Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 371

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Abduction 55. We are doing well too (7)


【Kyahaaaaaa! Kahak!】

The Archduke let out a scream.

I could feel the pain from his violent movements.

The darkness touched by the golden flame disappeared without leaving even ashes behind.

Eventually, the flash subsided.

A familiar outline appeared.

Purple-black hair.

Haughty eyes and straight back.

Braum’s eyes narrowed.

“Erzebet? Am I right···?”

“······I do not know either.”

Ophelia muttered.

The atmosphere was different from that of Erzsebet so far.

Somehow he seemed much more mature.

The very texture of the mana blooming on my shoulders had changed.

The hole in my stomach had already disappeared.

“Lord Tower! Are you okay?!”

At that time, Aire appeared through the ceiling.

It seemed that Zion’s request for help had been delivered safely.

Her translucent body took on the shape of a giant wolf, her true form.

“oh my god···!”

Ayre’s hair stood up as she looked around.

Sticky darkness covered the library.

The Archduke’s body, which had absorbed hundreds of banned books as well as Vajra, was boiling and expanding like oil.

“You came. Ayre.”

“Get on, Top Lord? “It seems like something has changed… What on earth is going on?!”

“I’ll explain it to you later.” First, please get those two outside.”

“Ah, yes!”

Erzsebet’s gaze remained on her friends.

Ayre did just that.

She flew in like the wind, picked up Braum and Ophelia in her mouth, and placed them on her back.

Erzsebet, seeing the injuries of the two people, chewed her lips.

“······sorry. “I was too late.”

“I’m still okay, Erzsebet. “I will help you.”

“no. Please heal Braum. “I will take care of the Grand Duke alone.”


Ophelia, who was about to say something, stopped.

Erzsebet’s eyes were burning with intense determination.

Incomparably hotter than before.

I couldn’t interfere with the affairs of someone with such determination.

“···okay. “I’ll leave it to you.”

“thank you.”

“do not die. Erzsebet.”

Ophelia, deciding to trust her friend, turned her back.

She began to focus on treating Braum, who was shaking as if he was going to die at any moment.

Erzsebet said.

“Aire. “Who remains in the Magic Tower?”

“ah. I just confirmed that. “I sent everyone out without exception.”

“thank you. I would like to ask you for one more thing. “With your authority as a librarian, please remove all books from the library to the shelter.”

“Um, everything?!”

Ire’s eyes widened.

As the only librarian in the Dawn Magic Tower, she had the authority and ability to move all the books.

In fact, books had been moved several times, but moving all books at once was an unprecedented order since the Magic Tower was built.

Of course, there was no rebuttal.

“All right. immediately.”

“I trust you.”

The tower owner is like the captain of a ship.

The captain’s orders were absolute.

Ayre, who hesitated, disappeared into the ceiling again.

The Archduke’s tentacles tried to grab her, but were blocked by a wall of flames rising from the floor.

【Old clothes!】

“It’s no use.”

The shadow disappeared without being able to penetrate the fire wall this time.

Now, the only people left in the library were Erzsebet and the Shadow Prince.

The enraged archduke went berserk and attacked her.



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Darkness swirled.

The thorns of shadows pouring from all directions, front, back, left and right, were reminiscent of a black tsunami.

Thousands of exposed pupils were scattered with red light.

But Erzsebet did not move from her spot.

“This is definitely a good spell.”

There was no need for that.

Nine blazing fireballs were spinning around her at high speed.

The trajectories were all different.

No fatal attack could break through the ring of flames.

The magic inspired by the movement of celestial bodies was something that Erzsebet and Lerant had jointly created a while ago.

[As expected, it’s our Eri. They say you learn quickly.]

Lerant’s laughter was echoing in my head.

I wanted to argue about who could call me Eri, but I didn’t have time to do so.

Erzsebet, standing directly facing the Archduke, opened her mouth.

“Grand Duke. “Are you there?”


The roar came back like an echo.

It didn’t feel like the opposite s*x at all.

But Erzsebet knew that the archduke’s ego remained deep in the darkness.

“Yes, Grand Duke. I hate dull jokes. Just like experiencing something absurd. But what happened to the Archduke now is absurd and a joke that is not even funny.”

That was also a very terrible joke.

A hero who devoted himself to saving the world not only lost most of his powers, but turned into a monster who lost his senses.

After turning into a monster, he tries to harm the people he loves.

···In the end, I have to die by their hands.

“That’s it for now. If the Archduke leaves after Balzac, Ophelia will be truly alone. “As a friend and as a person in charge of a request, I cannot tolerate such a thing.”

Erzsebet snapped her fingers.

The fireballs rotating around expanded their orbits explosively.

The darkness in the area shrunk and disappeared, creating a wide space.

The heart of the wizard who caught a glimpse of the truth was resonating with Lerant and circulating an enormous amount of mana.

The owner of the Dawn Magic Tower growled.

“I will save you.”


The shrinking darkness rushed forward.

Erzsebet stretched out her right hand.

An invisible force enveloped the Archduke and grabbed him.

Shadows that had been stuck here and there were pulled out from the walls and floor.


Erzsebet clenched her fists.

The Archduke’s body separated from the ground and soared into the air.

The black pulsating mass was made of darkness without a single ray of light.


The lump that collided with the ceiling spread out like dough.


It was not only rough, but ferocious telekinesis.

Erzsebet did not stop.

As she moved her left hand, a huge magic circle appeared on the floor.

The golden, blazing pattern covered most of the library floor.

Just as the Archduke was struggling to stretch out his tentacles.


Erzsebet raised her left arm.

The light of the magic circle was added.

A torrent of golden flames soared, tearing through the geometric patterns.

The Archduke was engulfed in flames.


The Archduke screamed.

His body burned helplessly in the fire that contained the power of the sun.

He tried his best to escape, but Erzsebet’s telekinetic powers would not let him go.

It was around this time that the scorching flames consumed about half of the darkness.


The ceiling, which had been cracking, collapsed and an explosion occurred.


Erzsebet shouted.

The Great Duke, which was soaring with its red tail, collided with the floor of the first floor lobby.

Tiles made of special minerals were cruelly destroyed.






After destroying the ceiling again, the Archduke went to the second and third floors. It penetrated all the way to the fourth floor.

The speed did not decrease even while passing through the five-floor library.

Fortunately, Aire had moved all of the books to another location.


The Archduke continued to soar.

Every time a floor was broken, a new landscape was revealed.

He reached the top in an instant, smashed the tower owner’s room to pieces, and escaped through the top of the Dawn Magic Tower.

The light from the stagnant flame poured out everywhere.

“W-what is that!?”

“It’s the Tower Lord’s fire!”

The wizards gathered below were astonished.

It was much clearer after the sun had set.

Even though it penetrated the Dawn Magic Tower vertically, the fire did not go out.

The light was so brilliant that it made you think it was morning.

The sight of the Grand Duke soaring into the night sky looked like a torch launched by a planet.

Erzsebet was following right below.


Shion, who was watching this, covered his mouth.

The Archduke and Erzsebet had already reached the stratosphere.

In the distance beneath my feet, the earth, clouds, and ocean were mixing together.

The Dawn Magic Tower was no longer visible.

When I looked up, the gentle edge of the star came into view.


Erzsebet wiped her bloody nose with her sleeve.

It was something I would never have done under normal circumstances, but I had no time to think about it now.

I almost used up all the mana I received from Lerant.

[She’s so hot, girl… wow, I never thought she’d take it this far.]

Lerant was also out of breath.

It seemed like I had made a contract with an absurd wizard.

After catching her breath, Erzsebet faced the Archduke.

He finally stopped ascending and lost most of his body.


The boy’s upper body exposed above the lump was proof of this.

The darkness that had grown was almost completely gone.

Only the Archduke’s dying body and Vajra remained in the center, spewing out blood and shadows.

“Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu than their face is not right, Grand Duke.”

【Kill me…it’s already too late.】

“Oh really, then what’s the point of my hard work? If I can’t say anything, I won’t hate you.”

Erzsebet frowned.

It made me feel sad and heated to hear someone who was already a corpse say something like that.

“Just stay still. No one is going to die.”

【Well, what…】

Instead of answering, Erzsebet began chanting a spell.

The Vajra, which had been closed, unfolded as if exploding.

The Archduke’s eyes widened.


A spell like a song continued.

This time it didn’t break in the middle.

The moment Vajra’s mouth closed, the light in the boy’s eyes went out.

“Instead, from now on I will never take on the Archduke’s requests.”

Vajra was pushed aside.

Erzsebet extended her index finger toward the boy.

The light of dawn burst from the edge of a distant star.



“Uh, sister! Are you out of your mind?!”

Erzsebet opened her eyes.

It felt like there was a fog in my head.

As he slowly turned his head, he saw Shion looking down at him.


“Aaaah! Sister!”

It was before Erzsebet could say anything.

Shion hugged her tightly.

The dark blue eyes were already swollen.

“What happened to me?”

“Immediately after defeating the Shadow Duke, I lost consciousness and crashed. Aire and I flew to catch it.”

“Ah…I think I remember…

Looking at the pure white beds and interior, it seemed like it was a hospital affiliated with the Dawn Magic Tower.

Erzsebet touched her forehead.

The fog was gradually clearing.

She pulled out Vajra and burned away the remaining darkness of the Archduke.

I was confident that I didn’t leave a single mark behind.


“What about you, Archduke!? Were you brought out safely?”


Erzsebet raised her upper body as if bouncing.

Shion, startled, screamed.

Just as she was trying to explain something, the door to the hospital room opened.

“You’re safe. Thank you.”

“Wahaha! The greatest tower owner of all time has returned!”

“You two…!”

Erzsebet raised her eyebrows.

The ones who walked in smiling were Ophelia and Braum.

In the hands of Ophelia, who was smiling brightly, was a black book that she had seen many times before.

She stopped in front of Erzsebet and opened the last page of Vajra.

【You’re safe. Erzsebet.】

“Grand Duke…!”

A familiar voice was heard.

Erzsebet took a breath.

The last page contained a really dirty portrait.

Judging by the fangs sticking out from between the mouth, it seemed like they wanted to represent a vampire or something.

To be exact, Grand Duke of Shadow.

Erzsebet, who had been quietly staring at the painting, shook her shoulders.



“Puh..Puhuhuh…Did Ophelia draw it?”

“Yeah. They look alike, right?”

【I told you to stop.】

Despite the warning, Ophelia held out her chest in triumph.

In my opinion, it seemed like a very good piece of work.

The Archduke, unable to overcome his shame, growled.

【You are surely inviting disaster. I’m like this now, but wait 10 years. I must regain my original body…】

“Your Majesty.”


“I’m glad you’re alive.”

Erzsebet laughed.

The Archduke’s growling stopped.

The corners of the paper were slightly folded and unfolded.


“Now live a healthy life. Phew, I’m glad you succeeded.”

Erzsebet breathed a sigh of relief.

Now you won’t die from your wounds.

If he grew stronger while receiving Ophelia’s care, he would soon be able to regain his original position.

At the last moment, she extracted the Archduke’s soul and sealed it in Vajra.

It was a reverse idea that reversed the plan to seal the runaway body.

Zion clapped his hands.

“Oh, all the banned books are safe.

It was swallowed by Vajra, so I was able to get it out quickly.

“Once the library is repaired, Ayre will put it back in its place.”

“That’s good. No one got hurt, right?”

“Yes. No one… but I have just one question.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

“That woman. Who on earth is she?”

Shion raised his eyebrows and pointed to the corner of the hospital room.

A woman with pure white hair was floating in the air with her legs crossed.

It looked like Adeshan, but it was not Adeshan.

The main body, a white book, was placed by Erzsebet’s bedside.

“I was surprised at how much it resembled the general. And when I heard about it, I heard that he and my sister even kissed… That’s a lie, right? Well, that can’t be possible.”

“Ha…you’re talking nonsense…”

Erzsebet sighed.

The ears sticking out through the hair turned red.

It was more of a problem because it wasn’t completely wrong.

In times like this, it was best to just move on.

“First of all, say hello, Shion. “It is the Lerant of Wisdom.”

“Re, Lerant? “That wasn’t a lie?!”

“That’s what I said. “Cute girl.”

Lerant chuckled.

From the looks of it, the two had already talked when they passed out.

Shion clutched his head.

“Well, then you really kissed me?! I don’t like that…!”

“What can I do with just a kiss? Should I give it to you, too?”

“Kyaaaaaaaa! Don’t come any closer!”

Shion scolded.

It looked like a frightened cat, baring its teeth and clinging to Erzsebet.

“sister! I don’t know what happened to you, but I think it would be better to end the relationship quickly. Like Bajura, it’s obvious that she will eventually reveal her true intentions and try to devour her sister!”

“Oh my, it’s sad to see me like that. “You really like Eri?”

“Shi, that’s loud! And who can you call Eri? I’m the only one in the Dawn Magic Tower who can call me by that nickname!?”

“……Ah. My head hurts.”

Erzsebet pressed her temples.

The Marbas market floor seemed quieter than this.

Even though I was already exhausted, my head was pounding.

‘There’s a lot of backlogged work. The magic tower also needs to be restored… and the books need to be moved again…’

Especially when I think about what to do in the future.

She was just about to get up.

Ophelia took out a letter from her arms.

“That’s right. I forgot to tell you, but Adeshan sent you a letter.”

“W-what?! Why are you talking about that now?”

“You were so distracted. You must be tired now. Shall I give it to you later?”

“What are you talking about? Give it to me right now!”

Erzsebet grabbed the letter.

It was a gesture as active as a robber robbing a noble woman.

Opening the envelope with extreme caution, Adeshan’s handwritten letter was revealed.

Water filled her eyes.

“Ah… I know you’re busy with military work, but you’re so kind enough to write me a letter… After all, you’re the only one I have…!”

“What does it say?”

“Our Erin has become class president! She’s so proud. After all, she’s the one I named!”

“…It was just a greeting letter. I misunderstood because the reaction was so dramatic.”

Ophelia laughed.

Just looking at the reaction, I thought Adeshan had done something to unify the continent.

Erzsebet decided to write a reply right away.


When she received the letter from Aire, she fell asleep.

I had no idea where to start writing.

Old friends you haven’t seen in a while?

Shadow Prince’s favor and runaway?

Became the tower owner and personally destroyed the Dawn Magic Tower?

Or a contract with Lerant?

“Oh, indeed.”

It was also a problem if there was too little distance.

After thinking for a while, she scribbled down the first sentence.

– Dear Sister Adeshan.

[sister. We are all doing well.]


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