Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 369

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Abduction 53. We are doing well too (5)


Savior Cain wrote three books of magic during his lifetime.

Vajra of Destruction.

Lerant of Wisdom.

Blower of Harmony.

Naturally, all three books were considered unprecedented masterpieces.

There was a barrier to entry as it was a book with a heinous level of difficulty and ego, but considering that the author was a wise man who has lived since ancient times, it was not that big of a problem.

Anyone who understood even a little bit of the book’s contents engraved their names in history by becoming great heroes or unprecedented monsters.

Just like Asher and Elsia.

The most famous of the three books was, of course, Vajra of Destruction.

“I’ll explain this only once, so listen carefully. I will seal the Archduke in Vajra. “This is only possible with your help.”

Erzsebet said.

In her hands was a thick, black book.

It was the Vajra of Destruction that sneaked in with telekinesis.

There was even a Lerant lying at his feet, and thanks to the help of Ophelia and Braum, he was able to get it before the Archduke.

“Vajra? Is that possible…?”

Ophelia frowned.

Vajra of Destruction was basically a book that helped people realize the truth about magic.

Using it to seal it was an idea that was difficult for me to understand.

“yes. Vajra is great as a magic book, but it is also perfect as a medium for sealing. “Witch of Winter… So, think about where Ijinne, the highest-ranking cold spirit, was trapped.”

“ah. “It was like that.”

Ophelia shrugged her eyebrows as if convinced.

The Winter Witch was trapped in one of Vajra’s pages and served as Asher’s teacher.

Although he was weakened by being cut by Ronan, sealing the highest-ranking spirit for decades was an incredible feat.

“At the moment, Bajra is empty.

Ronan destroyed the existing evil personality, and the Witch of Winter left.

“It will be enough to accommodate the Archduke.”

“I think it’s good. If it’s a seal, you don’t have to kill him for now…”

“I agree too! “I’ve done too many things to die in a place like this!”

Braum answered without turning his head.

My whole body was already drenched in sweat.

He was protecting the other two by deploying an auror shield.

Although the Archduke’s shadow was attacking, Braum steadfastly defended himself.

Erzsebet placed her hand on the cover of Vajra.

“great. I know the sealing spell. Please take your time while I recite the incantation. “I will use all of my remaining magical power this time, so please consider that there are no second chances.”

“huh. “I will.”

“Hahaha! That’s my specialty! Good luck!”

Even though it was a request that would risk their lives, the two people readily agreed.

Erzsebet bit her lower lip.

She knew that Ophelia and Braum could run away whenever they wanted.

“…Thank you both. “I will definitely reward you when the job is completed safely.”

Erzsebet bowed her head.

The greeting, which was conducted according to the etiquette of a great noble, was extremely polite.

Ophelia and Braum smiled and turned around.

“Don’t do that, Erzsebet. I did it in the first place.”

“Wahaha! This is normal between friends! Then I’ll go!!”

Before Erzsebet could say anything, Braum leapt forward.

The huge figure that soared to the ceiling fell towards the Archduke in a steep straight line.

“It’s here! “You monster!”

A powerful shout echoed through the library.

A great shield imbued with aura struck the darkness.

The Archduke’s body shook with a roar that felt like a glacier was breaking.


“Stop it now. Josef.”

Soon, Ophelia’s blood magic was revealed.

Hundreds of bright red thorns rose up, tearing the ceiling and floor.

The thorns, each as big as a building pillar, were all made of blood.

The thorns began to attack the Archduke like angry wasps.

【Guoooooo! Gooooh!】

Every time a thorn was stuck, the darkness shook.

Ophelia frowned.

The archduke’s old self can no longer be found in the animal-like howl.

“Fuuuu…I’m coming.”

Erzsebet, who was taking a deep breath, unfolded her vajra.

The black book opened its mouth, revealing the black inside.

The moment Erzsebet recited the spell, an immeasurable amount of mana began to overflow onto the paper.



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Erzsebet groaned.

It was a violent mana befitting his reputation as the king of banned books.

This is what it would feel like to put your brain in a barrel and roll it down a hill.

[It’s funny. How dare you try to handle me with skills like yours?]

[Beomjae, who doesn’t know fractions. Mage Asher wouldn’t know, but it’s impossible for you.]

[You cherish that girl named Shion like your own younger sister. Would that bitch really think that way? That bitch is using you under orders from Grancia.]

My own voice was constantly echoing in my head.

It was a strange magic imprinted on Vajra.

Although the personality may have disappeared, the evil that shook the reader’s heart still remained.

“shut up.”

Erzsebet gritted her teeth.

Even though I knew it was an auditory hallucination, it was painful.

The question asked was a doubt he had entertained at least once.

“Don’t you dare mention my little brother.”

But she overcame it.

Even though he didn’t know his talent, he couldn’t bear to dishonor Shion.


The auditory hallucination disappeared as soon as the sound of breaking echoed in my mouth.


Erzsebet raised her head straight and began reciting the sealing spell.

A melody reminiscent of a funeral rang out.

Black light leaked from the unfolded page of Vajra.


The reaction was immediate.

The prevailing darkness began to be absorbed by Vajra.

It was as if water was swirling and being sucked in through a drain.

Braum shouted in delight.

“Oh! As expected!”

“Grand Duke of Shadow. I will seal you away.”

The tide turned, but Erzsebet did not relax even for a moment.

Her mana was draining away.

It was around the time when Vajra had absorbed half of the Archduke’s body.

“Eh, Eri-nee! Help me!”


Suddenly, Zion’s voice came from somewhere.

For a moment, Erzsebet’s concentration was broken.

She shifted her gaze and froze.

Zion, who had clearly run away, was trapped deep in the shadows.

“Shi, Shion?!”

“No, Erzsebet! It’s fake!”

Ophelia shouted.

Erzsebet took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

There was no one where Zion was.


It was a fatal mistake.

Erzsebet was trying to concentrate on the spell again.


The darkness that had briefly regained freedom expanded as if exploding.

It was so huge that it could not be compared to anything before.

It only took a few seconds for the entire library to be enveloped in darkness.

Braum looked back at the two women and screamed.


It seemed like a black avalanche was coming.

Braum threw himself reflexively.

It was the moment when he held Ophelia in his arms and stretched out his hand towards Erzsebet.


A tentacle rose out of the darkness and hit Erzsebet directly.


Braum screamed.

The sealing spell stopped.

Erzsebet slowly lowered her gaze.


A tentacle made of shadows was penetrating his abdomen.

Suddenly, the top of the tentacle opened and a human mouth appeared.

A familiar voice came out.

【sorry. do.】


Erzsebet’s eyes widened.

It wasn’t a fake this time.

The voice that seemed to be squeezing was that of the Archduke, whose personality had long ago been thought to have died.

Maybe there is still a chance to save it.

It was great news, but she couldn’t answer.

“Ha, evil…!”

A drop of red blood flowed from the corner of Erzsebet’s mouth.

The pain that had been stagnant was coming.

Consciousness was fading away.



Ophelia and Braum’s voices rang in my ears.

When the tentacle was pulled from the body, a hole the size of a fist was revealed.

Erzsebet’s body, which had been slowly leaning, fell forward.

The blood flowing from the wound was soaking the white book.



Erzsebet opened her eyes.

There was nothing in the pure white space everywhere.

She was looking around and clutching her head.

“W-this place…?”

I remember being pierced by a tentacle, but the rest was vague.

I quickly touched the stomach and found that there was no hole.


Am I dead?

Erzsebet was in a daze, overcome with fear.

“She’s a pretty girl. First of all, her face is acceptable.”

A soft female voice echoed from behind.

At that moment, Erzsebet felt goosebumps rising all over her body.

It was a familiar voice.

I miss that too very much.

Erzsebet turned around and became as stiff as stone.

“Oh, Sister Adeshan?!”


Adeshan was facing him.

Slender, tall and tall nose bridge.

Even the pelvis was the same, with drool almost flowing out.

The only thing that was different was that the hair, which should have been gray, was now stained pure white.

“It’s not…. Who is it?”

“Well? Guess what.”


Something that took the form of Adeshan, to be exact, smiled.

The situation just before she collapsed suddenly flashed through Erzsebet’s mind.

A pure white book that fell on its stomach.

Another banned book was lying next to Vajra. Erzsebet opened her mouth.


“answer. Nice to meet you, lady.”

Lerant chuckled.

The flowing white hair was magnificent.

Despite the warm greeting, Erzsebet could not say anything.

“oh my god.”

One of Cain’s banned books appeared in front of him.

A book known to impart infinite wisdom.

Although it was not as bad as Vajra, it was a banned book that drove countless magicians crazy.

Erzsebet, who had regained her composure, opened her mouth.

“…What happened to me? “Are you dead?”

“Not yet. If you leave it like this, you will die soon. This is a world I briefly created. “For the interview.”


“okay. Just as people choose to read books, I also choose readers. “We have to determine whether she is worthy of being the reader of this Lerant.”

Lerant approached.

Long fingers like Adeshan’s twisted Erzsebet’s hair.

My face turned red even though I knew it was fake.

“W-I don’t know what you’re talking about, but we don’t have time for that! Please let me out quickly!”

“It’s noisy. The young lady is dying.”

Suddenly, Lerant gestured.

Erzsebet grabbed her neck.

I couldn’t breathe, as if I was chained.

Lerant whispered into her ear.

“You’d better cooperate obediently. In the past thousand years, no one has passed through it other than Elthea.”


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