Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 404

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2-28. Disaster from the future (1)


The world was quiet.

A cool, scentless wind was blowing.

From the top of an unknown mountain, I could see the surrounding scenery at a glance.

The mountains of Our Star were lined up like waves, reducing them all to Nimburton Hill.

Originally, it was a place that could have been my grave, but thanks to my amazing companions, I was able to survive.

I threw the canteen at Pantasion sitting in front of the campfire.

“Good job. Muscle deer.”

“You too.”

Pantasion took the canteen and grinned.

Compared to before leaving for the trip, his appearance had become noticeably shabbier.

I asked, patting my head.

“Are the horns okay? “I’m not sure if I’m a deer, but isn’t that important to you?”

“It’s important. “Because it is a symbol of power and authority.”

“I knew it would happen. Let’s put it on when we get back. “I’m sure Navardose will do something.”

“Thank you for your words. But I’m fine.”

Pantasion shook his head.

Honestly, I don’t know which is better.

Most of the wounds that covered his body were deep enough to remain as scars.

The magnificent horns were almost completely broken, making it no different from a stag walking on all fours.

The war he waged while surrounded by the Bald Army took many things from him.

After a brief pause, he continued speaking.

“Thanks to you… I have avenged my enemy.”

Nevertheless, Pantasion seemed happy.

He emptied the canteen in one go and began to doze off.

There was still a lot of conversation left to be had, but I didn’t wake him up. I wanted to use this opportunity to hear about the past, but it turned out to be a shame.

“okay. “Get some sleep.”

I turned my gaze to the side of Pantasion.

Letancier and Orsay, who had already fallen asleep, were lying on the floor.


“Navardose…Ugh…Stop it…!”

“What on earth is this bastard dreaming about?”

The fatigue that had accumulated so far exploded all at once.

The reason he saved me right away was because he rushed to me as soon as the fight was over.

Once again, I thought it was a good thing we all came together.

Even if I leave sooner or later, these three will assist Navardose well and restore the world.

‘Thank goodness. ‘I don’t think you’ll be right.’

There was only one other person besides me who wasn’t sleeping anymore.

I was so nervous the entire time I landed that I didn’t want to talk much.

I guess I should eat something now.

He was taking out some beef jerky from his coat pocket.

A sighing sound as if the ground was falling was heard from behind.

“Haaaa… stupid… the stupidest fool in the world…”

“Eight, damn it. “I’m still falling asleep like that.”

There was a degree of patience.

I threw the beef jerky I was holding at Abel.


The piece of meat flew in a parabola and hit the guy’s head and bounced off.

Still, Abel did not move.

“Do it in moderation, man. “How long are you going to be murmuring there?”

“Shut up. You are an even bigger idiot than your brother. “If we had left even a small part of it, we could have become the rulers of the world.”

“Stop talking nonsense and come and eat. “I’m going to eat yours too?”

“Eat yourself… You have taken away the opportunity from everyone living on our planet… You have cut down the only possibility for a gutter rat to become a lion with that cheap sword.”

Abel was looking up at the sky blankly.

The souls liberated by the destruction of the source were embroidering under the clouds.

The sight of billions of lights rising like lotus lanterns was so beautiful that no proper exclamation came to mind.

How can you be unhappy while watching someone kill you like that? This was an amazing talent.

I clicked my tongue and took out a new piece of beef jerky.

“It’s your potential, not ours.”


“Don’t arbitrarily set limits for people. I was wrong in the first place about a rat, but that doesn’t mean there’s no chance of him becoming a lion. “I think it’s idiotic to make conclusions about what’s the only opportunity, what’s the ruler of the world like, etc.”

“under! That’s funny. Do you think I don’t know mortals? Do you know what I saw while traveling with my brother?!”

Abel, who had been looking at the sky the whole time, turned to me.

My body flinched reflexively.

Tears were streaming down the face of the guy who looked like me.

Unlike the purple, cloudy blood, it was clear and transparent.

I’m a little embarrassed.


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I was dumbfounded for a while and scratched my cheek.

“······But it’s not something to cry about, is it?”

“Shut up. I have now lost everything. “Even the goal that was the only thing that gave me motivation to live… my anger is justified.”

“It was a shitty goal to begin with, but what… Wow, I already ate it all.”

It felt like there were about five beggars sitting in my stomach.

Maybe it was because I used so much energy, but I was still hungry no matter how much I ate.

I got up and approached Abel.

“If this has already happened, find a new goal. Of course, don’t do anything bad. “I’m sure my father would want that too.”

“···Damn it.”

“I’m sleepy and hungry, so let’s go back soon. “I was thankful today.”

I tapped Abel on the shoulder.

The fact that he was still a bastard did not change, but the fact that the entire group survived was largely due to him.

No matter how much my blood was pumped to its limit, blocking the barrage of bald men was not something anyone could do.

“that’s right. Do you know how to get to the original world? “Why am I so anxious?”

“···What are you looking at me for? “It’s dozens of times simpler than it appears.”

“That’s it then,”

He smiled, clasping his hands behind his head.

No matter what anyone says, the bald race was destroyed.

Just as all innocent souls returned to their respective heavens, all that remained was for our stars to return to their original form.

The only thing that bothered me was Akasha’s presence.

The tension did not appear until the moment the king was cut in half.

Am I fighting with my future self?

Or is he running amok in another parallel world?

I couldn’t tell at the moment.

I continued speaking with my eyes focused on the souls ascending to heaven.

“It’s something that can’t be undone anyway, so let’s leave without any regrets.”


“A toast to the heroes who saved the world!”


The drinking glasses clashed with powerful slogans.

The overflowing liquid soaked the floor.

The evening of the third day after returning from Bald World.

The banquet started today as usual.

“Captain Orsay, tell me about that one more time. “How did you save Ronan?”

“Haha! You mean that story? I’ll do something special for you. While that little guy lost all his strength and was falling…”

Orsay started the story giggling.

His drunken subordinates let out exclamations.

It must have been such a pleasant memory that I didn’t show any signs of dislike even though I told the same story dozens of times.

“Hey, Letansie! “Show me that one more time!”

“Ehehe… Is that so? Utcha!”

“Oh oh! “Grand wizard of wine!”

The two archbishops were also enjoying themselves.

Le Tanshie was using telekinesis to levitate alcohol and mix it in the air.

Only she could create the spectacle of a huge lump of liquid exploding and accurately filling everyone’s glasses.

“The horns are so cute, Phantasy… Ugh, would you like to come to my room for a moment?”

“I already have a widowed wife.”

“Oh my, it’s me. “My third husband was the last.”

Pantasion was already being wooed for the fifth time as far as I could see.

Today, the opponent was not even a beastman, but an elf.

I thought it would become unpopular because its horn was smashed, but it seemed like people liked it more because it looked cute.

“Here comes the cooking!”

“Today is the last day. “Starting tomorrow, you have to suffer like hell again, so enjoy it as much as you can!”

The hall where Seniel was worshiped had been transformed into a huge banquet hall.

Because it was beautifully maintained by Navarre, it was reminiscent of a garden party held by nobles.

The four of us who returned after saving the world (Abel was absent) were treated appropriately.

“Oh my. “How are you feeling?”

“It’s improved a lot. “What about you?”

“Me too. Hehehe, it’s all thanks to you.”

Navardose was right next to me.

It was a sight that would have made Adeshan fall, holding the back of his neck.

It was hard to breathe because my side was pressed against my chest, but she never let me go.

“Ah, this has finally come out.”

She was feeding me the best part of every new dish.

Even though the dishes were prepared, I couldn’t understand why they had to pick them up with bare hands.

Does hot hands make the food taste better?

“Hurry up and eat more. “This is the first pig to successfully breed.”

“Stop it… If you want to eat more here, you have to eat really cheaply. “My stomach is not made of rubber.”

It’s no joke, my stomach felt like it was going to explode.

No matter how well I ate, this wasn’t enough.

Navardose was embarrassed.

“B-but didn’t you say you were hungry? “I made it myself…”

“That happened three days ago. We had a banquet every day, but if you’re still hungry… Ah, okay! I’m going to eat it, so don’t look at me like that! Haap!”

That look was a foul.

I took a deep breath and bit into the meat Navardose was holding.

My fingers covered in sauce were hot.

She stroked my head and picked up the next food.

“Hehe, it’s good to eat well. I made this too…”

“Now, wait a minute!”

I felt like it would get really boring if I ate any more.

I took advantage of the opportunity to get out of her arms and waved my hand.

“Whoa… Damn it, I’ll just get some fresh air. “That’s okay, right?”

“Uhmmm… Well, there’s nothing we can do about it. “I hope you come back soon.”

Navardose sighed.

She pointed her finger nervously the whole time I was leaving the hall.

My heart ached.

Since returning from Bald World, she has really been treating me like her youngest son.

‘Son… right?’

The atmosphere got a bit weird sometimes, but that was probably right.

A dragon’s expression of affection must be different from a human’s.


If I hadn’t been hypnotized like that, I couldn’t bear it because I felt sorry for Adeshan, who would have been in the prime of prenatal education in the original world.

“This is a completely different stone.”

As I was leaving the hall, I stopped in front of Seniel.

A huge rock was floating in the middle of the banquet hall and radiating life energy.

I felt that the condition had improved incomparably compared to when I first saw it.

The gray-white surface had a luster filled with vitality.

I could understand why it was called the heart of a star, as it was so energetic just by being around it.

As time goes by, you will recover more.

After finishing the appreciation, I was about to leave.


Something caught my eye.

Blue light was leaking from inside a crack as fine as a hair.

It was a phenomenon I had never seen before.

“What is this… wow.”

I wanted to take a good look, but I felt so bad.

I went outside the headquarters with my mouth shut.

The nearest entrance faced the beach.

It was the moment I passed through the iron door.


The cool northern wind flipped my bangs.

The sea was revealed as the sun set.

“Wow… I guess I’ll live a bit now.”

Breathing in the cold air made me feel alive.

I took out the cigarette pipe and put it in my mouth.

The grapefruit-red sun was being swallowed by the sea, dyeing the sky purple.

“It’s killing me.”

Although it was only for a moment, it was a spectacle that made me forget about my bloating.

After all, the world had to have color.

Now that all the giants had disappeared, the other half of the world would slowly regain its original color.

“Okay…let’s rest until today.”

It seemed as if the fatigue remaining in my body was melting away.

Today was the last time I could play anyway.

I haven’t told anyone yet, but I was planning to start looking for a way to move on to the next world starting tomorrow.

‘I can’t stay here forever.’

There was still work left for me to do.

Since there weren’t many clues, tomorrow would be another day of worrying.

When I exhaled, white smoke dispersed.

It was a car that used to add extra leaves to the cigarette pipe.

“Wow… so pretty…!”

“Flying squirrel?”

Suddenly, an exclamation was heard from behind.

When I turned my head, there was a drunken Letancier standing there.

“Why did you come out?”

“Hey, I just came here to get some fresh air… Ronan, what are you doing in a place like this? “Navardose was looking for it… Ugh.”

“I’ll be in soon. “Just stop smoking what you were smoking now.”

As expected, he seemed to be looking for it.

I vigorously sucked on the lit cigarette.

Le Tansieh leaned against the iron door and began muttering.

“Starting today, I will live with a new heart… Wow, I said it before… but it was such a stupid thing… I will never… never do anything bad anymore…”

“That’s good. “Of course it should be.”

“It’s all thanks to Ronan… Meeting Ronan at the root that day was the luckiest thing in my life… hehe, really… it’s true.”

The voice coming from behind me tickled me.

It was clear that I felt good.

She was definitely a completely different person than when I first met her.

“What is so strange… If you fix the world, what will you do with your life?”

“Ehehe, umm…so I”

The answer was suddenly cut off.

It seemed like there were quite a lot of things I wanted to do.

“what the. “On the topic of villains.”

I laughed and finished lighting my cigarette.

The halo of light melting into the sea was beautiful.

There was no answer until all the leaves were burned and the pipe was put away.

“Flying squirrel?”

It was too long to worry about.

Did he fall asleep on the way?

The moment I smiled and turned my head, I froze in place.


The city of Le Thanh had disappeared, leaving only the bridge behind.

White bone was visible inside the smooth cut surface.

Red blood spurted from the severed aorta.

The iron door that her body had originally been leaning against had been torn apart.


My legs, which were only up to my calves, fell down without strength.


No voice came out.

It felt like every cell in my body had turned to stone.

Is this reality now?

If it’s a dream, isn’t it time to dream it?

It was the moment when I desperately gathered my wits and grabbed the hilt of the sword.

I could feel the presence of people not far away.


I turned my head reflexively.

A strange man clad in a black cloak was standing with his back to the setting sun.

The face could not be identified because it was covered with a bizarre mask.

The moment I encountered him, the goosebumps I felt from the horns in winter ran all over my body.

I had never seen him before, but I felt like I knew who he was.

My mouth, which had been glued on, slowly fell off.



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