Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 385

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2-7 Red and White World (5)


“I finally found it. Damn it.”

It is a moment of emotion.

This was my first discovery, other than the crack I came in with.

A crack so large that even a giant could pass through it was gaping wide open before my eyes.

There were some minor incidents before arriving here, but it was enough as long as the results were good.


The sword that drew the arc returned to its original position.

It seemed like the space in the area was distorted for a moment, and then cracks appeared.

I waved my hand around to check, but I couldn’t feel anything.

‘Damn, how long will it take to find all this?’

It was a rewarding experience, but I couldn’t be too happy about it.

Now we have only destroyed one.

Even with the help of the newly tamed flying squirrel, this star was too wide.

Suddenly, a stream flowing through the forest caught my eye.

It was red like the sea.

Perhaps because it was located in a gap between white trees, it was especially visible.

“You shouldn’t sound weak already.”

Still, it didn’t change the fact that it had to be done.

Soon I gave up, squatted down in front of the stream, and started washing my face.

Because the color was just that, it wasn’t very refreshing.

I feel uncomfortable even when I drink it.

“What on earth are you doing, Ronan?”

“ok? what?”

Suddenly Letansie called me.

After wiping my face with my sleeve, I turned my head.

She was standing blankly like a doll not far away.

“Hey, this doesn’t make sense…”

Le Tansy wasn’t looking at me.

Her eyes were fixed on the three giants lying around.

All of the corpses lying on the broken wood had their heads missing.

Blue blood was gushing out from the clean cut surface.

Oh, what else can I say?

“What makes no sense? “There are only three of them.”

“Well, the world was destroyed because we couldn’t catch those three!”

Le Thanxie was astonished and white-faced.

That was the reaction every time I caught a giant.

It was a great attitude for a spectator at a magic show, but I was slowly getting tired of it.

“Where are you yelling at? You wanna die?”

“Ahh! “S-sorry!”

“And did I call those bald guys? “You guys called it.”

When I slightly raised my arm, Le Tansier reflexively shrugged his shoulders.

The humor was that he had never hit me since we first met.

“There will be a lot more to come. The ones with six cards start to get a little more troublesome, so avoid them on your own. Or develop a magic to travel to Bald World.”

“Well, that’s not possible… How about adding more people to the group? It becomes easier to fight against them.”

“It’s a hindrance. And we need someone useful to increase it.”

I shook my head resolutely.

As of today, three days have passed since I accompanied her.

The provocation mentioning the bald king certainly had an effect.

As proof, an average of five bald people a day came to see me to check the authenticity.

I guess they’re still sending it as a scout.

They’re like scumbags who aren’t even worth their weight.

Letansie muttered.

“Still… about two of them were talented.”

“It was nothing special by my standards.”

During that time I destroyed ten roots and one crack.

Unlike cracks that require searching, finding the roots was very easy.

Basically, it was large, and the rays coming from the transmission tower were visible from afar.

Nebula Clazie’s followers were trapped in six of the ten roots.

“They’re like scum. “It’s like begging for someone’s life without even knowing the subject.”

Like Le Tancier, they were reduced to parts.

They all begged for mercy, and I spared not a single one.

Because there was no reason for that.

If you drink my blood or apply it to your weapon, you can hit the giant, but there was not a single drop of blood to give to the bastards who sold the world.

Le Tanxie lowered his head without saying anything.

“If it’s an archbishop level like you, I’ll consider it. By the way, can’t you make some food with magic? “I’m slowly getting bitten because I eat the same thing.”

“S-sorry. “There is no such magic…”


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“Eh, it’s useless. “The archbishop doesn’t have anything special.”


Letancier clenched his fists.

It was worth looking at the commotion.

The wind that blew through the white trees flipped my bangs.

The sky darkened noticeably and it seemed like the sun was about to set.

“Let’s move before we set up camp. “Is there a long way to go before my mana recovers?”

“···yes. “Not yet.”

“okay. “Why not walk?”

We started walking.

I wanted to continue searching in the air, but I also needed time to recover my mana.

As I swung the sword, I felt hungry.

I took out a piece of beef jerky wrapped in leaves from my coat pocket.

It looked ordinary, but unlike regular meat, it was dark blue in color.

Letancier frowned.


“Are you still hungry? Do you want to eat too?”

“Well, I’m done!”

She turned white and shook her head.

Just looking at their expressions, it seemed like I had ordered them to eat cockroaches.

In fact, in terms of disgust level, they might be similar.

This could also be seen as cannibalism in a broad sense.

The raw material for beef jerky was the flesh of giants.

“Well, I’m just sick of it. “I went through that trouble yesterday.”

“I really thought I was going to die… wow!”

Letansie nauseated.

It seemed like the trauma had been deeply engraved.

A piece of meat that was given to him under the pretense that it was emergency food almost killed Letansie.

The moment she swallowed the giant’s meat, she had difficulty breathing and collapsed.

It was a shame that I vomited it up before it went all the way down my esophagus, otherwise I would have been stuck and turned into a dead person.

“I get it. “Then I guess I’ll have to find something else to eat.”


“What are you sorry about? This is all for my own convenience. Above all, it would be difficult if you died yet.”

The fact that I could use telekinesis alone was worth saving Le Tan City’s life. I roughly bit down on the beef jerky.

Since it was made in a hurry, there was still some juice left in it.

How can I say this? It’s not that terrible, but it has a subtle taste that I can’t find a replacement for.

I guess I’m the only one who’s a monster since I’m still fine even though I’ve eaten almost as much as a pig over the past three days.

“We should hope to find land that still has life. I’m sure there’s something to eat there. “Like the deep sea water is blue.”

“It would be nice to have a resistance group. “It’s so hard to look at that face.”

“Iknow, right. “It’s already been three years since I last heard a rumor… haha.”

Letancier sighed.

It seemed like he lacked confidence.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand.

Three years was a very long time in a world ruled by bald heads.

I opened my mouth, looking at the sky that was like a blank drawing paper.

“I will do whatever it takes to find you. By the way, why doesn’t the sky color change? “I was pale all day.”

“That’s also because of the roots. They spray special ingredients into the atmosphere to create an environment similar to where they came from. The fog you sometimes see is made from those ingredients clumping together.

“Anyway, those who will just take the life out of it and throw it away are the ones paying the last price. “Don’t bother.”

This was the reason why we could not see blue in the sky or the sea.

We continued walking, talking about various things.

When camping, it was best to do so in a high and open place as possible.

Even found someone.

It was a good environment for someone to discover us.

There was no sign of anything in the lifeless forest.

Silence without the song of insects or the bustling chatter of birds.

Only the sound of footsteps remains and spreads quietly.


I suddenly remembered the conversation from last night and snapped my fingers.

“Oh, I’m bored. Let’s talk about what’s going on. “Who did I ask?”

“You asked about a werewolf named Didican. “I answered that I had never heard of it.”

“Yes, it was like that. “He seems like a waste of money.”

A bitter smile inevitably comes out.

Since yesterday, I have been asking Le Tansy about the well-being of people I know.

Most of them are tragedies.

Didican, who should have been a great inventor, failed to shine and was swept away by the flood of history.

My guess is that he died when the cave giant went berserk.

With his teacher Doron.

“What a waste.”

I can still see the sight of him pounding on the transparent armor.

Even though I knew there was nothing I could do about it, the aftertaste was not good.

This is a world where Adeshan failed.

There were countless lives lost in this way.

“Then Didican is dead. “Who will I listen to this time?”

“Please feel free to ask.

Most people who were influential remember them.

But seeing as you know some of the biggest names, I guess you really come from another world.”

“You’re noisy, man. Umm…Okay, I’ve decided.”

I took a deep, inaudible breath.

Actually, I was going to ask at the end, but I thought it would be better to get hit on first.

It was something I would have to deal with at some point anyway.

Phew – I let out a long breath and recited her name.


“Oh, of course I know.”

Le Tansieh responded immediately.

I was prepared.

I took out the cigarette pipe and put it in my mouth.

“The Great General of the Empire was the most difficult person. He predicted our actions as if he knew the future. “If only she hadn’t been that girl, her stardom would have come much sooner.”

“I guess so. “Because he is a capable person.”

“yes. I almost got caught several times. All assassination attempts failed. If they hadn’t put a death ban on believers for revealing anything about the coming of the stars, the plan would have been exposed a long time ago. Damn bitch. “To be annoying when you’re going to die anyway…”

Letancier pursed his lips.

Judging from his heated tone, it seems like he was a very difficult opponent.


I, who was listening silently, grabbed her head.

“Ahh! Wow, why are you hitting me all of a sudden!?”

“Don’t curse at him.”

“Oh, okay… I’m sorry.”

Letansie cried, covering the area where she had been hit.

Actually, I was the one who wanted to cry.

Returner Adeshan was a different person from the woman who would become my wife, but she was still a superior who deserved respect.

…Honestly, I think I liked it a little.

The lingering smoke dispersed in the wind.

“How did the great general die?”

“It was a violent end. She is not that woman… He survived and fought until the arrival of her star. “He faced the imperial army and the big names that the church could not handle.”

Letancier even used gestures to describe that time.

The last war took place in a different place than my first life.

The opponent was Nirvana, not Ahayute, and the remaining people were also different.

The only thing that matched was the results.


“······As expected.”

“Uh…are you okay?”

Letansie tilted his head.

It wasn’t too much of a stretch.

I’m probably making an expression you’ve never seen before.

Even though I know it, I feel like shit.

The general died after a battle with a giant.

I was in the middle of blinking my eyes rapidly.

“what? Ronan.”


“I see a light over there. “It looks like roots?”

Suddenly, Letancier tapped my shoulder.

I looked in the direction she was pointing with bloodshot eyes.

Five lights were flickering in the distance between the trees.

When I narrowed my eyes, I saw the shape of a huge hand rising towards the sky.

“I know.”

“Great. Today we will destroy that and camp out. how is it?”

The voice was strangely excited.

Le Tansy, exploited by the bald men, was enjoying the very act of destroying its roots.

Although she was a woman I didn’t really like, our interests coincided.

“okay. “Because the day is coming to an end.”

“yes! Then, since my mana is full…”

Letancier was about to recite a telekinesis spell.

Suddenly the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

It was a different kind of threat from a giant.

I was looking around to see if anyone was there.


Suddenly, a huge explosion occurred above the roots.

The dark red flames completely engulfed the hand.

The rays of light shooting into the sky became faint.

A belated shock wave hit us.

“Kyaak! “What!”

Letansie stumbled.

The trees that had been lying down for a while rose up with a rebound.

This was before the fire had even subsided.

Goosebumps ran down my arms again.


It was definitely true.

This was an energy I knew.

After trying to control my excitement, I called Letancier.

“hey. “Flying squirrel.”

“Heo-eok… heo-eok… why are you like that?”

“Can you swear that you will never betray again?”

“Suddenly? Everything, everything, of course you can do it!”


As soon as he finished speaking, he pushed her away.

It was the moment when Le Tansieh hit his ass.


Something flew diagonally through the sky and landed between her and me.

“Huh oh!!”

Le Tanxie’s eyes widened.

A black spear was stuck deep in the ground.

This was where I was just a moment ago.

The window, twisted into a double spiral, was dark black, as if it had been cut out of the dead of night.

“What on earth is this…!”

“I can’t believe you’re thinking of making something like this out of rib bones. “You really are a crazy bastard.”

I muttered with the corners of my mouth raised.

I was so happy that I burst out laughing.

After wiping my face once, I turned my head.

On a tree not far away, a pitch-black man was sitting.

“···How did you notice?”

he muttered.

He was a man who was impressive in many ways.

His eyes were red and his hair was long enough to reach his waist.

There were two horns on top of its head.

“It doesn’t look very good.”

Naturally, there was some difference from the guy I knew.

The man in black was glaring at me silently.

I opened my mouth with my eyes focused on one of the broken horns.



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