Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 396

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2-18. Counterattack (5)


“······Platinum and adelite tinged with moonlight.”


“This is the material needed to draw a magic circle. “There are a few more besides this.”

Abel muttered.

The weakened voice no longer rang loudly.

When I turned my head, I saw Abel lying down with a sword stuck in his chest.

The limbs had already been completely regenerated.

“What, have you given up?”

I was sitting on a cliff and taking a rest.

As the persuasion continued, sunset came before I knew it.

The sun, as vivid as a ripe orange, was slowly melting into the horizon.

“It means let’s stop doing this senseless thing.”

The eyes that used to glow with malice became as cold as an unlit furnace.

I got up and walked over to Abel.

I was a little excited because it was a reaction I hadn’t seen before.


When I pulled out my sword, purple blood sprayed out.


Abel only frowned slightly but did not offer any resistance.

I put off persuasion and waited for an answer.

He was just staring at the sky and opened his mouth.

“Did you say Ronan?”


“You… are really strong.”

Abel stood up unsteadily.

His sword was lying nearby, but he didn’t even look at it, let alone pick it up.

It felt like the truth had finally reached me.

After all, humans are growing animals.

I was delighted with the progress the negotiator part of me had made.

“Cain was foolish.”


“That soft man’s ways were wrong.

I still loathe the mortals of this planet.

Those bastards who are destined to die someday will eventually destroy themselves.”

“Whoa…f*ck, I guess my persuasion wasn’t perfect.”

The veins on my forehead bulged.

I felt the back of my neck getting hot.

Damn you, if you’re going to do this, why are you making it seem like you’ve been rehabilitated?

It was a car where I drew my sword to have fun once again.

“But I admit that my ways were also wrong.”


“Neither of us had the right answer.

It was a poor judgment to try to rely on extraterrestrial forces even for a moment.

“It may take longer, but we should have chosen an independent method.”

“···Keep going.”

I took my hand off the hilt.

It seemed clear that there had been a change of heart.

Abel continued speaking with his eyes on Cain’s jar.

“I will cooperate with you. If you want to take responsibility for your wrong choices, that would be best. “I will put everything back the way it was and start again.”

“You crazy bastard. He’s so shamelessly saying he’s going to become a villain again. Do you think you’ll be alive by then?”

“of course.”

Abel hesitated.

I was about to say something more, but then stopped.

Even with further persuasion, it seemed like there would be no meaningful progress.

In the original world, he was a person who changed only before he died.

“Ha… good. Instead, know that if you do one more foolish thing, you will not die a nice death. “It will make you feel like what happened today was child’s play.”

“I keep my words.”

“That will have to do.”

I shook my head in disgust.

This was the point of agreement.

Even if Abel changed his mind and stabbed him in the back, it was something that could not be helped.

The only way is to tear it to pieces and kill it.

The same thing happened even if I did something villainous after successfully completing a task.

“good. Then wait a moment. “Let’s just sprinkle all this and go down.”

I picked up Cain’s urn.

I felt a lot lighter than before.


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I sprayed it every time I took a break, and now the bottom was almost visible.

“It feels like I’m feeding crucian carp food because I spread it out. sorry.”

A bitter smile came out.

This was my farewell to my father in the parallel world.

The car was just about to scatter the last remaining bone dust.

I felt eyes on me, so I turned around and saw Abel staring at me.

“What, do you want to spray it?”

No answer came back.

Abel did not say yes, but he also did not deny it.

He was a very tired person in many ways.

I walked up to him and put bone powder in his hand.

“Be gentle. “Like adding salt to fine cuisine.”

Before we knew it, half of the sun was submerged in the sea.

Abel silently grabbed the bone.

He walked slowly and stood at the edge of the cliff.

White hair against the setting sun evokes nostalgia.

Father and older sister in a parallel world.

People I can no longer see again.

Finally, Abel stretched out his hands.


Bones flutter.

A sound that I couldn’t tell whether it was a sigh or an exclamation came out from between his mouth.

Whoa…a wind blowing just in time turns my bangs over.

The sight of white powder flying in the sea breeze is like seeing my father ascending to the sky.

I stood next to Abel and looked at the scene, and then I blurted out a word.


“······Stupid human being.”

Suddenly Abel gritted his teeth.

He glanced down and was shedding tears.

A drop of water flowing down my dry cheek was the same color as the sunset.


I looked ahead again without seeing anything.

The person next to me was not the evil leader of Nebula Clazie, but a younger brother who missed his older brother.

At least for this moment.

The tears on my chin fell down the cliff.

Abel whispered so softly that no one except me could hear.

“I will take responsibility. older brother.”


The next morning.

Deep inside the resistance group’s headquarters made from a converted seed storage room.

I was walking down the hallway with two archbishops on either side of me.

“Ronan. Please don’t do that and just say something. “Who is that person we must meet?”

Le Tansieh chimed in.

It seemed like the time had come when his behavior became more lively.

I waved my hand as if swatting away a fly.

“There is such a person. Just follow me quietly.”

“Chi, please give me a hint.”

Letancier puffed out his cheeks.

Judging by the color on his face, he certainly seemed to have gained weight recently.

It also made sense that the resistance group’s harassment disappeared.

If you look at Nebula Clage, she was a very powerful sorceress.

He was even active, so the resistance group, whose primary goal was to drive out the giants, could not hate Letancier if they wanted to.

I ignored her and looked at the big guy on my left.

“I heard things are going well these days. “Pantasion.”

“I only seek revenge.”

A heavy answer came back.

Pantasion was walking with his head down so as not to scratch the ceiling with his horns.

The body, which was already large, somehow seems to have swelled even more.

The hair, which was as rough as a scrub brush, was shiny.

‘The more I look at this bastard, the more he becomes.’

Like Le Tancier, his condition was also improving noticeably.

Looking at the forearm exposed under the armor, I couldn’t tell if it was heavy demolition equipment or a living creature.

Letancier giggled.

“Heung, you did a good job keeping him alive, right? How well do you fight? “Maybe in just a little more time, I will break Captain Orsay’s record.”

“Is this really what you’re waking up to? “I feel like I can survive these days. Would you like to starve for a few days?”



When I hit her head, she screamed.

At this point, it seemed like he was really enjoying being beaten.

In fact, no matter what, Letancier’s rant was not wrong.

As soon as Archbishop Pantasion joined the resistance, he emerged as a deity threatening Orsay.

Weardier, who defeated the bald forces by displaying his beastman’s unique strength, was reminiscent of Jaipa in his heyday.

Suddenly, Phantasion looked down at me.


“Eh? “What happened all of a sudden?”

“I am using the weapon you gave me well.”

“Oh, is that okay? “It can only be good.”

A huge double-edged ax was strapped to Pantasion’s back.

The iron block, which was 2 meters in diameter, was covered in the blue blood stains of the giant.

The cut must have been double digits, but there wasn’t a single scratch on the sharp blade.

I continued talking while looking at the engraving on the ax handle.

“I picked it up in Gran Cappadocia. “There were a few good ones buried there.”

“If it is Gran Cappadocia…is it the place we destroyed?”

“What, do you remember?”

“Yes… Edeon and Cirilla were in charge. “He came to personally approve the plan from me.”

Surprisingly, this deer remembered the tragedy that occurred underground.

If you see that Gran Cappadocia has been so horribly destroyed, you must have put your stamp of approval on it.

Silence came.

Only the sound of footsteps echoed in the hallway.

Phantasion muttered.

“······I regret it.”

“Of course I should.”

“Forgiveness will be sought through the blood of the invaders. “I don’t know if it will be atonement.”

Pantasion nodded heavily.

Seeing his serious attitude made me smile with satisfaction.

I was debating whether or not to hire him because he had just joined the company not long ago, but somehow he seemed more trustworthy than Letancier.

After walking for about ten more minutes, we arrived in front of a huge iron gate.

This conference room, which required breaking through twelve security devices, was one of the most secret places in the headquarters.

When I pressed the keypad, a beeping sound rang out.

I left only the last password behind and turned to look at the two people.

“Now, I have something to tell you in advance.”

“huh? “What is it?”

“Don’t get too excited. “You may be angry all the time, but you must not kill him.”

“yes? What is that… I understand. “I’m a person who rarely gets angry anyway.”

Le Tansieh waved his hand.

Pantasion said nothing.

I pressed the last number with some anticipation.


The iron door opened with a series of mechanical sounds.

“Surprisingly, the inside is ordinary… What?”

“Cult leader.”

The two people who were looking around inside froze.

Across the conference room desk, an eerily familiar man was standing with his arms crossed.

Abel smiled.

“It’s been a while. “I heard only a little bit of news, but it looks good.”

“······Are you alive?”

Pantasion clenched his fists.

Tendons protruded from his beam-like forearms.

Abel was about to answer something.

Enraged, Letancier let out a cry like a wild bird.

“Abel! “You dirty traitor!!”

There was no way to stop him.

She jumped up on the desk and stretched out her finger.


A lump of telekinetic power fired like a cannonball hit Abel.

The body flew backwards and landed on the wall.


Le Tanxie’s eyes widened.

Contrary to expectations, Abel did not block or dodge.

Abel pulled away from the wall and said, fixing his broken nose.

“Kkeuk…your fiery temper is still the same. Are you feeling a little relieved?”

“Well, what’s wrong? “If you think I’ll forgive you with this one blow…!”


A breaking sound came from inside Le Tanxie’s mouth.

She was about to chant the incantation again.

Pantasion, who had remained silent, grabbed her wrist.

“Wait a minute, Letansie.”

“Pantasion, let go of this!”

“Let’s listen to the story first. It’s not too late to kill him later. “There’s something different about the atmosphere.”


Letancier frowned.

When I heard it, it seemed like that.

Should I say something has become softer?

The murderous spirit that had gripped the believers had abated.

Abel looked at the two people and opened his mouth.

“Not bad. “Are there all four of us like this?”

“maybe. Orsay may be added.”

“If it’s Orsay, it’s the demon dragon… It’s definitely easier to have someone with wings.”

Abel nodded.

I also agreed.

If a dragon that uses blinking is added as a member, the mobility will be much better.

However, if that were to happen, it would be necessary to re-distribute the resistance force’s personnel.

Abel and I were discussing strategy.

“Now, wait a minute. Ronan. “What kind of situation is this?”

“aha. “I didn’t tell you.”

It was a mistake to forget the purpose of coming here in the first place.

I looked back at the two archbishops with a smile.

“You two. “You have to go to Bald World with us.”


“It’s the home of the giants. It looks like it will take about three days until the final performance, so if you want to eat something, eat it until you’re full. “So that you don’t have any regrets if something goes wrong.”


Le Tansieh froze.

I felt like I was a frostbite because I didn’t even blink once.

Pantasion was calmly listening to me.

“You can’t just keep grabbing forever. “I’m ending everything this time.”


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