Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 384

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2-6. Red and White World (4)



It’s the perfect word to describe my current state.

It does not refer to the phenomenon that occurs when light is shined on a mirror or a bare bald head.

That’s the most famous one, but what I want to talk about is ‘an unconscious reaction that occurs regardless of one’s will.’

A voice echoing above my head.

The giant’s unique low-pitched voice makes me reflexively excited.


I took a deep breath.

Even though it was a situation I had been thinking about since I heard the explanation of the parallel world, I couldn’t calm down easily.

My heart beats crazy fast and my pupils constrict.

My entire body’s senses are so tense that I can even hear the sound of my beard growing.

“are you okay?”


To top it off, Lin was the first to worry about my condition.

It’s worth it.

The only thing that drove me this crazy was Adeshan untying the straps of her negligee.

Oh, shit.

I miss you already.


Le Tancier was shocked.

She also seemed to have realized what was happening above.

Suddenly, the body that was surging with telekinetic power stopped.

As in my case, it was a reflex action.

Of course, I had no intention of tolerating such nonsense.

I jumped and kicked the wall and caught up with her.

Then he held the blade to his throat and chanted.

“Go up.”

“Everyone, everyone is going to die! Didn’t you just hear me?! “They came!”

“Then why don’t you die here?”

I moved the hilt of the sword ever so slightly.

The delicate skin bled the moment it came into contact with the blade.

If I just pulled it gently like this, Letancier’s branches would be cut off like freshly made pudding.

“I-I don’t know…!”

The decision was quick.

Letancier closed his eyes tightly.

As the four remaining right hands clinked, our bodies began to rise again.

The moment I passed through the hole, bright sunlight poured down.

Most of the scenery was the same, but one thing was different.

From about thirty meters away, a four-winged giant was looking down at the ground.


Le Tansieh panicked.

The disheveled telekinesis lost sight of the body.

I landed lightly, but she was thrown around like a bucket.

The giant’s eyes, which were looking at the destroyed roots, turned in this direction.

『Pasagia asks. Did you do it?』

“It’s a name I’ve heard a lot before.”

The corners of his mouth rose.

If I remember correctly, he was attacked by the Allied Forces even before the war broke out.

Did Old Man Jaipa kill him?

I didn’t like the sight of a flying bean-bag-like baby holding on to its weight.

“Yo, please forgive me!”

Suddenly, Le Tansieh bowed his head.

The sound of teeth chattering could be heard up to here.

She was taking a deep breath and shouted at rapid fire.

“I was dragged out because I was threatened! This person cut off my restraints…no, my work tools arbitrarily! So, I mean!”

“Yumma. “I want you to release me.”

I was shocked.

I never thought I’d get stabbed in the back by someone who hasn’t even stopped bleeding from my ears and fingers yet.

I guess giants are quite scary.

“I don’t know what kind of guts they had to try to destroy the world… Don’t you think that bald guy over there is one of the worst of their species? “If it were a giant loaf with eight wings, I would understand.”

“Please forgive me… have mercy…”

Le Tanxi did not respond.

I sighed as I looked at her trembling buttocks.

As expected, these fanatics had no answer.

They’re like scum who can’t even take responsibility for their actions.

Suddenly, Basagia’s voice rang out from above.


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『What did you just say?』

“What dude?”

『You dared to mention the eight sacred wings. Did you know something and say it?』

“aha. “What else can I say?”

Why did a random guy give an answer?

It seemed like my remarks had offended him.

Beings no better than insects have spoken of their supreme dignity, so it’s probably worth worrying about.

Basakia asked again.

『Speak. “Persagia commanded.”

“He also has an impatient personality. “Why should I do that?”

I put my hands in my pockets and lifted my chin.

I was thinking of telling him, but the way he was urging me was distasteful.

When I looked at those characteristic downcast eyes, my blood pressure seemed to rise indefinitely.

『That’s foolish. Your wantonness will be judged by eternal torment.』

Basakia stretched out her arms.

Particles of light began to gather at the center of the large white hand.

I don’t know if it was my mood, but it was much bigger and more threatening than anything I had seen before.

Did he grow by sucking the life out of this planet?

This is interesting.

“That’s fun. “Throw it.”

“Are you crazy?!”

Letancier raised his head and was frightened.

My forehead was stained red from how hard I f*cked him.

The spear of light left Basakia’s hand.

『Parsacia executes the sentence.』

It’s a rush as fast as lightning.

In an instant, the sight before my eyes turned pure white.

Le Tan City was frozen, unable to even think of escaping.


The guess was correct.

It was true that I was stronger than before.

Of course, it didn’t really matter whether that was the case or not.

I silently pulled on the hilt of the sword.

A long vertical line was drawn from top to bottom.

The vision, which had been colored white, splits in half, revealing the sky again.

The spear of light, cut to the left and right, sank into the sea.


Two water columns shot up into the sky.

The spray that soaked Basagia’s shield turned into red rain and poured down on my head.


A look of bewilderment appeared on the man’s dark-skinned face.

I understand.

That’s how all first experiences are.

By the way, I’m an adult now, so I should officially declare war.

“Let’s start at eye level first.”

I grabbed the hilt of the sword.

A bright scarlet color spread across the white sword body.

It is a color that evokes nostalgia in many ways.

Evening glow.

our family.

The hill of the four seasons where I sat shoulder to shoulder with Adeshan.

My auror that resembles the setting sun.

“Come down. “A bowl of beans.”

The color spread out like a flash.

Basakia’s body was engulfed in the glow of the sunset.

A large figure, drawn like iron filings by a magnet, crashed in front of me.



Letancier screamed.

It was funny to see him fall and hit his butt so ugly.

Of course, the funniest thing was the bald head shaking on one knee in front of me.

『You shameless one. What have you done now…』

“You need to be quiet for a moment.”

The blade that had disappeared has returned to its place.

A blue line was drawn over Basakia’s neck.


Blood as bright as the summer sky soaked my face.

The man fell forward, unable to continue speaking.

“hey. Can everyone see it?”

I waved my hand in front of Basakia’s face.

Thanks to the shared senses that are a species trait, all bald heads were probably watching this scene.

He scratched his head and opened his mouth.

“Where should I begin…Um, my name is Ronan. I’m the one who put this guy on hold right now. As you can see, I can rip your defenses apart like toilet paper.”

『This is impossible…』

Basakia sighed.

He was looking with open eyes at the star’s protection that was losing its form and disappearing.

Even if you wanted to get up, it would be impossible.

When I cut down Mokuldae, I severed all the tendons in all my limbs.

I walked back and swung my sword a few times.




All fingers except the middle finger collapsed.

“Three, oh my!”

Letansie took a deep breath.

It seemed like he was finally believing that I had destroyed his roots.

The five rays of light now had only one remaining, coming from the middle finger, and it was shining brightly.

It was a vulgar yet sacred sight.

“I f*cking hate you guys. Probably the person I hate the most in the world. But it’s too troublesome for me to go looking for you all, so I’d like you to come from there. Don’t do anything foolish. If you succeed in catching me…”

It was important from here.

I cleared my throat and continued speaking.

“I’ll tell you where your missing king is.”


For the first time, a change occurred in Basakia’s expression.

The muscles all over my body swelled and the wounds opened up.

A lot of blue blood poured out, but he was unable to get up and fell down again.

Hard work.

Who cut it?

“The business is over. more.”

After declaring war, I swung my sword.

The sound of breaking is soft.

Basakia’s head slid along the cut.


The light in his eyes cooled.

The headless body collapsed like a sand castle.

White bone was visible inside the clean cut surface.

The blue blood gushing out was mixing with the red seawater.

“Invaders… so easily…”

Le Tansieh was shocked.

She was looking up at me with a mixture of fear and awe.

I took out a cigarette pipe from my inside pocket and asked.

‘I hope it works out well.’

This is my first smoke since coming to the parallel world.

With this, all the giants’ attention would be focused on me.

I can’t guarantee it, but it’s almost certain.

They were looking for the late king even at the moment of the war.

An ancient monster who fell to his death after a bloody fight with Seniel.

The hilt of the knife whined as if it was worried about me.

“It was intentional, so don’t worry. “Even if there are a thousand of them, they can still win.”

“It’s because I’m hungry.”


It was an answer that made me laugh.

I dipped the tip of my sword into the pool at my feet.

My face was reflected on the blue surface.

“Eat it and don’t leave anything behind. “Because it’s precious blood.”

“huh. “This is special.”

The blue blood quickly diminished.

The blood of giants was like a special meal for Rin.

I let out the breath I had been holding.

The puffed smoke dispersed into the air.

“that’s right. “So… it was a while ago…”

Le Tansy was sweating profusely and looking at me.

It must feel like sitting on a thorn cushion.

Well, you did such a traitorous thing.

I shook off the cigarette but opened my mouth.


“Yes, yes?!”

“Are there still people alive in this world?”

“Well, that’s…”

Le Tancier stammered.

I swung my sword at her as if spraying her.

The sword that passed over the top of Letancier’s head hit his remaining middle finger. Ugh!

The fingers collapsed with an explosion sound.

Letancier was startled and waved his hands.

“There you go! Probably there is! “Until just three years ago, we heard rumors of a resistance group!!”

“that’s right. I said there was such a thing. “What is the resistance?”

“They are the ones who fought against the invaders until the very end! I heard that most of them died, but a few survived and escaped! Well… what was the name… ah!! “Starting with Navardose!”


I almost missed the cigarette pipe.

It was a very friendly name.

Red Dragon Navardose.

Her most famous nickname is Mother of Fire, and perhaps the strongest creature on this planet.

It certainly wasn’t strange if she was alive.

For a moment, the word hope crossed my mind.

“Guide me.”


“Guide me. “To the place where those so-called resistance fighters are.”

“Well, I don’t know that well… Hehe! all right! “I understand!”

I snapped my finger and Le Tancier started the game.

It felt like the fear of me was engraved deep in my bones.

Fortunately, she wasn’t very hairy.

With a whisper-like spell, Letancier and my body floated into the air.

“If it had been normal, it would have been cut into pieces. Don’t forget why your neck is glued together. “You are my personal flying squirrel from now on.”

“Ugh… Ugh… Yes…”

“What do you say?”

“Flying squirrel…Ugh!”

The tears flowing down my cheeks were pitiful.

The great Archbishop of Nebula Clage was reduced to a mere vehicle.

To be honest, it wasn’t very good compared to her previous job, but she obediently complied.

‘What can I do? He must want to live too.’

We left the bald corpse behind and started moving inland.

As I glanced behind me, I saw a root spitting out water from a hole.


It wasn’t red water this time.

Clean sea water was rushing over the huge hole.

Apparently, the transmission tower disappeared and lost its function.

It may take a while, but if things continue like this, the sea in the area may regain its original color.


I feel a strange sense of fulfillment.

How strange.

I haven’t broken the rift or captured Akasha yet.

Not long after we started flying, a pure white land appeared in the distance.

A land that may still have life left in it.


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