Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 382

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2-4. Red and White World (2)


The hand was actually a huge structure.

When I was far away, it felt like an invisible part of a living thing, but when I saw it up close, it felt different.

What should I call this?

It was a very strange-looking building.

‘Was it made by giants?’

It seemed like illegal additions had been made to the giant hand sculpture.

The five fingers were as high as the spire of Phileon.

The flat, wide palms were facing parallel to the sky.

Looking at the surface, which was as white as snot, it seemed to have been built with the motif of the hands of bald cubs.

“Shall we start with the landing?”

It seemed worth taking a closer look.

There was no other way to avoid falling into the sea anyway.

I swung my sword toward the water, which was getting closer and closer.


The sword energy that spewed out like fire collided with the sea water.


It was bigger than expected.

An explosion occurred as if a mine had exploded.

The body hit by the shock wave bounced roughly.

I was flying almost in a straight line and stopped only after hitting my back against the middle finger of a giant hand.

“Ahh! “f*ck!”

This hurt a bit.

The vibration echoed throughout my hand.

I landed in a swallow and rubbed my back.

Lin sighed.

“It’s reckless. “As always.”

“Isn’t it okay if you came anyway?”

“Not really. “If it weren’t for you, I would definitely have died.”

It was a confident tone.

I also agreed.

Every time something like this happens, I realize that I am not an ordinary person.

But what can you do?

I was born with a body that allows me to do things like this.

“You’re not dead.”

The palm of my hand was spacious enough to be good for taking a walk.

Unfortunately, there were no cracks visible, but there were comparable interesting elements scattered throughout.

“By the way, is it an altar?”

“Oh, right. Doesn’t that finger feel a bit like that over there? “Something keeps coming out.”

I pointed to the top of my finger with my chin.

It was so high that I had to tilt my head back all the way.

At the top of each of the five fingers was a pointed structure.

At first glance, it looked like a fingernail.

“I see.”

“I’m sure I saw that somewhere… Where was it?”

Five rays of light coming from the fingernails were connecting the sea and the sky.

Nebula Clage’s unique sparkling mana was contained in the light.

It was a car that struggled with a strong sense of déjà vu.



My fingers automatically snapped.

The moment a memory comes to mind is as clear as when you sneeze.

I’ve seen something similar.

In the past, I went to the dragon city of Adren with Asher and Schlieffen.

On top of the Sky Tower where the Dragon King Ajidahaka lived.

“That kind of ray came out from the magic circle where the double head ritual was performed. I remember?”

“After hearing it, it seems like that.”

This also happened several years ago.

The Dragon King, blinded by jealousy, attracted Nebula Clazier to gain the power to surpass Navarre.

The pseudo-scammers tricked the Dragon King into performing a suspicious ritual.

A ritual to descend on a bald giant while pretending to give him strength.

“Are you sure. That’s a signal to the bald world.”

“What is the purpose? “If it were a world already occupied by giants like you said, there would be no need to come here.”

“We have to find out about that now.”

The question needed to be resolved.

I threw a light slash at the index finger in front of me.

The blade cutting into the surface stopped in the middle.


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It was pretty solid.

However, what I was holding was the sharpest sword in the world.

With a little force, the blade gently penetrated the inner wall.

A slanted line was drawn in the middle of the index finger.

The upper part slid along the cut and fell toward the sea.


Bright red spray rose high into the sky.

The rays were reduced to four.

The water was transparent, so I could clearly see my finger sinking.

“What, it’s nothing special.”

It was a little disappointing.

I just thought something would definitely happen.

In a fit of rage, he was about to cut off the rest of his fingers.


Suddenly, an explosion sounded like a dam bursting from behind.

“What the f*ck?!”

The sound was unusual.

I quickly turned my head.

Dark red sea water was gushing out from the center of the vast palm.

It was a sight like a whale spouting water.

“I think we should avoid it.”

Lin added.

I also agreed.

It was so large that it could not be compared to the previous spray.

I took refuge behind the severed index finger.

The seawater that had soared into the sky poured down and swept over my palm.

“It’s scary.”

I watched the spectacle, clinging to the base of my finger like a cicada.

The current was so strong that if I was swept away, it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to recover my bones.

A fountain that appeared out of nowhere was coloring the already eerie sea even more red.

‘What’s mixed in? ‘It’s not blood?’

The feeling of wetness on my face was unpleasant.

The concentration was much thicker than the existing red seawater.

The thick thing really reminded me of blood, but I couldn’t smell or taste it.

The eruption ended after about ten minutes.

I got off my fingers and walked towards the direction where the sea water was gushing out.


There was a huge hole in the center of the palm.

This is where the seawater came from.

It seemed like something with a large diameter could reach even the bald giants.

It was quite deep, so the bottom was completely dark and couldn’t be seen.

I was in the middle of looking into the hole.


“ok. Confirmed.”

Lin was vibrating.

I shook my head.

An unmistakable sign of presence was felt deep within the hole.

“I’m sure this time. “It is a living thing.”

“Could it be one of those giants?”

“You’ll have to meet to find out. Goes.”

“I can’t believe I’m going. for a moment···”

It was before Rin could reply.

I jumped into the hole with a light leap.

Not long after jumping in, darkness enveloped my son-in-law.

“Shit. “What’s so high?”

When I looked up, I saw a hole that had already become as small as the moon.

It was hard to believe that it was connected to the bottom of the sea.

If the speed had dropped to this level, the speed would have been maintained, but somehow it seemed to be getting faster.

No, actually, the further down I went, the stronger the pressure became.

“I warned you that I was reckless.”

“don’t worry. “Because I can’t die like this.”

However, there was a possibility of being seriously injured or becoming an asshole.

The wind roaring in my ears was bitter.

I plunged my sword into the wall before it was too late.


The embers jumped out noisily and the speed began to decrease.

The hilt of the sword buzzed as if complaining.

“it hurts. “It hurts, you idiot.”

“Hold on a little. “Anyway, if you drink blood, you’ll get better.”

“bad. I liked it so much before. This is why younger men are not allowed. “You act like you’re going to give me a star, but when you get tired of it, I throw it away like you’re chewing gum.”

“Damn, where did you learn that? “Now that I think about it, you’ve changed into a more human being these days and you’ve been acting like crazy. Are you still reading strange pornographic stories?”


The vibration stopped.

It felt like I had hit the nail on the head.

Actually, I’ve known it for a long time.

Surprisingly, the noble Holy Sword Lady’s hobby was reading sensual novels.

“······idiot. “It’s not a dirty story, it’s a romance.”

“That’s it. And the romance sucks. Is it a normal romance to just do that from the second chapter to the end? “Let’s see, this perverted knife…”

“S-stop. “I understand, so stop.”

“I think we’re almost there, so just hang in there. “I’ll let you chop it up later.”

Rin mumbled but stopped complaining.

There may be room for use of this weakness in the future.

The crowd was getting closer and closer.

Perhaps because of my mood, the passage seemed to be getting narrower and narrower.

About a minute has passed.

“Okay, we’re all here.”

The floor finally appeared.

A dim light was coming out of that deep darkness.

However, the shape of the floor was a bit strange.

A long, narrow line was engraved on the flat surface.

I soon realized that the entire floor was a giant gate.

“Sickness. “What else?”

It meant that there was something out there.

It was the moment to grasp the hilt of the sword to deliver another slash.

Hundreds of holes appeared on the empty side wall.


One area was as big as the buttocks of a horse.

I think it was originally closed, but it was dark so I didn’t even notice it existed.

This was before I even figured out what was going on.


A strong stream of water began to pour into every hole.


My eyes widened as I saw the water rising in an instant.

Surprisingly, what came through the hole was clean water.

The salty smell of the sea was wafting out.

‘Wasn’t all your life sucked out?’

It was the seawater I knew.

Dozens of questions flashed through my mind, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to think about them.

The friendly seawater swallowed me up in the blink of an eye.


The word ‘drowning’ crossed my mind.

The gate beneath my feet opened with a creaking sound of hinges.


Beyond the door, a thick, red liquid rose through the seawater.


It was much thicker than what I saw on my palm.

The sea water was changing color quickly.

Then a strong pressure began to push the body.

If we continued like this, we were going to be kicked out along with the fountain we saw earlier.

‘I’ll lend you some strength. Varen.’

I came this far, but I couldn’t do that.

It’s been a really long time since I replaced a core.

A golden glow enveloped the limbs.

It was Varen’s aura that allowed him to exert super strength.


I started swimming down.

The current was extremely strong, but the teacher’s ability turned me into a salmon swimming up the waterfall.

It was the moment when I, who had come down far away, passed through the gate.


The door closed again and the liquid settled.


The speed was almost like a fall.

Within a few seconds, I was lying flat on the floor.

When I woke up swearing, the liquid had already disappeared.

“Nimi, what are you going to do with this and that?!”

The drainage facilities seemed to be very well equipped.

Even though my socks were covered in red water, the coat Sarante gave me was smooth.

Anyway, where is this place again?

It’s dark and looks like some kind of dungeon.

The door we came in through formed a ceiling.

I was just about to look around.

“Well, is there anyone there?”


A voice echoed from not far away.

I turned my head reflexively.

In the middle of space.

So, there was a pretty girl sitting down in a symmetrical spot with the gate above her head.

The woman, whose arms and legs were shackled, was just as wet as me.

“You are.”

I couldn’t hide my surprise.

It was a face I remembered.

An archbishop who remained until the last war and harassed the Allied forces.

The witch who had lived for over a thousand years was practically Abel’s right hand man.

So the name is…

“Le Tansie?”

“Well, you know my name…! Could it be you, Phantasion?! If not, are you really a resistance group?”

The woman whose name was called had a seizure.

There was a thick eye patch on so they couldn’t see me.

It was definitely true.

That was Letansier, the archbishop of Nebula Clazier.

In the end, his head fell into Schlieffen’s hand.

“I don’t know who it is, but please get me out of here… I can’t hold on any longer… Ugh, even breathing is painful…!”

Letancier struggled.

The majesty of the past was nowhere to be seen in this desperate gesture.

Of course I was happy.

Because this witch seemed to know a lot.

The Pantasion and the Resistance Army.

“good. “Let’s listen first.”

The blade was fired.

The eyepatch was torn in half and fell to the floor.

A haggard but beautiful face appeared.

Letancier, who made eye contact with Ronan, froze.

“Who are you?”


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