse muttered as he landed after spinning around.

“But I think my father can do it…”

“driving me crazy. Do you say things like that even while listening to Nabi Rose’s class? Transforming your body is not just about having a great body and face. Currently, about half of the prosecutors on the continent will develop fecal incontinence just by crossing swords with your sister once. Even if I can’t do it, there is no answer unless I bring old Jaifa. “Either Schlieffen will come to a surprising realization.”

“Well, I know that…but your father is strong enough. Why, when I think of the observation class I had before…”

“If you’re talking about a guy who has paralysis or quadriplegia, stop. Because he wasn’t joking, he was an idiot who could hit me even if I fought with the hilt of a sword between my buttocks. “You have to compare things to compare.”

Ronan clicked his tongue.

Even thinking about it again made me angry.

I can’t believe people had to suffer because of one elderly person with dementia like that.

Lance was about to throw the ball again.

“You two, let’s stop by and have lunch~”

Adeshan’s voice came from the zelkova tree.

She was sitting on a mat peeling apples.

Next to the long stretched leg, there were layers of homemade lunch boxes piled up.

Erin hesitated.

“that’s right. Erin, I was hungry, but I held back for a long time. “Isn’t it the same for Sita?”


Sita nodded.

The dream, which had once taken countless blood and lives, was spread out like butter on a frying pan.

Erin was rolling around on Sita’s soft feathers and eating an apple that her mother had peeled.

“Yes, I’m going. Let’s go.”


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Ronan took off his gloves and waved them.

Before I knew it, it was time to eat.

Lance, who took the ball, followed him.

Ronan, who was walking with his hands in his pockets, glanced at his son.

“By the way, is your butt okay? “It was a place I met my mom after returning from the South.”

“A story from when…! “Sita treated me that very day, so I’m fine now, right?”

“It’s nice of you to cry and pray, but you’re bragging. “Erin was more resolute than you too, man.”


Lance’s face turned red.

This happened after a noisy experiential learning experience.

He and Erin had been sentenced to be flogged for daring to risk their lives and land in the middle of an army of corpses.

The executor is Adeshan de Baltua.

The blow filled with mother’s love engraved another trauma deep in Lanse’s hip bone that would never be forgotten again.

Ronan, who was giggling, messed up Lanse’s hair.

“Well, I couldn’t tell you at the time, but it was pretty cool. Jumping in to save people you don’t have a single drop of blood in is definitely not an easy task. Of course, I’m on my mother’s side, but isn’t that because I lived? You did really well. son.”

“So…it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

“Yumma. When I praise you, you just say, ‘Yes! Thank you, Dad!!’ “Accept it. A guy who doesn’t even have a girlfriend to catch up with is getting into strange waters… No, there’s Sechika. Did you two kiss?”

“Se, se, why does Sechika’s name suddenly appear?! We’re just friends!”

Lance’s face became even redder.

Since we were going to date anyway, there was no point.

It’s frustrating too.

I wasn’t like this.

Anyway, it was a really nice day.

Moderately cool weather and trees starting to turn autumn leaves.

Even people walking through the park smiling.

Ronan, who was walking away while bickering, grinned.

“son. “I would rather play one more game of catch with you than participate in the Sword Saint match.”


“That’s a million times more valuable way to spend your time. really. “You will find out someday.”

Lance frowned.

The expression on his face was that he couldn’t understand why the position of the noble swordsman was inferior to playing catch.

Ronan didn’t bother to explain the reason.

There are definitely things you don’t know unless you experience it yourself.

Suddenly, a voice came from behind.

“But there are people in the world who have to prove themselves.”


The low, heavy voice was familiar.

Ronan pulled at the hilt of his sword.

The tip of the sword, which had disappeared, reappeared in front of the uvula of the person who spoke.

A were tiger with black fur all over his body was looking down at the two people.

Jaifa laughed.

“It’s been a while. bantling.”

“Your fur is so shiny. “I guess the rumors of rejuvenation were true.”

The corners of Ronan’s mouth rose.

It was a face I hadn’t seen in quite some time.

Ronan looked Zaifah up and down and realized that it was true that he had undergone a complete transformation.

The black body hair was overflowing with energy, as if it had been showered with ink.

The muscles that felt like they were tearing apart his entire body were more tightly compressed than he remembered.

“Are the little ones your children? They have grown up a lot.”

“Children grow up quickly. Son, say hello to your dad’s friend. You know Jaifa, right? “Jeonjeontai Sword Saint.”

“Ji, are you really Jaifa? As expected from the rumor that you have recently become younger…!”

Lance, who was frozen, barely opened his mouth.

My heart was pounding and felt like it was going to tear my chest apart.

One of the people I had envied my whole life was in front of me.

I had met him before, but I was too young to remember.

Jaifa nodded.

“okay. Thanks to the little lion, I gained an unintentional enlightenment. by the way···.”

Suddenly, Jaifa’s eyes turned to Ronan’s back.

Erin was lying close to Sita’s back, watching out for Jaipa like a cat.

Beside him, Adeshan stood up and was staring at himself.

Gray eyes were shining with a soft glow.

“Why don’t you let me off the hook? “My stomach is tingling.”

“oh. “You came so unexpectedly that I stopped without even realizing it… It’s been a while, Jaipa.”

Adeshan smiled.

The light in the eyes faded.

The mental grip that had been weighing down Jaifa from within had subsided.

Jaipa sighed after seeing that his body had become lighter.

“Whoa… Anyway, it’s an ability I can’t get used to. “It would be good for the imperial army to have a capable commander.”

“Even if you didn’t faint after being hit by that, it’s not easy. “What’s going on here for a nobleman who should be in the North?”

Ronan tapped the hilt of his sword.

As a character who likes unexpected actions, I couldn’t let down my guard.

From the beginning, when we first met, didn’t he brandish a scimitar to say hello?

Jaifa scratched his head.

“Well, it’s nothing…I just came to talk. Regarding the decisive battle of the Sword Saint. “I decided to compete this time.”

“Are you also a sword saint? That’s it. “I’m not going out.”

“If you talk to me, you’ll want to go out.”

“Conversation. “You’re doing that with your mouth, right?”

Jaifar chuckled after hearing Ronan’s question.

Perhaps because he was younger, his laughter was cheerful.

Instead of a scimitar, he now had two javelins on his back.

The person facing me stopped laughing almost immediately.

“Of course not.”

“I knew so.”


With the sound of a whip, a sadhu chariot stopped.

It was a luxurious carriage that was not suitable for rough trails.

Eventually, the door opened, and a girl with dark blue hair jumped out.

“Wow! It’s arrived, it’s arrived!”

Aria got off the carriage and ran away.

Normally, I would have been warned to behave cautiously, but not today.

The teachers and deacons in charge of nagging all remained at the Grancia Mansion.

Iril, who got off the train after him, smiled brightly.

“Hehe, our Aria, are you that excited?”

“huh! It’s so nice to come here with mom and dad! “But where is this?”

A simple rural scene unfolded before my eyes.

Overgrowth lining the path, a narrow river winding through the village, and a floating raft tied to a stake.

The village pranksters came out in groups of twos and threes to fish for mullet.

Aria’s eyes sparkled.

“It’s cool…”

“Ehehe, right?”

It was an extremely ordinary scene, but it felt quite refreshing to Aria, who spends most of her time in the Grancia territory and islands.

Iril hugged her from behind.

“This is Nimburton. “It’s my mother’s hometown.”

“hometown? Where was you born and raised?”

“huh. “Me and Ronan have lived here almost her whole life.”

Iril hesitated.

It’s been more than ten years now, but the days I spent in Nimburton are still vivid, as if I could reach out and touch them.

At that time, Schlieffen, who had packed his luggage, got out of the carriage for the last time.

“here is···”


He was looking around Nimburton and was about to say something.

Iril put his index finger in front of his lips and smiled.

“Just follow me today. “There is something I want to show you.”


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