Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 374

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Abduction 59. Sword and Star (4)


“Aaaam… Dad, what are you doing?”


Iril yawned.

Cain, who was lingering in the yard with his back to me, turned his head.

Pure white hair that looked exactly like hers was sparkling in the moonlight.

He walked over and picked up his daughter.

“Why did you come out of bed?

“Did you have a nightmare?”

“Wow, I woke up because I needed to go to the bathroom.”

Iril rolled his eyes.

Sleepiness was still hanging on my eyelids.

Cain smiled when he saw that.

Iril, who turned eight this year, was his irreplaceable treasure.

Looking at my lovely daughter, I was able to forget for a moment the pain of Abel piercing my abdomen.

“I see. Come on in and sleep. “It’s still too early to wake up.”

“Yes, but Dad, why are you crying?”


“It’s raining in my eyes.”

Cain hurriedly put his hand to his face.

It was as she said.

Transparent tears were flowing out.

Even though it was dripping down to my chin, I didn’t even notice.

He wiped his face with his sleeve and shook his head.

“…I’m sorry. “Why am I saying this?”

“Does it hurt? Or is something bad happening?”

“no. That can’t be possible. “I’m with Iril.”

“Don’t cry… Dad, if you cry, I feel sad too.”

Iril whimpered.

It’s been like that since ancient times.

When I see others crying, I tend to feel sad along with them.

Cain was silent for a moment and stroked her head.

“Ril. “You are such a good kid.”


“You don’t know how fortunate I am that it was you who inherited that power. I am a really happy person. “Your little brother, who will be born soon, will also need to have a good heart.”


Iril tilted his head.

I couldn’t understand what was being said.

Cain kissed her forehead.

“But one day, you might get into trouble because of that kind heart. The world may be hard on you. then···”

I don’t really remember the last part.


“I tried to figure out why my father cried at that time, but I think he probably already knew his fate. “He had to leave his mother and my siblings behind.”

Iril smiled lightly.

She was still taking the lead, walking down the mountain path late at night.

Schlieffen, who was following, nodded.

“okay. “I can’t believe something like that happened with the savior…”

The emotion was extraordinary.

I never expected to hear the story of the savior’s past like this.

Even though they are always together, he often forgets that she is the daughter of a transcendent being.

Iril continued speaking in a friendly voice.

“Still, it was a happy time. I had both parents, and they both loved me. “At that time, I couldn’t understand my father’s words that the world would give me a hard time.”

Cain and Kasha were good parents.

Iril was able to grow up to be a brighter child than anyone else under the care of these two people.

The residents were friendly, and everyone in the neighborhood was my friend.

The problem arose after Cain left.

To be exact, since my mother passed away after giving birth to Ronan.

“Well, it didn’t take long.”

It wasn’t a very pleasant memory.

But unfortunately, the more vivid those memories are, the more vivid they are.

This is a story of a time before the power to grant wishes was revealed. The people around her were not all good.


“Why, why are you doing this, Inge? “We played together not long ago…”

“They said you are now an orphan. “Are you trying to hang out with us when you don’t have any parents?”

Inge giggled.

She was unusually tall compared to her peers and was the alley leader who dominated the children of Nimburton.

Iril was surrounded by Inge and her gang.


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I got caught on my way back from the market.

Ronan, who had just started cooing, was asleep in the swaddle on his back.

“no! “I have a dad!”

“You idiot. If you left it behind, it’s gone. This is why children without parents are not allowed.”

“that’s right. Everyone says their heads are like a flower garden.”

The miscreants nearby also laughed.

They were also the same age group that played with Iril not long ago.

“I didn’t like it from the beginning. “They just say I have a pretty face.”

“I-I’ve never done that…”

“Do not be ridiculous! “Wilhelm from the next town confessed and said he was dumped!”

Inge screamed.

Even thinking about it again made my fever soar.

Wilhelm was the boy she had had a crush on for over a year.

Iril tilted his head.

“···huh. It wasn’t to my taste. But why is that?”

“Well, what’s wrong? iced coffee···!”


Inge stumbled, holding the back of her neck.

The girls next to her supported her.

“Well, the orphan girl should know the topic. “What do you mean by taste?!”

“Anyway, that’s unlucky. Let’s bury it completely today!”

The other girls were also looking at Iril with hateful eyes.

It was because all his mates were taken away from her.

Not only the child she had a crush on, but also the child she was dating all left because they were bewitched by Iril.

Of course, Iril wasn’t interested in romance, so in the end, everyone ended up getting hurt.

Inge took a deep breath and shook her head.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… Shut up and leave everything you bought at the market. Of course, money.”

“Si, I don’t like it… Ronan is going to eat this. “You can give money, but you can’t do this.”

Iril hugged the bundle.

Inside was a lot of ingredients for making baby food.

Since I bought the food at a high price, I could never lose it.

Inge shouted.

“Is this girl still out of her mind? Take that away right now!”


The bad guys rushed in as if they had been waiting.

It was like a pack of hungry hyenas.

Iril closed his eyes tightly and swung his fist.

“Aaaah! don’t do it!”


A light hitting sound rang out.

The guy who was running from the front fell off.

The body flew about 2 meters and fell to the ground.

My limbs were stiffly stretched out and convulsing, as if I had received an electric shock.


“Lord, aren’t you dead?”

The faces of the miscreants hardened.

There was a dent in my chest from the blind fist.

He was a guy who was well known in the neighborhood because he was good at fighting.

“W-what kind of force is that strong? “At once… hehe.”

Inge, who was about to say something, froze.

In the blink of an eye, Iril was right in front of me.

None of the miscreants could catch her movements.

Iril’s face was beautiful even though it was a mess of tears and snot.

Inge gasped when she saw the clenched fist.

“Now, wait a minute…”

“Don’t touch my brother!”

Iril shouted in his main voice.

My younger brother tried to protest that he had no intention of touching him, but there was no chance.


The fist flew like a comet and landed in Inge’s face…

“Whoa. Ugh!”

“Right, right. Are you hungry? “Noona, I will quickly make you a mamma~”

Iril, who came home late, smiled.

She put Ronan, who was crying, in his cradle and headed to the kitchen.

Fortunately, the ingredients were saved, but the dress my late mother bought me was tattered and torn.

“···Yes, there is. “Why do people hurt each other?”

Iril said to himself in a relaxed voice.

After being hit in the face, Inge fainted and urinated.

Although she got a promise from the bad boys that they would never bother her again (more precisely, that they wouldn’t go near her), her heart just broke as if it were going to break.

“Can’t everyone be happy? Is it not okay to treat others kindly? “Why does it hurt?”

It wasn’t just Inge’s gang’s problem.

Since my parents left, these absurd things have been happening more and more.

Cain’s words were exactly correct.

The world was a very harsh place for a girl left alone.

Although he was able to improvise with his natural physical ability, if even bad adults started to get involved, he would definitely reach his limits.

She turned to Ronan.



Ronan frowned.

When I saw him laughing, I couldn’t help but smile.

Because of his fierce eyes, people around him made fun of him, saying that it was rare to find a baby this cute, but in Iril’s eyes, he was just the cutest little brother in the world.

“I love my little brother so much. I never get tired of seeing it every day. “The thought of Ronan experiencing something like this in the future makes him so painful that he can’t stand it.”

The night sky was visible beyond the window.

The sky where my mother was resting and the starlight shining on my father were captured in my scarlet eyes.

“So…if anyone is there, please listen.”

Iril draped himself on the window sill and put his hands together.

Their fern-like palms overlapped.

A tear rolled down her cheek as she mumbled.

“I hope the world my younger brother will live in is a little kinder.”


“yes! That’s it! “It was really boring, wasn’t it?”

After finishing the story, Iril clapped his hands.

Schlieffen, who was lost in his lingering thoughts, shook his head.

“······Not at all. Thank you for sharing your valuable story.”

“Hehehe, thank you.

I haven’t told anyone yet. “Wow, this is so embarrassing.”

Iril covered his burning cheek with both hands.

It was a story I had never told Ronan before.

She continued speaking while fanning her hand.

“Honestly, it was a little difficult. It wasn’t easy for a young girl to raise her younger brother on her own. “My father left a lot of money, but it was difficult for him to spend it because most of it was gold.”

It was Cain’s fault.

It was because I failed to assume that Iril would be left alone.

Gold coins were too much money for a young girl to carry around.

“Please understand even if it was a little unexpected. I don’t know if it’s just me, but hearing about other people’s hardships helps me strengthen my will. Ah, that person is holding on well despite going through such adversity! while doing.”

“···I think I know what you mean.”

“Yep. I hoped you would find strength after hearing my story. Actually, I was happy back then too. It was difficult, but Ronan was by my side anyway. And now you have me and Aria by your side.”

Iril laughed.

Even though I was turning around, I felt like I could see that smile.

Schlieffen chewed his lips in silence.

I couldn’t raise my head because I was embarrassed.

‘That’s pathetic.’

Just because he failed to become a swordsman, he caused too much trouble to those around him.

He was exhausted physically and mentally, and worried about his beloved wife and daughter.

Schlieffen was about to say something.

“ah. Arrived!”

Iril turned his head for the first time since he started hiking.

Her face, stained red by the lamplight, was drenched in sweat.

Schlieffen looked ahead.

At the end of the tree tunnel, there was an open space.


“I had a hard time coming. “This is my favorite secret place.”

Schlieffen’s eyes widened.

Iril pulled her dazed husband’s hand.

The clearing with scattered rocks was wide and flat, unbecoming of a mountain peak.

They stopped in the middle of the clearing.

Iril spread his arms wide.

“Haaaa…! Perhaps because it is high, the air is clear. “You can see the stars really well, right?”

“···yes. okay.”

Schlieffen nodded.

An ocean of stars was fluttering far out in the night sky.

The countless celestial bodies were all light from the past.

The Milky Way and nebulae were clearer than ever, showing why this place was Iril’s treasure.

“I come here whenever I feel tired. I knelt down on a random stone and prayed that people would be kind and that the world my brother would have to live in from now on would be kind. But oh my god. “At some point, people really started to become nice!”

Constant prayer finally broke through Cain’s curse.

People around her gradually became kinder, and she no longer treated others with malice.

In return for his wish coming true, Iril got some more sleep, but it was nothing compared to what he had achieved.

“So this time I will pray for you. “Can I wish that my husband, Schlieffen de Siniban Grancia, becomes the best prosecutor in the world?”

“Oh, no. Don’t do that, ma’am. “Strength must be achieved on my own!”

“But if I don’t do this, you’re going to get sick again. I don’t come back home often. “You spend less time with me.”

Iril’s mouth popped out.

His tone was playful, but his eyes were dripping with worry.

Schlieffen waved his hand urgently.

“I won’t do that anymore. I just realized. “The position of the Sword Saint is just a utopia, but I was neglecting more important things in order to achieve it.”

“Hmm, what is that?”

“I am happy for you and Aria. The oath I made with Ronan had nothing to do with becoming a Sword Saint. Even if I am not advanced enough to become a swordsman, I can protect you forever.”

Schlieffen grabbed Iril’s shoulder.

Her face turned red as she got closer.

Iril, who was staring into dark blue eyes, smiled.

“Dang. “You’re wrong.”


“Your happiness was not included. Please correct me because it is our family’s happiness. Anyway, you only think about other people too much.”


“Ehehe, I got almost everything right though. Then I’ll pray like I originally meant to. “Just stay there and watch.”

Iril’s hands were neatly gathered together.

The power to materialize wishes was about to unfold.

A power that is powerful enough to change the world itself, but requires a corresponding price to be paid.

Schlieffen, startled, tried to stop her, but Iril had already recited the first verse of the prayer.

“I hope my family will continue to be happy in the future. “As happy as I feel right now.”


“I don’t doubt your promise to Ronan. No matter what danger comes, you will protect me and our treasure, Aria. “I trust you more than anyone else in the world.”

Even though another wish was made, Iril did not fall asleep or collapse.

It had to be that way.

There is no need for compensation for things that are originally taken for granted.

Iril opened his eyes and looked up at Schlieffen.

“Thank you for telling me back then that you loved me. “Right now, I’m the happiest I’ve been since I was born.”

“I am···.”

Schlieffen could not answer.

All I could do was swipe my hand across the blurry area in front of my eyes.

Iril spoke in a slightly main voice.

“Why are you crying? “On this great day.”

“I don’t know either.”

“Oh my. “Come here.”

Iril hugged Schlieffen.

Aria woke up briefly, but her eyes were rolling and she quickly fell back asleep.

Iril, who was burying his face in Schlieffen’s chest, smiled brightly.

“The starlight is beautiful. “There’s no music, but shall we dance?”

Iril held out his hand.

Schlieffen hesitantly took her hand.

I could no longer hear the inner voice telling me to become a swordsman.

“It is an honour.”

Schlieffen hesitated.

The wind blowing under the stars was blessing the two people.

And ironically, Schlieffen reached new heights under the stars that day.


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