Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 388

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2-10 The right to look at the stars (2)


“I beg your pardon?”

It felt like someone had hit my head with a rock.

What just came out was clearly my father’s name.

Crimson eyes were closely examining my face.

“You said you would find out right away, and I guess you know what I mean. So the name is… Ronan. Is that right?”


“Come closer. Let’s take a closer look.”

I slowly got up from my seat.

Navardose told me to come closer, but I had to take half a step back in order to talk without touching my body.

She stroked my cheek.

“It’s true. The eyes are especially similar. I thought you were dead.”

It was a delicate touch, like polishing a rare treasure.

I tried to calm my racing heart.

Navardose was originally acquainted with my father, so it was not strange that he knew me.

I took a deep breath and opened my mouth.

“…Is your father alive?”

“You didn’t know that. “It’s devastating to say this, but Cain is already there.”

“Ah, no. Of course it is. “I expected it.”

I shook my head.

As expected, it wasn’t that shocking.

Considering all the circumstances, my father could never have been alive today.

Navardose continued.

“Cain was a lovely child. Even as her wounds festered and she died, she did not forget her love of charity. “I have never seen such a kind human being.”

“Because that’s the kind of person he is. “What about Elthea?”

“How do you know Elthea?”

“Well, it just so happened…”

“Uhuhu, that could be possible. Likewise, it’s a very nostalgic name… Elthea followed in Cain’s footsteps five years ago. He died not long after completing this place.”

“Damn it.”

My clenched fist gained strength.

With this, it has been confirmed that all founding members of Nebula Clage are dead.

Navardose explained that Elthea’s elemental arts contributed greatly to building the resistance army’s headquarters.

She had been suffering from the day she lost Cain, and the moment the memorial stone was erected to announce its completion, she collapsed and never opened her eyes again.

“The child’s name is written at the top. “With the heroes who fought against the invaders until the end.”

“It’s worth it. Have you ever heard the name Iril?”

“If you say this…ah, you mean your sister that Cain mentioned.”

I needed to take another deep breath.

Just like whether Adeshan was alive or dead, it was painful, but it was something that had to be known.

Navardose was silent for a moment and then shook his head.

“…Unfortunately, I don’t remember hearing any news.”


“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. The ashes of Elthea and Cain are enshrined here. Would you like to go see them?”


This was also as expected.

But I couldn’t help it, so I tried my best to avoid eye contact.

My vision, which had become blurry for a moment, returned to its original state.

“Hehe, I guess so. “Anyway, they really look alike… How could they look so similar…”


Navardose was still stroking my cheek.

Suddenly, I felt a strange sense of discomfort.

The palm that touched my skin was as cold as porcelain.

“Where have you been all this time? If you were alive, I wouldn’t have known… Ugh.”

“What, are you okay?!”

Suddenly Navardose covered his mouth.

I helped her as she stumbled.

The moment I wrapped my arms around my shoulders, I felt a sense of discomfort again.

It’s cold too.


“Oh my, did you notice?”

Navardose let out a heartless laugh.

The palm that was removed from the mouth was covered in sticky blood.

I felt like my heart was dropping.

For some reason, it was too low to be a red dragon’s body temperature.

As it was, it should have been hot enough to make you sweat just by being around it.

Her index finger rested on my lips that were about to open.

“Shh… keep it a secret from the other children. I don’t want to make you anxious.”

It was a voice that seemed to be pleading.


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When I shook my palm in the air, the blood stains disappeared everywhere.

I nodded slowly.

The index finger was separated.

“Thank you.”

“···What happened?”

“It’s what you saw and felt. I don’t have much left now. “My life is like a flickering ember in a cool bonfire.”

Navardose smiled.

It was an aftereffect of a series of battles with giants.

She was the only one who could compete on equal terms, but the bald men did not insist on one-on-one matches.

“It was a heavy burden. I just couldn’t handle it. “I fled here with the surviving children.”

The star’s protection was absurd.

Navardose, who was seriously injured, decided to retreat the moment the third giant descended.

Thanks to quick decisions, we were able to miraculously rescue a small number of people.

He was somehow able to build a survival environment and lead the resistance, but even that was reaching its limits.

“Can’t we just focus on treatment from now on?”

“If you’re lucky, you might be able to survive for a few years. But how could that be? So many children depend on me to survive. “Rather than prolonging my life half-heartedly, I want to concentrate on teaching those children in the sunshine.”

“What is that… ah.”

I was impressed when I realized what he meant later.

Somehow, at first impression, I thought it was unusual.

Navardose’s magical power was radiating from the artificial sun that rose overhead.

“It’s amazing magic.”

“Hehe, it’s a masterpiece. “Even though it’s just a fake, it’s no different from my heart.”

This was the part where I could see why she was the strongest star of this planet.

It didn’t matter if it was fake or real.

She was already like a god in that everyone here lived with her light and warmth.

“Isn’t life so beautiful? The fear of death and the cold disappear like melting snow when you hear the laughter of children…”

Navardose’s gaze moved over my shoulder.

The eyes that glanced at the resistance fighters were sparkling with compassion and affection.

From that sorrowful expression, the majesty of the giant dragon that set the world on fire was no longer felt.


I twisted my lips.

The situation was worse than I thought.

I thought Navardose was relatively fine, but this was no different from a patient hospitalized in a hospice ward.

I felt like I had to act quickly.

I drew my sword without saying a word.

Then, I placed my left index finger on the blade and made a slight slash.

Lin was startled and vibrated.

“···What are you doing all of a sudden?”

Navarro Island was equally surprised.

She was looking at the blood gushing from the wound with her eyes wide open.

Instead of answering, I smiled.

“Navardose. “Would you mind opening your mouth for a moment?”

“What to wear…?”

“I don’t have time to hesitate. Please forgive my rudeness.”


It was an instant.

I hugged her waist with my right arm.

It was a moment when she stiffened in embarrassment.

He pushed the bleeding index finger of his left hand between his slightly parted lips.

Unlike the skin, the inside of the mouth was still warm.

The tongue touching my finger was soft yet hot.


“drink. Don’t be surprised. “Trust me.”

There were ways to persuade it or mix it with food, but that was too cumbersome.

Even if it was a bit rude, showing the results was quick and convenient in many ways.

I felt my fingers reach my uvula.

I squeezed out all the blood from the wound and pulled out my index finger.

【Gagging! Wow! What are you doing all of a sudden!】


She chuckled and shook me off.

Now I could finally breathe properly.

I smiled as I licked up the remaining blood.

“It’s going to be okay. Because everyone did that.”

【What’s wrong? What are you going to do by making me drink your blood…】

Navardose, who had been speaking, suddenly froze.

I felt like something had changed.

The hair that had fluttered like a raging fire was sinking.


The sunlight shining on the headquarters suddenly became stronger.

“W-what?! The sun…!”

“I, Navardose!”

Screams were heard from everywhere.

The sunlight that was reminiscent of an autumn afternoon had changed into the scorching sunlight of a midsummer desert.

Navardose came to his senses belatedly and urgently raised his arms.

“Oh my!”

The light cooled and the screams quieted down.

Navardose held his chest and caught his breath.

The heat boiling from my heart was quickly thawing my frozen body.

“Thank goodness. “It’s effective, after all.”

I breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing the sweat running down Navardose’s cheeks made me feel a little relieved.

The wounds inflicted by the giants could not be healed using normal methods.

It’s been a while since I used blood as medicine, so I was a little scared, but the curse seemed to have completely disappeared, so the medicine seemed to be more effective.

“But don’t push yourself too hard. You need to rest properly for complete recovery. Until then, you need to drink it about once every three days.”

“What the hell are you…?”

Navardose stroked his sweaty hair.

The way he looked at me was quite different from before.

Now that the most urgent matter was resolved, it was time to get to the point.

Even if you make up a story clumsily, it would have the opposite effect.

The worries ended quickly.

“Navardose. Actually, I come from another world.”

“Another world?”

“yes. It’s similar to here, but it’s different. Have you heard of the term parallel world?”

There was no particular reason to hide it.

Not having to pay attention is one of the few advantages of a ruined world.

I briefly summarized the concept of parallel worlds that I heard from Sarante and Asher.

The stage is the same, but the history is a different world.

Navardose, who had been dumbfounded for a long time, opened his mouth.

“······I would like to hear a detailed explanation.”

The voice was serious.

Fortunately, I was not hit by lightning or the guards grabbed me by both shoulders and took me away.

As expected, it was good to give him blood first.

“great. “It’s going to be quite long, is that okay?”

“It’s rather good.

“I’ll show you around here while we talk.”

Clap clap!

Navardose clapped his hands.

A sound as if the axis of the earth was shaking rang out not far away.

Suddenly, a giant whose entire body was covered in golden crystals walked out of the cave just behind the flower bed.

It looked similar to a monster called a cave giant, but was overwhelmingly large.


“The original owner of this underworld. “Elsia made a spirit dwell in the body where the soul disappeared.”

My eyes widened.

I couldn’t even imagine that it was still there.

The king of the cave giants controlled by Edeon and Cirilla.

The king we met in the original world was reborn as high-performance construction equipment, not Nebula Clage’s combat weapon.


The giant lowered his palm as if telling him to get on him.

Navardose boarded with my support.

The giant started walking with us on his shoulders.


In an instant, visibility increased.

The view of the headquarters spread wide.

When riding on Orsay’s back, details that were not visible came into view.

A farm tended by fairies and a building carved out of stone by dwarves.

Orse dozing off.

Something like Letancier, playing dead in that corner.

It was a sight that seemed to represent strong vitality.

However, it was difficult to concentrate because of the person next to me.

The Mother of Fire was stretching out her arms, turning everything around her into nothing but rubbish.

“Ah, how long has it been since I felt this refreshed?”


The eyes that rolled as if they were magnets were resentful.

Intelligence seemed to decrease in proportion to the increasing happiness index.

If things continue like this, I will forget everything I wanted to say.

I opened my mouth as soon as she finished stretching.

“great. Then let’s begin. “Where should I start?”

I was wondering where to start and decided to just explain from the beginning.

“This is my second life.”

So, from the moment I returned.


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