Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 368

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Abduction 52. We are doing well too (4)


【Disgusting smell of small creatures… Where am I…?】

An eerie voice echoed in the darkness.

The eyes that tore through the Archduke’s chest were wandering around, looking around.

Erzsebet and the rest of the group froze.

Before I knew it, the Archduke’s body, which was standing upright, was completely engulfed in shadow.


Only the sound of heavy breathing echoed in the silence.

No one could move or open their mouth.

Instinct was screaming.

That thing is dangerous.

It’s something you shouldn’t get close to.

It was the moment when the golden flame was about to contact the Archduke.


The rolling eyes stopped.

The pupils narrowed like those of a cat, and red light burst out.

A shadow in the shape of a hand rose from the floor and blocked the Archduke’s path.


A wave of flame hit the palm directly and scattered in all directions.

“No way!”

Erzsebet was astonished.

It was a durability that ignored compatibility.

The grip made of darkness did not disappear immediately even in the fire that contained the power of the sun.

The flames, torn into hundreds of pieces, naturally poured towards the bookshelves.

[Gyaaaaa! help me!]

[Get on, top owner! Please do something!]

The small, motionless banned books screamed.

Erzsebet hastily raised her arms upward.

Hundreds of fire streams turned upward at once.



Streams of fire collided with the ceiling and exploded.

“Get on, Top Lord! are you okay?!”

Shion, who barely came to his senses, shouted.

Erzsebet only took a deep breath and did not respond.

Thin sparks, like spring rain, were decorating the library.


Her eyes were fixed on the Archduke.

The grasp made of shadows disappeared, but the Archduke was still alive and well.

Ophelia bit her lower lip.

“It’s a big deal. “The thing I was most concerned about…”

The former softness could not be found in the stiff face.

The blood to use magic was gathering at his feet.

Erzsebet took a deep breath and asked her a question.

“Miss Ophelia. “The Grand Duke… wow, what on earth happened?”

“The wound festered and burst. After all, now… there is no other way.”

“You mean there is no way? no way···”

I had a bad feeling.

Erzsebet was in the midst of speaking.

The archduke’s body boiled like foam, and two grasps made of shadows shot towards them.

【Give me the blood…】

The Archduke purred.

Dozens of red eyes were embedded in the palm, which was so large that it completely obscured the view.

Erzsebet’s face appeared above the dark red irises.


“I knew it would be like this! Wow!”

Almost at the same time, Braum leapt.

It was an immediate reaction, as if I had expected it.

He blocked the two women’s path and swung his shield.


The grip was thrown away with a loud hitting sound.

The hand that fell to the floor melted like a snowman, creating a black puddle.


“Haha! It’s thrilling! “Why don’t you guys just talk!”

Braum burst into laughter.

A halo of yellow light reminiscent of the earth enveloped the great shield and his body.

It looked like a dragon wearing armor made of rock.


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It was Braum’s auror that explosively improved defense.


Suddenly, the Archduke’s body was boiling again.

Three new arms rose from the pool of shadows.

Braum entered the battle again without even getting a moment’s rest.

Ophelia expressed her gratitude with her eyes and continued.

“Thank you Braum. To continue the explanation… that is no longer the Archduke.”


“It’s the price you pay for saving lives that should have been lost long ago. The strength that the Archduke has spent to heal over the past 20 years has not disappeared and has been accumulated in the wounds inflicted by Abel. “Up until now, I had been suppressing it somehow with my blood magic… but it seems like it exploded all at once due to the impact of the explosion just now.”

“what···! “You just got your powers back, so why did you look like that?”

“Because it couldn’t flow and rotted inside the wound. Moreover, the Archduke’s mental power cannot control the sudden increase in power right now. He has been completely consumed by the tainted power, and now all that remains is runaway.”

A monster writhing in pain and running rampant to regain its old strength.

That was the current Shadow Duke.

There was no sense of reason in the shadows burning with malice or the eyes thirsting for blood.

“So now… is there no way to fix it? “Transferring to another body?”


Ophelia nodded.

The bright red eyes were wet with sadness.

Unlike before, there was no absurd twist.

“That can’t be possible…!”

Erzsebet clenched her fists.

Blood flowed from where my fingernails were dug.

It was too miserable to be the end of someone who commanded the world of night.

‘How could this tragedy…’

But there was no time to be heartbroken.

In fact, it may be they, not the Shadow Prince, who should be pitied now.

My body was almost sick from the overflow of life.

Braum was blocking the number of grips that had already increased to five at the same time.

“Wahahah! I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can last long. “How could it not work!”

Its majestic appearance was like a lighthouse rising out of a stormy night sea.

On the great shield, scars that were not there before had noticeably increased.

Braum burst into laughter while defending against the Archduke’s attack.

However, it was an action taken not because it was fun, but to reassure others and oneself.

Erzsebet raised her head with a determined expression.

“all right. I will do it.”

“huh. Let’s do it together.”

The decision has been made.

The two women focused their gaze on the Shadow Duke and began reciting a spell.

The song-like chanting was clearly audible even in the din of battle.

Nearby mana was gathering in a large swirl.

“I’ll help too!”

Even Zion, which was frozen, gathered courage and approached.

The double-glazed windows became triple-glazed windows.

Although no one said it out loud, they had already reached an implicit agreement.

With all due respect, in one blow.

If possible, without even feeling pain.

Erzsebet, who had finally completed the spell, muttered softly.

“Tornado, Flame Booster. Prominence Stream.”

“tornado! Fire stream!”

Zion followed suit.

The first thing that appeared was Erzsebet and Sion’s wind magic.


Two whirlwinds soared from both sides of the Shadow Prince.


The Archduke expressed his bewilderment.

The wind was so strong that it felt like it could uproot entire trees.

The body caught in the whirlwind tried to float in the air, but the Archduke held on by planting both hands on the floor.

Tremendous strength.

However, it was a decision he would never have made if he had noticed Erzsebet’s plan.

Erzsebet shouted.


“yes! Tower owner!”

Shion replied.

It was a skill that the two had once combined.


They clapped their hands at the same time.

The whirlwinds that were playing separately on the left and right merged into one with the Great Duke as the central point.

A whirlwind that doubled in strength struck him.

【What nonsense.】

“Huh! I took a breather!”

The Archduke growled.

His flabby body was waving like a flag.

The onslaught on Braum subsided.

The grasp made of shadows transformed into a spear knife and attacked the two women.

【It’s annoying…!】

However, the next spell had already been cast.

A huge magic circle was formed at the Archduke’s feet.

The strongest magic developed by Erzsebet was imprinted in the set of geometric patterns.

She chewed her lips as she stared at the Archduke.

“I’m sorry, Archduke.”


The fire magic that rose up like an explosion engulfed the Shadow Prince.

The brilliant golden light made my eyes hurt.

In addition to the power of the sun, it was a fire imbued with Erzebet’s aura that amplified its power.


A desperate scream tore through the darkness.

The Archduke’s body was repeatedly contracting and expanding in a torrent of flames.

Then, Zion’s fire stream exploded from the same spot.

Although it fell far short of Erzsebet’s Prominence Stream, it was not without effect.

Two wildfires flew up in the whirlwind.

“……I will remember you, Josef.”

The last one was Ophelia.

She remembered the Archduke’s name and made a seal in the air.

Blood began to pour out of the archduke’s shaking body.

The blood that escaped from the body did not return and was burned away.

Promoting permanent extinction.

It was around this time that my body, which had been getting smaller, was turning into something like a mummy.



The archduke’s body swelled as if he was struggling.

A ray of shadow finally broke through the flames and hit the bookshelf.

To be exact, in one of the banned books on display.

Geumseo, who was hit, screamed.

[That! Let go!]

The request was not accepted.

The tentacle-like shadow opened its mouth and swallowed the forbidden book.

The archduke’s body, burning in the fire, grew slightly larger.

A body that was on the verge of extinction.

“Wait, no way!”

Erzsebet’s face turned white.

That was before she could do anything.

Dozens of shadow tentacles emerged from the flames.

“What on earth is this…!”

Zion was shocked.

None of the tentacles extending in all directions were targeting people.

The screams of banned books rang out one after another.

[What is this guy doing now!]

[Top owner! Top owner!!]

The banned books were swallowed up in the shadows without even being able to properly resist.

With each volume absorbed, the Archduke’s body gradually regained its original shape.

To make matters worse, the magic’s duration was over.

The whirlwind stopped.

In the rapidly fading flames, a huge, amorphous darkness appeared.


The darkness roared.

The strange voice had the power to make one lose one’s will to fight.

The size, which had been magnified dozens of times before, was difficult to capture at a glance.

The archduke’s form no longer remained.


The darkness spread its tentacles throughout the library like a giant mollusk.

As the tentacles stretched out, the voices of the banned books were disappearing one by one.

Is this what it looks like when despair takes shape?

Erzsebet, who had been silent, opened her mouth.

“······Zion. “Run away.”

“Yes, yes?”

“Come on.

Evacuate everyone in the magic tower and call Aire. Due to his nature, he may have gone quite far, but please still come visit. “You can do it well, right?”

Erzsebet’s gaze remained in the darkness.

A new magic spell was flowing quickly from between my lips.

As if in response, flames were rising from all over the library and attacking the Archduke, but the darkness engulfing the banned books was growing bigger and bigger.

“Well, you can’t do that. How can I…! “Let us fight together!”

“Can you say that even after looking at that? “Miss Ophelia and Master Braum may not know, but your skills are not even close.”


Shion, who was about to say something, took a deep breath.

Before she knew it, Erzsebet had turned around and was holding both of her shoulders.

Erzsebet, who was leaning in close to her face, shouted with a bright red face.

“Why do you keep being upset and stubborn? “Aren’t you going to listen to me?!”

“Get on, tower owner…?”

“Go! If you are taken away from me, there will be no reason for me to live! Just as it is a nobleman’s duty to protect the weak, it is a sister’s role to protect her younger brother!”

Erzsebet pushed Sion away with those words.

This was the first time I used informal language.

Also calling myself sister.

Shion, who had been staggering, regained her balance.

She wiped her eyes with her sleeve and quickly nodded.

“I-I…okay…I’ll go.”

“That’s how you are a good boy. Don’t look back.”

Erzsebet smiled.

It was a soft laugh, as if he had never screamed before.

Shion shouted as he turned his back and ran away.

“Don’t die! Sister!”

No answer came back.

Shion escaped the library safely while being protected by the other three people.

The confrontation situation has returned.

Ophelia asked.

“Was that child also Acalusia?”

“That can’t be right. There is no such thing in Acalusia. It inherited Grancia’s frivolity.”

“But they seemed to get along very well.”

“Hmph, of course.”


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