Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 389

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2-11 The right to look at the stars (3)


The headquarters created by remodeling Gran Cappadocia was larger and more complex than expected.

Escape routes and shelters were installed throughout the area to prepare for enemy attacks.

In areas where sunlight did not reach, lanterns made of luminous moss and magic stones served as light sources.

“I see. “Adeshan, that child has lived three lives… They say he is somehow very bright, and he must have had such a secret.”

“yes. “He decided to marry me when he returns.”

“Hehe, they look like a good pair. “He was a very beautiful child with black hair.”

Navardose smiled.

We were sitting side by side on the shoulders of the cave giant, having a conversation.

I told everything.

The regression that occurred at the same time as the kiss, the bloodbath with Nebula Clazier.

In the end, there is even a request from Sarante from the future.

Although story after story that would at least be criticized as a novel appeared, Navardose was not surprised or embarrassed.

“You trust me too much. “Don’t you think I’m crazy?”

“Is there anything you can’t believe in the current situation?

Rather, assuming that you are from another world, the current situation makes sense.

“You have no idea how much lighter my body has become.”

“That’s interesting. It has become lighter…”

To be honest, I couldn’t tell at all just by looking at it.

It may be because you say so, but how can you say that you are light while wearing such a hideous thing?

As expected, even though the strongest star is different, there is something else… eh, f*ck.

Now is not the time to be thinking about such things.

‘I’m glad I saved it before it was too late.’

As expected, I liked this dragon.

It wasn’t just a crush limited to certain body parts.

I also liked the generosity with which he tolerated the rude behavior of sticking a finger in one’s mouth, as well as the open-mindedness that was unusual for a strong man.

If it had been any other dragon, it would have reduced me to ashes right away.

“Ronan. You said peace has come to your world, right? Even those who were originally destined to die were saved.”

“Well, that’s right. “It’s not like there are no victims at all.”

I nodded, keeping my eyes on my feet.

Although many lives were sacrificed, it was nothing compared to this world.

Navardose paused for a moment before opening his mouth.

“Then, have you ever met my children?”

“Oh, of course.”


“He is currently attending our academy. I made a lot of friends. “That bastard is becoming more and more arrogant.”

Navardose’s youngest son, Itargand, was still attending Phileon Academy.

From what I heard, he adapted so well that he said he would run for student president this year.

“······It looks like you really came from a place called a parallel world. Do you know the nickname that only he and I used? “Ir is being friendly with humans…?”

Navardose bit his lower lip.

Before I knew it, my crimson eyes were watery.

Only then did I realize that I wasn’t very subtle and hit my forehead.

Damn it, did I mention it for no reason?

“I’m sorry.”

“No, no. Keep listening. What about other children? “Do you have any relationships with other children?”

“Uhm… I haven’t met everyone either. Oh, Brachios? I’m kind of close with that girl. “I met him on Dreymoor.”

“You mean Bnihardo. The kid has a lot of pride and tries to hide that he is a hard worker. “It seems like just yesterday when I was licking a hatchling from an egg…Ahaha, I miss it.”

Navardose laughed.

The accumulated tears slowly flowed down my cheeks.

When I held out the hem of her coat, she wiped away her tears as if she had been waiting.

“All my children are dead. When she tried to help this poor mother, she died a fierce battle. “I was the only one who survived and escaped into the ground where no light could reach.”

“Don’t say you ran away.”

“There was not a single day when I could sleep comfortably. The wounds caused by their spears were actually nothing. “What really made it difficult for me was the children who had become stars and the cruel reality of not being able to even see them.”

I muttered a curse under my breath.

In a world that was destroyed, there was no right to look at the stars.

All a person who came up to the ground with a keen eye could see was the pale sky and ground without any color, and the water as red as blood.

“But…are there all children alive in that world…?”

“yes. Every single one of them… Wow!”

It was a moment of resolute nodding.

Navardose suddenly hugged me.

My lungs were crushed and I couldn’t breathe.

“thank god. “I’m really glad…”

“I, Navardose… Ugh, I’m dying. “I’m really going to die.”

“I’m so happy right now, I can’t stop crying.”

Navardose buried his face in my chest and mumbled.

I felt my clothes getting damp.

She was truly happy.


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Even though they are children that I cannot even see, let alone reach.

The tip of my nose became wrinkled for no reason.

“Oh, really.”

I guess it’s because I’m planning to become a father soon.

Even as she was on the verge of suffocation, I could understand her desperate feelings.

I patted her on the back without saying a word.

How long has it been?

Navardose, who had been shaking his shoulders for a while, raised his head.


“Did you all cry?”

“First of all… how on earth can I do this? “Your clothes are out of shape.”

Navardose covered his mouth.

My top was soaked as if I had just played in the water.

If it were a human, it would have already died from dehydration.

She fidgeted and snapped her fingers.


My body was enveloped in warmth along with a cheerful sound.


“I’m sorry. “I can’t control my emotions, so can you just pretend you didn’t see me just this once?”

Navardose’s face was red, as if it was about to explode at any moment.

Steam was rising above my heated cheeks.

It’s not even a comic book. I never thought that would actually be possible.

“What do you think? “If you’re sad, you can cry.”

“Well, but I shouldn’t have done this… If the leader is like this, what kind of child would trust me and follow me?”

“I think you’ll like it. Especially someone like Orsay.”

“You really…!”

I smiled, crossing my arms behind my head.

The steam rising over Navardose’s face became thicker.

She was unable to say anything and cleared her throat.

“Hmm, anyway, I understand your situation. “Invaders from this world are crossing over to your future world and wreaking havoc, so we have to stop them in advance, right?”

“That’s accurate.”

“In order to do that, we have to destroy all the cracks that connect the world… and that’s good.”

Navardose nodded.

The face that had squeezed out all the tears was definitely brighter.

She rolled up the sleeves of her dress and spoke in a confident voice.

“I’ll help you as much as I can. A world that has barely regained peace should not be invaded. Even for my children who will be living there.”

“thank you.”

“But… I’m concerned about the wizard named Akasha you mentioned. We’ve never seen one before. “It would have been helpful to you if you had even met me.”

This was unexpected.

Navardose and the rest of the resistance said they had never seen Akasha before.

I definitely felt like I needed to pay more attention.

Since I have made people from the future come to me for help, I will not be an easy enemy.

As the conversation stopped, silence came.

The only sound that could be heard was the footsteps of the King of the Cave Giants.

As I was looking around, I tilted my head.

“But how far are we going?”

The giant was going down a long passage.

The slope was gentle, but winding like a maze.

As we went deeper, the number of luminescent moss decreased, and the view became increasingly darker.

“It’s the most important place in this headquarters. “If you wait patiently, you will arrive.”

“The most important thing is where the sun is?”

“If you really want to be serious, yes. “Actually, there is one more secret I haven’t told you.”

Navardose’s face suddenly became serious.

Her eyes were not on me, but on the center of the darkness ahead.

“It’s a secret?”

“This is information that only a few people in the resistance group know. The secret to life breathing underground is not just my strength. “Under there, the stone that has helped me until now is growing.”

Navardose stretched out his index finger.

My eyebrows narrowed at the incomprehensible words.

A rock out of nowhere?

She quietly watched the front and continued speaking.

“…Well, it’s too slow. Since one o’clock is a waste, would you like to just use magic?”

“Well, I guess that would be better.”

“good night. Instead, hold on to me tightly. Because it is a stone with so much power, the magic field in the area is distorted. “If you make a mistake, there is a possibility that the body may split into different parts and metastasize.”


I was about to ask what that meant.

Navardose grabbed my wrist and began listing words that sounded like spells.

I already had an ominous feeling that a writer who could complete any magic trick with a snap of his fingers would come out like this.

“Wait a minute, f*ck. Let’s just be safe…”

“Then, let’s move.”

At that moment, Navardose’s order was concluded.

A feeling of disgust came over me, as if my internal organs were being rolled in an oak barrel.

There was no time to say that something was wrong.

I felt like my vision was turning completely white, and then I lost consciousness.


The surroundings became brighter.


I woke up screaming like a strangled crow.

The first thing I did was make sure my limbs were attached to my body.

Fortunately, all four pairs stuck together.

“Damn it, what on earth have you done!?”

Then he burst into yelling.

At this moment, it was none of my business to know who the other person was.

Even if my parents had come back alive, they would have argued with me as harshly as they do now.

It’s really not wrong, right?

I’ve experienced a lot of space movement magic in the past, but this is the first time I’ve felt this sensation.


The answer came from that corner.

When I turned my head, I saw Navardose leaning against the stone wall and retching.

The area around my eyes was moist, probably because I had already vomited a bit.

“what. are you okay?”

“Whew…yeah. Today you just keep showing your ugly side. sorry.”

“If it was this dangerous, you could have just ridden it.”

“That’s true, but… I got impatient without realizing it. It’s hard to explain. “I felt like I had to hurry up and show you this stone.”

Navardose took my hand and stood up.

Seeing that his complexion had turned white, it seemed like he had an experience that was no different from mine.

Lately, the surrounding scenery came into view.

“here is···.”

“Isn’t it beautiful in its own way? “This is the deepest part of the cave.”

It was indeed as she said.

It felt like it was underground, but the atmosphere was completely different from the resistance group’s headquarters.

The spacious cavity was covered with ores I had never seen before.

Pink, purple, and green close to blue.

The strangely shaped rocks, each of which had grown in different shapes, were shining in dreamy colors and emitting a soft light.

A colorless stone rose in the middle of it.

“Is that it?”

“okay. “You recognized it right away.”

When I pointed to the stone, Navardosje hesitated.

It was definitely unusual.

The concentration of mana was so thick that the surrounding space seemed distorted.

I walked towards it as if I was possessed by something.

The strange rock did not grow from the ground like a stalagmite, but rather floated minutely in the air.

‘Where did I see this?’

For a moment, I felt uncomfortable.

It was a strangely familiar stone.

It was the moment when I unconsciously placed my hand on the surface.

A tingling sensation like static electricity went through my whole body.

My legs lost strength and my body stumbled.


“What, why are you doing that?”

I was barely able to avoid falling because Navardose supported me.

Goosebumps appeared all over my body.

I once encountered this rock.

In the temple managed by Sarante, in the world of my imagination that I entered for Haeju.

In the white space where I stayed after finishing the fight with Abel.

Even though it was ridiculously weak, this was definitely that entity.

I took a deep breath and chanted the stone’s name.



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