Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 375

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Abduction 60. Sword and Star (5)


The wind passing through the palm trees was warm.

Unlike the Islands, where autumn leaves were slowly starting to appear, the land below was still in summer.

The square of Manteca, the largest city in the South, was filled with busy people today as well.

“It was confirmed yesterday that the undead were wiped out! “The carriage to Chilston will operate normally from today!”

“Now, now, the carriage is not important right now! It’s outside the scope! “Extra-extra!”

“oh. “Is this article real?”

It was usually a busy place, but today the atmosphere was even more excited.

Telegrams distributed by salesmen wearing bread hats stopped passers-by.

In the middle of it all, a man with black hair burst out laughing.

“ruler. This is the end! “Please stick out your leg.”


The girl sitting across from him tilted her head.

A girl’s leg in a man’s hand.

To be exact, there was a pair of prosthetic legs that were realistic enough to be mistaken.

“Well, it’s already finished?”

The girl’s father, who was also present, was embarrassed.

Even though I watched the work process with my own eyes, I couldn’t accept it.

It took less than 30 minutes for the man to create a prosthetic leg.

Including the time it took to measure my daughter’s body.

“okay. Why are you so surprised? “It says fast here.”

The man pointed upward with his index finger.

On the large sign, we will make arms, legs, and wings. The confident phrase, “Fast and accurate.” was written in calligraphy.

“That’s true.”

“Don’t worry. I never made it half-heartedly. Come on, legs!”

“Yes, yes!”

The girl carefully put out her right leg.

My father chewed his lips.

There was nothing left below her crushed knees.

The grinning man’s expression became serious.

“It was painful. Rest assured now.”

He started attaching the prosthetic leg to the girl’s leg, chanting unintelligible words like a spell.

It didn’t take that long.

The man who finished attaching it smiled cheerfully again.

“good! end! Now take a nice walk!”

“uh? “Your legs…?”

There was no pain at all.

The girl slowly opened her eyes.

It was clearly a prosthetic leg, but it seemed to have senses connected to it.

When I instinctively applied strength, my little toes wiggled.


The girl covered her mouth.

This time it wasn’t phantom pain.

The nerves in the man’s new leg were perfectly connected.

She suddenly got up and took a step forward.

As she walked with a limp, she waved at her father.

“Dad, look at this! “I’m walking!”

“Three, oh my…!”

The girl’s father froze, unable to say anything.

My wrinkled eyes turned red.

Even though my daughter was staggering, she was quickly regaining her balance.

A smile that I thought I would never see again bloomed on her small face.

After finishing the work, the man patted his hand.

“You learn quickly. “After all, they are kids.”

“Thank you so much! thank you! “I thought I would have to live my whole life with help from others…!”

“Hehe, technology makes life free.”

He bowed his head like a woodpecker.

The reason her only daughter lost her leg was due to the necromancer Kearsarge’s undead attack.

The leg that was bitten by the living corpse was rotting away, so there was no choice but to cut it off if one did not want to lose his or her life.

Thanks to Ronan and Asher’s intervention, the situation was quickly brought to an end, but victims like the girl still remained throughout the southern part of the country.

The hellish days were passing through my mind like a flash of light.

The girl’s father wiped his face.

“Ugh, thank you… I’ll give you anything you want.”

“Anything? “Can you handle that?”

“Well, of course! You can say anything. “You are the one who saved my one and only treasure…!”

He was really ready to give anything.

If possible, I wanted to take out my own gallbladder and give it to him.


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The man didn’t answer right away, but stroked his chin and thought about it.

Suddenly, a girl approached at a slow pace and held out something to the man.

“Hey, I’ll give this to you.”


“He’s my friend. Something her mom made. “This is Yongyong from my favorite children’s book.”

A small dragon doll was held in its fern-like hand.

The dragon made of cloth and cotton took the shape of a black dragon with four wings.

Looking at the bright eyes, it was obvious who the model was.

The man who was fiddling with the doll laughed.

“It’s popular. kid.”


“no. “Please accept my gratitude for giving me something so precious.”

“Ehehe, please treat it with respect. “I like having my wings touched.”

The girl laughed.

I couldn’t believe that he was a depressed child just a little while ago.

Now that I see it, only the front teeth are missing, giving me a mischievous feel.

She hugged Petit Orsay for the last time and ran to the square.

“Thank you!”

The girl gave a belly bow once again.

As I ran, I looked back several times, feeling sad about parting ways with my old friend.

Her peers playing in the square spotted her and cheered.

It felt like we were friends.

It was clear that the children were learning quickly by jumping around and running.

The man who was looking at the doll grinned.

“good. Do it like this!”

“Have you decided what to receive?”

“okay. Originally, I was going to ask for a large amount of money, but since I received something so precious, I’ll give you a cut of most of it. “Please give me a coin for the difference!”

“Ears, they are precious… Are you talking about your daughter’s doll?!”

“Then what? Anyway, looking at it again, it’s a really well-made doll. “Every single stitch is filled with care.”

The man was impressed.

These were not empty words.

He had a great fondness for objects created by mortal affection.

I could see how much the girl’s mother loved her.

I would have wanted to add it to my collection list, except that it was modeled after a novice.

“B-but… that’s all…”

“Uh-huh! I hate saying the same thing again. “Are you saying it’s not worth a coin now?!”

“Well, that can’t be possible! W, here. “I’ll give it to you right away!”

The man screamed.

The girl’s father was very surprised and took out a coin.

I didn’t like the fact that it was a silver coin, but the man thought it was okay and took the coin.

“good. Now go see her daughter. You don’t have to worry about the growth period. “My prosthetic legs are special, so they grow along with the owner’s body.”

“Wow, you are giving me this favor. Even if it’s just respect…”

“I am a busy person. “It’s not going anywhere.”

The man coldly stopped talking.

The girl’s father was taken aback for a moment, but when he realized that he was being kind, he kept his mouth shut.

“······thank you.”

Finally, he expressed his gratitude, but the man did not respond.

The girl’s father turned his back.

The man who was glancing at the figure muttered a low order.

The Orsay doll, which floated silently in the air, went into the girl’s father’s backpack.

The zipper opened and closed randomly, but he didn’t notice.

“I’m sorry, miss. “He’s too young to be my friend.”

The man said to himself.

He whistled and cleared the place.

All the equipment needed to make a prosthetic leg fit into one huge trunk bag.

The man who finished cleaning up called the boy selling newspapers.

“This is outside the scope! “Extra-extra!”

“Give me a copy. “You were quite excited from earlier.”

“Ehehe, because it’s big news… Oh, this is a Silver Debt show?! Let me see, the change is-”

“Just keep it for yourself. “Passion must be rewarded.”

“Thank you, teacher!” May you be blessed!”

He bought newspapers with coins he received from the girl’s father.

The boy folded his back until the top of his head touched the ground.

I was just about to read the newspaper.

“That kid from earlier was cute. “He’s also polite.”

“Ah… did you see it? You are right. “I also think humans are the cutest at that time of year.”

“Hehe. Was that kid the last one? “You took down the sign.”

“okay. All the injured people in the South were bailed out. “Now let’s move on to the next location.”

The man turned his head.

A silver-haired elf woman was standing nearby.

Even compared to other elves, the unusually long ears and ruby-red eyes were impressive.

She said.

“Anyway, it’s nice that you’re passionate. Alibrihe.”

“You’re no slouch either, Elthea. “You said you’ve just restored all the areas that were swept away by the undead?”

“There are only buildings, roads, and terrain.”

“That’s what I call it. “Was there anything difficult?”

“Yeah, whatever. The kids are so good at their work… no. There was one. Orsay, what kind of fire did you set so big? It was a bit difficult to put it out.”

Elthea grumbled.

Savior Cain’s right-hand man and a founding member of Nebula Clage.

As one of the strongest spiritists of all time, she wandered the world with Alibrihe helping people.

The reason it came all the way to the South was because of a third-rate villain named Kearsarge.

To clean up the evil committed by the undead army.

Ironically, the hardest part was dealing with the artificial valley (burning like hell) created by Asher and Orsay.

“Haha, the fire must have been quite strong for you to say something like that. Our black dragon’s fire is sticky. “That kid is making progress too.”

“Please tell me to do it in moderation next time. By the way, the surroundings have been noisy since a while ago. What on earth is going on?”

“I was already trying to check. Let’s see…”

Alibrihe opened the newspaper.

Indeed, there were many sentences that were greatly emphasized.

He glanced at the page and shrugged his eyebrows.

“Oh my. “It is said that Jaipa Turgen is challenging for the position of Sword Saint again.”

“Oh my, are you in Jaipa? In fact, it was said that the state of complete transformation had been reached.”

“okay. I heard that Schlieffen, who suffered a crushing defeat last time, is participating again. I don’t think it was a good time to gain rapid enlightenment… but you never know. “Kids grow and learn so quickly.”

Alibrihe hesitated.

There was a high possibility of a crushing defeat this time, but I had high expectations because it was Schlieffen.

He was a man who could rival Ronan or Abel in terms of talent.

I wish I didn’t have to be so hasty.

Elthea’s eyes sparkled.

“I’m looking forward to it. Would you like to stop by the island and take a look?”

“That seems difficult. “I think this is really big news.”

“What is it?”

“It is said that this decisive battle of the Sword Saint will be held in Farzan. “Why, there is a place where the sword festival was held.”

“Yes?! In Farzan?”

Elthea’s ears tilted back.

This was the first time that the decisive battle of the Sword Saint was held somewhere other than the Grand Circle of the system.

Even that place is Farzan.

It was the place where the sword festival was held until Ronan found the holy sword.

“okay. As the emperor changes, I guess traditions will also change. “I really want to go there too.”

“You can go! “You already did everything you had to do anyway!”

“good. Well then, the road is long so let’s start right away. “Would you like to relax for the first time in a while?”

Alibrihe closed the newspaper.

Suddenly, his pupils narrowed like needles.

The intention was to release the polymorph and return to one’s true form.

Elthea was frightened when she saw scales growing on the nape of her neck.

“Now, wait! Calm down! “No matter how much I miss you, why are you acting so uncharacteristic of yourself?”

“······iced coffee. This was the middle of the city. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s much faster to take Hailan than you. Hailan!”


This was before Alibrihe even raised a question.

At the same time as Elthea shouted, a huge magic circle appeared in the sky.

An eagle the size of a house descended, tearing through the magic circle and clouds.


“Aaaah! W-what!?”

A sudden strong wind blew through the square.

Screams erupted from everywhere.

A store with a tent paraglided and flew away, and every woman’s hair became a whip and struck the faces of the people around her.


Hyran made a nice turn and landed in front of the old dragon and elf.

“······Is that why you stopped me?”

“huh? So what did you think it was? iced coffee! Do not worry. “Because I cast a perception-impeding spell on it so other people can’t see it.”

Elthea smiled brightly.

Alibrihe tried to say something but then closed his mouth.

When you live for a long time, you are bound to become insensitive to some things.

“······No. “Let’s leave quickly.”

“yes! fast!”

Elthea got on Hylan, showing off a jump that you would only see in a circus.

Alibrihe also boarded with her.

The Prince of Wind soared splendidly.

Naturally, the same storm as before blew up.

Stores were blown away, screams rang out, and hair lashes made victims.

“It’s Farzan. “It’s been a very long time.”

“That’s right.”

Elthea laughed.

Alibrihe also laughed.

I guess everything is good now.

There are days like this too.

The transparent autumn sunlight was shining on the two senior executives who lived by the will of their savior.


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