Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 381

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2-3. Red and White World (1)


It was the moment when I passed through the crack.

I felt like I was seven times more miserable than when I was moving through space.

I felt dizzy and nauseated, as if a ghost was caressing my cochlea.


I barely raised my head.

About 500 meters away, I saw a crack that looked exactly like the one I entered.

The rest of the space was all colored white.

It wasn’t that far.

But the moment I took a step, I realized why Sarante said no one else could enter the crack.

“Eight f*ck, what?”

It felt like I had been thrown into the deep sea with my bare body.

The pressure on my body was increasing explosively.

When I narrowed my eyes, I saw particles finer than dust wandering around in space.

Bright red nosebleeds ran down the philtrum.

“It’s pretty good.”

It felt similar to being hit by telekinetic magic.

Perhaps those particles were a magic catalyst.

My bones and joints were creaking.

If I were a normal person, I would have been crushed like a jellyfish as soon as I stepped into the crack.

Akasha must be a bitch to be able to use this level of magic even when she is not present.

“Well, it’s magic anyway.”

I pulled on the hilt of the sword.

The moment the blade drew an arc, liquid-like sword energy was released in a whirlwind.

The particles disappeared and the path to the crack was cleared.

It is a sight as if a tunnel of blood has formed.


What was no longer bothersome was the specification.

As I took a deep breath, my thighs swelled.

The heel hit the pavement roughly.

The body, fired like a bullet, reached the crack in an instant.

I glanced behind me and saw the crack I entered.

Beyond the broken space, a midnight forest shimmered.


It was only a moment, but many thoughts came to mind.

To be honest, even during this time, it was difficult to erase my doubts.

In fact, isn’t all of this a dream?

Couldn’t Sarante, who entrusted my future to me, to have been transformed into an evil ghost?

Honestly, it doesn’t make sense.

It suddenly appears and says something about the future, a parallel world, etc.

‘Well, it doesn’t make sense that I died and came back to life.’

Still, it didn’t take long to make up my mind.

I tend to forget it a lot these days.

That I am living a second life. The sound of the general’s breathing as he kissed me, the feeling of dry lips rubbing together, the spicy scent of blood that came with the beads, and the sight of Nimburton unfolding when I opened my eyes.

If you think about it, it wasn’t the first time you took on the fate of the world.

– I decided to walk to you.

I decided to think as positively as possible.

I’ve been suffering from paranoia lately.

About the abandoned.

About the survival of the world that remains after Adeshan disappears and we don’t even know if it exists.

But it turned out that it was not a delusion but reality.

And I was given the right to participate in that world.

Rather, it could be seen as luck.

People who suffer from these symptoms usually say that they are imprisoned in straitjackets or treated like crazy until they die.


“He who has eaten meat knows what it tastes like.”

The short yet long worry is over.

Instead of putting the brakes in, I closed my eyes.

The flash of light that exploded through the crack obscured my vision.


The light quickly faded.

I slowly opened my eyes.

The pure white sand was passing under the boat.

“what is this.”

Surprisingly, I was still flying.

The speed was so great that it seemed like he hit the ground quite hard.

I wanted to make a stable landing, but the distance to the ground was too close.


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The altitude gradually decreased, just like a glider trying to land on a runway.


It’s ruined.

It was around the time when it became possible to observe the shape of each grain of sand.


My face fell into the sand.

The unbalanced body bounced violently.

Only after rolling twenty-three times did I lose inertia and stop.

“Sigh! Wow! “Because you’re out of luck!”

I stood up as if jumping up.

Every time I spit or blew my nose, sand came out.

The white sparkling thing was like a jewel and it was so pretty that I wanted to melt it all down and turn it into glass.

“for a moment. this···.”

I was in the middle of turning my coat pocket inside out.

A sense of déjà vu passed through my mind.

I’ve definitely seen this sand somewhere before.

Pale grains, like corpses left behind by vampires, with no signs of life.

The sound of waves crashing was coming from right next to me.

I turned my head and my body froze.

“her. “f*ck.”

The blood-red sea stretched along the sandy beach.

The sky touching the horizon was as white as a sandy beach.

The bright red sea was eerily transparent, and I was able to see through the depths of the water, which were not very deep.

‘Why is there nothing?’

That very point added to the eerieness.

There was nothing in the water, which should be full of life.

There were no fish, corals or common seafood to be seen.

Only a few thin reefs remained, poking their heads out like wild owls.

Even though his body was stiff, his hands were moving vigorously and shaking off his coat.

The deepening sense of déjà vu adds to the certainty.

I have seen this scene before.

“······Is it already over?”


A breaking sound was heard inside the mouth.

The day I saw this scene was the day I tied the knot with Abel.

After fighting and tangling in a dimensional rift, we fell onto an unknown star.

Where the sea is red and the land is white, like here.

Abel called the star the horse of a planet that was attacked by a race of giants.

‘I never thought it would really happen like this.’

It wasn’t difficult to understand the situation.

Sarante only said that the parallel world was the world after the general’s death, but it was unclear how much later.

Judging from the scenery, it seemed like quite a long time had passed.

Nebula Clazie’s plan was completely successful and reached its conclusion.

“It’s an ending like dog food.”

I felt a little better after taking a deep breath.

We had to act quickly.

My goal was to destroy the rifts around the world and kill Akasha.

The crack that had to be broken first was determined.

When I looked back, I saw a colorful landing mark.

“…It’s a good thing my neck wasn’t broken.”

It seemed like crops could be planted right where the sand had been dug.

At the end of the furrow, the crack I entered was blinking with white light.

I approached the crack holding my sword.

It was my last chance to dismiss everything as a dream, but I didn’t hesitate.

The slash cut through the air.

The magic particles collapsed and cracks began to form.

“It’s nothing special.”

It didn’t take a few seconds.

The wound in the space healed without a trace.

I ran my hand over the crack to check.

I didn’t feel anything.

With this, I can no longer run away.

As I was about to start work in earnest, a question arose.

‘Anyway, how do you know where the crack is?’

This was a pretty serious problem.

Let alone how wide the parallel world was, there was no way to determine where the crack occurred.

It would have been a lot easier if I had friends, but unfortunately I was the only one here.

“If only Sitana Asher had been there.”

A sigh came out of my mouth.

It seemed like I had no choice but to use primitive methods.

Walk until you see a crack.

Still, it wasn’t a very vague task.

Since Akasha’s purpose was to summon the giants and Nebula Clazier, there was a high possibility that a rift existed in a place where the energy of the two bastards could be felt.

Once you cut out just one spot, you will be able to roughly figure out the location of the other cracks.

“good. Let’s begin.”


I strengthened my resolve by clapping my hands.

It felt a little lonely without anyone to support me, but I couldn’t help it.

Because the path of a hero is inherently lonely.

I was about to walk along the coastline.

“I think there’s something to the west.”

“Oh my god, it’s a surprise!!”

Suddenly, a girl’s voice rang out.

I was so shocked that I screamed like a girl.

I reflexively pulled out my sword.

I looked around, but couldn’t see anything except the sea and land where I had failed to dye my hair.

I was in the middle of trying to catch my breath.

“Why are you so excited? “Let’s continue to stay together.”

The same voice was heard once again.

It was very close.

My eyes widened as I looked in the direction the sound came from.

The sword body that had been pulled out was trembling.


“You have finally revealed your dark intentions. Just the two of us in a quiet place like this. After all, you’re older than me, right?”

I completely forgot.

The owner of the voice was none other than my sword.

To be precise, he is a ghost (he gets really angry when I call him that) who lives in my house.

Rin, the spirit of the holy sword.

“Are you okay?”

“hungry. “Cut something.”

“No, not like that. “It feels like my body is about to decompose… or my consciousness is blurred…”

“huh. “It’s okay.”

Lin’s voice was as calm as always.

Suddenly, my heart swelled.

I wasn’t alone.

“That’s a good thing. “It’s really nice to meet you.”

“I like your attitude today. “Please always treat me with this kind of respect.”

The foolish laughter continued.

The whole time Rin was stroking the hilt of the sword, she purred like a happy cat.

Suddenly, I remembered the conversation from earlier and snapped my fingers.

“Oh, what’s in the west?”

“huh. I don’t know what it is, but it’s very unpleasant. “I want to cut it down right now.”

“Are they bald bastards? good. “Let’s go right away.”

It was rare for Rin to actively show murderous intent.

It seemed like this extraordinary holy sword smelled something.

I ran towards the direction pointed by the tip of the sword.

“Where would this place be in the original world? “I have no idea.”

“I don’t know. I don’t like it. “How did you end up here?”

“It’s too long to explain, but um… I don’t have anything to do anyway, so I’ll tell you.”

I told Lin the whole incident.

My only friend for now listened to the story, saying ‘yes’ repeatedly.

White sand bounced cheerfully every time it hit the ground.

If I glanced behind me once in a while, I could see footprints that had turned red due to stagnant sea water.

It was a car where ‘yes’ was repeated dozens of times.



For the first time, a different answer emerged.

It felt both familiar and shitty almost at the same time.

The gaze shifted to the sea and remained fixed.

“What is that again?”

My brows furrowed.

Rin was now growling like a hungry beast.

White sea fog was swirling in the middle of the red horizon.

A sight that looks like clouds have descended.

The inside was sparkling like a star, which was clearly a trace of Nebula Clage.


However, what caught the attention of Lin and I was not their mana.

Something huge was shining brightly in the thick fog.

I soon realized that it was someone’s hand.

A huge hand rose up through the sea.

“Is he alive?”

Lin tilted his head.

The hand didn’t move.

I wanted to figure out its detailed shape, but it was so far away that I couldn’t see it from this location.

“You’ll find out when you go.”

In times like these, it was best to go and see it in person.

The distance was quite far, but it seemed like it would work out somehow.


I gathered all the strength in my legs and jumped towards the sea.

“My strength has improved.”

“What’s new?”

Lin was impressed.

The beach was moving away quickly.

Having solved all the curses, I could leap to a level similar to Jaifa if I wanted to.

Well, I haven’t really had to use this much force lately.

Even though the restoration work was busy, it was a time when peace was restored.

‘That’s creepy.’

The red sea was rippling beneath my feet.

The deep sea, where sunlight does not reach, took on an opaque red color.

There was a high possibility that there was nothing, but just looking at the visual, it wouldn’t have been strange to see a huge tentacle pop out.

Soon the fog engulfed me.

“I can’t believe I have to watch this again.”

My eyebrows naturally furrowed.

The inside of the sea fog was like a dark room where a planetarium was operated.

Nebula Clazie’s mana was sparkling everywhere.

The hand holding the sword gained strength.

“what. To cut it?”

I answered Rin’s question by gripping the hilt of the sword stronger.

It didn’t stink or be toxic, but I just didn’t like seeing it.

“good. let’s do it.”

Lin giggled.

The blade, which was fired with a red tail, drew a huge circle.

It was the moment when the sword returned to its original position.


The thick fog split into left and right sides.

Just then the wind blew.

A clump of gas with a radius of 1 km began to split into upper and lower halves and disperse.

The hand that was hidden by the veil was revealed.

It was closer than I thought, and I had almost reached it.

Suddenly my eyes narrowed.


The giant hand did not belong to a creature.


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