Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 395

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2-17. Counterattack (4)


It is very difficult to persuade people.

In a way, it’s natural.

It would be strange if it were easy to change the mind of a writer who is different from me in everything, from birth to the environment in which I was raised.

Therefore, people who are good at persuasion are likely to be in high social positions.

Adeshan and Marya were good examples.

In particular, Adeshan had the ability to treat opponents as if they were in the palm of his hand, even without using mind control.

Unlike me.

Looking back, I think the reason I became a father was because I was persuaded by her arguments.

“As expected, it was like that. “I should have noticed from the moment it was emphasized that it was a safe day…”


With that in mind, I swung my sword.

When people have free time, they tend to indulge in idle thoughts.

As the knife touches the knife, a metallic sound splatters.

It was a simple sword strike, but it was enough to shake Abel.

He narrowly avoided being decapitated and stepped back.

【Damn, what speed…!】

Abel muttered.

His face was distorted fiercely, probably because he was so shocked. It had been five minutes since the fight started.

Its body was covered with big and small wounds.

“Aren’t you going to give up soon? “Still can’t believe I killed the bald guys?”

【Shut up… Heo Eok, what kind of trick did you use!】

The sound of breathing was heavy.

I would have felt the same way if I had been hurt like that.

The ground beneath our feet was covered in blood and torn flesh.

Not a single drop came out of my body.

‘I’m curious. How far can regeneration be possible?’

If it were an ordinary person, he would have died a long time ago from excessive bleeding.

But my uncle was a disgusting monster even in the parallel world.

Two left arms and one right arm rolling around in a pool of blood.

His right leg, which was severed above the knee, was proof of his incredible regenerative ability.

It took less than 30 seconds for the amputated limb to fully recover.

Of course, it didn’t really matter whether it took 10 seconds or 5 seconds.

“Cheating is bullshit. “You must be an unbelievable dick.”

【If you are arrogant… I will cut out your tongue.】

Abel grabbed the hilt of the sword with both hands.

The cluster of light surrounding the sword body became even stronger.

Sparkling mana covered its entire body like armor.

I could see the wounds I had inflicted creeping back again.


“Are you really serious about cutting off your nephew’s tongue?”

The serious expression made me laugh.

It wasn’t strange for people who didn’t know me to think that I was a bad guy and that they were heroes saving the world.

I actually understood that shamelessness.

Originally, he was the last child in the world who repented.

‘Why can’t I solve problems with words?’

I once again realized that I have no talent for persuasion.

Even though it is shown through actions rather than dialogue, look at the idiot who refuses to listen to what is being said.

“You’re such a hottie too. “If the gap had been shown at this point, it would have been broken.”

In the end, I felt like I was destined to become a bastard.

Rin, covered in blood, was radiating anticipation like a haze.

After completing his preparations, Abel rushed in with all his might.


“As expected, it’s great.”

It’s a level of power that makes you admire it.

It resembles his father’s sword, but is much rougher and more violent.

The white light was now flashing around not only the sword body but also the hilt of the sword.

The sword of light, whose blade was only 3 meters long, seemed like it could cut through anything in the world.

An explosive power that has never been seen before in the world and is unrivaled by any swordsman I know.

This was probably Abel’s highest power without absorbing the source.

“I will definitely convince you.”

I put away all my random thoughts.

He turned the sword hilt once, grabbed it, and kicked the ground.

Everything slows down except me.

The clouds freeze, and the waves that were trying to swallow the reef stop with their mouths wide open.

I thought the surroundings were becoming blurry, but Abel’s fighting face appeared right in front of me.

【AA AA AA···】


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In a slow world, voices are also slow.

He hasn’t noticed my presence yet.

I lightly moved out of the attack range and slashed the sword upward from the bottom.

The tip of the knife scratched the floor, drawing two silver semicircles.

A red line is engraved on both of Abel’s shoulders.


Abel’s eyes widened.

It seems he realized what was happening.

To recognize it so quickly, it must have been the leader of Nebula Clazier.

When the knife stops, the world finally regains its speed.

The clouds begin to flow again, and gaping waves hit the reef.

The lines carved on Abel’s shoulders widen.

It was the moment I landed after crossing him.


Abel’s arms rose into the air.


The knife falls.

Fresh blood gushes out like a fountain, soaking the sky.

Because it has two arms, the fountain also has two stems.

Abel’s blood, which was subjected to repeated biological experiments on him, was neither red nor blue, but purple, reminiscent of a black rose.

【How dare you do something like this!】

Abel rolled his eyes.

The more intense feeling of death pricks my body like a needle.

As he roars, bone and flesh begin to grow over the cut surfaces of both arms.

It seemed like the recovery would be completed in 20 seconds, which was much faster than what I played back the other day.

“Let’s test the limits.”

Of course, I have no intention of leaving it alone.

Time slows down again.

A silver circle appears, and its body and mine intersect.

Abel’s legs and body were separated, and a cheerful sound of destruction rang out.


A body missing limbs was lying on the floor.


The arm stopped regenerating.

This time it seemed like there was some damage.

Resistance has become impossible, but my persuasion is not yet over.

When I stepped on his chest with my right foot, Abel vomited blood.

I opened my mouth with the hilt of the knife aimed at his neck.

“If you want to cooperate, let me know.”

【How dare you…】

Abel was speechless.

This was because my sword cut off its tongue and uvula at the same time.

I then started pounding his body as I wanted.

From the head to the top of the thighs, without covering the facial features or lower body.


“This is also fun in its own way. “It feels like pruning.”

It was the first time in a long time that I felt the reward of my labor.

Abel said something every time his tongue opened, but I didn’t listen to a single word.

There wasn’t enough time for my heart to break.

“right. “What did you say to your sister earlier?”

【Wow! Wow! Wow!】

“How are your children doing? You f*cking bastard. “Is that what you’re saying?”

In addition to persuading him, he also took revenge on Navarre.

Even thinking about it again made me angry.

If this bastard hadn’t been needed to catch Bald, I would have cut off his head first.

“Okay, I have a lot of time, so it’s good. “Let’s see the end.”

【Now, wait a minute… Ugh.】

“I also lost a lot of personality. “If you look at the way you endured things like that.”


The lens popped out of the cracked eyeball.

Persuasion continued under the lush green scenery.

As expected, it was futuristic technology and naval, but the classic one was the best.

Suddenly, the words that Rodolan’s Karaka Interrogator had told me flashed through my mind.

I was told that I would have a talent for being an interrogator, and I thought I knew what they meant.


About ten minutes passed like that.

Abel, who had been struggling, suddenly became quiet.

“what. “Did you lose it?”


Even when I tapped it with my foot, it didn’t move.

The wounds on his limbs and body were also not regenerating.

Just barely breathing.

Even the elixir made from the blood of giants seemed to have its limits.

“Aha, you must be tired.”

I wasn’t surprised because it was an expected situation.

As long as we didn’t die, we could have as much fun as we wanted.

I lightly cut my forearm.

The blood that flowed went into Abel’s mouth.

After a few seconds, his wound began to heal again.


Before long, Abel woke up.

I could see that his complexion had worsened compared to before he started persuading me in earnest.

I, who was sitting on his chest and smoking a cigarette, waved my hand.



The guy’s eyes got so big that they seemed like they were going to pop out.

He looked like someone who had had a terrible nightmare.

Abel struggled to shake me off, but his limbs had not yet regenerated.

“Then, let’s continue.”

I shook off the cigarette ash and got up.

Since I had adequate rest, I felt like I could engage in persuasion more happily.

The road surface had long since turned into a purple carpet.

It was the moment to draw the sword again.

【Stop it now! I believe it!】

Abel shouted in disgust.

It was a reaction that had never occurred before.

“What do you believe?”

【Wow, wow… I believe you defeated the invaders… It’s definitely worth shouting about.】

He nodded repeatedly.

My gaze was fixed on my sword.

I guess my persuasion must have been impressive as I saw it react to even the slightest movement.

“good. “Then will you cooperate?”

【But I cannot agree with that crazy plan.

I don’t know how much you know, but dealing with the invaders who invaded here is completely different from entering their base.

Not only will you lose your life, but you will also lose what you have regained.】

“That’s up to me to take care of.”

【How foolish…! Then how about this? I said that even those other than you could inflict damage on the invaders. It would be better to use the remaining beggars to attract attention, and you and I to seize the origins of the invader race. Hehehe, even if split in half, it has the power to make the universe tremble.】

Abel laughed.

Judging by the confidence in his voice, it seemed like he believed he had made a truly genius argument.

It’s certainly reasonable.


I brushed my bangs and sighed.

What should I do with this uncle?

“Tsk, I haven’t come to my senses yet.”


“After all, I have no talent for persuasion.”

【Huh, why? stop! Don’t come closer!】

Abel waved his hand.

Small arms had suddenly sprouted from above both of his shoulders.

The style was different from the previous regenerations, but somehow, seeing that I was getting better, I felt like my blood was getting better.

It’s a good thing.

It meant that more intimate communication was possible.

“Close your eyes for a moment.”

I took off my coat and covered Cain’s urn.

Still, he was my younger brother, so it was a bit of a sorry sight to keep showing him.

“Let’s talk a little more. “Once you bleed some blood, there will come a moment when you come to your senses.”

【Kaaaaaa! Stop!!】

I raised my sword above my head.

A scream erupted from the Horn of Winter once again.

It was a pity that I had to do this even in a parallel world, but I had no choice in order to educate my ugly uncle.


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